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									          East Northants North Joint Action Group

                         25th April 2008


                           Updates in Blue

   1. Apologies Charmian Wright (CCTV)

           Val Chesser (Chair)
           Jo Hemingway (Collyweston)
           Felicity Stevens (Easton On The Hill)
           Bob Briggs (Oundle School)
           Sgt Pete Chisholm (SCT)
           Nadine Edwards (Glapthorn)
           Chris Jackson (Kingscliffe)
           Louise Cahill (ENDC Community Safety Team)
           Sarah Rodger (Nassington)

   2. Minutes

Louise updated the JAG regarding the graffiti around Oundle. This had
been referred to the Street Doctor scheme and is pending an engineers
visit to assess the best method for removal

   Minutes agreed
   3. The New Priorities

   The Community Panel has set our priorities as follows.

Pete updated the JAG regarding the 3 priorities that the Community Panel
had selected for the group to work on.

Val suggested that the speeding data re North Street should go in The
Oracle. Pete will provide this to Debra at OTC.

It was agreed by the JAG that the issue of speeding in North Street was of
a minimal nature.

PRIORITY 1 Oundle ASB to include anti social use of vehicles

This is really to continue with the red route which is proving successful but to
also clamp down on anti social driving mainly in North Street I am expecting a
radar box to go up there soon. Also increased concentration on the Co-Op car
park where there is antisocial use of vehicles. A significant reduction in Rowdy
behaviour and damage so far after 157 patrol hours on red route

Pete reported that the Anti Social Behaviour and crime in Oundle was
still showing a downward trend as the team continues with the Red Route
high visibility patrol plan.

To Continue. Pete to provide comparative crime /ASB figures for Oundle
covering this period whilst adopted as a priority and the same period last

PRIORITY 2 Speed Enforcement Stoke Doyle

The community panel felt that the speeds here were so high that we should really
be giving out tickets not warning letters. Therefore I ask that Police Officers only
deploy the speed gun at this location. 5 EFPM so far top speed 54mph!

PCSO's to continue to deploy the gum on a limited basis in Glapthorn and
Collyweston. The Community Panel feel that we have done such a good job there
they would rather we did not just abandon it. Continue with warning letters.

7 tickets had now been issued in Stoke Doyle. To continue. The
deployment of cardboard cut out of children and police officer would take
place next week. The group suggested a whole morning campaign; Pete
will deploy the team accordingly
Priority 3 Anti Social Behaviour and Anti Social Driving in Nassington

The community panel felt that a number of residents had highlighted this as an
issue. PCSO Webster has completed a SARA template that the team will work to
see attached

Pete explained how PCSO Webster had conducted a problem solving
analysis of the issues in Nassington. As a result the SCT would follow the
below template to resolve the ASB and speeding vehicles. Sarah Rodger
Chair Nassington PC was present and was pleased with the police
presence in Nassington at both parish meetings and working on the
priority. The team have been in Nassington every Friday night since this
was adopted as a priority.

Using the SARA model. 14-APR-08

Target Anti social driving and use of vehicles in Nassington.

Scanning- Community Interactions face to face engagement with the local
Finding out what there concerns are. Using information received from KIN’s who
why when what.
Using FIS to identify youths already stopped and issued with Sect 59 warnings.

Analysis- It has been identified that there are two age brackets 10-15 youths around
13-16 years of age that are causing low level anti social behaviour football in street
damage graffiti theft of garden lights underage drinking. The identified areas are Bus
shelter Northfield Lane, Phone box/bench on Parkway close
Youth shelter at the cricket ground Fotheringhay Rd. Attract the groups due to
location and shelter from the weather. The older group 17-22 years of age are parking
up in there vehicles Black horse car park cricket club car park and using Station Rd
along Church St as a circuit. For driving with loud exhausts revving of engines excess
speed along narrow lanes back and forwards from Woodnewton and Oundle. This is
mainly happening on a Friday and Saturday night between 1800-2000hrs and 2300-

Response- The Parish Council have just supplied goal post’s at the Cricket Club
playing field for the youth’s to use and not play in the street causing distress to
residents. Pro Active Patrols between the hours of 1800-2000 and 2300-0000 Friday
and Saturday evenings of the identified areas using stop/search powers for youths
acting anti socially and sect 59 powers for drivers and vehicles used to cause alarm
distress or annoyance. Also place the priority posters up highlighting the issues the
SCT are tackling with partner agencies in the Black Horse Pub Cricket Club Bus
Shelter were youths gather. Identify who looks after bus shelter to get graffiti
removed EVA.

Assessment- Number of stops/ sect 59.Community interactions identifying an
improvement in quality of life in the village. Less calls for service from the public.
Assess after six weeks.
Author PCSO Paul Webster

Inspector Kinchin indicated the community panel is very pleased with our work.

   4. Feedback to public/ Communication

Website updated- Updated Crime Figures to Follow

  5. AOB

Threats, Risks and Issues

   Public Order Op 11.4.2008

   Pete explained that their had been a multi agency operation on Friday
   11th April 08. Pete and the team conducted patrol and pub visits with
   Tom Morrissey the licensing enforcement officer and Kevin Skerry
   the waste management officer. One youth was dealt with for
   possession of cannabis.

   Bob Briggs asked if these operations could be moved to coincide with
   the last Friday of the holiday. Pete agreed this could be done.

   HMIC Inspection

   Pete explained that his team had been selected for this prestigious
   inspection and that for the odd day it may impact on the teams service
   delivery against the priorities

   Security Oundle School

   Pete asked Bob about improving security at Oundle School after a
   series of walk in and break in burglaries that had an impact not only
   on the victims but the crime figures for the town. Bob informed the
   JAG that the Bursar was to conduct a whole school security review.
Pete offered a crime prevention officer visit. Regular Police/Bursar
meetings should continue.
Pete updated the group regarding the Will Turner ASBO, which was
proving ineffective. A request has been made by Pete for it to be
reviewed in Court.

3 Local youths are on curfew after a Burglary in Creed Road. It is
believed these 3 have been responsible for graffiti around town and
consequently their lack of presence in Oundle has been useful.

Louise updated the JAG on a policy that was being prepared to deal
with graffiti. It was hoped it would deal with issues such as
responsibility for removal and the actual removal that would include a
service level agreement between agencies.

Pete promised he would continue with his development of speed gum,
currently vast quantities of Wrigley’s was proving more successful
than Orbit

6.Next Meeting

30th May

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