OPTION 1 To conduct SID days

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					OPTION 1    To conduct SID days.
What is the specific problem being targeted: SPEEDING
What response is being suggested? To conduct SID days in the
roads/streets specified in the local areas
What is the objective of this? To educate motorists and inform
when they are exceeding the speed limit without
How will success be measured? Further SID days being carried
out in same roads/streets to gather if the speeding has
What resources are needed? Two or more persons. Police or
local residents/youth/school children.
What are the advantages / disadvantages of this option?
Advantages would be non-enforcement of speeding which the
public are more excepting too and non-enforcement educates
the public.

Disadvantages of this option, non-enforcement may not deter
motorists from speeding.
Who would own this response? (named individual) Lisa
Nicholson/PCSO Webb.
Option Adopted:       Yes

  (See Note 9)

No.          Action          Owner Date EPIC RAG
 1 Police to arrange
   dates to use SID
   Report- 11 SID days John
   have been run          Webb
   throughout the area
   to date (John Webb to
   forward results to the
   John Webb to book                      P
   new SID operation
   and notify NAG.
   ONGOING SID run in
   various places during
   17/09/07 – 28/09/07.

      UPDATE –                     15th
      22/01/08 – 2 SID             may
      devices purchased by         07         AMBER
      TVP and are being
      kept at Amersham
      police station for
      neighbourhood team
    use. UPDATE –
    04/03/08 - Devices
    borrowed by local
    schools in Chalfont St
    Giles on 07/02/08
    where PCSO’S John
    WEBB and Mark NEILL
    conducted SID
    exercise with
    students. Press
    release completed and
    was in Bucks
    Advertiser. UPDATE
    – PCSO WEBB will
    organise the same
    exercise for pupils in
    Seer Green, Penn
    Street and Chalfont St

    John Webb to             John   GREEN
    circulate results of SID WEBB
    days from 23rd to 28th
    March REPORT
    15/05/07- Results
    circulated. Next
    29/05/07. REPORT
    26/06/07 SID no
    longer available, taken
    out of commission by
    BCC. (Above, RE
    Police buying 2 SIDS
    so SIDS will continue)
  TVP piloting CSW in
  Swanbourne. Data
  collected by
  volunteers. BCC will
  not be buying
                        Steven      AMBER
  equipment, groups wil
  have to purchase and
3 volunteers will be
  required to
  administer. UPDATE
  18/09/07– Carole
  Burslem has stated
  that it is likely for
  groups of parish
  councils will buy the
   new equipment
   between them and
   volunteers/police will
   use it. Cost is £2000.
   Hundreds NAG parish
   councils with Chalfont
   St Peter PC to buy
   CSW between them.
   ACTION 11/12/07-
   NAG members
   involved in PCs to
   ascertain if PCs are
   willing to contribute.
   PS Slee to put to CSP
   NAG/parish council
   member. REPORT-
   22/01/08. CSP
   parish are happy to
   contribute to CSW
   with other PCs.

   NEW Action. 26/06/07      Steven          GREEN
 4 PS Slee to ascertain if   SLEE
   TVP can provide
   funding for new
   equipment. UPDATE
   18/09/07 – PC’s to
   buy equipment as
   stated above.
   26/06/07. TVP to
   write to registered
   owners of vehicles
   regarding speeding        John            AMBER
   and include Make the      WEBB
   Commitment leaflet.
   Update next NAG
   meeting. ONGOING.
   Several campaigns to
   increase public to sing
   up to make the
6 Lisa Nicholson to                      P
   speak with youth at
   youth club for to seek
   volunteers for
   assisting in operating
                             Lisa            GREEN
   SID Report - Lisa
  has acquired the
  services of 8
  volunteers and these
  volunteers have been
  passed to john who
  will use them when
  necessary. REPORT-
  Volunteers from Seer
  Green youth club used
  SID. Lisa has left NAG
  due to moving to
  another area. NAG will
  seek to replace her
  with her replacement
  at youth club.
7 All local                        P
  representatives at
  meeting to gather
  names of volunteers ALL                  GREEN
  in their areas to
  operate SID Report-
  Trish Pearce has
  found 2 volunteers
  REPORT 15/05/07
  = Completed and
  names passed
  forward. (as below)
8 Lisa and Trish to
  forward names of                 P
  volunteers to John
  Webb. REPORT            TP and           GREEN
  15/05/07 =              LN.
  Completed and
  volunteers used in last
  SID operation, press
  release also

9 Seer Green PC have
  made request for      Nag
  mobile van to come    members
  into Seer Green. John
  Webb suggests other                  P   AMBER
  PC’s may like to make
  similar requests.
  REPORT 05/12/07
  John Webb contacted
  Roads Policing
    enforcement who
    stated there was a six
    month waiting list,
    and Seer Green would
    be placed on this list.

   Publicise the Speed
   Enforcement results Steve
   within communities – Slee
   clearly residents are
10 responsible for
                                    P   Green
   inappropriate use of
   speed. UPDATE –
   Steve completed press
   release stressing that
   over 90% of speeders
   are from the local
   At October 4th             NAG
   anniversary meeting – Members
   recruit volunteers
   from the community
11 to assist in speed               C   GREEN
   awareness initiatives
   REPORT- 05/12/07
   This action is still live.
   REPORT 22/01/08
   Action still live.
Evaluate the Option and Monitor Response                   RESPONSE STAGE
Any suitable options need to be evaluated by going through the questions

(See Note 8)
OPTION 2 To conduct speed enforcement days
What is the specific problem being targeted: SPEEDING
What response is being suggested? To conduct police speed
enforcement days in the specified roads/streets.
What is the objective of this? To enforce the law, by
conversing with the drivers who have been stopped by police
exceeding the speed limit,

issuing tickets and to educate the motorist/public
How will success be measured? By repeating the enforcement
again at the same locations and recording and measuring the
amount of endorsable/reportable offences.
What resources are needed? Four to eight persons.(Police
Officers) Police will enforce speed limit with assistance of
Roads Policing officer/s.
What are the advantages / disadvantages of this option?

The public see the enforcement being carried out robustly,
with fairness and discretion. Warnings and road safety advice
could be given to those up to a certain speed.

Disadvantages- public see the enforcement as a waste of
police resourses.
Who would own this response? Police
               Option Adopted:                             Yes

                (See Note 9)

No.             Action                Owner        Date     EPIC     RAG
 1 Police to arrange speed
   enforcement days and notify
   the NAG of dates so those                                E
   interested may attend
   UPDATE 15/05/07 =
                                  POLICE        ONGOING.           AMBER
   Next Speed enforcement
   day is on 29/05/07.
   UPDATE – 15/09/07
   results for 24/07/07 are as
   follows. 11 x £60 tickets, 2 x
   £30 tickets and 32 stops for
   advice. Next SED in
   October. UPDATE-11/12/07,
     SED day conducted on
     10/10/07, 6 x £60. 2 x £30,
     1 x report for summons. 28
     x warnings. UPDATE-
     10/10/07 SED day held.
     REPORT- 14/04/08 SED
     day held however due to no
     speed equipment available,
     officers concentrated on
     seat belts and mobile phone
     use while driving. 12 tickets
     issued and 1 seizure of
     motor vehicle for no
     insurance. Next SED
     organised for April.
Evaluate the Option and Monitor Response                  RESPONSE STAGE
Any suitable options need to be evaluated by going through the questions

(See Note 8)
OPTION 3    Create a poster competition for school children
What is the specific problem being targeted: SPEEDING
What response is being suggested? To invite all local schools
in the areas of the NAG to take part in a poster competition to
produce a poster to educate the public on excess speed. A
prize will be offered by partnerships, E.G. A day out with the
What is the objective of this? To educate the public on excess
speed, through a poster campaign by being produced by local
school children/youth.
How will success be measured? This will only be measured
after the competition.
What resources are needed? Local press, residents, councils,
police, schools.
What are the advantages / disadvantages of this option?
Avantages would be local children/youth made aware of
speeding and the education of the community/public and local
community being involved to combat excess speed.


Local public/motorists may may ignore or disregard warning
message from poster.
Who would own this response? APS Slee(POLICE) and Sarah
Holt(District Council)
  Option Adopted:          Yes

      (See Note 9)

No.             Action                Owner Date EPIC RAG
 1 Devise poster
   competition to be for school
   years 5 and 6- design a
   poster (A3), depicting how
   speed effects them/their
   area. One winner for each         S. Slee       C
   year from each area.              and S.
   Sharon Osbourne to be             Holt
   judge(awaiting final                                GREEN
   confirmation). Prizes to be
   an afternoon with Roads
   Policing, posters to be
   displayed at village/town
   entrance for two months.
   REPORT (03/04/07)
   Sharon Osbourne has been
1A contacted and will await her
   return from the USA for
   further contact. REPORT
   15/05/07 = Sharon is
   back in the UK for 3 weeks                  7TH P
   from 02/06/07 and is going        Ps SLEE   AUG
   to arrange a date with                      2007
   Steve Slee to pick winners.                         GREEN
   Awaiting date to meet
   Sharon. REPORT
   26/06/07. Competition
   run in CSG Junior School,
   Curzon CofE School, and
   Seer Green C of E School.
   Sharon Osbourne picked
   winners on 21st June and
   provided additional prize of
   tickets to X Factor final in

      NEW ACTION 26/06/07.
      Print winning posters, for
      press release. Contact local
      press for photos to be
      placed in local media.
      REPORT. 07/08/07 This
      has been completed by PS
2 To bring information on                    C
  Safer roads
  partnerships/campaigns to       Alison             GREEN
  next NAG meeting.               Derrick

  Report 20/02/07 To be           Chris
  circulated by Ian               Schwier
  McCALLUM. Completed.
3 Contact of local schools                   C
  regarding poster comp. and
  school talks at assemblies
  Action 1. 4 Schools out of 8    Gavin              GREEN
  in the area were contacted      McVeigh
  and were very enthusiastic
  about the poster camp. Of       John
  the remaining 4 the             Webb
  contacts did not return calls
  before Christmas
  Holidays.Action2. Remaining
  schools contacted and
  expressed happy to be
  involved. REPORT
  15/05/07 = Posters have
  been rolled out to Seer
  green, Curzon C of E and
  Chalfont St Giles Schools
  and will be collected week
  commencing 04/06/07.
4 Local press involvement.                   C
  Report - Press contacted
  and are keen to help            David              GREEN
  promote issues being            Matthews
  addressed by the NAG.
  Reporters and
  photographers to be invited
  to future events.
5 Contact with local Parish                      C
  Councils about featuring
  info. On Web sites.             Michael            GREEN
  Report- Details of editors      Bayley
  have been compiled and
  distributed to the NAG

   All members of NAG to
   contact local/parish        ALL
   newsletters/magazines to
   print information REPORT-                 C       GREEN
   11/12/07- Coleshill Village
   newsletter sent out with
   feature on Neighbourhood
   policing by PC McVeigh and
   about NAG by Sarah Inge-
   Parker, Seer Green to
   complete similar media

  Seek agreement for winning Chris
  posters to be displayed as Schwier
  road signs. Report-
7 20/02/07 Posters not                           C   GREEN
  permitted on existing street
  furniture, however can be
  displayed as free standing
  signs(locations to agreed by

8 Approach, local estates to              7th
  provide boards and                      Aug C
  supports for posters(at least           2007       RED
  35 required) REPORT
  15/05/07 = Estate agents
  happy to put posters in
  shop windows but cannot
  supply boards and fixings.
  REPORT 26/06/07 Parish
  Councils are likely to
  provide funding for several
  boards each.
  ACTION 26/07/08. Sarah
  Parker to run poster
  competition in Coleshill       Sarah           C
  School. All entries to be      Parker   1st        GREEN
  displayed at Coleshill Village          Sept
  show on Sept.1st. REPORT-               2007
  11/12/07= Poster
  competition completed and
  entries displayed at
  anniversary meeting and
  village show.
   Contact Bucks Fire and          Sarah
   Rescue regarding                Holt
   involvement in assemblies.
   Report- await new
10 personnel REPORT
   15/05/07 = Poster
   competition rolled out                            C
   before fire appointed new
   member of staff.
                                   David                   Amber
     Liaise with Steve Slee re     Matthews
     display of winning posters                      C
     in the Seer Green vicinity

   Coleshill Poster Competition Sarah                C     GREEN
   – arrange winning posters Parker
   to be printed in village
12 newsletter and get
   laminated posters displayed
   outside school (on gates)
   UPDATE – Completed.

   Follow up obtaining prizes      Slee                    GREEN
13 and printing of winning
   posters. UPDATE – All
   prizes given to winners,
   book tokens, x factor                             P
   tickets, signed letter and
   photo from Sharon


        1-     SPEEDING

        2-     FLY

        3-    ROAD
Evaluate the Option and Monitor Response                   RESPONSE STAGE
Any suitable options need to be evaluated by going through the questions

(See Note 8)