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									Elvis Presley Licensing by Elvisly
Elvis is regarded as one of the most important figures of twentieth century popular
culture and we are delighted to have available through Sid Shaw, the owner of the UK
trademarks, an excellent range of both colour and black and white photographs and
artwork of the unique and legendary Elvis Presley available for licensing under the
Elvisly Yours trademark.

Key facts:
Elvisly Yours is now in its 30th year selling one of the world's largest and best range
of Elvis Presley memorabilia. Elvisly Yours licensed products have been sold in many
of the UK high street chainstores, supermarkets, TV Shopping Channels and Mail
Order catalogues as well as worldwide. Major retail outlets include Tesco, ASDA,
Clintons, Virgin, WH Smith, Halfords, HMV, Debenhams, Littlewoods, Kays, GUS,
Grattans, QVC, Ideal World, Bid-Up TV, Play.com and Amazon.co.uk to name but a

Elvisly Yours "Readers Offers" have sold very successfully in the Sun, News of the
World, Daily Star, Daily Mirror, People, Sunday Mirror and Birmingham Post.
Elvisly Yours is the UK's the leading authority on Elvis Presley and often appear on
television, radio and newspapers and have organized spectacular Elvis promotions
that have achieved worldwide publicity.

      Sales from existing ELVISLY YOURS licensees which include Zeon for
       watches and clocks have been a sell out and the 2008 ELVISLY YOURS
       calendar from Slow Dazzle was a massive success, selling tens of thousands.

      Other Licensees include Zap for duvets, cushions, fleece blankets, bean bags,
       curtains & towels; Metal Machine Merchandising for magnets, coaster sets
       etc; Ethos International for Kitchen Storage, Cookie Jars, Mugs & Teapots,
       Kitchen Textiles & Soft Toys; Pop Art Products for t-shirts, bags, purses and
       key rings and an affiliation with the Bank of Scotland for ELVISLY
       YOURS credit cards.

      2008 is the 40th anniversary of ELVIS’ “1968 Comeback Special” wearing
       that famous leather skinsuit.

      Christmas 2008 will feature a blockbuster, Elvis-themed play on ITV called
       "Caught in a Trap". It will be heavily promoted and features Elvisly Yours
       memorabilia and up 20 Elvis songs.

      There will be an ELVIS World Tour in association with Cirque du
       Soleil and the UK part of the tour is projected to start in 2009.

      A State of the Art ELVIS museum is currently being finalised and this will
       launched in the UK during 2009.

      ELVISLY YOURS co-ordinate access to ELVIS Presley photos for
       newspapers, magazines, TV and the press and photo agencies from their
       extensive library of copyright photographs
      ELVISLY YOURS organise ELVIS look-alike appearances and
       Tributes which are also available to licensees.

      Rights available exclude North America.

Elvisly Yours defeated Elvis Presley Enterprises Inc in the UK High Court in 1997
and again in the UK Court of Appeals in 1999 over the rights to Elvis Presley and
cancelled their trade marks. It is one of the most famous Intellectual Property cases in
British history and it changed UK Trade Mark Law. Elvisly Yours has trade marks
in 20 classes of the Trade Marks Registry. Not only does Elvisly Yours license Elvis
Presley products in the UK and worldwide outside North America but will support
Licensees with PR and marketing. They can arrange for “look alike” Elvises to
promote launches of Elvis product in stores and supermarkets. Also, they buy
Licensees' Elvis products to sell retail and wholesale to their customers around
the world. Elvisly Yours approves artwork promptly and will be happy to
visit Licensees’ offices to discuss designs and marketing.

Check the Official Elvisly Yours website: www.elvisly-yours.com

Some of the Elvisly Yours range of memorabilia:

  Elvisly Yours credit card              Elvisly Yours playing cards

                 ‘Elvis Lives’ t-shirt               Elvis in the 70s artwork
        2009 Official Elvisly Yours Calendar

Elvis Talking Clock                     Elvis Neon Guitar Clock

        Elvis A King Forever

       (Sold 73,000 copies to date)
Presentation Box with Zeon Watches

        Elvis Handbag

         Elvis sketches
                            Colour Posters

                        Black and White Posters

New black and white collage design for bedroom accessories
                       and clothing

         Casual Shirt                  Giant and Regular Cushion Covers
Duvet Covers and Pillowcases      Ready Made Curtains

             Elvis Tie
                               Zap Duvet and Pillow Cases

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