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                                                                              Bertric Burée March 2010

     Why does Lent last for 40 days?
Lent is a time when Christians remember the 40 days
and nights Jesus spent alone in the desert without
food being tempted by the Devil. Jesus used this time to
prepare for His work by fasting and praying.

Luke's Gospel says:

        'Jesus, full of the Holy Spirit, returned from the Jordan and was led by the Spirit in the
        desert, where for forty days he was tempted by the devil. He ate nothing during those
        days, and at the end of them he was hungry.'

So, as in the Bible, Christians spend forty days in preparing themselves to rejoice at the resurrection
of Jesus Christ at Easter.

      Interesting fact

      The number 40 is a special number in the Bible. It signifies preparation for something

             The rain lasted for 40 days in the mighty flood - Noah
             Moses stayed on the Mount Sinai forty days (Ex 24:18)
             Jonah gave the people of Ninevah forty days to repent (Jon 3:4)

             Jesus, before starting his ministry, spent forty days in the desert in prayer and
              fasting (Matt 4:2)

Women's World Day of Prayer - Friday 5 March at 5.00pm in the hospital chapel in Riberac.
This is an Ecumenical service (in French and English) and has been prepared by Christian women in Cameroon on the
theme 'Let everything that has breath praise God'

We shall be joining with our Roman Catholic and Eglise Reformée friends and we invite you all to this very important
service when men, women and children throughout the world will be united in prayer.

Good Friday - 2nd April at 8.00pm at Tocane St. Apre.
It has become traditional for the congregation from the Dronne Valley Church to join with the Roman Catholic
congregations of Tocane and Riberac to celebrate the liturgy of Good Friday. Our church choir will assist the singing and
members will take part in the Passion reading and in the prayers of Intercession.

Further details for both services; please contact Sheila Marshall (05 53 90 95 69)

Chaplaincy of Aquitaine Annual Meeting 27th March starts at 10.30am with Holy Communion at a
church in the Limeuil area. Come along and meet others from around the Chaplaincy.

                                  Services for March 2010
                    Sun 7 Mar         10.30am Service of the Word with Richard Shreeve
                    Sun 7 Mar         4.00pm Evensong with Sheila Marshall
                     Wed 10           11.00am BCP Holy Communion with Revds Ann & Michael
                       Mar            Wooderson
                    Sun 14 Mar        10.30am Holy Communion with Revd Paul Vrolijk,
                                      AGM & Mothers’ Day (More details see below)
                    Sun 21 Mar        10.30am All-Age Worship
                    Sun 28 Mar        10.30am Holy Communion with Revds Ann and Mike Wooderson

                          Everyone is invited to stay for hospitality after the services

AGM –the AGM will be held after the service on Sunday 14 March in the church followed by a Bring and Share
lunch at Pam and Mike Duncan’s house.

EASTER SERVICE – spread the word…
The Easter Service will be held at BERTIC BUREE this year instead of Montagrier. We have use of the Foyer afterwards
for coffee and hospitality.

        Break the mould – Do you normally go to a specific service each month? Why not
        consider going to one of the services that you don’t normally attend. Give it a try.
        You may see friends you haven’t seen for ages or just enjoy a change.

                NOW here’s an idea: Why not consider printing off
                the Newsletter and giving it to a friend or neighbour?

                                 Chap-Aid Donation to Haiti
                  Chap-Aid Donation to Haiti – In the Dronne Valley we have collected 310€; many thanks to Jeny
                  Overfield for organising a coffee morning which helped to raise some of this money. As a result of this
                  and other collections around the Chaplaincy it has enabled Chap-aid to send TWO Shelter Boxes to
                  Haiti and a further sum to Christian Aid for their relief programme in Haiti. Many thanks to everyone
                  for their generosity.

                                            H ealing Prayer Ministry – on the second
                                              Sunday each month in the side chapel.

                                 Prayer at 9:45am before the first service of the month:
                                                       Please note:
                                   We have decided to discontinue meeting for prayer in the
                                      side chapel before the first service of the month.
                                     Of course, everyone is still encouraged to pray, but
                                         individually in the main body of the church.

A week-long continuous Bible Reading event at the cathedral in Périgueux is planned for the week of March 14-20.
The entire Bible will be read night and day...136 hours of reading! In conjunction with this event, Paul will give a
conference in English in Perigueux – please see details below.

                                              Conference in English
                                       by the Revd Dr Paul Vrolijk, Chaplain
                                                  Women in the Jacob Story:
                                                     Leah and Rachel

                                                      Périgueux Cathedral
                                           8 rue de la Constitution (across the street)
                                                       Monday, March 15
                                                         15:00 – 17:00

           ...The fate of Leah and Rachel in Genesis, 29-30, and how their fate contributes to the overall story line
                                                    of the Jacob- cycle.

             This event is in conjunction with « Les Voix de la Bible », a continous Bible reading at the cathdedral
                                           from March 14-20. For more details, phone
                                               Amy Owensmith at: 06 07 04 07 77.

               Thank you to Karla and Roger Flambert for hosting the Bring and Share lunch at the end of January.
                There was 340€ in the big glass jar which was counted after lunch, this with 100€ raised at a Lent lunch
                in 2009 meant that we had just enough to sponsor Robert and Shadiah in 2010. Thank you to everyone
                for your continued support which allows them to attend school and get an education.

Being a part of a Young Person in getting a University Education
Written by Ingrid Lowe:

Hello everyone! Some of you may know me: I sell cards from banana leaves, hand-made by a group of young Rwandans
who have no parents as a result of the genocide, poverty or aids. This helps keep them afloat with regards rent, food etc.
I have been in contact with Rene for two years now, and he is a fine, Christian young man who has been vouched for by
his local church. He realises how important it is for a young person to get a good education especially in third world

He is very grateful for all the kind support he has had from our church members so far. Some of you thought it would be a
good idea to sponsor Rene and his group. Now he has come up with a specific proposition with which I believe we can
help. Rene would like to go to ULK (Kigali Independent University) where he would enter the Faculty Of Computer
Science for a four-year course.


The fees are about 410 dollars (285 Euro) a term making the yearly cost about 1.200 dollars (around 855 Euro) . His
expenses for books and travel he has calculated at about 238 Euro a term 716 dollars (498 Euro) for the year

The total cost for the year is about 1,353 Euro. It can be paid in two instalments. The prices are taken from dollar values
taken from Rwandan pounds so it is approximate. So it would cost about 677 Euro a half year.


If 70 people from the chaplaincy were willing to give 20 Euro per year (for 4 years only) (during June to give us plenty of
time for the January entry) that should cover the cost of Rene's 'dream'.

 I know it is a bad time as we are all feeling the pinch, but I think some could probably afford that and it is a small price to
pay be part of getting a youngster through college. Please think hard and pray about it. Sharing with someone else,
saving odd coins, coffee mornings are all ways of saving for 20 Euro throughout the course of a year.

Some of you already sponsor, so I would ask you to consider being one of the 70 and be part of this wonderful
opportunity to do something really worthwhile together.

To be part of this or for more information contact Ingrid Lowe at or phone/fax 05 45 98 49 45

Thank you and God Bless

Randonnée - On a mild, sunny morning, 19 walkers enjoyed a beautiful walk following the River Dronne,
considerably swollen from the recent rain, in the St. Aulaye area. However, Spring is just around the corner with
celandines peeping through the undergrowth and pussy willow buds beginning to form. Afterwards we enjoyed a
well-earned lunch in a local restaurant. Our grateful thanks to Fred and Carole Sapsford for organising this walk
and for staving off the rain until our return!! The walk in March will be on Wednesday 17th and led by Mike Duncan.
Please meet in La Tour Blanche at 10.30am for an 8km circular walk returning to La Tour Blanche for lunch at Chez
Fernand. If you have any questions please contact Mike on 05 53 91 30 64.

Chaplaincy Newsletter
You can now receive each month the Chaplaincy Newsletter via email, this contains not only a letter from Paul but news
of what is happening around our Chaplaincy (parish). If you would like to receive this free of charge please email
Christine Scott, the Editor, at and she will add your name to the distribution list. If you prefer to
recieve a hard copy then please send a cheque for 22 euros payable to 'The Chaplaincy of Aquitaine' and send to Mme
C Scott, Le Bourg, Berbiguieres, 24220 St Cyprien.

Principle of Giving – God blesses generosity – If God knows he can trust us to be generous, he will enlarge our
capacity to give – You will be made rich in every way so that you can be generous on every occasion. 2 Corinthians
9:11. Remember we are totally self-funding and our regular expenses need to be met with regular giving. Please speak
to Jan, Sue or Treasurer, Roger Flambert to find out how easy it is to pay by direct debit or cheque so that 66% of all
donations, up to 20% of your gross income, will be deducted from your final tax due.

Broadcasting - Radio Liberté
Radio Liberté broadcasts in March on Sunday 7th at 12 noon, Tuesday 9th
March at 1.30pm and Friday 12th at 1230. Please note there is no 8am on
the Sunday for the time being.

Our guests in March are David Llewellyn, Guy Spencer and Chris Clarke who
continue their lively discussion on 'Questioning God beliefs'. Unless there is
a reaction from the listeners, or any women who would like to join the show,
we shall leave the debate after this session for a while and pick it up later in
the year. The response from listeners is very important and stimulates the
discussion. We look forward to receiving input from you.

You can listen on 96.1 FM or on the podcast on or on the Chaplaincy website
where you will also find previous broadcasts if you missed them.

We have received some complimentary comments regarding the previous programme but we do desire to know your
thoughts and comments – please contact me, Madeleine Holmes via the email or Radio
Liberté. We need to know that we are providing the kind of discussion you want and to stimulate thought and then action
regarding our environment.

Until next time, may God bless you wherever and whatever you believe in. Madeleine Holmes
                        ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- --------

Notes from the Minutes of Committee Meeting held on 3 February

Heating – M. Poupard, the mayor of Bertric Burée, is meeting with his Conseil in March to discuss overhead electric
heating for the church. The commune will pay for the installation and we have proposed an increase in rent to help cover
the costs.
Prayer – Beth Dyer and Mike Duncan are in the process of setting up a regular Prayer Meeting not on a Sunday.

Report from Chaplaincy Council - Paul Vrolijk gave a presentation on his thoughts and observations based on the
information collected at meetings around the Chaplaincy. He will present this at all the local AGMs;
        Some key points - many good things are happening; we are growing in Christ, Loving, Praying, Living and
       Bearing much fruit; We are - ‘we’ not ‘I’ - together… communities: communications, newsletter, website etc.

      2010 budget, which at the moment is nearly 16,000 euros short, sectors were encouraged to meet their targets for
      2010 and encourage regular giving.

Church Services - Easter Sunday - the Chancelade/Sorges congregation will be holding their own service this year at
Sorges. We shall hold a service on Easter morning at Bertric Burée.

Ladies Group - regretfully no one has volunteered to coordinate this as it has been running but a few suggestions have
been made for topics by people willing to actually do them. Would someone like to arrange this on an ad hoc basis? Thi s
would involve finding a venue (someone's home?), a time and then publicising it through the Newsletter. I would be
pleased to pass on the suggestions received. Janis Adams

      PRAYER SITES - Church of England Also the Chaplaincy of Aquitaine has had
      a prayer site on Facebook for ages (as advertised in the Chaplaincy Newsletter). And on Facebook there
      are thousands of Christians praying through a Prayer site there.                    ALSO check out - a great site for up to the minute stuff which is going on in our Diocese...

        Over the next few months we will be giving details of the various HOME GROUPS that
        are running in our area. Below are details of the group that takes place near Allemans.

        HOME GROUP REPORT: Written by Brian Cook:
        Our Bible Study Group of between 6 to 12 or so members meets fortnightly at the home of Dawn
        Smith near Allemans. The basic format is to choose a book of the Bible, usually one from the New
        Testament, and make a quite intensive study of it, section by section, over a period of six to twelve
        months, or longer, depending on the length of the book. At each meeting we look at the current
        section, and then go through it verse by verse. The general idea is to relate the text to its historical,
        cultural and social background, trying to understand it in terms of its time and background, and form
        an idea of what the writer was trying to say. We also quite frequently digress into discussion of what
        the text means to us today.

        If anyone is interested in joining us and would like more information, both Dawn and I will be pleased
        to give it. Dawn Smith 05 53 90 12 33 or Brian Cook 05 45 98 43 00 or

Some news from Madeleine - My friend Charlotte has a QUIZ on the website (she is webmaster for
''Word for the Day' here in France). You might like to enter??? There is a prize each week a name is drawn by the
computer then at Easter there will be a draw of all the winners and that winner gets a laptop! Fun and biblical.

There is a vacancy for a person to co-ordinate the fund raising at Bertric Burée. Is there anyone out there bold
enough? You would be given lots of advice and support. Think about it and contact the committee or wardens if you
think you have what it takes.

If you need help from Cancer Support France (by English speakers for English speakers) your contacts are 06 43 67 86
11 or go to (Cancer Support France). Chaplaincy of Aquitaine website

                                               CHUCKLE                    TIME:
The following have all appeared in church magazines so let us thank God for church ladies with
typewriters. (Di says “hope you’re not referring to me !!!)

Next weekend's Fasting & Prayer Conference in Whitby includes all meals.
Sunday morning sermon: 'Jesus Walks on the Water'
Sunday evening sermon: 'Searching for Jesus.'
Ladies, don't forget the rummage sale It's a chance to get rid of those things not worth keeping around the house.
Bring your husbands.
Remember in prayer the many who are sick of our community.
Smile at someone who is hard to love.
Say 'Hell' to someone who doesn't care much about you.
Don't let worry kill you off - let the Church help.
Miss Charlene Mason sang 'I will not pass this way again,' giving obvious pleasure to the congregation.
Irving Benson and Jessie Carter were married on October 24 in the church. So ends a friendship that began in their
school days.
At the evening service tonight, the sermon topic will be 'What Is Hell?' Come early and listen to our choir practice
Please place your donation in the envelope along with the deceased person you want remembered.
 Potluck supper Sunday at 5:00pm - prayer and medication to follow.
 Low Self Esteem Support Group will meet Thursday at 7pm - please use the back door.
The school drama group will be presenting Shakespeare's Hamlet in the Church hall on Friday at 7pm. The
congregation is invited to attend this tragedy.
Weight Watchers will meet at 7pm at the First Presbyterian Church. Please use large double door at the side
The Associate Minister unveiled the church's new campaign slogan last Sunday: 'I Upped My Pledge - Up Yours!'

                                       Book Review March 2010
                              JESUS’ PEOPLE - WHAT THE CHURCH SHOULD DO NEXT
                                  By THE BISHOP OF SHEFFIELD, STEVEN CROFT

Chaplain Revd. Dr. Paul Vrolijk, of the Chaplaincy of Aquitaine has suggested this book for study by Home Groups and
others during Lent. It is intended to lead our thoughts during this time (which began on Febr uary 17th) towards the great
festival of Easter at the beginning of April. It is a welcome new venture and is a challenge for the whole of the Chaplaincy.

Out of this study time should, and probably will, come new ideas from the laity, sparked by the man y challenging ideas in
this book; and as it is being read throughout the Chaplaincy, by a much larger group of worshipping Christians, we shall
know what our friends in other churches in Aquitaine have been discussing. I hope there will be plenty of time after
Easter for inter-church ‘debriefing’ sessions, where we could have further discussion and share our thoughts.

The book is quite candid. Bishop Croft’s argument is essentially that the Christian church in the 21 st century seems, by
some, to be in need of a new vision, and less self-criticism. Made uncertain by self doubt, watching the numbers of
church members falling, a fear of standing up and being counted in a sceptical society, all contribute to a sense of failure,
to a doubt in our mission, even to antagonism to the world as it is. Negativity gets us nowhere, except the wilderness.
When the disciples thought that they were going to drown on the lake, they didn’t waste time blaming each other for the
disaster about to happen: like, who failed to rig the boat properly; who hadn’t taken advice about the weather; who was
too heavy for the boat! That would have been time wasting and perhaps fatal, and it was certainly futile. But isn’t that
what we do? But the disciples’ first and only instinct was to look to Jesus for help.

In a way, the message of this book is about ‘getting back to basics’ again. Instead of metaphorically wringing our hands
about the state of the church, we need to focus and concentrate on what are the essentials of our faith, led by Jesus’s
clear statement ‘I am the Way’ (John 14.6) and then to consider the essential components of the Christian Community’s
life – Croft reminds us of ‘The Four Pathways’: teaching, breaking of bread, fellowship, and prayer (Acts 2:42). But we
need to add other components of our church life, including concern for others, self-sacrifice, praise and worship, mission.

This innovative shared study time is exciting, and opens up the idea of more similar ventures shared between the various
groups that constitute the Chaplaincy of Aquitaine. If any people would prefer to own, rather than borrow this book, they
can obtain it (post free) from for £7.85.

If you would like to join with others in a study group during Lent, please contact one of the churchwardens for details.

                                                    THE CROSSROAD

                                          Sometimes a road in life will pass through
                                      One fine point where motion, thought and being
                                    Lie suspended ‘at the still point of a turning world’ .
                                     It’s where life makes a sudden, unexpected shift
                                     And from the crossroad we become transformed.

                                     A path that I was travelling once, made me afraid.
                                              Scientists and eloquent atheists
                                        Had once put out the Light that faith had lit.
                                     Dark tunnels threw enmeshed, constricting snares
                                         And light-denying shadows boldly jeered
                                      As snarling, threatening thoughts enfolded me.

                                        Where was I going, why did I feel such fright?
                                           I was alone, no guidebook or a light.

                                         My path came to a church, and by the wall,
                                            A crucifix, our Lord, so cruelly pierced,
                                         His wounded head, and outstretched arms
                                           His broken body, bleeding pinioned feet
                                                Created with the oaken edifice
                                         A crossroad formed by God’s own sacrifice.

                                         And then in one brief minute, or eternity,
                                           A broken body hanging from a tree
                                          Suggested my solution, frail epiphany.
                                      He was the Guide, my Guidebook and my Light.
                                               The light that made me see
                                            His glorious Resurrection victory -
                                          Amazing grace, made manifest for me.
                                 from ‘The Four Quartets by T.S.Eliot               JG 2005

The Book of the Month is part of the Church Library, housed at La Croix du Courret, Coutures. A selection of books from
           the library are temporarily placed at the back of the church at Bertric Buree and may be borrowed.
You are also welcome to see other books in the library, as well as teaching aids, tapes etc by arrangement with Jennifer
                                                   Gray 05 53 90 41 26.

                                    BARGAIN CORNER…
         FOR SALE - perfect for the grandchildren!      Solid pine Captain's bed with 4 storage
         drawers. Like new. Comes with FREE photo duvet, two sets of fitted sheets and pocket-
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H ome Groups – There are currently a number of home groups running in
the area on different days. For further information please contact one of the Wardens.

H ospitality After Services:       We do thank Pam Duncan very much for taking on the responsibility of organising the
coffee rota. If this is an area in which you would like to help please let Pam know - the more volunteers the merrier.

Fair Trade – a little bit can go a long way so to help those helping themselves Fair Trade coffee and biscuits are now
being used for hospitality after services.

Want to post a classified ad on this page??? C o m e o n – you must have something you want to sell or
buy or let us know about - Just let Di know at 05 45 98 61 26 or The deadline is the 20 of
each month to appear in the following month’s Newsletter…

Car Parking and Toilets: Please use the car park behind the Salles des Fetes when visiting church. The toilets are on
the corner of the car park at the side of the Salles des Fetes.

Local Wardens
Jan Adams 05 53 91 32 89 (
& Sue Gamon 05 53 91 68 03 (
Roger Flambert – Treasurer - 05 53 90 99 52
Brian Cook – Sacristan 05 45 98 43 00
Mary Eldon – Minutes Secretary 05 53 91 35 56
Sheila Marshall - Deputy Warden 05 53 90 95 69
                                                              The Chaplaincy of Aquitaine
Peter Robinson – Deputy Warden 05 53 91 45 15                 Church of England Diocese in Europe
Di Harris-Evans – Communications & Publicity 05 45 98 61 26   Chaplain: Revd Dr Paul Vrolijk
Mike Duncan – Deputy Treasurer 05 53 91 30 64                 Asst Chaplain: Revd Caroline Gordon-Walker