Independent Contractor Agreement by talperry

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									                             Independent Contractor's Agreement

       THIS AGREEMENT entered into in______________, on this         day of ______,
2010, between ________________________________, (hereinafter the "Company") with its
principal place of business located at ____________________________ and
(hereinafter the "Contractor").


       WHEREAS, the Company is in the business of real estate brokerage, and,

       WHEREAS, the Company from time to time will secure the services of independent
contractors to help carry out the Company's business, and,

       WHEREAS, the Company desires to contract for the services of Contractor and to train
Contractor, and,

       WHEREAS, the Company will train Contractor in the nature of the Company's business.

       NOW, THEREFORE for and in consideration of the mutual promises contained herein,
and other good and valuable consideration, the parties agree as follows:

1.      Engagement. The Company hereby engages Contractor as an independent contractor, to
perform all duties customarily performed in connection with the sale or lease of an interest in
real property, including but not limited to the items set forth in Exhibit A attached hereto and
incorporated herein:

2.   Duration. The services to be performed by Contractor pursuant to this Agreement shall
commence on the date first written above and terminate pursuant to Section 12 herein.

3.      Compensation. As compensation for providing the services described in paragraph 1,
above, Contractor shall receive, as its full and only compensation for the services to be provided
hereunder, such commissions in the amounts and pursuant to the conditions as set forth in
Exhibit C hereto and incorporated herein, or in accordance with such other commission
schedules promulgated from time to time during the term of this Agreement. Company reserves
the right, in its sole and absolute discretion, to amend Exhibit C at any time hereafter.

4.      Independent Contractor Relationship. Any other provision of this Agreement to the
contrary, notwithstanding, this Agreement does not constitute a hiring by either party nor does it
constitute an Agreement of employment. The parties' intention is that Contractor be an
independent contractor and not the employee o
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