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   City of Edinburgh Council
Home Care Re-ablement Services

        Gerry Graham
     Independent Advisor

       2nd December 2008
     Differences For Edinburgh
• City Setting
• Scale of Service - 43,000 Care Hours to 5,000 Service
• Mixed Economy Initially 45% Purchased
• In House Service - 400 Social Care Workers 1,000
  Home Helps
• No Funding for Change                        to
• Scotland - Different History
  re Compulsory Competitive
  Tendering for Home Care
How Changes Have Been Achieved
• Developing a Vision
• Leadership and Political Buy In
• In House Service Decision
      • Re-ablement Service
      • Long Term Service for People
        with Complex Needs
• Financial Framework
• Communication
• Staff Buy In
• Scoping Size of Teams
   – Referral Analysis - Average Hours Per Week -
How Changes Have Been Achieved

• Improved Outcomes
  – IoRN – Goal Setting
• Incremental Implementation
  – Investment in Project Management
  – Change Management
  – Implementation Group
  – Desktop Exercises on Process and Roles
• Tracking ‘How well we are doing’
              Current Status
• Expressions of Interest complete in most
• Implementation - Live in 2 localities of 5
• Training for 120 frontline staff by end 2008
• Plan to role out other 3 localities by Spring 2009
• Agreed Processes
• Goal Setting and Progress Paperwork
• Tracking Performance Information
• JIT Evaluation started by RP &M Associates
• Definition of People with Complex Needs
  Requiring a Long Term Home Care Service
Further Contact Details
     Gerry Graham

      07788 951182
             Key Questions
• Re-ablement:
  – Does it work and is it worth doing?
  – Should authorities refocus home care to help
    people to do things for themselves? If not, why
  – What would it mean for home care to move
    away from task and time focus to outcome
  – What would authorities need to do to implement
  – What would a change involve for commissioners
    and providers?

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