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This list represents new items added to the libraries at Hampton

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									                                Inventory List
                               September - 2004

AE 1 .Y46 2001                           2001
   Encyclopaedic visions : scientific dictionaries and enlightenment culture
   / Richard Yeo.

AG5 .C725 2004EB                         2004
   The Columbia encyclopedia [electronic resource]

B41 .C35 1999EB                          1999
   The Cambridge dictionary of philosophy [electronic resource] / general
   editor, Robert Audi.

B41 .D52 2002EB                          2002
   A Dictionary of philosophy [electronic resource] / edited by Antony Flew
   and Stephen Priest.

B 133 .G3 A2 1951                        1951
   The wit and wisdom of Gandhi / edited, with an introduction by Homer A.
   Jack ; preface by John Haynes Holmes.

B829.5 .S576 2000                        2000
   Introduction to phenomenology / Robert Sokolowski.
   What is intentionality, and why is it important? -- Perception of a cube
   as a paradigm of conscious experience -- Three formal structures in
   phenomenology -- An initial statement of what phenomenology is --
   Perception, memory, and imagination -- Words, pictures, and symbols --
   Categorial intentions and objects -- Phenomenology of the self --
   Temporality -- The life world and intersubjectivity -- Reason, truth, and
   evidence -- Eidetic intuition -- Phenomenology defined -- Phenomenology in
   the present historical context -- Appendix: Phenomenology in the last one
   hundred years.

B 2430 .S34 L4813 2003                   2003
   Sartre : the philosopher of the twentieth century / Bernard-Henri L*evy ;
   translated by Andrew Brown.
   "The man, a century": Sartre's fame ; Stendhal and Spinoza ; Taking leave
   of Gide ; A "German" philosopher ; Note on the Heidegger question. --
   Justice for Jean-Paul Sartre: Existentialism is an anti-humanism ; What is
   a monster? (biographical fragments) ; Anti-fascist from beginning to end ;
   Note on the Vichy question: Sartre in the Resistance ; Sartre, now. -- The
   madness of the age: Another Sartre (snapshots) ; On the workings of error
   in the life of an intellectual ; The confession ; Sartre's failure ;
   Requiem for literature. -- Epilogue (The blind philosopher).

B 3312 .E52 W67 1927                     1927
   The philosophy of Nietzsche.
   Introduction / Willard Huntington Wright -- Thus spake Zarathustra /
   translated by Thomas Common -- Beyond good and evil / translated by Helen
   Zimmern -- The genealogy of morals / translated by Horace B. Samuel --
   Peoples and countries / translated by J. M. Kennedy -- Ecce homo /
   translated by Clifton P. Fadiman -- The birth of tragedy from the spirit
   of music / translated by Clifton P. Fadiman.
B 4238 .B43 O323 1944                    1944
   Slavery and freedom / by Nicolas Berdyaev ; translated from the Russian by
   R.M. French.

BD 348 .G5613 2001                       2001
   Wooden eyes : nine reflections on distance / Carlo Ginzburg ; translated
   by Martin Ryle and Kate Soper.
   Making it strange : the prehistory of a literary device -- Myth :
   distance and deceit -- Representation : the word, the thing, the idea --
   Ecce : on the scriptural roots of Christian devotional imagery -- Idols
                                Inventory List

                 Produced Friday, October 1, 2004 at 12:49 PM

   and likenesses : a passage in Origen and its vicissitudes -- Style :
   inclusion and exclusion -- Distance and perspective : two metaphors -- To
   kill a Chinese mandarin : the moral implications of distance -- Pope
   Wojtyla's slip.

BD 494 .B7313 2003                       2003
   The wisdom of the world : the human experience of the universe in Western
   thought / R*emi Brague ; translated by Teresa Lavender Fagan.
   Prehistory : a pre-cosmic wisdom -- The birth of the cosmos in Greece --
   Socrates' revolution, Plato's restoration -- The other Greece : the
   atomists -- Other than Greece : the Scriptures -- The other other :
   gnosticism -- Marginal models -- The standard vision of the world -- An
   ethical cosmos -- A cosmological ethics -- Abrahamic excess -- The end of
   a world -- An impossible imitation -- The lost world.

BD 638 .R34 2003                         2003
   The eleven pictures of time : the physics, philosophy, and politics of
   time beliefs / C.K. Raju.
   Life after death -- The curse on "cyclic" time -- Creation, immortality,
   and the new physics -- Newton's secret -- In Einstein's shadow -- Broken
   time: chance, chaos, complexity -- Time travel -- The eleven pictures of
   time -- The tilt in the arrow of time -- Time as money -- The
   transformation of time in tradition -- Revaluation of all values.

BF31 .E52 2004EB                         2004
   The concise Corsini encyclopedia of psychology and behavioral science
   [electronic resource] / W. Edward Craighead and Charles B. Nemeroff,

BF31 .R43 1996EB                         1996
   The Penguin dictionary of psychology [electronic resource] / edited by
   Arthur S. Reber.

BF 176 .D78 2000                         2000
   Appraisal procedures for counselors and helping professionals / Robert J.

BF 323 .S63 F54 2004                     2004
   Stereotyping as inductive hypothesis testing / Klaus Fiedler & Eva
   The topic of social hypothesis testing -- Stereotyping as a
   cognitive-environmental learning process : delineating the conceptual
   framework -- Learning of social hypotheses stereotypes as illusory
   correlations -- The auto-verification of social hypotheses -- Information
   search in the "inner world" : the origin of stereotypes in memory --
   Testing social hypotheses in tri-variate problem space : further variants
   of environmental stereotype learning -- Explicit and implicit hypothesis
   testing in a complex environment -- The vicissitudes of information
   sampling in a fallible environment : an integrative framework -- Epilogue:
   Locating CELA in modern stereotype research.

BF 637 .C6 B8 2003                       2003
   Mentoring children and adolescents : a guide to the issues / Maureen A.
   Buckley and Sandra H. Zimmermann.
   A window on mentoring -- Formal mentoring program guidelines --
   Individuals and professional organizations making a positive impact on
   youth and children through mentoring -- Facts and data -- Directory of
   national, international, and state organizations and agencies -- Selected
   print and nonprint resources -- Chronology.

BF 637 .C6 O77 1997                      1997
   Strategies for counseling with children and their parents / Geraldine
                                Inventory List

                  Produced Friday, October 1, 2004 at 12:49 PM

   Leitl Orton.

BF 683 .N4 2003                          2003
   Cross-cultural differences in perspectives on the self / Virginia
   Murphy-Berman, and John J. Berman, volume editors ; presenters, John J.
   Berman ... [et al.].
   Introduction : Models of agency: sociocultural diversity in the
   construction of action / Hazel Rose Markus and Shinobu Kitayama -- Culture
   and agency: implications for psychological theories of motivation and
   social development / Joan G. Miller -- An exploration of cultural
   variation in self-enhancing and self-improving motivations / Steven J.
   Heine-- Rethinking the value of choice: considering cultural mediators of
   intrinsic motivation / Sheena S. Iyengar and Sanford E. DeVoe -- Beyond
   Maslow's Culture-Bound Linear Theory: a preliminary statement of the
   Double-Y Model of Basic Human Needs / Kuo-Shu Yang -- Coherence of culture
   and generalizability of data: two questionable assumptions in
   cross-cultural psychology / Ype H. Poortinga.

BF 697 .M525 2003                        2003
   Faking it / William Ian Miller.
   Introduction: split in two -- Hypocrisy and Jesus -- Anti-hypocrisy:
   looking bad in order to be good -- Virtues with natural immunities to
   hypocrisy -- Naked truth: hey, wanna...? -- In divine services and other
   ritualized performances -- Say it like you mean it: mandatory faking and
   apology -- Flattery and praise -- Hoist with his own petard -- The self,
   the double, and the sense of self -- At the core at last: the primordial
   Jew -- Passing and wishing you were what you are not -- Authentic moments
   with the beautiful and sublime? -- The alchemist: role as addiction -- 'I
   love you': taking a bullet vs. biting one -- Boys crying and girls playing
   dumb -- Acting our roles: mimicry, makeup, and pills -- False (im)modesty
   -- Caught in the act.

BF 698.35 .R47 R47 2003                  2003
   Resilience for today : gaining strength from adversity / edited by Edith
   Henderson Grotberg.
   What is resilience? how do you promote it? how do you use it? / Edith
   Henderson Grotberg -- The yin and yang of resilience / Rhoda Baruch and
   Suzanne Stutman -- Enhancing family resilience: a transgenerational
   approach to positive change in dysfunctional families / Sandra E.S. Neil
   -- Resilience in families with children who are exceptional / Sharon
   Landesman Ramey, Stephanie DeLuca, and Karen Echols -- Resilience, the
   fourth 'r': the role of schools in this promotion / Judy E. Paph*azy --
   Resilience for those needing health care / Bette Keltner with Leslie
   Walker -- Resilience and biculturalism: the Latino experience in the
   United States / Francisca Infante with Alexandra Lamond -- Community
   resilience: a social approach / Elbio Nestor Suarez-Ojeda with Lilian
   Autler -- In the wake of disaster: building the resilience initiative of
   APA's public education campaign / Russ Newman -- Resilience and tragedy /
   Edith Henderson Grotberg.

BF 698.35 .R47 R472 2003                 2003
   Resilience : learning from people with disabilities and the turning points
   in their lives / edited by Gillian A. King, Elizabeth G. Brown, and Linda
   K. Smith ; foreword by John A. LaPorta.
   An invitation to learn from the turning points of people with disabilities
   -- How we got here -- Turning points : emotionally compelling life
   experiences -- The resilient self : what helps and what hinders? --
   "Choral music" for community change -- Tying it all together : frames of
   reference and meaning in life.

BF 723 .P48 I53 2003                     2003
   Individual differences in theory of mind : implications for typical and
                                Inventory List

                 Produced Friday, October 1, 2004 at 12:49 PM

   atypical development / [edited by] Betty Repacholi and Virginia Slaughter.

BF 723 .R44 B54 2004                     2004
   Peer rejection : developmental processes and intervention strategies /
   Karen L. Bierman ; foreword by John D. Coie.

BF 1283 .F7 W45 2004                     2004
   Talking to the dead : Kate and Maggie Fox and the rise of spiritualism /
   Barbara Weisberg.
   Earth and the world of spirits, 1780-1849 -- Progress of modern
   spiritualism, 1849-1852 -- Darling little spirit, 1852-1857 -- Worldly
   trials, 1857-1888 -- Afterlife, 1888-to the present.
   March 1848. Mysterious knocks are heard in a little house in rural New
   York, throwing the community into turmoil. Are the children who live there
   -- Kate and Maggie Fox, sisters aged eleven and fourteen -- making the
   raps to trick their parents? Or are the girls mediums for otherworldly
   messages? From a battery of strange sounds and the excitement they create,
   modern Spiritualism is born. Talking to the Dead: Kate and Maggie Fox and
   the Rise of Spiritualism follows the remarkable story of the Fox sisters,
   who were catapulted to fame after word spread that they communicated with
   spirits. Within a few years, tens of thousands of Americans were flocking
   to seances. An international movement developed. Yet forty years after
   those first knocks, the sisters shocked the country by denying that they
   had ever been in contact with the dead. Shortly after, in another stunning
   reversal, they changed their story again and reaffirmed their faith in the
   spirit world. Were the Fox sisters con artists who had taken a childhood
   prank too far? Or were they really in touch with "voices from beyond"? In
   this riveting biography, Barbara Weisberg traces not only the lives of
   Kate, Maggie, and their family -- including the girls' shrewd and
   charismatic sister, Leah -- but also the social, religious, economic, and
   political forces that helped shape the Spiritualist movement. A vivid,
   compelling overview of a remarkable period in U.S. history, Talking to the
   Dead provokes questions about belief systems, the power of celebrity, the
   wish to reconcile faith and science, and the timeless quest for knowledge
   about life after death.

BF 1569 .A2 I5 1928                      1928
   Malleus maleficarum / translated with an introduction, bibliography and
   notes by the Rev. Montague Summers.

BJ 1611.2 .B86 2001                      2001
   Rich minds, rich rewards : 52 ways to enhance, enrich, and empower your
   life / Valorie Burton.

BL 65 .S4 S5 2003                        2003
   Sexuality and the world's religions / David W. Machacek and Melissa M.
   Wilcox, editors.
   Sexuality and gender in African spiritual traditions / Randy P. Conner --
   Gender, sexuality, and the balance of power in Native American worldviews
   / Julianne Cordero and Elizabeth Currans -- Harmony of yin and yang :
   cosmology and sexuality in Daoism / Xinzhong Yao -- A union of fire and
   water : sexuality and spirituality in Hinduism / Jeffrey S. Lidke --
   Buddhist views on gender and desire / Liz Wilson -- Sex in Jewish law and
   culture / Rebecca Alpert -- The Vatican and the laity : diverging paths in
   Catholic understanding of sexuality / James C. Cavendish -- Varieties of
   interpretations : Protestantism and sexuality / Amy DeRogatis -- Islamic
   conceptions of sexuality / Aysha Hidayatullah -- Casting divinity in my
   image : women, men, and the embodiment of sacred sexuality / Nancy Ramsey
   Tosh and Tanya Keenan -- Innovation in exile : religion and spirituality
   in lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender communities / Melissa M. Wilcox
   -- Religion and sexual liberty : personal versus civic morality in the
   United States / David W. Machacek.
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                 Produced Friday, October 1, 2004 at 12:49 PM

BL303 .M25 1996EB                        1996
   Myth [electronic resource] : myths & legends of the world explored /
   Kenneth McLeish.

BL 503.2 .B37 2003                       2003
   A culture of conspiracy : apocalyptic visions in contemporary America /
   Michael Barkun.
   The nature of conspiracy belief -- Millennialism, conspiracy, and
   stigmatized knowledge -- New world order conspiracies (I) : the new world
   order and the illuminati -- New world order conspiracies (II) : a world of
   black helicopters -- UFO conspiracy theories, 1975-1990 -- UFOs meet the
   new world order : Jim Keith and David Icke -- Armageddon below -- UFOs and
   the search for scapegoats (I) : anti-Catholicism and anti-Masonry -- UFOs
   and the search for scapegoats (II) : anti-Semitism among the aliens --
   September 11th : the aftermath.
BL715 .G68 2002EB                        2002
   Who's who in classical mythology [electronic resource] / Michael Grant &
   John Hazel.

BL 1152.3 .S52 2003                      2003
   Hinduism and its sense of history / Arvind Sharma.

BL 2527 .G74 F73 2003                    2003
   Believing in place : a spiritual geography of the Great Basin / Richard V.
   Landscape and storytelling -- Darkness and light -- Water and memory --
   Stories in stone -- Encounters with the wind -- In search of the great
   spirit -- Chosen people, chosen land -- Vanishing cities of Zion --
   Pilgrimages to Babylon -- Landscapes of Armageddon -- Into sacred places
   -- Believing in place.

BM 755 .W395 D48 2003                    2003
   The maiden of Ludmir : a Jewish holy woman and her world / Nathaniel
   Deutsch ; foreword by Janusz Bardach.
   A dybbuk trilogy, or how the Maiden of Ludmir became a literary figure --
   Writing the maiden -- Afterlives: remember the maiden -- The curse, the
   cossacks, and the Messiah: Ludmire before the maiden -- Birth and
   childhood -- Love and death -- The maiden possessed -- False male and
   woman rebbe? -- The withc-hunt in Ludmir -- The wedding and its aftermath
   -- In the Holy Land.

BP109 2001EB                             2001
   The Qur*an [electronic resource] : translation / translated by Abdullah
   Yusuf Ali.

BR 139 .B76 A3 2003                      2003
   A life of learning / Peter Brown.
   Brief biography -- Introduction / Francis Oakley -- A life of learning /
   Peter Brown.

BR 325 .L88 2003 DVD                     2003
   Luther [videorecording] / American Film Theatre ; producer, Ely Landau ;
   screenplay, Edward Anhalt ; director Guy Green.
   The story of Martin Luther and his eventual condemnation of the Catholic
   Church and incitement of the Protestant reformation.

BR 1288 .K33 1999                        1999
   Every good gift : sufficient grace in time of need / Linda Baker Kaahanui.

BR1700.2 .C64 1998EB                     1998
                                Inventory List

                 Produced Friday, October 1, 2004 at 12:49 PM

   Who's who in Christianity [electronic resource] / Lavinia Cohn-Sherbok.

BS185 2000 .S78 EB                       1995
   The Holy Bible [electronic resource] : containing the Old and New
   Testaments translated out of the original tongues.

BS440 .S455 2002EB                       1998
   Macmillan dictionary of the Bible [electronic resource] / Martin J. Selman
   & Martin H. Manser ; consulting editor, Stephen H. Travis.

BS570 .C64 2002EB                        2002
   Who's who in the Old Testament [electronic resource]   / Joan Comay.

BS 680 .B48 J64 1993                      1993
   Instructor's manual and student study guide for the black biblical
   heritage : four thousand years of black biblical history / John L. Johnson
   ; exercises written by Linda Wendling.

BS 1225.54 .K87 2003                     2003
   Five cities of refuge : weekly reflections on Genesis, Exodus, Leviticus,
   Numbers, and Deuteronomy / Lawrence Kushner and David Mamet.

BS2430 .B67 2002EB                       2002
   Who's who in the New Testament [electronic resource] / Ronald Brownrigg.

BT 121.3 .G76 2004                       2004
   Yves Congar's theology of the Holy Spirit / Elizabeth Teresa Groppe.

BT 603 .S67 2004                         2004
   Missing Mary : the Queen of Heaven and her re-emergence in the modern
   church / Charlene Spretnak.

BT 608.5 .W44 2002                       2002
   Showing Mary : how women can share prayers, wisdom, and the blessings of
   God / Renita J. Weems.

BV 4461.R68 2003                         2003
   Counseling for the soul in distress : what every religious counselor
   should know about emotional and mental illness / Richard W. Roukema.
   Introduction: Conflicts and Concerns of Religion and Psychiatry -- A Look
   Backward -- Common Roles -- Historical Changes -- What Psychiatry Can Do
   -- Parents, Society, and Heredity -- The Freudian Revolution: The Shift to
   Parental Responsibility -- Effect on Child Rearing -- The Shift to Social
   Causes -- Reactions to Social Changes -- Research on Heredity of Mental
   Illness -- Conclusion -- Biochemistry, Mental Illness, and Medication --
   What Is a Disease? -- The Use of Medication in Psychiatry -- Selecting the
   Proper Medication -- Mood Disorders: Depression and Manic States --
   Prevalence of Depression -- The Nature of Depression -- What Causes
   Depression? -- Environmentally Induced Depression: Phil -- A Biologically
   Induced Depression: Bob -- Medical Treatment -- Antidepressant Medications
   -- Using Antidepressants in Other Psychiatric Conditions -- A Look
   Backward -- Beyond Medication -- How Can the Clergy Help? -- Schizophrenic
   Disorders -- What Is Schizophrenia? -- A Brief History -- What Causes
   Schizophrenia? -- Antipsychotic Drugs (Neuroleptics) -- The Role of the
   Clergy -- Other Psychotic Disorders -- Delusional Disorder --
   Schizophreniform Disorder -- Schizoaffective Disorder -- Brief Psychotic
   Disorder -- Shared Psychotic Disorder -- Psychotic Disorder Due to a
   General Medical Condition -- Treatment of the Psychoses -- The Role of the
   Clergy -- The Neuroses -- Anxiety Disorders -- Somatoform Disorders --
   Dissociative Disorders -- What Can the Clergy Do About Anxiety Disorders?
   -- Alcoholism and Drug Abuse -- What Is Alcoholism? -- Why Do People Drink
   Alcohol? -- Drinking Patterns -- How Many People Drink Alcohol? -- Types
                                Inventory List
                 Produced Friday, October 1, 2004 at 12:49 PM

   of Alcoholism -- Drug Abuse -- Treatment of Alcoholism and Drug Abuse --
   The Important Role of Alcoholics Anonymous -- Substance Abuse and the
   Clergy -- Organic Mental Disorders -- Overview of Organic Mental Disorders
   -- What Causes Organic Mental Disorders? -- Diagnosing Organic Brain
   Disease -- Organic Disease Masquerading As Emotional Illness -- What Can
   the Clergy Do? -- Personality Disorders -- How Does the Personality
   Develop? -- Classification of Personality Disorders -- Understanding
   Personality Types -- Personality Types and the Clergy -- The Psychological
   Effects of Loss -- Losses Large and Small -- Defending Against Loss --
   Recognizing Stages of Grief in the Family -- Dealing with Loss -- Loss and
   the Clergy -- Sexual Problems in Our Culture -- Recent Changes -- The
   Sexual Disorders -- The Paraphilias -- Sexual Dysfunctions -- Treatment --
   Other Sexual Topics -- What Can the Clergy Do? -- Eating Disorders --
   Early Feeding -- An Overview of Eating Disorders -- Anorexia Nervosa --
   Bulimia -- Binge-Eating Disorder -- Obesity -- Further Research Directions
   -- What the Clergy Can Do -- Understanding Stress -- Stress: Yesterday and
   Today -- Human Development and Stress -- Stresses of Childhood -- Adult
   Stresses -- Stress on the Job -- Identity Problems -- The Stress of Loss
   -- Marital Stress -- Coping with Stress -- Exploring Needs -- Pastoral
   Ethics: A Psychiatrist's View -- Confidentiality -- Transference and
   Countertransference Problems -- Countertransference -- Commitment --
   Summary -- Psychotherapists: Who, What, Why, and When to Refer -- The
   Psychiatrist's Education -- Basic Assumptions in Psychiatry -- Types of

BX 808.5 .I8 P65 2000                    1999
   The politics of ritual kinship : confraternities and social order in early
   modern Italy / edited by Nicholas Terpstra.
   The development of confraternity studies over the past thirty years /
   Christopher F. Black -- Homosociality and civic (dis)order in late
   medieval Italian confraternities / Jennifer Fisk Rondeau --
   Confraternities and lay female religiosity in late medieval and
   renaissance Umbria / Giovanna Casagrande -- The bounds of community:
   commune, parish, confraternity, and charity at the dawn of a new era in
   Cortona / Daniel Bornstein -- Men and women in Roman confraternities in
   the fifteenth and sixteenth centuries: roles, functions, expectations /
   Anna Esposito -- The Medici and the youth Confraternity of the
   Purification of the Virgin, 1434-1506 / Lorenzo Polizzotto -- In loco
   parentis: confraternities and abandoned children in Florence and Bologna /
   Nicholas Terpstra -- The first Jesuit confraternities and marginalized
   groups in sixteenth-century Rome / Lance Lazar -- Jewish confraternal
   piety in sixteenth-century Ferrara: continuity and change / Elliott
   Horowitz -- The scuole piccole of Venice: formations and transformations /
   Richard S. MacKenney -- Relaunching confraternities in the Tridentine era:
   shaping conscience and Christianizing society in Milan and Lombardy /
   Danilo Zardin -- The development of Jesuit confraternity activity in the
   kingdom of Naples in the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries / Mark A.
   Lewis -- Corpus Domini: ritual metamorphoses and social changes in
   sixteenth- and seventeenth-century Genoa / Claudio Bernardi -- Faith's
   boundaries: ritual and territory in rural Piedmont in the early modern
   period / Angelo Torre -- The suppression of confraternities in
   enlightenment Florence / Konrad Eisenbichler

BX 1912.9 .B475 2004                     2004
   Vows of silence : the abuse of power in the papacy of John Paul II / Jason
   Berry and Gerald Renner.

BX 4223 .K84 2003                        2003
   The habit : a history of the clothing of Catholic nuns / Elizabeth Kuhns.
   The habit presents a visual gallery of the diverse forms of religious
   clothing and explains the principles and traditions that inspired them.
   More than just a study of the symbolic significance of starched wimples,
                                Inventory List

                 Produced Friday, October 1, 2004 at 12:49 PM

   dark dresses, and flowing veils, The habit is an incisive, engaging
   portrait of the roles nuns have and do play in the Catholic Church and in
   ministering to the needs of society. From the clothing seen in an
   eleventh-century monastery to the garb worn by nuns on picket lines during
   the 1960s, habits have always been designed to convey a specific image or
   ideal. The habits of the Benedictines and the Dominicans, for example,
   were specifically created to distinguish women who consecrated their lives
   to God; other habits reflected the sisters' desire to blend in among the
   people they served. The brown Carmelite habit was rarely seen outside the
   monastery wall, while the Flying Nun turned the white winged cornette of
   the Daughters of Charity into a universally recognized icon. And when many
   religious abandoned habits in the 1960s and '70s, it stirred a debate that
   continues today. Drawing on archival research and personal interviews with
   nuns all over the United States, Elizabeth Kuhns examines some of the
   gender and identity issues behind the controversy and brings to light the
   paradoxes the habit represents. For some, it epitomizes oppression and
   obsolescence; for others, it embodies the ultimate beauty and dignity of
   the vocation. Complete with photographs, including images of the
   nineteenth century nuns' silk bonnets to the simple gray dresses of the
   Sisters of Social Service, this narrative explores the timeless symbolism
   of the habit and traces its evolution as a visual reflection of the
   changes in society.

BX 7260 .H315 S25 2003                   2003
   Black Puritan, Black republican : the life and thought of Lemuel Haynes,
   1753-1833 / John Saillant.
   A fruther liberty in 1776 -- Republicanism Black and White -- The divine
   providence of slavery and freedom -- Making and breaking the revolutionary
   covenant -- American genesis, American captivity.

BX 8471 .A4 W55 2001                     2001
   Peter Spencer's movement : exploring the history of the Union American
   Methodist Episcopal Church, 1805-1999 / Dorothy E. Wilmore.
   Up from slavery -- The african Methodist connection -- The rise of a Nego
   preacher -- The birth of the Union Church of Africans -- The birth of the
   unin American Methodist Episcopal Church -- Our heritage -- Women in the
   ministry -- Home and foreign missions -- Ventures in education --
   Founder's Day commemoration.

CB361 .B43 1988EB                        1988
   Encyclopaedia of the Renaissance [electronic resource]

CB 430 .A49 2003                         2003
   The American effect : global perspectives on the United States, 1990-2003
   / Lawrence Rinder ... [et al.].
   Foreword / Maxwell L. Anderson -- American effect / Lawrence Rinder --
   Freedom / Pramoedya Ananta Toer -- Abundance / Luc Sante -- American
   tribalism / Caryl Phillips -- Exile and resistance / Nawal El Saadawi --
   Hegemony / Tariq Ali -- (INSERT) How I met America / Aleksandar Zograf --
   Sweet violence / Ian Buruma -- Global crisis over Iraq / Edward Said --
   Americanization, Hispanization / Elena Poniatowska.

CC 135 .I36 2002                         2002
   Illicit antiquities : the theft of culture and the extinction of
   archaeology / edited by Neil Brodie and Kathryn Walker Tubb.
   Greek vases for sale: some statistical evidence / Vinnie Norskov --
   Walking a fine line: promoting the past without selling it / Paula Lazrus
   -- The concept of cultural protection in times of armed conflict: from the
   crusades to the new millennium / Patrick J. Boylan -- Law and the
   underwater cultural heritage: a question of balancing interests / Sarah
   Dromgoole -- Negotiating the future of the underwater cultural heritage /
   Patrick J. O'Keefe -- Perceptions of marine artefact conservation and
                                Inventory List

                 Produced Friday, October 1, 2004 at 12:49 PM

   their relationship to destruction and theft / Amanda Sutherland -- Metal
   detecting in Britain: catastrophe or compromise? / Peter V. Addyman and
   Neil Brodie -- Britannia waives the rules? The licensing of archaeological
   material for export from the UK / Neil Brodie -- Mexico's archaeological
   heritage: a convergence and confrontation of interests / Enrique Nalda --
   What's going on around the corner? Illegal trade of art and antiquities in
   Argentina / Daniel Sch*avelzon -- Looting graves/buying and selling
   artefacts: facing reality in the US / Hester A. David -- Reducing
   incentives for illicit trade in antiquities: the US implementation of the
   1970 UNESCO Convention / Susan Keech McIntosh -- The rape of Mali's only
   resource / T*er*ba Togola -- Dealing with the dealers and tomb robbers:
   the realities of the archaeology of the Ghor es-Safi in Jordan /
   Konstantinos D. Politis -- Plunder of cultural and art treasures-- the
   Indian experience / S.K. Pachauri -- Point, counterpoint / Kathryn Walker

CT 1357 .M46 P68 2004                    2004
   Power and gender in Renaissance Spain : eight women of the Mendoza family,
   1450-1650 / edited by Helen Nader.
   Juana Pimentel, the Mendoza family, and the crown / Cristian Berco -- In
   search of Juana de Mendoza / Ronald E. Surtz -- Rebel with a cause /
   Stephanie Fink -- Books in the sewing basket / Ma. del Carmen Vaquero
   Serrano -- On the margins of the Mendoza lineage / Ma. Pilar Manero
   Sorolla -- Choosing her own buttons / Grace E. Coolidge -- Mother love in
   the Renaissance / Helen H. Reed -- Willing desire / Anne J. Cruz.

D9 .A53 2001EB                           2001
   Andromeda encyclopedic dictionary of world history [electronic resource] /
   John Haywood ... [et al.].

D 359 .T4 1997                           1997
   Tensions of empire : colonial cultures in a bourgeois world / edited by
   Frederick Cooper, Ann Laura Stoler.
   Between metropole and colony : rethinking a research agenda / Anna Laura
   Stoler and Frederick Cooper -- Liberal strategies of exclusion / Uday S.
   Mehta -- Of mimicry and man : the ambivalence of colonial discourse / Homi
   Bhabha -- Images of empire, contests of conscience : models of colonial
   domination in South Africa / John L. Comaroff -- Sexual affronts and
   racial frontiers : European identities and the cultural politics of
   exclusion in colonial Southeast Asia / Ann Laura Stoler -- "The conversion
   of Englishmen and the conversion of the world inseparable" : missionary
   imperialism and the language of class in early industrial Britain / Susan
   Thorne -- Race gender, and citizenship in the German colonial empire /
   Lora Wildenthal -- "Le beb*e en brousse" : European women, African birth
   spacing, and colonial intervention in breast feeding in the Belgian Congo
   / Nancy Rose Hunt -- Tradition in the service of modernity : architecture
   and urbanism in French colonial policy, 1900-1930 / Gwendolyn Wright --
   Educating conformity in French colonial Algeria / Fanny Colonna --
   Difference : deferral of a colonial modernity : public debates on
   domesticity in British Bengal / Dipesh Chakrabarty -- Dialectics of
   decolonization : nationalism and labor movements in postwar French Africa
   / Frederick Cooper -- Cars out of place : vampires, technology, and labor
   in East and Central Africa / Luise White.

D 568.4 L45 B73 2003                     2003
   T.E. Lawrence / Malcolm Brown.
   The flawed inheritance -- Education of an adventurer -- From Carchemish to
   Cairo -- The desert war : the basis and the beginning -- The desert war :
   the action and the fulfilment -- Political campaigner : public celebrity
   -- Changes of identity -- Journey's end -- The rattling of the bones.

D 767 .H595 2004                           2004
                                  Inventory List

                   Produced Friday, October 1, 2004 at 12:49 PM

   Race war : white supremacy and the Japanese attack on the British Empire /
   Gerald Horne.
   1. To be of "pure European descent" -- 2. The Asiatic Black man -- 3.
   Race/war -- 4. Internment -- 5. War/race -- 6. Race reversed/gender
   transformed -- 7. The White Pacific -- 8. Asians vs. white supremacy -- 9.
   Race at war -- 10. Race world -- Conclusion: In the wake of white

D 804.3 .H548 2003 V.1                   2003
   The destruction of the European Jews / Raul Hilberg.
   v.1. Preface to the third edition ; Preface to the revised edition ;
   Preface to the first edition ; Precedents ; Antecedents ; The structure of
   destruction ; Definition by decree ; Expropriation ; Concentration ;
   Mobile killing operations. -- v.2. Deportations. -- v.3. Killing center
   operations ; Reflections ; Consequences ; Implications ; Appendix A:
   German ranks ; Appendix B: Statistics of Jewish dead ; Appendix C:
   Notation on sources.

D 804.3 .H548 2003 V.2                   2003
   The destruction of the European Jews / Raul Hilberg.
   v.1. Preface to the third edition ; Preface to the revised edition ;
   Preface to the first edition ; Precedents ; Antecedents ; The structure of
   destruction ; Definition by decree ; Expropriation ; Concentration ;
   Mobile killing operations. -- v.2. Deportations. -- v.3. Killing center
   operations ; Reflections ; Consequences ; Implications ; Appendix A:
   German ranks ; Appendix B: Statistics of Jewish dead ; Appendix C:
   Notation on sources.
D 804.3 .H548 2003 V.3                   2003
   The destruction of the European Jews / Raul Hilberg.
   v.1. Preface to the third edition ; Preface to the revised edition ;
   Preface to the first edition ; Precedents ; Antecedents ; The structure of
   destruction ; Definition by decree ; Expropriation ; Concentration ;
   Mobile killing operations. -- v.2. Deportations. -- v.3. Killing center
   operations ; Reflections ; Consequences ; Implications ; Appendix A:
   German ranks ; Appendix B: Statistics of Jewish dead ; Appendix C:
   Notation on sources.

D842 .T69 1999EB                         1999
   A dictionary of contemporary history, 1945 to the present [electronic
   resource] / Duncan Townson.

D 843 .P25 1999                          1999
   The Cold War : an international history / David Painter.

D 1056 .D58 1999                         1999
   Divided Europeans : understanding ethnicities in conflict / edited by Tim
   Allen and John Eade.

DA34 .A76 2001EB                         2001
   The companion to British history [electronic resource] / Charles

DA34 .M37 1997EB                         1997
   Collins dictionary of British history [electronic resource]

DA 350 .A25 2004                         2004
   Queen Elizabeth I : selected works / edited by Steven W. May.

DA 580 .W55 2004                         2004
   The people's king : the true story of the abdication / Susan Williams.

                                Inventory List

                 Produced Friday, October 1, 2004 at 12:49 PM

DC 415 .T56 2004                         2004
   The French betrayal of America / Kenneth R. Timmerman.
   Le divorce -- Second marriage -- Dangerous liaisons -- Communists in the
   cabinet -- Honeymoon -- Bonanza in the Gulf -- Techno-tensions -- Gulf war
   one -- Spies and bribes -- Old lovers -- The lady is a whore -- Saving
   Saddam -- The quest for glory.

DC 801 .B665 B63 1993                    1993
   Bobigny : nouvelle ville.

DD 78 .B55 C36 2004                      2004
   Other Germans : Black Germans and the politics of race, gender, and memory
   in the Third Reich / Tina Campt.
   Pt. 1. Echoes of imagined danger -- "Resonant echoes" -- Confronting
   racial danger, neutralizing racial pollution -- Pt. 2. Memory narratives,
   memory technologies -- Conversations with the "Other Within" --
   Identifying as the "Other Within" -- Diaspora space, ethnographic space.

DD 256.6 .M85 2000                       2000
   Another country : German intellectuals, unification, and national identity
   / Jan-Werner M*uller.
   Nation, state and intellectuals in West Germany since 1945: the public
   uses of history -- Gunter Grass and his critics: the metaphysics of
   Auschwitz -- Jurgen Habermas and the debate on the constitution: "DM
   nationalism" versus Verfassungspatriotismus -- Melancholy, utopia and
   reconciliation: Left-wing and liberal responses to unification -- Martin
   Walser: German sentiments and opinions about Germany -- Karl Heinz Bohrer:
   recoving Romanticism and aestheticizing the state -- From national
   identity to national interest: an anatomy of Germany's New Right --
   Preparing for the political or privatizing memory: German intellectuals
   confron the "Berlin Republic".

DG203 .H39 2001EB                        2001
   Who's who in the Roman world [electronic resource] / John Hazel.

DG 254.2 .B87 2003                       2003
   Rome and the Barbarians, 100 B.C.-A.D. 400 / Thomas S. Burns.
   Sometimes bitter friends -- Recognition, confrontation, and co-existence
   -- Through Caesar's eyes -- The early empire and the Barbarians --
   Perspectives from Pannonia -- The Barbarians and the "crisis" of the
   empire -- Barbarians and the late Roman Empire -- Epilogue -- Appendix:
   Most important Roman emperors and usurpers.

DG445 .T43 1985EB                        1985
   The Thames and Hudson encyclopedia of the Italian Renaissance [electronic
   resource] / edited by J.R. Hale.

DG 737.42 .C6 1936                       1936
   The early Medici / by L. Collison-Morley.

DS 44 .L48 2004                          2004
   From Babel to dragomans : interpreting the Middle East / Bernard Lewis.
   An Islamic mosque -- From Babel to Dragomans -- Middle East feasts -- Iran
   in history -- Palimpsests of Jewish history : Christian, Muslim, and
   secular diaspora -- Some notes on land, money, and power in medieval Islam
   -- An interpretation of Fatimid history -- Propaganda in the pre-modern
   Middle East : a preliminary classification -- Monarchy in the Middle East
   -- Religion and murder in the Middle East -- The Mughals and the Ottomans
   -- Europe and the Turks : the civilization of the Ottoman Empire -- Europe
   and Islam : Muslim perceptions and experience -- Cold war and d*etente in
   the sixteenth century --From pilgrims to tourists : a survey of Middle
   Eastern travel -- The British mandate for Palestine in historical
                                Inventory List

                 Produced Friday, October 1, 2004 at 12:49 PM

   perspective -- Pan-Arabism -- The emergence of modern Israel --
   Orientalist notes on the Soviet-United Arab Republic treaty of 27 May 1971
   -- A taxonomy of group hatred -- Islam and the West -- The Middle East,
   westernized despite itself -- The Middle East in world affairs -- Friends
   and enemies : reflections after a war -- Return to Cairo -- Middle East at
   prayer -- At the United Nations -- The anti-Zionist resolution -- Right
   and left in Lebanon -- The Shi*a -- Islamic revolution -- The enemies of
   God -- The roots of Muslim rage -- The other Middle East problems -- Did
   you say "American imperialism"? : power, weakness, and choices in the
   Middle East -- The law of Islam --- Not everybody hates Saddam -- Mideast
   states : pawns no longer in imperial games -- What Saddam wrought -- The
   "sick man" of today coughs closer to home -- Revisiting the paradox of
   modern Turkey -- We must be clear -- Deconstructing Osama and his evil
   appeal -- Targeted by a history of hatred -- A time for toppling -- In
   defense of history -- First-person narrative in the Middle East --
   Reflections on Islamic historiography -- The Ottoman archives : a source
   for European history -- History writing and national revival in Turkey --
   On Occidentalism and orientalism.

DS 62 .L594 1995                         1995
   The Middle East : a brief history of the last 2,000 years / Bernard Lewis.
   1. Before Christianity -- 2. Before Islam -- 3. Origins -- 4. The 'Abbasid
   Caliphate -- 5. The coming of the Steppe peoples -- 6. The Mongol
   aftermath -- 7. The gunpowder empires -- 8. The state -- 9. The economy --
   10. The elites -- 11. The commonalty -- 12. Religion and law -- 13.
   Culture -- 14. Challenge -- 15. Change -- 16. Response and reaction-- 17.
   New ideas -- 18. From war to war -- 19. From freedom to freedom.

DS 62.4 .L488 2002                       2002
   What went wrong? : Western impact and Middle Eastern response / Bernard
   The lessons of the battlefield -- The quest for wealth and power -- Social
   and cultural barriers -- Modernization and social equality -- Secularism
   and the civil society -- Time, space, and modernity -- Aspects of cultural

DS 79.76 .B36 2004                       2004
   A pretext for war : 9/11, Iraq, and the abuse of America's intelligence
   agencies / James Bamford.

DS 79.76 .K44 2004                       2004
   The Iraq war / by John Keegan.
   A mysterious war -- Iraq before Saddam -- Saddam Hussein -- Saddam's wars
   --The crisis of 2002-3 -- The American war -- The British war -- The fall
   of Baghdad -- The war's aftermath.

DS 79.76 .N67 2003                       2003
   War stories : Operation Iraqi Freedom / Oliver L. North.
   Reality television -- The road to hell -- Sitzkrieg! -- Good to go --
   Helicopter down! -- Running the gauntlet on bloody Sunday -- MOASS -- What
   quagmire? -- Of rivers and rescues -- Closing in -- Fallen idols -- You
   can run but you can't hide -- You're in the army now -- Aftermath --
   Snatching defeat from the jaws of victory -- The land between the rivers.

DS 79.76 .U53 2004 DVD                   2004
   Uncovered [videorecording] : the whole truth about the Iraq War / Moveon.
   org and the Center for American Progress in association with Artists
   Takes the viewer behind the walls of government, as CIA, Pentagon and
   foreign service experts speak out detailing the statements and information
   that served as the reasons for fighting a war against Iraq that the
   creators assert wasn't necessary. Includes interviews with more than 20 in
                                Inventory List

                 Produced Friday, October 1, 2004 at 12:49 PM

   opposition to the U.S. war in Iraq, but none in support of the war.
DS 79.762 .T87 2003                      2003
   Baghdad blues : a war diary / David Turnley.

DS 119.7 .I82619 1999                    1999
   The Israel/Palestine question / edited by Ilan Pappe.
   Rediscovering Ottoman Palestine: writing Palestinians into history /
   Beshara B. Doumani -- The rise of the sanjak of Jerusalem in the late
   nineteenth century / Butrus Abu-Manneh -- The colonization perspective in
   Israeli sociology / Uri Ram -- Zionism and colonialism: a comparative
   approach / Gersoh Shafir -- Railway workers and relational history: Arabs
   and Jews in British-ruled Palestine / Zachary Lockman -- The role of the
   Palestinian peasantry in the Great Revolt (1936-9) / Ted Swedenburg -- The
   debate about 1948 / Abid Shalaim -- The causes and character of the Arab
   exodus from Palestine: the Israeli defense forces intelligence service
   analysis of June 1948 / Benny Morris -- A critique on Benny Morris / Nur
   Masalha -- The democratization of a traditional minority in an ethnic
   democracy: the Palestinians in Israel / Nadim Rouhana and As*ad Ghanem --
   From salons to the popular committees: Palestinian women, 1919-89 / Islad

DS 119.7 .S6749 1999                     1999
   Heroic diplomacy : Sadat, Kissinger, Carter, Begin and the quest for
   Arab-Israeli peace / Kenneth W. Stein.

DS 126.6 .A67 R83 2003                   2003
   Yasir Arafat : a political biography / Barry Rubin, Judith Colp Rubin.

DS 126.954 .B46 2000                     2000
   Sacred landscape : the buried history of the Holy Land since 1948 / Meron
   Benvenisti ; translated by Maxine Kaufman-Lacusta.

DS 135 .B383 D84 2003                    2003
   The Bielski brothers : the true story of three men who defied the Nazis,
   saved 1,200 Jews, and built a village in the forest / Peter Duffy.

DS 135 .F8 B3613 1999                    1999
   The Jews of France : a history from antiquity to the present / Esther
   Benbassa ; translated by M.B. DeBevoise.
   The origins of the Jewish presence in Gaul -- Nobles' Jess, kings' Jews --
   Jewish life in the Middle Ages -- The Jews of the South -- The Jews of the
   East and of Paris -- On the way to emancipation -- New perspectives --
   Entry into French society -- Advancement and identity -- Breaches in
   Franco-Judaism -- Between the wars -- The dark years -- Recovery.

DS 149.5 .I75 S4413 2002                 2002
   Elvis in Jerusalem : post-Zionism and the Americanization of Israel / Tom
   Segev ; translated by Haim Watzman.

DS 149.5 .I75 T76 2003                   2003
   Imagining Zion : dreams, designs, and realities in a century of Jewish
   settlement / S. Ilan Troen.

DS 156 .S3 D87 2003                      2003
   Aspects of empire in Achaemenid Sardis / Elspeth R.M. Dusinberre.

DS 422 .C3 V27513 2003                   2003
   Joothan / Omprakash Valmiki ; translated by Arun Prabha Mukherjee.

DS 423 .H86 1937                         1937
   Spotlights on the culture of India / by James Lowell Hypes.
                                Inventory List

                 Produced Friday, October 1, 2004 at 12:49 PM

   Social instutions and folkways -- Economic instutions and practices --
   Religions and arts.

DS 436 .K8513 1998                       1998
   A history of India / Hermann Kulke and Dietmar Rothermund.
   Early civilisations of the Northwest -- The great ancient empires -- The
   regional kingdoms of early Medieval India -- Religious communities and
   military feudalism in the late Middle ages -- The rise and fall of the
   Mughal Empire -- The period of colonial rule -- The freedom movement and
   the partition of India -- The republic.

DS 481 .N35 1957                         1951
   Nehru unlimited / by A.N. Bali.

DS 485 .J25 C3 1948                      1948
   Beautiful Jaipur.

DS 559.4 .H57 2004                       2004
   Two souls indivisible : the friendship that saved two POWs in Vietnam /
   James S. Hirsch.

DS 707 .S4713 2002                       2002
   A Chinese bestiary : strange creatures from the guideways through
   mountains and seas = [Shan hai jing] / edited and translated with
   commentary by Richard E. Strassberg.

DS 778.7 .L52 2003                       2003
   Red-color news soldier : a Chinese photographer's odyssey through the
   cultural evolution / Li Zhensheng ; edited by Robert Pledge ; Li
   Zhensheng's text adapted from interviews by Jacques Menasche ;
   introduction by Jonathon Spence.
   "It is right to rebel" 1964-1966 -- "Bombard the headquarters" 1966 --
   "the red sun in our hearts" 1966-1968 -- "Revolution is not a dinner
   party" 1968-1972 -- "Die fighting" 1972-1976 -- Epilogue 1980.

DS 799.816 .P48 2003                     2003
   Between assimilation and independence : the Taiwanese encounter
   nationalist China, 1945-1950 / Steven E. Phillips.
   Introduction -- Creating a colonial legacy -- Retrocession and the debate
   over Taiwan's place in China -- The February 28th incident: The climax of
   Taiwanese political demands -- Nationalist consolidation and local
   self-government, 1948-1950 -- Taiwan's elite transformed -- Conclusion and

DS 838.5 .K87 2002                       2002
   Samurai : an illustrated history / by Mitsuo Kure.

DT 14 .A418 2003                         2003
   Afro-optimism : perspectives on Africa's advances / edited by Ebere
   Onwudiwe and Minabere Ibelema.

DT 63 .L4 1997                            1997
   The complete pyramids / Mark Lehner.

DT 73 .B44 R43 1996                      1996
   The complete Valley of the Kings : tombs and treasures of Egypt's greatest
   pharaohs / Nicholas Reeves, Richard H. Wilkinson.
   Preparations for the afterlife -- Agents of discovery -- Tombs of the
   kings -- Decline of a royal necropolis.

DT83 .R47 1999EB                         1999
   Who's who in ancient Egypt [electronic resource] / Michael Rice.
                                Inventory List

                 Produced Friday, October 1, 2004 at 12:49 PM

DT 157.3 .O2 2000                        2000
   Sudan, civil war and terrorism, 1956-99 / Edgar O'Ballance.
   Independence -- The rejected South -- Southern politics -- The Anya-Nya --
   Numeiry to power -- Lagu unites the South -- Autonomy and consolidation --
   Terrorism and treachery -- Fluctuating friendships -- The Sharia law
   experience -- The transitional military council -- Premier Sadik Mahdi --
   The Bashir regime -- Negotiation and hesitation -- Stalemate -- At the

DT 575 .K8 A3 1963                       1963
   Doigts noirs: "Je fus *ecrivain-interpr*etre [sic] au Cameroun."

DT 634 .S86 2003                         2003
   Brothers and strangers : Black Zion, Black slavery, 1914-1940 / Ibrahim
   Confronting the motherland -- The Black Zion -- Abuse -- Investigation of
   an investigation -- Dollar diplomacy -- A new deal for Liberia --
   Enterprise in black and white -- The literary mirror -- The "native
   problem" -- Fascism and new zions -- Postscript : Africa and human rights.

DT 1949 .M35 D46 1991                    1991
   Nelson Mandela : "no easy walk to freedom" : a biography / by Barry
   Roots -- Afrikaners and apartheid -- The struggle -- State of emergency --
   Free Mandela.

DU 20 .A53 2003                          2003
   The Bounty : the true story of the mutiny on the Bounty / Caroline
   Prelude -- Pandora -- Bounty -- Voyage out -- Tahiti -- Mutiny -- Return
   -- Portsmouth -- Court-martial -- Defense -- Sentence -- Judgment --
   Latitude 25*S, Longitude 130*W -- Home is the sailor.
   More than two centuries have passed since Master's Mate Fletcher Christian
   mutinied against Lieutenant Bligh on a small, armed transport vessel
   called Bounty. Why the details of this obscure adventure at the end of the
   world remain vivid and enthralling is as intriguing as the truth behind
   the legend. In giving the Bounty mutiny its historical due, Caroline
   Alexander has chosen to frame her narrative by focusing on the
   court-martial of the ten mutineers who were captured in Tahiti and brought
  to justice in England. This fresh perspective revivifies the entire saga,
  and the salty, colorful language of the captured men themselves conjures
  the events of that April morning in 1789, when Christian's breakdown
  impelled every man on a fateful course: Bligh and his loyalists on the
  historic open boat voyage that revealed him to be one of history's great
  navigators; Christian on his restless exile; and the captured mutineers
  toward their day in court. As the book unfolds, each figure emerges as a
  full-blown character caught up in a drama that may well end on the
  gallows. And as Alexander shows, it was in a desperate fight to escape
  hanging that one of the accused defendants deliberately spun the mutiny
  into the myth we know today-of the tyrannical Lieutenant Bligh of the
  Bounty. Ultimately, Alexander concludes that the Bounty mutiny was sparked
  by that most unpredictable, combustible, and human of situations-the
  chemistry between strong personalities living in close quarters. Her
  account of the voyage, the trial, and the surprising fates of Bligh,
  Christian, and the mutineers is an epic of ambition, passion, pride, and
  duty at the dawn of the Romantic era.

DX 251 .C48 2004                         2004
   The Spanish Gypsy : the history of a European obsession / Lou
   Cervantes's precious jewel of love -- The discovery of the romantic
                                Inventory List

                 Produced Friday, October 1, 2004 at 12:49 PM

  Spanish Gypsy -- Spreading the good word -- The legacy of the Romany rye
  -- "Our" Gypsies.

E 20 .T39 2003                           2003
   The archive and the repertoire : performing cultural memory in the
   Americas / Diana Taylor.
   Who, when, what, why -- Acts of transfer -- Scenarios of discovery :
   reflections on performance and ethnography -- Cultural memory and identity
   : mestizaje, hybridity, transculturation -- La raza cosm*etica : Walter
   Mercado performs Latino psychic space -- False identifications : minority
   populations mourn Diana -- "You are here" : hijos and the DNA of
   performance -- Staging traumatic memory : Yuyachkani -- Denise Stoklos :
   the politics of decipherability -- Lost in the field of vision :
   witnessing 9/11 -- Hemispheric performances.

E 78 .W5 C35 2003                        2003
   One vast winter count : the Native American West before Lewis and Clark /
   Colin G. Calloway.
   Part 1: the West before 1500 -- Pioneers -- Singing up a new world -- Part
   2: Invaders south and north, 1500-1730 -- Sons of the sun and people of
   the earth -- Rebellions and reconquests -- Calumet and Fleur-de-lys --
   Part 3: Winning and losing the war in the West, 1700-1800 -- The coming of
   the centaurs -- People in between and people on the edge -- The killing
   years -- Epilogue: the slave in the chariot.
   This sweeping account traces the histories of the Native peoples of the
   American West from their arrival thousands of years ago to the early years
   of the nineteenth century. Colin G. Calloway depicts Indian country west
   of the Appalachians to the Pacific, with emphasis on conflict and change.
   Calloway's narrative includes: the first inhabitants and their early
   pursuit of big-game animals; the diffusion of corn and how it transformed
   American Indian life; the Spanish invasion and Indian resistance to
   Spanish colonialism; French-Indian relations in the heart of the
   continent; the diffusion of horses and horse culture; the collision of
   rival European empires and the experiences of Indian peoples whose
   homelands became imperial borderlands; and the dramatic events between the
   American Revolution and the arrival of Lewis and Clark. The account ends
   as a new American nation emerged independent of the British Empire, took
   over the trans-Mississippi West, and began to expand its own empire based
   on the concept of liberty and the acquisition of Indian land. This book
   offers a new look at the early history of the region--a blending of
   ethnohistory, colonial history, and frontier history. It features Native
   voices and perspectives; a fluid integration of a wide range of oral and
   archival sources from across the West; a reconstruction of cultural
   histories; and balanced consideration of controversial subjects and
   issues. Calloway offers a glimpse at the lives of generations of Native
   peoples in a western land soon to be overrun.

E 98 .A7 D57 1966                        1966
   Indian art in America : the arts and crafts of the North American Indian /
   Frederick J. Dockstader.

E 99 .C53 B444 2004                      2004
   Halfbreed : the remarkable true story of George Bent : caught between the
   worlds of the Indian and the white man / David Fridtjof Halaas, Andrew E.
   Worlds apart -- Growing up Cheyenne -- In the white world -- Between two
   worlds -- Massacre at Sand Creek -- Riding with the dog soldiers -- Black
   Kettle and Magpie Woman -- Cheyenne autumn -- Death songs -- Walking the
   white man's road -- Lost in a new world -- Nothing lives forever.

E 99 .C55 A75 2004                       2004
   Splendid land, splendid people : the Chickasaw Indians to removal / James
                                Inventory List

                 Produced Friday, October 1, 2004 at 12:49 PM

   R. Atkinson.
   Land of the bones -- Down a long road -- The long road narrows -- The road
   has no fork -- The road lengthens -- A better road traveled -- A road
   unexpected -- The strange road ends -- A short but dangerous road -- The
   war road ends -- The road West begins -- The road West.

E 99 .C9 H3 2003                         2003
   The collected works of Benjamin Hawkins, 1796-1810 / edited by Thomas
   Introduction -- A viatory or journal of distances and observations -- A
   sketch of the Creek country in the years 1798 and 1799 -- Letters of
   Benjamin Hawkins.

E121 .P37 1979                           1979
   The discovery of South America / J.H. Parry.

E151 .C75                                0019
   CRM : cultural resource management.

E169.1 .H614 2002EB                      2002
   The new dictionary of cultural literacy [electronic resource] / E.D.
   Hirsch Jr., Joseph F. Kett, James Trefil.
E 169.12 .O96 2003                       2003
   The 1990s / Marc Oxoby.
   Acknowledgments -- Series foreword / by Ray B. Browne -- Introduction --
   Timeline of the 1990s -- pt. 1. Life and youth during the 1990s -- ch. 1.
   Everyday America -- ch. 2. World of youth -- pt. 2. Popular culture of the
   1990s -- ch. 3. Advertising -- ch. 4. Architecture -- ch. 5. Fads, games,
   toys, hobbies, and sports -- ch. 6. Fashion -- ch. 7. Food -- ch. 8.
   Literature -- ch. 9. Music -- ch. 10. Performing arts -- ch. 11. Travel --
   ch. 12. Visual arts -- Cost of products in the 1990s -- Notes -- Further
   reading -- Index.

E174 .Y36 1993EB                         1993
   The great American history fact-finder [electronic resource] / Ted Yanak
   and Pam Cornelison ; with a foreword by Norman Y. Mineta.
   "Over 2,000 entries covering the who, what, where, when and why of U.S.

E 184 .S75 R36 2004                      2004
   The Latino wave : how Hispanics will elect the next American president /
   Jorge Ramos ; translated from the Spanish by Ezra E. Fitz.

E 184.36 .A34 1995                       1995
   Understanding the hearts of African-Americans and Jewish-Americans : the
   sixth annual Dillard University conference on Black-Jewish relations,
   April 11-12, 1995 : proceedings / editors, Allan L. Katz, Elton C.
   Harrison ; sponsor, Dillard University, New Orleans, Louisiana.

E 184.6 .L48 2000                        2000
   Let nobody turn us around : voices of resistance, reform, and renewal : an
   African American anthology / editors, Manning Marable, Leith Mullings.
   David Walker's "Appeal," 1829-1830 -- A Black Nationalist Manifesto /
   Martin R. Delany, 1852 - No rights that a white man is bound to respect:
   The Dred Scott Case and its aftermath - Edward Wilmot Blyden and the
   African Diaspora - The Democratic idea is humanity / Alexander Crummell,
   1888 - Booker T. Washington and the Politics of accommodation - William
   Edward Burghardt Du Bois - Black Bolsheviks: Cyril V. Briggs and Claude
   McKay - Marcus Garvey and the Universal Negro Improvement Association -
   Langston Hughes and the Harlem Renaissance.
   You cannot kill the working class / Angelo Herndon, 1933 - An end to the
                                Inventory List

                 Produced Friday, October 1, 2004 at 12:49 PM

   neglect of the problems of the Negro woman! / Claudia Jones, 1949 - Rosa
   Parks, Jo Ann Robinson, and the Montgomery Bus Boycott, 1955-1956 - The
   salvation of American Negroes lies in socialism / W.E.B. Du Bois - Malcolm
   X and Revolutionary Black Nationalism - Stokely Carmichael, What we want ;
   SNCC, Position paper on Black Power ; Bayard Rustin, Black Power and
   coalition politics.
   Huey P. Newton and the Black Panther Party for self-defense - The ghetto
   underclass / William Julius Wilson, 1987 - Keep hope alive / Jesse
   Jackson, 1988 - Afrocentricity / Molefi Asante, 1991 - The Anita
   Hill-Clarence Thomas controversy, 1991 - Black Radical Congress, 1998.

E 185 .F825 1994                         2000
   From slavery to freedom : a history of African Americans / John Hope
   Franklin, Alfred A. Moss, Jr.

E 185.61 .D54 1996                       1996
   The music of the synagogue and the black church: a cry for freedom :
   proceedings / sponsored by Dillard University.

E 185.61 .D54 1997                       1997
   Blacks and Jews in America : where do we go from here? : proceedings of
   the eighth annual Dillard University Conference on Black-Jewish Relations
   / sponsored by Dillard University.

E 185.93 .P41 U85 1985                   1985
   The State of Black Philadelphia, 1985 / edited by Charyn D. Sutton.
   Affirmative action in Philadelphia: it has worked / William H. Brown III
   -- Day care in Philadelphia / Happy Craven Fernandez -- Truancy and its
   implications for the school children of Philadelphia / Esther H. Grossman
   -- Homeownership in Philadelphia: a reality or an illusion / Julia O.
   Robinson -- Black unemployment in Philadelphia / Ephrain H. Royfe --

E 185.93 .V8 C35 2001                    2001
   'Cause I'm colored : the Black heritage of Tazewell County : oral history
   interviews / [with Nancy Bane Peery ; edited by Ross Weeks, Jr.]

E 185.96 .A446 2004                      2004
   African American lives / edited by Henry Louis Gates, Jr., Evelyn Brooks

E 185.97 .B335 M67 1992                  1992
   Ida Rowland Bellegarde : master teacher/scholar / Gordon Daniel Morgan.

E 185.98 .G65 T49 1997                   1997
   The serious humor of Harry Golden / Clarence W. Thomas ; research and
   editorial assistant Shirley Robinson.

E 312.17 .W6 2003                        2003
   An imperfect god : George Washington, his slaves, and the creation of
   America / Henry Wiencek.
   Introduction : The general's dream -- Home ground -- On the borderland --
   The widow Custis -- A life honorable and amusing -- A scheme in
   Williamsburg -- "So sacred a war as this" -- A different destiny -- "A
   sort of shadowy life" -- The great escape -- Mrs. Peter's patrimony --
   "The justice of the Creator".

E 444 .T82 C57 2004                      2004
   Harriet Tubman : the road to freedom / Catherine Clinton.
   Remembering Harriet Tubman -- Chapter 1: Born into bondage -- Chapter 2:
   Coming of age in the land of Egypt -- Chapter 3: Crossing over to freedom
   -- Chapter 4: In a free state -- Chapter 5: The Liberty lines -- Chapter
                                Inventory List

                 Produced Friday, October 1, 2004 at 12:49 PM

   6: The Moses of her people -- Chapter 7: Canadian exile -- Chapter 8:
   Trouble in Canaan -- Chapter 9: Crossroads at Harpers Ferry -- Chapter 10:
   Arise, Brethren -- Chapter 11: Bittersweet victories -- Chapter 12: Final
E 444 .T82 L37 2004                      2004
   Bound for the promised land : Harriet Tubman, portrait of an American hero
   / Kate Clifford Larson.
   Life on the Chesapeake in black and white -- Sweet gum and prickly burrs :
   the changing world of the Eastern shore -- "Devilish" mistresses and harsh
   masters : black family life under the lash -- "Shadow of a voice in the
   talking leaves" : the hidden world of black communication -- "Mean to be
   free" : the fragile light of liberty -- All for the love of family --
   Stampede of slaves -- Moses meets John Brown -- Fractured family -- It was
   raining blood : Harriet Tubman's Civil War -- A hero is remembered -- Myth
   and memory -- Mother Tubman, the black Joan of Arc.

E444 .U63 2003 DVD                       2003
   Unchained memories [videorecording] : readings from the slave narratives /
   an HBO Documentary Film in association with the Library of Congress ;
   producers, Jacqueline Glover, Thomas Lennon ; writer, Mark Jonathan Harris
   ; directors, Ed Bell, Thomas Lennon.
   When the Civil War ended in 1865, more than 4 million slaves were set
   free. By the late 1930's, 100,000 former slaves were still alive. In the
   midst of the Great Depression, journalists and writers traveled the
   country to record the memories of the last generation of African-Americans
   born into bondage. Over 2,000 interviews were transcribed as spoken, in
   the vernacular of the time, to form a unique historical record.

E 457.2 .P47 2004                        2004
   Lincoln's war : the untold story of America's greatest president as
   commander in chief / Geoffrey Perret.
   Follow me -- Let it come -- Three years or the war -- First martyr, first
   hero -- Short road to a long war -- The battle for public opinion --
   Little Mac -- Manifestly astray -- Great Scott -- Bog of war -- Groping
   and hoping -- Western horizons -- Sonorous metal blowing martial sounds --
   Two irons in the fire -- The meteor man -- Bloody and muddy -- Desperate
   measures -- D*ej*a vu carousel -- A chapter closes -- How low can you go?
   -- Sifting out the hearts of men -- Counsels of war -- The art of command
   -- North and South -- Man power -- Jailer visionary -- Westward, look! --
   Fuglemen lost -- Man, thinking -- Boys in blue - The first general --
   Soldier, soldier -- Endgame -- The last tattoo.

E 468 .H34 2003                          2003
   Reflections of a Civil War historian : essays on leadership, society, and
   the art of war / Herman Hattaway ; foreword by Frank F. Vandiver.
   Civil War leadership -- Stephen D. Lee and the guns at Second Manassas --
   P.G.T. Beauregard -- Morgan's Raid : the war strikes home -- Soldier of
   conscience, George H. Thomas : a Virginian fights for the Union --
   Lincoln's presidential example in dealing with the military -- The war
   inside the church -- State rights and local defense : the crux of Frank L.
   Owsley's state-rights thesis reexamined -- "We shall cease to be friends"
   -- Balloons and the American military : Civil War to World War I -- The
   War Board, the basis of the United States' first general staff -- The
   Civil War armies : creation, mobilization, and development -- The
   evolution of tactics in the Civil War -- Epilogue : on remembering and
   reliving history.

E 468.7 .G25 2000                        2000
   Brady's Civil War / Webb Garrison.
   Civilian and military leaders -- Companies and regiments -- Dress and
   insignia -- Camp life -- The battlefields -- The weapons -- War on the
                                Inventory List

                 Produced Friday, October 1, 2004 at 12:49 PM

   water -- Transportation -- Feats of engineering -- Specialists -- The sick
   and wounded -- The care givers -- Flotsam and jetsam -- A land laid waste
   -- Photographing the war.
   A pictorial history of the Civil War, using photographs taken by Mathew
   Brady and his assistants.

E 540 .N3 F73 2004                       2004
   Freedom's journey : African American voices of the Civil War / edited by
   Donald Yacovone.
   What Is at Stake: Black Abolitionism, Politics, and Lincoln*s Election --
   Where We Stand -- Emigration and Colonization -- The Slavery of Racial
   Prejudice -- Race Riots -- Black Soldiers and the War, Part I: What We Can
   Do -- The Black Soldiers and the War , Part II: The Hate We Face -- Equal
   Pay and Equal Rights -- The Black Sailor -- Black Women and the War --
   Emancipation -- Conditions in Dixie -- War*s End -- Lincoln*s Death and
   the Future -- The Context of Black Service -- Glory -- Out of the Briars
   -- Remembering Slavery and the Civil War in Missouri -- Remembering
   Slavery and the Civil War in Tennessee -- Remembering Slavery and the
   Civil War in Kentucky -- War, Race, and Remembering.

E 595 .M7 N45 2004                       2004
   Reign of iron : the story of the first battling ironclads, the Monitor and
   the Merrimack / James L. Nelson.

E 743 .C68 2003                          2003
   Treason : liberal treachery from the cold war to the war on terrorism /
   Ann Coulter.
   The new blacklist : acknowledgments -- 1. Fifty years of treason -- 2.
   Alger Hiss, liberal darling -- 3. No communists here! -- 4. The
   indispensable Joe McCarthy -- 5. Victims of McCarthyism - the liberals'
   Mayflower -- 6. But were there Communists in the state department? -- 7.
   Vietnam : oh, how they miss Saigon -- 8. How Truman won the Cold War
   during the Reagan administration -- 9. Liberals, in love : mash notes to
   the Kremlin -- 10. Cold War Epitaph : the Hiss affair at the end of the
   Cold War -- 11. Neville Chamberlain had his reasons, too : trembling in
   the shadow of Brie -- 12. North Korea - another opportunity for surrender
   -- 13. Celebrity traitors : "Now that I'm sober I watch a lot of news" --
   14. Modern McCarthyism : this is what is meant in the fifties, too --
   Conclusion : why they hate us -- Notes -- Index.
   Reexamining the sixty-year history of the Cold War and beyond ... [the
   author of this book] reveals how liberals have been horribly wrong in all
   their political analyses and policy prescriptions.-Dust jacket.

E 748 .L23 B76 2003                      2003
   The great mayor : Fiorello La Guardia and the making of the city of New
   York / Alyn Brodsky.
   Preface -- Introduction : that's when I got sore -- Part I : 1882-1914
   Early years -- I loathe the professional politician ; I want to be
   somebody and do something really worthwhile ; Interlude : portrait of a
   corrupt metropolis ; More I got to know about lawyers and their ethics,
   the less respect I had for them -- Part II : 1912-1921 Congressman and
   warrior -- I joined the Republican party because I could not stomach
   Tammany Hall -- You just can't control him ; Don't blame me if you don't
   like the way I vote ; I can't take the buzzard off, but I can fly the son
   of a gun! ; When I make a mistake, it's a beaut ; I can outdemagogue the
   best of demagogues -- Part III : 1922-1933 Return to Congress, champion of
   the people -- I would rather be right than regular ; I am doomed to live
   in a hopeless minority for most of my legislative days ; Asbestos will not
   hold the statements I shall make on the floor of the House! ; I would hang
   a banker who stole from the people ; Capitalist, if he does not invest his
   money, cannot eat it -- Part IV : 1934-1943 Great mayor -- They didn't
   elect me for my looks ; I'm the majority of this administration! ; Only
                                Inventory List

                 Produced Friday, October 1, 2004 at 12:49 PM

   ultimate cure for them is dynamite ; I call a bluff every time I see one!
   ; I don't want any lawyer sitting around to decide what's in the city's
   best interest! ; This is your friend La Guardia speaking -- Part V :
   1943-1947 Last years -- You can't stay in office indefinitely.

E 757 .W35 2003                          2003
   Rough rider in the White House : Theodore Roosevelt and the politics of
   desire / Sarah Watts.
   The hot life of feeling -- Inner demons -- Women, apes and "baneful
   things" -- Cowboy soldiers -- War.

E 807 .J36 2003                          2003
   That man : an insider's portrait of Franklin D. Roosevelt / Robert H.
   Jackson ; edited and introduced by John Q. Barrett ; with a foreword by
   William E. Leuchtenburg.
   Introduction -- That man in the White House -- That man as politician --
   That man as lawyer -- That man as Commander-in-Chief -- That man as
   administrator -- That man as economist -- That man as companion and
   sportsman -- That man as leader of the masses -- Epilogue -- Biographical

E 814 .A93 2004                          2004
   When the buck stops with you : Harry S. Truman on leadership / Alan

E 838.5 .K42 2002                        2003
   The uncommon wisdom of JFK : a portrait in his own words / edited by Bill

E 839.5 .V535 2004                       2004
   Imperial America : reflections on the United States of amnesia / Gore
   State of the union, 2004 -- The privatizing of the American election --
   The day the American empire ran out of gas -- A cheerful response --
   Armageddon? -- Notes on our patriarchal state -- The national security
   state -- The state of the union, 1980 -- The second American revolution --
   We are the patriots -- Interim report : election 2004.

E 839.5 .W67 2003                         2003
   The world the sixties made : politics and culture in recent America /
   edited by Van Gosse and Richard Moser.
   Postmodern America : a new democratic order in the second gilded age / Van
   Gosse -- Was it the end or just a beginning? American storytelling and the
   history of the sixties / Richard Moser -- Beyond declension : feminist
   radicalism in the 1970s and 1980s / Sara M. Evans -- The land belongs to
   the people : reframing urban protest in post-sixties Philadelphia / Andrew
   Feffer -- Unpacking the Vietnam syndrome : the coup in Chile and the rise
   of popular anti-interventionism / Van Gosse -- The movement inside : BBS
   films and the cultural left in the new Hollywood / Andrew Schroeder -- In
   the name of austerity : middle-class consumption and the OPEC oil embargo
   of 1973-1974 / Natasha Zaretsky -- Taking over domestic space : the
   battered women's movement and public protest / Anne Enke -- Fabulous
   politics : gay, lesbian, and queer movements, 1969-1999 / Jeffrey
   Escoffier -- A very American epidemic : memory politics and identity
   poltics in the AIDS memorial quilt, 1985-1993 / Christopher Capozzola --
   Holding the rock : the "indianization" of Alcatraz Island, 1969-1999 /
   Carolyn Strange and Tina Loo -- Out of labor's dark age : sexual politics
   comes to the workplace / Kitty Krupat -- Autoworkers at Lordstown :
   workplace democracy and American citizenship / Richard Moser -- Cartoon
   politics : the case of the purloined parents / James Livingston -- At the
   end of the century / Eliot Katz.

                                Inventory List

                 Produced Friday, October 1, 2004 at 12:49 PM

E 840.8 .B725 A3 2004                    2004
   Cooking with grease : stirring the pots in American politics / Donna

E 840.8 .K427 A3 2003                    2003
   A call to service / John Kerry.
   Why I am running for president -- The challenge of protecting America and
   promoting its values and interests -- The challenge of expanding our
   common wealth -- The challenge of creating world-class schools -- The
   challenge of creating a modern health-care system -- The challenge of
   defending the environment and achieving energy independence -- The
   challenge of reviving democracy and citizenship.

E 840.8 .K427 K73 2004                   2004
   John F. Kerry : the complete biography by the Boston Globe reporters who
   know him best / Michael Kranish, Brian C. Mooney & Nina J. Easton.

E 840.8 .R84 S28 2004                    2004
   Rumsfeld's war : the untold story of America's anti-terrorist commander /
   Rowan Scarborough.
   Rumsfeld's new war -- Toppling the Taliban and Saddam, too -- Rumsfeld the
   man -- Rumsfeld returns -- Rumsfeld the manager -- Combating future

E 842.9 .F63 2003                        2003
   Four days in November : the original coverage of the John F. Kennedy
   assassination / by the staff of the New York times ; edited by Robert B.
   Semple, Jr. ; introduction by Tom Wicker.
   The assassination of John F. Kennedy in Dallas forty years ago will always
   remain indelible in the minds of those old enough to recall it. The
   youngest elected leader in American history, a charming man leading what
   seemed a charmed life, by general consensus a president whose
   administration, having survived its early crises, was now at last hitting
   its stride, was shot and killed by a sniper firing a mail-order rifle from
   the southeast corner of the sixth floor of the Texas School Book
   Depository. So great was the shock that time seemed to freeze in the
   squinting glare of late-November sun. For four days in November 1963, the
   business of the nation ground to a halt. The coverage provided by The New
   York Times is still generally considered the most complete of its day.
   Almost miraculously, Times reporters, writers, and editors produced 250
   columns, or about 200,000 words, on and about the very first day. The
   other three days were no less exhaustive. Through the combined efforts of,
   among many others, Tom Wicker, James Reston, Max Frankel, Anthony Lewis,
   Harrison Salisbury, A. M. Rosenthal, and Arthur Gelb, The Times covered
   history as it was happening, from the assassination to the funeral. Here
   were the first portraits of Lee Harvey Oswald and Jack Ruby, the earliest
   speculation regarding the prospects of Lyndon Johnson's administration,
   the immediate reaction from world leaders, and, perhaps most of all, the
   pulse of a populace reeling from an event that surpassed both
   understanding and belief. This commemorative volume provides a haunting,
   firsthand, and detailed chronology of the events that took place in Dallas
   and Washington from November 22 to November 25, 1963. Here is history
   being recorded in the moment---a recitation not just of facts but of
   emotions and reactions as they were being experienced. The clarity of the
   writing is matched only by the almost desperate intensity of its occasion.
   Getting all the news that's fit to print seemed the only way of keeping
   the world from spinning further into chaos The Times's coverage provided
   not just information but a sense of balance. Though no one would
   ultimately explain to everyone's satisfaction the why, the who, what, and
   how were brought with amazing speed and accuracy within our grasp.

E 856 .G747 2003                           2003
                                  Inventory List

                   Produced Friday, October 1, 2004 at 12:49 PM

   Nixon's shadow : the history of an image / David Greenberg.
   The California conservatives : Nixon as populist -- The fifties liberals :
   Nixon as Tricky Dick -- The new left radicals : Nixon as conspirator --
   The Washington press corps : Nixon as news manager -- The loyalists :
   Nixon as victim -- The psychobiographers : Nixon as madman -- The foreign
   policy crowd : Nixon as statesman -- The historians : Nixon as liberal --
   Epilogue : Nixon as comeback artist.

E 882 .P48 2004                          2004
   American dynasty : aristocracy, fortune, and the politics of deceit in the
   house of Bush / Kevin Phillips.
   Preface -- Introduction -- pt. 1. Family, Dynasty, and restoration -- ch.
   1. The not-quite-royal family -- ch. 2. The dynastization of America --
   ch. 3. The first American restoration -- pt. 2. Crony capitalism, covert
   operations, and compassionate conservatism -- ch. 4. Texanomics and
   compassionate conservatism -- ch. 5. The Enron-Halliburton administration
   -- ch. 6. Armaments and men : the Bush dynasty and the national security
   state -- pt. 3. Religion, oil, armaments, and war -- ch. 7. The American
   presidency and the rise of the Religious Right -- ch. 8. Indiana Bush and
   the axis of evil -- ch. 9. The wars of the Texas succession -- Afterword :
   Machiavelli and the American dynastic moment -- Acknowledgments --
   appendix A. Armaments and the Walker-Bush Family, 1914-40 -- appendix B.
   Deception, dissimulation, and disinformation -- Notes -- Index. .

E 887 .C55 L56 2003                       2003
  Hillary's scheme : inside the next Clinton's ruthless agenda to take the
  White House / Carl Limbacher with NewsMax.com.
  The Clintons' long goodbye -- Decoding Hillary's denials -- Old friends :
  Hillary is running -- "New tone" or political surrender? -- Clintonphobia
  -- Hillary's September 11 scandalmongering -- Hillary's temper -- Hillary
  and the Jews, the Arabs, and Osama -- Hillary and the police -- Arkansas
  Omerta -- Hillary's sexgate minefield -- Barbara Olson : Hillary's "dirty
  stuff" -- Bill's sex accusers audited -- Hillary's path to the Presidency.

E 887 .C55 M67 2004                      2004
   Rewriting history / Dick Morris with Eileen McGann.
   Deconstructing Hillary -- Hillary as president -- The Hillary brand --
   Hiding Hillary: the politician -- Hiding Hillary: the ideologue -- Hiding
   Hillary: the material girl -- Hiding Hillary: the inquisitor -- Senator
   Hillary -- The perfect storm.
   A political analyst and former Clinton adviser advances the idea that no
   politician in America is better aligned to become president in 2008, and
   none would bring more baggage to the White House than Hillary Rodham

E 902 .C47 2003                          2003
   Hegemony or survival : America's quest for global dominance / Noam
   1. Priorities and prospects -- 2. Imperial grand strategy -- 3. The new
   era of enlightenment -- 4. Dangerous times -- 5. The Iraq connection -- 6.
   Dilemmas of dominance -- 7. Cauldron of animosities -- 8. Terrorism and
   justice : some useful truisms -- 9. A passing nightmare? -- Notes --
   In this book Noam Chomsky offers an analysis of America's pursuit of total
   domination and the catastrophic consequences that follow. The United
   States is in the process of staking out not just the globe but the last
   unarmed spot in our neighborhood-the heavens-as a militarized sphere of
   influence. Our earth and its skies are, for the Bush administration, the
   final frontiers of imperial control. In Hegemony or survival, Noam Chomsky
   investigates how we came to this moment, what kind of peril we find
   ourselves in, and why our rulers are willing to jeopardize the future of
   our species. Chomsky dissects America's quest for global supremacy,
                                Inventory List

                 Produced Friday, October 1, 2004 at 12:49 PM

  tracking the U.S. government's aggressive pursuit of policies intended to
  achieve "full spectrum dominance" at any cost. He lays out how the various
  strands of policy-the militarization of space, the ballistic-missile
  defense program, unilateralism, the dismantling of international
  agreements, and the response to the Iraqi crisis-cohere in a drive for
  hegemony that ultimately threatens our survival. In our era, he argues,
  empire is a recipe for an earthly wasteland.

E 902 .D23 2003                          2003
   America unbound : the Bush revolution in foreign policy / Ivo H. Daalder,
   James M. Lindsay.
   The Bush revolution -- George Bush and the Vulcans -- Bush's worldview --
   Building a team -- The first eight months -- September 11 -- Onto the
   offensive -- The Bush strategy -- The inevitable showdown -- The Iraq war
   -- Who's next? -- The perils of power.
E 902 .M69 2004                          2004
   Moyers on America : a journalist and his times / Bill Moyers ; edited by
   Julie Leininger Pycior.
   pt. 1: America now. This is your story, pass it on -- Which America will
   we be now? ; One year later ; War is war -- Crossing the Euphrates -- pt.
   2: The soul of democracy. The Declaration in our times -- Many faiths,
   one nation -- The soul of democracy ; Democracy in peril -- Wearing the
   flag -- pt. 3: The media. The making of a journalist -- Journalism and
   democracy -- Countering the bastard muses -- The fight of our lives ;
   Public access in peril -- pt. 4: Looking back. Where the jackrabbits were
   -- Empty nest -- Second thoughts -- Good friend -- Aging.

E 902 .S67 2004                          2004
   The bubble of American supremacy : correcting the misuse of American power
   / George Soros.
   A critical view : the Bush doctrine -- The war on terror -- The Bush
   administration's foreign policy -- The Iraqi quagmire -- The state of the
   union -- A constructive vision : improving the world order -- Sovereignty
   and intervention -- People's sovereignty and natural resources --
   Historical perspective -- The bubble of American supremacy.

E 902 .S87 2004B                         2004
   The price of loyalty : George W. Bush, the White House, and the education
   of Paul O'Neill / Ron Suskind.
   Chapter 1: First appointment -- Chapter 2: A way to do it -- Chapter 3: No
   fingerprints -- Chapter 4: Base elements -- Chapter 5: The scale of
   tragedy -- Chapter 6: The right thing -- Chapter 7: A real cult following
   -- Chapter 8: Stick to principle -- Chapter 9: A tough town.

E 903.3 .S36 2004                        2004
   Misunderestimated : the president battles terrorism, John Kerry, and the
   Bush haters / Bill Sammon.
   George W. Bush has encountered more hatred than almost any president in
   the last century. How he combats it and uses his skills to rise above his
   detractors is detailed here.

E 903.3 .U54 2004                        2004
   House of Bush, house of Saud : the secret relationship between the world's
   two most powerful dynasties / Craig Unger.
   The great escape -- The Houston-Jeddah connection -- The ascendancy of
   George H.W. Bush -- Three-dimensional chess -- The double marriage --
   Another Frankenstein -- Friends in high places -- War drums -- The
   breaking point -- Masters of the universe -- A house divided -- The
   Arabian candidate -- Lost in transition -- 9/11 -- Print the legend

F 73.5 .C76 1873                           1873
                                  Inventory List

                   Produced Friday, October 1, 2004 at 12:49 PM

   History of the great fire in Boston, November 9 and 10, 1872 / by Russell
   H. Conwell.

F 128.4 .S56 2004                        2004
   The island at the center of the world : the epic story of Dutch Manhattan
   and the forgotten colony that shaped America / Russell Shorto.
F 128.65 .T5 T73 2004                    2004
   The Devil's playground : a century of pleasure and profit in Times Square
   / James Traub.

F 128.9 .P85 W34 1959                    1959
   Island in the city : the world of Spanish Harlem / Dan Wakefield.

F 175 .A1 N88 2000                       2000
   Delaware / Jeanne D. Nutter.

F 227 .M35 2003                          2003
   Colonial churches of Virginia / by Don W. and Sue Massey.

   Fox Hill The beginning and before the beginning

F294 .A8 M38 1997                        1997
   Black Atlanta in the roaring twenties / Herman "Skip" Mason, Jr.

F 294 .C79 N3 2000                       2000
   Columbus, Georgia / Judith Grant.

F 317 .S5 B46 2000                       2000
   Seminole County / Altermese Smith Bentley.
   The North Seminole communities -- The Oviedo area communities -- The
   Altamonte-Longwood area communities -- epilogue.

F 443 .H4 N67 2000                       2000
   Haywood County, Tennessee / Sharon Norris.

F 474 .K47 W71 2000                      2000
   Kinloch : Missouri's first black city / John A. Wright Sr.

F 548.9 .N4 B55 2003                     2003
   Bridges of memory : Chicago's first wave of Black migration / Timuel D.
   Black Jr. ; with forewords by John Hope Franklin and Studs Terkel.
   [Conversations (35)]. Willis Thomas : civil rights and labor leader --
   Warren Kirkland (and Mr. Rhodes) : street-savvy Chicagoan -- Thomas Ellis
   and Edith Ellis : Woodlawn residents -- Fred Smith : form Texas to Chicago
   -- Representative Corneal Davis : former Illinois State Representative --
   Lillie Lodge Brantley : Phillips/DuSable Alumni Council founder -- Robert
   Colin : policeman and civil servant -- Ida Mae Cress : schoolteacher and
   activist -- Ernest Griffin : funeral director and Civil War historian --
   Etta Moten Barnett : vocalist on stage and screen -- Alonzo Parham :
   pioneer and true unsung hero -- Gwendolyn Davis : musician -- Irma Clark :
   librarian, teacher, inspiration -- Wayman Hancock : Herbie Hancock's
   father -- Jimmy Ellis : saxophonist and teacher -- Morris Ellis : musician
   and businessman -- John Levy : jazz businessman/jazz musician -- Eddie
   Johnson : Chicago jazz icon -- Juanita Tucker : teacher and principal --
   Mildred Bowden and Hermene Hartman : mother and daughter- two generations
   -- Louis Caldwell : activist and former State Representative -- Alvin "Al"
   Boutte : businessman and baker -- James "Jack" Isbell : Bronzeville
   insurance businessman -- Dorsey Day : union leader and activist -- Jacoby
   Dickens : banker and entrepreneur -- Dorothy McConner : chief managing
   officer -- George Johnson : from rags to riches -- Walter "Buddy" Brown :
                                Inventory List
                 Produced Friday, October 1, 2004 at 12:49 PM

   well-traveled hustler -- Commander Milton Deas Jr. : former Chicago police
   captain -- Dr. Rudy Nimocks : law enforcement and security officer --
   LeRoy Martin : former superintendent of police -- Judge Earl Strayhorn :
   Illinois county court judge -- Justice William Cousins : Illinois
   appellate court justice -- Marjorie Echols and Harvey Echols : social
   worker and her husband -- Bishop Arthur Brazier : church founder -- Dr.
   Barbara Bowman and Dr. James Bowman : academic administrator and medical
   school professor.

F 586.42 .K64 F68 2003                   2003
   Kohler : a political biography of Walter J. Kohler, Jr. / Gregory A.
   Fossedal ; with a foreword by William Proxmire and an introduction by
   Tommy Thompson.

F595.3 .D44 1985                         1985
   Preserving the West : California, Arizona, Nevada, Utah, Idaho, Oregon,
   Washington / Randolph Delahanty ; photographs by E. Andrew McKinney ;
   additional photographs by Randolph Langenbach ; foreword by William T.

F 799 .A74 2003                          2003
   Juan Bautista de Anza : Basque explorer in the New World / Donald T.
   Anza in antiquity -- Life in Hernani -- The New World -- The cavalry of
   the frontier -- Apaches, livestock, politics, and Jesuits -- The final

F 1219.3 .A7 S58 2002                    2002
   Art treasures of ancient Mexico : journey to the land of the gods /
   authors, Felipe Solis, Ted Leyenaar ; editor in chief, John Vrieze ;
   contributors, Beatriz de la Fuente ... [et al.] ; assistant editor,
   Vincent Boele ; translation, Wendy Shaffer ; photography, Michel Zab*e.
   The visual language and the identity of Pre-Columbian art / Felipe Solis
   -- Mexico and Mesoamerica / Ted Leyenaar -- Society and philosophy of life
   in Mesoamerica / Rudolf van Zantwijk -- A Nahuatl concept of art? / Miguel
   Leon Portilla -- Many-facetted humanist art / Beatriz de la Fuente --
   Mexico today: the traditions that live on / Ted Leyenaar.

F 2808 .A6537 1986                       1985
   Argentina, a country study / Foreign Area Studies, the American University
   ; edited by James D. Rudolph.

F 2849.22 .G85 D67 2003                  2003
   Comandante Che : guerrilla soldier, commander, and strategist, 1956-1967 /
   Paul J. Dosal.
   Nobody surrenders here! -- The making of a revolutionary -- The making of
   a guerrilla -- Comandante Che -- All guns to the Sierra -- The conquest of
   Santa Clara -- Guerrilla warfare -- The Tricontinental strategy -- The
   history of a failure -- Here I am adviser to no one -- Not another

G63 .H68 1997EB                          1997
   The Houghton Mifflin dictionary of geography [electronic resource] :
   places and peoples of the world.
G122 .U56A EB                            1981
   The world factbook.

G 420 .M2 B47 2003                       2003
   Over the edge of the world : Magellan's terrifying circumnavigation of the
   globe / Laurence Bergreen.
   Book 1: In search of empire -- The quest -- The man without a country --
                                Inventory List

                 Produced Friday, October 1, 2004 at 12:49 PM

   Neverlands -- "The church of the lawless" -- Book 2: The edge of the world
   -- The crucible of leadership -- Castaways -- Dragon's tail -- A race
   against death -- A vanished empire -- The final battle -- Book 3: Back
   from the dead -- Ship of mutineers -- Survivors -- Et in arcadia ego --
   Ghost ship -- After Magellan.
   Publisher's description: Ferdinand Magellan's daring circumnavigation of
   the globe in the sixteenth century was a three-year odyssey filled with
   sex, violence, and amazing adventure. Now in Over the Edge of the World,
   acclaimed author Laurence Bergreen, interweaving a variety of candid,
   first-person accounts, some previously unavailable in English, brings to
   life this groundbreaking and majestic tale of discovery that changed many
   long-held views about the world and the way explorers would henceforth
   navigate its oceans. In 1519 Magellan and his fleet set sail from Seville,
   Spain, to find a water route to the Spice Islands in Indonesia, where the
   most sought-after commodities -- cloves, pepper, and nutmeg -- flourished.
   Most important, they were looking for a passageway, a strait, through the
   great landmass of the Americas that would lead them to these fabled
   islands. Laurence Bergreen takes readers on board with Magellan and his
   crew as they explore, navigate, mutiny, suffer, and die across the seas.
   He also recounts the many unusual sexual practices the crew experienced,
   from orgies in Brazil to bizarre customs in the South Pacific. With a
   fleet of five ships and more than two hundred men, they had set out in
   search of the Spice Islands. Three years later they returned with an
   abundance of spices from their intended destination, but with just one
   ship carrying eighteen emaciated men. They suffered starvation, disease,
   and torture, and many died, including Magellan, who was violently killed
   in a fierce battle. A man of great tenacity, cunning, and courage,
   Magellan was full of contradictions. He was both heroic and foolish,
   insightful yet blind, a visionary whose instincts outran his ideals.
   Ambitious to a fault and not above using torture and murder to maintain
   control of his ships and sailors, he survived innumerable natural hazards
   in addition to several violent mutinies aboard his own fleet -- and it
   took no less than the massed forces of fifteen hundred men to kill him.
   This is the first time in nearly half a century that anyone has attempted
   to narrate the complete story of Magellan's unprecedented circumnavigation
   of the globe -- to tell this truly gripping and profoundly important story
   of heroism, discovery, and disaster. A voyage into history, a tour of the
   world emerging from the Middle Ages into the Renaissance, an
   anthropological account of tribes, languages, and customs unknown to
   Europeans, and a chronicle of a desperate grab for commercial and
   political power, Over the Edge of the World is a captivating tale that
   rivals the most exciting thriller fiction.

G 635 .C66 H86 1997                      1997
   Cook & Peary : the polar controversy, resolved / Robert M. Bryce.
G1030 .H39 2002EB                        2002
   Atlas of world history [electronic resource] / John Haywood.

G2230 .A85 1985EB                        1985
   Atlas of the Bible, Andromeda [electronic resource].

GB 981.72 .M35 F56 1984                  1984
   The Finite element storm hydrograph model users guide / M.D. Smolen ...
   [et al.].

GB 991 .V5 E84 1992                      1992
   Interactions between surface water and groundwater in a Virginia coastal
   plain watershed / Keith N. Eshleman, John S. Pollard, Anne Kuebler.

GB 991.V57 V37 1989                      1989
   Variable source area concept for identifying critical runoff-generating
                                Inventory List

                 Produced Friday, October 1, 2004 at 12:49 PM

   areas in a watershed / G.V. Loganathan ... [et al.].

GB 1201.7 .L64 1985                      1985
   Methods of analyzing instream flows / G.V. Loganathan, C.Y. Kuo, T.C.

GC 97.8 .C49 R43 1993                    1993
   Sediment-water column nutrient exchanges in southern Chesapeake Bay
   nearshore environments / William G. Reay, Daniel Gallagher, George M.
   Simmons, Jr.

GE 56 .B73 M35 2003                      2003
   Death in the Everglades : the murder of Guy Bradley, America's first
   martyr to environmentalism / Stuart B. McIver ; foreword by Raymond
   Arsenault and Gary R. Mormino.
   The feather trade -- The letter -- A veritable tropical paradise -- The
   cruise of the Bonton -- The barefoot mailman -- Tycoons of the plume trade
   -- Cuthbert's rookery -- The Palm Beach dudes -- Sharpshooter -- Flagler
   takes charge -- The end of the world -- The patriarch -- A matter of law
   -- The badge -- On the job -- A boat named Audubon -- Trouble at Cuthbert
   -- Life in Flamingo -- Back on the job -- Shootout at Oyster Keys -- No
   true bill -- The fight goes on.

GE300 .E53 1998EB                        1998
   The encyclopedia of ecology and environmental management [electronic
   resource] / editor-in-chief: Peter Calow.

GF4 .D52 2000EB                          2000
   The dictionary of human geography [electronic resource] / edited by R.J.
   Johnston ... [et al.].

GF 21 .T74 2004                          2004
   Human nature : a blueprint for managing the earth--by people, for people /
   James Trefil.
   Preface -- [pt]. 1. The first step -- 1. Where do we fit in? -- 2. Nature
   and natural selection -- 3. Leaving nature behind -- [pt]. 2. The myths of
   pop ecology -- 4. Lost Eden -- 5. The myth of stability -- 6. The myth of
   the pristine wilderness -- 7. The myth that we are poisoning the Earth --
   8. The question of extinction -- 9. The greenhouse effect and global
   warming -- [pt]. 3. The new environmental toolbox -- 10. Genomics -- 11.
   Genetic modification -- 12. The emergence of complexity -- 13.
   Experimental ecosystems -- [pt]. 4. The second step -- 14. A matter of
   choices -- 15. The managed planet -- Index.

GJ 1472 .A83 2004                        2004
   The good in the right : a theory of intuition and instrinsic value /
   Robert Audi.
   Early Twentieth-century intuitionism -- Rossian intuitionism as a
   contemporary ethical theory -- Kantian intuitionism -- Rightness and
   goodness -- Intuitionism and normative ethics.

GN 62.9 .H85 1999                        1999
   Human growth in the past : studies from bones and teeth / edited by Robert
   D. Hoppa, Charles M. FitzGerald.

GN 281 .J57 1996                         1996
   From Lucy to language / Donald Johanson & Blake Edgar ; principal
   photography, David Brill.
   Central issues of paleoanthropology -- What is a human? -- Evidence --
   Ancestors -- Lineages -- Migration -- Diversity -- Anatomy -- Society --
   Bipedalism -- Customs -- Culture -- Imponderables -- Encountering the
   evidence -- Australopithecines -- Homo -- Paleolithic technology.
                                Inventory List

                 Produced Friday, October 1, 2004 at 12:49 PM

GN 357 .C75 1999                         1999
   Critical comparisons in politics and culture / edited by John R. Bowen and
   Roger Petersen.
   Introduction : critical comparisons / John R. Bowen and Roger Petersen --
   National revivals and violence / David D. Laitin -- Mechanisms and
   structures in comparisons / Roger Petersen -- Comparative methodologies in
   the analysis of anthropological data / Fredrik Barth -- The role of
   comparison in the light of the theory of culture / Greg Urban -- Case
   studies of contemporary job loss / Miriam A. Golden -- Defining the
   contours of an Islamic reform movement : an essay in successive contrasts
   / John R. Bowen -- Producing an analytic narrative / Margaret Levi --
   Political consciousness on Boa Ventura : 1967 and 1989 compared / Allen
   Johnson -- Comparisons in the context of a game theoretic argument /
   Barbara Geddes -- The role of microhistories in comparative studies / John
   R. Bowen.

GN 380 .M55 2003                         2003
   Invisible indigenes : the politics of nonrecognition / Bruce Granville

GN 666 .R33 2003 DVD                     2003
   Rabbit-proof fence [videorecording] / Miramax Films, HanWay and Australian
   Film Finance Corporation present a Rumbalara Films, Olsen Levy Production
   in association with Showtime Australia ; producers, Phillip Noyce,
   Christine Olsen, John Winter ; screenplay writer, Christine Olsen ;
   director, Phillip Noyce.
   In 1931, Molly and her younger cousins, Gracie and Daisy, were three
   half-caste children from Western Australia who were taken from their
   parents under government edict and sent to an institution, were taught to
   forget their families, their culture, and re-invent themselves as members
   of "white" Australian society. The three girls begin an epic journey back
   to Western Australia, travelling 1,500 miles on foot with no food or
   water, and navigating by following the fence that has been built across
   the nation to stem an over-population of rabbits.

GN 865 .E3 W55 2003                      2003
   Genesis of the pharaohs : dramatic new discoveries that rewrite the
   origins of ancient Egypt / Toby Wilkinson.

GT507 .O53 1998EB                        1998
   The Thames and Hudson dictionary of fashion and fashion designers
   [electronic resource] / Georgina O'Hara Callan.

GV 697 .A1 B53 1995                      1994
   The blacks in sports oral history project : a guide to the transcripts /
   edited by John C. Walter and Jennifer L. Dobson.

GV 714.5 .S65 2000                       2000
   Dancing at halftime : sports and the controversy over American Indian
   mascots / Carol Spindel.

GV 742.42 .R53 I53 1994                  1994
   Grantland Rice and his heroes : the sportswriter as mythmaker in the 1920s
   / Mark Inabinett.
   Grantland Rice -- The golden age -- Jack Dempsey -- Babe Ruth -- Bobby
   Jones -- Bill Tilden -- Red Grange -- Knute Rockne -- Rice's legacy.

GV 863 .M8 L47 2000                      2000
   Black baseball in Kansas City / Larry Lester and Sammy J. Miller.

GV 865 .B336 A3 2003                     2003
                                Inventory List

                 Produced Friday, October 1, 2004 at 12:49 PM

   Going the other way : lessons from a life in and out of major-league
   baseball / Billy Bean with Chris Bull.

GV 884 .A1 H37 2003                      2003
   Giants : the 25 greatest centers of all time / Mark Heisler.

GV 884 .B79 S53 2004                     2004
   Kobe Bryant : the game of his life / Jeffrey Scott Shapiro & Jennifer

GV 884 .J67 M53 2000 DVD                 2000
   Michael Jordan to the max [videorecording] / presented by mvp.com
   Follow Michael Jordan's last basketball season as he leads the Chicago
   Bulls to their sixth NBA championship. Provides a rare glimpse of Michael
   Jordan on and off the court.

GV 939 .W543 G73 2003                    2003
   Return to glory : inside Tyrone Willingham's amazing first season at Notre
   Dame / Alan Grant.
GV 964 .H6 D63 2004                      2004
   Ben Hogan : an American life / James Dodson.

GV 969 .A83 S55 2004                     2004
   The battle for Augusta National : Hootie, Martha, and the Masters of the
   universe / Alan Shipnuck.

GV 1051 .A76 A3 2000                     2000
   It's not about the bike : my journey back to life / Lance Armstrong with
   Sally Jenkins.
   Before and after -- The start line -- I don't check my mother at the door
   -- Bad to worse -- Conversations with cancer -- Chemo -- Kik --
   Survivorship -- The tour -- The cereal box.

GV 1543 .D87 2002                        2002
   Modern enchantments : the cultural power of secular magic / Simon During.

GV 1785 .B834 F67 2002                   2002
   Dances that describe themselves : the improvised choreography of Richard
   Bull / Susan Leigh Foster.

GV 1785 .C86 C67 2004                    2004
   Merce Cunningham : the modernizing of modern dance / Roger Copeland.

GV 1785 .P87 A813 2001                   2001
   Alexander Pushkin : master teacher of dance / by Gennady Albert ;
   translated by Antonina W. Bouis ; with an introduction by Mikhail

GV 1786 .B355 B35 1999                   1999
   The Ballets russes and its world / edited by Lynn Garafola and Nancy Van
   Norman Baer.
   Diaghilev. The Diaghilev family in Perm / Evgenia Egorova ; Diaghilev's
   musical education / Israel Nesteev ; Early writings of Serge Diaghilev /
   edited, translated, and with an introduction by John E. Bowlt ;
   Diaghilev's "Complicated questions" / edited and with an introduction by
   Joan Acocella -- Tradition and innovation. Isadora Duncan and prewar
   Russian dancemakers / Elizabeth Souritz ; Firebird and the idea of
   Russianness / Sally Banes ; Fernand L*eger and the Ballets Russes : an
   unconsummated collaboration / Judi Freeman ; Classicism and neoclassicism
   / David Vaughan ; Bringing Les noces to the stage / Drue Fergison ;
   Diaghilev and Stravinsky / Charles M. Joseph -- Influence and afterlife.
                                Inventory List

                 Produced Friday, October 1, 2004 at 12:49 PM

   Adolph Bolm in America / Suzanne Carbonneau ; Reconfiguring the sexes /
   Lynn Garafola ; In British eyes / compiled by Lynn Garafola ; In his image
   : Diaghilev and Lincoln Kirstein / Nancy Reynolds -- Appendix. Operas and
   ballets produced by Serge Diaghilev / compiled by Lynn Garafola.

GV 1786 .G65 R36 1991                    1991
   The Grand Union (1970-1976) : an improvisational performance group /
   Margaret Hupp Ramsay.

GV 1789.2 .S36 1997                      1997
   The art of Ballets Russes : the Serge Lifar collection of theater designs,
   costumes, and paintings at the Wadsworth Atheneum, Hartford, Connecticut /
   Alexander Schouvaloff.

GV 1853.3 .F62 D574 2001                 2001
   Married to the mouse : Walt Disney World and Orlando / Richard E.

GV 1860 .R64 R87 2000                    2000
   The American roller coaster / Scott Rutherford.

HB61 .B33 1998EB                         1998
   The Penguin dictionary of economics [electronic resource] / [edited by]
   Graham Bannock, R.E. Baxter, and Evan Davis.

HB61 .P37 2000EB                         2000
   Collins dictionary [electronic resource] : economics / Christopher Pass,
   Bryan Lowes & Leslie Davies.

HB61 .S466 1995EB                        1995
   Dictionary of economics [electronic resource] / Jae K. Shim and Joel G.

HC 59.7 .B828 2004                       2004
   Democratization, development, and the patrimonial state in the age of
   globalization / Eric Budd.
   Patrimonial barriers to political and economic development -- The
   political economy of development planning -- From gold rushes to gold
   diggers : patrimonialism and entrepreneurship -- Democratic consolidation
   : has certainty been institutionalized? -- Electoral uncertainty and
   patrimonialism -- Whither the patrimonial state? : democracy and
   development in the era of globalization.

HC 79 .S3 E25 1999                       1999
   The economics of saving and growth : theory, evidence, and implications
   for policy / edited by Klaus Schmidt-Hebbel, Luis Serv*en.
   Introduction / Klaus Schmidt-Hebbel and Luis Serv*en -- Saving in the
   world: the stylized facts / Klaus Schmidt-Hebbel and Luis Serv*en --
   Saving and growth / Angus Deaton -- Financial policies and saving /
   Patrick Honohan -- Foreign resource inflows, saving, and growth / Maurice
   Obstfeld -- Aggregate saving and income distribution / Klaus
   Schmidt-Hebbel and Luis Serv*en.

HC 102.5 .T86 H33 2003                   2003
   Clash of the titans : how the unbridled ambition of Ted Turner and Rupert
   Murdoch has created global empires that control what we read and watch /
   Richard Hack.

HC 110 .C6 C537 2003                     2003
   A consumers' republic : the politics of mass consumption in postwar
   America / Lizabeth Cohen.
   Prologue -- Part I : Origins of the postwar consumers' republic --
                                Inventory List

                 Produced Friday, October 1, 2004 at 12:49 PM

   Depression : rise of the citizen consumer ; War : citizen consumers do
   battle on the home front -- Part II : Birth of the consumers' republic --
   Reconversion : the emergence of the consumers' republic ; Rebellion :
   forcing open the doors of public accommodations -- Part III : Landscape of
   mass consumption -- Residence : inequality in mass suburbia ; Commerce :
   reconfiguring community marketplaces -- Part IV : Political culture of
   mass consumption -- Culture : segmenting the mass ; Politics : purchasers
   politicized -- Epilogue.

HC 254.5 .P92 1999                       1999
   British society, 1680-1880 : dynamism, containment, and change / Richard

HC 435 .A57 1953                         1953
   First five year plan.

HD 30.28 .B56 2004                       2004
   Hello Kitty : the remarkable story of Sanrio and the billion dollar feline
   phenomenon / Ken Belson & Brian Bremner.

HD 30.3 .M553 2004                       2004
   The 5 paths to persuasion : the art of selling your message / Robert B.
   Miller and Gary A. Williams ; with Alden Hayashi.

HD 59 .M25 1996                          1996
   Public lies and private truths : an anatomy of public relations / Bill

HD 62.4 .H35 2000                        2000
   Building cross-cultural competence : how to create wealth from conflicting
   values / Charles M. Hampden-Turner and Fons Trompenaars ; illustrations by
   David Lewis.

HD 69 .B7 Y47 2003                       2003
   Brand harmony : achieving dynamic results by orchestrating your customer's
   total experience / Steve Yastrow.
   The parable of the concert -- How was your experience? -- How brand
   impressions are formed ... and why it matters -- Everything is marketing
   -- Brute force branding ... and why it doesn't work -- Bigger, louder,
   more clever, who cares? -- Brand harmony -- What does it sound like to be
   your customer? -- Exercise 1: Brand harmony audit - what does it sound
   like to be your customer? -- Exercise 2: What do they think of you, now?
   -- Designing brand harmony -- Forget your "unique selling proposition"
   what's your "desired brand perception?" -- Step 1 for designing brand
   harmony: creating a picture of success -- Exercise 3: Panning for gold --
   Exercise 4: Creating a picture of success -- Step 2 for designing brand
   harmony: defining the customer action you need to help you achieve success
   -- Exercise 5: Customer action - who they are and what we want them to do
   -- Step 3 for designing brand harmony: discovering the "desired brand
   perception" -- Exercise 6: Discovering the desired brand perception --
   What will they think of us if we're successful? -- Step 4 for designing
   brand harmony -- Orchestrating customer experiences -- Exercise 7: finding
   the brand essence -- Exercise 8: touchpoint mapping -- Exercise 9: the
   orchestrated marketing plan -- VI. Be the brand! -- The will to create
   brand harmony -- Conclusion: marketing's Copernican revolution.

HD 73 .S97 2003                          2003
   Systems and policies for the global learning economy / edited by David V.
   Gibson ... [et al.] ; foreword by George Kozmetsky.
   Foreword: Perspectives on creating value through global knowledge
   partnerships / George Kozmetsky -- Introduction. Knowledge and innovation
   for the global learning economy : building capacity for development /
                                Inventory List

                 Produced Friday, October 1, 2004 at 12:49 PM

   Pedro Conceicao ...[et al.] -- New dynamics in economic restructuring :
   cross-national patterns in regional accommodation and the Brazilian
   response / Lawrence S. Graham -- Technological innovation in the European
   Union / Tobin Miege -- Current situation of venture finance for university
   spin-off companies in Japan / Akio Nishizawa -- Regional economic
   development, learning networks, and systems of innovation. Learning
   regions in Europe : theory, policy, and practice through the RIS
   experience / Mikel Landabaso, Christine Oughton, Kevin Morgan -- The role
   of innovation in regional economic development : some lessons and
   experiences for policy making / Claudia P. Salas, Gabriela Susunaga,
   Ismael Aguilar-Barajas -- Characteristics of innovation in a
   non-metropolitan area, : the Okangan Valley of British Columbia / J. Adam
   Holbrook, Lindsay P. Hughes -- Incubating and sustaining leaning and
   innovation poles in Latin America and the Caribbean / David V. Gibson,
   Pedro Conceicao, Julie Nordskog -- Venture capital in Latin America for
   new technology-based firms / Scott Tiffin, Gabriela Couto, Tomas Gabriel
   Bas -- Mapping knowledge flows in clusters and networks : case studies of
   technology-based firms in Brazil / Carlos Quandt -- Regional innovation
   systems in Korea / Sunyang Chung -- The third generation technopoleis in
   Korea / Tae Kyung Sung -- Weak and strong ties,
   individualism-collectivism, and the diffusion of technological knowledge /
   Paul L. Robertson, Thomas Keil, Erkko Autio -- Enterprise innovativeness
   and farm level technical change : a case of the floriculture sector in
   India / Kavita Mara -- Trends and opportunities for science, technology,
   and innovation policies. Determinants of successful S&T policy in a
   national system of innovation / Susanne Giesecke -- Commercializing R&D in
   small business : the U.S. SBIR fast track program / Reid Cramer, ...[et
   al.] -- Lessons leaned about technology transfer / Everett M. Rogers,
   Shiro Takegami, Jing Yin -- The global regime for intellectual property
   rights / Duane Windsor -- Restructuring and financing R&D : new
   partnerships / Annamaria Inzelt -- Challenges and barriers of technology
   commercialization in Russia / Nikolay Rogalev -- Policy paradigm shift in
   Japan from science and technology policy to innovation policy / Schumpeter
   Tamada ...[et al.] -- Corporate strategies for the knowledge-based
   economy. The cognocratic organization : toward a knowledge theory of the
   firm / Filipe M. Santos, Manuel V. Heitor -- Restructuring to build
   knowledge-integration capabilities for innovation / Simon Collinson --
   Knowledge assets in global services strategy / Pedro Oliveira ...[et al.]
   -- Problems of learning in organizations producing complex product systems
   / Tim Brady, Gillian Shapiro.

HD 108.6 .J66 1985                       1985
   Effects of land use practices on water resources in Virginia / R.
   Christian Jones, Beatrice H. Holmes.

HD 259 .R434 1974                        1974
   The costs of sprawl : executive summary / [prepared by Real Estate
   Research Corporationat for the Council on Environmental Quality, the
   Office of Policy Development and Research, Department of Housing and Urban
   Development, and the Office of Planning and Management, Environmental
   Protection Agency .

HD 1694 .A5 1985                         1985
   Social feasibility as an alternative approach to water resource planning /
   Margaret S. Hrezo, Wayne J. Howe.

HD 2746.5 .C347 2004                     2004
   The human side of M & A : how CEOs leverage the most important asset in
   deal making / Dennis C. Carey and Dayton Ogden.
   Take stock of human capital -- Create a new vision -- Retain and motivate
   key players -- Integrate deliberately and swiftly -- Survive the
   regulatory process -- Beef up the board.
                                Inventory List

                 Produced Friday, October 1, 2004 at 12:49 PM

HD 2769.2 .J3 V64 2003                   2003
   The voluntary and non-profit sector in Japan : the challenge of change /
   edited by Stephen P. Osborne.

HD 4904.25 .C69 2004                     2004
   Human resources, care-giving, career progression, and gender : a gender
   neutral glass ceiling / Beulah S. Coyne, Edward J. Coyne, Sr. and Monica

HD 4975 .G28 1998                        1998
   Created unequal : the crisis in American pay / James K. Galbraith.

HD 5837 .A6 L3 2003                      2003
   Labor markets and firm benefit policies in Japan and the United States /
   edited by Seiritsu Ogura, Toshiaki Tachibanaki, and David A. Wise.
   Changing the guard / Richard B. Freeman -- Recent transformation of
   participatory employment practices in Japan / Takao Kato -- Determinants
   of the shadow value of simultaneous information sharing in the Japanese
   machine-tool manufacturing industry / Hiroyuki Chuma -- Who really lost
   jobs in Japan? / Yuji Genda -- Total labor costs and the employment
   adjustment behavior of large Japanese firms / Yoshifumi Nakata and Ryoji
   Takehiro -- Individual expenditures and medical saving accounts / Matthew
   J. Eichner, Mark B. McClellan, and David A. Wise -- Supplementing public
   insurance coverage with private coverage / David M. Cutler -- Option value
   estimation with health and retirement study data / Andrew Samwick and
   David A. Wise -- Why do the Japanese spend so much on drugs? / Seiritsu
   Ogura and Takehiko Hagino -- Demand for health checkups under uncertainty
   / Tadashi Yamada and Tetsuji Yamada -- Role of firms in welfare provision
   / Toshiaki Tachibanaki -- Fringe benefit provision for female part-time
   workers in Japan / Yukiko Abe -- Unions, the costs of job loss, and
   vacation / Fumio Ohtake.

HD 6053 .W638534 2003                    2003
   Women in the labour market in changing economies : demographic issues /
   edited by Br*igida Garc*ia, Richard Anker, Antonella Pinnelli.
   Cross-national analysis of women in the labour market / Robert L. Clark,
   Anne York, and Richard Anker -- Labour market transitions of men and women
   during an economic crisis: evidence form Indonesia / Duncan Thomas,
   Kathleen Beegle, and Elizabeth Frankenberg -- Gender, labour market and
  demographic change: a case study of women's entry into the formal
  manufacturing sector in Bangladesh / Rita Asfar -- Missing the partner and
  his earnings: income situation and labour market participation of single
  mothers in West and East Germany / Felix B*uchel and Henriette Engelhardt
  -- Divorce and professional careers in Russia during the transitions
  towards market economy / Patrick Fetsy ... [et al.] -- Gender and the
  labour market among immigrants in some Italian areas: the case of
  Moroccans, former Yugoslavians, and Poles / Salvatore Strozza, Gerado
  Gallo, and Francesca Grillo -- Double jeopardy? Female rural migrant
  labourers in urban China, the case of Shanghai / Wang Feng and Shen Anan
  -- Migration, gender, and returns to education in Shenzhen, China / Zai
  Liang and Yui Por Chen -- Women and part-time employment: workers'
  'choices' and wage penalties in five industrialized countries / Elena
  Bardasi and Janet C. Gornick -- Economic opportunities and the transition
  to marriage among young women in the United States / Amy G. Cox, Joan M.
  Hermsen, and Jacob Alex Klerman -- Education, career opportunities, and
  changing patterns of fertility: a study of women in the labor market in
  twentieth-century Sweden / Maria Stanfors and Lars Svensson -- Family,
  quality of jobs, and female labour force patterns in Buenos Aires,
  Argentina / Marcela Cerrutti -- The influence of female employment and
  autonomy on reproductive behaviour in Egypt / Andrzej Kulczycki and Luc*ia
                               Inventory List

                 Produced Friday, October 1, 2004 at 12:49 PM

HD 8039 .M62 U697 2003                   2003
   Industrializing the Rockies : growth, competition, and turmoil in the
   coalfields of Colorado and Wyoming, 1868-1914 / David A. Wolff.
   Mining begins, 1868-1873 -- Panic and turmoil, 1873-1878 -- Coal mining
   comes of age, 1878-1883 -- The great upheaval, 1884-1885 -- Prosperity,
   competition, and consolidation, 1886-1892 -- Collapse and recovery,
   1893-1900 -- Struggle and change, 1901-1903 -- The United Mine Workers in
   the West, 1903-1912 -- Explosion at Ludlow, 1913-1914.

HD 8073 .C5 A3 2001                      2001
   Selling Ben Cheever : back to square one in a service economy / Benjamin

HD 9259 .B3 S683 2003                    2003
   Banana wars : power, production, and history in the Americas / edited by
   Steve Striffler and Mark Moberg.
   The global banana trade / Laura T. Raynolds -- Banana cultures : linking
   the production and consumption of export bananas, 1800-1980 / John Soluri
   -- United Fruit Company in Latin America / Marcelo Bucheli -- One hundred
   years of United Fruit Company letters / Philippe Bourgois -- Responsible
   men and sharp yankees : the United Fruit Company, resident elites, and
   colonial state in British Honduras / Mark Moberg -- The logic of the
   enclave : United Fruit, popular struggle, and capitalist transformation in
   Ecuador / Steve Striffler -- "The Macondo of Guatemala" : banana workers
   and national revolutions in Tiquisate, 1944-1954 / Cindy Forster -- The
   threat of blackness to the mestizo nation : race and ethnicity in the
   Honduran banana economy, 1920s and 1930s / Dario Euraque -- Discourses and
   counterdiscourses on globalization and the St. Lucian banana industry /
   Karla Slocum -- The St. Vincent Banana Growers' Association, contract
   farming, and the peasantry / Lawrence Grossman.
HD 9433 .H83 1985                        1985
   Price discovery processes in the cattle complex : an investigation of
   cash-futures price interaction / Michael A. Hudson and Wayne D. Purcell.

HD 9502 .U53 V56 1991                    1991
   Virginia energy patterns and trends : Virginia energy profiles, 1960 to
   1990 / prepared by John Randolph.

HD 9569 .H26 B75 2004                    2004
   The Halliburton agenda : the politics of oil and money / Dan Briody.
   Erle P. Halliburton and the million-dollar boast -- The road to riches --
   The man behind the dam that built Brown & Root -- Guns and butter --
   Collateral damage : the Leland Olds story -- Our man in office -- Vietnam
   and Project Rathole -- Empty pockets -- The big score -- Backseat Cheney
   -- Fall from grace.

HD 9696.63 .U62 E4478 2003               2003
   Softwar : an intimate portrait of Larry Ellison and Oracle / Matthew
   Symonds ; with commentary by Larry Ellison.

HE 363 .G72 G7 1970                      1970
   Transport in London: a balanced policy.

HE 365 .I44 C38 1967                     1967
   Traffic and transportation plan for the Calcutta metropolitan district,

HE 2791 .G755 S77 2003                   2003
   Profiting from the plains : the Great Northern Railway and corporate
   development of the American West / Claire Strom.
                                Inventory List

                 Produced Friday, October 1, 2004 at 12:49 PM

   Trial and error, 1878-1893 -- Cooperation and Success, 1893-1902 -- "The
   nation's future," 1902-1907 -- Conflict and disillusion, 1907-1912 --
   Isolation and expertise, 1907-1912 -- Retirement and retreat, 1912-1916 --
   "The voice of the northwest".

HE 4491 .N7 D47 2001                     2001
   Tunneling to the future : the story of the great subway expansion that
   saved New York / Peter Derrick.
   Never enough : the beginnings of rapid transit in New York -- Deadlock
   over more subways, 1902-1909 -- Rapid transit to save New York --
   Stumbling toward a solution -- Dual system of rapid transit -- Battle over
   financing the dual system -- Impact of the dual system.

HE 8700.76 .I4 R34 2001                  2001
   Politics after television : religious nationalism and the reshaping of the
   Indian public / Arvind Rajagopal.

HF1001 .C65 1995EB                       1995
   Collins dictionary of business [electronic resource] / Christopher Pass
   ... [et al.].

HF1001 .D53 2001EB                       2001
   Dictionary of business [electronic resource] / P.H. Collin.

HF1001 .G74 1999EB                       1999
   The Penguin business dictionary [electronic resource] / by Michael

HF 3826.5 .M55 2002                      2002
   Japan's policy trap : dollars, deflation, and the crisis of Japanese
   finance / Akio Mikuni, R. Taggart Murphy.
   Policy trap -- Preservation of bureaucratic power -- Monetary policy and
   mercantilism -- Hoarding gold, hoarding dollars -- Experimenting with
   bubbles -- Of a great bubble and its collapse -- Downward spiral -- Policy
   trap revisited -- Anomalies of contemporary Japan -- End of the Japanese

HF 5381 .B67583 2003                     2003
   Career information, career counseling, and career development / Duane

HF 5415.33 .U6 N47 2004                  2004
   The rise of the Hispanic market in the United States : challenges,
   dilemmas, and opportunities for corporate management / Louis E.V. Nevaer.
   The future of marketing and merchandising in the United States --
   Management realities of a fragmented "North American" market -- Labor,
   immigration, and business -- Americans in Mexico: "demonstration effects"
   of a flourishing demographic -- A vanishing border: the emergence of a
   North American consumer market -- Mexicans in the United States:
   ethnographic influences on consumer behavior.

HF 5429.3 .E593 1976                     1976
   City centers in transition : report of the Environmental Design Conference
   held at the Quail Roost Conference Center of the University of North
   Carolina at Chapel Hill, Rougemont, North Carolina, June 6-8, 1976 / by
   Shirley F. Weiss, Raymond J. Burby with the assistance of Barbara G.

HF5430.3 .S63 2002                       2002
   Greyfields into goldfields : dead malls become living neighborhoods / by
   Lee S. Sobel with Ellen Greenberg and Steven Bodzin ; with a foreword by
   Jonathan Miller.
                                Inventory List

                 Produced Friday, October 1, 2004 at 12:49 PM

HF 5477 .G74 S6746 2004                  2004
   The art of the steal : inside the Sotheby's-Christie's auction house
   scandal / Christopher Mason.

HF5549 .A23 D53 1997EB                   1997
   Dictionary of human resources & personnel management [electronic resource]
   / A. Ivanovic & P.H. Collin.

HF 5549.5 .A34 C76 2004                  2004
   Affirmative action is dead : long live affirmative action / Faye J.
   The nature of the beast -- Reverse discrimination? -- Semantics versus
   substance -- Effectiveness -- Does the medicine kill the patient? -- The
   ugly underbelly -- Conclusions and speculations.

HF 5657.4 .M334 2003                     2003
   Management accounting in the digital economy / edited by Alnoor Bhimani.
   Digitization and accounting change / Alnoor Bhimani -- Dis-integration
   through integration: the emergence of accounting information networks /
   Franco Amigoni, Ariela Caglio and Angelo Ditillo -- Management accounting
   for the extended enterprise: performance management for strategic
   alliances and networked partners / Shannon W. Anderson and Karen L.
   Sedatole -- Technology-driven integration, automation, and standardizaion
   of business processes: implications for accounting / Chris Chapman and Wai
   Fong Chua -- Expenditures on competitor analysis and information security:
   a managerial accounting perspective / Lawrence A. Gordon and Martin P.
   Loeb -- Changing role of management accounting and control systems:
   accounting for knowledge across control domains / Frank G.H. Hartmann and
   Eddy H.J. Vaassen -- Management accounting inscriptions and the
   post-industrial experience of organizational control / Paul Andon, Jane
   Baxter, and Wai Fon Chua -- Operations, purchase, and sales in
   hyperreality: implications for management control from the perspecticve of
   institutional sociology / Salvador Carmona and Paolo Quattrone -- Not for
   profit--for sale: management control in and of an internet start-up
   company / Jan Mouritsen and Kristian Kreiner -- Management accounting in
   the new economy: the rationale for irrational controls / Leif Sjoblom --
   Management control and e-logistics / Maurice Gosselin -- Internet-based
   information systems in the not-for-profit sector / Hans-Ulrich Kupper --
   Paradoxes of management and control in a new economy firm / Kari Lukka and
   Markus Granlund -- Management accounting and the knowledge production
   process / Hanno Roberts.

HF 5823 .B438 2004                       2004
   Ads, fads, and consumer culture : advertising's impact on American
   character and society / Arthur Asa Berger.
   Advertising in American society -- Consumer cultures -- Advertising and
   the communication process -- Running it up a flagpole to see if anyone
   salutes -- Sexuality and advertising -- Political advertising -- The
   marketing society -- Analyzing print advertisements -- Analyzing
   television commercials: the Macintosh "1984" commercial -- Where next?

HG 76.3 .U52 L67 2000                    2000
   Voted out : the psychological consequences of anti-gay politics / Glenda
   M. Russell.

HG173 .B35 1999EB                        1999
   International dictionary of finance [electronic resource] / [edited by]
   Graham Bannock and William Manser.

HG 229 .F324 2004                        2004
   Deflation : what happens when prices fall / Chris Farrell.
                                Inventory List

                 Produced Friday, October 1, 2004 at 12:49 PM

   "An unwelcome substantial fall in inflation" -- Taps on the shoulder --
   The supply-side economy -- Deflation, American style -- The rise in
   insecurity -- The goal of price stability -- "Bad" deflations -- The great
   inflation -- Business and workers in an era of fierce price competition --
   What kind of return can investors expect? -- The new regime and public
   Publisher's description: Deflation is one of the most feared terms in
   economics. It immediately conjures visions of abandoned farms and idle
   factories, streams of unemployed workers standing in breadlines. So when
   Federal Reserve Board Chairman Alan Greenspan started talking openly in
   2003 about his fears of deflation, it sent waves of shock through the
   business press and the public. Many feared that the United States was
   entering a period of prolonged slump after a pronounced boom, much like
   Japan experienced throughout the 1990s. Others worried that a sustained
   fall in prices would have a cataclysmic impact on our nation's overhang of
   consumer debt. Yet another camp blamed low-wage manufacturing countries
   like China and high-volume retailers like Wal-Mart for becoming the
   engines of relentless deflation. In this important new book, Chris Farrell
   explains that deflation need not presage a collapse. In the process he
   gives a new way of looking at our economic and our financial futures. More
   than an introduction to the subject, Farrell points out that deflation has
   always been a fundamental aspect of the business cycle. For much of the
   20th century, deflation had vanished from the economic scene, but its
   return is no cause for panic. Instead, properly understood, deflation
   presents opportunities and pitfalls in equal measure for businesses,
   corporations, the government, and our national economy.

HG 4572 .M245 2003                       2003
   Bull! : a history of the boom, 1982-1999 : what drove the breakneck
   market-- and what every investor needs to know about financial cycles /
   Maggie Mahar.
   Prologue: Henry Blodget -- INTRODUCTION: The market's choices -- The
   people's market -- BEGINNINGS (1961-89): The stage is set (1961-81) -- The
   curtain rises (1982-87) -- Black Monday (1987-89) -- THE CAST ASSEMBLES
   (1990-95): The gurus -- The individual investor -- Behind the scenes, in
   Washington -- THE MEDIA, MOMENTUM, AND MUTUAL FUNDS (1995-96): The media:
   CNBC lays down the rhythm -- The information bomb -- AOL: a case study --
   Mutual funds: momentum versus value -- The mutual fund manager: career
   risk versus investment risk -- THE NEW ECONOMY (1996-98): Abby Cohen goes
   to Washington; Alan Greenspan gives a speech -- The miracle of
   productivity-- THE FINAL RUN-UP (1998-2000): "Fully deluded earnings" --
   Following the herd: DOW 10,000 -- The lazy bear is gored -- Insiders sell:
   the water rises -- A FINAL ACCOUNTING: Winners, losers, and scapegoats
   (2000-03) -- Looking ahead: what financial cycles mean for the
   21st-century investor.

HG 4655 .F326 2000                       2000
   The handbook of nonagency mortgage-backed securities / edited by Frank J.
   Fabozzi, Chuck Ramsey, Michael Marz.

HG 4655 .H36 2001                        2001
   The handbook of mortgage-backed securities / Frank J. Fabozzi editor.

HG 4655 .H8 2001                         2001
   Basics of mortgage-backed securities / Joseph Hu.

HG 5095 .F33 1999                          1999
   Collateralized   mortgage obligations : structures and analysis / Frank J.
   Fabozzi, Chuck   Ramsey.
   Collateral for   CMOs -- Prepayment conventions and factors affecting
   prepayments --   Sequential-pay and accrual tranches -- Floater, inverse
   floater, and notional IO tranches -- Planned amotization class tranches --
                                Inventory List

                 Produced Friday, October 1, 2004 at 12:49 PM

   TAC, VADM, support tranches, and Re-REMICS -- Nonagency CMOs -- The rating
   of nonagency CMOs -- Prepayment analysis of nonagency mortgage-backed
   collateral -- Valuation and spread measures -- Measuring interest rate
   risk: duration, convexity, and key rate duration -- Total return analysis
   -- Analysis of inverse floaters.

HG 6024 .A3 O68 2001                     2001
   Option pricing, interest rates and risk management / edited by E. Jouini,
   J. Cvitani*c, Marek Musiela.
   Arbitrage theory / Yu. M. Kabanov -- Market models with frictions :
   arbitrage and pricing issues / E. Jouini and C. Napp -- American options :
   symmetry properties / J. Detemple -- Purely discontinuous asset price
   processes / D.B. Madan -- Latent variable models for stochastic discount
   factors / R. Garcia and *E. Renault -- Monte Carlo methods for security
   pricing / P. Boyle, M. Broadie and P. Glasserman -- A geometric view of
   interest rate theory / T. Bj*ork -- Towards a central interest rate model
   / A. Brace, T. Dun and G. Barton -- Infinite dimensional diffusions,
   Kolmogorov equations and interest rate models / B. Goldys and M. Musiela
   -- Modelling of forward Libor and swap rates / M. Rutkowski -- Credit risk
   modelling : intensity based approach / T.R. Bielecki and M. Rutkowski --
   Towards a theory of volatility trading / P. Carr and D. Madan -- Shortfall
   risk in long-term hedging with short-term futures contracts / P.
   Glasserman -- Numerical comparison of local risk-minimisation and
   mean-variance hedging / D. Heath, E. Platen and M. Schweizer -- A guided
   tour through quadratic hedging approaches / M. Schweizer -- Theory of
   portfolio optimization in markets with frictions / J. Cvitani*c --
   Bayesian adaptive portfolio optimization / I. Karatzas and X. Zhao.

HG 40910 .D456 2004                      2004
   American sucker / David Denby.

HJ 2361 .Y36 2004                        2004
   Confessions of a tax collector : one man's tour of duty inside the IRS /
   Richard Yancey.

HJ 2362 .J64 2003                        2003
   Perfectly legal : the covert campaign to rig our tax system to benefit the
   super rich-- and cheat everybody else / David Cay Johnston.
   Taxes - they're not for everyone -- A nickel an hour more -- The rich get
   fabulously richer -- Big payday -- Plane perks -- When the old man is dead
   and buried -- The stealth tax -- How social security taxes subsidize the
   rich -- Preying on the working poor -- Handcuffing the tax police -- Mr.
   Rossotti's customers -- For want of a keystroke -- Mr. Kellogg's favorite
   loophole -- Mass market tax evasion -- Getting off the hook -- Profiting
   off taxes -- Profits trump patriotism -- Letters to Switzerland -- Gimme
   shelter -- Only the rich deserve a comfortable retirement -- Is reform

HM17 .A23 1995EB                         1994
   The Penguin dictionary of sociology [electronic resource] / Nicholas
   Abercrombie, Stephen Hill, and Bryan S. Turner.
HM17 .J37 2000EB                         2000
   Sociology [electronic resource] / David Jary & Julia Jary.

HM 106 .G76 2004                         2004
   Growing together : personal relationships across the lifespan / edited by
   Frieder R. Lang, Karen L. Fingerman.
   Coming together: a perspective on relationships across the life span --
   Relationships as outcomes and contexts -- Child-parent relationships -- A
   dynamic ecological systems perspective on emotion regulation development
   within the sibling relationship context -- Romantic and marital
                                Inventory List

                 Produced Friday, October 1, 2004 at 12:49 PM

   relationships -- Close relationships across the life span: toward a theory
   of relationship types -- Friendship across the life span: reciprocity in
   individual and relationship development -- The consequential stranger:
   peripheral relationships across the life span -- Stress in social
   relationships: coping and adaptation across the life span -- Social
   support and physical health across the life span: socioemotional
   influences -- Social cognition and social relationships -- Dyadic fits and
   transactions in personality and relationships -- Relational competence
   across the life span -- Social motivation across the lifespan: a
   goal-resource-congruence model of social relationships -- A lifetime of
   relationships mediated by technology.

HM425 .J64 2000EB                        2000
   The Blackwell dictionary of sociology [electronic resource] : a user's
   guide to sociological language / Allan G. Johnson.

HM 479 .B68 L36 2000                     2000
   Pierre Bourdieu : a critical introduction / Jeremy F. Lane.
   Peasants into revolutionaries? -- Frenchmen into consumers? --
   Universities -- Returning to Kaylia -- Anthropology and sociology -- Old
   wine, distinctive new bottles -- Neo-liberalism and the defence of the

HM 585 .A5 2003                          2003
   The meanings of social life : a cultural sociology / by Jeffrey C.
   Introduction: The meanings of (social) life: on the origins of a cultural
   sociology -- 1. The strong program in cultural sociology (with Philip
   Smith) -- 2. On the social construction of "moral universals" -- 3. The
   "holocaust" from war crime to trauma drama: Cultural trauma and collective
   idenitity -- 4. A cultural sociology of evil -- 5. The discourse of
   American civil society (with Smith) -- 6. Watergate as democratic ritual
   -- 7. The sacred and profane information machine -- 8. Modern, anti, post,
   and neo: how intellectuals explain "our time."

HM 901 .S74 2002                         2002
   Tomorrow now : envisioning the next fifty years / Bruce Sterling.
   The infant -- The student -- The lover -- The soldier -- The justice --
   The pantaloon -- Mere oblivion.

HM 1106 .K69 2003                        2003
   Complaining, teasing, and other annoying behaviors / Robin M. Kowalski.
   The offensive side of social interaction -- Complaining -- Teasing and
   bullying -- Egocentrism, arrogance, and conceit -- Incivility and breaches
   of propriety -- Excessive worry and reassurance-seeking -- Deceit and

HM 1121 .I43 2002                        2002
   Imagined differences : hatred and the construction of identity / G*unther
   Schlee (ed.).
   Introduction : Approaches to 'identity' and 'hatred' : some Somali and
   other perspectives / G*unther Schlee -- Switching identity discourses :
   primordial emotions and the social construction of we-groups / Georg
   Elwert -- Temperamental neighbours : Uighur-Han relations in Xinjiang,
   northwest China / Ildik*o Bell*er-Hann -- Murder in the cathedral :
   disrupted time, broken space : violence in the regional history of an
   Indonesian church / Philip Quarles van Ufford -- Lances greased with pork
   fat : imagining difference in Bali / Mark Hobart -- Religion, modernity,
   tradition and the construction of difference inside an Egyptian village /
   Petra Weyland -- The multidimensionality of Oromo identity / Georg Haneke
   -- Writing the nation : the pre-war Indonesian nationalist novel / Thomas
   Rieger -- Politics and Berber identities in Morocco / Bernhard Venema --
                                Inventory List

                 Produced Friday, October 1, 2004 at 12:49 PM

   Exclusivist rhetorics : the constitution of political identities in
   present-day Algeria / Birgit Mara Kaiser -- Combat modes, mimesis and the
   cultivation of hatred : revenge/counterrevenge killings in Sri Lanka /
   Purnaka L. de Silva -- Targeting the victims of violence : the role of
   folk history and voluntary associations in the construction of hatred in
   Northern Ireland / Mary Catherine Kenney -- Regularity in chaos : the
   politics of difference in the recent history of Somalia / G*unther Schlee.

HN 90 .E4 F54 2002                       2002
   New class culture : how an emergent class is transforming America's
   culture / Avrom Fleishman.

HN 90 .S65 L83 2004                      2004
   Limbo : blue-collar roots, white-collar dreams / Alfred Lubrano.
   Bricklayer's son : the birth and clash of values -- Crawling out of the
   black hole : the pain of transition -- The shock of education : how
   college corrupts -- Culture conflicts : first encounters with the upper
   classes -- Going home : an identity changed forever -- Office politics :
   the blue-collar way -- Class, love and progeny : the ultimate battle --
   Duality : the never-ending struggle with identity.

HQ 30 .J87 2003                          2003
   A round-heeled woman : my late-life adventures in sex and romance / Jane

HQ 75.53 .A45 2004                       2004
   Baby steps : how lesbian alternative insemination is changing the world /
   Amy Agigian.
   Introduction -- Setting the historical stage -- Disfertile discourses :
   the inability of infertility medicine to conceive of lesbian mothering --
   Legal legitimacy and the lesbian AI "bastard" -- The economics of lesbian
   insemination -- Transforming the means of reproduction : lesbian AI
   kinship and politics -- Conclusion : toward a lesbian-normative universe
   and AI family futures.
HQ 76.25 .K35 1998                       1998
   Homophobia : description, development, and dynamics of gay bashing /
   Martin Kantor.

HQ 472 .U6 L67 2003                      2003
   Traci Lords : underneath it all / Traci Elizabeth Lords.

HQ 773 .S76 2004                         2004
   Sleepaway school : stories from a boy's life / Lee Stringer.
   Three fatherless sons walking -- The thing is, I did fine -- At the back
   of the lot -- My mother has a Victrola -- When the cops get to -- I do
   just as the cops say -- The next morning -- We're all in the auditorium
   when it happens -- It's a Friday when the car from -- First, there is --
   For most of its history -- They are short one -- We're in the van -- My
   mother brings along -- Our day -- They took me -- All of us -- Every
   Tuesday after -- This new kid, this Walter -- Red-haired -- Steve has
   pictures, sexy pictures -- Curiosity and urgency -- I've begun to halfways
   suspect -- I think it's stepping back from -- If I peer through -- I don't
   go back -- A week before -- On the inside of my -- We're down in the --
   The flu is -- It's around midnight, and -- A Friday, a gray -- Princess is
   long and -- There's a big.

HQ 796 .Y5928 2002                       2002
   Youth futures : comparative research and transformative visions / edited
   by Jennifer Gidley and Sohail Inayatullah.
   Global youth culture : a transdisciplinary perspective / Jennifer Gidley
   -- Youth dissent : multiple perspectives on youth futures / Sohail
                                Inventory List

                 Produced Friday, October 1, 2004 at 12:49 PM

   Inayatullah -- Future visions, social realities, and private lives : young
   people and their personal well-being / Richard Eckersley -- Partnership
   education for the twenty-first century / Riane Eisler -- Cultural mapping
   and our children's futures : decolonizing ways of learning and research /
   Francis Hutchinson -- From youth futures for all : reclaiming the human
   story / Marcus Bussey -- Youth essay 1 : optimistic visions from Australia
   / Raina Hunter -- Japanese youth : rewriting futures in the "no taboos"
   postbubble millennium / David Wright -- Reflections upon the late-modern
   transition as seen in the images of the future held by young Finns / Anita
   Rubin -- Imagining the future : youth in Singapore / Alfred L. Oehlers --
   The future orientation of Hungarian youth in the years of the
   transformation / Eva Hideg and Erzebet Novaky -- Citizens of the new
   century : perspectives from the United Kingdom / Cathie Holden -- Longing
   for belonging : youth culture in Norway / Paul Otto Brunstad -- Holistic
   education and visions of rehumanized futures / Jennifer Gidley -- Youth
   essay 2 : voice of the future from Pakistan / Bilal Aslam -- From rhetoric
   to reality : the emergence of futures into the educational mainstream /
   Richard Slaughter -- Re-imagining your neighborhood : a model of futures
   education / Carmen Stewart -- Learning with an active voice : children and
   youth creating preferred futures / Cole Jackson, Sandra Burchsted, and
   Seth Itzkan -- I don't care about the future (if I can't influence it) /
   Sabina Head -- Rural visions of the future : futures in a social science
   class / Shane Hart -- Youth, scenarios, and metaphors of the future /
   Sohail Inayatullah -- youth essay 3 : shared futures from the Philippines
   / Michael Guanco -- Concluding reflections / Sohail Inayatullah and
   Jennifer Gidley.

HQ 798 .B723 2003                        2003
   Girlfighting : betrayal and rejection among girls / Lyn Mikel Brown.

HQ 806 .H36 1998                         1998
   Surviving an affair / Willard F. Harley, Jr. and Jennifer Harley Chalmers.

HQ 1075 .G45 2004                        2004
   Mother-child conversations about gender : understanding the acquisition of
   essentialist beliefs / Susan A. Gelman, Marianne G. Taylor, Simone P.
   Nguyen ; with commentary by Campbell Leaper, Rebecca S. Bigler.
   Introduction -- Methods and preliminary results -- How children and
   mothers express gender essentialism -- talk about categories versus
   individuals (generics vs. non-generics) -- Beyond the individual :
   discourse patterns and correlational analyses -- General discussion.
   This looks at how mothers and young children talk about gender, to
   discover the potential role of language in fostering gender stereotypes.
   Mothers and their sons/daughters, who were 2-1/2, 4-1/2, or 6-1/2 years of
   age, were videotaped discussing a picture book that focused on gender.

HQ 1240 .G4545 1999                      1999
   Gender, planning, and human rights / edited by Tovi Fenster.
   Gender and human rights: implications for planning and development / Tovi
   Fenster -- Women, planning and local central relations in the UK / Jo
   Little -- Culture, human rights, and planning (as control) for minority
   women in Israel / Tovi Fenster -- Intersecting claims: possibilities for
   planning in Canada's multicultural cities / Marcia Wallace and Beth Moore
   Milroy -- The gender inequalities of planning in Singapore / Gillian
   Davidson -- Households, violence and women's economic rights: a case study
   of women and work in the Appalachia / Ann M. Oberhauser -- Gender,
   informal employment and the right to productive resources: the human
   rights implications of micro-enterprise development in Peru / Maureen
   Hays-Mitchell -- Gender, migrants and rights in the European Union /
   Eleonore Kofman -- Does cultural survival have a gender? Indigenous women
   and human rights in Australia / Deborah Bird Rose -- Women and human
   rights in post-communist countries: the situation in the Czech Republic /
                                Inventory List

                 Produced Friday, October 1, 2004 at 12:49 PM

   Ji*rina *Siklov*a -- Gender, planning and human rights: practical lessons
   / Rovi Fenster.

HQ 1421 .B57 2003                        2003
   The feminization of racism : promoting world peace in America / Irene I.
   Radical feminists -- Indigenous women and the American holocaust --
   Chicanas and immigrant Latinas inherit and internalize colonialism --
   African American women -- Asian and Pacific islander women -- Healing from
   intolerance and redefining direction.

HQ 1421 .R63 2000                        2000
   We are our mothers' daughters / Cokie Roberts.

HQ 1438 .S63 S68 2003                    2003
   Southern women at the millennium : a historical perspective / edited by
   Melissa Walker, Jeanette R. Dunn, and Joe P. Dunn.
   The past as prologue / Joe P. Dunn -- Spheres of economic activity among
   Southern women in teh Twentieth century / Jacqueline Jones -- Stealth in
   the political arsenal of Southern women / Sara Wilkerson-Freeman --
   Working in the shadows / Barbara A. Woods -- "Separate but equal" case law
   and the higher education of women int eh Twenty-first-century South / Amy
   Thompson McCandless -- The changing character of farm life / Melissa
   Walker -- Other Southern women and the voices of the fathers / Anne
   Goodwyn Jones -- Southern women and religion / Nancy A. Hardesty --
   Conclusion / Carol K. Bleser.

HQ 2037 .J37 2003                        2003
   Skills for life : the fundamentals you need to succeed / Mike Jarvis and
   Jonathan Peck.

HS 624 .S58 1999                         1999
   Working the rough stone : freemasonry and society in eighteenth-century
   Russia / Douglas Smith.

HT 123 .F64 2001                         2001
   Downtown : its rise and fall, 1880-1950 / Robert M. Fogelson.
   The business district: downtown in the late nineteenth century --
   Derailing the subways: the politics of rapid transit -- The sacred
   skyline: the battle over height limits -- The central business district:
   downtown in the 1920s -- The specter of decentralization: downtown during
   the Great Depression and World War II -- Wishful thinking: downtown and
   the automotive revolution -- Inventing blight: downtown and the origins
   for urban redevelopment -- Just another business district? Downtown in the
   mid twentieth century.

HT 123 .F85 2004                         2004
   Root shock : how tearing up city neighborhoods hurts America, and what we
   can do about it / Mindy Thompson Fullilove.

HT 164 .U5 .B66 1976                     1976
   New communities. Appendix C, an assessment of the causes of current
   problems : problems and potentials / by Booz-Allen & Hamilton, Inc.,
   Llewelyn-Davies Associates.

HT 167 .M39 1976                         1976
   New communities : problems and potentials : appendix A : Legislative
   background / by Monica MacAdams.

HT 167 .U52 1976                         1976
   New communities : problems and potentials / New Communities
   Administration, Department of Housing and Urban Development.
                                Inventory List

                 Produced Friday, October 1, 2004 at 12:49 PM

HT 168 .B67 L64 1969                     1969
   Seven years of progress : a final report / by Edward J. Logue.

HT 169 .E54 L66 1951                     1951
   Development plan 1951 : [a report of the survey and an analysis of the
   planning problems in the administrat. county ; Tab.] ; Analysis /
   Adminstrative County of London.
   Physical conditions -- Population and density -- Industry and commerce --
   Social functions -- Communications -- Public utilities -- Open spaces --
   Planning standards -- Areas of comprehensive development -- Designation --
   Overspill -- Finace.

HT 169 .G72 L6 1984                      1984
   Planning for the future of London.
   Why we need to plan for the future of London -- Planning for jobs --
   Planning for homes -- Planning for shopping and other services -- Planning
   for transport -- Planning for the environment -- Planning for equality --
   London's structure -- Looking ahead.

HT 169 .I52 D43 1962                      1962
   Master plan for Delhi.

HT 169 .J32 S558 1974                    1974
   Shuto no seibi = Planning of Tokyo 1974 / [T*oky*o-to Shuto Seibikyoku
   National capital region development plan -- City planning -- Land
   utilization plan -- Building control -- Urban development -- Planning of
   newtown -- Transportation facilities -- Port of Tokyo -- Housing -- Parks
   and open spaces -- Water supply -- Sewerage -- Physical distribution
   facilities -- Public cleansing -- Prevention of urban disasters -- Nature
   protection -- Environmental pollution.

HT 169.8 .F732 C74 1976                   1976
   Creteil : une ville moderne.

HT 177 .B7 S38 1999                      1999
   The Seaport public realm plan / City of Boston, Boston Redevelopment
   Framework for the plan -- Analysis -- Planning principles for the seaport
   -- Physical plan -- Overview of the transportation network --
   Implementation of public realm plan.

HT 330 .E39 1984                         1984
   18 grandes metropoles : En bref.
   Aire metropolitaine d' Abidjan -- Region du grand Bangkok -- Region
   metropolitaine de Bombay -- Region metropolitaine de Buenos Aires --
   Region du grand Caire -- Region du grand Londres -- Los Angeles: la region
   des cinq comtes -- Communaute autonome de Madrid -- Aire metropolitaine de
   Mexico -- Communaute urbaine de Montreal -- Aire metropolitaine de Moscou
   -- Region de New York -- Region metropolitaine d' Osaka -- Municipalite de
   Pekin -- Region metropolitaine de Sao Paulo -- Air metropolitaine de Seoul
   -- Region metropolitaine de Tokyo -- Region d' Ile-De-France.

HT 334 .F73 R68 1970                     1970
   Administrative and financial problems of creating new town in the Paris
   area / by J.E. Roullier.

HT 393 .M42 C66 1989                     1989
   Dealing with change in the Connecticut River Valley : a design manual for
   conservation and development / by Robert D. Yaro ... [et al.].

                                  Inventory List
                 Produced Friday, October 1, 2004 at 12:49 PM

HT 395 .F73 L33 1972                     1972
   The role of the French new towns in regional development and regional life
   / by J. P. Lacaze.

HT 657 .C67 2003                         2003
   The origins of the English gentry / Peter Coss.
   The formation of the English gentry -- The roots of the English gentry --
   The Angevin legacy : knights as jurors and as agents of the state in the
   reign of Henry III -- The crisis of the knightly class revisited --
   Knights in politics : minor landowners and the state in the reign of Henry
   III -- Knighthood, justice and the early Edwardian polity -- The explosion
   of commissions and its consequences -- Identity and the gentry -- Knights,
   esquires and the origins of social gradation in England -- Crystallisation
   : the emergence of the gentry.

HT 690 .F8 H365 1999                     1999
   The bourgeois citizen in Nineteenth-Century France : gender, sociability,
   and the uses of emulation / Carol E. Harrison.

HV 696 .F6 K56 2000                      2000
   Budgeting entitlements : the politics of food stamps / Ronald F. King.

HV 875.64 .M66 2004                      2004
   White women who adopt transracially or transnationally / Nora Rose
   Introduction -- Social constructionism: contextualizing the context -- The
   process of becoming a mother -- On being a mother.

HV 1431 .R65 2001                        2001
   Hearts and hands : creating community in violent times / Luis Rodr*iguez.
   Introduction: What the craziness is -- Violence of youth: Absence of
   Elders -- Throwaway kid -- Modern street gangs: History -- To "see" again
   -- Being solid in the world -- Warning: Don't get involved! -- Power of
   hanging in there -- Hungers and angers -- Fear and fury -- "Don't give up
   on us!" -- Thresholds and trajectories: Doors, story, purpose -- Human to
   human -- Truth of consequences -- Handmade life -- Governance and gangs --
   Stretching out your life: Abundance or scarcity -- Dying for something to
   live -- Premises and principles -- "What you be about?" -- Power of now --
   Way of discipline -- Looking for the Milky Way -- Be your word -- Where do
   we go from here?: Children whispering -- New economy, new outlooks -- Safe
   and sacred spaces -- Between two worlds -- Nurturing the genius -- Notes.
   With Hearts and Hands: Creating Community in Violent Times, Luis Rodriguez
   positions himself as mentor, elder, and advocate for Latino youth at risk,
   and in fact for all of America's young people. Hearts and Hands deals with
   many of the same difficult issues encountered in Always Running,
   Rodriguez's memoir of his teen years as a gang member in L.A., but with a
   focus on healing through community building. Empowered by his own
   experiences as a peacemaker with gangs in Los Angeles, Chicago, and many
   cities across the country, Rodriguez offers us a unique book, one that
   speaks of change and progress not from a legislative floor or an ivory
   tower, but from the trenches where the laws of the gang rule the
   community. He makes concrete suggestions on how we can create nonviolent
   opportunities to redirect kids toward productive, satisfying lives and to
   set up venues for healing against the tide of a society bent on zero
   tolerance. He warns that we sacrifice community values for material gain
   by incarcerating or marginalizing people on the edge of society. Hearts
   and Hands will change the way in which you approach and listen to our

HV 2480 .R36 1991                        1991
   The handmade alphabet / Laura Rankin.
   Presents the handshape for each letter of the American manual alphabet
                                Inventory List

                 Produced Friday, October 1, 2004 at 12:49 PM

   accompanied by an object whose name begins with that letter.

HV 4046 .N6 L43 2003                     2003
   Random family : love, drugs, trouble, and coming of age in the Bronx /
   Adrian Nicole LeBlanc.

HV 4504 .D47 2003                        2003
   Citizen hobo : how a century of homelessness shaped America / Todd
   List of illustrations -- Acknowledgments -- Introduction -- I. Rise of
   hobohemia, 1870-1920 -- 1. Great army of tramps -- Making of America's
   tramp army ; Tasting of the fountain of indolence ; Origin myths of
   tramping -- 2. Other side of the road -- Broken home circle; From
   patriarch to pariah ; From the fraternity of haut beaus -- 3. Hallelujah,
   I'm a bum! -- Opening of the wageworkers' frontier ; Main stem ; (White)
   man's country ; Hobosexuality -- II. Hobohemia and homelessness in the
   early twentieth century -- 4. Politics of hobohemia -- Organizing the main
   stem ; Song of the jungles -- 5. Civilization without homes -- Reforming
   the main stem ; Hotel spirit ; Comic tramp -- III. Resettling the hobo
   army, 1920-1980 -- 6. Decline and fall of hobohemia -- Closing of the
   wageworker's frontier ; Contesting hobohemia -- 7. Forgotten men -- New
   Deal for the American homeless ; Folklores of homelessness -- 8. Coming
   home -- Decline and fall of skid row ; Dharma bums and easy riders -- IV.
   Enduring legacy : homelessness and American culture since 1980 -- 9.
   Rediscovering homelessness -- New homeless ; Romancing the road, surviving
   the streets.

HV 6250.4 .E75 S36 1982                  1982
   Violence against Blacks in the United States, 1979-1981 / by Elsie L.
   Historical background -- Theoretical considerations -- Incidents of racial
   violence -- Victim and offender characteristics -- Response of the
   criminal justice system -- Response of the victims and the community.

HV 6432 .L353 2004                       2004
   1000 years for revenge : international terrorism and the FBI--the untold
   story / Peter Lance.

HV 6439 .U72 L77 1994                    1994
   Always running : La Vida Loca, gang days in L.A. / Luis J. Rodriguez.

HV 6710.3 .M37 A3 2003                   2003
   American roulette : how I turned the odds upside down - my wild
   twenty-five year ride ripping off the world's casinos / Richard Marcus.

HV 7431 .C718 2003                       2003
   Crime control and social justice : the delicate balance / edited by
   Darnell F. Hawkins, Samuel L. Myers, Jr., and Randolph N. Stone.

HV 7436 .K538 2001                       2001
   Armed : new perspectives on gun control / Gary Kleck & Don B. Kates.
   Guns and public health : epidemic of violence, or pandemic of propaganda?
   ; "Poisoning the well" for gun control / by Don B. Kates -- Absolutist
   politics in a moderate package : prohibitionist intentions of the gun
   control movement ; Modes of news media distortion of gun issues ; The
   frequency of defensive gun use : evidence and disinformation ; The nature
   and effectiveness of owning, carrying, and using guns for self-protection
   / by Gary Kleck -- The Second Amendment : a right to personal
   self-protection / by Don B. Kates.

HV 7911 .H6 H33 2004                     2004
   Puppetmaster : the secret life of J. Edgar Hoover / Richard Hack.
                                Inventory List

                   Produced Friday, October 1, 2004 at 12:49 PM

HV 9104 .F448 2003                       2003
   Juvenile crime / Jeffrey Ferro.
   Introduction to juvenile crime -- The law of juvenile crime -- The
   juvenile justice system -- Chronology -- Biographical listing -- Glossary
   -- How to research juvenile crime and juvenile justice issues -- Annotated
   bibliography -- Organizations and agencies -- Appendix A. Juvenile crime
   statistics -- Appendix B. In re Gault et al.

HX 84 .B384 K47 2003                     2003
   Clever girl : Elizabeth Bentley, the spy who ushered in the McCarthy era /
   Lauren Kessler.

JA61 .B43 1999EB                         1999
   The Blackwell dictionary of political science [electronic resource] : a
   user's guide to its terms / Frank Bealey.

JA61 .C65 1997EB                         1997
   Dictionary of government and politics [electronic resource] / P.H. Collin.

JC 489 .G73 2003                         2003
   Al Qaeda and what it means to be modern / John Gray.
   What Al Qaeda destroyed -- Three modern projects -- The original
   modernisers -- A very short history of the global free market --
   Geopolitics and the limits of growth -- The metamorphosis of war -- Pax
   Americana? -- Why we still do now know what it means to be modern.

JC 573.2 .U6 B76 2004                    2004
   The Republican noise machine : right-wing media and how it corrupts
   democracy / David Brock.
   Nixon's revenge -- Guerilla war -- The big lie -- The fifth columnists --
   Scandal sheets -- Toilet papers -- Ministers of propaganda -- Talking
   heads -- Mort the Mouth -- General Electric Theatre -- Hate radio --
   Information wars -- Fair and balanced -- Dirty books -- Sunday Morning --
   20/20s vision -- Afterword.

JC 585 .R82 2001                          2001
   Freedom and time : a theory of constitutional self-government / Jed

JK 31 .O34 2004                          2004
   America's inadvertent empire / William E. Odom and Robert Dujarric.
   Introduction -- The sources of American power -- An empire of a new type
   -- The military power gap -- The demography gap -- The economic
   performance gap -- The university gap -- The science gap -- The media and
   mass culture gaps -- Conclusion.

JK 468 .I6 K42 2003                      2003
   The CIA at war : inside the secret campaign against terror / Ronald

JK 1021 .M39 2000                        2000
   America's Congress : actions in the public sphere, James Madison through
   Newt Gingrich / David R. Mayhew.

JK 1379 .H47 2003                        2003
   Fashioning the more ethical representative : the impact of ethics reforms
   in the U.S. House of Representatives / Rebekah Herrick.
   Tables -- Preface -- 1. The ethics climate -- 2. Improvements in
   congressional ethics -- 3. The effects of the ethics climate on public
   attitudes towards Congress -- 4. The effects of ethics standards on member
   departure -- 5. The ethics reforms and lawmaking -- 6. Explaining
                                Inventory List

                 Produced Friday, October 1, 2004 at 12:49 PM

   unethical behavior -- 7. Conclusion and recommendations -- appendix A.
   Members accused of unethical behavior -- appendix B. Questionnaire sent to
   former members -- Glossary of key scandals -- References -- Index.

JK 1896 .M43 2004                        2004
   How the vote was won : woman suffrage in the western United States,
   1868-1914 / Rebecca J. Mead.
   The context of the western woman suffrage movement -- Early western
   suffragists as organic intellectuals -- Reconstruction, woman suffrage,
   and territorial politics in the West -- Suffrage and populism in the
   Silver State of Colorado -- California, woman suffrage, and the critical
   election of 1896 -- Progressivism and woman suffrage in the Pacific
   Northwest -- The California Zephyr and the 1911 campaign -- The West and
   the modern suffrage movement.

JK 1991 .L52 2004                        2004
   The buying of the President, 2004 : who's really bankrolling Bush and his
   Democratic challengers--and what they expect in return / Charles Lewis and
   the Center for Public Integrity.

JK 2316 .W735 2003                       2003
   Party of the people : a history of the Democrats / Jules Witcover.
   Unwanted pregnancy, 1775-1792 -- New party is born, 1792-1796 -- Heartbeat
   from power, 1797-1800 -- New party takes over, 1800-1801 -- Jeffersonian
   era begins, 1801-1809 -- Party stands alone, 1809-1827 -- Jacksonian
   Democracy, 1828-1836 -- Jacksonianism without Jackson, 1837-1844 --
   Manifest Destiny, war and compromise, 1845-1852 -- Party self-destructs,
   1853-1860 -- Civil War and Peace Democrats, 1861-1868 -- Wilderness years,
   1869-1880 -- On the road to party recovery, 1881-1896 -- Bryan era,
   1896-1912 -- Wilson and the New Freedom, 1912-1915 -- Great War tests the
   party, 1916-1920 -- Sidewalks of New York, 1920-1933 -- FDR and the New
   Deal, 1933-1939 -- Democracy fights fascism, 1939-1945 -- Truman: the buck
   stops here, 1945-1948 -- Fair Deal, and end of an era, 1949-1952 -- In the
   shadow of a war hero, 1953-1960 -- JFK: the party bounces back, 1960 --
   Beginning and end of the new frontier, 1961-1963 -- LBJ: rise and fall of
   the great society, 1963-1968 -- Democratic cataclysm, 1968 -- Reform, but
   not revival, 1968-1974 -- Post-Watergate interlude, 1974-1980 -- Bucking
   the Reagan revolution 1981-1984 -- Time for party soul-searching,
   1985-1991 -- Different kind of Democrat, 1992 -- Looking like America,
   1993-1996 -- Democratic phoenix, 1997-1999 -- Calamity in 2000.

JQ 1758 .A58 M35 2002                    2002
   Islamic administration under Omar ibn al-Khattab / Farouk S. Majdalawi.

JV 105 .S79 2002                         2002
   Carnal knowledge and imperial power : race and the intimate in colonial
   rule / Ann Laura Stoler.
   Genealogies of the intimate: movements in colonial studies -- Rethinking
   colonial categories: European communities and the boundaries of rule --
   Carnal knowledge and imperial power: gender and morality in the making of
   race -- Sexual affronts and racial frontiers: cultural competence and the
   dangers of m*etissage -- A sentimental education: children on the imperial
   divide -- A colonial reading of Foucault: bourgeois bodies and racial
   selves -- Memory-work in Java: a cautionary tale.

JV 6483 .D354 2004                       2004
   Guarding the golden door : American immigration policy and immigrants
   since 1882 / Roger Daniels.
   The beginnings of immigration restriction, 1882-1917 -- The 1920s : the
   triumph of the old nativism -- No new deal for immigration -- World War II
   and after : the barriers begin to drop -- Admitting displaced persons :
   1946-1950 -- The Cold war and immigration -- Lyndon Johnson and the end of
                                Inventory List

                 Produced Friday, October 1, 2004 at 12:49 PM

   the quota system -- Immigrants from other worlds : Asians -- Immigrants
   from other worlds : Latinos -- Refugees and human rights : Cubans,
   Southeast Asians, and others -- Immigration reform : myths and realities
   -- "Controlling our borders " : struggles over immigration policy --
   Immigration after 9/11.

JZ 1682 .D43 2001                        2001
   Disarming Iraq : monitoring power and resistance / Michael V. Deaver.

JZ 6368 .F56 2003                        2003
   The purpose of intervention : changing beliefs about the use of force /
   Martha Finnemore.
   The purpose of force -- Sovereign default and military intervention --
   Changing norms of humanitarian intervention -- Intervention and
   international order -- How purpose changes -- Measuring material
   distribution of power.

JZ 6377 .A35 M39 2002                    2002
   Africa's first peacekeeping operation : the OAU in Chad, 1981-1982 / Terry
   M. Mays.

K 184 .L63 2003                          2003
   Success without victory : lost legal battles and the long road to justice
   in America / Jules Lobel.
   Introduction : losers, fools, and prophets -- Can law stop war? The
   constitution and Iraq -- A tradition of resistance : anti-slavery
   litigators and the fight for freedom -- "A fine agitation" : women's
   suffrage goes to court -- Plessy v. Ferguson : the fool's last battle --
   Plant closing litigation : "Youngstown sure died hard" -- Politics versus
   law : were travelers to Cuba trading with the enemy? -- Challenging United
   States intervention in Central America -- End of an era : fighting U.S.
   action in Kosovo.

KD313 .C64 2000EB                        2000
   Dictionary of law [electronic resource] / P. H. Collin.

KF 220 .I438 2003                         2003
   Illusive shadows : justice, media, and socially significant American
   trials / edited by Lloyd Chiasson, Jr.
   The opening statement -- The case of the Salem witch trials (1692) / Lloyd
   Chiasson Jr. -- The case of the Amistad mutiny (1839-1840) / Bernell E.
   Tripp -- The case of the Sioux uprisings (1862) / Joseph P. McKerns -- The
   Case of Ed Johnson (1906) / Kittrell Rushing -- The case of "Big Bill"
   Haywood (1907) / David R. Spencer -- The case of Sacco and Vanzetti (1921)
   / Arthur J. Kaul -- The case of Ossian Sweet (1925-1926) / Elijah F.
   Akhahenda -- The case of Clay Shaw (1967) / Robert Dardenne -- The case of
   Manuel Noriega (1991-1992) / Nancy McKenzie Dupont -- The case of Matthew
   Shepard (1999) / Alfred N. Delahaye -- The summation.

KF 224 .J66 S68 2003                     2003
   The smoking gun : day by day through a shocking murder trial with Gerry
   Spence : a true story / Gerry Spence.

KF 224 .S235 P74 2003                    2003
   Defending Mohammad : justice on trial / Robert E. Precht.
   My appointment -- The right to a fair trial -- "We try cases in the
   courtroom" -- Discovery -- Strategy -- "Can you be fair and impartial?" --
   Opening statements -- Relevance and prejudice -- "How are you going to
   feel?" -- Cross-examination -- "You guys aren't loyal" -- "A person like
   this one" -- "My father" -- "You don't see the case for what it is" -- A
   Christmas visit -- "I'm fairly certain he did it"-- "It was misleading" --
   Mosque -- "Do not cry" -- Summations -- "I could not believe my ears" --
                                Inventory List

                 Produced Friday, October 1, 2004 at 12:49 PM

   Verdict -- Appeal.

KF 368 .R45 K58 2003                     2003
   Kentucky justice, southern honor, and American manhood : understanding the
   life and death of Richard Reid / James C. Klotter.

KF 1526 .S59 2001                        2001
   Debt's dominion : a history of bankruptcy law in America / David A. Skeel,
   The path to permanence in 1898 -- Railroad receivership and the elite
   reorganization bar -- Escaping the New Deal: the bankruptcy bar in the
   1930s -- William Douglas and the rise of the Securities and Exchange
   Commission -- Raising the bar with the 1978 Bankruptcy code -- Repudiating
   the New Deal with Chapter 11 of the Bankruptcy code -- Credit cards and
   the return of ideology in consumer bankruptcy -- Bankruptcy as a business
   address: the growth of Chapter 11 in practice and thoery -- Globalization
   and U.S. bankruptcy law.

KF 2979 .L47 2004                        2004
   Free culture : how big media uses technology and the law to lock down
   culture and control creativity / Lawrence Lessig.
   Creators -- Mere copyists -- Catalogs -- Pirates -- Piracy -- Founders --
   Recorders -- Transformers -- Collectors -- Property -- Chimera -- Harms --
   Eldred -- Eldred II.
   Lawrence Lessig, "the most important thinker on intellectual property in
   the Internet era" (The New Yorker), is often called our leading cultural
   environmentalist. His focus is the ecosystem of creativity, the
   environment created around it by technology and law. To read Free Culture
   is to understand that the health of that ecosystem is in grave peril.
   While new technologies always lead to new laws, Lessig shows that never
   before have the big cultural monopolists drummed up such unease about
   these advances, especially the Internet, to shrink the public domain while
   using the same advances to control what we can and can't do with the
   culture all around us. What's at stake is our freedom -- freedom to
   create, freedom to build, and, ultimately, freedom to imagine.

KF 3803 .A54 R65 2004                    2004
   AIDS and the sexuality of law : ironic jurisprudence / Joe Rollins.

KF 4757.5 .L38 B46 2003                  2003
   Greasers and gringos : Latinos, law, and the American imagination / Steven
   W. Bender.
   The confluence of stereotype and law -- Latinas/os in the American
   imagination -- Centering Latina/o stereotypes in those of other groups --
   Greasers and gangsters : Latinas/os and crime -- Ma*nana (is soon enough
   for me) : fertility and welfare -- In the U.S.A. it's English or adi*os
   amigo : Latina/o assimilation -- One of the smart ones : Latina/o
   (un)intelligence -- No Mexicans or dogs allowed: subhumanity -- Gringos in
   the Latina/o imagination -- Latinas/os in the mirror : intra/inter-ethnic
   glimpses -- Eradicating stereotypes : community-based strategies of media
   counterspeech and protest -- Mi familia as counterspeech -- Eradicating
   stereotypes : the collision of legal strategies with the First Amendment
   -- Beyond stereotype : movement toward social change.

KF 8961 .S39 1995                        1995
   Scientific evidence in civil and criminal cases / by Andre A. Moenssens
   ... [et al.].

KF9085 .A68 D53 2002EB                   1999
   Dictionary of conflict resolution [electronic resource] / compiled and
   edited by Douglas H. Yarn ; in cooperation with the Society of
   Professionals in Dispute Resolution and with the support of the William
                                Inventory List

                 Produced Friday, October 1, 2004 at 12:49 PM

   and Flora Hewlett Foundation and the Georgia Consortium on Negotiation and
   Conflict Resolution.

KF 9322 .S36 2000                        2000
   Battered women & feminist lawmaking / Elizabeth M. Schneider.
   pt. 1. Domestic violence as a social and legal problem -- pt. 2.
   Theoretical dimensions of feminist lawmaking on battering -- pt. 3.
   Implementing feminist lawmaking -- pt. 4. Aspirations, limits, and

KFV 2853 .L46 1986                       1986
   Development of a method for recommending instream flows for fishes in the
   Upper James River, Virginia / Paul M. Leonard, Donald J. Orth, Christopher
   J. Goudreau.

LA 229 .H39 2001                         2001
   Put your bodies upon the wheels : student revolt in the 1960s / Kenneth J.
   Preface -- Campus wars and culture wars : Outstanding events, issues, and
   contrasting interpretations of the 1960s. The good 1960s and the bad
   1960s. -- Civil Rights and wrongs : Origins of the civil rights movement.
   Founding of the Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee. Stokely
   Carmichael. Rise of Black Power. Huey Newton. Racial unrest. Great
   Society. -- Who protested? : Causes of white student protest. Birth of the
   student New Left and New Right. Social characteristics of student
   activists. Red diaper babies. Ideological beliefs of white radicals. --
   Other dissenters--and their critics : Role of academics, clergy,
   intellectuals, and media in 1960s protest. Intellectuals and American
   foreign policy and race relations. William Appleman Williams. Critics of
   the left. Thomas Wolfe. -- Escalation, 1964-1967 : American military
   escalation of the Vietnam War. Mississippi freedom summer. Berkeley free
   speech movement. Spiral of campus protest and urban riots. H. Rap Brown.
   -- Explosion, 1968-1970 : Tet offensive. Assassination of Martin Luther
   King, Jr. Columbia University uprising. 1968 Democratic National
   Convention. Tom Hayden. Election of Richard Nixon. Founding of the Weather
   Underground. Kent State slayings. -- Counterculture : LSD. Rock and roll.
   Sexual revolution. Entertainment industry and the counterculture. Janis
   Joplin. Betty Friedan's The feminine mystique. -- Legacies of the 1960s :
   Fragmentation of the New Deal electoral coalition. George McGovern. Ronald
   Reagan. Changes in the post-1960s moral climate. Political correctness on
   the post-1960s campus. American foreign policy in the aftermath of the
   Vietnam War.

LB 1027.5 .M75 2003                      2003
   Multicultural counseling in schools : a practical handbook / [edited by]
   Paul B. Pedersen and John C. Carey.
   School counselor involvement in culture-centered education reform / Robert
   D. Colbert, Marge Magouirk Colbert -- Cultural identity groups and
   cultural maps : meaning making in groups / Ernest D. Washington...[et al.]
   -- Racial identity in social environment / Janet E. Helms -- Children of
   immigrants : their worldviews value conflicts / Gargi Roysircar-Sodowsky,
   Lisa L. Frey -- Multicultural counseling with immigrant students in
   schools / Fred Bemak, Rita Chi-Ying Chung.
   Increasing Hispanic parent participation in schools : the role of the
   counselor / J. Manuel Casas, Michael J. Furlong, Christopher Ruiz de
   Esparza -- Working cross-culturally in family-school partnerships / Norma
   McKenna, Janine Roberts, Libby Woodfin -- School counselors and school
   psychologists as school-home-community liaisons in ethnically diverse
   schools / Cindy L. Juntunen, Donald R. Atkinson, Gregory Tierney --
   Improving the multicultural competence of educators / Don C. Locke --
   Multicultural training in schools as an expansion of the counselor's role
   Paul B. Pedersen.
                                Inventory List

                 Produced Friday, October 1, 2004 at 12:49 PM

   Reducing violence in multicultural schools / Lisa Aronson Fontes --
   Cross-cultural career counseling in schools / Frederick T.L. Leong, Vicky
   L.M. Tan -- Counseling approaches to working with students with
   disabilities from diverse backgrounds / Mary Lynn Boscardin, Rachel
   Brown-Chidsey, Julio C. Gonz*alez-Mart*inez -- Improving the multicultural
   effectiveness of your school in the context of state standards,
   accountability measures, and high-stakes assessment / John C. Carey, Mary
   Lynn Boscardin.
   Defining school counselor roles in culture-centered education reform
   within the context of student concern collaboration teams / Robert D.
   Colbert...[et al.].

LB 1027.5 .S2585 2003                    2003
   Counseling in schools : essential services and comprehensive programs /
   John J. Schmidt.
   The school counseling profession -- The school counselor -- Comprehensive
   school counseling programs -- Essential services -- Developing a program
   -- Individual counseling and group procedures -- Collaboration and
   consultation -- Student appraisal -- Educational planning and career
   development -- Evaluation of a school counseling program -- Professional
   ethics and legal issues -- School counseling today and tomorrow.

LB 2842.2 .S3 1996                       1994
   Salary schedules for teachers.

LC 192.6 .C26 2003                       2003
   Diverse sexuality and schools : a reference handbook / David Campos.
   Introduction -- Chronology -- A historical perspective -- Stories of five
   contemporary youth -- Profiles of three schools -- Advocacy organizations,
   associations, and government agencies -- Print and nonprint resources --

LC 2781 .B93 1992                        1992
   Origins, development, and current status of the National Alliance of
   Business College Cluster Program at selected black colleges and
   universities / by R. Charles Byers.

LC 2802 .A52 1983                        1983
   A Model for increased and improved relationships between the developmental
   disabilities system and historically black colleges and universities :
   final report / by the Administration Developmental Disabilities, Office of
   Human Development Services, U.S. Department of Health and Human Services.

LC 2803 .M37 1981                        1981
   Enhancement of Maryland's predominantly black collegiate institutions :
   Consultant's report to the Desegregation Task Force of the State Board for
   Higher Education.

LC 2851 .H35 B33 2004                    2004
   Back to basics : highlights from the administrative retreat opening speech
   of Dr. William R. Harvey, Presdent, Hampton University.

LD 5015 .S68 2000                        2000
   South Carolina State University / Frank C. Martin II ... [et al.].
   Thomas E. Miller: 1896-1911 -- Robert S. Wilkinson: 1911-1932 -- Miller F.
   Whittaker: 1932-1949 -- Benner C. Turner: 1950-1967 -- M. Maceo Nance jr.:
   1968-1986 -- Albert E. Smith: 1986-1992 -- Barbara R. Hatton: 1993-1995 --
   Leroy Davis Sr.: 1997-present.

LD 5672 .H33 2003                        2003
   Great books, honors programs, and hidden origins : the Virginia Plan and
   the University of Virginia in the liberal arts movement / William N.
                                Inventory List

                 Produced Friday, October 1, 2004 at 12:49 PM


M 3 .B37 V.1                             1954
   Opera omnia / Jacobi Barbireau ; edidit, Bernhardus Meier.
   1. Missa Virgo parens Christi -- Missa Faulx perverse -- Kyrie Paschale --
   Missa terribilment -- 2. Osculetur me -- Scon lief -- Gracuuly et biaulx
   -- Der Pfoben swancz -- Esperant que mon bien vendra -- Een vroylic wesen
   -- Au traveil suis -- L'omme banni de sa plaisance.

M 3 .B37 V.2                             1954
   Opera omnia / Jacobi Barbireau ; edidit, Bernhardus Meier.
   1. Missa Virgo parens Christi -- Missa Faulx perverse -- Kyrie Paschale --
   Missa terribilment -- 2. Osculetur me -- Scon lief -- Gracuuly et biaulx
   -- Der Pfoben swancz -- Esperant que mon bien vendra -- Een vroylic wesen
   -- Au traveil suis -- L'omme banni de sa plaisance.

M 3 .B893 V.1                            1969
   Missae / Antonii Brumel ; edidit, Barton Hudson.
   Je nay dueul -- Berzerette savoyenne -- Ut re mi fa sol la -- L'Homme
   arm*e -- Victimae paschali.

M 3 .B893 V.2                            1970
   Missa Bon temps ; Missa Dominicalis ; Missa Descendi in hortum ; Missa
   Sine nomine / Antonii Brumel ; edidit, Barton Hudson.

M 3 .B893 V.3                            1970
   Missa Et ecce terrae motus / Antonii Brumel ; edidit, Barton Hudson.

M 3 .B893 V.4                            1970
   Missa de Beata Virgine : and, Missa de Dringhs ; Missa A l'ombre d'ung
   buissonet ; Missa pro Defunctis ; Mass sections / Antonii Brumel ; edidit,
   Barton Hudson.

M 3 .B893 V.5                            1972
   Motetta / Antonii Brvmel ; edidit, Barton Hudson.
   Ave, Ancilla Trinitatis -- Ave cujus conceptio -- Ave Maria, gratia Dei
   plena -- Ave stella matutina -- Ave virgo gloriosa -- Beata es, Maria,
   virgo -- Conceptus hodiernus Mariae semper virginis -- Da pacem, Domine --
   Gloria, laus et honor -- Haec dies -- Heth, Cogitavit Dominus -- Languente
   miseris -- Lauda Sion -- Laudate Dominum de caelis -- Mater patris --
   Nativitas unde gaudia ; Nativitas tua, Dei genitrix -- Nato canunt omnia
   -- Noe noe noe -- O crux, ave, spes unica -- O Domine Jesu Christe --
   Philippe, qui videt me -- Quae est ista -- Regina caeli laetare (1) --
   Regina caeli laetare (2) -- Rosa novum dans odorem -- Sicut lilium inter
   spinas -- Sub tuum praesidium -- Opus dubium. Ave Maria / Jo. Brumes?

M 3 .C62 V.15                            1966
   Moteta ex officina Latii & Waelrandi & "del Laberinto" excusa MDLN /
   Jacobus Clemens non Papa ; edit, K. Ph. Bernet Kempers.

M 3 .C62 V.16                            1968
   Moteta primum in lucem edita 1554/1555 / Jacobus Clemens non Papa ;
   edidit, K. Ph. Bernet Kempers.

M 3 .C62 V.17                            1969
   Cantiones ecclesiasticae Lib. IX, X, XI, 5 vocum et Moteta postume edita
   ex officina Waelrandi & Latii, 3, 4, 5, & 6 vocum.

M 3 .C62 V.18                            1971
   Opera omnia. XVIII / Jacobus Clemens non Papa ; edidit, K. Ph. Bernet
   Quis Deus magnus-Laus et perennis -- Jerusalem cito veniet-Civitas
                                Inventory List

                 Produced Friday, October 1, 2004 at 12:49 PM

   Jerusalem -- Obsecro Domine-Exita Domine -- O Thoma didime -- Magi
   veniunt-Magi videntes -- Videus Jacob-Congregati autem -- Nolite sollicite
   esse-Quaerite primum -- Dum praeliaretur-Dum committeret bellum -- O
   beatum virum-Domine si ad huc populo -- O crux benedicta-Adoramus te --
   Dicant nunc Judaei -- Non turbetur cor vestrum-Ego rogabo patrem -- Amavit
   eum Dominus-Induit eum -- Ave Ursula serena -- Ante portam Jerusalem --
   Georgi martyr-Rogamus corde -- Ne abscondas me-Voca me -- Domus mea-Petite
   et accipietis -- Ascendens Jesus Hierosolymam-Et tradent eum.

M 3 .C62 V.19                            1972
   Cantiones sacrae ex libris III & IV postume editis Lovanii MDLIX / Jacobus
   Clemens non Papa ; edidit, K. Ph. Bernet Kempers.

M 3 .C62 V.20                            1973
   Cantiones sacrae ex libris V & VI postume editis Lovanii MDLIX / Jacobus
   Clemens non Papa ; edidit, K. Ph. Bernet Kempers.

M 3 .C62 V.21                            1976
   Cantiones sacrae ex editionibus postumis ac manuscriptis / Jacobvs Clemens
   non Papa ; edidervnt, K. Ph. Bernet Kempers et Chris Maas.

M 3 .G63 V.1                             1951
   Missae IV vocum 1-4 / Nicolai Gombert ; edidit Joseph Schmidt-G*org.
   Missa Da pacem -- Missa Sancta Maria -- Missa Beati omnes -- Missa Je suis

M 3 .G63 V.2                             1954
   Missae V vocum 5-8 / Nicolai Gombert ; edidit Joseph Schmidt-G*org.
   Missa Media vita -- Missa Sur tous regretz -- Missa Philomena -- Missa
M 3 .G63 V.3                             1963
   Missae VI vocum ; Credo (8 vocum) / Nicolai Gombert ; edidit Joseph
   Missa Qualm pulchra es -- Missa Tempore paschali -- Credo.

M 3 .G63 V.4                             1957
   Magnificat / Nicolai Gombert ; edidit Joseph Schmidt-G*org.

M 3 .G63 V.5                             1961
   Cantiones sacr* / Nicolai Gombert ; edidit Joseph Schmidt-G*org.
   Domine, pater et Deus vit* me* -- Miserere pie Jesu ; Parce eis Domine --
   Venite filii, audite me ; Servite Domino in timare -- Dicite in magni ;
   L*ta dies terris -- Ecce nunc tempus acceptabile -- O gloriosa Dei
   genitrix ; Qu* est ista, qu* ascendit -- Ave regina c*lorum Virgo
   prudentissima -- Salvum me fac Domine ; Propter miseriam inopum -- Duo
   rogavi te Domine -- Levavi oculos meos ; Dominus custodit te -- Saluto te
   sancta virgo Maria ; Subvenias mihi tam in corpore -- Qu* est ista, qu*
   processit ; Et sicut dies verni -- O gloriosa Domina Dei genitrix -- Super
   flumina Babylonis -- Inter natos mulierum -- Quam pulchra es et quam
   decora -- Ave sanctissima Maria -- Fuit nomo missus ; Hic pr*cursor et
   dilectus -- Aspice Domine ; Muro tuo inexpugnabili -- Dignare me laudare
   te ; O Regina poli -- Fidelium Deus omnium -- Domine, si tu es ; Cumque
   vidisset ventum validum.

M 3 .G63 V.6                             1964
   Cantiones sacr* / Nicolai Gombert ; edidit Joseph Schmidt-G*org.
   Fac tibi mortales ; O clemens genti -- Domine, non secundum ; Quare
   memento nostri -- Averte oculos meos -- Miserere nostri, Deus omnium ;
   Alleva ergo -- Ergo ne vitae -- Reminiscere miserationum tuarum --
   Adversum me subsurrabant ; In hoc cognori -- Sancte Alphonse -- Salve,
   Regina ; Eia ergo --Sancta Maria -- Beata Mater, et innupta Virgo ; In
                                Inventory List

                 Produced Friday, October 1, 2004 at 12:49 PM

   prole Mater ; Sub tuum praesidium ; Sub tuam protectionem -- O Domina
   mundi -- Vae, vae, Babylon ; Vae, vae, civitas -- Surge, Petre ; Angelus
   Domini astitit -- Salve, Regina (Diversi diversa orant) -- Si ignoras te
   -- Cur quisquam corrodat -- Quidquid appositum ets ; Gratias agimus tibi ;
   Largire -- Vita, dulcedo ; Ad te suspiramus ; Et Jesum ; O clemens.

M 3 .G63 V.7                             1968
   Motecta 5 v. / ; Nicolai Gombert ; edidit Joseph Schmidt-G*org.
   Judica me Deus ; Et introibo -- Tribulatio et angustia ; Tribulationes
   cordis mei -- Haec dies ; Confitemini Domino -- O flos campi ; Quam
   pulchrae sunt -- Laus Deo ; Et beata viscera -- Anima nostra -- Inviolata
   ; O benigna -- Adonai Domine -- Emendemus ; Peccavimus -- Maria Magdalene
   ; Cito euntes -- Ave sanctissima -- Domine Deus omnipotens -- Tota pulchra
   es --Gaudeamus -- Alleluja. Spiritus Domini ; Laudes Deo -- O beata Maria
   ; Assiste parata -- Audi filia ; Specie tua -- Vias tuas ; Trahe nos --
   Hodie beata ; Responsum accepit -- Pater noster -- Ave Maria -- Anima mea
   ; Filiae Ierusalem -- Tu Deus noster ; Tribue ergo -- Ego flos campi ;
   Laeva ejus -- Beati omnes ; Ecce sic benedicetur -- Ave mater.

M 3 .G63 V.8                             1970
   Motecta 5 v. / Nicolai Gombert ; edidit Joseph Schmidt-G*org.
   Ex purgate vetus fermentum ; Mortuus est enim -- Inclina, Domine ; Exaudi
  me -- O adorandum sacramentum ; Quod transiturus -- Caeciliam cantate pii
  ; Concordes igitur -- Ave regina caelorum -- Hodie nobis caelorum Rex ;
  Hodie illuxit nobis -- Hortus conclusus -- Patefactae sunt ; Mortem enim
  --Conceptio tua -- Confitebimur tibi, Deus ; Quia neque -- Ad te levari
  oculos meos -- Venite ad me omnes -- Hodie nata est Virgo Maria -- Ne
  reminiscaris, Domine -- O felix Anna ; O Anna purissima -- Cantemus
  Virgini -- Surge, Petre ; Angelus Domini -- Peto Domine ; Ne reminiscaris
  -- O magnum mysterium ; Domine audiri -- Sit Trinitati -- Veni dilecta mea
  ; Nigra sum -- Veni electa mea ; Diffusa est gratia -- Da pacem Domine ;
  Fiat pax.

M 3 .G63 V.9                             1974
   Motecta 6 v. / Nicolai Gombert ; edidit Joseph Schmidt-G*org.
   Salvator mundi ; Eia ergo advocemus -- In illo tempore loquente Iesu --
   Descendi in hortum meum -- Ego sum qui sum ; Tulerunt Dominum -- O Rex
   gloriae ; Omnis pulchritudo -- O crux, splendidior ; O crux gloriosa --
   Media vita -- Duo rogavi -- Oculi omnium ; Qui edunt -- Si bona suscepimus
   -- Sancta Maria, succurre miseris -- Ave salus mundi -- O Domine Iesu
   Christe ; O Domine Iesu Christe -- Beatus vir qui non abiit ; Non sic
   impii -- Musae Ioris --Peccata mea ; Quoniam iniquitatem -- In te Domine
   speravi ; Educes me -- Qui colis Ausoniam ; Perpetuum Clemens -- In illo
   tempore dicebat Iesus ; Sed cum facis -- Quem dicunt homines ; Petre
   diligis me -- Omnis pulchritudo Domini ; A summo caelo -- Benedicta es
   caelorum regina ; Per illud ave.

M 3 .G63 V.10                            1975
   Motecta 4, 5 et 12 v. / Nicolai Gombert ; edidit Joseph Schmidt-G*org.
   Angelus Domini ad pastores ; Et invenietis -- Dulcis amica Dei --Virgo
   sancta Katharina -- Homo erat in Ierusalem ; Et cum inducerent -- Gaude
   mater Ecclesia ; Gaude quia convertisti -- Deus ultionum ; Intelligite --
   Ad te levavi ; Miserere nostri -- Sancte Ioannes Apostle -- Qui seminant
   in lacrimis ; Qui parce seminant -- In patientia vestra -- Laqueus
   contritus ests ; Tribulationes -- Regina caeli -- Cantibus organicis ;
   Fundite cantores --Speciosa facta es -- Iubilate Deo -- Egregie Martyr ;
   Socius enim -- Sucipe verbum ; Paries quidem filium -- Felix Austriae
   domus -- In illo tempore dixit Iesus ... caro mea ; Hic est panis --
   Gabriel nuntiavit Mariae ; Pneumatis latet -- Hic est discipulus ; Et vox
   -- Respice Domine ; Respice Domine -- Tribulatio cordis mei -- Sancta et
   immaculata ; Quae est ista -- Felix namque ; Ora pro populo -- In illo
   tempore intravit Iesus ; Et respondeus -- Domine quis habitat ; ad ni
                                Inventory List

                 Produced Friday, October 1, 2004 at 12:49 PM

  hilum -- Stabat autem Petrus ; Nescio quid dicis -- Regina caeli.

M 3 .G63 V.11, PT.1                      1975
   Cantiones saeculares / Nicolai Gombert ; edidit Joseph Schmidt-G*org.

M 3 .G63 V.11 PT.2                       1975
   Cantiones saeculares / Nicolai Gombert ; edidit Joseph Schmidt-G*org.

M 3 .R44 V.1                             1956
   Opera omnia / Johannis Regis ; edited, Cornelis Lindenburg.
   v. 1. Missa Dum sacrum mysterium (L'homme arm*e) -- Missa Ecce ancilla
   Domini -- Fragmentum missae Patrem Vilayge -- v. 2. Salve sponsa -- Celsi
   tonantis -- Lauda Sion Salvatorem -- Clangat plebs -- Lux solempnis adest
   -- Ave Maria, gratia plena -- O admirabile commercium -- Ave Maria -- S'il
   vous plaist -- Puisque madame, je m'en voy.

M 3 .R44 V.2                             1956
   Opera omnia / Johannis Regis ; edited, Cornelis Lindenburg.
   v. 1. Missa Dum sacrum mysterium (L'homme arm*e) -- Missa Ecce ancilla
   Domini -- Fragmentum missae Patrem Vilayge -- v. 2. Salve sponsa -- Celsi
   tonantis -- Lauda Sion Salvatorem -- Clangat plebs -- Lux solempnis adest
   -- Ave Maria, gratia plena -- O admirabile commercium -- Ave Maria -- S'il
   vous plaist -- Puisque madame, je m'en voy.

M 1500 .B59 C37 2001B DVD                2001
   Carmen [videorecording] : a hip hopera / New Line Cinema presents a Robert
   Townsend production ; written by Michael Elliot ; directed by, Robert
   A timeless story of desire, passion, and betrayal told through song by a
   cast of today's hip-hop stars.

M 1500 .V48 O84 2003 DVD                 2003
   Otello [videorecording] / a film by Franco Zeffirelli.
   Film adaptation (1986) of Giuseppe Verdi's operatic version of
   Shakespeare's play Othello.

ML 60 .R78425 2001                       2001
   A Ned Rorem reader / Ned Rorem ; foreword by J.D. McClatchy.
   Pt. 1. Diaries and musings. The art of the diary ; Lies: notes on craft ;
   Becoming a composer ; Jackson Park ; "P" ; New York baths ; Mescaline in
   the Poconos ; Vocabulary ; Being alone ; Of vanity ; Interlude: on music
   -- Pt. 2. Music matters. Pictures and pieces ; Poetry of music ; The
   Beatles ; Edith Piaf and Billie Holiday ; Lotte Lenya ; Opera past,
   present, and future ; Ravel ; Poulenc ; Pell*eas et M*elisande ; Carmen ;
   Bluebeard's castle ; Stravinsky ; Gershwin ; Interlude: notes on death --
   Pt. 3. Portraits and memorials. Marc Blitzstein ; Martha Graham ; Paul
   Bowles ; Francis Poulenc ; Virgil Thomson ; Aaron Copland ; Samuel Barber
   ; Leonard Bernstein ; Franco Zeffirelli ; Frank O'Hara ; Julian Green ;
   Allen Ginsberg ; Tennessee Williams ; Truman Capote ; Envoi.

ML 82 .T83 2000                          2000
   Swing shift : "all-girl" bands of the 1940s / Sherrie Tucker.
   "It don't mean a thing if it ain't in the history books" -- [pt]. 1.
   Playing the changes of World War II -- 1. Working the swing shift :
   effects of World War II on all-girl bands -- 2. "Hours of charm" with Phil
   Spitalny -- 3. Extracurricular activities with the Prairie View Co-Eds --
   [pt]. 2. Road hazards -- 4. Surveillance and survival in the Jim Crow
   South -- 5. Internationalism and the Sweethearts of Rhythm -- 6. The
   darlings of rhythm : on the road and ready to run -- [pt]. 3. USO-camp
   shows -- 7. Female big bands, male mass audiences : gendered performances
   in a theater of war -- Battles of a "Sophisticated Lady" : Ada Leonard and
   the USO -- 9. "And, fellas, they're American girls!" : on the road with
                                Inventory List

                 Produced Friday, October 1, 2004 at 12:49 PM

   the Sharon Rogers All-Girl Band -- Conclusion : postwar changes, familiar

ML 120 .U5 M3 1968                       1968
   American psalmody : or, Titles of books containing tunes printed in
   America from 1721 to 1820 / compiled by Frank J. Metcalf ; new
   introduction by Harry Eskew.

ML 128 .O45 D7 1986 V.1                  1986
   American oratorios and cantatas : a catalog of works written in the United
   States from colonial times to 1985 / compiled by Thurston J. Dox.

ML 128 .O45 D7 1986 V.2                  1986
   American oratorios and cantatas : a catalog of works written in the United
   States from colonial times to 1985 / compiled by Thurston J. Dox.

ML 172 .A84 1998                         1998
   Renaissance music : music in Western Europe, 1400-1600 / Allan W. Atlas.

ML 172 .H8 1978                          1978
   Medieval music / Richard H. Hoppin.

ML 193 .S38 2001                         2001
   Music of the Baroque / David Schulenberg.
   A Sixteenth-century prologue: motet and madrigal -- Transitions around
   1600 -- Monteverdi and early Baroque musical drama -- Lully and French
   musical drama -- Secular vocal music of the later Seventeenth century --
   Seventeenth-century sacred music -- Late Baroque opera -- Late Baroque
   sacred music -- Baroque keyboard music I: toccata and suite -- Baroque
   keyboard music II:Fugues, pieces, and sonatas -- Baroque music for
   instrumental ensemble: the sonata -- The Baroque instrumental concerto --
   A mid-eighteenth-century epilogue: the Galant style.

ML 195 .D68 1992                         1992
   Classical music : the era of Haydn, Mozart, and Beethoven / Philip G

ML 300 .M313 2002                        2002
   A history of Russian music : from Kamarinskaya to Babi Yar / Francis Maes
   ; translated by Arnold J. Pomerans and Erica Pomerans.
   Introduction: Natasha's dance, or musical nationalism -- "I'm finished
   with Russian music": Mikha*il Glinka -- "There's Petersburg for you!": the
   birth pangs of a music culture -- The clash of ideas: the quest for the
   essence of the new Russian music -- The theory in practice; musical
   creation -- "Truth in the realm of the pseudo": Russian opera -- "The
   musician-human": Pyotr Chaikovsky -- "A musical conscience":
   Rimsky-Korsakov and the Belyayev Circle -- Imagination and renewal: the
   silver age -- "The cleansing catastrophe": early Soviet music -- "Russia's
   loss": the musical emigration -- From Yezhovshchina to Zhdanovshchina --
   "Prokofiev must return to us" -- "The secret diary of a nation": the works
   of Shostakovich.

ML 396 .M87 1998                         1998
   French masters of the organ : Saint-Sa*ens, Franck, Widor, Vierne, Dupr*e,
   Langlais, Messiaen / Michael Murray.
   Aristide Cavaill*e-Coll -- Camille Saint-Sa*ens -- C*esar Franck --
   Charles-Marie Widor -- Louis Vierne -- Marcel Dupr*e -- Jean Langlais --
   Olivier Messiaen.

ML 410 .B1 B73 2000                      2000
   Bach / Malcolm Boyd.
                                Inventory List

                 Produced Friday, October 1, 2004 at 12:49 PM

ML 410 .B42 J66 1999                     1999
   Beethoven, the Moonlight and other sonatas, op. 27 and op. 31 / Timothy

ML 410 .H13 S58 1995                     1995
   Handel's oratorios and eighteenth-century thought / Ruth Smith.

ML 410 .T467 G56 1999                    1999
   Tippett, A child of our time / Kenneth Gloag.

ML 417 .P48 M33 2003                     2003
   Oscar : the life and music of Oscar Peterson / Reva Marin.
   Music is the key -- No ordinary talent -- Learning the jazz tradition --
   The corner -- Escaping the railroad -- Debut at Carnegie Hall -- Oscar,
   Ray and Herb -- The teacher -- Going solo -- Celebrating a long career.

ML 420 .N76 S36 2000                     2000
   The murder of Biggie Smalls / Cathy Scott.
   Shooting -- Crime Scene -- Brooklyn -- Music -- Tupac and Biggie: the Feud
   -- New York City Investigation -- Vegas Investigation -- Streets -- L.A.
   Investigation -- Notorious B.I.G.'s Funeral-- Orlando Anderson and the
   Compton Investigation -- Puff Daddy and the Family -- Biggie's Estate and
   The Notorious B.I.G. exploded onto the hip-hop scene with his
   platinum-selling album Ready to Die in 1995. The life of B.I.G. a.k.a.
   Biggie Smalls--born Christopher Wallace--had come a long way from the
   years spent in his Bed-Sty neighborhood in Brooklyn, New York, where he
   dropped out of school at age seventeen to pursue the culture of the street
   and master his rapping style. It was on the street that Smalls began
   emceeing his original raps and was discovered by Sean "Puffy" Combs, who
   recognized Smalls's potential and took his gangsta image to the next
   level. Within a few years he moved from the street to two successful rap
   albums, several million dollars in earnings, a Billboard Music Award in
   1996 for Rapper of the Year, a marriage to R&B singer Faith Evans, a very
   public affair with L'il Kim, and hanging with Tupac Shakur, Marion "Surge"
   Knight, Puff Daddy, and Mary J. Blige. Despite becoming king of his world,
   Smalls didn't leave the life he rapped about behind. During his two-year
   rise up the charts he had several run-ins with the law, on charges ranging
   from assault to drugs and weapons possession. In 1994, both he and Combs
   were accused publicly by Suge Knight and Tupac's camp of setting up the
   shooting of Tupac Shakur, a charge they both vehemently denied. The high
   life was brought to an end on March 9, 1997, after Biggie attended the
   Soul Train Awards in Los Angeles. Smalls was gunned down in his car much
   like friend-turned-enemy Shakur had been six months earlier. Three years
   after Smalls's death, the police still have not made an arrest, and
   despite their early confidence that the case would be solved quickly, his
   murder continues to raise more questions than it answers. Respected
   journalist Cathy Scott has traveled from Las Vegas to New York and Los
   Angeles, interviewing those involved with Smalls and reviewing court
   documents and police reports surrounding the case in order to tell the
   real story of the murder of Biggie Smalls. The Murder of Biggie Smalls
   uncovers what those around Smalls and Shakur don't want to be revealed,
   including: The possibility that Smalls may have owed a gang money and was
   killed to collect on the debt. That Puffy Combs, Smalls's record producer,
   may have hired Crips members as bodyguards, who in turn killed Smalls over
   a financial beef. That Combs may have been the intended victim instead of
   Smalls. The investigation into Suge Knight, Tupac Shakur's record
   producer, and the suspicion that he may have masterminded Smalls's murder
   from his California prison cell. Smalls's mother's belief that the federal
   government was involved in the mruder and that police have conspired not
   to solve the crime. Why many surrounding Smalls feel the police have
   neglected the case to the point of letting the murderer get away--while
                                Inventory List

                 Produced Friday, October 1, 2004 at 12:49 PM

   being unwilling to offer any information themselves or assist the police
   in their efforts.

ML 429 .W35 A3 2003                      2003
   Myself among others / George Wein with Nate Chinen.

ML 430 .M33 1999                         1999
   The muse that sings : composers speak about the creative process / Ann
   Eric Stokes -- Steve Reich -- William Bolcom -- John Corigliano -- John
   Harbison -- Joan Tower -- John Adams -- Claude Baker -- Dan Welcher --
   Daniel S. Godfrey -- Fred Lerdahl -- Shulamit Ran -- Christopher Rouse --
   Steven Stucky -- Libby Larsen -- Lois V. Vierk -- John Zorn -- Michael
   Daugherty -- James Mobberley -- Bruce Adolphe -- Bright Sheng -- Richard
   Danielpour -- David Lang -- Sebastian Currier -- Aaron Jay Kernis.

ML 457 .B76 1999                         1999
   Classical and Romantic performing practice 1750-1900 / Clive Brown.
   Accentuation in theory -- Accentuation in practice -- The notation of
   accents and dynamics -- Articulation and phrasing -- Articulation and
   expression -- The notation of articulation and phrasing -- String bowing
   -- Tempo -- Alla breve -- Tempo terms -- Tempo modification --
   Embellishment, ornamentation, and improvisation -- Appoggiaturas, trills,
   turns, and related ornaments -- Vibrato -- Portamento -- Paralipomena.

ML 535 .D4 2000                          2000
   Japanese musical instruments / Hugh de Ferranti.
   Music in Japanese history -- Instruments in Japanese literature and
   folklore -- Drums, bells, and other percussion instruments -- Flutes and
   other wind isntruments -- String intruments.

ML 3000 .M87 1996                        1996
   Hymnology : a collection of source readings / by David W. Music.

ML 3088 .M35 2000                        2000
   The Advent project : the later-seventh-century creation of the Roman Mass
   proper / James W. McKinnon.

ML 3838 .S385 2002                       2002
   The science & psychology of music performance : creative strategies for
   teaching and learning / edited by Richard Parncutt & Gary E. McPherson.
   Musical potential / Anthony E. Kemp and Janet Mills -- Environmental
   influences / Heiner Gembris and Jane W. Davidson -- Motivation / Susan A.
   O'Neill and Gary E. McPherson -- Performance anxiety / Glenn D. Wilson and
   David Roland -- Brain mechanisms / Eckart Altenm*uller and Wilfried Gruhn
   -- Music medicine / Alice G. Brandfonbrener and James M. Kjelland -- From
   sound to sign / Gary E. McPherson and Alf Gabrielsson -- Improvisation /
   Barry J. Kenny and Martin Gellrich -- Sight-reading / Andreas C. Lehmann
   and Victoria McArthur -- Practice / Nancy H. Barry and Susan Hallam --
   Memory / Rita Aiello and Aaron Williamon -- Intonation / Steven J.
   Morrison and Janina Fyk -- Structural communication / Anders Friberg and
   Giovanni Umberto Battel -- Emotional communication / Patrik N. Juslin and
   Roland S. Persson -- Body movement / Jane W. Davidson and Jorge Salgado
   Correia -- Solo voice / Graham F. Welch and Johan Sundberg -- Choir / Sten
   Ternstr*om and Duane Richard Karna -- Piano / Richard Parncutt and Malcolm
   Troup -- String instruments / Knut Guettler and Susan Hallam -- Wind
   instruments / Leonardo Fuks and Heinz Fadle -- Rehearsing and conducting /
   Harry E. Price and James L. Byo.

ML 3849 .R48 2001                        2001
   The free fantasia and the musical picturesque / Annette Richards.
   Framing the musical picturesque -- C.P.E. Bach and the landscapes of
                                Inventory List

                 Produced Friday, October 1, 2004 at 12:49 PM

   genius -- The picturesque sketch and the interpretation of instrumental
   music -- Haydn's humour, Bach's fantasy -- Sentiment undone: solitude and
   the clavichord cult -- Picturesque Beethoven and the veiled Isis.

ML 3920 .B53 1999                        1999
   The sacred in music / Albert L. Blackwell.

MT 55 .S29 1999                          1999
   Modal counterpoint, Renaissance style / Peter Schubert.

MT 85 .G785 2004                         2004
   The modern conductor : a college text on conducting based on the technical
   principles of Nicolai Malko as set forth in his The conductor and his
   baton / Elizabeth A.H. Green, Mark Gibson.

N33 .G85 1996EB                          1996
   Guide to art [electronic resource] / [general editor,] Shearer West.
   Art in the classical world / Richard Brilliant -- Penetrating ecclesia,
   interpretations of Gothic architecture / Phillip Lindley -- Art and the
   Renaissance in Italy / N.S. Davidson -- Court art in seventeenth-century
   Europe / Joan Crossley -- Everyday life / Paul Barlow -- Portraiture /
   Shearer West -- Art institutions / Paul Duro -- The politics of the
   landscape in European art / Stephen Daniels -- "Other" art, approaching
   non-European cultures / Shaun Hides -- Art in North America, the United
   States and Mexico, 1820s-1920s / Lucretia Hoover Giese.
   Women as artists and subjects / Marsha Meskimmon -- Modernism and
   modernity / Catriona Miller -- Grounding Postmodernism / Jonathan Harris.

N33 .T53 1994EB                          1994
   The Thames and Hudson dictionary of art and artists [electronic resource]
   / consulting editor, Herbert Read.

N40 .B53 1995EB                          1995
   A biographical dictionary of artists [electronic resource] / general
   editor, Sir Lawrence Gowing.

N 72 .E8 J85 2002                        2002
   Transgressions : the offences of art / Anthony Julius.
   Transgressive work and its defences -- Transgressive artist: the origins
   of the transgressive period -- Typology of transgressions -- End of
   transgressive art -- Coda: Every work of art is an uncommitted crime.

N 72 .S6 S24 1984                        1984
   The bourgeois and the bibelot / Remy G. Saisselin.
   Tivoli: art and history -- paris and the aesthetics of the flaneur --
   Enter woman: the department store as cultural space -- Woman, desire, and
   the bibelot -- The American impact, or shopping for the ideal --
   Cosmopolis, or the snob's progress -- I tatti, or sublimating sales.

N 345 .C350 1900 V.1                     1900
   Equipment for the teaching of art in colleges : catalogue of
   -- [1] Italian Renaissance painting -- [2] Medieval sculpture -- [3]
   Spanish and French painting.

N 345 .C350 1900 V.2                     1900
   Equipment for the teaching of art in colleges : catalogue of
   -- [1] Italian Renaissance painting -- [2] Medieval sculpture -- [3]
   Spanish and French painting.

N 2450.5 .A64 E68 1985                     1985
                                  Inventory List

                 Produced Friday, October 1, 2004 at 12:49 PM

   Rijksmuseum Palais Het Loo : uitvoerige beschrijving van het interieur van
   Het Paleis, volgens de bezoekerstroute.

N 5273 .B87 2004                         2004
   Changing patrons : social identity and the visual arts in Renaissance
   Florence / Jill Burke.

N 6245 .L37 1994                         1994
   Ars sacra, 800-1200 / Peter Lasko.
   PART ONE: CAROLINGIAN ART: The Eighth Century -- The reign of Charlemagne
   -- The reign of Louis the Pious -- The reign of Lothar I -- The reign of
   Charles the Bold -- The late Carolingian Period -- PART TWO: THE ART OF
   THE TENTH AND ELEVENTH CENTURIES: Anglo-Saxon art -- The reign of Henry I
   -- The reign of Otto I -- The reign of Otto II and Otto III -- The reign
   of Henry II -- The late Ottonian Period -- PART THREE: ROMANESQUE ART:
   Introduction and Italy -- England, Spain and France: the Eleventh Century
   -- Germany: Roger of Helmarshausen -- Lotharingia: Rainer of Huy --
   Eilbertus of Cologne and the 'Sketchy' style -- Mosan art: the Twelfth
   Century -- The Empire: the Twelfth Century -- France and Spain: the
   Twelfth Century -- England and Scandinavia: the Twelfth Century --
   Nicholas of Verdun and the transitional style -- Conclusion.

N 6450 .A77 2002                         2002
   Art history and its institutions : foundations of a discipline / edited by
   Elizabeth Mansfield.
   Art history and modernism / Elizabeth Mansfield -- Hearing the unsaid :
   art history, museology, and the composition of the self / Donald Preziosi
   -- From Boull*ee to Bilbao : the museum as utopian space / Andrew
   McClellan -- Marburg, Harvard and purpose-built architecture for art
   history, 1927 / Kathryn Brush -- Viollet-le-Duc and Taine at the *Ecole
   des Beaux-Arts : on the first professorship of art history in France /
   Philip Hotchkiss Walsh -- Colonizing culture : the origins of art history
   in Australia / Jacqueline Strecker -- Deep innovation and mere
   eccentricity : six case studies of innovation in art history / David
   Carrier -- The taste of angels in the art of darkness : fashioning the
   canon of African art / Christopher B. Steiner -- Tradesmen as scholars :
   interdependencies in the study and exchange of art / Ivan Gaskell -- How
   canons disappear : the case of Henri Regnault / Marc Gotlieb -- Using art
   history : the Louvre and its public persona, 1848-52 / Gabriel P. Weisberg
   -- Silent moves : on excluding the ethnographic subject from the discourse
   of art history / Claire Farago -- Art history on the academic fringe :
   Taine's philosophy of art / Mary G. Morton -- "For connoisseurs" : The
   Burlington magazine, 1903-11 / Helen Rees Leahy -- Photographic
   perspectives : photography and the institutional formation of art history
   / Frederick N. Bohrer -- Instituting genius : the formation of
   biographical art history in France / Greg M. Thomas -- A preponderance of
   practical problems : discourse institutionalized and the history of art in
   the United States between 1876 and 1888 / Eric Rosenberg -- Emancipation
   and the freed in American sculpture : race, representation, and the
   beginnings of an African American history of art / Steven Nelson -- Art
   photography, history, and aesthetics / Catherine M. Soussloff.

N6465 .I4 D4 1990EB                      1990
   The Thames and Hudson encyclopaedia of Impressionism [electronic resource]
   / Bernard Denvir.

N 6494 .B63 V47 2000                     2000
   Body art and performance : the body as language / Lea Vergine.
   The body as language : body art and like stories / Lea Vergine -- Vito
   Acconci -- Giovanni Anselmo -- Keith Arnatt -- John Baldessari --
   Gianfranco Baruchello -- Ben Vautier -- Valentina Berardinone -- Joseph
   Beuys -- Marcel Broodthaers -- Trisha Brown -- G*unter Brus -- Enrico
                                Inventory List

                 Produced Friday, October 1, 2004 at 12:49 PM

   Bugli -- Pierpaolo Calzolari -- Cioni Carpi -- Giuseppe Chiari -- Giorgio
   Ciam -- Joe De Freitas -- Giuseppe Desiato -- Alain D'Hooghe -- Terry Fox
   -- Howard Fried -- Gilbert & George -- Dan Graham -- Rebecca Horn --
   Enrico Job -- Joan Jonas -- Michel Journiac -- Ketty La Rocca -- Urs
   L*uthi -- Elio Mariani -- Tom Marioni -- Denis Masi -- Eliseo Mattiacci --
   Fabio Mauri -- Annette Messager -- Oto Muehl -- Hidetoshi Nagasawa -- Ugo
   Nespolo -- Hermann Nitsch -- Luigi Ontani -- Dennis Oppenheim -- Jean Otth
   -- Stanislao Pacus -- Gina Pane -- Luca Patella -- Giuseppe Penone --
   Gianni Pisani -- Vettor Pisani -- Arnulf Painer -- Klaus Rinke -- Allen
   Ruppersberg -- Lucas Samaras -- Rudolf Schwarzkogler -- Richard Serra --
   Katharina Sieverding -- Aldo Tagliaferra -- Antonio Trotta -- Janos Urban
   -- Franco Vaccari -- Gruppo Zaj -- Michele Zza -- Diffused body and
   mystical body / Lea Vergine.

N 6512.5 .N4 G68 2002                    2002
   The Governor Nelson A. Rockefeller Empire State Plaza art collection and
   plaza memorials / George E. Pataki, foreword ; Kenneth J. Ringler, Jr.,
   note on the new catalogue ; Glenn D. Lowry, the Empire State Plaza Art
   Collection ; Dennis R. Anderson, Nelson A. Rockefeller and Modern Art ;
   photography by Michael Fredericks.

N 6535 .N5 A28 2000                      2000
   Art and the empire city : New York, 1825-1861 / edited by Catherine Hoover
   Voorsanger and John K. Howat.
   Inventing the metropolis : civilization and urbanity in antebellum New
   York / Dell Upton -- Mapping the venues : New York City art exhibitions /
   Carrie Rebora Barratt -- Private collectors and public spirit : a
   selective view / John K. Howat -- Selling the sublime and the beautiful :
   New York landscape painting and tourism / Kevin J. Avery -- Modeling a
   reputation : the American sculptor and New York City / Thayer Tolles --
   Building the empire city : architects and architecture / Morrison H.
   Heckscher -- The currency of culture : prints in New York city / Elliot
   Bostwick Davis -- "A palace for the sun" : early photography in New York
   City / Jeff L. Rosenheim -- "Ahead of th world" : New York city fashion /
   Caroline Rennolds Milbank -- The products of empire : shopping for home
   decorations in New York City / Amelia Peck -- "Gorgeous articles of
   furniture" : cabinetmaking in the empire city / Catherine Hoover
   Voorsanger -- Empire city entrepreneurs : ceramics and glass in New York
   City / Alice Cooney Frelinghuysen -- "Silver ware in great perfection" :
   the precious metals trades in New York City / Deborah Dependahl Waters.

N 6537 .B88 A4 1997                      1997
   From painting to painting as sculpture : the journey of Lilian Thomas
   Burwell / [essay by David Driskell ; "The journey" text by Lilian Thomas

N 6537 .E3 A4 2001                       2001
   Thomas Eakins / organized by Darrel Sewell with essays by Kathleen A.
   Foster ... [et al.] ; chronology by Kathleen Brown.
   Thomas Eakins and American art / Darrel Sewell -- Chronology / Kathleen
   Brown -- Eakins's early years / Amy B. Werbel -- Studies in Paris and
   Spain / H. Barbara Weinberg -- The 1870s / Marc Simpson -- Images of
   Fairmount Park in Philadelphia / Elizabeth Milroy -- Eakins and the
   academy / Kathleen A. Foster -- The 1880s / Marc Simpson -- Eakins's
   vision of the past and the building of a reputation / Marc Simpson --
   Photographs and the making of paintings / Mark Tucker and Nica Gutman --
   The camera artist / W. Douglass Paschall -- The 1890s / Marc Simpson --
   Portraits of teachers and thinkers / Kathleen A. Foster -- The 1900s /
   Marc Simpson -- The pursuit of "true tones" / Mark Tucker and Nica Gutman
   -- Eakins in the twentieth century / Carol Troyen -- Eakins as a writer /
   William Innes Homer.

                                Inventory List

                 Produced Friday, October 1, 2004 at 12:49 PM

N 6537 .P63 S66 2000                     2000
   Fairfield Porter : a life in art / Justin Spring.

N 6537 .R58 A4 2003                      2003
   James Rosenquist : a retrospective / Walter Hopps and Sarah Bancroft.
   Connoisseur of the inexplicable / Walter Hopps -- James Rosenquist :
   collage and the painting of modern life / Julia Blaut -- Off the
   continental divide and other risky journeys / Ruth E. Fine -- Anonymity,
   celebrity, and self-promotion / Sarah Bancroft -- Modern issues and
   current events / Sarah Bancroft -- Rooms with a view : walk-in paintings /
   Chris Balsiger -- Flora and Florida : "crosshatched" paintings / Michelle
   Harewood -- Space and scientific phenomena / Sarah Bancroft -- An
   astronomer observes and feels James Rosenquist's art / Eugene E. Epstein.

N 6537 .S648 A4 2002                     2002
   Nancy Spero : a continuous present / herausgegeben von/edited by Dirk
   Luckow und/and Ingeborg K*ahler.

N 6537 .S77 A4 1993B                     1993
   Astonishment and power : Kongo minkisi & the art of Ren*ee Stout.

N6761 .T5 1985EB                         1985
   The Thames and Hudson encyclopaedia of British art [electronic resource] /
   general editor, David Bindman ; editor for medieval art, Nigel Morgan.

N 6853 .C714 A413 2003                   2003
   Cocteau : Jean Cocteau, sur le fil du si*ecle / Centre Pompidou ;
   [editorial board: Dominique Pa*ini, Fran*cois Nemer, Val*erie Loth ; texts
   by Dominique Pa*ini ... et al. ; translated from the French by Trista
   Forewords / Bruno Racine ... [et al.] -- Lost and found / Dominique Paini
   -- The Cocteau image / Fran*cois Nemer -- Portrait of the artist in
   Ariadne's thread / Isabelle Monod-Fontaine -- The ghosts of Villefranche /
   Bernard Minoret -- To the Belle Epoque. Most affectionately / Michel Deguy
   -- Orphic self-portraits / Laurence Schifano -- 'The draper farce': a
   phantom sequence of La Belle et la B*ete / Francis Ramirez, Christian
   Rollot -- 'Coctalk' (La Voix humaine) / Marie Anne Guerin -- Family
   jewels. The influence of Jean Cocteau on experimental cinema / Yann
   Beauvais -- When Cocteau was the president of a cin*e-club: Objectif 49
   and the Festival of Film maudit / Jean Charles Tachella -- Jean Cocteau's
   dadaism / Marc Dachy -- Jean Cocteau and Litt*erature magazine (1919-23) /
   El*eonore Antzenberger -- The "French French" music of Jean Cocteau /
   Ornella Volta -- Jean Cocteau's hands / Pierre Caizergues -- A
   conversation / Jean Babil*ee -- Jean Cocteau, poet of the substantial /
   No*el Simsolo -- A life assessed / Claude Arnaud.

N 6853 .G5 W55 2003                      2003
   Alberto Giacometti : myth, magic, and the man / Laurie Wilson.

N 6888 .D8 D78 1998                       1998
   D*urer and his culture / edited by Dagmar Eichberger and Charles Zika.
   D*urer and his culture / Dagmar Eichberger and Charles Zika -- Naturalia
   and artefacta: D*urer's nature drawings and early collecting / Dagmar
   Eichberger -- Germanic patriotism in the age of D*urer / Larry Silver --
   The Michelfeldt Tapestry and contemporary European literature / Wim
   H*usken -- Ways of seeing in the age of D*urer / Bob Scribner -- D*urer's
   witch, riding women and moral order / Charles Zika -- Tokens of affection:
   the meanings of love in sixteenth-century Germany / Lyndal Roper -- The
   censorship of images in Nuremberg, 1521-1527 / Christiane Andersson --
   Changing German perceptions of the historical role of Albrecht D*urer /
   Paul Munch -- The making of D*urer in the collection of the National
   Gallery of Victoria / Irena Zdanowicz.
                                Inventory List
                 Produced Friday, October 1, 2004 at 12:49 PM

N 6888 .H664 H36 2001                    2001
   Hans Holbein : paintings, prints, and reception / edited by Mark Roskill
   and John Oliver Hand.
   It is the viewpoint that matters : observations on the illusionistic
   effect of early works by Hans Holbein / Christian M*uller -- Holbein and
   Italian art / Oskar B*atschmann -- International exchange : Holbein at the
   crossroads of art and craftmanship / Stephanie Buck -- Education and
   learning among sixteenth-century German artists / Lothar Schmitt -- Hans
   Holbein's Pictures of death / Peter Parshall -- The Ambassadors and
   Holbein's techniques for painting on panel / Ashor Roy and Martin Wyld --
   Holbein's paintings on canvas : the Greenwich festivities of 1527 / Susan
   Foister --Confessional portraits : representation as redundancy / Joseph
   Leo Koerner -- The eye of the artist : Hans Holbein's theory of art /
   J*urgen M*uller -- Holbein's Portrait of Erasmus with a Renaissance
   Pilaster / Matthias Winner -- Lady with a squirrel and a starling by
   Holbein : incursions of the figurative in his portraits / Mark Roskill --
   Hans Holbein and the literary art criticism of the German romantics /
   Till-Holger Borchert -- Alfred Woltmann and the Holbein dispute, 1863-1871
   / Pascal Griener -- The legacy of Holbein's Gedankenreichtum / Erika

N 6915 .B275 1999                        1999
   Drawing and painting in the Italian Renaissance workshop : theory and
   practice, 1300-1600 / Carmen C. Bambach.

N 6918.5 .A73 Z47 2001                   2001
   Zero to infinity : arte povera, 1962-1972 / Richard Flood and Frances
   Morris, curators.
   Thrust into the whirlwind : Italian art before arte povera / Carolyn
   Christov-Bakargiev -- Spaces of arte povera / Robert Lumley -- Reading
   arte povera / Corrina Criticos -- Italy in the 1960s : spaces, places,
   trajectories / Karen Pinkus -- Now we begin / Francesco Bonami --
   Timeline, 1962-1972 / Giorgia Bottinelli -- Artists' works and selected
   writings : Giovanni Anselmo, Alighiero Boetti, Pier Paolo Calzolari,
   Luciano Fabro, Piero Gilardi, Jannis Kounellis, Mario Merz, Marisa Merz,
   Giulio Paolini, Pino Pascali, Giuseppe Penone, Michelangelo Pistoletto,
   Emilio Prini, Gilberto Zorio.

N6923 .M55 A4 2002                       2002
   Modigliani & the artists of Montparnasse / Kenneth Wayne.

N 6946.5 .D45 L54 2001                   2001
   Vermeer and the Delft school / Walter Liedtke with Michiel C. Plomp and
   Axel R*uger ; contributions by Reinier Baarsen ... [et al.].

N 6953 .R4 A4 2003                       2003
   Rembrandt's journey : painter, draftsman, etcher / Clifford S. Ackley ; in
   collaboration with Ronni Baer, Thomas E. Rassieur, and William W.
   Introduction : Rembrandt's artistic journey / Clifford S. Ackley --
   Rembrandt as actor and dramatist : genture and body language in the
   Biblical etchings / Clifford S. Ackley -- Rembrandt's oil sketches / Ronni
   Baer -- Looking over Rembrandt's shoulder : the printmaker at work /
   Thomas Rassieur -- Catalogue / Clifford S. Ackley ... [et al.] -- Use of
   the catalogue -- Exhibition list / Kate Harper, Thomas E. Rassieur --
   Chronology / Joanna Karlgaard, Thomas E. Rassieur -- Materials and
   techniques / Deborah La Camera, Rhona Macbeth, Kimberly Nichols.

N 6953 .R8 A4 2001                       2001
   Jacob van Ruisdael : a complete catalogue of his paintings, drawings, and
   etchings / Slive Seymour.
                                Inventory List

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N 7113 .G68 A4 2002                      2002
   Goya : images of women / Janis A. Tomlinson, editor ; with contributions
   by Francisco Calvo Serraller ... [et al.].
   Goya : images of women / Janis A. Tomlinson -- Goya's women in perspective
   / Francisco Calvo Serraller -- Images of women in Goya's prints and
   drawings / Janis A. Tomlinson -- Fashioning the feminine : dress in Goya's
   portraits of women / Aileen Ribeiro -- An introduction to Goya's cartoons
   and tapestries / Concha Herrero Carretero.

N 7153 .R67 A4 2003                      2003
   Dieter Roth : graphic works : catalogue raisonn*e 1947-1998 / curated by
   Dirk Dobke.

N 7350 .P88 2000                         2000
   Plunder and pleasure : Japanese art in the West 1860-1930 / Max Put.

N 7380 .S57 1986                         1986
   Signs and seats of power : an exhibition organized by the graduate
   students in the Museum Practice Program, the University of Michigan Museum
   of Art, Ann Arbor, Michigan, April 20-July 27, 1986.

N 7574.4 .R69 1999                       1999
   American Venus : the extraordinary life of Audrey Munson, model and muse /
   by Diane Rozas and Anita Bourne Gottehrer.
   Rediscovering Audrey -- The early years 1891-1906 -- Miss Manhattan
   1906-1915 -- The exposition girl 1913-1915 -- Venus of the silent screen
   1915-1920 -- Queen of the artists' studios 1920-1923 -- The later years
   1924-1931 -- Artists' profiles.

N7850 .F55 2004                          2004
   Sacred meaning in the Christian art of the middle ages / Stephen N.

NA 11 .I57 1979                          1979
   The Institute for Architecture and Urban Studies, Eight West Fortieth
   Street, New York, New York 10018.

NA 390 .A76 2004                         2004
   Design and construction in Romanesque architecture : first Romanesque
   architecture and the pointed arch in Burgundy and northern Italy / C.
   Edson Armi.
   Introduction -- History, geography, and construction -- The pointed arch
   and the groin vault in Northern Italy -- The pointed arch and the groin
   vault at the beginning of the Eleventh Century in Burgundy -- The pointed
   arch and groin vault in Burgundy at the end of the Eleventh Century -- The
   barrel vault -- Systems of arch support -- The pointed arch and the
   context of High Romanesque architecture in Burgundy -- Conclusion.

NA680 .T453 2000EB                       2000
   The Thames and Hudson dictionary of 20th century architecture [electronic
   resource] / general editor: Vittorio Magnago Lampugnani.

NA 735 .H68 E64 2003                     2003
   Ephemeral city : Cite looks at Houston / edited by Barrie Scardino,
   William F. Stern, and Bruce C. Webb ; foreword by Peter G. Rowe.
   Idea of the city -- Places of the city -- Buildings of the city.

NA735 .N5 C38 1998                       1998
   Cass Gilbert : downtown open house, October 11, 1998 / sponsored by the
   Alliance for Downtown New York.

                                Inventory List

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NA 737 .R53 K37 2003                     2003
   Dearest of geniuses : a life of Theodate Pope Riddle / Sandra L. Katz.

NA 737 .W7 A3 2001                       2001
   Frank Lloyd Wright & Lewis Mumford : thirty years of correspondence /
   Bruce Brooks Pfeiffer and Robert Wojtowicz, editors.

NA 737 .W7 K39 1982                      1982
   Frank Lloyd Wright at the Metropolitan Museum of Art / by Edgar Kaufmann ;
   introduction by R.Craig Miller.

NA749 .S2 W64                            1974
   For everyone a garden. Edited by Judith Wolin.

NA1996 .M23 2004                         2004
   Time management for architects and designers : challenges and remedies /
   Thorbjoern Mann.

NA2000 .W563 2002                        2004
   Windsor Forum on Design Education : toward an ideal curriculum to reform
   architectural education, Vero Beach, Florida, April 12-14, 2002 / Forum
   organized by: Stephanie E. Bothwell ... [et al.].
   I. Windsor Forum -- Day one: -- Opening remarks -- Seven myths of modern
   architecture -- Day two: -- Precedents: Twelve education models -- The
   origins of architectural education -- A classical education -- A modernist
   education -- An arts & crafts model -- The technical model -- The Cornell
   model -- The Beaux Arts model -- A current European model -- A Caribbean
   model -- The Latin American model -- The planning model -- The vernacular
   model -- Curricula development charrette -- Five curriculum proposals --
   Day three: -- Closing strategy session & participants' comments -- II.
   Essays -- Lifelong health and design issues -- Strategic alliances --
   Studio education in architecture -- Three typologies -- The importance of
   teaching design process -- Crises of purpose -- Moving toward
   architectural reform -- Fallacies in architectural culture -- III.
   Sponsors & participants -- Sponsors' information -- Participants'
   biographies -- IV. Postscript.
NA2542.35 .B87 1986                      1986
   Geomorphic architecture / Edmund Burger.

NA 6610 .C66 U547 2004                   2004
   On the wings of modernism : the United States Air Force Academy / Robert
   Allen Nauman.

NA7208.2 .C48 2001                       2001
   Charter awards / Congress for the New Urbanism.
   "With its focus on urban design, the Charter Awards are dramatically
   different from most architecture awards. Most awards assess buildings in a
   vacuum, neglecting the context of the surrounding environs. The Charter
   Awards look at how plans and projects respond to and integrate with their
   environment and, consequently, how they improve the human experience of
   blocks, neighborhoods, and regions"--Publisher's Web site, viewed July 23,

NA7208.2 .C48 2002                       2001
   Charter awards / Congress for the New Urbanism.
   "With its focus on urban design, the Charter Awards are dramatically
   different from most architecture awards. Most awards assess buildings in a
   vacuum, neglecting the context of the surrounding environs. The Charter
   Awards look at how plans and projects respond to and integrate with their
   environment and, consequently, how they improve the human experience of
   blocks, neighborhoods, and regions"--Publisher's Web site, viewed July 23,
                                Inventory List

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NA7208.2 .C48 2003                       2001
   Charter awards / Congress for the New Urbanism.
   "With its focus on urban design, the Charter Awards are dramatically
   different from most architecture awards. Most awards assess buildings in a
   vacuum, neglecting the context of the surrounding environs. The Charter
   Awards look at how plans and projects respond to and integrate with their
   environment and, consequently, how they improve the human experience of
   blocks, neighborhoods, and regions"--Publisher's Web site, viewed July 23,

NA7208.2 .C48 2004                       2001
   Charter awards / Congress for the New Urbanism.
   "With its focus on urban design, the Charter Awards are dramatically
   different from most architecture awards. Most awards assess buildings in a
   vacuum, neglecting the context of the surrounding environs. The Charter
   Awards look at how plans and projects respond to and integrate with their
   environment and, consequently, how they improve the human experience of
   blocks, neighborhoods, and regions"--Publisher's Web site, viewed July 23,

NA 7238 .B6 D64 1988                     1988
   A pattern book of Boston houses / by Daniel Doern ; with Brenda Lightner
   ... [et al.].
   Study area -- Introduction & method -- Types. Two family -- Three decker
   -- Six family -- Row house.
NA 9072 .H35 H35 1970                     1970
   Les halles, le nouveau coeur de Paris.

NA 9072 .H35 H35 1981                    1981
   Les halles coeur de Paris.

NA 9187 .M5 M5 1970 V.1                  1970
   The plan for Milton Keynes.

NA 9187 .M5 M5 1970 V.2                  1970
   The plan for Milton Keynes.

NA 9188 .L7 F6 1944                      1944
   County of London plan / prepared for the London County council by J.H.
   Forshaw and Patrick Abercrombie with a foreword by the Right Hon. Lond

NB 237 .S112 A4 1993                     1993
   Alison Saar : art at the edge : fertile ground / Susan Krane.

NB 588 .R5 A4 1999                       1999
   Tilman Riemenschneider : master sculptor of the late Middle Ages / Julien
   Chapuis ; with contributions by Michael Baxandall ... [et al.].
   Recognizing Riemenschneider / Julien Chapuis -- The sources of
   Riemenschneider's art / Hartmut Krohm -- A sculptor in W*urzburg / Stephan
   Kemperdick -- The perception of Riemenschneider / Michael Baxandall -- The
   surfaces of Riemenschneider / Michele Marincola -- A shifting critical
   fortune / Till-Holger Borchert -- Riemenschneider in America / William D.

NC997 .L54 1998EB                        1998
   The Thames and Hudson dictionary of graphic design and designers
   [electronic resource] / Alan and Isabella Livingston.

                                 Inventory List

                 Produced Friday, October 1, 2004 at 12:49 PM

ND 237 .H39 S68 2000                     2000
   The life and work of Martin Johnson Heade : a critical analysis and
   catalogue raisonn*e / Theodore E. Stebbins, Jr. ; with the assistance of
   Janet L. Comey and Karen E. Quinn.
   A long apprenticeship -- A new life -- Painter of the tropics -- Success
   in landscape and still life -- Florida and the late work.

ND 237 .I47 R93 2000                     2000
   Robert Indiana : figures of speech / Susan Elizabeth Ryan.

ND 237 .M724 A4 2004                     2004
   Tools of her ministry : the art of Sister Gertrude Morgan / William A.
   Fagaly ; with essays by Jason Berry and Helen M. Shannon ; and a foreword
   by Gerard C. Wertkin.
   Tools of her ministry -- The art of Sister Gertrude Morgan / William A.
   Fagaly -- New Orleans -- In the years of Sister Gertrude Morgan / Jason
   Berry -- But go thou thy way -- Sister Gertrude Morgan and the visual in
   African American culture / Helen M. Shannon -- Chronology / William A.
ND 237 .P73 P65 2001 DVD                 2001
   Pollock [videorecording] / Sony Pictures Classics ; Peter M. Brant and
   Joseph Allen in association with Ed Harris and Fred Berner Films present a
   Brant-Allen Films production ; directed by Ed Harris ; screenplay by
   Barbara Turner and Susan J. Emshwiller ; produced by Fred Berner, Ed
   Harris, Jon Kilik.
   "Fellow artists and lovers Jackson Pollock and Lee Krasner are at the
   center of New York's 1940's art scene, but as Krasner neglects her work to
   push Pollock's career forward, Pollock begins to unravel emotionally.
   Pollock and Krasner escape to the country to marry, and soon, Pollock
   creates the work that makes him the first internationally-famous modern
   painter in America. But with fame and fortune comes a volatile temper and
   severe self-doubt; before long, Pollock's life threatens to

ND 237 .R725 A4 1998                     1998
   Mark Rothko : the works on canvas : catalogue raisonn*e / David Anfam.

ND 237 .S78 A4 2001                      2001
   Clyfford Still : paintings, 1944-1960 / edited by James T. Demetrion ;
   essays by David Anfam, Neal Benezra, and Brooks Adams.

ND 497 .G2 R76 1999                      1999
   The art of Thomas Gainsborough : "a little business for the eye" / Michael
   Studentship and Suffolk -- Bath -- The Royal Academy -- London --
   Diversification and defection -- St. Martin's Lane and modern painting --
   Faces and lives -- Figuring landscape -- Painting sensibly -- The meanings
   of art.

ND 497 .M6 J64 2001                      2001
   John Everett Millais : beyond the Pre-Raphaelite brotherhood / edited by
   Debra N. Mancoff.

ND 544 .T5 2003                          2003
   Manet/Vel*azquez : the French taste for Spanish painting / Gary Tinterow
   and Genevi*eve Lacambre ; with Deborah L. Rold*an ... [et al.].
   Raphael replaced: the triumph of Spanish painting in France / Gary
   Tinterow -- The discovery of the Spanish school in France / Genevi*eve
   Lacambre -- Seville's artistic heritage during the French occupation /
   Ignacio Cano Rivero -- The origins of the Museo del Prado / Mar*ia de los
   Santos Garc*ia Felguera Javier Port*us P*erez -- Goya and France / Juliet
                                Inventory List

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   Wilson-Bareau -- Goya and the French romantics / Ilse Hempel Lipschutz --
   The Galerie Espagnole of Louis-Philippe / Jeannine Baticle -- From Ziegler
   to Courbet: painting, art criticism, and the Spanish Trope under
   Louis-Philippe / St*ephane Gu*egan -- Manet and Spain / Juliet
   Wilson-Bareau -- American artists' taste for Spanish printing / H. Barbara
   Weinberg -- A legacy of Spanish art for America: Archer M. Huntington and
   the Hispanic Society of America / Mitchell A. Codding --
   Nineteenth-century French copies after Spanish Old Masters / Dominique
   Lobstein -- The Dresden remains of the Galerie Espagnole: a fresh look (at
   the) back / Matthias Weniger.
ND 553 .R45 A4 2003                       2003
   Renoir and Algeria / Roger Benjamin, with an essay by David Prochaska.
   Introduction : the Impressionist as Orientalist -- Odalisques and homages
   : Renoir's studio Orientalism, 1870-75 -- Renoir in Algiers : the
   landscape paintings -- From the studio to the street : Renoir's Algiers
   figure paintings -- Afterimages : Algerian echoes in Renoir's late work --
   The other Algeria : beyond Renoir's Algiers / David Prochaska -- Appendix
   : Renoir's letters concerning Algeria.

ND 621 .F7 F725 2001                     2001
   Painting in Renaissance Florence, 1500-1550 : "spirit, beauty, and
   perfection" / David Franklin.
   Perugino and the eclipse of Quattrocento mannerism -- Leonardo da Vinci
   and the origins of a new style -- Piero di Cosimo: a Renaissance
   'eccentric' -- Michelangelo, the Florentine painter -- Fra Bartolomeo, the
   School of San Marco and the Dominican manner -- Ridolfo Ghirlandaio and
   the retrospective tradition in painting -- Andrea del Sarto: the artist
   'without errors' -- The critical misfortunes of Franciabigio -- Rosso
   Fiorentino and the rejection of Florence -- Jacopo da Pontormo: the last
   painter of the Florentine Renaissance -- Francesco Salviati: Rome in
   Florence -- The life of Giorgio Vasari.

ND 621 .F7 P55 2001                      2001
   Pontormo, Bronzino, Allori : a genealogy of Florentine art / Elizabeth

ND 623 .F78 C26 2002                     2002
   The Cambridge companion to Piero della Francesca / edited by Jeryldene M.
   Introduction / Jeryldene M. Wood -- The Misericordia polyptych:
   reflections on spiritual and visual culture in Sansepolero / Diane Cole
   Ahl -- The spiritual world of Piero's art / Timothy Verdon -- Piero's
   Legend of the true cross and the friars of San Francesco / Jeryldene M.
   Wood -- Piero's meditation on the nativity / Marilyn Aronberg Lavin --
   "Troppo belli e troppo eccellenti": observations on dress in the work of
   Piero della Francesca / Jane Bridgeman -- Piero della Francesca's ruler
   portraits / Joanna Woods-Marsden -- The renaissance Prospettiva:
   perspectives of the ideal city / Philip Jacks -- Piero's treatises: the
   mathematics of form / Margaret Daly Davis -- Piero della Francesca's
   mathematics / J.V. Field -- Piero's Parnassus of modern painters and poets
   / Anne B. Barriault.

ND 623 .G366 A4 2001                     2001
   Orazio and Artemisia Gentileschi / Keith Christiansen, Judith W. Mann.
   The art of Orazio Gentileschi / Keith Christiansen -- The Rome of Orazio
   Gentileschi / Alessandro Zuccari -- Orazio Gentileschi between Rome and
   the Marches / Livia Carloni -- Orazio Gentileschi in Genoa / Mary Newcome
   -- Gentileschi in France, Gentileschi and the French / Jean-Pierre Cuzin
   -- Orazio Gentileschi at the court of Charles I / Gabriele Finaldi and
   Jeremy Wood -- Artemisia and Orazio Gentileschi / Judith W. Mann -- Life
   on the edge : Artemisia Gentileschi, famous woman painter / Elizabeth
                                Inventory List

                 Produced Friday, October 1, 2004 at 12:49 PM

   Cropper -- Artemisia in her father's house / Patrizia Cavazzini --
  Artemisia Gentileschi's Florentine inspiration / Roberto Contini -- "I
  have made up my mind to take a short trip to Rome" / Richard Spear --
  Artemisia and Naples, Naples and Artemisia / Riccardo Lattuada --
  Documents relating to the trial of Agostino Tassi / Patrizia Cavazzini --
  Orazio Gentileschi in Rome : two new documents / Livia Carloni --
  Artemisia Gentileschi in Florence : inventory of household goods and
  working materials / Francesco Solinas and Roberto Contini -- Orazio
  Gentileschi at the court of Charles I : six documents / Gabriele Finaldi
  and Jeremy Wood.

ND 623 .G4 C33 2000                      2000
   Domenico Ghirlandaio : artist and artisan / Jean K. Cadogan.
   Introduction: Ghirlandaio and the historians -- PART ONE: "Nostro charo
   fratello": life and family -- Goldsmiths and painters: training and early
   works -- "Noble, worthy, exquisite, and decorative paintings": the
   narratives -- "Sempre al disegno attendendo": drawings and working method
   -- The workshop -- Conclusion: "An expeditious man who gets through much
   work" -- PART TWO: CATALOGUE RAISONNE: Works by Domenico Ghirlandaio --
   Works by Davide Ghirlandaio -- Davide Ghirlandaio as a draftsman -- PART
   THREE: DOCUMENTS: Documents concerning Ghirlandaio and family -- Notes to
   the text.

ND 623 .L5 M32413 2000                   2000
   Leonardo da Vinci--the complete paintings / Pietro C. Marani ; appendices
   edited by Pietro C. Marani and Edoardo Villata.
   In Verrocchio's workshop -- "Maestro Lionardo dipintore" -- Virgin of the
   rocks: an unfortunate model, a successful composition -- Portraits: new
   iconography and old prejudices -- Toward a new classicism: from The Last
   Supper to The Virgin and Child with St. Anne -- Epilogue with deluges.

ND 623 .L7 H65 1999                      1999
   Fra Filippo Lippi the Carmelite painter / Megan Holmes.
   PART I: THE CLAUSTRUM: Fra Filippo Carmelitano -- Santa Maria del Carmine
   and visual representation -- "Fra Filippo Dipintore" and the early
   Carmelite paintings -- The Frate Dipintore: monastic artistic production
   in Quattrocentro Tuscany -- PART II: THE SECULUM: Fra Filippo Lippi in the
   seculum: friar, rector, chaplain, and rogue --Painting practice --
   Carmelite in name alone? Carmelite influence in Fra Filippo's mature work
   Alterpiece for Santa Croce -- Representing Le Suore: alterpieces for two
   Florentine Benedictine nunnery churches.

ND 623 .M55 A4 2003B                     2003
   The art of Parmigianino / David Franklin ; with an essay by David
   The paintings of Parmigianino / David Franklin -- The drawings and prints
   of Parmigianino / David Ekserdjian.

ND 623 .T7 A4 2003                       2003
   Titian : essays / by Charles Hope ... [et al.] ; catalogue edited by David
   Jaff*e ; with contributions from Nicholas Penny, Caroline Campbell, Amanda
   Titian's life and times / Charles Hope -- Titian as a painter of portraits
   / Jennifer Fletcher -- Titian's painting technique / Jill Dunkerton --
   Titian's replicas and variants / Miguel Falomir -- Catalogue :
   Foundations, Alfonso d'Este's Camerino, the 1530s: landscapes, Titian in
   the 1540s, late Titian / David Jaff*e, Nicholas Penny, Caroline Campbell,
   Amanda Bradley.

ND 623 .T7 J63 2001                      2001
   Titian to 1518 : the assumption of genius / Paul Joannides.
                                Inventory List

                 Produced Friday, October 1, 2004 at 12:49 PM

ND 625 .M5 M45 1991                      1991
   Shaping the Netherlandish canon : Karel van Mander's Schilder-boeck /
   Walter S. Melion.

ND 653 .C8 A4 2001                       2001
   Aelbert Cuyp / edited by Arthur K. Wheelock, Jr.
   Aelbert Cuyp and the depiction of the Dutch arcadia / Arthur K. Wheelock
   Jr., Jacob M. de Groot -- Aristocratic imaginings: Aelbert Cuyp's patrons
   and collectors / Alan Chong -- Cuyp's horsemen: what do costumes tell us?
   / Emilie E.S. Gordenker -- Pigments and color change in the paintings of
   Aelbert Cuyp / Marika Spring -- The beauty of Holland: Aelbert Cuyp as
   landscape draftsman / Egbert Haverkamp Begemann.

ND 653 .D7 A4 2000                       2000
   Gerrit Dou, 1613-1675 : master painter in the age of Rembrandt   / Ronni
   Baer with contributions by Arthur K. Wheelock, Jr. and Annetje   Boersma ;
   edited by Arthur K. Wheelock, Jr.
   Don's reputation / Arthur K. Wheelock, Jr. -- The life and art   of Gerrit
   Dou / Ronni Baer -- Dou's painting technique / Annetje Boersma   --

ND 653 .M76 C66 2001                     2001
   Mondrian: the transatlantic paintings / Harry Cooper, Ron Spronk.

ND 653 .R4 R39 1998                      1998
   Rembrandt's Bathsheba reading King David's letter / edited by Ann Jensen
   Introduction : perspectives on Rembrandt and his works / Ann Jensen Adams
   -- Rembrandt's Bathsheba : the object and its transformations / Ernst Van
   de Wetering -- Rembrandt's Bathsheba and the conventions of a seductive
   theme / Eric Jan Sluijter -- An incomparable Bathsheba / Leo Steinberg --
   Reading Bathsheba : from mastercodes to misfits / Mieke Bal -- Not
   Bathsheba. I. The painter and the model / Svetlana Alpers ; II. Uriah's
   gaze / Margaret D. Carroll -- "Though deficient in beauty" : a documentary
   history and interpretation of Rembrandt's 1654 painting of Bathsheba /
   Gary Schwartz.

ND 653 .S8 A4 1996                       1996
   Jan Steen, painter and storyteller / H. Perry Chapman, Wouter Th. Kloek,
   Arthur K. Wheelock, Jr. ; with contributions by Marten Bijl ... [et al.] ;
   edited by Guido Jansen.
   Jan Steen, player in his own paintings / H. Perry Chapman -- The artist's
   life / Marten Jan Bok -- Jan Steen, so near and yet so far / Eddy de Jongh
   -- Steen's comic fictions / Mari*et Westermann -- Steen's artistic
   evolution in the context of Dutch painting / Lyckle de Vries -- The
   artist's working method / Martin Bijl -- Jan Steen / from Arnold
   Houbraken's De groote schouburgh-- (1721) ; translated by Michael Hoyle.
ND 673 .R9 A79 1995                      1995
   The making of Rubens / Svetlana Alpers.
   Painting in Flemish: the peasant kermis -- Making a taste for Reubens --
   Creativity in the flesh: The drunken silenus.

ND 813 .G7 G69 2000 DVD                  2000
   Goya [videorecording] / una producci*on de Andr*es Vincente G*omez para
   Lolafilms, S.A. ; en coproducci*on con Italian International Film (Roma)
   en colaboraci*on con RAI-Radiotelevisione Italiana ; productor, Andr*es
   Vicente G*omez ; gui*on y direcci*on, Carlos Suara.
   In Bordeaux, France, in the early 1800's, Goya suffers from strange
   visions and nightmares. Goya reflects on his tumultuous career: a love
   affair with the beautiful Duchess of Alba and the evil crusade of
                                Inventory List

                 Produced Friday, October 1, 2004 at 12:49 PM

   Napoleon's French army.

ND 1318.2 .F37 2000                      2000
   Fashioning identities in Renaissance art / edited by Mary Rogers.
   Collective identity/individual identity / Joanna Woods-Marsden -- Knight
   in the Arena : Enrico Scrovegni and his 'true image' / Laura Jacobus --
   Reconstructing Benozzo Gozzoli's artistic identity / Francis Ames-Lewis --
   Patronage and identity in Renaissance Florence : the case of S. Maria a
   Lecceto / Jill Burke -- Art and life in Renaissance Italy : a blurring of
   identities? / Rupert Shepherd -- Preface to signatures (with some cases in
   Venice) / Creighton Gilbert -- Fashioning identities for the Renaissance
   courtesan / Mary Rogers -- Beauty and identity in Parmigianino's portraits
   / Mary Vaccaro -- Problems of identity in an age of change : the viewer of
   art in Renaissance England / Tatiana C. String -- Moretto and the
   Congregation of S. Giorgio in Alga 1540-1550 : fashioning a visual
   identity of a religious Congregation / Gabriele Neher -- 'Ut vita
   scultura' : Cellini's Perseus and the self-fashioning of artistic identity
   / Victoria C. Gardner Coates -- Artists into heroes : the commemoration of
   artists in the art of Giorgio Vasari / Joan Stack -- 'Cittadin nostro
   Fiorentino' : Michelangelo and Fiorentinismo in mid-sixteenth century
   Florence / Frances E. Thomas -- Identity of the prince : Cosimo de'
   Medici, Giorgio Vasari and the Ragionamenti / Paola Tinagli -- 'Frail
   flesh, as in a glass' : the portrait as an immortal presence in early
   modern England and Wales / Tarnya Cooper.

NE 647.2 .N38 2003                       2003
   Colorful impressions : the printmaking revolution in eighteenth-century
   France / Margaret Morgan Grasselli, with essays by Ivan E. Phillips,
   Kristel Smentek, Judith C. Walsh.
   Color printmaking before 1730 -- An exact imitation acquired at little
   expense -- Ink and inspiration: the craft of color printing -- A
   collector's perspective -- Catalogue -- Paper used in the prints:
   watermarks and observations.

NE 1325 .J78 W45 2000                    2000
   Kuniyoshi : the faithful samurai / David R. Weinberg ; foreword B.W.
   Robinson ; translations and essay Alfred H. Marks.

NE 1325 .T76 A4 2001                     2001
   Yoshitoshi's One hundred aspects of the moon / John Stevenson.
   Reproductions of Yoshitoshi's Tsuki hyakushi, with the story behind each
   design and technical details relating to the work's production. Includes a
   biography of the artist.

NE 1325 .U78 A4 1998                     1998
   Heroes & ghosts : Japanese prints by Kuniyoshi, 1797-1861 / Robert Schaap
   ; introduction by Amy Reigle Newland ; essays by Timothy T. Clark, Matthi
   Forrer, Inagaki Shin'ichi.

NE 2054.5 .R4 W44 1999                   1999
   Rembrandt as an etcher : a study of the artist at work / Christopher

NK1390 .J85 1993EB                       1993
   The Thames and Hudson dictionary of 20th century design and designers
   [electronic resource] / Guy Julier.

NK 1412 .A57 A4 2004                     2004
   Ant Farm, 1968-1978 / by Constance M. Lewallen and Steve Seid ; with
   additional essays by Chip Lord, Caroline Maniaque, and Michael Sorkin ;
   and a timeline by Ant Farm.
   Introduction / Constance M. Lewallen -- Sex, drugs, rock and roll, cars,
                                Inventory List

                 Produced Friday, October 1, 2004 at 12:49 PM

   dolphins, and architecture / Michael Sorkin -- Searching for energy /
   Caroline Maniaque -- Tunneling through the wasteland : Ant Farm video /
   Steve Seid -- Interview with Ant Farm / Constance M. Lewallen in
   conversation with Chip Lord, Doug Michels, and Curtis Schreier -- Ant Farm
   timeline -- Automerica (excerpt) / Chip Lord.

NK 1487 .G56 2000                         2000
   African forms / Marc Ginzberg ; photos by Lynton Gardiner.
   Furniture : stools and chairs, headrests, and other furniture --
   Containers : bottles, wood pots, boxes, powder horns, gourds, pottery,
   spoons, baskets, snuff bottles, and pipes -- Musical instruments :
   strings, percussion, trumpets, whistles, games -- Weapons : shields,
   knives, staffs, and clubs -- Adornment : bracelets and anklets, necklaces
   and yokes, pins, hats, garments, rings, and pendants -- Textiles --
   Devotion : Christian, Moslem, Animist.

NK 3636.5 .A2 S238 2000                  2000
   Golden pages : Qur'ans and other manuscripts from the collection of
   Ghassan I. Shaker / Nabil F. Safwat.

NK 4083 .C68 2001                        2001
   The art of ceramics : European ceramic design, 1500-1830 / Howard Coutts.
   Pottery-making in in Medieval Europe -- The spread of tin-glazed
   earthenware: Italian Maiolica -- "Court styles" of the Renaissance: Urbino
   Maiolica, Saint-Porchaire and Palissy ware -- The stoneware tradition --
   The influence of the East -- The discovery of true porcelain in Europe --
   French Rococo: the ascendancy of Sevres -- The spread of porcelain
   factories throughout Europe -- Porcelain in eighteenth-century Britain --
   The rise of Staffordshire -- The Classical revival -- The spread of
   Neo-Classicisim in Europe -- Ceramics in the period 1790-1830.
NK 4210 .N555 A4 2003                    2003
   Isamu Noguchi and modern Japanese ceramics : a close embrace of the earth
   / Louise Allison Cort, Bert Winther-Tamaki ; contributions by Bruce
   Altshuler, Niimi Ryu.
   The ceramic art of Isamu Noguchi : a close embrace of the Earth / Bert
   Winther-Tamaki -- The modern primitive : discourses of the visual arts in
   Japan in the 1950s / Niimi Ry*u -- Japanese encounters with clay / Louise
   Allison Cort -- "Once an Oriental always an Oriental" : the American
   display and reception of Noguchi's ceramics / Bruce Altshuler.

NK 4210 .O42 M64 2003                    2003
   Pottery, politics, art : George Ohr and the Brothers Kirkpatrick / Richard
   D. Mohr.

NK 4645 .N44 2002                        2002
   Style and politics in Athenian vase-painting : the craft of democracy, ca.
   530-460 B.C.E. / Richard T. Neer.

NK 5198 .C43 A4 2000A                    2000
   Chihuly projects / by Dale Chihuly ; essays by Barbara Rose and Dale
   Dale Chihuly's paradise regained / Barbara Rose -- The public voice / Dale
   Lanzone -- 33 projects -- 1. Rhode Island School of Design, Providence --
   2. Artpark, Lewiston, New York -- 3. Shaare Emeth Synagogue, St. Louis --
   4. Saint Peter's Church, New York City -- 5. Seattle Art Museum -- 6.
   MacMillan residence, Indian Wells, California -- 7. Stewart Williams
   house, Palm Springs, California -- 8. Albright-Knox Art Gallery, Buffalo,
   New York -- 9. Pillsbury Mansion, Wayzata, Minnesota -- 10. Honolulu
   Academy of Arts -- 11. 100,000 Pounds of Ice and Neon, Tacoma, Washington
   -- 12. Rose Window, Minneapolis Institute of Arts -- 13. Joslyn Art
   Museum, Omaha, Nebraska -- 14. Lismore Castle, Ireland -- 15. Union
                                Inventory List

                 Produced Friday, October 1, 2004 at 12:49 PM

   Station, Tacoma, Washington -- 16. Bellagio, Las Vegas -- 17. Malina
   Window, Detroit, Michigan -- 18. Lautner House, Palm Springs, California
   -- 19. The Boathouse, Seattle -- 20. Icicle Creek Chandelier, Leavenworth,
   Washington -- 21. LongHouse, East Hampton, New York -- 22. Vianne, France
   -- 23. The News Tribune, Tacoma, Washington -- 24. Victoria and Albert
   Museum, London -- 25. Chrysler Museum of Art, Norfolk, Virginia -- 26.
   Atlantis, Paradise Island, Bahamas -- 27. Monterrey, Mexico -- 28.
   Nuutaj*arvi, Finland -- 29. Niijima Glass Art Center, Niijima, Japan --
   30. Ukai Museum, Hakone, Japan -- 31. Benaroya Hall, Seattle -- 32.
   Chihuly in the Light of Jerusalem 2000 -- 33. Jerusalem Wall of Ice -- 34.
   Chihuly Bridge of Glass.

NX 456.5 .P38 P468 1999                  1999
   Performing the body/performing the text / edited by Amelia Jones and
   Andrew Stephenson.
   Reason and remainders : Kantian performativity in the history of art /
   Karen Lang -- Performing modernity : the art of art history / Donald
   Preziosi -- Art history/art criticism : performing meaning / Amelia Jones
   -- Cross-cultural reiterations : Demetra Vaka Brown and the performance of
   racialized female beauty / Reina Lewis -- Race, ritual, and responsibility
   : performativity and the southern lynching / Michael Hatt -- Shading
   meaning / Jennifer Devere Brody -- Greatest homosexual? Camp pleasure and
   the   performative body of Larry Rivers / Gavin Butt -- Politics of
   feminist spectatorship and the disruptive body : de Kooning's Woman I
   reconsidered / Fionna Barber -- 'Catholic tastes' : hurting and healing
   the body in Viennese Actionism in the 1960s / Philip Ursprung -- Contests
   for meaning in body politics and feminist conceptual art : revisioning the
   1970s through the work of Eleanor Antin / Lisa Bloom -- Dismembership :
   Jasper Johns and the body politic / Jonathan Katz -- Performing clits and
   other lesbian tricks : speculations on an aesthetics of lack / B.J. Wray
   -- Renaming Untitled flesh : marking the politics of marginality / Meiling
   Cheng -- Andy Warhol :     performances of Death in America / Peggy Phelan
   -- STUFF : a performance / Nao Bustamante and Coco Fusco -- Following
   Acconci/targeting vision / Christine Poggi -- Performing vision in the
   theatre of the gaze : the work of Douglas Gordon / Joanna Lowry -- What
   sense do the senses make? Aspects of corporeality in the works of Miriam
   Cahn and Maureen Connor / Barbara U. Schmidt.

NX 456.5 .S8 D8713 2002                  2002
   History of the Surrealist movement / G*erard Durozoi ; translated by
   Alison Anderson.
   Tracing the movement from its origins in the 1920s to its decline in the
   1950s and 1960s, Durozoi tells the history of Surrealism through its
   activities, publications, and reviews, demonstrating its close ties to
   some of the most explosive political, as well as creative, debates of the
   twentieth century. Unlike other histories, which focus mainly on the
   pre-World War II years of the movement in Paris, Durozoi covers both a
   wider chronological and geographic range, treating in detail the postwar
   years and Surrealism's colonization of Latin America, the United States,
   Japan, Czechoslovakia, Belgium, Italy, and North Africa. Drawing on
   documentary and visual evidence--including 1,000 photos, many of them in
   color--he illuminates all the intellectual and artistic aspects of the
   movement, from literature and philosophy to painting, photography, and
   film. All the Surrealist stars and their most important works are
   here--Aragon, Borges, Breton, Bu*nuel, Cocteau, Crevel, Dal*i, Desnos,
   Ernst, Man Ray, Soupault, and many more--for all of whom Durozoi has
   provided brief biographical notes in addition to featuring them in the
   main text.

NX 547.5 .L48 E35 2004                   2000
   Wyndham Lewis : painter and writer / Paul Edwards.

                                Inventory List

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NX 555 .A1 B54 1997                      1997
   Belgium, the golden decades, 1880-1914 / edited by Jane Block.

NX 650 .A52 A58 2001                     2001
   Anarchist modernism : art, politics, and the first American avant-garde /
   Allan Antliff.
   Modernists against the Academy, 1908-12 -- The Armory show debate --
   Cosmism or amorphism -- Man Ray's path to Dada -- Hippolyte Havel and the
   artists of Revolt -- A new internationalism -- Nietzschean matrix --
   Anarchist unanimism -- The denouement of anarchist modernism.

NX 650 .B63 C64 2000                     2000
   Art, dance, and the body in French culture of the ancien r*egime / Sarah
   R. Cohen.
   The court ballet -- Art as spectacle -- Aristocratic traceries -- The
   universal masquerade -- Watteau's performers -- Collective rituals -- The
   artful body in question.

P29 .C65 1997EB                          1997
   A dictionary of linguistics and phonetics [electronic resource] / David

P 381 .S6 I85 1997                       1997
   Issues in the phonology and morphology of the major Iberian languages /
   edited by Fernando Mart*inez-Gil and Alfonso Morales-Front.

PA 3203 .G74 2002                        2002
   Greek and Roman actors : aspects of an ancient profession / edited by Pat
   Easterling and Edith Hall.
   The singing actors of antiquity / Edith Hall -- The musicians among the
   actors / Peter Wilson -- The use of the body by actors in tragedy and
   satyr-play / Kostas Valakas -- Towards a reconstruction of performance
   style / Richard Green -- Kallippides on the floor-sweepings : the limits
   of realism in classical acting and performance styles / Eric Csapo --
   Looking for the actor's art in Aristotle / G.M. Sifakis -- Acting, action
   and words in new comedy / Eric Handley -- 'Acting down' : the ideology of
   Hellenistic performance / Richard Hunter -- Nothing to do with the
   techn*itai of Dionysus? / Jane L. Lightfoot -- Actors and actor-managers
   at Rome in the time of Plautus and Terence / Peter G. McC. Brown -- The
   masks on the propylon of the Sebasteion at Aphrodisias / John Jory --
   Images of performance : new evidence from Ephesus / Charlotte Rouech*e --
   Female entertainers in late antiquity / Ruth Webb -- Acting in the
   Byzantine theatre : evidence and problems / Walter Puchner -- Actor as
   icon / Pat Easterling -- Scholars versus actors : text and performance in
   the Greek tragic scholia / Thomas Falkner -- Orator and/et actor / Elaine
   Fantham -- Acting and self-actualisation in imperial Rome : some death
   scenes / Catharine Edwards -- The subjectivity of Greek performance /
   Ismene Lada-Richards -- The ancient actor's presence since the Renaissance
   / Edith Hall.

PA 6274 .A2 1997                         1997
   Catullus / edited with a textual and interpretative commentary by D.F.S.

PC 4075 .P69 2001                        2001
   A history of the Spanish language through texts / Christopher J. Pountain.
   Latin and Romance -- Early Romance -- Al-Andalus -- Early literature in
   Castilian: dialect diversity and mixture -- The Castilian norm -- Prose
   documents in Castilian from the fifteenth century -- The Golden age:
   linguistic self-awareness -- The Golden age -- The Enlightenment -- Modern
   peninsular Spanish -- Latin America -- US Spanish -- Judeo-Spanish -- Calo
   -- The African connection -- Creoles and contact vernaculars.
                                Inventory List

                 Produced Friday, October 1, 2004 at 12:49 PM

PE1591 .R715 1995EB                      1995
   Roget's II [electronic resource] : the new thesaurus / by the editors of
   The American Heritage Dictionaries.
PE1628 .A623 2000EB                      2000
   The American Heritage dictionary of the English language [electronic

PE1628 .C63 1994EB                       1994
   The American heritage concise dictionary [electronic resource].

PG 3328 .Z7 P5376 2004                   2004
   Dostoevsky and the idea of Russianness : a new perspective on unity and
   brotherhood / Sarah Hudspith.
   Dostoevsky's ideological position with regard to the Slavophile movement
   -- The dramatization in Dostoevsky's fiction of themes found in Slavophile
   thought -- The Iranian text : Slavophile principles applied to the
   practice of writing.

PG 3350 .B55 2003                         2003
   Pushkin : a biography / T.J. Binyon.

PL 862 .A42146 R613 2004                 2004
   Lonely woman / Takahashi Takako ; introduced and translated by Maryellen
   Toman Mori.
   Lonely woman -- The oracle -- Foxfire -- The suspended bridge -- Strange

PN 1731 .F513 2002                       2002
   History of European drama and theatre / Erika Fischer-Lichte ; translated
   by Jo Riley.
   Publisher's description: This major study reconstructs the vast history of
   European Drama from Greek tragedy through to 20th century theatre,
   focusing on the subject of identity. Throughout history, drama has
   performed and represented political, religious, national, ethnic,
   class-related, gendered, and individual concepts of identity. Anyone
   interested in theatre throughout history and today will find this an
   invaluable source of information.

PN 1969 .C65 O75 2003 DVD                2003
   The original Latin kings of comedy [videorecording] / R.P.M. Pictures
   presents a Payaso Entertainment production ; producers, Scott Montoya, Jeb
   Brien ; director, Jeb Brien.
   A concert film featuring five of today's hottest Latin-American stand-up

PN 1992.4 .G77 A3 2003                   2003
   Merv : making the good life last / Merv Griffin, with David Bender.

PN 1992.77 .T6 M56 2003                  2003
   This is today : a window on our times / written by Eric Mink ; edited by
   Laurie Dolphin and Christian Brown ; introduction by Katie Couric and Matt

PN 1992.8 .S67 B75 2004                  2004
   Spy television / Wesley Britton.
   Defining a genre -- The roots of a family tree : 1900 to 1961 -- Bond,
   Beatles, and camp : the men from U.N.C.L.E. -- More British than Bond :
   John Steed, The avengers, and feminist role-playing -- Cold War sports and
   games : I spy and racial politics -- The Cold War and existential fables :
   Danger man, Secret agent, and The prisoner -- The page and the screen :
                                Inventory List

                 Produced Friday, October 1, 2004 at 12:49 PM

   The saint and Robin Hood spies -- Interchangeable parts : missions:
   impossible -- James Bond on the prairie : from The wild wild West to the
   Secret adventures of Jules Verne -- From tongues in cheek to tongues
   sticking out : Get smart and the spoofing of a genre -- Also-rans and new
   branches : network secret agents from 1963 to 1980 -- Reagan, le Carr*e,
   Clancy, cynicism, and cable : down to Earth in the 1980s and 1990s -- The
   return of fantasy and the dark nights of spies : The x-files, La femme
   Nikita, and the new millennium -- Active and inactive files : Alias, 24,
   The agency, and twenty-first-century spies -- Conclusion : the past,
   present, and future of TV espionage : why spies?

PN 1992.8 .W65 S65 2003                   2003
   Television women from Lucy to Friends : fifty years of sitcoms and
   feminism / Lynn C. Spangler.
   Life with television -- 1940s and 1950s : housewives and secretaries --
   1960s : war and witches -- 1970s : spunky girls and angry women -- 1980s :
   working moms and golden women -- 1990s and beyond : post-feminism and best
   friends -- Loving and not loving Lucy.

PN 1993.5 .F7 L33 2002                   2002
   French cinema : from its beginnings to the present / R*emi Fournier
   The invention of motion pictures and the silent era of film -- The golden
   age of French cinema -- French cinema of the Occupation -- The postwar era
   -- The years of the French new wave -- French cinema of the 1970s -- The
   cinema of the 1980s -- The last decade and beyond.

PN 1995.9 .G3 H37 2001 DVD               2001
   Harlem nights [videorecording].
   A night club owner and his son fight to keep the mob and corrupt police
   from putting them out of business.

PN 1995.9 .I73 B76 1998 DVD              1998
   A Bronx tale [videorecording] / Savoy Pictures ; Price Entertainment in
   association with Penta Entertainment presents a Tribeca production ;
   screenplay by Chazz Palminteri ; produced by Jane Rosenthal, Jon Kilik,
   Robert De Niro ; directed by Robert De Niro.
   A hard-working bus driver must stand up to the local mob boss if he is to
   keep his son from falling into a life of crime.

PN 1995.9 .J6 G57 2000                   2000
   The drunken journalist : the biography of a film stereotype / Howard Good.

PN 1995.9 .J6 S53 2004 DVD               2004
   Shattered Glass [videorecording] / Lions Gate Films presents a
   Cruise/Wagner Production, a Baumgarten Merims Production ; produced by
   Criag Baumgarten, Adam Merims, Gaye Hirsch, Tove Christensen ; written and
   directed by Billy Ray.
   Stephen Glass is a staff writer for the well respected current events and
   policy magazine 'The new republic'. He was also a freelance writer
   featured in 'Rolling Stone', 'Harper's Bazaar' and 'George'. By the mid
   1990's, Glass' articles had turned him into one of the most sought-after
   young journalists in Washington. That is until a bizarre chain of events
   suddenly stopped his career right in its tracks.

PN 1995.9 .M86 P87 1997 DVD              1997
   Purple rain [videorecording] / Warner Bros. ; screenplay, Albert Magnoli,
   William Blinn ; producers, Robert Cavallo, Joseph Ruffalo, Steven Fargnoli
   ; director, Albert Magnoli.
   Prince stars as "The Kid," a Minneapolis club musician, who struggles with
   both a tumultous homelife and his own smoldering anger while taking refuge
   in his music and his steamy love for sultry Apollonia Kotero.
                                Inventory List

                 Produced Friday, October 1, 2004 at 12:49 PM


PN 1997 .A2 C79 2003 DVD                 2003
   Cry, the beloved country [videorecording] / Miramax Films ; a Distant
   Horizon production in association with Videovision, Investec Bank Limited
   and Alpine Films (PTY) Ltd ; screenplay by Ronald Harwood ; produced by
   Anant Singh ; directed by Darrell James Roodt.
   A black minister and white land owner are united by a tragedy, with the
   potential for further hatred or healing.

PN 1997 .A33 1997 DVD                    1997
   Absence of malice [videorecording] / Columbia Pictures presents a Sydney
   Pollack film ; a Mirage Enterprises production ; written by Kurt Luedtke ;
   produced and directed by Sydney Pollack.
   A businessman becomes the subject of a criminal investigation when a story
   about him is purposely "leaked" to an investigative reporter.

PN 1997 .E97 2003 DVD                    2003
   Das experiment [videorecording] / Samuel Goldwyn Films ; eine Typhoon Film
   und Fanes Film produktion mit Senator Film Produktion in koproduktion mit
   SevenPictures ; produzenten, Norbert Preuss, Marc Conrad, Fritz Wildfeuer
   ; regie, Oliver Hirschbiegel ; drehbuch, Mario Giordano, Christoph
   Darnst*adt, Don Bohlinger.
   A dramatization of an experiment by Stanford University in 1971 which
   asked for 24 male students to volunteer for a simulated prison experience
   as prisoners or guards to determine behavioral and psychological
   consequences. The original time frame was two weeks. The experiment was
   terminated after six days.

PN 1997 .N48 2000 DVD                    2000
   Network [videorecording] / Metro Goldwyn Mayer ; by Paddy Chayefsky ;
   produced by Howard Gottfried ; directed by Sidney Lumet.
   A satirical look at the politics and power struggles of television
   executives as a network news anchorman turns the tables on the "ratings."

PN 1997 .O681 1999 DVD                   1999
   Mr. Holland's opus [videorecording] / Hollywood Pictures presents an
   Interscope Communications Polygram Filmed Entertainment Production ;
   written by Patrick Sheane Duncan ; produced by Ted Field, Michael Nolin
   and Robert W. Cort ; directed by Stephen Herek.
   A frustrated composer comes to realize that his real passion is teaching
   and that his legacy is not a truly memorable piece of music, but the
   generations of young people whose lives he affects.
PN 1997 .P53 1999 DVD                    1999
   The piano [videorecording] / LIVE Entertainment ; Miramax Films ; CIBY
   2000 presents a Jan Chapman production ; a film by Jane Campion ;
   producer, Jan Chapman ; written and directed by Jane Campion.
   A young mute woman and her child travel to New Zealand in the 1800s for an
   arranged marriage to a farmer. After the marriage she meets another man,
   and the competition for her love begins. Just one of the men realizes that
   her affections can only be won through her beloved piano.

PN 1997 .S53 1998 DVD                    1998
   Shakespeare in love [videorecording] / Miramax Films/Universal
   Pictures/the Bedford Falls Company ; produced by David Parfitt, Donna
   Gigliotti, Harvey Weinstein, Edward Zwick, Marc Norman ; written by Marc
   Norman and Tom Stoppard ; directed by John Madden.
   When Will Shakespeare needs passionate inspiration to break a bad case of
   writer's block, a secret romance with the beautiful Lady Viola starts the
   words flowing like never before!

                                Inventory List

                 Produced Friday, October 1, 2004 at 12:49 PM

PN 1997 .T67 1998 DVD                    1998
   Top gun [videorecording] / Paramount Pictures presents a Don Simpson/Jerry
   Bruckheimer production ; a Tony Scott film ; written by Jim Cash & Jack
   Epps, Jr. ; produced by Don Simpson and Jerry Bruckheimer ; directed by
   Tony Scott.
   Maverick Mitchell is a daring young flyer in the U.S. Navy who is out to
   become the best of the best at the Navy's prestigious fighter weapons

PN 1997.2 .C49 2003 DVD                  2003
   Chicago [videorecording] / a Producer Circle Co. production ; a
   Zadan/Meron production ; a Miramax Films production ; produced by Martin
   Richards ; screenplay by Bill Condon ; directed by Rob Marshall.
   At a time when crimes of passion result in celebrity headlines, nightclub
   sensation Velma Kelly and spotlight-seeking Roxie Hart both find
   themselves on Chicago's famed Murderess Row. They also share Billy Flynn,
   the town's slickest lawyer with a talent for turning notorious defendants
   into local legends.

PN 1997.2 .C64 2001 DVD                  2001
   Coffy [videorecording] / American International Pictures ; producer,
   Robert Papazian ; writer and director, Jack Hill.
   Coffy, a young nurse, takes vengeance on the powerful drug ring that
   destroyed her younger sister's life.

PN 1997.2 .F43 2003 DVD                  2003
   Fear and loathing in Las Vegas [videorecording] / Universal Pictures ; a
   film by Terry Gilliam.
   Fueled by a suitcase full of pharmaceuticals, journalist Raoul Duke and
   his sidekick Dr. Gonzo set off on a fast and furious ride through nonstop
   neon, surreal surroundings and a crew of crazy characters.

PN 1997.2 .F74 2003 DVD                  2003
   Frida [videorecording] / Miramax Films presents in association with
   Margaret Rose Perenchio a Ventanarosa production in association with Lions
   Gate Films, a film by Julie Taymor ; produced by Sarah Green, Salma Hayek,
   Jay Polstein ... [et al.] ; screenplay by Clancy Sigal ... [et al.] ;
   directed by Julie Taymor.
   The life of artist Frida Kahlo, from her humble upbringing to her
   worldwide fame and controversy that surrounded both her and her husband,
   Diego Rivera.

PN 1997.2 .F76 2001 DVD                  2001
   The front page [videorecording] / Howard Hughes presents Lewis Milesone's
   production ; the Caddo Company ; from the play as produced by Jed Harris ;
   adaptation by Bartlett Cormack ; additional dialogue by Charles Lederer ;
   directed by Lewis Milestone.
   Earle Williams, a convict about to be executed, escapes, throwing the
   Criminal Court Building into chaos. Newspaper reporters attempt to "scoop"
   the story by holding Williams in a roll top desk in the press room.

PN 1997.2 .G63 2004 DVD                  2004
   The gods must be crazy I & II [videorecording].
   In The gods must be crazy, an empty Coke bottle drops from the sky near
   Xixo, an African San hunter, who tries to return the bottle to the gods
   that must have dropped it. In The gods must be crazy II, Xixo's children
   become accidental stowaways on a poacher's truck and Xixo sets out to find

PN 1997.2 .I53 2004 DVD                  2004
   Independence day [videorecording] / Twentieth Century Fox presents a
   Centropolis Entertainment production ; a Roland Emmerich film ; produced
                                Inventory List

                 Produced Friday, October 1, 2004 at 12:49 PM

   by Dean Devlin ; written by Dean Devlin & Roland Emmerich ; directed by
   Roland Emmerich.
   Hostile aliens attack Earth as the 4th of July weekend approaches. The
   crew to save Earth is led by the President, a Marine pilot, and a computer
   scientist. Includes a sneak peek at The Day After Tomorrow.

PN 1997.2 .J47 2002 DVD                  2002
   Jerry Maguire [videorecording] / TriStar Pictures presents a Gracie Films
   A sports agent suddenly discovers his scruples and promptly loses his job.
   But with the help of one loyal colleague and one outrageous client, he
   learns that loving well is the best revenge.

PN 1997.2 .L37 2004 DVD                  2004
   The last samurai [videorecording] / a Warner Bros. Pictures presentation ;
   a Radar Pictures/Bedford Falls Company production ; produced by Marshall
   Herskovitz ... [et al.] ; screenplay by John Logan and Edward Zwick &
   Marshall Herskovitz ; story by John Logan ; directed by Edward Zwick.
   Tormented Civil War veteran Capt. Nathan Algren is coerced by a mercenary
   officer to train the Japanese Emperor's troops in the use of modern
   weaponry. Opposing this modernization are the samurai warriors who are
   holding fast to their traditions of honor, despite their strategic
   disadvantage. As a captive of the samurai leader, Algren learns,
   appreciates, and adopts the samurai code, switching sides for a climactic
   battle that will put everyone's honor to the ultimate test.
PN 1997.2 .M46 2003 DVD                  2003
   Men with guns [videorecording] = Los hombres armados / a Sony Pictures
   Classic release ; Lexington Road Productions and Clear Blue Sky
   Productions in association with the Independent Film Channel and
   Anarchists' Convention ; producers, R. Paul Miller, Maggie Renzi ;
   written, directed and edited by John Sayles.
   An elderly physician that trains young people to provide health care to
   the poor people of a agricultural country finds out that many of his
   former students are being killed. He goes there to find out why these men
   with guns are killing anyone they want.

PN 1997.2 .R63 2001 DVD                  2001
   Rocky [videorecording] / United Artists ; written by Sylvester Stallone ;
   produce by Irwin Winkler and Robert Chartoff ; directed by John G.
   Rocky Balboa, the underdog, gets his million-to-one shot at love,
   self-respect and the world heavyweight boxing crown and comes out a

PN 1998.2 .A26 2003                      2003
   Hollywood and the rise of physical culture / Heather Addison.
   Cinema and physical culture -- The drama-canning industryheads West:
   Hollywood emerges -- Capitalizing their charms: cinema stars and reducing
   -- Ascending the celluloid heavens: reducing as personal transformation --
   Hollywood and physical culture: the 1920s and beyond.

PN 1998.3 .H689 G73 2003                 2003
   Ron Howard : from Mayberry to the moon-- and beyond / Beverly Gray.
   Part I: The early years ; Small steps (1954-1960) ; Home sweet home
   (1960-1968) ; Leaving the nest (1968-1972) -- Part II: Fledgling efforts ;
   Turning back the clock (1972-1975) ; Revving up (1975-1977) ; Flying
   lessons (1977-1981) -- Part III: First successes ; Getting his feet wet
   (1981-1984) ; Lift-off (1984-1986) ; Small world (1985-1989) -- Part IV:
   Ups and downs ; Keeping the home fires burning (1989-1991) ; Near and far

                                Inventory List

                 Produced Friday, October 1, 2004 at 12:49 PM

PN2035 .C27 2000EB                       1995
   The Cambridge guide to theatre [electronic resource] / [edited by] Martin

PN 2061 .B55 2003                        1949
   Acting : the first six lessons / Richard Boleslavsky.

PN 2061 .C577 1990                       1991
   Acting in Shakespeare / Robert Cohen.

PN 2237 .N38 2003                        2003
   Early American theatre from the Revolution to Thomas Jefferson : into the
   hands of the people / Heather S. Nathans.
   Extravagance and dissipation -- Revolutionary transformations -- "A
   democracy of glee" -- Butcher, baker, candlestick maker -- A commercial
   community -- Into the hands of the people -- "From an infant stage".
PN 2245 .F76 2003                        2003
   From traveling show to vaudeville : theatrical spectacle in America,
   1830-1910 / edited by Robert M. Lewis.
   The dime museum -- Minstrelsy -- The circus -- Melodrama -- "Leg show"
   burlesque extravaganzas -- The Wild West show -- Summer amusement parks --

PN 2287 .B16 K36 2003                    2003
   Ball of fire : the tumultuous life and comic art of Lucille Ball / Stefan

PN 2287 .B488 O34 1992                   1992
   Edwin Booth : a bio-bibliography / L. Terry Oggel.

PN 2287 .G3 H25 2002                     2002
   Clark Gable : a biography / by Warren Harris.

PN 2287 .J285 H83 2004                   2004
   Samuel L. Jackson : the unauthorised biography / Jeff Hudson.

PN 2287 .L5 V36 2002                     2002
   Harold Lloyd : master comedian / Jeffrey Vance and Suzanne Lloyd ;
   introduction by Kevin Brownlow ; Manoah Bowman, photographic editor.
   The Harold Lloyd stills : a note on the photography / Manoah Bowman --
   Foreword / Jack Lemmon -- Introduction / Kevin Brownlow -- Harold Lloyd :
   a biography -- A sailor-made man -- Grandma's boy -- Dr. Jack -- Safety
   last -- Why worry -- Girl shy -- Hot water -- The freshman -- For heaven's
   sake -- The kid brother -- Speedy -- Welcome danger -- Feet first -- Movie
   crazy -- The cat's-paw -- The milky way -- Professor beware -- The sin of
   Harold Diddlebock -- Lloyd's last years -- Remembering Harold / Suzanne

PN 2287 .M543 E33 2002                   2002
   Matthau : a life / Rob Edelman and Audrey Kupferberg.

PN 2287 .R43 A3 2003                     2003
   My anecdotal life : a memoir / Carl Reiner.

PN 2287 .W4555 A3 2004                   2004
   Margaret Webster : a life in the theater / Milly S. Barranger.
   Act One 1905---1936 -- An Itinerant Childhood -- Serious Beginnings -- The
   Old Vic and the West End -- Act Two 1937---1949 -- Broadway Nights --
   Giants and Pygmies -- Battle of Angels -- The Making of Othello -- The
   American Repertory Theatre -- Act Three 1950---1972 -- Life at the Opera
   -- McCarthy -- Unfinished Business -- Losing Battles.
                                Inventory List

                 Produced Friday, October 1, 2004 at 12:49 PM

PN 2287 .W473 D68 1998                   1998
   Robin Williams / Andy Dougan.

PN 2594 .Z58 2003                        2003
   The Orient on the Victorian stage / Edward Ziter.
   "Real sets," geography, and race -- Spectacle and surveillance in
   orientalist panoramas -- Fantasies of miscengenation on the romantic stage
   -- The built-out East of popular ethnography -- The biblical East in
   theatres and exhibitions -- The geography of imperial theatre.

PN 2596 .L6 L35 2002                     2002
   London civic theatre : city drama and pageantry from Roman times to 1558 /
   Anne Lancashire.

PN 2598 .B69 A5 2003                     2003
   Conversations with Peter Brook, 1970-2000 / Margaret Croyden.
   A midsummer night's dream -- The beginnings of the International Center of
   Theater Research -- In the hills of Iran: Orghast -- Experiments at the
   Center -- Experiments in Africa -- Meetings with remarkable men -- Antony
   and Cleopatra -- The ik, Ubu, The conference of the birds -- La trag*edie
   de Carmen -- The Mahabharata -- The tempest -- The man who -- The tragedy
   of Hamlet -- Looking back.

PN 2598 .G45 M67 2002                    2002
   John Gielgud : the authorized biography / Sheridan Morley.

PN 2638 .B5 B44 1984                     1984
   Bernhardt and the theatre of her time / edited by Eric Salmon.

PN 2969 .A375 2000                       2000
   African theatre in performance : a festschrift in honour of Martin Banham
   / edited by Dele Layiwola.
   Professor Martin Banham: a personal tribute / Dapo Adelugba -- Broken
   mirrors: art and actuality in Zimbabwean theatre / Robert McLaren -- When
   criminals turn judges / Ola Rotimi -- Epoch and echo: stage lyrics of
   Martin Banham days at Ibadan / Sonny Oti -- Stage and staging in Yoruba
   ritual drama / Oyin Ogunba -- Role of community theatre in health
   education in Nigeria / Oga Steve Abah -- Hand that feeds the king / Wale
   Ogunyemi -- Orality and the text: trends and prognosis in Osofisan's
   Another Raft and Agbeyegbe's The King Must Dance Naked / Austin O. Asagba.
   Soyinka and power: language and imagery in Madmen and Specialists /
   Frances Harding -- Is ritual drama a humanistic methodology? Thoughts on
   the new theatre / Dele Layiwola -- For Martin Banham / Tony Lopez.

PN 4731 .E66 1999                        1999
   In the event : reading journalism, reading theory / Deborah Esch.
   List of illustrations -- Introduction -- Part I. Journals, theories: The
   invasion of the corpus snatchers -- The work to come -- Part II. In the
   wake Of television: No time like the present -- Mission in action --
   Fast-forward -- The test of time -- Part III. Journals of survival: 'Only
   a question of time, etc' -- 'The only news was then' -- Notes -- Index.

PN 4731 .F58 2001                        2001
   From Watergate to Monicagate : ten controversies in modern journalism and
   media / Herbert N. Foerstel.
   Monopolistic control of journalism -- Public relations and the news --
   Spies in the media -- Press controls in time of war -- The growing
   influence of tabloid journalism -- The paparazzi : feeding the public's
   appetite for celebrities -- From plagiarism to polemics -- Anonymous
   sources and the reporter's privilege -- Pacifying the Internet's
   electronic frontier -- Microradio's challenge to spectrum scarcity.
                                Inventory List
                 Produced Friday, October 1, 2004 at 12:49 PM

PN 4745 .D33 2004                        2004
   Casualty of war : the Bush administration's assault on a free press /
   David Dadge.
   Losing America's voice -- Al-Jazeera : a platform of controversy --
   Executive's privilege -- "In cipro we trust" -- Dezinformatsiya and other
   patriot acts -- Trading liberty for security -- "Everyone has his own Bin
   Laden" -- Responding to the war on terrorism.

PN 4784 .W37 R46 2003                    2003
   Reporting America at war : an oral history / compiled by Michelle Ferrari
   with commentary by James Tobin.
   Edward R. Murrow -- Walter Cronkite -- Martha Gellhorn -- Andy Rooney --
   Frank Gibney -- Homer Bigart -- Malcom W. Browne -- David Halberstam --
   Morley Safer -- Ward Just -- Gloria Emerson -- Peter Arnett -- Chris
   Hedges -- Christiane Amanpour -- Epilogue: The War in Iraq, 2003.

PN 4841 .A1 P73 1995                     1995
   Gods within the machine : a history of the American Society of Newspaper
   Editors, 1923-1993 / Paul Alfred Pratte.

PN 4861 .C74 1997                        1997
   Colonial American newspapers : character and content / David A. Copeland.
   There is a vessel lately arrived from England, or Infested by those
   hell-hounds the pirates -- The sculking Indian enemy -- Melancholy
   accidents and deplorable news -- Whipt through the streets and burnt with
   a hot iron -- The poceedings of the rebellious Negroes -- Adapted to the
   female world -- A receipt against the plague -- The presence of god was
   much seen in their assemblies -- The chief amusement of this city.

PN 4864 .D68 1999                        1999
   The Golden Age of the newspaper / George H. Douglas.
   Penny papers: the printed word for democratic man -- The quest for a real
   newspaper -- Giants of a new age: James Gordon Bennett and Horace Greeley
   -- Newspapers move west -ferment in the South -- The Civil War -the
   indispensability of news -- Dana and the New York Sun -the news story as
   art -- Newspapers in the Gilded Age -- Dangerous crossroads: Pulitzer and
   Hearst -- The rise of the New York Times -- Of evenings, and Sundays, and
   funnies, and such -- Newspaper chains and press associations -- Fantasy
   and reality: the newspaper reporter -- When the women marched in -- The
   newspaper sage: from our town to Olympus -- The foreign language press --
   Tabloids -- A bright and shining moment.

PN 4874 .B328 A3 2004                    2004
   Pull me up : a memoir / Dan Barry.

PN 4874 .B544 A3 2004                    2004
   Burning down my masters' house : my life at the New York times / Jayson

PN 4874 .G347 A3 2003                    2003
   City room / Arthur Gelb.

PN 4874 .L23 A4 2003                     2003
   A life in letters : Ann Landers' letters to her only child / [edited by]
   Margo Howard.

PN 4874 .R565 A25 2003                    2003
   Years of minutes / Andy Rooney.

PN 4877 .S36 1994                        1994
   The dream of a new social order : popular magazines in America, 1893-1914
                                Inventory List

                   Produced Friday, October 1, 2004 at 12:49 PM

   / Matthew Schneirov.

PN 4879 .B58 2004                        2004
   Spin sisters : how the women of the media sells unhappiness-- and
   liberalism-- to the women of America / Myrna Blyth.
   Spin, sisters, spin -- How we got from there to here -- Got stress? -- The
   feminine physique -- The female fear factor -- The victim virus -- Media
   queens at work and play -- Getting the "get" (and other adventures) -- "If
   only women voted" -- Not a bit like you -- Never underestimate the power.

PN 4879 .Z83 1998                        1998
   A history of popular women's magazines in the United States, 1792-1995 /
   Mary Ellen Zuckerman.
   Women's magazines, 1865-1918. Birth of the big six ; Leaders in the field
   ; Editing the women's magazines ; Marriage of convenience: advertising and
   women's magazines ; What they were reading: content in women's magazines,
   1890-1918 -- Women's magazines, 1919-45. Women's magazines in the interwar
   years ; Targeting readers ; Creating the women's magazines ; Attracting
   advertising ; Magazine content during the interwar years ; World War II --
   Women's magazines, 1946-95. Big six to seven sisters ; New contenders.

PN 4888 .C598 C66 1999                   1999
   The conservative press in eighteenth-and nineteenth-century America /
   edited by Ronald Lora and William Henry Longton.
   Political journals, 1796-1870 -- Literary-cultural journals, 1787-1863 --
   Southern reviews, 1828-1880 -- Nineteenth-century Orthodox Protestant
   reviews -- Catholic and Episcopal journals.

PN 4888 .T4 B75 1998                     1998
   Monitoring the news : the brilliant launch and sudden collapse of the
   Monitor Channel / Susan Bridge.

PN 4888 .T4 L53 1995                     1995
   Good intentions make bad news : why Americans hate campaign journalism /
   S. Robert Lichter and Richard E. Noyes.
   Power play -- The REagan reaction -- The search for substance -- Whose
   agenda is it, anyway? -- Freeze-frame journalism -- The media's character
   test -- Credibility in the balance -- The talk show campaign -- Putting
   people first.

PN 5124 .P6 M38 2000                     2000
   Journalism and democracy : an evaluation of the political public sphere /
   Brian McNair.
   Journalism and democracy: the debate -- Political public sphere: an
   anatomy -- Policy, process, performance and sleaze: an evaluation of the
   political news agenda -- Interpretative moment: the journalism of
   commentary and analysis -- Interrogative moment: the British political
   interview -- Sound of the crowd: access and the political media -- 'Spin,
   whores spin': the demonisation of political public relations -- Media and
   politics, 1992-97 -- Political journalism and the crisis of mass

PN 5130 .N4 S65 1996                     1996
   The New statesman : portrait of a political weekly, 1913-1931 / Adrian

PN 5130 .T566 M39 2001                   2001
   Critical times : the history of the Times literary supplement / Derwent
   Beginnings -- First year: 1902 -- Edwardian peace: 1903-07 -- Storm clouds
   over the empire: 1908-13 -- War and independence: 1914-18 -- Northcliffe
   passes, Eliot arrives 1919-22 -- Peace among the vile bodies: 1923-29 --
                                Inventory List

                 Produced Friday, October 1, 2004 at 12:49 PM

   Richmond's twilight years: 1930-37 -- D.L. Murray faces the dictators:
   1938-45 -- Stanley Morison's hard read: 1945-47 -- World pours in: 1948-58
   -- Gaiety of nations: 1959-74 -- Coming out: 1974-81 -- Trouble with
   theory: 1982-90 -- Debates and deaths: 1991-2001

PN 6790 .B43 S4313 2002 V.1              2002
   The invisible frontier / Schuiten, Peeters ; [translation by Joe Johnson].

PQ 221 .H47 2004                         2004
   Literary hybrids : cross-dressing, shapeshifting, and indeterminacy in
   medieval and modern French narrative / by Erika E. Hess.

PQ 558 .K73 2004                         2004
   The drama of fallen France : reading la com*edie sans tickets / Kenneth
   A queer premiere: Jean Cocteau's The Typewriter -- Collabo Beefcake and
   resistant reception: ambiguity in Andr*e Obey's Eight Hundred Meters and
   The Suppliant Women -- French Identity: the intended audience for Jean
   Giraudoux's The Apollo of Marsac -- The limits of opportunism: Simone
   Jollivet's The Princess of Ursins -- The politics of intention: Jean
   Anouilh's Antigone via Oreste -- The politics of reception: Jean-Paul
   Sartre's The Flies -- A politics of sexuality: Henry de Montherlant's
   Nobody's Son -- The politics of impersonation: Casting and recasting Paul
   Claudel's The Satin Slipper -- Catching The Last M*etro: Francois
   Truffaut's Portrayal of Occupation Drama and Sexuality.

PQ 2637 .A274 Z64913 2004                2004
   Saint Exup*ery : art, writing and musings / Nathalie des Valli*eres with
   Roselyne de Ayala ; translated from the French by Anthony Zielonka.
   Saint Euxpery, writer -- The youth of a little prince -- The friends of
   Saint Exupery -- The airline pilot -- My dear mama -- The desert and
   solitude -- Saint Exupery, inventor and magician -- Participation in the
   war -- Saint Exupery and women -- Saint Exupery and death.

PQ 4865 .C6 B3813 2002                   2002
   Baudolino / Umberto Eco ; translated from the Italian by William Weaver.
PQ 6653 .E62 S6613 2004                  2004
   Soldiers of Salamis / Javier Cercas ; translated from the Spanish by Anne

PQ 9003 .G66 2001                        2001
   Global impact of the Portuguese language / Asela Rodr*iguez de Laguna,

PR83 .G56 1997EB                         1997
   Dictionary of English literature [electronic resource] / edited by Marion

PR85 .C29 2000EB                         1993
   The Cambridge guide to literature in English [electronic resource] /
   [edited by] Ian Ousby ; foreword by Doris Lessing.

PR 179 .H55 F73 1998                     1998
   Before the closet : same-sex love from Beowulf to Angels in America /
   Allen J. Frantzen.
   ch. 1. What's love got to do with it? -- ch. 2. Kiss and tell: Anglo-Saxon
   tales of manly men and women -- ch. 3. Surveying same-sex relations in the
   early middle ages -- ch. 4. Sociology of sex in Anglo-Saxon laws and
   penitentials -- ch. 5. Shadow of Sodom: same-sex relations in pastoral
   prose and poetry -- ch. 6. Sex and the Anglo-Saxons from the Norman
   conquest to the Renaissance -- ch. 7. Alla, angli, and angels in America.
                                Inventory List

                 Produced Friday, October 1, 2004 at 12:49 PM

PR 658 .A37 J634 2003                    2003
   The actor as playwright in early modern drama / Nora Johnson.
   Introduction: playing author -- Publishing the fool: Robert Armin and the
   collective production of mirth -- Actor-playwright and the true poet:
   Nathan Field, Ben Jonson, and the prerogatives of the author -- Anthony
   Munday and the spectacle of martyrdom -- "Some zanie with his mimick
   action": Thomas Heywood and the staging of humanist authority -- Coda: the
   Shakespearean silence.

PR 658 .A9 B76 2000                      2000
   From playhouse to printing house : drama and authorship in early modern
   England / Douglas A. Brooks.

PR 1253 .C68 1995B                       1995
   Court masques : Jacobean and Caroline entertainments, 1605-1640 / edited
   with an introduction by David Lindley ; general editor, Michael Cordner ;
   associate general editors, Peter Holland, Martin Wiggins.

PR 2754 .Y34 1993                        1993
   The Yale Shakespeare / edited by Wilbur L. Cross and Tucker Brooke ;
   published under the direction of the Department of English, Yale
   Comedy of errors -- Two gentlemen of Verona -- Taming of the shrew --
   Love's labour's lost -- Midsummer night's dream -- Merchant of Venice --
   As you like it -- Much ado about nothing -- Merry wives of Windsor --
   Twelfth night -- Tragedy of Troilus and Cressida -- All's well that ends
   well -- Measure for measure -- First part of King Henry the sixth --
   Second part of King Henry the sixth -- Third part of King Henry the sixth
   -- Tragedy of Richard the third -- Tragedy of King Richard the second --
   Life and death of King John -- First part of King Henry the fourth --
   Second part of King Henry the fourth -- Life of Henry the fifth -- Life of
   King Henry the eighth -- Tragedy of Titus Andronicus -- Tragedy of Romeo
   and Juliet -- Tragedy of Julius Caesar -- Tragedy of Hamlet -- Tragedy of
   Othello -- Tragedy of King Lear -- Tragedy of Macbeth -- Tragedy of Antony
   and Cleopatra -- Tragedy of Coriolanus -- Life of Timon of Athens --
   Pericles, Prince of Tyre -- Tragedy of Cymbeline -- Winter's tale --
   Tempest -- Poems and the sonnets.

PR 2823 .A23 M33 2002 DVD                2002
   Macbeth [videorecording] / Columbia Pictures presents a Playboy
   Productions, a film by Roman Polanski ; producer, Andrew Braunsberg ;
   writers, Roman Polanski, Kenneth Tynan ; director, Roman Polanski.
   A classic tragedy about the lust for power and its ultimate bloody
   consequences. Macbeth is a Scottish war hero whose insane ambition
   unleashes a cycle of violence. Prompted by the supernatural prophecy of
   three witches, Macbeth is then goaded by his lady into slaying King Duncan
   in order to assume the throne. He plunges further into murder and moral
   decay to keep the unsteady crown on his head.

PR 2828 .A2 B73 2003 DVD                 2003
   Much ado about nothing [videorecording] / Samuel Goldwyn Company, a
   Renaissance Films production ; adapated for the screen by Kenneth Branagh
   ; produced by Stephen Evans, David Parfitt, and Kenneth Branagh ; directed
   by Kenneth Branagh.
   With his wedding a week away, Claudio can't wait to marry the beautiful
   young Hero. To distract him, his best friend Don Pedro devises mischief: a
   romantic trap for the sharp-tongued Beatrice and the man she loves to
   hate, Benedick. Their amusement is almost spoiled by the jealous scheming
   of Don John, but love and laughter prevail when the local constable
   unwittingly exposes the plot--and all the trouble proves to be much ado
   about nothing (111 min.).
                                Inventory List

                 Produced Friday, October 1, 2004 at 12:49 PM

PR 2831 .A23 2000B DVD                   2000
   Romeo & Juliet [videorecording] / Paramount   Pictures presents a BHE Film ;
   directed by Franco Zeffirelli ; produced by   Anthony Havelock-Allen and
   John Brabourne ; screenplay, Franco Brusati   and Masolino D'Amico ;
   directed by Franco Zeffirelli.
   A pair of young lovers are destroyed by the   hatred of their rival families
   in what is perhaps the greatest tragic love   story of all time.

PR2892 .M398 2000EB                      2000
   Dictionary of Shakespeare [electronic resource] / Louise McConnell.

PR 2894 .W43 2003                        2003
   Shakespeare : for all time / Stanley Wells.
   1. Shakespeare and Stratford -- 2. Shakespeare in London -- 3. Shakespeare
   the writer -- 4. The growth of the legend : 1623-1744 -- 5. The age of
   Garrick : Shakespeare celebrated : 1741-1789 -- 6. Regency and romanticism
   : 1789-1843 -- 7. Victorian Shakespeare : 1843-1904 -- 8. From Victoria to
   Elizabeth : 1903-1952 -- 9. Shakespeare worldwide.
PR 2903 .S26 1995                        1995
   The real Shakespeare : retrieving the early years, 1564-1594 / Eric Sams.

PR 2979 .R9 R87 1997                     1998
   Russian essays on Shakespeare and his contemporaries / edited by Alexandr
   Parfenov and Joseph G. Price.

PR 2981 .K7 1979                         1979
   A Marxist study of Shakespeare's comedies / Elliot Krieger.
   The merchant of Venice -- A midsummer night's dream -- As you like it --
   Twelfth night -- Henry IV, part one.

PR 2983 .B45 2002                        2002
   Shakespeare's tragic skepticism / Millicent Bell.
   Introduction: Hamlet, Othello, King Lear, and Macbeth -- Hamlet, revenge!
   -- Othello's jealousy -- "Unaccommodated" Lear -- Macbeth's deeds -- The
   Roman frame.

PR 3034 .W45 2000                        2000
   Author's pen and actor's voice : playing and writing in Shakespeare's
   theatre / Robert Weimann ; edited by Helen Higbee and William West.

PR 3072 .E76 2003                        2003
   Shakespeare as literary dramatist / Lukas Erne.
   Part I: Publication -- 1. The legitimation of printed playbooks in
   Shakespeare's time -- 2. The making of "Shakespeare" -- 3. Shakespeare and
   the publication of his plays (I): the late sixteenth century -- 4.
   Shakespeare and the publication of his plays (II): the early seventeenth
   century -- 5. The players' alleged opposition to print -- Part II: Texts
   -- 6. Why size matters: "the two hours' traffic of our stage" and the
   length of Shakespeare's plays -- 7. Editorial policy and the length of
   Shakespeare's plays -- 8. "Bad" quartos and their origins: Romeo and
   Juliet, Henry V, and Hamlet -- 9. Theatricality, literariness and the
   texts of Romeo and Juliet, Henry V, and Hamlet -- The plays of Shakespeare
   and his contemporaries in print, 1584-1623 -- Heminge and Condell's
   "Stolne, and surreptitious copies" and the Pavier quartos -- Shakespeare
   and the circulation of dramatic manuscripts.

PR 3075 .B54 2001                        2001
   A grammar of Shakespeare's language / N.F. Blake.

PR 3095 .G76 2002                           2002
                                   Inventory List

                    Produced Friday, October 1, 2004 at 12:49 PM

   The best actors in the world : Shakespeare and his acting company / David
   From Cross Keys to the theatre, 1594-97 -- Crisis years, 1597-98 -- Globe
   and Kemp's exit, 1599-1600 -- Life without Kemp, 1600-03 -- King's Men,
   1603-06 -- Replacing Shakespeare, 1607-10 -- Shakespeare bows out, 1610-13
   -- Appendix A: Doubling roles -- Appendix B: Charts -- Chart A: Timeline
   of productions for Shakespeare's Company -- Chart B: Probable casting of
   Chamberlain's men plays.

PR 3100 .K46 2001                          2001
   Looking at Shakespeare : a visual history of twentieth-century performance
   / Dennis Kennedy.
   Shakespeare and the visual. Visual criticism ; Scenography and performance
   ; Visual records of performance -- Victorian pictures. Pictorialism ;
   Elizabethanism -- The scenographic revolution. Craig and the new
   stagecraft ; Reinhardt and his designers ; Post-impressionism: Granville
   Barker and Wilkinson -- Styles of politics. Expressionism: Jessner and
   Pirchan ; Constructivism and the unit set ; Synthesis in central Europe ;
   Birmingham and Cambridge -- The stuffed stag and the new look.
   Bridges-Adams and Komisarjevsky ; Motley ; R.E. Jones and Orson Welles ;
   Reinventing the stage. Guthrie and Moiseiwitsch ; The other Stratford ;
   Peter Brook and the image ; John Bury and Peter Hall ; Brook's dream,
   Jacobs' box -- The liberation of Europe. Socialist reconciliation and
   discord ; The director's lens ; Brechtian scenography in Berlin ;
   Brechtians abroad ; Josef Svoboda -- New spaces, new audiences ; American
   festivities ; Ritual at the RSC ; Chamber Shakespeare ; Well, this is the
   forest of Arden -- Imaging Shakespeare ; Trousers down: Zadek and travesty
   ; Intercultural Shakespeare ; Neo-pictorialism ; The magic of vision --
   Century's close ; Ninagawa ; Empires and colonies ; Buying British ;
   Shakespeare at the end of time.

PR 4034 .E46 1999 DVD                    1999
   Emma [videorecording] / a United Film and Television Production for
   Meridian Broadcasting in association with Chestermead Ltd. and A&E
   "Emma is the story of a rich, clever and beautiful young woman who can't
   resist orchestrating other people's love lives. As her romantic plans go
   ridiculously wrong, however, it's Emma herself who risks missing out on
   her perfect match!"--Container.

PR 4034 .S46 1999 DVD                    1999
   Sense and sensibility [videorecording] / Columbia Pictures presents a
   Mirage production ; screenplay by Emma Thompson ; produced by Lindsay
   Doran ; directed by Ang Lee.
   Tells of the Dashwood sisters, sensible Elinor and passionate Marianne,
   whose chances at marriage seem doomed by their family's sudden loss of

PR 4560 .A2 G74 1998 DVD                 1998
   Great expectations [videorecording] / J. Arthur Rank presents a Cineguild
   production released through General Film Distributors Ltd. ; adapted for
   the screen by David Lean, Ronald Neame, Anthony Havelock-Allan with Kay
   Walsh and Cecil McGivern ; produced by Ronald Neame ; directed by David
   In the gloom of a country graveyard, a young boy encounters an escaped
   convict, a chance meeting that years later leads the boy to tragedy,
   mystery and wealth.

PR 5810 .F21 O83 2002 DVD                2002
   The Oscar Wilde collection [videorecording] / British Broadcasting
   [1] Stage left. The importance of being earnest (1986) ; The picture of
                                Inventory List

                 Produced Friday, October 1, 2004 at 12:49 PM

   Dorian Gray (1976) (196 min.) -- [2] Stage right. An ideal husband (1969)
   ; Lady Windermere's fan (1985) ; The life and loves of Oscar Wilde (1995)
   (260 min.).
   A collection of four of Oscar Wilde's masterpieces, and a 1995 documentary
   about his life, his relationship with Alfred Douglas and the trials that
   destroyed his career. Includes reflections by Wilde's grandson Merlin
   Holland, and Douglas' grandniece Alice Douglas.

PR 6029 .R8 A63 1999 DVD                 1999
   Animal farm [videorecording] / produced by Greg Smith ; directed by John
   Stephenson ; screenplay by Alan James and Martyn Burke.
   This rendering of Orwell's classic is set in the beautiful Irish
   countryside and populated with a wide variety of barnyard animals. Chaos
   ensues when the animals take over the farm.

PR 6101 .L45 B75 2003                    2003
   Brick lane : a novel / Monica Ali.

PR 6111 .U68 I4 2002                     2002
   The impressionist / Hari Kunzru.

PR 9333.9 .K38 L37 2002 DVD              2002
   The Laramie project [videorecording] / HBO Films presents ; directed by
   Mois*es Kaufman ; written by Mois*es Kaufman and the members of the
   Tectonic Theater Project ; produced by Declan Baldwin.
   In October 1998, 21 year-old Matthew Shepard was found savagely beaten,
   tied to a fence and left to die in Laramie, Wyoming. This film is a
   dramatization of a town forced to confront itself in the reflective glare
   of the national spotlight, responding with love, anger, sympathy, support,
   and defiance.

PR 9369.3 .C58 L5 1984                   1984
   Life & times of Michael K / J.M. Coetzee.

PR 9369.3 .C58 Z637 1998                 1998
   Critical essays on J.M. Coetzee / edited by Sue Kossew.
   Introduction / Sue Kossew -- J.M. Coetzee : writing in the middle voice /
   Teresa Dovey -- "The labyrinth of my history" : J.M. Coetzee's Dusklands /
   David Attwell -- Literature and politics : currents in South African
   writing in the seventies / Michael Vaughan -- Charting J.M. Coetzee's
   middle voice : In the Heart of the Country / Brain Macaskill -- "A bored
   spinster with a locked diary" : the politics of hysteria in In the Heart
   of the Country / Chiara Briganti -- Irony, allegory and empire : Waiting
   for the Barbarians and In the Heart of the Country / Bill Ashcroft.
   Towards a true materialism [review of Waiting for the Barbarians] / Menan
   Du Plessis -- Intertextuality, power and danger : Waiting for the
   Barbarians as a dirty story / Judie Newman -- Idea of gardening : Life and
   Times of Michael K by J.M. Coetzee [review] / Nadine Gordimer -- Making
   the "revolutionary gesture" : Nadine Gordimer, J.M. Coetzee and some
   variations on the writer's responsibility / Kelly Hewson -- South African
   literary establishment and the textual production of "woman" / Josephine
   "Women's words" : a reading of J.M. Coetzee's women narrators / Sue Kossew
   -- Allegory of re-reading : post-colonialism, resistance, and J.M.
   Coetzee's Foe / Kwaku Larbi Korang -- Literary form and the demands of
   politics : otherness in J.M. coetzee's Age of Iron / Derek Attridge --
   Cancerous bodies and apartheid in J.M. Coetzee's Age of Iron / Fiona
PR 9387.9 .A3 Z849 2001                  2001
   Achebe the orator : the art of persuasion in Chinua Achebe's novels / by
   Chinwe Christiana Okechukwu ; foreword by Chinyere Grace Okafar.
                                Inventory List

                 Produced Friday, October 1, 2004 at 12:49 PM

   Chinua Achebe and the African novel -- Audience and oratory : Things fall
   apart -- Oratory and social responsibility : Arrow of God -- Locale and
   argumentation : No longer at ease -- The rhetoric of governance : A man of
   the people -- The rhetoric of military intervention in politics : Anthills
   of the Savannah.

PS 129 .C56 2004                         2004
   A chance meeting : intertwined lives of American writers and artists,
   1854-1967 / Rachel Cohen.
   Henry James and Mathew Brady -- William Dean Howells and Annie Adams
   Fields and Walt Whitman -- Mathew Brady and Ulysses S. Grant -- William
   Dean Howells and Henry James -- Walt Whitman and Mathew Brady -- Mark
   Twain and William Dean Howells -- Mark Twain and Ulysses S. Grant --
   W.E.B. Du Bois and William James -- Gertrude Stein and William James --
   Henry James and Annie Adams Fields and Sarah Orne Jewett -- Edward
   Steichen and Alfred Stieglitz -- Willa Cather and Mark Twain -- Willa
   Cather and Annie Adams Fields and Sarah Orne Jewett -- Edward Steichen and
   Alfred Stieglitz and Gertrude Stein -- Carl Van Vechten and Gertrude Stein
   -- Marcel Duchamp and Alfred Steiglitz -- Willa Cather and Edward Steichen
   and Katherine Anne Porter -- Alfred Stieglitz and Hart Crane -- Hart Crane
   and Charlie Chaplin -- Langston Hughes and Zora Neale Hurston -- Beauford
   Delaney and W.E.B. Du Bois -- Hart Crane and Katherine Anne Porter --
   Elizabeth Bishop and Marianne Morore -- Zora Neale Hurston and Carl Van
   Vechten -- Joseph Cornell and Marcel Duchamp -- Beauford Delaney and James
   Baldwin -- Joseph Cornell and Marianne Moore -- James Baldwin and Norman
   Mailer -- Robert Lowell and Elizabeth Bishop -- John Cage and Richard
   Avedon -- W.E.B. Du Bois and Charlie Chaplin -- Langston Hughes and Carl
   Van Vechten and Richard Avedon -- Richard Avedon and James Baldwin --
   Marianne Moore and Norman Mailer -- John Cage and Marcel Duchamp -- Norman
   Mailer and Robert Lowell.

PS 153 .N5 A69 2004                      2004
   African American rhetoric(s) : interdisciplinary perspectives / edited by
   Elaine B. Richardson and Ronald L. Jackson II.

PS 338 .N4 W48 2003                      2003
   Black Dionysus : Greek tragedy and African American theatre / Kevin J.
   Wetmore, Jr.
   Introduction : Greek tragedy and the African diaspora -- Black Athena
   meets Black Orpheus ; three models of the Afro-Greek connection --
   Afro(American)centric classicism and African American theatre -- Ancient
   plays in a new world : multicultural currents -- Black Medea --
   Mediterranean/Caribbean, or Odysseus looks for home -- Conclusion : Black
   Dionysus, or Athenian-African American theatre.

PS 338 .P4 P44 2002                      2002
   Peering behind the curtain : disability, illness, and the extraordinary
   body in contemporary theater / edited by Thomas Fahy and Kimball King.
PS 338 .T45 F75 2003                     2003
   Theatre, culture and temperance reform in nineteenth-century America /
   John W. Frick.
   Introduction: a complex casuality of neglect -- "He drank from the
   poisoned cup": temperance reform in nineteenth-century America --
   "Nine-tenths of all kindness": literature, the theatre and the spirit of
   reform -- "Every odium within one word": early American temperance drama
   and British prototypes -- Reform comes to Broadway: temperance on
   America's mainstream stages -- "In the halls": temperance entertainments
   following the Civil War -- Epilogue: "theatrical 'dry rot'"; or what price
   the Anti-Saloon League? -- Notes -- Appendix: nineteenth-century
   temperance plays.

                                Inventory List

                 Produced Friday, October 1, 2004 at 12:49 PM

PS 374 .J38 H45 2003                     2003
   Beyond the sound barrier : the jazz controversy in twentieth-century
   American fiction / Kristin K. Henson.

PS374 .S5 C57 2000EB                     2000
   The Columbia companion to the twentieth-century American short story
   [electronic resource] / Blanche H. Gelfant, editor.

PS 508 .I45 C76 2003                     2003
   Crossing into America : the new literature of immigration / edited by
   Louis Mendoza and S. Shankar.
   From diary of an undocumented immigrant / Ram*on "Tianguis" P*erez -- Our
   papers / Julia Alvarez -- From A map of where I live / S. Shankar -- From
   Angela's ashes / Frank McCourt -- From To see and see again: a life in
   Iran and America / Tara Bahrampour -- Geraldo no last name / Sandra
   Cisneros -- From The ganster of love / Jessica Hagedorn -- From
   dreambirds: the strange history of the ostrich in fashion, food, and
   fortune / Rob Nixon -- Bi-lingual / Andrei Codrescu -- Crossing "a piece
   of earth" / Teresa Palomo Acosta -- From Between the lines / Salvador
   Mendoza -- From Between the lines / Sylvia Martinez -- From Lucy / Jamaica
   Kincaid -- Hae Soon's song / Gary Pak -- Exile / Judith Ortiz Cofer --
   From Native speaker / Chang-rae Lee -- The caribbo cafe / Helena Mar*ia
   Viramontes -- My new world journey / Nola Kambanda -- Snow on the desert /
   Agha Shahid Ali -- From We came all the way from Cuba so you could dress
   like this? / Achy Obejas -- AmeR*ican / Tato Laviera -- Made in the
   tropics / Vijay Seshadri -- Absorption of rock / Maxine Hong Kingston --
   The cleaving / Li-Young Lee -- Mexico's children / Richard Rodriguez --
   Thanksgiving / Mart*in Espada -- Pidgin contest along I-5 / Frank Chin --
   Immigrants / Aurora Levins Morales -- Exile / Benjamin Alire S*aenz -- The
   legal mapping of U.S. immigration, 1965-1996 / Leti Volpp -- "A nation of
   immigrants": select opinion on immigration since 1965 -- Between necessity
   and freedom: a roundtable discussion on recent immigration issues /
   Anannya Bhattacharjee -- The new immigration and the literature of Asian
   America / Seung Hye Suh and Robert Ji-Song Ku -- Amor de lejos: Latino
   (im)migration literatures/ B.V. Olgu*in

PS 2384 .M6 2001 DVD                     2001
   Moby Dick [videorecording] / United Artists ; A Moulin Picture ;
   screenplay by Ray Bradbury and John Huston ; directed by John Huston.
   Consumed by an insane rage, Captain Ahab has but one purpose in life--
   revenge on the great white whale who maimed and disfigured him.

PS 2387 .H44 B37 2003 DVD                2003
   Bartleby [videorecording] / Outrider Pictures presents a Jonathan Parker
   Film ; screenplay by Jonathan Parker and Catherine Di Napoli ; produced
   and directed by Jonathan Parker.
   When the manager of a public records firm decides his staff of three could
   use some help, he hires Bartleby, the one and only candidate who applies
   for the job. But before long, the eccentric new employee creates an uproar
   by repeatedly defying his boss with the phrase "I'd prefer not to."

PS 3511 .A86 Z78217 2003                 2003
   Balancing the books : Faulkner, Morrison, and the economies of slavery /
   Erik Dussere.
   Balancing the books -- Accounting for slavery: the narrative of the ledger
   -- Grave marks: the return of the unaccounted -- "You want my life?": the
   debts of history -- Figures in blood: closed communities and free markets.
   -- Go down, Moses -- The bluest eye -- Sula -- Beloved -- Absalom,
   Absalom! -- Intruder in the dust -- Song of Solomon -- Tar baby --
   Paradise -- Tight in August -- Jazz.

PS 3511 .I9 G74 2003 DVD                 2003
                                Inventory List

                 Produced Friday, October 1, 2004 at 12:49 PM

   The great Gatsby [videorecording] / Paramount Pictures ; produced by David
   Merrick ; screenplay by Francis Ford Coppola ; directed by Jack Clayton.
   In 1920s Long Island, a mysterious American millionaire's efforts to
   recapture the sweetheart of his youth result in tragedy.

PS 3513 .I2824 M5 2001 DVD               2001
   The miracle worker [videorecording] / United Artists Pictures Inc. ; a
   Playfilms' production, released thru United Artists ; screenplay by
   William Gibson ; produced by Fred Coe ; directed by Arthur Penn.
   A dramatization of the story about the struggle of a Boston teacher, Annie
   Sullivan, to communicate with and teach the deaf, blind, and mute child,
   Helen Keller.

PS 3515 .E37 S66 2002 DVD                2002
   The snows of Kilimanjaro [videorecording] / Twentieth Century-Fox ; screen
   play by Casey Robinson ; produced by Daryl F. Zanuck ; directed by Henry
   A successful, but disillusioned, writer (Peck) who is near death from
   gangrene in his leg, reviews his life in an attempt to find meaning in the
   sum of his experiences.

PS 3525 .A1772 Z74 1999                  1999
   Illumination and night glare : the unfinished autobiography of Carson
   McCullers / edited and with an introduction by Carlos L. Dews.

PS 3525 .I5156 Z66 2003                  2003
   Arthur Miller : his life and work / Martin Gottfried.

PS 3529 .D46 Z6 2000                     2000
   Clifford Odets, playwright-poet / Harold Cantor.
   Acknowledgments -- Preface to the second edition -- Introduction -- 1.
   Odets and the Thirties -- Notes -- 2. Themes and motifs -- The family trap
   -- The sell-out -- The crisis of love -- Notes -- 3. The playwright as
   poet -- Structure and symbol -- Dialogue -- Notes -- 4. The legend and
   legacy -- Notes -- appendix A.A dialogue between Herman Harvey and
   Clifford Odets -- Appendix B. An interview with Joanne Woodward --
   Bibliography -- Index -- About the author.

PS 3545 .I5365 S83 2000 DVD              2000
   Suddenly, last summer [videorecording] / Columbia ; Sam Spiegel presents ;
   screenplay by Gore Vidal and Tennessee Williams ; a Horizon Pictures
   (G.B.) Limited production in association with Academy Pictures and Camp
   Films ; produced by Sam Speigel ; directed by Joseph L. Mankiewicz.
   Beautiful Catherine Holly is committed to a mental institution after
   witnessing the horrible death of her cousin at the hands of cannibals. Her
   rich aunt tries to influence a young neurosurgeon to surgically end
   Catherine's haunting hallucinations. By utilizing injections of truth
   serum, the neurosurgeon discovers that Catherine's delusions are in fact
   true and must confront the rich aunt about her own involvement in her
   son's violent death.

PS 3545 .I5365 T46 2002 DVD              2002
   Tennessee Williams' The glass menagerie [videorecording] / a TA/Norton
   Simon Inc. production ; directed by Anthony Harvey ; produced by David
   A strong willed woman attempts to impose her shattered dreams into the
   life and personality of her shy, reclusive daughter.

PS 3545 .I5365 T49 2003 DVD              2003
   This property is condemned [videorecording] / Seven Arts and Ray Stark in
   association with Paramount Pictures present ; screenplay by Francis Ford
   Coppola, Fred Coe, Edith Sommer ; produced by John Houseman ; directed by
                                Inventory List

                 Produced Friday, October 1, 2004 at 12:49 PM

   Sydney Pollack.
   A young woman in a small Mississippi town in the 1930s falls in love with
   a railroad worker who was sent to their town to lay off the men working on
   the railroad.

PS 3553 .H4367 G57 2004 DVD              2004
   Girl with a pearl earring [videorecording].
   17-year-old Griet must work to support her family, so she becomes a maid
   in the house of Johannes Vermeer, where she attracts the master painter's
   attention. He is commissioned to paint Griet, and the result is one of the
   greatest paintings ever created.

PS 3553 .L2865 P55 2004                  2004
   Plain heathen mischief : a novel / Martin Clark.

PS 3553 .O692 B576 2003                  2003
   Blow fly / Patricia Cornwell.

PS 3554 .E17615 B47 2004                 2004
   Better than I know myself / Virginia DeBerry and Donna Grant.

PS 3554 .E4425 B63 2001                  2001
   The body artist [text (large print)] : a novel / Don DeLillo.

PS 3554 .E4425 C67 2003                  2003
   Cosmopolis : a novel / Don DeLillo.

PS 3555 .S98 Z467 2004                   2004
   Hollywood animal : a memoir / Joe Eszterhas.

PS 3563 .A4345 G56 1996                  1996
   David Mamet's Glengarry Glen Ross : text and performance / edited by
   Leslie Kane.
   Negative creation : the detective story in Glengarry Glen Ross / Steven
   Price -- "By indirections find directions out" : uninflicted cuts,
   narrative structure, and thematic statement in the film version of
   Glengarry Glen Ross / Christopher C. Hudgins -- Discourse of anxiety /
   Anne Dean -- How to do things with salesmen : David Mamet's speach-act
   play / David Worster -- Men among the ruins / Robert H. Vorlicky --
   Leven's daughter : positioning the female in Glengarry Glen Ross / Dorothy
   H. Jacobs -- "You're exploiting my space" : ethnicity, spectatorship, and
   the (post) colonial condition in Mukherjee's "a wife's story" and Mamet's
   Glengarry Glen Ross / Deborah R. Geis -- Marxist child's play of Mamet's
   tough guys and Churchills's top girls / David Kennedy Sauer -- "By what
   you are" : identity and morality in Edmond and Glengarry Glen Ross / Jon
   Tuttle -- David Mamet, Jean Baudrillard and the performance of America /
   Elizabeth Klaver -- Visions of a promised land : David Mamet's Glengarry
   Glen Ross / Tony J. Stafford.

PS 3563 .C3825 L43 2004                  2004
   Leaving Cecil Street / Diane McKinney-Whetstone.

PS 3565 .A8 I13 2004                     2004
   I am no one you know : stories / Joyce Carol Oates.
   Curly Red -- In hiding -- I'm not your son, I am no one you know -- Aiding
   and abetting -- Fugitive --Me & Wolfie -- The girl with the blackened eye
   -- Cumberland breakdown -- Upholstery -- Wolf's Head Lake -- Happiness --
   Fire -- The instructor -- The skull : a love story -- The deaths : an
   elegy -- Jorie (& Jamie) : a deposition -- Mrs. Halifax and Rickie Swann :
   a ballad -- Three girls -- The mutants.

PS 3565 .C57 C737 1971                   1971
                                Inventory List

                 Produced Friday, October 1, 2004 at 12:49 PM

   The complete stories.

PS 3566 .O8318 A8 2003                   2003
   Anyone who has a heart / Jacqueline Powell.

PS 3569 .E314 R47 2004                   2004
   Dress your family in corduroy and denim / David Sedaris.
   Us and them -- Let it snow -- Ship shape -- Full house -- Consider the
   stars -- Monie changes everything -- Change in me -- Hejira -- Slumus
   lordicus -- Girl next door -- Blood work -- End of the affair -- Repeat
   after me (Live) -- Six to eight black men (Live) -- Rooster at the
   hitchin' post -- Possession -- Put a lid on it -- Can of worms -- Chicken
   in the henhouse -- Who's the chef? -- Baby Einstein -- Nuit of the living

PS 3569 .H18 G63 2003 DVD                2003
   Gods and generals [videorecording] / an Antietam Filmworks production of a
   Ron Maxwell film in association with Exparza/Katz Productions, Rehme
   Productions, Inc., Mace Neufeld Productions ; producer, Ronald F. Maxwell
   ; written & directed by Ronald F. Maxwell.
   Col. Joshua Lawrence Chamberlain left behind a quiet life and a career as
   a college professor to fight for the Union. Gen. Thomas "Stonewall"
   Jackson was a man of great religious faith who served in the defense of
   the Confederacy. And Gen. Robert E. Lee, who led the Confederate army, was
   a man who was forced to choose between his loyalty to the United States
   and his love of the Southern states where he was born and raised. As
   Chamberlain, Jackson, and Lee are followed through the declaration of war
   and the battles at Manassas, Antietam, Frederickburg, and

PS 3570 .A48 Z69 1998                    1998
   Amy Tan : a critical companion / E.D. Huntley.
   Life of Amy Tan -- Amy Tan and Asian American literature -- Joy Luck Club
   (1988) -- Kitchen God's wife (1991) -- Hundred secret senses (1995).

PS 3573 .A425 N69 2004                   2004
   Now is the time to open your heart : a novel / Alice Walker.

PS 3604 .A9556 S55 2004                  2004
   Shifting through neutral / Bridgett M. Davis.

PS 3605 .N44 S77 2004                    2004
   Strangers and sojourners : stories from the lowcountry / Mary Potter

PS 3616 .E745 T43 2004                   2004
   The team / Dawson Perkins.

PS 3623 .A359 B84 2004                   2004
   Buffalo dance : the journey of York / Frank X. Walker.

PT 8951.13 .H47 H3513 2004               2004
   The half brother : a novel / Lars Saabye Christensen ; translated from the
   Norwegian by Kenneth Steven.

PZ3 .D55 M51                             1935
   The life and adventures of Martin Chuzzlewit, by CHarles Dickens;
   illustrated in colour by C.E. Brock.

PZ8 .K382 N4                              1926
   The new world fairy book, by Howard Angus Kennedy, with numerous
   illustrations by H.R. Millar.
                                 Inventory List

                 Produced Friday, October 1, 2004 at 12:49 PM

PZ 8.3 .M124 PI 1946                     1946
   The picture-poetry book / by Gertrude Parthenia McBrown ; illustrated by
   Lois Mailou Jones.
Q123 .A33 1992EB                         1992
   Academic Press dictionary of science and technology [electronic resource]
   / edited by Christopher Morris.

Q123 .A5 1995EB                          1995
   Illustrated dictionary of science [electronic resource] / advisory editor,
   Michael Allaby.

Q123 .N46 1998EB                         1998
   The new Penguin dictionary of science [electronic resource] / editor, M.J.
   Clugston ; advisors, N.J. Lord ... [et al.].

Q 125 .C275 2003                         2003
   Magic universe : the Oxford guide to modern science / Nigel Calder.

Q 143 .H7 J37 2004                       2004
   The curious life of Robert Hooke : the man who measured London / Lisa

Q 175.5 .C68 2003                        2003
   Science for survival : scientific research and the public interest / Peter
   Paying our wages and the history of science -- Railways, the internet and
   old age -- Politics, the law and selling us dog food by using statistics
   -- Vultures, and blackouts in our power supply -- Hollywood movies, atom
   bombs and the defence of the realm -- Eighteenth-century government and
   mad cow disease -- Illness, making money and teling us the whole truth --
   Running our railways, the Millennium Dome and the need for failure -- What
   are "they" talking about?

QA5 .P4425 1998EB                        1998
   The Penguin dictionary of mathematics [electronic resource] / edited by
   David Nelson.

QA 39 .G43 1999                           1999
   Mathematical structures for computer science / Judith L. Gersting.
   Formal logic -- Proofs, recursion, and analysis of algorithms -- Sets and
   combinatorics -- Relations, functions, and matrices -- Graphs and trees --
   Graph algorithms -- Boolean algebra and computer logic -- Modeling
   arithmetic, computation, and languages

QA 47 .H57 2003                          2003
   The history of mathematical tables : from Sumer to spreadsheets / edited
   by M. Campbell-Kelly ... [et al.].
   Tables and tabular formatting in Sumer, Babylonia, and Assyria, 2500
   BCE-50 CE -- The making of logarithm tables -- History of actuarial tables
   -- The computation factory : de Prony's project for making tables in the
   1790s -- Difference engines : from M*uller to Comrie -- The 'unerring
   certainty of mechanical agency' : machines and table making in the
   nineteenth century -- Table making in astronomy -- The General Register
   Office and the tabulation of data, 1837-1939 -- Table making by committee
   : British table makers, 1871-1965 -- Table making for the relief of labour
   -- The making of astronomical tables in HM Nautical Almanac Office -- The
   rise and rise of the spreadsheet.

QA76.15 .C587 2000EB                     2000
   Dictionary of personal computing and the Internet [electronic resource] /
                                Inventory List

                    Produced Friday, October 1, 2004 at 12:49 PM

   S.M.H. Collin.

QA76.15 .D5259 1998EB                    1998
   Compact American dictionary of computer words [electronic resource] : an A
   to Z guide to hardware, software, and cyberspace.

QA76.15 .P395 2003EB                     2003
   Webster's new world computer dictionary [electronic resource] / by Bryan

QA76.15 .S494 2000EB                     2000
   Collins dictionary of computing [electronic resource] / Ian Sinclair.

QA 76.76 .C65 P57 1991                   1992
   The art of compiler design : theory and practice / Thomas Pittman, James
   The compiler theory landscape -- Grammars: the Chomsky hierarchy --
   Scanners and regular languages -- Parsers and context-free languages --
   Semantic analysis and attribute grammars -- Syntax-directed code
   generation -- Automated bottom-up parser design -- Transformational
   attribute grammars -- Code generation and optimization -- Nonprocedural

QA 76.9 .M35 F4 2003                     2003
   Essential discrete mathematics for computer   science / Todd Feil, Joan
   Introduction to proofs -- Sets -- Functions    and relations -- Boolean
   algebra -- Natural numbers and induction --    Number theory -- Recursion --
   Solving recurrences -- Counting -- Matrices    -- Graphs.

QB14 .F3 2000EB                          2000
   Collins dictionary [electronic resource] : Astronomy.

QB14 .I53 2001EB                         2001
   Dictionary of astronomy [electronic resource] / Martin Ince.

QB 90 .M33 2004                          2004
   Giant telescopes : astronomical ambition and the promise of technology /
   W. Patrick McCray.

QB 980 .S74 2002                         2003
   The future of theoretical physics and cosmology : celebrating Stephen
   Hawking's 60th birthday / edited by G.W. Gibbons, E.P.S. Shellard, S.J.

QB 981 .G57413 2001                      2001
   The prophet and the astronomer : a scientific journey to the end of time /
   by Marcelo Gleiser.
   Acknowledgments -- Prologue -- Part I : End is near! -- Skies are falling
   -- Celestial messages ; Bridge to eternity ; Dreams of perfection ;
   Visions of doom and redemption ; Revelations of the end -- Heaven's alarm
   to the world -- Importance of being vague ; Wars of redemption ; Masque of
   the red death ; Re-creating heaven and hell ; Apocalypse now! ; Thus spoke
   the science apologist -- Part II : Cosmic collisions -- Making worlds --
   Stone of Aegospotami ; Evil also rises ; Cosmic boils ; Rationalization of
   doom ; Genesis of worlds ; Genesis of worlds, circa A.D. 2001 -- Impact!
   -- Geology turns catastrophe ; Dinosaur doom ; Apocalyse now? ; Searching
   for killers ; Fighting doom in outer space ; Prepare or else! -- Part III
   : Rise and fall of stars -- Fire in the sky -- Sun worshipers ; Solar
   chemistry ; Solar alchemy ; Red giants ; Shedding of the veil -- Cosmic
   maelstroms -- Unbearable heaviness of being ; New stars that are old ;
   Absurd idea ; Last bastions of normalcy ; Gravity redefined ; Descent into
                                Inventory List

                 Produced Friday, October 1, 2004 at 12:49 PM

   the maelstrom : prologue ; Descent into the maelstrom : a fantasy ;
   Descent into the maelstrom : Postscript -- Part IV : To the end of time --
   Fire and ice -- Cosmos, circa 1945 ; Cosmos, circa 1980 ; Short discourse
   on time : part I -- Time regained -- Cosmos, circa 1998 : building blocks
   ; Cosmos, circa 1998 : the quartet of fundamental forces ; Quest for
   unification : the inner-space/outer-space connection ; Quest for
   unification : toward the beginning ; Cosmos, circa 1998 : cosmic
   challenges ; Cosmos, circa 1998 : inflating the big bang ; Cosmos, circa
   1998 : the quest for new cosmic origins ; Cosmos, circa 2002 : remembrance
   of fluctuations past ; Cosmos, circa 2002 : the return of the ether? ;
   Short discourse on time : part 2 -- Epilogue : Celestial wisdom.

QC5 .P46 2000EB                          2000
   The Penguin dictionary of physics [electronic resource]

QC 16 .L647 C66 2002                     2002
   Tuxedo Park : a Wall Street tycoon and the secret palace of science that
   changed the course of World War II / Jennet Conant.

QC 173.59 .S65 T26513 2003               2003
   On Aristotle's "Physics 4" / Themistius ; translated by Robert B. Todd.

QC 718.5 .M36 B55 2003                   2003
   Magnetohydrodynamic turbulence / Dieter Biskamp.
   Magnetohydrodynamics -- Transition to turbulence -- Macroscopic turbulence
   theory -- Spectral properties and phenomenology -- Two-point-closure
   theory -- Intermittency -- Two-dimensional turbulence -- Compressible
   turbulence and turbulent convection -- Turbulence in the solar wind --
   Turbulence in accretion disks -- Interstellar turbulence.

QC 973.5 .D68 1993                       1993
   Doppler radar and weather observations / Richard J. Doviak and Du*san S.

QD 96 .P62 H45 1991                      1991
   A Helium high efficiency microwave induced plasma for the atomic
   spectrometric determination of metals and nonmetals / Larry D. Perkins ...
   [et al.].

QE 881 .A35 2002                         2002
   Mammoths, sabertooths, and hominids : 65 million years of mammalian
   evolution in Europe / Jordi Agust*i and Mauricio Ant*on.
   The Paleocene: the dark epoch -- The Eocene: reaching the climax -- The
   Oligocene: a time for change -- The early to middle Miocene: when
   continents collide -- The late Miocene: the beginning of the crisis -- The
   Pliocene: the end of the world -- The Pleistocene: the age of humankind.

QH 91 .B8 1929                           1929
   The Burgess seashore book for children / by Thornton W. Burgess ; with
   illustrations by W.H. Southwick and George Sutton.

QH 105 .F6 C67 2002                       2002
   The Everglades, Florida Bay, and coral reefs of the Florida Keys : an
   ecosystem sourcebook / edited by James W. Porter, Karen G. Porter ;
   photographs by Clyde Butcher.
   Introduction : the Everglades, Florida Bay, and coral reefs of the Florida
   Keys : an ecosystem sourcebook / James W. Porter -- The past, present, and
   future hydrology and ecology of Lake Okeechobee and its watersheds / Alan
   D. Steinman ... [et al.] -- The effects of altered hydrology on the
   ecology of the Everglades / Fred Sklar ... [et al.] -- Effects of
   anthropogenic phosphorus inputs on the Everglades / Paul V. McCormick ...
   [et al.] -- Quantifying the effects of low-level phosphorus additions on
                                 Inventory List

                 Produced Friday, October 1, 2004 at 12:49 PM

   unenriched Everglades wetlands with in situ flumes and phosphorus dosing /
   Daniel L. Childers ... [et al.] -- Ecological scale and its implications
   for freshwater fishes in the Florida Everglades / Joel C. Trexler ... [et
   al.] -- Linkages between the snail kite population and wetland dynamics in
   a highly fragmented south Florida hydroscape / Wiley M. Kitchens, Robert
   E. Bennetts and Donald L. DeAngelis -- Multi-taxon analysis of the "white
   zone," a common ecotonal feature of south Florida coastal wetlands /
   Michael S. Ross ... [et al.] -- Modeling ecosystem and population dynamics
   on the south Florida hydroscape / Donald L. DeAngelis ... [et al.] -- Maps
   and GIS databases for environmental studies of the Everglades / Roy Welch,
   Marguerite Madden and Robert Doren -- Nitrous oxide, methane, and carbon
   dioxide fluxes from south Florida habitats during the transition from dry
   to wet seasons : potential impacts of Everglades drainage and flooding on
   the atmosphere / Thomas J. Goreau and William Zamboni de Mello --
   Transport processes linking south Florida coastal ecosystems / Thomas N.
   Lee ... [et al.] -- Regional-scale and long-term transport patterns in the
   Florida Keys / Ned P. Smith and Patrick A. Pitts -- The transport of
   terrestrial nutrients to south Florida coastal waters / Larry E. Brand --

QH302.5 .H34 1995EB                      1995
   Collins dictionary of biology [electronic resource] / W.G. Hale, J.P.
   Margham & V.A. Saunders.

QH 360.5 .R87 1996                       1996
   Monad to man : the concept of progress in evolutionary biology / Michael

QH 366.2 .S56 2003                       2003
   The collapse of Darwinism : or, The rise of a realist theory of life /
   Graeme Donald Snooks.

QH491 .D94 2002EB                        2002
   Dictionary of developmental biology and embryology [electronic resource] /
   Frank J. Dye.
QH 541.15 .B56 P38 1996                  1996
   Biodiversity / by Dorothy Hinshaw Patent ; photographs by William Mu*noz.
   Provides a global perspective on environmental issues while demonstrating
   the concept which encompasses the many forms of life on earth and their
   interdependence on one another for survival.

QK 603 .W38 2003                         2003
   Fungi / Roy Watling.

QL 31 .A9 H3 2004                        2004
   Audubon's elephant : America's greatest naturalist and the making of The
   Birds of America / Duff Hart-Davis.

QL 31 .G58 A4 2000                       2000
   Africa in my blood : an autobiography in letters : the early years / Jane
   Goodall ; edited by Dale Peterson.

QL 444 .M33 C675 2004                    2004
   The secret life of lobsters : how fishermen and scientists are unraveling
   the mysteries of our favorite crustacean / Trevor Corson.

QL638.C3 .G76 1993                       1993
   An assessment of the transferability of habitat suitability criteria for
   smallmouth bass / Thomas P. Groshens, Donald J. Orth.

QL 696 .P2475 J27 1999                   1999
   New world blackbirds : the icterids / Alvaro Jaramillo and Peter Burke.
                                Inventory List

                 Produced Friday, October 1, 2004 at 12:49 PM

QL 737 .P9 K54 2004                      2004
   Kinship and behavior in primates / edited by Bernard Chapais, Carol M.
   Introduction: The kinship black box / Bernard Chapais, Carol M. Berman --
   Determination of genealogical relationships from genetic data : a review
   of methods and applications / Phillip A. Morin, Tony L. Goldberg --
   Noninvasive genotyping and field studies of free-ranging nonhuman primates
   / David S. Woodruff -- Is there no place like home? Ecological bases of
   female dispersal and philopatry and their consequences for the formation
   of kin groups / Lynne A. Isbell -- Dispersal and the population genetics
   of primate species / Guy A. Hoelzer, Juan Carlos Morales, Don J. Melnick
   -- The effects of demographic variation on kinship structure and behavior
   in cercopithecines / David A. Hill -- Matrilineal kinship and primate
   behavior / Ellen Kapsalis -- Patrilineal kinship and primate behavior /
   Karen B. Strier -- Kinship and behavior among nongregarious nocturnal
   prosimians : what do we really know? / Leanne T. Nash -- Kinship structure
   and reproductive skew in cooperatively breeding primates / James M. Dietz
   -- Kinship structure and its impact on behavior in multilevel societies /
   Fernando Colmenares -- The impact of kinship on mating and reproduction /
   Andreas Paul, Jutta Kuester -- "Recognizing" kin : mechanisms, media,
   minds, modules, and muddles / Drew Rendall -- Developmental aspects of kin
   bias in behavior / Carol M. Berman -- The recognition of other
   individuals' kinship relationships / Dorothy L. Cheney, Robert M. Seyfarth
   -- Constraints on kin selection in primate groups / Bernard Chapais,
   Patrick B*elisle -- Human kinship : a continuation of politics by other
   means? / Lars Rodseth, Richard Wrangham --
   Residence groups among hunter-gatherers : a view of the claims and
   evidence for patrilocal bands / Helen Perich Alvarez -- Mating, parenting,
   and the evolution of human pair bonds / Kristen Hawkes -- Variation in
   nepotistic regimes and kin recognition : a major area for future research
   / Bernard Chapais, Carol M. Berman.

QM 33 .W3 2001                           2001
   Wall chart of human anatomy : 3D full-body images and detailed system
   charts / designed by Tony Meisel.

QP 251 .E42 2004                         2004
   Why we do it : rethinking sex and the selfish gene / Niles Eldredge.
   The duality of life -- Obsessed with genes -- Chickens and eggs : the two
   sides of life -- The natural economy -- The consequences of baby making --
   Economics + babies + time = evolution -- Clones, colonies, and social life
   -- Human singularities -- Naught so queere as folke : the strange biology
   of modern humans -- The human triangle -- Sex decoupled -- Up close and
   personal : sex, power, money, and babies -- Sex, economics, and babies in
   social systems -- A moral to the story.

QP 301 .A2963 2003                       2003
   Principles of animal locomotion / R. McNeill Alexander.

QP 461 .T6 1970 V.1                      1970
   Foundations of modern auditory theory / edited by Jerry V. Tobias.

QR 342 .I39 1994                         1994
   Development and evaluation of a colorimetric coliphage assay detection
   system / M. Marian Ijzerman, Charles Hagedorn III, R.B. Reneau, Jr.

QR 406.2 .S56 B66 2004                   2004
   The virus and the vaccine : the true story of a cancer-causing monkey
   virus, contaminated polio vaccine, and the millions of Americans exposed /
   Debbie Bookchin and Jim Schumacher.
   Introduction -- 1. The paralyzed president -- 2. A nation at war with
                                Inventory List

                 Produced Friday, October 1, 2004 at 12:49 PM

   polio -- 3. A young man from Pittsburgh -- 4. The vaccine that opened
   Pandora's box -- 5. Triumph and disaster -- 6. Does anyone know what's in
   this vaccine? -- 7. The virus discovered -- 8. We were scared of SV40 --
   9. The worst thing in the world -- 10. Why not a safer vaccine? -- 11.
   Everyone knows SV40 doesn't cause cancer -- 12. A wild-assed idea -- 13.
   Don't inflame the public - 14. A call to turn aside the dogma -- 15. On
   the scientific map -- 16. The perfect war machine -- 17. A study marred by
   strife -- 18. Wasted time, wasted money -- 19. No funding, no research --
   20. Alexander's tumor -- Conclusion -- Notes and sources -- Appendix A :
   association of SV40 with human disease -- Appendix B : correspondence
   between Bernice Eddy, Joseph Smadel, and Roderick Murray (chapters 6 and
   7) -- Appendix C : documents and articles concerning the discovery of SV40
   in Salk's and Sabin's vaccines (chapters 8 and 9) -- Appendix D : memos
   and correspondence relating to multi-laboratory study and carbone-pass
   rapid access to intervention development (RAID) Grant (chapters 17 and 19)
   -- Acknowledgments -- Index.
R121 .A53 2002EB                         2002
   The American Heritage Stedman's medical dictionary [electronic resource]

R121 .D53X 2000EB                        2000
   Dictionary of medicine [electronic resource] / editor, P.H. Collin.

R121 .D73 2003EB                         2003
   Dorland's illustrated medical dictionary [electronic resource].

R121 .M89 2002EB                         2002
   Mosby's medical, nursing, & allied health dictionary [electronic resource]
   / Douglas M. Anderson ... [et al.].

R121 .W3585 2003EB                       2003
   Webster's New World medical dictionary [electronic resource] / from the
   doctors and experts at MedicineNet.com.

R121 .Y68 1999EB                          1999
   Medicine [electronic resource].

R123 .J24 2001EB                         2001
   Dictionary of medical acronyms and abbreviations [electronic resource] /
   compiled and edited by Stanley Jablonski.

R125 .B553 2002EB                        2002
   Black's medical dictionary [electronic resource].

R 692 .B67 2000                          2000
   Authorized to heal : gender, class, and the transformation of medicine in
   Appalachia, 1880-1930 / Sandra Lee Barney.
   Bringing modern medicine to the mountains -- Physicians and the quest for
   professional identity -- What the Women's Clubs can do -- Women, health
   care, and the community -- Limiting public health.

R 693 .M555 2000                         2000
   Minority graduates of U.S. medical schools : trends, 1950-1998.

R 695 .W37 2003                          2003
   Black physicians in the Jim Crow South / Thomas J. Ward, Jr.

R 727.3 .H3128 2001                      2001
   From detached concern to empathy : humanizing medical practice / Jodi

R 730 .H397 1993                           1993
                                  Inventory List

                   Produced Friday, October 1, 2004 at 12:49 PM

   The Health robbers : a close look at quackery in America / edited by
   Stephen Barrett and William T. Jarvis ; foreword by Ann Landers.
   How quackery sells / William T. Jarvis, Stephen Barrett -- Vitamin pushers
   and food quacks / Victor Herbert -- The make-believe doctors / Robert C.
   Derbyshire -- Occult health practices / Ray Hyman -- The food-fear
   epidemic / Elizabeth M. Whelan -- "Alternative" cancer treatment / Stephen
   Barrett -- The misery merchants : exploiting arthritis sufferers / Diana
   Benzaia, Stephen Barrett -- Weight control : facts, fads, and frauds /
   Stephen Barrett -- Avoiding the "marginal" medic / Philip R. Alper --
   Unproven "allergies" : an epidemic of nonsense / Stephen Barrett --
   Immunoquackery : riding the crest of AIDS / Stephen Barrett -- The spine
   salesmen : don't let chiropractors fool you / Stephen Barrett --
   Homeopathy : is it medicine? / Stephen Barrett -- Genuine fakes : the
   "organic" ripoff / Thomas H. Jukes, Stephen Barrett -- The overselling of
   herbs / Varro E. Tyler -- Vitalistic gurus and their legacies / Jack Raso
   -- The multilevel mirage / Stephen Barrett --
   Acupuncture : nonsense with needles / Arthur Taub -- Nutrition for
   athletes : myths vs. facts / Ellington Darden -- Quackery by mail /
   Stephen Barrett -- The tooth robbers : the unfounded attach on
   fluoridation / Bob Sprague, Mary Bernhardt -- Dubious dental care / John
   E. Dodes, William T. Jarvis -- The gadgeteers / Wallace F. Janssen -- The
   miracle merchants : faith healing doesn't work / Lester Kinsolving,
   Stephen Barrett -- The eye exorcisors : don't throw away your glasses /
   Russell S. Worrall, Jacob Nevyas -- The "holistic" hodgepodge / Wallace I.
   Sampson -- Prominent promoters / Stephen Barrett -- "Health freedom"
   crusaders / Stephen Barrett -- The mental health maze : how to find a
   therapist / Stephen Barrett -- The mind robbers : destructive cults / John
   G. Clark -- Quackery and the media / Stephen Barrett -- Why quackery
   persists / James Harvey Young -- The truth-seekers / Stephen Barrett --
   Strengths and weaknesses of our laws / Stephen Barrett -- Getting the most
   from your doctor / Philip R. Alper -- Fighting quackery : tips for
   activists / Stephen Barrett.

RA 440.6 .F386 2004                      2004
   A case manager's study guide : preparing for certification / Denise
   Fattorusso, Campion Quinn.
   Pre-test -- Processes and relationships -- Healthcare management --
   Community resources and support -- Service delivery -- Psychosocial
   intervention -- Rehabilitation case management.

RA 643.8 .G675 2004                      2004
   The AIDS pandemic : complacency, injustice, and unfulfilled expectations /
   Lawrence O. Gostin ; foreword by Michael Kirby.
   AIDS policy, politics, and law in context -- The AIDS litigation project:
   the social impact of AIDS -- The AIDS litigation project: privacy,
   discrimination, and vulnerable persons -- Human rights and public health
   in the HIV/AIDS pandemic -- Health informational privacy in the HIV/AIDS
   epidemic -- Stigma, social risk, and discrimination -- Testing and
   screening in the HIV/AIDS epidemic: a public health and human rights --
   Approach -- National HIV/AIDS reporting -- Piercing the veil of secrecy:
   partner notification, the right to know, and the -- Duty to warn -- The
   politics of AIDS: compulsory state powers, public health, and civil
   liberties -- Testing, counseling, and treatment after sexual assault --
   Rights and duties of health care workers living with HIV/AIDS -- Perinatal
   transmission of HIV: controversies in screening and policy -- The
   interconnected epidemics of AIDS and drug dependency -- Screening and
   exclusion of travelers and immigrants -- The global reach of HIV/AIDS:
   science, politics, economics, and research -- AIDS policy, politics, and
   law: reflections on the pandemic.

RA 643.8 .G74 2003                       2003
   Rethinking AIDS prevention : learning from successes in developing
                                Inventory List
                   Produced Friday, October 1, 2004 at 12:49 PM

   countries / Edward C. Green.
   Why do we need to rethink AIDS prevention? -- Epidemiology -- "Behavior
   change" and the problem of ethnocentrism -- Questioning condoms -- The ARV
   issue -- What can we learn from Uganda? -- Some other African success
   stories -- What can we learn from Jamaica? -- What can we learn from
   Thailand? -- Common factors in success -- Conclusion: new paradigms for
   AIDS prevention programs.

RA 643.83 .B44 2004                      2004
   The invisible people : how the U.S. has slept through the global AIDS
   pandemic, the greatest humanitarian catastrophe of our time / Greg

RA 643.86 .A35 H86 2003                  2003
   Black death : AIDS in Africa / Susan S. Hunter.

RA 644 .A6 T48 2003                      2003
   The killer strain : anthrax and a government exposed / Mailyn W. Thompson.
   In the field -- Red sky at morning -- Black clouds over Detrick -- Enemies
   among us -- Walking wounded -- Attacks -- Index case -- Mountain streams
   and spin -- Media madness -- Face of satan -- Neither snow, nor rain --
   Warning ignored -- Aftermath -- Patterns and puzzles -- Too hot to handle
   -- Taking stock -- Person of iInterest -- Resignation and redemption --
   Home again -- Notes -- Acknowledgments -- Index.
   A lethal germ is unleashed in the U.S. mail. A chain of letters spreads
   terror from Florida to Washington, from New York to Connecticut, from the
   halls of the U.S. Congress to the assembly lines of the U.S. Postal
   Service. Five people die and ten thousand more line up for antibiotics to
   protect against exposure. A government already outsmarted by the terrorist
   hijackers of 9/11 stumbles, leaving workers vulnerable and a diabolical
   killer on the loose. The Killer Strain is the definitive account of the
   year in which bioterrorism became a reality in the United States, exposing
   failures in judgment and a flawed understanding of the anthrax bacteria's
   capacity to kill. With the pace and drama of fiction, this book goes
   behind the scenes to examine the confused, often bungled response by
   federal agencies to the anthrax attacks of 2001. It shows how the Bush
   administration's efforts to control information and downplay risk led to
   mistakes that ultimately cost two postal workers their lives. Based on
   hundreds of hours of interviews and a review of thousands of pages of
   government documents, The Killer Strain reveals unsung victims and heroes
   in the anthrax debacle. It also examines the FBI's slow-paced
   investigation into the crimes and the unprecedented scientific challenges
   posed by the case. It looks into the coincidences of timing and geography
   that spurred the FBI's scrutiny of Dr. Steven J. Hatfill, a key "person of
   interest" for the authorities. Hatfill, a medical researcher turned
   "bioterror expert," proclaimed his innocence but spent most of 2002 under
   round-the-clock FBI surveillance. The Killer Strain is more than a
   thrilling read. It is a clarion wake-up call. It shows how billions of
   dollars spent and a decade of elaborate bioterror dress rehearsals meant
   nothing in the face of a real attack.

RA 644   .M2 R633 2003                     2003
   The   miraculous fever tree : malaria and the quest for a cure that changed
   the   world / Fiammetta Rocco.
   Ch.   1. Sickness prevails - Africa -- Ch. 2. The tree required - Rome --
   Ch. 3. The tree discovered - Peru -- Ch. 4. The quarrel - England -- Ch.
   5. The quest - South America -- Ch. 6. To war and to explore - from
   Holland to West Africa -- Ch. 7. To explore and to war - From America to
   Panama -- Ch. 8. The seed - South America -- Ch. 9. The science - India,
   England and Italy -- Ch. 10. The last forest - Congo.

RA 975.5 .C36 M85 2004                   2004
                                Inventory List

                 Produced Friday, October 1, 2004 at 12:49 PM

   The case manager's handbook / Catherine M. Mullahy, with Deborah K.
   The case manager as catalyst, problem solver, educator -- The case
   manager's universe -- Insurance providers and Administrators -- Insurance
   lines and health benefit plans -- Legal and ethical responsibilities of
   the case management profession -- Ethical responsibilities of the case
   management profession -- HIPAA: the health insurance portability and
   accountability act -- Communications -- The case management work format
   and process -- Integrated case management: preadmission, concurrent
   review, utilization review, disease management, and case management --
   Working effectively with claims departments: case managers in consulting
   roles -- Financial and quality assurance reporting -- Managing a case
   management department: your role as department head or independent case
   manager -- Case manager credentialing -- Cultural issues -- Behavioral
   health -- Dying in America -- Industry directions -- Care at home --
   Managing a long-term case -- Techniques for AIDS cases -- Public sector
   case management -- Cases in profile.

RA 1148 .H362 2004                       2004
   Handbook of forensic psychology : resource for mental health and legal
   professionals / edited by William T. O'Donohue, Eric R. Levensky.

RA1193 .D535 2000EB                      1999
   Macmillan dictionary of toxicology [electronic resource] / edited by E.
   Hodgson, R. B. Mailman, and J. E. Chambers.

RC 428.8 .L87 2001                       2001
   Counseling persons with communication disorders and their families / David
   M. Luterman.

RC 451.4 .G39 R55 2002                   2002
   Handbook of affirmative psychotherapy with lesbians and gay men / Kathleen
   Y. Ritter, Anthony I. Terndrup ; foreword by Sari H. Dworkin.
   Heterosexism : a fundamental reality -- Concepts of sexual orientation --
   Sexual orientations : origins and influences -- Sexual orientation and the
   law -- Theories of gay, lesbian, and bisexual identity formation -- Issues
   for sexual minority adolescents -- Midlife and later-life issues for
   sexual minority adults -- Psychodiagnostic considerations --
   Psychotherapeutic applications for identity formation -- Sexual minorities
   within other minority populations -- Career choice and development with
   sexual minority clients -- Health and medical concerns -- Religious
   concerns and spiritual development -- families of origin and coming-out
   issues -- Understanding same-sex couples -- Sex therapy with gay and
   lesbian couples -- Families with a gay, lesbian, and bisexual parent.

RC 465.5 .G76 2000                       2000
   Building your ideal private practice : a guide for therapists and other
   healing professionals / Lynn Grodzki.

RC 488 .H353 2004                        2004
   Handbook of group counseling and psychotherapy / edited by Janice L.
   DeLucia-Waack ... [et al.].
   Current and historical perspectives on the field of group counseling and
   psychotherapy -- Best practices in groups -- Multicultural groups --
   Groups across settings -- Groups across the life span -- Special topic
   groups -- Critical issues and emerging topics.

RC 488 .H67 1993                         1993
   Being and belonging : group, intergroup, and gestalt / Gaie Houston.

RC 488.5 .Y56 1998                       1998
   Counseling and therapy for couples / Mark E. Young, Lynn L. Long.
                                Inventory List

                 Produced Friday, October 1, 2004 at 12:49 PM

RC 488.5 .C468 2000                      2000
   Children in therapy : using the family as a resource / C. Everett Bailey,
   Theoretical perspectives. Solution-oriented brief family therapy with
   children / Matthew D. Selekman -- Witnessing bravery: narrative ideas for
   working with children and families / Virginia A. Simons, Jill Freedman --
   Collaborating beyond the family system / Sally St. George, Dan Wulff, with
   reflections by Harlene Anderson -- Internal family systems work with
   children and families / Laura M. Johnson, Richard C. Schwartz --
   Emotionally focused family therapy: restructuring attachment / Susan M.
   Johnson, Alison C. Lee -- Content areas. Treatment of the sexually abused
   child / Mary Jo Barrett, Joseph Cortese, Kristen Marzolf -- Family therapy
   with children who are victims of physical violence / Dean M. Busby,
   Geoffrey L. Smith -- Anxious children and their families: affirming
   courageous alternatives / Linda Stone Fish, Michelle Jensen, Tracey
   Reichert, Jennifer Wainman-Sauda -- A family perspective on assessing and
   treating childhood depression / Nadine J. Kaslow, Michelle B. Mintzer,
   Lindi Ann Meadows, Chandra M. Grabill -- Creative activities for children
   of divorce / Mariellen Griffith, Joyce Thiessen-Barrett -- Oppositional
   behavior in children / James P. Keim -- Attention-deficit/hyperactivity
   disorder: working with children and their families / Michol Polson --
   Additional perspectives. Engaging famlies in therapeutic play / Eliana
   Gil, Barbara Sobol -- Involving fathers in children's therapy / Richard L.
   Meth -- Resilience in children / Bonnie Klimes-Dougan, Kimberly T.
   Kendziora -- Children's social and emotional development: applications for
   family therapy / Robert E. Nida, Sarah Pierce -- Involving parents in
   children's therapy / C. Everett Bailey, Catherine E. Ford Sori.

RC 488.5 .G68 1999                       1999
   The marriage clinic : a scientifically-based marital therapy / John M.
   Research and theory. Myths and mistakes of marital therapy -- Repair and
   the core triad of balance -- The sound marital house: a theory of marriage
   -- Assessment. The assessment of marriage -- The disasters and masters of
   marriage -- Intervention. Assumptions and intervention overview --
   Enhancing the marital friendship -- Solving what is solvable -- Living
   with the inevitable -- Life dreams and shared meanings -- Resistance to
   change -- Avoiding relapse -- Pulling it all together: working as a team
   and terminating therapy -- Emotion and meta-emotion -- Buffering children
   from marital conflict.

RC 489 .G4 N37 1992                      1993
   Gestalt therapy : the attitude and practice of an atheoretical
   experientialism / Claudio Naranjo.

RC 489 .P7 L34 1994                      1994
   Drama therapy : concepts, theories, and practices / by Robert J. Landy.

RC 533 .M56 2002                         2002
   Motivational interviewing : preparing people for change / William R.
   Miller, Stephen Rollnick.

RD 768 .R43 2004                         2004
   The complete doctor's healthy back bible : a practical manual for
   understanding, preventing and treating back pain / Stephen C. Reed, Penny
   Kendall-Reed, Michael H. Ford.

RG 575.5 .P74 2004                       2004
   Pre-eclampsia : current perspectives on management / edited by Philip N.
   Baker and John C.P. Kingdom.

                                Inventory List

                 Produced Friday, October 1, 2004 at 12:49 PM

RG 578 .I54 2004                         2004
   Infectious diseases in obstetrics and gynecology / Gilles R.G. Monif and
   David A. Baker.

RL 451.5 .A2 H62 2004                    2004
   Family therapy with ethnic minorities / Man Keung Ho, Janice Matthews
   Rasheed, Mikal N. Rasheed.
   Theoretical frameworks for therapy with ethnic minority families -- Family
   therapy with Asian and Pacific Islander Americans -- Family therapy with
   First Nations Peoples -- Family therapy with Latinos -- Family therapy
   with African Americans -- Family therapy with ethnic minorities:
   similarities and differences.

RM 666 .B42 D63 2004                     2004
   Calming the brain : benzodiazepines and related drugs from laboratory to
   clinic / Adam Doble, Ian L. Martin, David Nutt.

RM666 .H33 S575 2004EB                   2004
   Mosby's handbook of herbs & natural supplements [electronic resource] /
   Linda Skidmore-Roth.

RS 100.5 .P475 2002                      2002
   Pharmaceutical ethics / edited by Sam Salek, Andrew Edgar.
   The basis of ethics / Jon Merrills -- Principles of ethics focusing on the
   patient / Andrew Edgar -- Ethical rationalism applied to pharmaceuticals /
   R.P. Dessing -- The ethics of the drug discovery and development process /
   Roger G. Bolton -- Informed consent : reconsideration of its structure and
   role in medicine / Jan Payne -- Clinical trials of pharmaceuticals :
   ethical aspects / Olivier Chassany, Martin Duracinsky and Isabelle Mah*e
   -- Can we afford the medicines we need : an ethical dilemma? / Roger
   Walker -- Physician choice or patient choice : ethical dilemmas in science
   and politics / Andrew Edgar -- The economics of drug-related morbidity and
   mortality : ethical considerations / J. Lyle Bootman and Amy J. Grizzle --
   Holistic approach in choice of pharmaceutical agents : ethical
   responsibilities / Sam Salek -- Ethical values in the treatment of
   depression and anxiety / John Lilja ... [et al.] -- Ethical promotion and
   advertising of medicines : where do we draw the line? / Ivor Harrison --
   Ethical problems of drug categorization for reimbursement / Chris Good.

RT21 .C487 2002EB                        2002
   Churchill Livingstone's dictionary of nursing [electronic resource] /
   edited by Chris Brooker ; foreword by Sarah Mullally.

RT 41 .N873 2004                         2004
   Nursing fundamentals : caring & clinical decision making / [edited by]
   Rick Daniels.

RT 42 .A56 1994                          1994
   Annual report / Department of Health Regulatory Boards, Board of Nursing.

RT 120 .F34 F46 2004                     2004
   Practice guidelines for family nurse practitioners / Karen Fenstermacher,
   Barbara Toni Hudson.

RZ 325 .U6 G48 2004                      2004
   The DOs : osteopathic medicine in America / Norman Gevitz.
   Andrew Taylor still -- The Missouri mecca -- In the field -- Structure &
   function -- Expanding the scope -- The push for higher standards -- A
   question of identity -- The California merger -- Reaffirmation & expansion
   -- In a sea of change -- The challenge of distinctiveness.

RZ440 .P55 2002EB                           2002
                                   Inventory List

                    Produced Friday, October 1, 2004 at 12:49 PM

   Natural medicine instructions for patients [electronic resource] / Lara
   Pizzorno, Joseph E. Pizzorno, Jr., Michael T. Murray.

S 592.6 .N5 E39 1990                     1990
   Effects of tillage and nitrogen fertilization on nitrogen losses from
   soils used for corn production / G. Menelik ... [et al.].

S 616.V57 A87 1985                       1985
   Assessing the feasibility and potential expansion of large-scale riparian
   irrigation in Virginia / D.B. Taylor ... [et al.].

S 624 .V5 E39 1987                       1987
   Effects of tillage system, crop residue level, and fertilizer application
   technique on losses of phosphorus and pesticides from agricultural lands /
   S. Mostaghimi ... [et al.].

S657 .D54 1990                           1990
   Comparison of two tests for trace-organic compounds in land-applied sewage
   sludge / Andrea M. Dietrich, Sheryl A. Chesnutt, Lori A. Alderman.
SB 458 .B4713 2000                       2000
   Reading Zen in the rocks : the Japanese dry landscape garden / Fran*cois
   Berthier ; translated and with a philosophical essay by Graham Parkes.

SB 472 .R63 1972                         1972
   Plants, people, and environmental quality : a study of plants and their
   environmental functions / text and photography by Gary O. Robinette.

SF 274 .F7 M36 1996                      1996
   French cheeses / written by Kazuko Masui and Tomoko Yamada ; foreword by
   Jo*el Robuchon ; photography by Yohei Maruyama ; wines recommended by
   Robert and Isabelle Vifian ; consultant, Randolph Hodgson.

SF 426 .C66 1997B                        1997
   The complete dog book.

SF 494.5 .W8 1985                        1985
   Calculation of summer ventilation for a layer house without a ceiling / Wu
   Jinkang and Harold A. Hughes.

SF 768.2 .S95 B56 2001                   2001
   Biology of the domestic pig / [edited by] Wilson G. Pond, Harry J.

SF 768.2 .S95 Q35 1999                   1999
   A quantitative biology of the pig / edited by I. Kyriazakis.

T 14.5 .K69 2002 DVD                     2002
   Koyaanisqatsi [videorecording] = Life out of balance / Metro Goldwyn Mayer
   ; an IRE presentation ; Francis Ford Coppola presents ; produced &
   directed by Godfrey Reggio ; associate producers, Lawrence Taub & Mel
   Koyaanisqatsi is a Hopi Indian word meaning variously: crazy life, life in
   turmoil, life disintegrating, life out of balance (the subtitle for this
   film), and a state of life that calls for another way of life. This film
   presents a concert of visual images set to the music of Philip Glass that
   progesses from purely natural environments to nature as affected by man,
   and finally to man's own manmade environment that is devoid of nature.

T 14.5 .P69 2002 DVD                     2002
   Powaqqatsi [videorecording] = Life in transformation / a Golan-Globus
   production ; Cannon Group ; a Francis Ford Coppola and George Lucas
                                Inventory List

                 Produced Friday, October 1, 2004 at 12:49 PM

   presentation ; writers, Godfrey Reggio, Ken Richards ; directed by Godfrey
   Reggio ; produced by Mel Lawrence, Godfrey Reggio, Lawrence Taub.
   This film calls into question everything we think we know about
   contemporary society. By juxtaposing images of ancient cultures with those
   of modern life, Powaqqatsi masterfully portrays the human cost of

T 36 .P55 2000                           2000
   The retrieval of a legacy : nineteenth-century American women inventors /
   by Denise E. Pilato.
   1. The U.S. patent system : a framework of legal barriers -- 2. Out of the
   revolution : seeds of independent invention -- 3. Jacksonian democracy :
   Yankee ingenuity and the self-made woman? -- 4. The Civil War : impetus to
   inventing women -- 5. National reconstruction versus gender construction
   -- 6. American progress : celebrated or relegated?

T 58.6 .I5 1985                          1985
   An interactive, computer-based management system for hydrologic data /
   J.C. Carr ... [et al.].

TA9 .T56 2001EB                          2001
   The pocket illustrated dictionary of engineering terms [electronic
   resource] / R.L. Timings, P. Twigg.

TA 1637 .S38 2000                        2000
   Practical algorithms for image analysis : description, examples, and code
   / Michael Seul, Lawrence O'Gorman, Michael J. Sammon.
   Introduction -- Global image analysis -- Gray-scale image analysis --
   Binary image analysis -- Analysis of lines and line patterns -- Analysis
   of point patterns -- Frequency domain -- Appendix: synopsis of important

TA 1677 .Q36 2003                        2003
   Quantum dot lasers / Victor M. Ustinov ... [et al.].
   Fabrication techniques and methods for semiconductor quantum dots --
   Structural and electronic properties of self-organized quantum dots --
   Optical gain and threshold characteristics of a self-organized quantum dot
   diode laser -- Quantum-dot edge-emitting lasers -- Long-wavelength
   emitters on GaAs -- Power characteristics of quantum dot lasers -- Quantum
   dot vertical-cavity surface-emitting lasers.

TC 175.2 .D55 1986                       1986
   Long-term effectiveness and maintenance of vegetative filter strips / T.A.
   Dillaha, J.H. Sherrard, D. Lee.

TC 405 .R47 1989                         1989
   Research projects / Virginia Water Resources Research Center.

TD 170 .F67 1974                         1974
   The art of managing the environment.
   Erie county, pennsylvania -- Kaneohe Bay, Hawaii -- Seattle, Washington --
   Nashville-Davidson county, Tennessee -- Vancouver, British Columbia -- San
   Diego, California.

TD 195 .A34 H43 1991                     1991
   Agricultural BMPs applicable to Virginia / Conrad Heatwole, Theo Dillaha,
   Saied Mostaghimi.

TD 224 .V5 C69 1987                      1987
   Control of nonpoint source pollution in Virginia : an assessment of the
   local role / William E. Cox, Lorraine M. Herson.

                                Inventory List

                 Produced Friday, October 1, 2004 at 12:49 PM

TD 224.V8 .S87 1992 V.1                  1992
   Surface water quality trends in southwestern Virginia, 1970-1989 / Carl E.
   Zipper ... [et al.].
   I. Seasonal Kendall analysis.

TD224 .V8 V33 1993                       1993
   The concept of instream flow and its relevance to drought management in
   the James River Basin / Robert L. Vadas, Jr., Diana L. Weigmann.

TD 224 .V8 W37 1989-1993                 1975
   Water news.

TD 426.8 .E93 1987                       1987
   Evaluating potential groundwater contamination from contaminated soils /
   J.R. Pratt ... [et al.].

TD 427 .N5 J64 1993                      1993
   A model of nitrate leaching from agricultural systems in Virginia's
   Northern Neck / Terrence G. Johnson, John C. Parker.

TD 427 .P35 F38 1992                     1992
   Fate and transport of pesticides in a Virginia coastal plain soil / Conrad
   D. Heatwole ... [et al.].

TD 428 .A37 C76 1992                     1992
   Crop selection, tillage practices, and chemical and nutrient applications
   in two regions of the Chesapeake Bay watershed / Darrell J. Bosch ... [et

TD 664 .E34 1987                         1987
   Effectiveness of BMPs for stormwater management in urbanized watersheds /
   C.Y. Kuo ... [et al.].

TD 665 .K86 1898                         1989
   A study of infiltration trenches / C.Y. Kuo, J.L. Zhu, L.A. Dollard.

TD 758.5 .N58 D46 1991                   1991
   Denitrification in onsite wastewater treatment and disposal systems /
   Marcia B. Degen ... [et al.].

TD 772 .T55 1988                         1988
   Tillage effects on runoff water quality from sludge-amended soils / S.
   Mostaghimi ... [et al.].

TD 774 .A93 1987                         1987
   Availability and distribution of heavy metals, nitrogen, and phosphorus
   from sewage sludge in the plant-soil-water continuum / by B.D. Rappaport
   ... [et al.].

TD 779 .E94 1993                         1993
   Evaluation of the performance of five aerated package treatment systems /
   J. Lee Kellam ... [et al.].

TD 879 .P4 I53 1992                      1992
   The Influence of microbial ecology on subsurface degradation of organic
   contaminants / John T. Novak ... [et al.].

TD 930.2 .U84 1986                       1986
   Use of vegetative filter strips to minimize sediment and phosphorus losses
   from feedlots. Phase 1, Experimental plot studies / T.A. Dillaha ... [et

                                  Inventory List

                   Produced Friday, October 1, 2004 at 12:49 PM

TH4819 .E27 T47 1985                     1985
   Earth sheltered housing : principles in practice / Max R. Terman ;
   illustrations by Virleen Bailey.

TH7687.8 H27 2001                        2001
   Humidity control design guide for commercial and institutional buildings /
   Lewis G. Harriman III, G.W. Brundett, R. Kittler.

TH 9180 .F477 2004                       2004
   Fire investigation / edited by Niamh Nic Da*eid.

TJ 213 .G83 2003                         2003
   Stability of time-delay systems / Keqin Gu, Vladimir Kharitonov, Jie Chen.

TK 783 .W65 2002                         2002
   Refined tastes : sugar, confectionery, and consumers in nineteenth-century
   America / Wendy A. Woloson.
   Preface and acknowledgments -- Introduction : Refining tastes --
   Sugarcoating history : the rise of sweets -- Sweet youth : children and
   candy -- Cold comforts : ice cream -- Sinfully sweet : chocolates and
   bonbons -- Icing on the cake : ornamental sugar work -- Home sweet home :
   domesticated sugar -- Conclusion : Sweet surrender -- Postscript : Sweet
   and low down.

TK5102 .H37 2001EB                       2001
   Hargrave's communications dictionary [electronic resource] / Frank

TK5102 .H453 1998EB                      1998
   Dictionary of communications technology [electronic resource] : terms,
   definitions, and abbreviations / Gilbert Held.

TK5102 .M34 1999EB                       1999
   The Focal illustrated dictionary of telecommunications [electronic
   resource] / Xerxes Mazda, Fraidoon Mazda.

TK7804 .A47 2000EB                       1999
   Newnes Dictionary of electronics [electronic resource] / S.W. Amos, R.S.
   Amos ; appendix by G.W.A. Dummer.

TK 7836 .D63 1991                        1991
   Thriving on change : a history of Mentor Graphics, 1981-1991 / [Gordon B.
   Dodds, Craig W. Wollner].

TK 7871.89 .L53 Z35 2002                 2002
   Introduction to solid-state lighting / Art*uras *Zakauskas, Michael S.
   Shur, Remis Gaska.

TL 410 .K46 2003                          2003
   Code name Ginger : the story behind Segway and Dean Kamen's quest to
   invent a new world / Steve Kemper.
   This is the story of "Ginger," officially named the Segway Human
   Transporter: a self-balancing, electric-powered people mover that Kamen
   called "magic sneakers." Code name Ginger documents the birth of a new
   technology and the feats of its inventor, his team of engineers, and the
   financiers who pursued them. Steve Kemper was the only journalist granted
   complete access to the Ginger project as the machine was designed,
   prototyped, and readied for manufacture. He takes us inside a world of
   ingenious engineering, in which improbable ideas become real: wheelchairs
   climb stairs, scooters balance on two wheels, polluted water is made
   clean. He reveals Kamen as few have seen him: in the heat of invention,
   racing against time, caught between his idealistic beliefs and his
                                Inventory List

                 Produced Friday, October 1, 2004 at 12:49 PM

   obsession to make Ginger a commercial success. He chronicles the wheeling
   and dealing of high-rolling investors and New Economy kingpins from John
   Doerr to Steve Jobs. And he delivers vital business lessons about
   leadership, entrepreneurship, marketing, and innovation while recounting a
   technological adventure that will be studied and argued about for decades.

TL 553.5 .G4324 1999                     1999
   Military aviation disasters : significant losses since 1908 / David Gero.

TL 553.5 .N34 2000                       2000
   Deadly departure : why the experts failed to prevent the TWA flight 800
   disaster and how it could happen again / Christine Negroni.

TL 570 .P46 2004                         2004
   Mechanics of flight / Warren F. Phillips.
   Overview of Aerodynamics -- Overview of Propulsion -- Aircraft Performance
   -- Longitudinal Static Stability and Trim -- Lateral Static Stability and
   Trim -- Aircraft Controls and Maneuverability -- Aircraft Equations of
   Motion -- Linearized Longitudinal Dynamics -- Linearized Lateral Dynamics
   -- Aircraft Handling Qualities and Control Response -- Aircraft Flight
   Simulation -- Standard Atmosphere, SI Units -- Standard Atmosphere,
   English Units.

TL 789 .H65 2003                         2003
   Sight unseen : science, UFO invisibility and transgenic beings / Budd
   Hopkins, Carol Rainey.

TL 867 .C33 2004                         2004
   Comm check-- : the final flight of Shuttle Columbia / Michael Cabbage and
   William Harwood.

TN 870 .G645 2004                        2004
   Out of gas : the end of the age of oil / David Goodstein.
   Future -- Energy myths and a brief history of energy -- Electricity and
   radiant energy -- Heat engines and entropy -- Technological fixes --
   Envoy; the future revisited.

TP 555 .G89 2003                         2003
   When champagne became French : wine and the making of a national identity
   / Kolleen M. Guy.
   Introduction -- Consuming the nation : champagne marketing and bourgeois
   rituals, 1789-1914 -- Industry meets terroir : champagne producers in the
   Marne, 1789-1890 -- Resistance and identity : cultivation methods and the
   wine community, 1890-1900 -- Boundaries : the limits of the "true"
   champagne, 1900-1910 -- Revolution and stalemate : the revolt of 1911 --
   Conclusion : champagne and modern France.

TP 692.5 .H74 1986                       1986
   Options for managing underground storage of petroleum products in Virginia
   / Margaret S. Hrezo, Mattie Quesenberry.

TP 991 .P47 1987                         1987
   Performance of three types of laundry detergents in soft and hard water /
   R.P. Lovingood ... [et al.].

TR 6 .U6 P75 2002                        2001
   Lewis Carroll, photographer : the Princeton University Library albums /
   Roger Taylor, Edward Wakeling ; introduction by Peter C. Bunnell.
   Introduction / Peter C. Bunnell -- "All in the golden afternoon" : the
   photographs of Charles Lutwidge Dodgson / Roger Taylor -- Chronology /
   Edward Wakeling -- Catalogue of the Princeton University Library albums /
   Edward Wakeling -- Register of all known photographs by Charles Lutwidge
                                Inventory List

                 Produced Friday, October 1, 2004 at 12:49 PM

   Dodgson / Edward Wakeling.
   Roger Taylor's thorough and sophisticated discussion of Carroll as a
   photographic artist and as a prominent member of Victorian society reveals
   the man as never before, illuminating his relationships with the children
   he photographed in light of the idealism and social conventions of the
   day. This text, illustrated with exquisite tritone plates, is followed by
   Edward Wakeling's fully illustrated and thoroughly annotated catalogue of
   the entire Princeton University Library collection. It features, in
   addition to a trove of loose prints, four rare albums made by Carroll
   himself to showcase his work to friends, family, and potential sitters.
   Reproduced in album order, these images offer new insight into how Carroll
   thought about his work--and how he wanted it to be seen. Compelling
   portraits of Alice Liddell and other children are presented alongside
   those of eminent Victorians such as Alfred Tennyson and William Holman
   Hunt, as well as evocative landscapes, narrative tableaux, and wonderfully
   strange studies of anatomical skeletons. The catalogue is followed by a
   chronological register of every known Carroll photograph.

TR 267 .J64 1999                         1999
   The digital photography handbook / by Simon Joinson.

TR 647 .L5713 1999                       1999
   El Lissitzky : beyond the Abstract cabinet : photography, design,
   collaboration / Margarita Typitsyn ; with contributions by Matthew Drutt
   and Ulrich Pohlmann.

TR 680 .D25 1998                         1998
   Edgar Degas, photographer / Malcolm Daniel ; with essays by Eugenia Parry,
   Theodore Reff.
   "The atmosphere of lamps or moonlight" / Malcolm Daniel -- Edgar Degas's
   photographic theater / Eugenia Parry -- Degas Chez Tasset / Theodore Reff
   -- Plates -- Catalogue raisonne of Degas's photographic and census of
   known prints / Malcolm Daniel.

TR 681 .M4 I26 2002                      2002
   Picturing men : a century of male relationships in everyday American
   photography / John Ibson.

TR 681 .M86 P48 2003                     2003
   Touch me, I'm sick / Charles Peterson ; introduction by Eddie Vedder ;
   essay by Jennie Boddy.

TX349 .B4 1999EB                         1999
   Bender's dictionary of nutrition and food technology [electronic resource]
   / David A. Bender and Arnold E. Bender.

TX349 .S55 1998EB                        1998
   International dictionary of food & cooking [electronic resource] :
   ingredients, additives, techniques, equipment, menu terms, catering terms,
   food science and outline domestic and production recipes / compiled by
   Charles G. Sinclair.

TX 651 .P36 2001                         2001
   How to read a french fry : and other stories of intriguing kitchen science
   / Russ Parsons.
   How to read a french fry -- The second life of plants -- Miracle in a
   shell -- From a pebble to a pillow -- Meat and heat -- Fat, flour and

TX 715 .H258 2004                        2004
   Colonial Virginia's cooking dynasty / Katharine E. Harbury.

                                Inventory List

                 Produced Friday, October 1, 2004 at 12:49 PM

TX 724.5 .J3 F96 2001                    2001
   Japanese home cooking / Shunsuke Fukushima.
   Equipment -- Soups -- Sushi and sashimi -- Tempura dishes -- Vegetables
   dishes -- Tofu, noodle and egg dishes -- Seafood dishes -- Chicken dishes
   -- Pork and beef dishes -- Desserts -- Sauces.

TX 724.5 .J3 T837 1986                   1986
   Practical Japanese cooking : easy and elegant / Shizuo Tsuji, Koichiro
   Hata photographs by Yoshikatsu Saeki.
   Appetizers -- Soup -- Fish -- Seafood -- Beef and pork -- Chicken -- Egg
   -- Tofu -- Vegetables -- Rice -- Sushi -- Noodles -- One-pot dishes --
   Other delectables -- Box meal -- Shokado box meal.

TX 724.5 .T5 T49 2004                    2004
   Thailand : kitchen of the world / [editor, Kanittha Chtprakorb].
   Living the Thai life of yesterday -- Thailand, an agricultural cornucopia
   -- Thai hom mail rice, an incomparable long-grain white rice -- The
   flavors and colorful charm of regional Thai dishes -- Herbs in Thai
   cuisine, skill and wisdom in maximizing the value of natural food --
   Popular Thai dishes preferred by foreign visitors -- Bringing the unique
   values of Thai food and Thai cuisine to the world stage -- Thai kitchens
   Describes the history, geography, economy, government, social life and
   customs, top tourist sites, and more of Thailand.

TX 725 .N36 M3423 2002                   2002
   Middle Eastern home cooking / Tess Mallos.
   Step-by-step techniques -- Appetizers -- Soups -- Salads -- Seafood --
   Chicken -- Meat -- Vegetables -- Rice and grains -- Desserts and sweets --

TX 725 .T8 B37 1997                      1997
   Classic Turkish cooking / Ghillie Ba*san ; photographs by Jonathan Ba*san
   ; foreword by Josceline Dimbleby.
   essential elements of Turkish cuisine -- Yogurt and cheese -- Meze and
   salads -- Soups -- Breads, savoury doughs and pastries -- Vegetable dishes
   -- Pilafs -- Fish and seafood -- Meat dishes -- Poultry and game --
   Deserts -- Festive sweets and jams -- Drinks.

TX 784 .R53 2002                         2002
   Sweets / Tim Richardson.
   1. Chocolate money -- Lucky dip : Turkish delight -- 2. Heart of sweetness
   -- Lucky dip : liquorice -- 3. The first sweets in the world -- Lucky dip
   : rock -- 4. Juicy fruits and spicy centres -- Lucky dip : marzipan - 5.
   From Araby to subtlety -- Lucky dip : baklava -- 6. Purely for medicinal
   reasons -- Lucky dip : rhubarb and custards -- 7. Enslaved by sweetness --
   Lucky dip : marshmallows -- 8. What is it about chocolate -- Lucky dip :
   manna -- 9. Real Willy Wonkas -- Lucky dip : chewing gum -- 10. Bad candy
   -- Lucky dip : my top ten sweets -- 11. The Himalayan gobstopper.

TX905 .D53 1994EB                        1994
   Dictionary of hotels, tourism and catering management [electronic
   resource] / P.H. Collin.

U 101 .M5913 2002                        2002
   The book of five rings / Miyamoto Musashi ; translated by William Scott
   Wilson ; calligraphy by Shiro Tsujimura.

UA 23 .B337 2004                         2004
   The Pentagon's new map : war and peace in the twenty-first century /
   Thomas P.M. Barnett.
   New rule sets -- The rise of the "lesser includeds" -- Disconnectedness
                                Inventory List

                 Produced Friday, October 1, 2004 at 12:49 PM

   defines danger -- The fore and the gap -- The new ordering principle --
   The global transaction strategy -- The myths we make -- Hope without

UG 447 .T393 1999                        1998
   Lethal mists : an introduction to the natural and military sciences of
   chemical, biological warfare, and terrorism / Eric R. Taylor.

UG 447.8 .B5657 2003                     2003
   Biological weapons : issues and threats / edited by P.R. Chari, Arpit
   Biological Weapons, the threat of bioterrorism, and the best ways to meet
   this threat to global security are the issues addressed in this book.
UG 447.8 .G38 2004                       2004
   The gathering biological warfare storm / edited by Jim A. Davis and Barry
   R. Schneider.
   U.S. biodefense readiness: thoughts after September 11th / Barry R.
   Schneider -- Agroterrorism and foot-and-mouth disease: is the United
   States prepared? / Michael E. Peterson -- Surveillance and detection: a
   public health response to bioterrorism / Barbara F. Bullock -- The anthrax
   terror: DOD's number-one biological threat / Jim A. Davis and Anna
   Johnson-Winegar -- Efficacy and safety of the anthrax vaccine / Richard A.
   Hersack -- Smallpox: a primer / Brenda J. McEleney -- The prospects for
   biological war in the Middle East / Brad Roberts -- Assessment of the
   emerging biocruise threat / Rex R. Kiziah -- Next generation bioweapons:
   genetic engineering and biological warfare / Michael J. Ainscough -- A
   biological warfare wake-up call: prevalent myths and likely scenarios /
   Jim A. Davis.

UG 763 .T38 2003                         2003
   Secret empire : Eisenhower, the CIA, and the hidden story of America's
   space espionage / Philip Taubman.
   Reimagining reconnaissance, 1946-1954 -- A new spy plane takes flight,
   1954-1956 -- Vaulting into space, 1956-1976.

V 53 .H68 2001                           2001
   Naval battles of the twentieth century / Richard Hough.
   The battle of Tsu-shima -- The battles of Coronel and the Falkland Islands
   -- The battle of Dogger Banks -- The battle of Jutland -- The battle of
   River Plate -- The battle with the Bismarck -- The battle of Cape Matapan
   -- The battle in the South China Sea -- The battle for the Pacific:
   opening rounds -- The battle of Midway -- The battle for Guadalcanal --
   The battle of North Cape -- The battle for the Philippines.

Z118 .C58 1997B                          1997
   Dictionary of printing and publishing [electronic resource] / P.H. Collin.

Z 325 .I28 1997                          1997
   Images & texts : their production and distribution in the 18th and 19th
   centuries / edited by Peter Isaac and Barry McKay.
   Northamptonshire newspapers, 1720-1900 / Diana Dixon -- Samuel Gamidge:
   bookseller in Worcester (c1775-1777) / Martin Holmes -- Cumbrian literary
   institutions: Cartmel & Furness to 1900 / John Gavin -- Three Cumbrian
   chapbook printers: the Dunns of Whitehaven, Ann Bell & Anthony Soulby of
   Penrith / Barry McKay -- Scottish ballads and chapbooks / John Morris --
   Some sources for Manchester printing in the nineteenth century / Brenda
   Scragg -- Golden age reappraised: Welsh-language publishing in the
   nineteenth century / Philip Henry Jones -- Aberdeen University Press and
   the Scottish Typographical Association: an uneasy early relationship /
   Iain Beavan -- Words with pictures: Welsh images & images of Wales in the
   popular press / Peter Lord.
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Z 478.3 .S65 D57 2002                    0019
   Directory of southern publishers with new book announcements.
Z 483 .B53 S55 1995                      1995
   Shades of Black : Conrad Black and the world's fastest growing press
   empire / Richard Siklos.

Z 659 .K58 2003                          2003
   Libricide : the regime-sponsored destruction of books and libraries in the
   twentieth century / Rebecca Knuth.
   Books, libraries, and the phenomenon of ethnocide -- The evolution and
   functions of libraries -- A theoretical framework for libricide -- Nazi
   Germany : racism and nationalism -- Greater Serbia -- Iraq, Kuwait, and
   the politics of thuggery -- China's cultural revolution -- Tibet : a
   culture in jeopardy -- The collision of ideas.

Z 666.5 .S76 2001                        2001
   A history of information storage and retrieval / by Foster Stockwell.

Z 675 .U5 R63 1971                       1971
   University library administration / Rutherford D. Rogers. David C. Weber.
   The library program -- Personnel policies -- Library organization and
   communication -- Budgeting and fiscal management -- Book collections --
   The technical processing function -- The reader's services function --
   Special types of materials -- Measurement and evaluation -- Automation --
   Building planning

Z 696 .D54 A27 1895                      1895
   Abridged decimal classification : explanation.

Z1006 .D53 1997EB                        1997
   Dictionary of library and information management [electronic resource].

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   African and African-American history and culture; a comprehensive
   bibliography. compiled and edited by Cornelia A. Walker.

Z7164 .O7 C73 1999EB                      2003
   The ultimate business library [electronic resource] : the greatest books
   that made management / Stuart Crainer.

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