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					Record ARTS                          Life/Arts editor Susan Chilton •
                                                                                                           SEPTEMBER 25, 2008                                                                                                                 E5

Digging deep for a farmer’s life
By Valerie Hill, Record staff

KITCHENER — Ontario farmers often live a
life of back-breaking work, long hours and un-
certainty coupled with low returns on much of
what they produce. It’s a wonder anyone wants
to farm at all, so what drives these hardy souls?
    It’s a question probed by Kitchener film-
makers Robert Waldeck and Paul Eichhorn in
their documentary A Growing Season, which
follows eight months in the life of Holland
Marsh vegetable farmer John Gorzo Jr. The                                                                                                                                                                    Los Angeles Times
son of Hungarian immigrants, Gorzo had once
known an easier life as a manager in a tech-                                                                                                                                                                 HOLLYWOOD — The fall
nology company but the pull of the land                                                                                                                                                                      TV season officially started
brought him back, continuing his parents’                                                                                                                                                                    this week with good news for
farming legacy   .                                                                                                                                                                                           CBS’ comedies and ABC’s
    The 50-minute film will be screened at the                                                                                                                                                               Dancing With the Stars. But
Kitchener Public Library main branch on Sat-                                                                                                                                                                 NBC may be waking up to the
urday in a free event that the co-producers                                                                                                                                                                  cold reality that its one-time
hope will help the public understand what goes                                                                                                                                                               hit, the comic-book-like epic
into getting food on our tables, the people be-                                                                                                                                                              Heroes, will never be restored
hind the business and the lives they lead. This                                                                                                                                                              to its former lustre.
is not a whiny film about a man with few                                                                                                                                                                         Dancing, back for its sev-
choices. Gorzo is here because he loves the                                                                                                                                                                  enth cycle, was Monday
land, loves the farm life and holds onto hope for                                                                                                                                                            night’s most-watched pro-
farming with deep conviction.                                                                                                                                                                                gram, with 21.2 million
    Eichhorn’s parents farm in Holland Marsh                                                                                                                                                                 viewers, according to early
so he was familiar with agriculture and the                                                                                                                                     W.E. PRODUCTIONS             data from Nielsen Media Re-
often moody whims of Mother Nature.                           Farmer John Gorzo Jr. is the focus of the documentary A Growing Season.                                                                        search.
    “People have this vision of Old McDonald                                                                                                                                                                     After years of effort, CBS
(farm),” said Eichhorn, referring to public’s                                                                                                                                                                is reaping rewards with its
misconceptions.                                                                                                                 Waldeck said.                                                                                 .
                                                                                                                                                                                                             sitcom strategy How I Met
    Eichhorn runs a marketing and promotions                 Documentary                                                           Eichhorn added, “at the end of the season,                                Your Mother returned for its
business while Waldeck is both an artist and                                                                                    he barely made a profit.”                                                    fourth season up 21 per cent
                                                             A Growing Season
high school teacher. While both men have cre-                                                                                      The film shows a particularly bad season                                  in the 18-to-49 age category
ated films in the past, this is their first shared           Kitchener Public Library auditorium                                where Gorzo ended up selling investment land                                 compared with last season’s
project — and it wasn’t easy   .                             85 Queen St. N., Kitchener                                         in Florida to pay his debts in Ontario. Since                                opener. Two and a Half Men
    First, they could not write a script given               Saturday, Sept. 27, 1:30 p.m.                                      then, he has found some profit by growing arti-                              looked solid with 14.9 million
they had no idea what would transpire when                   519-743-271                                                        chokes, plus a line of organic vegetable.                                    viewers.
they visited Gorzo, which was about once a                                                                                         At one point in the film, Gorzo concludes, “I                                 Heroes spent last season
month. Then, it was the uncertainly of a                                                                                        would almost say that farming is one of life’s                               dodging brickbats from fans
farmer’s life that they hoped to capture in what                                                                                biggest gambles.”                                                            upset by confusing new plot
turned out to be a gritty reality film, completed            vegetables, as happened with his carrot crop:                                                                                                   developments; it was then
on a lean $20,000 budget.                                    seven acres produced useless, finger-thin car-                     Note: The screening of A Growing Season will                                 forced into a lengthy inter-
    “The concept we wanted to follow was from                rots. Then there were the labour issues. Many                      be followed by a panel discussion and the film                               ruption by the writers
spring planting to fall harvest, to get food to              Ontario farmers must rely on offshore                              Century Farms, by Kate George. Century                                       strike. So the show’s third
people’s tables,” Waldeck explained. “Would                  workers, mostly from the Caribbean, which                          Farms, filmed for TVOntario, looks at Ontario                                season will be critical to as-
the season be successful?”                                   means supplying suitable housing for them                          farms owned by the same families for 100                                     sessing its long-term
    From draining the soil of spring runoff to               and praying they’ll stay the entire season.                        years. The afternoon includes a food-based ex-                               prospects. Monday’s pre-
battling insects and August drought, Gorzo’s                    “We were impressed with John’s persever-                        hibitor’s expo.                                                              miere sowed doubts, gath-
life is often dawn-to-dawn hard slogging.                    ance, the round-the-clock nature of the work.                                                                                                   ering only 9.9 million
    In the end, a bad turn can destroy acres of              He’d be out there in 40-degree temperatures,”                                                                      viewers.

Talking today
                                               7+856'$< (9(1,1*                                                                                                              6(37(0%(5  
David Letterman: Paris Hilton, Morn-           6WDWLRQ                          30           SP   30   30   30   30 
ingwood                                                              1HZV            1%& 1HZV 7KH ,QVLGHU (QW 7RQLJKW 1DPH (DUO 1DPH (DUO 7KH 2IILFH                                (5 6HDVRQ 3UHPLHUH         1HZV          -D\ /HQR

Jay Leno: The Hives                                                   1HZV                         5REVRQ $ 5 70=             0HGLXP 5                 8)2
V 6HHLQJ LV %HOLHYLQJ              &RPHG\ 5 1HZV             -D\ /HQR
Late Late Show: Tim Gunn, Elizabeth                                  1HZV            1HZV         ,QVLGH (G $FFHVV + 6XUYLYRU *DERQ 6HDVRQ 3UHPLHUH                               &6, &ULPH 6FHQH 5       1HZV          /HWWHUPDQ
          1HZV                         &RUULH6WUHHW -HRSDUG\ M32' 5                          'RF =RQH                   &%& 1HZV 7KH 1DWLRQDO 7KH +RXU
Conan O’Brien: Julianne Moore,
                                                                         1HZV                         (7 &DQDGD (QW 7RQLJKW 6XUYLYRU *DERQ 6HDVRQ 3UHPLHUH                           7KH 2IILFH                 1HZV          (7 &DQDGD
Zachary Levi, Jakob Dylan
                      1HZV            $%& :RUOG 1HZV                            8JO\ %HWW\                 *UH\
V $QDWRP\ 6HDVRQ 3UHPLHUH                        1HZV          1LJKWOLQH
Last Call: Seth McFarlane
Daily Show: Bob Schieffer                                                1HZV                         H7DON           $FFHVV + (5 6HDVRQ 3UHPLHUH            *UH\
V $QDWRP\ 6HDVRQ 3UHPLHUH                        1HZV          &79 1HZV
Colbert Report: Nick Carr                       
                        1HZV                         5REVRQ $ 5 70=             0HGLXP 5                 8)2
V 6HHLQJ LV %HOLHYLQJ              &RPHG\ 5 1HZV             -D\ /HQR

Jimmy Kimmel: Rob Lowe, MMA                                         1HZV                         7KH ,QVLGHU ( 1HZV           1DPH (DUO 1DPH (DUO 
 7KH 'XNHV RI +D]]DUG ¶ -RKQQ\ .QR[YLOOH               1HZV          /LYH DW 
fighter Kimbo Slice, Chris Bianco                                   1HZV                         H7DON           $FFHVV + (5 6HDVRQ 3UHPLHUH            *UH\
V $QDWRP\ 6HDVRQ 3UHPLHUH                        1HZV          &79 1HZV
The View: Chandra Wilson                                            1HZV            1HZV+RXU -LP /HKUHU *RRGQLJKW +LVWRU\ RI &KLFNHQ                     0DVWHUV<RX0XVW5HPHPEHU 7KH %URWKHUV :DUQHU            %XVLQHVV 6FLHQFH1
Regis and Kelly: Chris Rock, Vanessa                                 -XGJH -XG\ 6HLQIHOG 5 -XGJH -XG\ +DOI 0HQ 5 .LWFKHQ 1LJKWPDUHV                   .LWFKHQ 1LJKWPDUHV         6HLQIHOG 5 +DOI 0HQ 5 6LPSVRQ 5 
V 5
Williams                                        '                      6DYH%HOO 5 )+RXVH 5 +DSS\' 5 /DYHUQH 5 0LFKDHO &RUHQ /LYH                   +XQWOH\ 6WUHHW         - 5RELVRQ %HQQ\ +LQQ -RKQ +DJHH : 9LVLRQ
Ellen DeGeneres: Eric Dane, Kid Rock
                                                2                       )DPLO\* 5 )ULHQGV 5 +DOI 0HQ 5 6LPSVRQ 5 ,WDOLDQ 1HZV                       9LYHUH        1HZV         6LPSVRQ 5 .LQJ+LOO 5 0HWURSLD /HWWHUPDQ
Tavis Smiley: Dionne Warwick
Chelsea Lately: Emily Procter, Alex             <                       1HZV                         /DZ 2UGHU 698 5 8JO\ %HWW\                        *ODP *RG 5               )ULHQGV 5 )ULHQGV 5 1HZV             &LW\1HZV
Reymundo, Ben Gleib, Ken Baker                  @                        /H 7pOpMRXUQDO               9LUJLQLH        ,QIRPDQ      (QTXrWH                    *URVVH YLH &$            /H 7pOpMRXUQDO             /D ]RQH       -RXUQDO

The Hour with George Stroum-                                         &ROG &DVH )LOHV 5          &6, 0LDPL 5               7KH )LUVW  5           7KH )LUVW  5           -DFNHG       -DFNHG 5 &ULPH  5
boulopoulos: Howard Zinn, Damon                 (AMC)                    0DG 0HQ 5                  0DG 0HQ 5                  0DG 0HQ 5                0DG 0HQ 5                0DG 0HQ 5                0DG 0HQ 5
                     $371 1DWLRQDO 1HZV           6XDDQJDQ 5H] 5LGHV 5 1H[W 5            5HQHJDGH 

 6SHHG ¶ .HDQX 5HHYHV                                           $371 1HZV
Bonnie Hunt: Diane Lane, Richard                 <*€                   1HZV            +HDGOLQH     0DUNHW &DOO &RPP             &RQQHFWHG 1HZV             6TXHH]H 3OD\               0DUNHW &DOO                +HDGOLQH      0DUNHW &DOO
Gere, Ingrid Hoffman, Matt Grant               <.2\                   6WUHHW /HJDO 5             +RXVHZLYHV 5               %HKLQG & 5 ,Q7KH0LQG 

 &HQWXU\ +RWHO ¶ &ROP )HRUH                       /DZ 2UGHU 5
                                                '                     %RQ -RYL 8QSOXJJHG 5                       %RQ -RYL 5 .DUDRNH 6WDU 5           5HED 5      +RSH ) 5 +RPH , 5 +RPH , 5 .DUDRNH 6WDU 5
Letterman’s Top 10                              9                    7KH 6LWXDWLRQ 5RRP           /RX 'REEV 7RQLJKW            &11 (OHFWLRQ &HQWHU        /DUU\ .LQJ /LYH            $QGHUVRQ &RRSHU 
(from Jan. 4, 2008)                             :                    -)/*DJV 5 &RPHG\ 5 $LU )DUFH 5 -XVW IRU /DXJKV 5               &RUQHU* 5 6LPSVRQ 5 6RXWK3N 5 .H\V 9,3 5 &RPHG\ 5 'DLO\ 6KRZ &ROEHUW
Top 10 George W. Bush ideas for                4                     +0DGH 5 +0DGH 5 'DLO\ 3ODQHW                        0\WK%XVWHUV 5                                       0\WK%XVWHUV 5            'DLO\ 3ODQHW
fixing the economy                              C                    =RH\  /LIH 'HUHN :L]DUGV                  6R 5DYHQ 6XLWH /LIH 6DGLH               + 0RQWDQD /LIH 'HUHN 1HG               &RU\ +RXVH 6XLWH /LIH /LIH 'HUHN
10. Why fix it if it ain’t broke?              D                     )UHQFK 5 )UHVK 5         *ULOO 5       7R *ULOO 5 5HVWDXUDQW 0DNHRYHU 5 8QZUDS
G 5 /LIH RI 5 /LIH RI 5 $FH&DNH 5 $FH&DNH 5
9. Drill Arctic National Wildlife Refuge for   V                     +ROPHV RQ +RPHV 5          +RXVH+ 5 3URSHUW\ 5 +ROPHV RQ +RPHV 5             7KH )L[       'LVDVWHU 5 -XQN %URV 7KH %LJ )OLS +ROPHV RQ +RPHV 5
loose change.                                  W                     3HUIHFW :HDSRQ 5           1&,6                         /RVW :RUOGV 5            3HUIHFW :HDSRQ 5         1&,6 5                   6SHFLDO (YHQWV 5
8. Sell cupcakes in front of the White
                                               a                           *UDQG 5LYHU )LUVW /RFDO /HJDOO\ 6SHDNLQJ                  &DQDGD 9RWHV  5 2+/ 7KLV :HHN                   )LUVW /RFDO *UDQG 5LYHU 'D\WLPH
7. Flip all them charts upside down.
                                                 |                   3LPS            GLV%DQG      *UHHN 5                    7RS 3RS *URXS              , 6WDU 5 , 6WDU 5 *UHHN 5                     00&RXQWGRZQ
6. Encourage Americans to spend                 }                      3URILOH         PPPWRSFRP                 %DFN/RYH 5 $%%$
V *UHDWHVW +LWV       5HYLYDO 5 <RX $W 5 :RUN )RU 'LGG\ 5             3DUW\ RI )LYH 5
more. If they don’t, Cheney peppers             G0d8                     079 /LYH 079 1HZV %XVWHG                     $IWHU 6KRZ 1H[W 7RS 0RGHO 5           7KH +LOOV 5 6L[WHHQ 5 ([LOHG        079 &ULEV 079 /LYH 5 $IWHU 5
them in the face.                                ‹                   1HZV            %XVLQHVV $URXQG WKH :RUOG                 &DQDGD 9RWHV               &%& 1HZV 7KH 1DWLRQDO *HRORJLF -RXUQH\ 5           1HZV
5. Most things seem better after half a         “                    7KH $PD]LQJ 5DFH 5         (G
V 8S 5 9DFDWLRQ 5 &RPPDQGR )URQW /LQH 6XUYLYRUPDQ 5                      3LORW 5    2G\VVH\ 5 3LORW *XLGHV 5
bottle of Jim Beam.                            I)*%f                     /DZ 2UGHU &, 5          &ROG &DVH 5                6RXWK $VLDQ 1HZV           &DQWRQHVH 1HZV             +DOI 0HQ 5 4XHHQV 5 7LJHU 5
4. Let’s just say the Lincoln Memorial is        Jy                 )ULHQGV 5 6HLQIHOG 5 3D\QH 5 3D\QH 5 )ULHQGV 5 )ULHQGV 5 

 'RPHVWLF 'LVWXUEDQFH ¶                           )DPLO\* )DPLO\* 6HLQIHOG
now the Tostitos Lincoln Memorial.
                                                                      5', GLUHFW 5', GLUHFW 5',HQ'LUHFW eOHFWLRQV *UDQGV 5HSRUWDJHV 5 /H 7pOpMRXUQDO                                5',HQ'LUHFW /H 1DWLRQDO /H 7pOpMRXUQDO
3. Invent a car that runs on root beer.
2. Put on a pair of glasses and shoot a
                                                £                    6SRUWVQHW &RQQHFWHG          0/% %DVHEDOO 1HZ <RUN <DQNHHV YV 7RURQWR %OXH -D\V 6LWH 5RJHUV &HQWUH 6SRUWVQHW &RQQHFWHG                   +RFNH\        6SRUWV
moose.                                         §                     +RFNH\ 7DON *DPH 2Q 6FRUH1)/ /HDUQ )URP WKH 3URV                        6FRUH        1&$$ )RRWEDOO 8QLYHUVLW\ RI 6RXWKHUQ &DOLIRUQLD YV 2UHJRQ 6WDWH 3DF
1. Is Hillary still available for a 3 a.m.     ¬                     :LIH 6ZDS 5                3DLQNLOOHU -DQH 5          5H*HQHVLV 5              7UDLOHU 5 7UDLOHU 5 6DYLQJ *UDFH 5              +RXVH 5
phone call?                                    M(%o                 0DWFKPDNH 7LO 'HEW 5 /HDVK 5             (7 &DQ 5 5LFK %ULGH 3RRU %ULGH 5 /DVW  5 %ULGHV 5 %LJJHVW /RVHU                   5LFK %ULGH 3RRU %ULGH 5
                                                ¾                    6WDUJDWH 6* 5           /RVW                         6WDU 7UHN 9R\DJHU 5     %DWWOHVWDU *DODFWLFD 5 8OWLPDWH 6XSHU 9LOODLQV 5 6WDUJDWH 6* 5
Late-night laughs                               ¿                    8QLTXH :KLSV      5        3LQNV     5   3DVV 7LPH 3LQNV $OO 2XW      5        3LQNV $OO 2XWWDNHV 5     :UHFNHG :UHFNHG 5 3LQNV 5 3DVV 5
                                               M,%'o                 &6, 1<    5               &6, 1<     5              &6, 1< 5                71$ :UHVWOLQJ                                         7KH 8OWLPDWH )LJKWHU
The Tonight Show with Jay Leno
                                               M1*0d                   6XSHU 'DYH 6FUXEV 5 %HFNHU 5 * /RSH] 5 6PDOOYLOOH                             6XSHUQDWXUDO               7R 6HUYH DQG 3URWHFW       *ULOO 5RRP +LWFKFRFN
At a rally in Florida, Barack Obama was

 .LOO D 'UDJRQ ¶ -DFN 3DODQFH                 

 0DQGDOD\ ¶          

 'RFWRU 0RQLFD      

interrupted by a protest group called
                                                .                     /ROD 5   &RUQHPXVH 3DQRUDPD                        H GH OD QXLW             

 ­ WRXW GH VXLWH ¶ ,VLOG /H %HVFR             9ROW          &LWDGLQV
Blacks Against Obama. Actually it was
a pretty small group — just Con-                ±                    :KDW 1RW WR :HDU 5         /$ ,QN 5                 2YHUKDXOLQ
 5            $PHULFDQ &KRSSHU 5       6WUHHW &XVWRPV 5         2YHUKDXOLQ
doleezza Rice and Jesse Jackson.                ²                      3DODEUD GH 0XMHU             &HQWRY         6N\ 7*       &DVDEODQFD &DVDEODQFD ¶ )UDQFHVFR 1XWL          5D\PRQG 5 5D\PRQG 5 * /RSH] 5 * /RSH] 5
Late Show with David Letterman                 µ                     4XHVW 5       -RKQQ\ 5 *HRUJH            %XJV %XQQ\ 7ZHHW\ WHHQ 5             'UDPD , 5 )XWXUDPD 7KH &ULWLF 5RERW                &RGH          7ULSSLQJ 5
Mahmoud Ahmadinejad also ad-                   ¸                       9DULRXV         %DFN\DUG 1L+DR.DL *DUGHQ 5 06LVWHUV )UDQNOLQ 5 %HDU 5                       6SLGHU 5 &RXFK 5 5ROLH3 5 % %HDUV 5 %DEDU
dressed the Assembly. He was com-               N.+]                 %UHDN79 5 )DVKLRQ 5 %HYHUO\ +LOOV  5 %UHDN79 5 +DSSHQHG )DPLO\ *X\ 6HLQIHOG 5 6HLQIHOG 5 )UDVLHU 5 )DPLO\ *X\ 0DUULHG 5
pletely humourless. Devoid of humour.
                                                ¹                    2II 5HFRUG 6SRUWV&           +RFNH\          %R[LQJ +%2 &KDPSLRQVKLS                 1+/ +RFNH\ )ORULGD 3DQWKHUV YV (GPRQWRQ 2LOHUV                     6SRUWV&
So they’ve asked him to host next
year’s Emmys.
                                                2                    /H 79$          /H FHUFOH /D ILqYUH GH OD GDQVH           2FFXSDWLRQ GRXEOH 'pEXW GH OD VDLVRQ 9/2*             79$  KU    'HQLV /pYHVTXH         /

                                                ¼                        6DGGOH &OXE +HDGV 8S :H %XLOW 7KLV &LW\ 5               7KH $JHQGD                 (QJODQG ([SHFWV            0DVWHUZRUNV 5            7KH $JHQGD
Record news services                             Ã                   -R]L+ 5                   0XUGHU 6KH :URWH            :DLW *RG $SSHDU           7KH .RUDQ 5                                         (PLO\ RI 1HZ 0RRQ 5
                                                 Ä                   6KRSSLQJ 5 6W\OH 5       : *UDFH 5 )ULHQGV 5 'LY 'HVLJQ 7DNH +RXVH &RORXU &RQI 6DYH 8V                2SHQ +RXVH 5HDO(VW 5 /RYH ,W RU /LVW ,W 5
Joel Rubinoff                                   È                     'UDNH 5       L&DUO\       $GG :DWHU +RPH , 5 3UDQN 5            )XWXUDPD 5 3UDQN 5     +XQWHUV 5 $GUHQDO 5 3UDQN 5      +XQWHUV 5 *KRVWV 5
will return                                                               :DWHUORR 5HJLRQ *XHOSK   )HUJXV (ORUD 5RFNZRRG   /LVWRZHO +DQRYHU 'XUKDP &KHVOH\ :DONHUWRQ   (ULQ

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