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									Marcy Open Parent’s Press Wednesday November 25, 2009
                                                                          Marcy’s Web Site URL:
 HAPPY THANKSGIVING!                                            

 Calendar                                                 MAP
 November                                                 Our next Marcy Arts Partnership meeting is on
 26   NO SCHOOL/THANKSGIVING                              Wednesday, December 9th, at 3:15pm in room
 27   NO SCHOOL/THANKSGIVING                              309 (middle school teacher Amy Johnson’s room.)
 December                                                 Due to scheduling conflicts, we will no longer be
 3    PARENT COUNCIL 6:30pm                               meeting in the media center. Please join us for a
 7    LEADERSHIP 3:15                                     preliminary discussion regarding the 2010 MAP
      MIDDLE SCH MUSICAL PARENT MEETING                   Gala! All are welcome!
 8    WINTER BAND CONCERT                                 Observational Drawing note cards are still
 21   WINTER BREAK BEGINS                                 available! The amazing drawings of Marcy Open
                                                          students inspired the idea for the note cards in the
 IMPORTANT NUMBERS-OFFICE                                 first place and they have gained in popularity ever
 Donna Andrews, Principal, 668-1020                       since. Each package contains 12 unique samples
 Susan Dreves Libson Asst. Principal 668-1020             of student work. The cost is $10/pack or 3/$25.
 Attendance Line, 668-1027                                The note cards are a fundraiser of the Marcy Arts
 Rosemary Schindeldecker, Com.Ed. 668-1022                Partnership which supports art-infused learning at
 Sidney Orchard, Parent Liaison, 668-1023                 Marcy Open. Buy your note cards today; they
 Eve Parker, Middle Sch. Coordinator, 668-1036            make perfect holiday gifts! To purchase, contact
 Tamara Schierkolk, MAP Coordinator, 521-9807             Tamara at (612) 521-980

 PARENT COUNCIL                                           MARCY PAGES DIRECTORY
 Next Meeting DEC. 3, 6:30pm                              For some students, the temptation to make prank
 Julia Janousek-Chair                                     phone calls proves to be too strong to ignore when
 Sarah Tittle -Treasurer                                  a list of names and phone numbers of classmates
 Lisa Hondros-Secretary                                   is so easy to locate. The best way to deal with a
 For Parent Council Meeting Minutes, go to:               prank phone call is to immediately hang up and          resist the temptation to engage the prankster.
 Snacks and Childcare are provided                        What starts as a joke soon turns into inconvenient
                                                          interruptions and in some cases, harassment.
                                                          Should you feel you are being harassed over the
                                  th   th                 phone consider initiating a call trace. Review your
                                                          own telephone service provider’s policy and
 I’m Not Who You Think I Am …. (working title)
                                                          guidelines on the use of call trace and keep in
 If you are a dreamer, come in,
                                                          mind that charges may apply. Each telephone
 If you are a dreamer, a wisher, a liar,
                                                          service provider has their own regulations and fee
 A hope-er, a pray-er, a magic bean buyer...
                                                          schedules for providing a call trace service. In
 If you're a pretender, come sit by my fire
                                                          most cases, dialing *57 will initiate a call trace,
 For we have some flax-golden tales to spin.
                                                          which enables a phone call recipient to mark a
 Come in!
                                                          phone call as malicious (i.e., harassing,
 come in!
                                                          threatening, obscene, etc.). The phone system will
 So goes the poem “Invitation” by Shel Silverstein,
                                                          then automatically trace the call. Call trace will
 and so sets the stage for the musical “I’m Not Who
                                                          work even if the call was made from a unlisted
 You Think I am …”
                                                          number, payphone or a number with caller
 In this musical, students truly are the stars, playing
                                                          identification disabled. In most cases, your
 characters their own age and telling the stories
                                                          telephone service provider will require you to sign
 that matter most to them. Covering issues like
                                                          an authorization form before the harasser's phone
 body image, being accepted and getting the
                                                          number is investigated, either by the phone
 winning run in the baseball game, this musical
                                                          company or is turned over to law enforcement for
 empowers the student and even allows them to
                                                          further investigation. You may also report phone
 write some of the dialogue.
                                                          harassment to the Minneapolis Police by dialing
 Songs are selected from various well-known
                                                          311 where customer service agents are available
 musicals and creative, upbeat choreography helps
                                                          Monday through Friday from 7 a.m. to 11 p.
 tell the story.
 We hope you’ll join Project SUCCESS and Marcy
                                                          THANK YOU ELIZABETH HAWLEY
 School to be a part of this one-of-a-kind musical!
                                                          A huge thanks to Elizabeth for all of her hard work
                                                          on our fabulous Fall Fun Fest!
If you need explanation of this message in Somali
or Swahili please call Ahmed at: 668-1050 Hadii
ad fafahi Afsoomali ah ubahatid oo farintan, ah
fadlan wac Ahmed Telefoka: 668-1050 Uki hitaji
ufafanuzi ya hii tarifa tafadhali wasiliana na
Ahmed kwa simu: 668-1050

Hola, mi nombre es Nadia. Si necesitas ayuda con
alguna información de la escuela, o tan sólo
tienes dudas, comunícate conmigo al: 612-205-
2960. Hi, my name is Nadia. If you need help with
any school information, or if you only have
questions, contact me at 612-205-2960

            Three weeks ago we held our annual Marcy Fall Fun Fest. It was a huge success!
             I would like to give a heart felt thanks to all the volunteers who helped make Fall Fun Fest possible this
    year. Specifically, I’d like to give thanks to the outstanding committee that worked tremendously hard on Fall
    Fun Fest 2009. And I’d also like to thank Donna, Sidney, all the Marcy teachers and staff, and the engineers for
    their wonderful support before, during and after Fall Fun. There where several people who helped wrap baskets
    on Thursday after school and who helped with set up on Friday after school, and many more who stayed after Fall
    Fun was over to help clean up – thank you to these people. Many people donated cakes to the cake walk, and many
    others donated items for their room’s raffle baskets – thank you to these people too.
            Fall Fun was so successful due to the efforts of so many of you. Below is a list of the names that I have
    on record, but there are more of you. So – I thank you one and all!
    Sincerely –Elizabeth Hawley Fall Fun Fest Chair
    Parent Liaison – Sidney Orchard
    Kitchen & Food – Bettina Dehnhard, Laurie Anderson
    Volunteer Coordinators – Laurie Anderson, Sally Godfrey,   Julia Janousek, Lindy , and all the Room Reps
    Games & Prizes – Julie Prairie                              Raffle Baskets – Sarah Brenmer
    Dunk Tank Coordinator – Jesse Dargis                        Member at Large – Julie Janoseck
    Edison High School Cosmetology Students                     The students who volunteered for the Dunk Tank
    DJ Noise – Skaht Hansen                                     The students who volunteered for the Sponge Toss
    Eric Hedican & his 2pm Middle School Gym Class              Layl’s Girl Scout Troop
    Eve Parker & the National Honor Society Students            Edison High School National Honor Society Students
      Abir Abkuhadra                         Alison Hennen                               Allison and Elise Gumm
      Aisling Renyolds                       Alison Hunter                               Allison Chant
Amber Woller             Jenny Schmenski             Shawn Hennen
Amy Hewitt               Jim and Julia Janousek      Sirad Keynan
Amy Meier                Jim Noble                   Sonya Bethke
Amy Orris                Jodi Homstad                Steven Christenson
Amy Toscani              Joe Hatch-Surisook          Suzy Durkacs
Andrew Hunter            Joey Hays                   Tamara Shirk
Angelo Kelvakis          John Moore                  Tamiko Saunders
Ann Arkell               Julia Janousek              Tamsen Brock
Ann Sather               Julie Lynn Ortiz            Tedi GreyOwl Alice McBride
Anna Meier               Julie Neitzel Carr          Teresa Wolf Lee
Bettina Dehnhard         Julie Prairie               Valerie Ferment
Bill Fisher              Kaneka Stwart               Wendy Holmes
Bob Cooper               Karen Haeg                  William Hawley
Bonnie DeConcini         Kari Fields                 Zoa Buske
Brad Perry               Kate Towle
Brianna Washburn         Kathrine Tondra
Bridget Altmann          Kerry Brooks
Bridget Smith            Krista and Carlos Eduarte
Calder Hibbard           Kristen Marsella
Cassandra Lyons          Lamia Abukhadra
Chad Nelson              Laurie Andersen
Charles Otto             Layl McDill
Charlie Lundquist        Lee Hibbard
Chris DeCrans            Libby Marshall
Chris Duffrin            Linda Nausner
Chris Hawley             Lisa Belfiori
Clea Korf-Zeis           Lisa Hondros
Conan Collopy            Lisa Mitchell
Craig Hennen             Lisa Moore
Danielle Hennen          Lisa Riley
David Frank              Loren Towle
Diana Bass-Evensen       Lori Janies
Diane Smith              Lori Stone
Divah Yap                Lynn Sax
Donna Sanders            Mala Vujnovich
Dori Shelton             Maragret Roddy
Ed Philpot               Margie Siegel
Eleanor Noble            Margit Anderson
Elston Williamson        Mark Meier
Emily Sidorfsky          Mary Lango
Eric Skoglund            Matt Dekker
Gabe Steller             Melanie Townsend
Greg Lee                 Melissa Haugesag
Gretchen Zettler         Miriam Bosveld
Hallie Matuza            Najet Ajaraam
Heidi Spesard-Noble      Nativida Osland
Helen Kopietz            Nicole Rasmusson
Hodan Jama               Nicole Rasmusson's Mother
Irene Greene             Noal Bly
Irene Hennen             Paul Weig
Isa Kibira               Peggy Merrill
Isadora Neiman           Phil Boyd
Janet Haugan             Rachael Orman
Janye Kang               Rachel Dittli
Jayne Sharbono           Rich Cisneros
Jeff Towle               Ross Kyllo
Jen Lecy                 Sally Godfrey
Jen Love                 Sarah Tittle
Jenee Nederloe           Scott Horne
Jennifer Kennedy-Logan   Seamus Hawley
Jennifer McComas         Shannon Carson
Jennifer Schultz         Sharon Nygren

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