The Back Scoop Procedure - Heidi Montag's newest addon by BettyIce


The Back Scoop Procedure - Heidi Montag's newest addon

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									    The Back Scoop Procedure - Heidi Montag's
                 newest addon

     If there would be such a sport as Plastic Surgery Marathon,
then Heidi Montag would definitely win the gold medal at the
Olympics by a mile. After admitting back in 2007 to undertaking
several plastic surgeries like breast implants, rhinoplasty and
collagen lip injections, Heidi then revealed that at one point she
had more than 10 surgeries done to her in the course of only one
day, back in November 2009 (that's your gold medal right
there).She then stated that "for the past three years, I've thought
about what to have done [...] I'm beyond obsessed".

     After apparently trying out all the procedures listed in the
medical books, she decided to give a helping hand to medicine by
offering her body as testing ground for new and (very likely)
unnecessary procedures. Thus, Heidi is one of the few people who
can claim that they have underwent a back scoop procedure.

     Although it clearly relates to the spine area, Heidi declared
that she doesn't really know what a back scoop procedure is but
she could tell that after having it, she encountered difficulties in
hugging people because her body felt "fragile". By having this
surgery she not only succeed in carving her lower back but she also
ruined the hopes of many "free hugs" campaigners.

     Here are parts of her actual statement: “(I) had my back
scooped… I actually didn’t know (what that is). I might be the first
one to try it....I’m very weird about hugging people now – (my
body) is very fragile."

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