A Guide to Living at Brunel 2009 by fjhuangjun


									A Guide to Living at Brunel 2009/2010
The best of both worlds

Close to the bright lights of                      undergraduates, including those from
Central London, but providing a                    the local area;
compact, friendly environment in              ■■   Guaranteed accommodation for
which to live, study and socialise,                all new, full-time postgraduates
life at Brunel really does offer                   who have confirmed their acceptance
you the best of both worlds.                       and met the conditions for a course
                                                   by 1 September;
Our halls of residence are some of            ■■   Free network access in all rooms,
the best value you can find in the                 through which you can use the
South East and London area. Very few               Internet at no extra cost;
universities offer the same high quality
facilities across the entire range of their   ■■   Modern accommodation, with a
accommodation, or such high standards              choice of either en suite or standard
of student support. What’s more, Brunel’s          facilities as well as studio flats for
halls of residence are all on-campus,              couples;
meaning you are never more than 10            ■■   Bedding and linen provided and
minutes away from the teaching, social             cleaned weekly;
and sporting facilities.                      ■■   Heating, lighting, water and standard
Our campus accommodation package                   insurance included in your rent;
includes:                                     ■■   Christmas and Easter vacations
■■   Guaranteed accommodation for all              included in the accommodation lease.
     new UCAS main scheme first year
Something for everyone

Our accommodation has been                             Everyone has different priorities, so we offer
transformed in recent years. In 2008,                  a choice of en suite, standard and studio
the University completed a £250 million                residences. Rooms are available on campus for
                                                       undergraduates, postgraduates, students with
campus redevelopment programme,
                                                       disabilities and co-habiting couples. Prospective
which saw the refurbishment of                         students wishing to enquire about any of these
existing halls and the construction                    room types should contact the Accommodation
of the new Isambard Complex.                           Office for more information (see the back page
                                                       for contact details).
Living on campus                                       The facilities are very similar across all our halls of
                                                       residence, so you can only indicate a preference
We can now proudly boast 34 self-catering halls        for an en suite or standard room, rather than
of residence (31 with en suite facilities), bringing   for a specific hall. The Accommodation Office
our on-campus accommodation to 4,549 rooms,            will take your preference into account, but your
including studio flats.                                choice cannot be guaranteed as some types of
                                                       accommodation are more popular than others.

Living off campus
You may choose not to live in halls
of residence at all, or to live off
campus after your first year. Brunel’s
dedicated Housing Office maintains
a large database of available rooms,
houses and flats, and can help you
find off-campus accommodation.
Local private housing is very
reasonably priced and is generally       For the past five years, Brunel
much cheaper than Central London         Accommodation Services and
(for more information, see pages         Residential Services have received
18-19).                                  ‘Hospitality Assured’ accreditation,
                                         which demonstrates our focus on
                                         your needs and our commitment to
                                         excellent customer service.

En suite halls and studio flats

fact fiLe
En suite halls provide over 84% of our
accommodation and are always very popular
with new students. All the en suite halls
contain specially-adapted rooms for students
with disabilities. Our 112 studio flats for
couples are located in the new Isambard

    Rent              Rent rates for 2009/10
                      are not yet set, but       fLeming
                      for guidance purposes
                      the rate for 2007/08 is    This large, modern residence is located at the
                      £97.02 per week for an     heart of the campus. The hall comprises 380
                      en suite room. The rate    bedrooms divided into 52 flats, each with a
                      for a studio flat in the   shared kitchen.
                      Isambard Complex is
                      still to be confirmed
                      at the time of going
                      to press. Please
                      check the web at
                      for the latest rates.

    Tenancy Period    36 weeks for
                      51 weeks for

    Cleaning          Communal areas are
                      cleaned daily

    Laundry           Bed linen can be
                      exchanged weekly;
                      each hall has an
                      internal laundrette

    Internet          Free network access
                      available in all rooms

    En Suite          Bathrooms contain a
    Facilities        vanity unit, shower,
                      washbasin and lavatory

    Security          Swipe card entry or
                      entrance code system;
                      most halls also have
                      CCTV monitoring

faraday                                            gaLbraith
This hall is close to the Kingston Lane entrance   Galbraith Hall is set around an attractive
to the campus, and to the sports facilities.       courtyard and is close to the centre of
There are 279 rooms with 11 rooms sharing          campus. With 328 rooms in all, the 40 flats
a kitchen on each corridor, making this hall a     each contain 5 to 10 rooms around a large,
great place to socialise.                          communal kitchen.

miLL haLL                                      bishop compLex (bishop, KiLmorey,
                                               Lacy and st margaret’s haLLs)
This hall is built around a landscaped
courtyard, close to the centre of campus and   The Bishop Complex is one of our largest
with easy access to local bus services. The    residences, and is situated next to the Indoor
357 rooms are spread over 27 corridors, each   Sports Arena. There are 698 rooms across the
sharing a kitchen.                             four halls, divided into a total of 76 flats which
                                               each share a large, communal kitchen. Each
                                               block is accessed by lift.

Lancaster compLex                                new haLLs of residence –
(Lancaster, stocKweLL,                           isambard compLex
southwarK, borough road,
maria grey and gordon haLLs)                     2008 saw the completion of a spectacular new
                                                 residential complex set in landscaped grounds
Situated at the heart of the campus, and         at the west end of the campus. This provides
completed in September 2006, the Lancaster       1,188 en suite rooms, 40 specially-adapted
Complex consists of 518 rooms, divided into      rooms for students with disabilities, and
56 flats of up to 10 residents who have shared   112 studio flats for co-habiting couples. The
use of a large communal kitchen/diner.           accommodation is divided into 17 blocks, and
                                                 includes a coffee shop, communal areas and a
                                                 dance studio.

Standard halls

fact fiLe
Rooms in standard halls of residence offer a
high standard of accommodation at a lower
cost than the en suite residences. These
smaller, more intimate halls are very sociable
communities in which to live, and they have
recently been renovated to ensure that you
have access to high quality accommodation,
no matter what your budget. The three halls
are similar in both appearance and location,
close to the centre of the campus and the
River Pinn.                                      chepstow haLL
                                                 Chepstow overlooks landscaped grounds and
     Rent              Rent rates for 2009/10    the river. It has 231 rooms, and corridors of
                       are not yet set, but      up to 11 rooms share the use of bath, shower
                       for guidance purposes     and toilet facilities, as well as a kitchen. Each
                       the rate for 2007/08      corridor also has a pantry containing a large
                       is £79.03 per week.       fridge and freezer.
                       Please check the web
                       at www.brunel.ac.uk/
                       for the latest rates.

     Tenancy Period    36 weeks for
                       51 weeks for

     Cleaning          Communal areas are
                       cleaned daily

     Laundry           Bed linen can be
                       exchanged weekly;
                       each hall has a
                       laundrette either
                       within the building or

     Internet          Free network access
                       available in all rooms

     Room Facilities   Each room has a
                       washbasin and vanity

     Security          Swipe card entry

cLifton haLL                                         saLtash haLL
This hall has 235 rooms and is only a                Saltash boasts attractive views over the River
two-minute walk from the sports facilities and       Pinn and is conveniently close to the lecture
gym. Corridors of up to 11 rooms share the           centre and the Students’ Union. Its 183 rooms,
use of bath, shower and toilet facilities, as well   also grouped in corridors of 11 to 16, share
as a kitchen. Each corridor also has a pantry        the use of bath, shower and toilet facilities,
containing a large fridge and freezer. One           and a kitchen.
room is designed for disabled access.

 Living on campus – the technicalities

 wiLL i be guaranteed                             how wiLL my accommodation
 accommodation in my first year?                  Lease worK?
 We can provide accommodation for all new         If you are an undergraduate student, you are
 UCAS main scheme undergraduates, although        currently required to pay accommodation fees
 students who enter the University through the    for a period of 36 weeks. This covers your
 Clearing system are allocated rooms after main   induction or “Freshers’” week, term time, and
 scheme students have been accommodated.          your Christmas and Easter holidays. If you wish
 Accommodation is also guaranteed for all new,    to remain in halls over the summer vacation, this
 full-time postgraduates who have confirmed       can be arranged at an additional cost, although
 their acceptance and met the conditions for a    it may not be possible to remain in the same
 course by 1 September. The Housing Office will   room. If you are a postgraduate student your
 assist any student who is not allocated a room   lease period is 51 weeks.
 on campus to find alternative accommodation.

how wiLL i pay for my                       wiLL my room and
accommodation?                              beLongings be insured?
Undergraduate students pay for              Insurance of buildings and basic
their accommodation in three termly         insurance for your personal belongings
instalments, and postgraduate students      are included in your rent. However, if
pay in four instalments. You can pay by     you own any particularly valuable items,
direct debit, debit or credit card, cash    such as a laptop or bicycle, you can add
or cheque, and payments can be made         this to the insurance policy for a small
online, at the University Cash Office, or   additional cost – it is advisable to read
over the phone.                             the extent of your cover carefully. There
                                            is also an insurance company branch on
To secure a room on campus at Brunel        campus, who can advise you on insuring
you will need to pay a deposit of £250.     your belongings should you decide to
This will be paid back to you by reducing   live in off-campus accommodation.
the cost of your last rent payment at the
end of the tenancy period.
You will be provided with further details
on these arrangements when you are
offered a place and a room at Brunel.

Living on campus – day-to-day life

what wiLL i find in my room?                        If you bring any equipment for receiving or
                                                    viewing television programmes with you to
All rooms on campus are equipped with a bed,        University, you must purchase a television
bedside table, wardrobe, desk and chair, shelves,   licence. We are unfortunately unable to license
wastepaper bin, notice board and mirror. All        an entire hall of residence.
bedrooms are carpeted. Bedding and linen (a
duvet and duvet cover, two pillows and cases,       All halls of residence are non-smoking.
two sheets and a mattress cover) are provided
                                                    For details of the facilities available in each hall,
for all rooms, and the linen can be exchanged
                                                    see www.brunel.ac.uk/life/accommodation/
weekly. You will need to bring your own towels.
Each room has an Internet connection point,
but you do need to provide your own computer
equipment, including a network card (available      what wiLL i find in the communaL
for around £30 from the Computer Centre shop,       Kitchen?
if you do not have your own) and network cable.     All our residences are self-catering, and kitchens
Network access is available for free, 24 hours a    are equipped with a cooker, fridge, freezer, sink,
day, subject to correct usage. If you do not have   kettle, kitchen bin, iron, ironing board, dustpan
your own computer you can use one of Brunel’s       and brush, mop and bucket, a kitchen table and
many workstations around the campus, some of        seating, recycling facilities (see page 16) and
which are available 24 hours a day.                 food storage space. Kitchens for the larger flats

contain extra cookers, fridges and sinks.   on campus after their first year, and
You will need to bring your own cutlery,    will consider all such cases fairly. Please
crockery and cooking utensils.              contact the Disability and Dyslexia
                                            Service for more information (see the
The kitchens are cleaned every weekday,     back page for contact information).
but you are responsible for cleaning
your own crockery.
                                            wiLL i be abLe to receive post?
are there rooms suitabLe for                Each hall has a post room where you
students with disabiLities?                 can collect your post from a secure,
                                            allocated pigeonhole.
Most halls of residence have specially-
adapted rooms for use by students
with disabilities, including wheelchair     how secure are the haLLs
accessible rooms and rooms designed         of residence, and are they
specifically for students with hearing      staffed?
impairments. Other adaptations can
be made to meet individual students’        Residence Managers can be found
needs as they arise. The University also    in a central Residences Office either
recognises that some disabled students      within or near your hall, every weekday
would face a substantial disadvantage       between 8.30am and 5pm. They will
if they were not able to continue living    help you to resolve any problems or

queries that may arise while you are living in     This initiative was introduced in 2005, and has
halls. During evenings and weekends, Brunel’s      proved extremely popular with all our residents.
own security staff patrol the campus and
check all University buildings, and students
requiring assistance can contact them outside      where can i eat on campus?
of normal office hours. We also have our own       If you don’t wish to cook for yourself, you can
Metropolitan Police Officer based on campus,       find several places to eat around campus, all of
to build relationships and confidence within the   which serve halal meat and vegetarian options.
community and the local area.                      The main refectory, the More Foodhall, serves
                                                   British, Indian, Thai, Chinese and Italian dishes
are there recycLing faciLities on                  throughout the week.
campus?                                            You can purchase an all-purpose meal voucher
You are encouraged to separate and recycle         package for use in the main campus food
refuse by using the facilities provided in the     outlets. Each voucher is redeemable to the value
kitchens. The bins are emptied daily during the    of £5.50 of food or non-alcoholic drinks, and
week, and at weekends you can remove rubbish       they can be purchased in packages of either 50
to collection areas located near each building.    or 100 vouchers for extra savings. The following
                                                   rates are valid for 2007/08 entry, and should be
                                                   used as a guide only:

■■   50 voucher package: you pay             If you live in halls of residence or within
     £240.62 for tickets with a redeemable   a two-mile radius of the University,
     value of £275 (12.5% discount)          you will not be permitted to park on
■■   100 voucher package: you pay            campus. If you live further than two
     £467.50 for tickets with a redeemable   miles away, or if you are a disabled
     value of £550 (15% discount)            blue badge holder, you will be eligible
                                             to apply for a parking permit, which
If you do prefer to cook for yourself,       costs £90 a year (2007/08 rates). A
there are two general stores on campus       permit is required to park on campus
and several supermarkets just a short        from Monday to Friday, between 8am
walk or bus-ride away.                       and 5pm. Special arrangements will be
                                             in place at the start and end of each
                                             year so that new Freshers and returning
how wiLL i get around the                    students can load and unload their
LocaL area?                                  personal belongings.
The campus is well served by public          There are a number of secure cycle
transport and Uxbridge town centre and       sheds around the campus, should you
London underground station are only a        wish to bring a bicycle. Access can be
short walk or bus-ride away.                 arranged through the Residences Office.

 Living off campus

 Either before or after your first year,            housing, on subjects such as safety, what to
 you may decide to live off-campus.                 expect when viewing a private let, and advice on
 There is a wide choice of housing near             tenancy deposit legislation. The Housing Office
                                                    operates several different schemes and lists of
 Brunel, and it is usually reasonably
                                                    resources to help you in your search, and these
 priced for the London area. In 2007/08,            are described below.
 you can expect to pay between £65
 and £90 a week for a room, and most                ■■   Head-leasing (for full-time students only)
 student lets in the area are for                        Put simply, the University rents good-quality,
                                                         affordable properties from local private
 a 12-month period.
                                                         landlords, and then rents them on to groups
                                                         of students. The University therefore becomes
 your options                                            the students’ landlord for the duration of the
 Whatever you’re looking for, your first port
                                                    ■■   Private sector houses
 of call should be the Housing Office, which
                                                         The Housing Office can provide a list of
 is dedicated to students’ needs and does not
                                                         private lettings, all of which are inspected by
 charge for its services, unlike most agencies.
                                                         the Housing Office and checked to ensure
 They can provide you with useful advice as
                                                         that they hold current Gas and Electrical
 well as booklets and leaflets containing all the
                                                         Safety Certificates. Students can then arrange
 information you’ll need to find good quality
                                                         viewings directly with the landlord.

■■   Private sector rooms                          can find accommodation. Many
     The Housing Office can provide a list         of these do charge for arranging
     of rooms available in private houses,         tenancies and checking references, so
     sometimes in family homes with a              it is advisable to start your search with
     resident landlord whom students can           the Housing Office.
     contact directly to arrange a viewing.   ■■   Local newspapers
     These rooms can be very good value,           The Housing Office holds copies of
     as rent often includes heating and            the local papers for reference, and
     electricity. Landlords must present a         can photocopy the relevant section
     copy of the current Gas and Electrical        on request.
     Safety Certificates before the rooms
     are advertised.                          All our students are ambassadors for
■■   Student advertisements                   the University, whether they live on
     Students can advertise or search for     or off campus, and how they behave
     spare rooms on notice boards within      reflects on the University’s good name.
     the Housing Office and on the Brunel     Living in the local community brings
     website.                                 responsibilities – not only maintaining a
                                              house and paying bills, but also learning
■■   Letting agencies and private             how to live amicably and considerately
     advertisements                           with your neighbours.
     There are plenty of letting agencies
     and local papers through which you

Living at Brunel – your plan of action

To be considered for a room in Brunel’s halls of                    For accommodation on campus:
residence, all you need to do is indicate when                      The Accommodation Office
choosing Brunel on your UCAS form that you                          Tel: +44 (0)1895 267900
will not be living at home. If you are offered a                    Text: +44 (0)7624 805069
place on a course, the Accommodation Office                         Fax: +44 (0)1895 269793
will then contact you with further details.                         Email: accom-uxb@brunel.ac.uk
In the meantime, the following services can                         Web: www.brunel.ac.uk/life/accommodation
provide you with information on any of the                          For accommodation off campus:
topics covered in this guide – and much more!
                                                                    The Housing Office
All mail should be directed to the office                           Tel: +44 (0)1895 266187
or service in question, followed by the                             Email: housing-uxb@brunel.ac.uk
University’s address:                                               Web: www.brunel.ac.uk/life/accommodation/
Brunel University                                                   students
Uxbridge                                                            For enquiries relating to facilities for
Middlesex                                                           disabled students:
                                                                    The Disability and Dyslexia Service
                                                                    Tel: +44 (0)1895 265213
                                                                    Text: +44 (0)7790 761932
                                                                    Email: disability@brunel.ac.uk
                                                                    Web: www.brunel.ac.uk/life/welfare/dis

Every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of the information in this brochure and the University
will take all reasonable action to deliver services in accordance with the descriptions set out in it. However,
the University reserves the right to vary these services, using all reasonable efforts to offer a suitable
alternative. All cost, rates and prices stated in this brochure should be taken as a guide only.

All students are required, as a condition of registration, to abide by and submit to the University’s statutes,
ordinances, regulations and rules, which are published on the University’s website: www.brunel.ac.uk/

                                                                                                                  130738 0508

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