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Whitewater kayaking is an exciting sport that involves paddling down rivers and rapids – from simple,
gently moving water to demanding, challenging rapids. The sport encompasses a wide variety of
disciplines, from creek boating to river running to play boating, and each offers different ways to
appreciate the river. With so many approaches to choose from, there is a style of whitewater paddling
for everyone. Whitewater paddling is becoming increasingly accessible to a wider population thanks
to better equipment and improved designs. Gear made specifically for kids, and in a wider range of
adult sizes, has also made whitewater paddling more appealing in recent years. Specified boat and gear
designs have grown to meet the needs of each style of whitewater paddling. Creekboats tend to be larger
volume with significant rocker, bulbous ends, and a more rounded hull. Playboats are generally shorter
and smaller volume, often with a flat hull, slicey ends and sharp chines. River running boats generally
utilize a blend of creekboat and playboat characteristics, aiming for a balance between stability and
playability. Boats, paddles, PFDs, and helmets are designed distinctly to cater to the specific demands
of paddlers on all types of whitewater. Countless accessories also exist to make paddling easier, more
comfortable, and more feasible in a variety of weather conditions.


          Paddles             HIGH END, ENTRY-LEVEL

              PFDs            CREEKING PFDs, PLAY PFDs

         Outwear              DRY TOPS, PANTS, DRY SUITS, SHORT SLEEVES

Spray skirts

          Helmets             CREEKING, PLAY

     Whitewater > Boats >> CREEKING
              > >>

      A high-stability whitewater kayak designed specifically for running rivers and steep creeks.

      Eskimo > Salto Evolution

      Eskimo’s revised state-of-the-art creeker. The new Salto
      Evolution has increased volume in the stern area making it
      easier to correct and control when it’s getting tough. The Salto
      is predictable when resurfacing, has an almost automatic will to
      boof, and is very easy to roll. X-ribs on the front and back deck
      improve stiffness, safety, and weight reduction.

      Length: 249 cm - Width: 64 cm - Volume: 280 l - Weight: 18 kg
                                                                                                                                        Infos: www.eskimo.de

      Prijon > Pure

      Pure and simple, this kayak is ready for the river. Developed
      by the new Prijon-Whitewater-Team, headed by Toni Prijon
      and Bernhard Mauracher, the Pure is a creeker that couples a
      modern hull design and modern features with the outstanding
      reliability and durability of Prijon’s stiff HTP material. Many
      paddlers have been waiting for a boat like this - a creek boat
      that performs and lasts. It is fast, it turns on the spot, and it
      will keep you safe, whatever the river throws at you!

      Length: 259 cm - Width: 67 cm - Weight: 18,5 kg - Volume: 298 l
                                                                                                                                       Infos: www.prijon.com

      Pyranha > 2010 Burn

      The dependable performance and features of Pyranha’s benchmark
      Burn have made it the weapon of choice for many of the World’s
      leading creek paddlers, expedition paddlers and coaches since
      its inception 4 years ago. Feedback from Pyranha’s world class
      network of paddlers and dealers have helped them tweak the
      Burn’s legendary design with subtle performance enhancing
      modifications. Key 2010 Features: Raised and reprofiled front
      rocker to give more control over monster drops without losing
      forward speed. More ‘V’ in the front deck sheds water better
      and gives improved directional control after resurfacing. Knee
      recesses slightly lowered and rounded to give increased paddle
      clearance and improved paddler to kayak contact. Available in
      S, M and L sizes.

      S: Length: 238 cm - 7’ 9” - Width: 64 cm - 25” - Volume: 238 l - 63 gals - Weight: 17 kg - 37.4 lbs - Paddler weight range: 45-95 kg - 99-209 lbs
      M: Length: 245 cm - 8’ - Width: 65.5 cm - 25¾” - Volume: 275 l - 72.6 gals - Weight: 18 kg - 39.6 lbs - Paddler weight range: 55-105 kg - 121-231 lbs
      L: Length: 252 cm - 8’ 3” - Width: 66.5 cm - 26¼” - Volume: 301 l - 80 gals - Weight: 20 kg - 44 lbs - Paddler weight range: 75–127 kg - 165-279 lbs
                                                                                                                                        Infos: www.pyranha.com

Big Dog > DropZone

When you want the ulimate in big water ability you need the
reassurance and predictability of the DropZone. The DropZone
is a high volume, displacement-hulled creek boat that, as the
name suggests is ideal for gnarly descents and tight, steep
lines. Also great for those trips further-a-field that often
require a degree of gear to be carried, its displacement hull
ensures that even when laden, performance is maintained and
handling remains predictable. Soft rails maintain the feel of
modern hulls, but without tripping, and the voluminous deck
profiles allow the DropZone to resurface smoothly and evenly
under control. For extra safety and security, the DropZone
features double deck pillars (front and rear) boled to a seperate
rotomoulded hull stiffener and seat combination. There’s also a
unique Big Dog footblock and six drop-forged grab handles for
comfort and control in any situation.

Length: 254 cm - Width: 66cm - Cockpit Dims: 20.5 kg - Paddler weight range: 70-130 kg
                                                                                                                        Infos: www.bigdogkayaks.com

Bliss Stick > Mystic

Built to be bullet proof. Designed to meet the demands of
the purest creek boater who’s looking for the next level of
performance. A hull to get up and go – offering enough rail to
keep on track. This is a serious addition to the creek boating

Length: 243 cm - Width : 66 cm - Volume: 276 l - Weight : 20 kg - Paddler weight range: 70-110 kg
                                                                                                                      Infos: www.www.bliss-stick.com

Dagger > Nomad

The classic creek design. Fast, stable and safe. Muli-point
safety/security grab-handles, creek seat and step out pillar,
plus unrivalled initial and secondary stability.
Displacement hull with softened edge profile • Even volume
distribution • Fast, stable resurfacing deck design • Rounded
end profiles for impact reduction • Volume adjustable full plate
bulkhead foot brace • 6 clip-in Anodised aluminum deck rescue
points • Cockpit safety step out pillar • Adjustable heavy duty
creek seat • Whitewater seat pad • Precision adjustable thigh
braces • Thigh brace mounted ratchet adjustable backrest •
Multi adjustable contoured hip pads • Mini-cell foam centre
pillar buoyancy • Moulded drain bung • Anodised aluminum grab
handles and security bar • Outfitting kit for personalisation

8.1: Length: 246 cm - Width: 65 cm - Weight: 19 kg - Volume: 257 l - Paddler weight range: 50 - 86kg
8.5: Length: 257 cm - Width: 67 cm - Weight: 20 kg - Volume: 295 l - Paddler weight range: 68 - 109kg
                                                                                                                               Infos: www.dagger.com

Dragorossi > Critical Mass

The Critical Mass is designed to ride up and over everything the
river has to throw at you. Its length is not there for speed, but
for reach: to reach over the chasm between the lip of a drop,
and the back of the hole at the bottom. To reach over all the
funny water that messes with you between stacked multiple
drops, when you simply cannot be messed with. Length for
reach, but not at the expense of turning. Put the Critical Mass
up against boats a foot shorter, and it still turns better. That’s
because creeking is all about turning - sometimes at the very
last instant before dropping over something horrendous.

8.1: Length: 270 cm (8’11”) - Width: 66 cm (26”) - Weight: 21 kg - Volume: XLarge - Paddler weight range: 70 - 110 kg (160-240 lbs)

                                                                                                                           Infos: www.dragorossi.com

     Whitewater > Boats >> CREEKING
              > >>

       Exo > Demon

       The Demon is Exo’s high-performance weapon for steep creeking
       and big drops. The low barycentre and smooth rocker line
       make it stable and fast, while an indicated displacement hull
       facilitates edging and rolling. The Demon’s compact design and
       thorough volume distribution ensure quick resurfacing in steep
       water while features like four grab handles plus two carabiner
       attachement points povide maximum safety. The comfortable
       interior of an ergonomic seat and adjustable puncture-proof
       footrest round the boat off and make it a great choice for your
       next whitewater mission.

       Length: 239 cm - Width: 66 cm - Cockpit Dims: 89 x 48 cm - Volume: 280 l - Weight : 19 kg - Paddler weight range: 50 - 100 kg
                                                                                                                                         Infos: www.exokayak.com

       Fluid > Solo

       The Solo series became a classic in the relatively short period
       since its inception, and a benchmark for high performance
       creekboats. Its unique design enables it to perform equally well
       on low and big volume runs, steep and technical creeks but also
       when loaded for multi-day expeditions.

       Large Solo
       Length: 245 cm - 8’0” - Width: 65cm - 25.5” - Volume: 280 l - 75 gal - Weight: 19 kg - 41 lbs - Paddler weight range: 65 - 125 kg - 140 - 275 lbs
                                                                                                                                       Infos: www.fluidkayaks.com

       Liquidlogic > JEFE

       The creek boat choice for paddlers around the world. The Jefe
       is designed to be quick, agile, and stay on the surface of the
       water for dependable performance. The perfect steep creek tool
       for experts and weekend warriors alike. The Jefe Chico and Jefe
       Grande as little and big brothers complete Liquidlogic’s Jefe

       Length: 243 cm - Width : 66 cm - Volume: 276 l - Weight : 20 kg - Paddler weight range: 70 - 110 kg
                                                                                                                                 Infos: www.liquidlogickayaks.com

       Riot > Magnum

       From Iceland to South America the word has spread and pieces
       of evidence have been left all over the place: the Magnum is
       your best bet if you want to tackle the biggest and steepest
       waters this planet has to offer. Some say it’s all in the way the
       sleek deck shape and rocker profile make it resurface gradually
       without throwing you on your back. Others say the way we
       shaped the tail and worked the volume behind the cockpit
       keeps you from being pushed into bad corners and prevents
       stern squirts, so you get exactly where you want to be in the
       first place. Our take on that matter? Provide paddlers with
       thoughtfully designed, down-river tools to express themselves
       and you won’t believe what your eyes will see.

       Magnum 72
       Length: 7’11” - 241 cm - Width: 26” - 66 cm - Weight: 18 kg - 39 lbs - Cockpit dims: 34” x 18.5” - 86 x 47 cm - Volume: 72 gals - 273 l
       Magnum 80
       Length: 8’4’’ - 254cm - Width: 26.5’’ - 67cm - Weight: 20.5 kg - 45lbs - Cockpit dims: 34’’ x 20’’ - 86 x 51 cm - Volume: 80 gals - 303 l

                                                                                                                                        Infos: www.riotkayaks.com

 Robson > Charger

 Name is program. Are the rivers gaining volume, or do the
 guys get bigger and bigger? Anyway, this boat suits even
 Frankensteins with shoe size 13, a height of more than 6foot
 5 and an overall weight of more than 200 pounds, as nice as
 safely. The rest is business as usual – a planning hull with a
 disc, an adjustable bulkhead and a new Pro Logic seat system
 system for maximum control, no matter how steep it gets or
 how much water the creek is actually führen.

 Length: 243 cm - Width : 66 cm - Volume: 276 l - Weight : 20kg - Paddler weight range: 70 - 110 kg
                                                                                                                                         Infos: www.robsonpaddle.com

Wavesport > Habitat

You want a boat that gets you through whatever the moment
throws at you. This is it. The bombproof step pillar, 5 metal
z-drag anchors and uber-stable, soft-landing hull are mandatory
when you’re plunging drops that have never before been run.
The Habitat holds any line you put it on - and with the lift of
a knee, you’ll be carving into eddies with absolute control. So
if you’re just getting into creeking or an old pro, Wave Sport’s
got the Habitat for you.

 Habitat 74:
 Length: 8’ - 244 cm - Width: 25’’ - 64 cm - Weight: 43 lbs - 19 kg - Cockpit dims: 33.5’’ x 19’’ - 85 cm x 48cm - Paddler weight range: 100 - 200 lbs - 45 - 91
 kg - Volume: 74 gal - 280 l
 Habitat 80:
 Length: 8’ 4’’ - 254 cm - Width: 25.5’’ - 65 cm - Weight: 43 lbs - 19 kg - Cockpit dims=/: 33.5’’ x 19’’ - 85 cm x 48 cm - Paddler weight range: 150 - 260 lbs - 68 - 118
 kg - Volume: 80 gal - 303 l
TEST:anzeige kajaksession 05.10.2009 10:09 Seite 1                                                                                            Infos: www.wavesport.com

                                                                                                                        PURE and simple, this kayak is
                                                                                                                        ready for the river. Many
                                                                                                                        paddlers have been waiting
                                                                                                                        for a boat just like this, a
                                                                                                                        creek boat that performs
                                                                                                                        amazingly and doesn’t break.
                                                                                                                        It is fast, it turns on the spot
                                                                                                                        and it will keep you Safe!

                                                                          „For me life without kayaking is hard to imagine.
                                                                         I still have to and want to learn a lot. But I have
                                                                         many kayaking projects in my head. It’s hard to
                                                                             decide what to do first, Chile and Argentina
                                                                         are at the top of the list and if everything goes
                                                                           well, I can make my dream come true and go
                                                                                          there this winter with my PURE.“
                                                                                               Team member Patrice Kaiser

                                                     Prijon GmbH, D-83022 Rosenheim, Innlände 6, ++49(0)8031 30370, info@prijon.com, www.prijon.com

     Whitewater > Boats >> RIVER RUNNING
              > >>

      Offering the stability of a creekboat without losing the ability to stop and play a bit
      along the way. These make great beginners boats too.

      Big Dog Kayaks > Force

      Already received with great acclaim into the market, the
      Force is carving a new direction in river running kayaks. With
      exceptional speed and maneuverability, it generates a great
      feeling of confidence from all paddlers who’ve taken it for a
      spin. Features include a semi-displacement hull, excellent
      volume distribution, raised rails and plenty of rocker, all of
      which mean the Force offers everything you’d expect from a
      modern river runner. Paddling a Force you can charge, boof,
      flare, carve, slide and re-surface with the best of them.
      Fast, safe and responsive, the Force is everything you’ll need
      from a ‘proper’ River Runner. Outfitting includes a rotomoulded,
      adjustable seat with integrated hull stiffener, coupled with a
      roto moulded front pillar for strength. All Big Dog kayaks have
      anodised drop-forged grab handles for strength and reliability
      when you need them most!

      Force 7.7: Length: 231 cm - Width: 64 cm - Weight: 16.5 kg - Paddler weight range: 40 - 90 kg
      Force 8.0: Length: 244 cm - Width: 65 cm - Weight: 18.5 kg - Paddler weight range: 70 - 110 kg
      Force 8.3: Length: 252 cm - Width: 65 cm - Weight: 19 kg - Paddler weight range: 90 - 125 kg
                                                                                                                                 Infos: www.bigdogkayaks.com

      Fluid > Detox                                              NEW!

      This riverrunner/creeker incorporates the Nemesis rail system
      with super forgiving sidewalls and generous kick rocker to
      create an exciting but very stable ride. It has ample volume and
      peaked decks to ensure controllable surfacing when running
      drops. The deck profile and hull width makes the Detox super
      easy to roll.

      Large Detox:
      Length: 245cm - 8’ - Width: 66cm - 26” - Volume: 270 l - 71 gal - Weight: 15.5 kg - 34 lbs - Paddler weight range: 70 - 115 kg - 180 - 250 lbs
                                                                                                                                   Infos: www.fluidkayaks.com

      Eskimo > Lupo

      Small but tall. A very agile all round kayak for the lighter
      paddlers with great white water performance and play boat
      potential. X–ribs on the deck provide more stiffness, safety and
      weight reduction.

      Length: 230 cm - Width: 62 cm - Volume: 195 l - Weight: 15 kg
                                                                                                                                         Infos: www.eskimo.de

                                            KIDS!           NEW!
Pyranha > Rebel

The kayak that’ll make you wish you were young again! A versatile
river runner for kids that gives top end WW performance in a
friendly package that’s easy to come to grips with. The Rebel
is designed to be the most responsive boat out there allowing
young paddlers to unlock their full potential.
Some major plus’s for the new Pyranha Rebel is that it’s easy to
roll, is user-friendly, stable and super manoeuvrable. In other
words, it’s the key to unlock a future generation of paddling

Length: 217cm - 7’ 1’’ - Width: 54.5cm - 21½’’
                                                                                                                                        Infos: www.pyranha.com

ClearWater Design > Mojo

Whether you are a beginner or an expert, this boat will get
your Mojo working! Designed to combine the fun of a cutting
edge freestyle boat with the friendliness of a creek boat, this
is the most versatile kayak ever to hit the river! Its centralized
planing disc, and full eight inches of rocker with clean release
carving tail give the Mojo predictable performance at your
favorite play spot. Blunt, cartwheel and Ollie yourself dizzy.
Of course, if you have got to run some serious white water to
get to that killer wave, then never fear. The even volume taper,
broad flare and forgiving lines of the Mojo will give you a stable,
fast and forgiving ride! The ergonomic cockpit design and large
foot cavities provide optimum comfort and boat control. When
you’re in the Mojo, the whole river is your playground.

Length: 7’ 3’’ - Width: 25’’ - Weight: 34 lbs - Cockpit dims: 30’’ x 16’’ - Paddler weight range: 130 - 220 lbs
                                                                                                                          Infos: www.clearwaterdesignboats.com

Dagger > Mamba

Semi-planing hull with driving edges, softened to the stern
• Even volume distribution with high knee profile • Fast
resurfacing deck design • Steep rocker and rounded ends help
prevent pinning and aid boofing • Volume adjustable full plate
bulkhead foot brace • 4 clip-in anodised aluminum deck rescue
points • Cockpit safety step out pillar • Whitewater seat pad •
Precision adjustable thigh braces • Thigh brace mounted ratchet
adjustable backrest • Multi-adjustable contoured hip pads •
Mini-cell foam centre pillar buoyancy • Anodised aluminum grab
handles and security bar • Outfitting kit for personalisation •
Creek seat model features: Adjustable heavy duty creek seat •
Adjustable seat model features: D-Bone welded hull stiffener
rail • Tool-less adjustable seat, centre mounted for rigidity •
Adjustable seat booster

Length: 8’ - 244 cm - Width: 26’’ - 66 cm - Weight: 48 lbs - 21 kg - Cockpit dims: 34’’ x 19’’ - 86 cm x 48 cm - Paddler weight range: 150 - 215 lbs - 68 - 98 kg -
Volume: 62 gal - 235 l
                                                                                                                                         Infos: www.dagger.com

Dragorossi > Mad Boy

The Mad Boy is Dragorossi’s newest addition to the river running
line of kayaks. The focus of this design is anything but simple,
because its very nature as “advanced river runner” means it’ll
be subjected to all the extremes from huge volume runs to the
steepest of creeks. This presents an interesting design dilemma
because the very thing that makes a boat good at one makes
it bad at the other. This is why it has taken almost 2 years to
bring this design to market from its first conception. The Mad
Boy is as at home on a cascading vertical steep creek as it is
on a raging monstrous flooded river. It is fast, but without
affecting its ability to boof easily. It turns on a dime, punches
through the nastiest holes, and will skip effortlessly across the
boniest slides without catching an edge.

Length: 253 cm - Width: 63 cm - Cockpit dims: 86 x 47cm - Weight: 18 kg - Volume: large - Paddler weight range: 45 - 100 kg
                                                                                                                                      Infos: www.dragorossi.com

     Whitewater > Boats >> RIVER RUNNING
              > >>

       Jackson Kayak > Sidekick

       The Sidekick is the smallest version of Jackson’s Hero series,
       made for getting your kids in touch with advanced whitewater.
       This boat offers all the best qualities you’d look for in a good
       friend to go downriver. Predictable, stable and totally goes
       with the flow. The stern on the Hero series has the volume
       to help you keep looking downstream after drops, instead of
       back into the hole. The Sidekick bursts through holes staying
       on the surface and keeping you upright like Superman busting
       through a wall with a smile on his face. For those venturing
       into creeks with this boat, expect to feel more confident due
       to the incredible stability and ease of paddling and rolling.
       Sidekick for kids weighing 40 – 120, Little Hero for bigger kids
       and lighter ladies weighing 90 – 150, as well as Hero and Super

       Length: 6’7” - Width: 22.25” - Volume: 50 gals - Weight: 27 pounds - Paddler weight range: 40 – 120 lbs
                                                                                                                                       Infos: www.jacksonkayak.com

       Liquidlogic > REMIX 59

       A true river runner that will appeal to beginners and experts
       alike. Combines the function and design of the past with the
       innovation and style of the present. Comfortable, stable, and
       easy to roll translates into one versatile kayak. The whole Remix
       range comprises 4 different sizes: 47, 59, 69 and 79 gals.

       Length: 8’ 5” - 257cm - Width: 25” - 64 cm - Weight: 31 lbs - 14kg - Cockpit dims: 33” x 20” - 84 cm x 51 cm - Volume: 59 gals - 223 l - Paddler weight
       range: 110 - 200 lbs - 50 - 91 kg
                                                                                                                            Infos: www.liquidlogickayaks.com

       Perception > Sonic

       The Perception Sonic is a river runners dream come true. This
       boat is for any situation, designed with the volume and comfort
       demanded by today’s white water paddler. Whatever your
       ability, you will appreciate the control given by the softened
       chines, forgiving rails and highly responsive hull, even on
       the most unpredictable water. For larger paddlers the Super
       Sonic offers a more roomy fit. Features include: • Superlinear
       Polyethylene shell • Adjustable seat • Adjustable padded
       backrest • Adjustable thigh braces • Microcell foam walls •
       2 x security bars • Adjustable pedal footrests (upgradable to
       adjustable bulkhead footrest).

       Sonic: Length: 249 cm - Width: 59 cm - Volume: 220 l - Weight: 17 kg - Paddler weight range: <85 kg
       Super Sonic: Length: 259 cm - Width: 63 cm - Volume: 233 l - Weight: 18 kg - Paddler weight range: <115 kg
                                                                                                                                   Infos: www.perceptionkayaks.com

       Riot > Thunder

       What if we told you all that current is on your side from now
       on? That’s true: you are not going down river to fight anything
       but to wisely use energy that’s already there, at your disposal.
       The thing here is to know when and how much you have to
       take from it, and we believe your equipment should be of some
       support for that. Take our Thunder for example: a fast, flat hull
       with just the right amount of edge combined with enough deck
       volume to keep you floating high so you can effortlessly carve
       into and out of eddies or cruise across currents, surfing curlers.
       All of this so you can get right where you planned to be once
       you get in the midst of the action.
       Features include: Unity seating system • Suregrip thighbraces
       • Adjustable creek footbrace • Anti-theft bar • Four tubular
       webbing grab loops • Water bottle • Drainplug

       Thunder 65: Length : 7’8’’ - 234 cm - Width : 25.5’’ - 65 cm - Weight: 37 lbs - 16.8 kg - Cockpit dims: 34’’ x 18.5’’ - 86 x 47 cm - Volume: 65 gals - 246 l
       Thunder 76: Length : 8’ - 244 cm - Width : 26’’ - 66 cm - Weight: 43 lbs - 19.5 kg - Cockpit dims: 34’’ x 20’’ - 86 x 51cm - Volume: 76 gals - 288 l
                                                                                                                                             Infos: www.riotkayaks.com

Teksport > Xile 260

When developing the Xile 260 Teksport threw away the rule
book, and designed the boat from scratch to excel at boosting
paddlers confidence in moving water, helping to maximize
paddler progression. Its unique hull has been developed
through extensive testing to create an incredibly fast, yet
stable and forgiving ride – just as ideal for surfing and carving
as it is for learning the fundamentals of river paddling. The Xile
260’s balanced volume distribution and additional buoyancy
out at the rail ensure the boat remains stable and predictable
in those more awkward situations too.
With class leading foot room, fully adjustable outfitting, and
an exceptional carrying capacity – The Xile is an ideal choice
for those looking for a versatile boat – ideal for a wide range
of paddler skill levels, and for use in a wide range of paddling

Length: 260 cm - Width: 68 cm - Weight: 20 kg - Paddler weight range: 130 kg
                                                                                                                                 Infos: www.teksport.co.uk

Wavesport > Diesel

They’ve called it the 4x4 of kayaks. The SUV of river-runners.
Runs rapids like a fast creekboat and also has a hull that will
spin on green waves. Peaked deck for resurfacing, a honed
combination of planing hull and continuous rocker for the
ulimate in agility, new outfitting that will let Sasquatch fit in
a kayak – big, hairy. This isn’t just an evolution of the original.
Welcome to the next generation of river-running.

Diesel 80: Length: 8’ 6’’ - 259 cm - Width: 26’’ - 66 cm - Weight: 42 lbs - 19 kg - Cockpit: 33.5’’ x 19’’ - 85 cm x 48 cm - Paddler Weight: 150 - 250 lbs -
68 - 113 kg - Volume: 80 gal - 303 l
                                                                                                                                  Infos: www.wavesport.com

                                                                                                                                                        Emily Jackson – sandiTribe – Photo by Peter Lintner
      Unique As You Are!
  • 15 Olympic medals and over 200 medals on
    World and European championships.
  • Beijing 2008 Olympic Games: 27 nations
    designs, more than 90 athletes, 11 Olympic
    medals and 4 Olympic gold medalists.
  • Thun 2009 Freestyle Worlds: 1 gold medal and
    2 bronze medals.
  • Seu 2009 Canoe Slalom Worlds: 50 medalists
    supported by sandiline team equipment.
  • Official producer for adidas Sickline team.

  • Development of equipment in cooperation with
    experienced medal winners, young emerging
    talents, coaches & other professional users.
  • More than 20 years of experience in
    watersports, always in the quest for perfection.
  • No mass production & only high-performance
    top quality materials from the best suppliers.

  • All high-performance & specialized equipment
    produced in European workshops.


     Whitewater > Boats >> RIVER PLAY
              > >>

      Offering a bit more volume and stability than a freestyle boat, while still allowing the
      paddler to throw big tricks.

      Jackson Kayak > 2010 Fun

      Just when you thought kayaking couldn’t get more fun comes
      the new lineup of Jackson Kayak’s best-selling whitewater
      boats. Giant smiles and whoops of excitement echoing down
      the river, served as testimony to the enthusiastic reception
      the new Funs got when they were introduced at Gauley Fest
      this fall. One more gallon of volume and improved deck shape
      result in a better river runner and bigger looping boat too.
      A slicier shape reduces water resistance making it easier to
      get vertical in flatwater and cartwheel at every spot. Only 1”
      shorter but improved hull shape makes it go faster on waves or
      downriver and able to carry more speed through crisply carved
      turns. Rainbow colors. Kid-sized Fun 1, Fun 1.5. Adult 2Fun,
      Fun, 4Fun

      Length: 6’6” - Width: 25 - 1/4” - Knee Height: 13 - 1/2” - Volume: 54 gals - Paddler weight range: 125 - 190 kg
                                                                                                                        Infos: www.jacksonkayak.com

      Big Dog > Havoc

      The Jekyll and Hyde of the Big Dog range, the Havoc is as
      playable as many freestyle kayaks, yet remaining as comfortable,
      fast and forgiving as some river-running designs. Although
      heavily influenced by the more focused Kaos, every design
      feature is tuned to give this slightly longer design unrivalled
      versatility. The Havoc is fantastic for freestyle paddlers too tall
      for ultra-short playboats but also provides a genuine one-boat
      solution for those with less competitive ideals. More than able
      to surf, loop and cartwheel at your favourite playspot, Havoc
      retains the drive and speed to make moves around the river,
      making it a true all river play boat...

      Havoc 6.5: Length : 196 cm - Width: 64 cm - Weight: 14 kg - Paddler weight range: 45 - 85 kg
      Havoc 6.9: Length : 206 cm - Width: 65 cm - Weight: 14.5 kg - Paddler weight range: 70 - 110 kg
      Havoc 6.11: Length : 211 cm - Width: 66 cm - Weight: 15 kg - Paddler weight range: 80 - 120 kg
                                                                                                                        Infos: www.bigdogkayaks.com

      Dagger > Axiom

      Fast planing hull with smooth rocker transition • Dry ride
      bow and low profile stern volume distribution • Full length
      rail and release edges for controlled edging and carving • Soft
      profile side walls for excellent initial and secondary stability
      • Foam located hull stiffener rail • Volume adjustable full
      plate bulkhead foot brace • Side mounted adjustable seat •
      Adjustable seat booster • Whitewater seat pad • Precision
      adjustable thigh braces • Thigh brace mounted ratchet
      adjustable backrest • Muli adjustable contoured hip pads •
      Mini-cell foam centre pillar buoyancy • Moulded drain bung •
      Anodised aluminum grab handles and security bar • Outfitting
      kit for personalisation

      8.0: Length: 2.44 m - Width: 0.62 m - Weight: 15 kg - Volume: 193 l - Paddler weight range: 41 - 68 kg
      8.5: Length: 2.59 m - Width: 0.65 m - Weight: 16 kg - Volume: 238 l - Paddler weight range:59 - 95 kg
      9.0: Length: 2.74 m - Width: 0.70 m - Weight: 18 kg - Volume: 295 l - Paddler weight range: 82 - 120 kg
                                                                                                                             Infos: www.dagger.com

Dragorossi > Pintail

The Pintail hits that perfect balance between river runner and
fun boat. The swept rocker, and even curve outline, combined
with rounded rails, a subtle double concave on the hull,
rounded deck contour and roomy interior are the key elements
that makes this such an easy-to-paddle design, yet so versatile
and fun all at once.

Length: 219 cm (7’1”) - Width: 65 cm (25.5”) - Weight: 17 kg - Volume: Large - Paddler weight range: 50-90 kg (110-200 lbs)
                                                                                                                                         Infos: www.dragorossi.com

Eskimo > Xeno

A Free Rider all inclusive. On the border between genius and
madness for unlimited WW fun. Offering high comfort and
safety reserves, the Xeno is a well balanced and fully equipped
WW kayak for playing down the rivers .

Length: 242 cm - Width: 64 cm - Volume: 235 l - Weight: 17 kg
                                                                                                                                              Infos: www.eskimo.de

Fluid > Spice

The Spice will take care of you on unfamiliar runs, enables you
to surf waves on the run that other paddlers can’t even catch,
and gives you an exciting ride without being temperamental. It
is a true riverrunner with the proven Flirt hull combined with
extra length and volume.

Small Spice:
Length: 208 cm - 6’1” - Width: 60cm - 23.5” - Volume: 175 l - 46 gal - Weight: 12 kg - 26 lbs - Paddler weight range: 30 - 60 kg - 65 - 130 lbs
Medium Spice:
Length: 219 cm - 7’2” - Width: 63cm - 24.75” - Volume: 200 l - 53 gal - Weight: 15 kg - 33 lbs - Paddler weight range: 60-100 kg - 130 - 200 lbs
Large Spice:
Length: 228 cm - 7’5” - Width: 66cm - 26.0” - Volume: 230 l - 60gal - Weight: 16 kg - 35 lbs - Paddler weight range: 70-110 kg - 155 - 240 lbs
                                                                                                                                        Infos: www.fluidkayaks.com

Wavesport > Fuse

What do you call it when you bring a river-runner and freestyle
boat together for one go-anywhere, do-anything boat? That’s
nice, but we called it Fuse. The legendary hull design is
loose and fast on waves and the volume distribution is not
only comfy, but hands you control whether you’re throwing
cartwheels or simply running your favorite stretch of river. With
4 sizes, there’s a boat for everyone to get down their favorite
river and tear up every single playspot along the way.

Length: 7’ - 213 cm - Width: 26’’ - 66 cm - Weight: 35 lbs - 16 kg - Cockpit dims: 33.5’’ x 19’’ - 85 cm x 48 cm - Paddler weight range: 190 - 270 lbs - 86 - 122 kg -
Volume: 64 gal - 246 l
                                                                                                                                         Infos: www.wavesport.com

     Whitewater > Boats >> FREESTYLE
              > >>

      Representing the most advanced designs for doing tricks on waves or in holes.

      Jackson Kayak > 2010 All-Star

      Actions speak louder than words so here’s a few stats about
      the Jackson Kayak 2010 All-Star. Since its debut in June, the
      2010 All-Star has swept the senior men’s podium in three major
      events: Teva Mountain Games, FIBArk Whitewater Festival and
      ICF Freestyle World Championships. In fact at Worlds, the All-
      Star won 12 of 15 available medals and accounted for nearly
      50 percent of all boats paddled. Shorter and lighter translates
      to faster and bigger airs. No matter what level you paddle at
      now, Jackson Kayak’s 2010 Star series will take you to the next
      level from the minute you climb aboard. New Mon-Star makes
      playboating fun even for linebacker-sized boaters. Available
      now in very cool new mixed color combos.

      Length: 5’10” - Width: 25 - 3/4” - Knee Height: 13 - 3/4” - Volume: 55 - 1/2 gals - Cockpit dims: 20 - 1/4” x 34 - 1/2” - Paddler weight range: 130 - 200 lbs
                                                                                                                                      Infos: www.jacksonkayak.com

      Pyranha > Molan

      Trialed by the top padders of Team Pyranha, the Molan has been
      prototyped and refined to a tee. This is the dynamic park ‘n’ play
      machine for those looking to go BIG in 2010. Designed with
      user-friendly, two-way rails that are forgiving on the upstream
      edge but provide grip and control once engaged.
      Watch out for some of the biggest moves on the water this year
      coming from the Molan!!

      Specs to be confirmed so check out www.pyranha.com for more info soon.
                                                                                                                                           Infos: www.pyranha.com

      Big Dog > Kaos

      Short, fast and dynamic the Kaos is everything a freestyle kayak
      should be. This is where Big Dog began, and they really hit the
      ground running - every aspect of the design was evaluated,
      tested, tweaked and re-tested before finally committing to
      production tooling. The Kaos features a fast, loose planing
      surface with efficient, clean releasing, rails and well balanced
      volume distribution to give excellent all-round freestyle
      performance. Optimum hydrodynamic performance combined
      with a choice of three sizes, tailored ergonomics and Big Dog’s
      Positive Control Outfitting creates one of the best freestyle
      kayaks currently available...

      Kaos 5.10: Length: 178 cm - Width: 61 cm - Weight: 13 kg - Paddler weight range: 45 - 70 kg
      Kaos 6.05: Length: 184 cm - Width: 64 cm - Weight: 13.5 kg - Paddler weight range: 60 - 85 kg
      Kaos 6.2: Length: 188 cm - Width: 65 cm - Weight: 14 kg - Paddler weight range: 75 - 105 kg
                                                                                                                                      Infos: www.bigdogkayaks.com

Bliss-Stick > Smoothy

Designed by Richard Sage from Bliss-Stick and shaped into
Production by Matt McCrossan, along with a vast crew who have
worked hard behind the scenes producing this new innovative
Playboat. The Smoothy is Bliss-Stick’s answer to the Specialist
6’0 that they intended on doing, but as the new boat took its
shape, it ended up having a whole new meaning to what we
they doing. So the new Smoothy is far from the features of the
wicked little Specialist 5’9.

Length: 183 cm - Width: 66 cm - Volume: 200 l - Weight: 15,5 kg - Paddler weight range: 70 - 100 kg
                                                                                                                              Infos: www.bliss-stick.com

Dagger > G Force

Fun, easy to paddle and affordable – a classic design for those
getting into freestyle. Fitted for ease of set-up it is ideal
for individuals or groups. Features include: • Slicey ends for
vertical moves • Excellent initial and secondary stability •
Foam located hull stiffener rail • Mini-cell foam bulkhead foot
brace • Side mounted adjustable seat • Whitewater seat pad •
Fixed thigh braces • Whitewater adjustable backrest • Mini-cell
foam centre pillar buoyancy • Moulded drain bung • Anodised
aluminum grab handles and security bar
Material: EXL™ super-linear high density polyethylene

5.9: Length: 1.80 m - Width: 0.60 m - Weight: 14.5 kg - Volume: 170 l - Paddler weight range: 35 - 65 kg
6.1: Length: 1.84 m - Width: 0.63 m - Weight: 15 kg - Volume: 186 l - Paddler weight range: 45 - 80 kg
6.3: Length: 1.94 m - Width: 0.65 m - Weight: 16 kg - Volume: 197 l - Paddler weight range: 65 - 100 kg
                                                                                                                                 Infos: www.dagger.com

Exo > Pin-up

Any of you guys having a pin-up girl decorating the kitchen
wall? This little baby goes far beyond pleasant decoration.
With its short length, centered volume distribution and radical
edges it’ll let you go big during the next freestyle session
you’re having at your local playspot. For kids or lightweight
paddlers, the Pin-up makes a great river runner, too. And it’s
high-perfomance characteristics combined with an unrivalled
retail price renders this boat an interesting first kayak purchase
in any case.

Length: 185 cm - Width: 65 cm - Cockpit dims: 86 x 47 cm - Volume: 200 l - Weight: 15 kg - Paddler weight range: 80 - 95 kg
                                                                                                                               Infos: www.exokayak.com

Fluid > Nemesis

This high performance play machine has more speed, better
carve and more controlled bounce than many other playboats
in its class. The unique carving rail - release edge combination
ensures an extremely smooth ride on waves. The volume
distribution is perfect for launching huge loops but still enables
easy cartwheeling and splitwheeling.

Small Nemesis:
Length: 181 cm - 5’11” - Width: 60 cm - 23.5” - Volume: 165 l - 44 gal - Weight: 13 kg - 27 lbs - Paddler weight range: 40 - 70 kg - 90 - 155 lbs
Medium Nemesis:
Length: 187 cm - 6’1” - Width: 65 cm - 25.5” - Volume: 192 l - 51 gal - Weight: 14.5 kg - 32 lbs - Paddler weight range: 65 - 95 kg - 140 - 210 lbs
Large Nemesis;:
Length: 195 cm - 6’5” - Width: 67 cm - 26.25” - Volume: 220 l - 58 gal - Weight: 15.5 kg - 34 lbs - Paddler weight range: 85 - 115 kg - 180 - 250 lbs
                                                                                                                             Infos: www.fluidkayaks.com

     Whitewater > Boats >> FREESTYLE
              > >>

       Liquidlogic > BISCUIT 55

       A high-flying playboat that is fast, super loose and has loads
       of bounce. Increased foot room, Bad Ass outfitting and the
       innovative “bumper” side wall will help take your freestyle to
       the next level. The Biscuit is available in a smaller (45 gals) and
       bigger (65 gals) version, too.

       Large Nemesis:
       Length: 195 cm - 6’5” - Width: 67 cm - 26.25” - Volume: 220 l - 58 gal - Weight: 15.5 kg - 34 lbs - Paddler weight range: 85 - 115 kg - 180 - 250 lbs
                                                                                                                                        Infos: www.liquidlogic.com

       Riot > Astro

       The Astro series offers a crisp and dynamic entry into the
       atmosphere with just the right combination of rocker and release
       edge to free yourself from the water world, then to make contact
       with this planet again in a safe and stylish way. All of that thanks
       to our trademark bevelled side edges and just the right amount
       of hull surface along with a generous volume evenly distributed
       around the cockpit. All these features serve the purpose of
       putting you in the right place at the right moment, well prepared
       for takeoff. If you must land front or backwards… we leave that
       up to you. Features include: • Unity seating system • Suregrip
       thighbraces • Anti-theft bar • Two molded grab loops • Water
       bottle • Drainplug • Dual fin receptacle • 1 Set of 1” rubberized
       fins • Powerseat compatible

       Astro 54: Length: 6’2” - 188 cm - Width: 25” - 63.5 cm - Weight: 34 lbs - 15 kg - Cockpit: 33” x 18” - 84 cm x 46 cm - Volume: 54 gals - 204 l
       Astro 58: Length: 6’4” - 193 cm - Width: 25.7” - 65 cm - Weight: 35 lbs - 15.5 kg - Cockpit: 33” x 18.5” - 84 cm x 47 cm - Volume: 58 gals - 220 l
                                                                                                                                         Infos: www.riotkayaks.com

       Titan Kayaks > Titan 1

       A boat designed for beginners to excel in and professionals to
       change the sport in. All the essentials have been covered to
       create a boat that is forgiving and fast, loose but with edges
       that will bite on a carve, has a quicker edge to edge transition
       creating a smoother release, along with a 45-degree off water
       trajectory. All of these features have then been combined with
       newer more advanced concepts such as on edge toe-to-knee
       sweep scoops in the nose and secondary rails on the back edges
       allowing paddlers to release from further back off the tail for
       even bigger moves.
       The idea is simple. To give paddlers all that they need to move
       from a beginner getting into their first freestyle boat to a pro
       looking to push things to the next level, all in one neat little

       Length: 5’9’’ - 175 cm - Width: 25.5’’ - 64.8 cm - Volume: 54 gal - 202.4 l - Material: Carbon/Kevlar/Fiber mix - Plastic Series: Linear PE - Recyclable
                                                                                                                                       Infos: www.titankayaks.com
       Wavesport > Project

       This boat has defined high-performance freestyle. The hull’s
       combination of speed and pop, combined with smooth, sculpted
       volume distribution, are exactly why Peter Csonka picked the
       Project when winning the 2008 World Cup. The air you’ll be
       getting in this baby is unmatched. With 3 sizes, Wave Sport
       calls it the Project because it’s their pet. Their always in beta
       boat. Their pride and joy.

       Project 62: Length: 6’ 4’’ - 193 cm - Width: 25.75’’ - 65 cm - Weight: 32 lbs - 15 kg - Cockpit: 33.5’’ x 19’’ - 85 cm x 48 cm - Paddler weight range: 180 -
       240 lbs - 82-109 kg - Volume: 62 gal - 235 l
                                                                                                                                          Infos: www.wavesport.com

There‘s no way


                                           Paddler: Ron Fischer, Photo: Arnd Schäftlein

Zombie EFC
The first German made EFC
(Entire Foam Core) paddle in
affordable fibreglass construction.
Choose from 3 different shafts
and 2 different blade sizes

      the champions` paddles

                           qu y
                                    an y

              > >>

      Surf, inflatable, and tandem kayaks offer the full range of fun on the river.

      Pyranha > Fusion

      Super stable, fast and easy to paddle, the Fusion gives you the
      freedom to choose from some fun whitewater or checking out
      some estuaries or a shelered bay. Available in two sizes for
      2010, the Fusion and the Fusion small offer the option to find
      both the perfect fit for paddlers and also the perfect outfitting
      as well. Whether you want the ulimate in WW outfitting provided
      by the Connect 30 system or the River Tour outfitting that
      consists or a simple flip-top back rest you can adjust for either
      performance and comfort. Up or down, you choose and it only
      takes a second to change. The tried and tested Pyranha skeg
      system adds a great feature to both models of Fusion allowing
      you to track in a straight line and the drag reducing skeg box
      allows the water to flow straight out of the stern of the kayak.
      Available in standard and small sizes.
      S: Length: 294 cm - 9’ 8” - Width: 63.5 cm - 25” - Volume: 250 l - 66 gals - Weight: 18.5 kg - 40.7 lbs - Paddler weight range: 55 – 120 kg - 121 - 265 lbs
      Std: Length: 312 cm - 10’ 2” - Width: 66 cm - 26” - Volume: 308 l - 81.5 gals - Weight: 20.8 kg - 45.8 lbs - Paddler weight range: 55 - 130 kg - 121 - 287 lbs
                                                                                                                                            Infos: www.pyranha.com

      Liquidlogic > REMIX XP9

      Finally, an all-river kayak design that is as dynamic as the rivers
      it calls home. Features a hull design that can handle anything
      the river can throw at you, an integral skeg for stretches of
      flatwater, and a hatch that can carry a week’s worth of gear.
      Available 9’ and 10’.

      Length: 9’ 3” - 282 cm - Width: 26” - 66 cm - Weight: 46 lbs - 21 kg - Cockpit: 36” x 21.5” - 91 cm x 55 cm - Volume: 75 gals - 284 l - Paddler weight
      range: 100 - 220 lbs - 45 - 100 kg

                                                                                                                                   Infos: www.liquidlogickayaks.com

      Fluid > Element

      The Element is a pretty unique surfkayak. Apart from the
      pronounced carving rails that become progressively harder
      towards the stern, the hull also features release edges, similar
      to those on a playboat. The Element delivers high speed
      playboating on ocean and river waves.

      Length: 202 cm - 6’7” - Width: 64 cm - 25.25” - Volume: 205 l - 54 gal - Weight: 14 kg - 31 lbs - Paddler weight range: 65 - 95 kg - 140 - 210 lbs
                                                                                                                                         Infos: www.fluidkayaks.com

Grabner > Jump

Grabner, the Austrian manufacturer of high quality inflatable
canoes, recently came up with an innovative product that clears
out difficulties, where solid-hull whitewater kayaks become
problematic: storage at home and transportation on the way
is not always easy with an every increasing number of boats
in your quiver.
For travelling by car a roof rack or trailer is required, and
transportation by train or plane is everything but convenient
with all your whitewater gear.
Given the fact that whitewater trips to distant locations
worldwide are becoming increasingly popular, time has come
to design a boat, which meets all the requirements of a short-
length whitewater kayak, but offering easy transportation and
storage at the same time.
This is why Grabner came up with the idea of introducing
the Jump, an innovative inflatable kayak, that meets all
expectations of travelling whitewater enthusiasts.

Overall lenght/width: 245 x 69 x 42 cm - 8’ 5’’ x 27’’ x 17’’ - Volume: 202 l - 12322 cu.ins. - Weight: 18 kg - 40 lbs - Minimal packing size: 80 x 50 x 25
cm - 31’’ x 20’’ x 10’’ - Air chambers: 5 - 5 - Assembly time (min): 6 - 6 - Operating pressure: 0,3 bar - 4,3 psi - White-water category: 4 - 4 - Material
(natural rubber): 1100 dtex - 1100 dtex - Colour: Red-black - Red-black
                                                                                                                               Infos: www.grabner-sports.at

Jackson >Dynamic Duo

With the Dynamic Duo, Jackson Kayak brings to the marketplace
a performance-oriented tandem whitewater kayak to double the
fun on any river excursion. Based on the premise that sometimes
two heroes are better than one, the Dynamic Duo is based on
the Hero series, the ulimate river running model in the Jackson
Kayak lineup of well-proven whitewater boats. Designed for
an optimum combined weight range of 265 – 500 pounds, the
stern cockpit can comfortably accommodate paddlers weighing
as much as 260 pounds while the bow can fit those weighing
up to 200 pounds. Thanks to more than a decade of professional
design expertise, the Dynamic Duo engineering offers good
performance over a wide range of weights and distributions fore
and aft. Available in standard Jackson Kayak colors.

Length: 12 feet - Width: 26.5 inches - Volume: 142 gals - Total combined paddlers weight: 265 - 500 kg - Weight: 84 lbs - Cockpit: 36’’ x 21’’ bow - 35’’
x 20 1/2’’ stern
                                                                                                                         Infos: www.jacksonkayak.com


          only you can end
          the abuse.
           rocks hit. hard. soften their blows with the standard. a helmet designed to take the

           beatings so you don’t have to. available in over the ear, full coverage and full face.

                                                                                don’t let rocks abuse you.

                                                                                                                       H   E   L   M   E   T   S

     Whitewater > Paddles >> HIGH END
              > >>

      HIGH END
      Lightweight construction and advanced technology create a high performance paddle.

                                                                 NEW!                                                               NEW!
      Kober > Scorpion EFC                                               Ty Warp > Fire 1.1

      This high end whitewater paddle with Entire Foam Core hasn’t       The Fire 1.1 is Ty Warp’s new flagship model. This paddle is
      been easy to beat to date. More volume in the blade for            ideal for slalom and extreme whitewater kayaking. Its centered
      enhanced buoyancy even in air filled water. Bracing and rolling     foam core offers ulimate stiffness and performance. At the same
      are made much easier.                                              time it offers additional buoyancy in aereated water and extra
      But Kober goes even one step further! Now available with a         smooth feathering. • Foam core blade with ulimate stiffness
      super impact-resistant Dynel® edge to prevent fast wear and        and performance • High end prepreg materials • Lightweight,
      even more carbon for top performance in whitewater. Top            durable and buoyant • Available as straight and neutral bent
      quality made in Germany!                                           shaft

      Colour: carbon - Blade Material: Carbon, EFC - Shaft straight:     Blade: 100% carbon, foam core - Shaft: 100% carbon - Weight:
      Carbon-Glass Ø 30 mm - Shaft ergo: Carbon-Aramid Ø 30 mm -         ca. 900g (straight shaft) and ca. 1000g (neutral bent shaft) -
      Feather: 45° R/L - Weight: ca 850 g - Weight ergo: ca 990 g -      Lengths: 192, 195, 198, 201, 204cm - Blade size: 47 x 21cm
      Length: 191-203, in steps of 3 cm - Blade Size: 47,5 x 20,2 cm     - Feather: 45° (straight shaft) and 35° (neutral bent shaft)
      Infos: www.kober-moll.de                                           Infos: www.tywarp.de

      Robson > Chlorophyll                                               Werner > Double Diamond

      Whitewater paddle made in the sensational CAP design with          • Performance Core blades are light and buoyant in aerated
      medium-sized blades and chlorophyll optic.                         water • Enhances play boating moves and rolling • Down
                                                                         turned blades have a powerful catch that responds and releases
                                                                         on demand • Impact Resistant Kevlar(tm) and a double layer
                                                                         of Dynel(tm) edging adds durability • Available in straight or
                                                                         neutral bent; standard or small diameter

                                                                         Surface Area: 700 cm2 - Blade Length x Width: 48 x 19.5 cm -
      Length: 190 - 200 cm - Bladesize: 41,5 x 21 cm - Material          Weight for 197 cm: Straight Shaft: 992 g/35 oz - Neutral Bent
      blade: Flowtech - Material shaft: Fiberglass 31,2 mm - Weight:     Shaft: 1049 g/37 oz - Available Lengths: Straight Shaft: 185
      1000 g | 35.20 oz                                                  - 206 cm - Neutral Bent Shaft: 188 - 203 cm
      Infos: www.robsonpaddle.com                                        Infos: www.wernerpaddles.com

      Aquabound > Shred                                                  Adventure Technologies > AT2 Flexi

      The Shred Series paddles are designed with the passionate          An excellent choice for people who love the flex of wood, the
      whitewater kayaker in mind. The Aquabound Shred Carbon,            AT2 Flexi feels more like a wood paddle than any composite
      with lightweight abX blades and carbon shaft, offers unrivaled     paddle. Buil with the same dimensions and RTM manufacturing
      performance and strength. The Shred Hybrid is a great mid-         process as the AT2 Standard. This shaft is built with a superior
      range choice, featuring a superb blend of materials. The Shred     grade of S-Glass and Carbon Fiber materials, allowing us to
      FG is an excellent match for entry- level kayakers and kayak       retain a weight of 38 ounces without sacrificing strength. This
      schools looking for durability at an affordable price. Available   paddle is going to be a bit more forgiving on your joints. 15%
      in 1pc and 4pc (spare paddle) construction.                        more flex - Carbon & S Glass construction for joint cushioning -
                                                                         Smooth streamlined urethane core blade - Dynell trim on blade
                                                                         edges won’t wear down.
      Available Length: 192 – 200 cm - Blade size: 7.75’’ wide x 18’’
      long - Weight (196 cm): 36,5oz. - Shaft: Carbon - Construction:    Sizes: 191, 194, 196, 199 cm or custom configuration - Blade
      1 pc, 4 pc                                                         offset: 30-degree - Weight: 38oz -
      Infos: www.aquabound.com                                           Infos: www.atpaddle.com

H2O Paddles > H20-Custom                                            Mergner > Bionic Flow

The H20-Custom is a fully custom built WW paddle using H2O’s        The flow is the most versatile blade of Mergner’s Bionic series.
unique Multi Component Blade Design and Grip Indexed Ergo           Its moderate and balanced size relates to the paddling style
Bent Shaft in a composite and plastic construction. Built one       of most paddlers. The flow is well suited for training or an
at a time to clients individual specs, this paddle will fit you      afternoon cruise down your favorite run. An excellent blade
perfectly and provide an un-paralleled level of power and           for all uses.

Blade Colour Options: carbon - Grip Colour                          Blade size: 744,35 cm2 - Weight: 1020 gramm at length 195 cm -
Options: yellow, black - Length: Custom - Offset:                   Blades: polyamid, carbon - Color: carbon black - Shaft: epoxid,
Custom - Shaft: Carbon Bent - Weight: 1090 g                        carbon-glass
Infos: www.h2opaddles.com                                           Infos: www.mergner-paddel.de

Prijon > Cobra                                                      Riot > Carbon Straight

The Cobra is a further development of Prijon’s profile paddles.      Full-carbon, foam-core blades with a carbon-wound straight
The edges at the sides are curved, which prevents the blade         shaft. Ovalized hand area for increased comfort and control.
from breaking out. You can get more pressure on the blade, due
to additional indentations leading outwards towards the tip
of the blade. These contours facilitate absolutely flutter-free
paddling in rough conditions.

                                                                    Length: 189 cm, 192 cm, 195cm - Feather Angle: 15° - Weight:
Weight: 920 g - COBRA Glass - Weight: 1100 g                        862 g
Infos: www.prijon.com                                               Infos: www.riotkayaks.com

Streamlyte Paddles > Freeway                                        Ainsworth > 105 Playstick

Lightweight and powerful blades for serious white water             The RTM 105 Playstick is a paddle for extreme playboaters with
performance! Carve it up on the river or nail those new moves       drop-sided blade to maximise power strokes. The Resin Transfer
at your favourite playspot or surf break. This blade offers a       Moulded (RTM) blades are moulded with clear epoxy with 100%
great blend of river running and freestyle performance for white    carbon fabrics. Strong, light carbon shaft with crank.
water paddlers looking for one blade to do it all. Available with
Prepreg Epoxy Carbon Blades on Carbon Extreme (CXT) shaft or
Prepreg Glass Epoxy Blades on Heavy Duty Glass (HDG) shaft.
Two blade sizes available.

                                                                    Weight: 800 g - Lengths: 180 – 205 cm
Infos: http://wip.streamlyte.com/paul/index.html                    Infos: www.ainsworthpaddles.co.uk

                                 Kayak Session Magazine
                              The International Whitewater Magazine

       l00 %WHITEWATER
          The world of whitewater kayaking
     delivered to your door four time a year

     Whitewater > Paddles >> ENTRY-LEVEL
              > >>

      Made in a variety of shapes, angles, and sizes, with pricing accessible to all paddlers.

      Kober > Zombie EFC                                                 Werner > Side Kick

      Powerful, Unstoppable, Green - with this new whitewater            The Side Kick’s large blades offer the ulimate combination of
      paddle all advantages of the EFC-technology (Entire Foam Core)     power and responsiveness for strong, well conditioned, play
      are now available in low-priced fibreglass construction.            boaters. Larger blades are powerful from catch to release for
      More volume in the blade for enhanced buoyancy even in air         strong and well conditioned paddlers. Down turned blades
      filled water. Bracing and rolling are made much easier.             enter the water sooner for more initial power and won’t trip up
      Even, hydrodynamically perfect cross-section (without any          on your boat. Available shafts: straight, bent and 4 pieces.
      impairing ribs and edges) for a balanced performance. No
      fluttering, no splashing will occur. The combination of stiff,
      light-weight blades with a tracking fin at the front side and
      the flat yet voluminous backside make the Zombie EFC a highly
      efficient performer. Available in two blade sizes: L, M.            Surface Area: 725 cm2 - Blade Length x Width: 48 x 20 cm -
                                                                         Weight: (197 cm, Neutral Bent Shaft) - 1162 g/41 oz - Available
      Weight: ca 1070 g - Lengths: 191 - 203, in steps of 3 cm           Lengths: 185 - 206 cm
      Infos: www.kober-moll.de                                           Infos: www.wernerpaddles.com

      AT > AT4 Play Ergo Carbon                                          H2O Paddles > H2O-2

      The AT4 Play C brings top-shelf performance to the masses          The H2O-2 Series provides solid performance with crisp blade
      thanks to burly but economical aerospace materials combined        feel, control and enhanced comfort. Available in Grip Indexed
      with our advanced molding techniques. Woven, shaftlong carbon      Ergo Bent or standard straight shaft builds. The asymmetrical
      fibers are bonded with fully-recyclable N6 resins, producing one    blade profile provides solid performance for both freestyle and
      of the strongest whitewater paddles on the planet - this paddle    river running. Ergo bent Texalium shaft for improved feel.
      can take a beating.

                                                                         Blade Colour Options: black, blue - Grip Colour Options: black, white -
                                                                         Length: 188 - 191 - 194 - 197 - Offset: 0 - 12 - 30 - 45 - Shaft: Texalium
      Weight: 44 oz - Sizes: 191, 194, 196, 199 cm                       Bend, Carbon Straight, Glass Straight - Weight: 910 - 1000 g
      Infos: www.atpaddle.com                                            Infos: www.h2opaddles.com

      Mergner > Bionic Grip Easy                                         Originz > Nevis Bluff

      As the name suggests you’ll get a firm grip on your paddling        The Nevis Bluff offers predictable and responsive performance,
      performance with this blade. It has an especially large surface    making it the ideal choice for river runners, creekers, and
      with an even distribution of pressure. Combined with a             surfing addicts alike. The carbon and glass fibre shaft provides
      powerful paddling style you’ll get highest efficency with every     comfortable flex without power loss. Light and tough glass
      stroke. This paddle is particularly suitable for experienced       fibre reinforced nylon blades make this an extremely versatile
      boaters. The grip’s advantages are perfect for sprints and short   paddle.
      bursts of acceleration.

      Blade size: 788,94 cm2 - Weight: 1130 gramm at length              Shaft: Carbon/glass fibre hybrid with indexed hand grips - Blade:
      195 cm - Blades: polyamid, glass - Color: mellow yellow - Shaft:   Glass fibre reinforced Nylon - Available Lengths: 194 cm, 196 cm,
      epoxid, glass black                                                198 cm, 200 cm
      Infos: www.mergner-paddel.de                                       Infos: http://www.perception.co.uk/paddles.php

Palm > Tamur                                                            Robson > Mystique

A robust recreation/whitewater paddle, with glass-reinforced            Incredibly versatile epoxy pressure molded white water paddle
Nylon asymmetric blades and comfortable glass shaft.                    with medium sized blades. The well-balanced design offers a
                                                                        clean style of paddling. Material shaft and blade: Fiberglass,
Features include:                                                       colour: Melon. Also available in a lightweight carbon version
• Glass filled nylon asymmetric blades • Reinforced blade tips •         and with a neutral bent shaft.
Strong fibreglass paddle shaft
• Rubberised handgrips with raised control section

Colour: White - Size options: 194 cm - 197 cm - 200 cm - Feather: 60°   Length: 190 - 200 cm - Weight: 35.23 oz
Infos: www.palmequipmenteurope.com                                      Infos: www.robsonpaddle.com

Streamlyte > Kinetix                                                    TNP > Rapa

Based on Neil Baxter’s original Olympic winning Kinetic design          The Rapa is TNP’s whitewater paddle which is available in 3
this blade offers superb boat control in all waters for all             different kind of shafts (duralumin, fiber glass, carbon-kevlar)
paddling abilities and excels in delivering those crucial moves         coming with white, red or black PAG blades (polyamide with
in white water. Available in PPN12 (Polyprop./Nylon Alloy) on           glass). This paddle is a great allrounder with excellent cost/
heavy duty glass shaft or Premium Nylon12 (N12) on a semi-              performance ratio.
carbon shaft for superior durability and performance.

                                                                        Surface area: 713 cm² - Weight (for 200 cm): 850 g (glass shaft)
                                                                        - Available lengths: 182 – 200 cm - 72 – 78’’
Infos: http://wip.streamlyte.com/paul/index.html                        Infos: www.tnp.cz

Ty Warp > Beam 3.1                                                      Ainsworth > N104 Sidekick

The Beam 3.1. is Ty Warp’s entry model for whitewater and               The N104 Sidekick is perfect for all experienced white
freestyle. Its big droplike blade design offers maximum power           water paddlers. The blade is reduced at the throat to allow
at any time. The blades are reinforced towards the end with             complicated manoeuvres and the paddle offers a sharp fast
additional layers of material.                                          bite. These blades are moulded from the highest spec nylon
- big drop-like blade shape for maximum power                           66/long glass fibre. They are stiffer and stronger than all other
- durable prepreg glassfibre composition                                 plastic moulded blades. Straight alloy shaft.
- ideal mix of power and flex
- available as straight and neutral bent shaft

Blade: glassfibre - shaft: glassfibre - weight: ca. 1000 g (straight
shaft) and ca. 1100 g (neutral bent shaft) - lengths: 192, 195,
198, 201, 204 cm - blade size: 46x22 cm - feather: 45° (straight
shaft) and 35° (neutral bent shaft)                                     Weight: 1100 g - Lengths: 180 - 205 cm
Infos: www.tywarp.de                                                    Infos: www.ainsworthpaddles.co.uk


                                                                             Available online at
                                                                               Dealers enquiry welcomed
     Whitewater > PFDs >> PFDs CREEKING
              > >>

      Offering extra flotation and optional safety gear for use on high-level whitewater.

      Palm > Extrem                                               Aqua Design > Jam                                             Artistic > Orco

      The Extrem vest evolution continues, setting new            A life jacket ideal for guides and experienced users. The     This revised pull over PFD for whitewater freaks and
      standards in safety and useability. Palm’s flagship front-   wide opening for your arms allow for a wide range of          seakayakers comes with a removable waist belt with
      opening PFD with masses of storage.                         movement and excellent comfort. Features are : 500 D          aluminium buckle and fixlock. Additional features are the
      Flex Formed Foam front panel wraps around torso • Quad-     Cordura fabric, PVC monobloc foam, harness strap with         plastic buckle, vertical - horizontal strap stop system and
      buckle front entry • Large, zipped, padded front cargo      quick release buckle, removable front pocket with zip,        padded and adjustable shoulder straps. It offers two waist
      pocket with internal divider • Chest mounted zipped knife   and reflective tapes.                                          belts for individual size adjustment, as well as carabiner
      pockets • Internal rear padded pocket for documents,                                                                      parc. The well fitting foam has diagonal flexibility and a
      safety gear or hydration bladder • Tough grip panels at                                                                   comfortable short cut that gives you explicit freedom of
      shoulder for boat carrying…                                                                                               movement. Two outer and one inner pocket make the Orco
                                                                                                                                to a very versatile PFD. Colors: dune and henna
                                                                       M: 60 - 70 kg (70 N) - L: 70 - 80 kg (70 N) -
           Color: Midnight/Jet Grey, Red/Jet Grey                                 XL: 80 - 90 kg (70 N)                                     Sizes: XS/S , M/L, XL - XXL
            Infos: www.palmequipmenteurope.com                                Infos: www.aquadesign.eu                                  Infos: www.artistic-sportswear.de

     Astral > Greenjacket                                         Grabner > Conquest                                            Nookie > Rivermonster

     The Tectonic platform consists of two separate front         Just slip the Conquest over your head, stick the side         The classic 70N Rivermonster has been updated and
     buoyancy panels allowing the Greenjacket to stay in          panels to the Velcro front panel and lock it by the push-in   improved for even better performance and comfort when
     place while providing unrestricted range of motion when      buckle. That’s it!                                            you need it most. It will keep you afloat in gnarly swims
     paddling, swimming, or performing an in-water rescue.        Whether thin or thick, small or tall, the infinitely           yet won’t hinder your performance when rollin’. The
     This device is equipped with a quick release rescue          adjustable vest fits perfectly.                                high strength shoulder webbing network now offer a
     bel, large front pocket, rope sleeve (to hold an Astral      Use: whitewater, paddling, rowing                             full harness system. This new design features a failsafe
     throw bag), two side cargo pockets, Flotection padding       Buoyancy: AIREX super-soft buoyancy foam - for best           carabiner park, with an extra pocket slot for other usefull
     for the ribs and back, quick release carabiner park for a    wearing comfort.                                              rescue equipement due to demand.
     bungee style tow system, Spectra® safety loop for secure
     anchoring and more.

                   Sizing: S/M, M/L, L/XL                                      Material: 250 g nylon cover                                  Sizes: XS/S , M/L, XL - XXL
              Infos: www.astralbuoyancy.com                                  Infos: www.grabner-sports.at                                    Infos: www.nookie.co.uk

Peak UK > River Guide

Features : Construction: ISO Approved. High performance cut. Fabric: Tough ripstop
Cordura - nylon shell with neoprene shoulders, sides and mesh quick dry lining.
Foam: 60-70N of self moulding soft foam. Securing: Shoulder, waist and side straps.
Features: Double front Cordura - mesh zip pocket with gear clips. Inner mesh zip
pocket. Reflective stripes. Removable harness. Includes throw line belt for right
or left handed raft guides. Colours: Blue - Grey. Red - Grey. Uses: Whitewater.
Instruction. Emergency Services. Raft Guides.

                             Sizes: S/M. L/XL. XXL
                           Infos: www.peakuk.com

Prijon > Mach 1

The new Mach 1 is characterized by its great freedom of movement as well as a snug
fit. Due to various adjustment possibilities, the vest’s fit can be perfectly adapted
to every torso shape. A closed strap-system circles the upper body and provides
highest tear resistance in case of emergency rescues. Further features include : Broad
shoulder straps, rescue belt with panic release. Net pocket inside, big zipper bag at
the front. Carabiner port with Neoprene pocket for rescue rope.
Upper material Cordura, AIREX buoyency foam.

                            Infos: www.prijon.com

Stohlquist > Descent

Here comes a fully supplied PFD for serious white water missions. In spite of numerous
safety features like a quick release belt and a big front pocket for accessories and
provisions the Descent is not bulky and offers a real wide operating range. Six
different adjusting features at chest, belly and waist offer a perfect fit. The cross
chest cinch straps and the Gripp-Loc™ panels help to avoid any kind of unintended
ride-up. Use : Whitewater Expedition - Fabric : Cordura shell, Gaia foam - Flotation:
7,3 kg - Color : mango/yellow, fireball red, black.

                             Size: S/M, L/XL, XXL
                          Infos: www.stohlquist.com

     Whitewater > PFDs >> PFDs PLAY
              > >>

      PFDs PLAY
      Providing basic flotation while allowing for maximum freedom of movement.

     NRS > Ninja PFD                                               Astral > Willis                                              Duem Stuff > Freestyle Vest

     • PVC-Free foam flotation panels are soft and shaped to        The Willis is a great whitewater, freestyle or general use   The Duem Stuff Freestyle vest is the only neoprene
     give a comfortable fit.                                        jacket incorporating Astral’s Tectonic fit style. The front   playboat PFD on the market. The neoprene shell gives
     • Zippered side entry is secure and easy to put on and        of the Willis is separated into two panels.                  extra flotation, softer feel and makes it warmer.
     take off.                                                     Foam inserts: Gaia™ foam                                     • Ultra light flotation foam
     • Four side adjustments and two shoulder adjustments for      Shell fabric: 500 denier cordura® nylon                      • Neoprene body shell
     a good, custom fit.                                            Liner fabric: 200 denier nylon                               • Length & width strap adjustment system
     • Zippered front pocket holds all the essentials.             Hardware: Acetal plastic                                     • Neoprene side panels
     • The 500-denier Cordura® shell wears like iron.              Webbing: Nylon                                               • Combination of glued, blindstiched and hot taped
     • Reflective taping for low-light visibility.                  Colors: Charcoal, Orange                                     seam
     • Well placed lash tab to hold your rescue knife.
     • Design flotation: 16.5 lbs (7.5 kg).
                                                                                 Sizing: S/M, M/L, L/XL                                           Sizes: S/M, L/XL
                   Infos: www.nrsweb.com                                    Infos: www.astralbuoyancy.com                                   Infos: www.duemstuff.com

     Kokatat > Ronin                                               Level Six > Race-Lite Slalom Floatation Vest                 Stohlquist > Rocker

     From play waves to surf zones, the Ronin is the go-to         The Race-Lite Vest is a lightweight, breathable nylon        The Rocker with its body wrapping and ergonomically
     life vest for a variety of paddling excursions. Unique        racing vest with high buoyancy foam inserts that can be      articulated shaped torso stands for a maximum freedom
     offset front-entry, internal harness design, Low profile       customized for an exact fit.                                  of movement. The cross-chest cinch harness adjustment
     with full spinal protection, 500D Cordura® exterior, 200D     Product Features:                                            and the self-tensioning shoulders ensure a great fit,
     oxford interior, Internal grip panel, Reinforced adjustable   - 4 point adjustable webbing system                          following every rotation of the torso. The Gripp-Loc™
     shoulders with thermo-molded padding, Large duplex            - Lightweight closed foam inserts                            interior non-slip panel helps to avoid any kind of ride-up,
     front pocket with lanyard attachment, USCG, CE, and           - Colors: Charcoal/Red, Red/Charcoal                         and the 6 adjustments, side pulls and a front waist buckle
     Transport Canada approved. Colors: coal, mango, red                                                                        closure, make sure that the ROCKER stays in place.
                                                                                                                                Fabric: Cordura shell, Gaia foam - Flotation: 7,3 kg -
                                                                                                                                Color: mango/yellow, fireball red, black - Use: whitewater
                                                                                                                                - freestyle
      Sizes/Buoyancy: S/M (16/05), L/XL (17/05),
                     XXL (18/00)                                                    Sizes: S/M, L/XL,                                          Sizes: S/M, L/XL, XXL
                   Infos: www.kokatat.com                                      Infos: www.levelsixinc.com                                   Infos: www.stohlquist.com

     Whitewater > Outwear >> DRY TOPS, PANTS
              > >>

      Keeping you dry on the water and allowing for maximum comfort in colder water and
      weather. Water resistant pants to help keep warm in cold water or weather.

      Sweet > Prophecy Dry Top                                    Palm > Naiya                                                Duem Stuff > Freeride Semidry Jacket L/S

     Super elastic Yamamoto neoprene, lycra on both sides         Natural latex gaskets at neck and wrists with adjustable    This is an everyday paddle jacket. Slim and light to give
     Thick latex neck and wrist gaskets, Engineered for           over-cuffs • Female specific cut torso and sleeves •         that performance feel. At the same time it provides
     unsurpassed freedom of movement, Large chest pocket          Articulated dynamic panel cut with no under-arm seams       comfort and protection against water and weather. Perfect
     with zipper access on both sides, Arm pocket with zipper     • Padded Kevlar® impact protection at elbows • Cordura®     cover for warmer days. Absolutely eye-catching.
     Laminated mesh drain holes, Waist seal of unnapped           300D abrasion resistance at shoulders • Velcro adjustable
     velcro Yamamoto neoprene with grippy rubber inside...        neoprene waistband with asymmetric cut for improved fit...   Features: 3-layer waterproof breathable nylon • Ultraspan/
                                                                                                                              Open cell neoprene neck and cuffs • All stitches Hot-
                                                                                                                              taped • Front and arm pocket • Full Velcro waist neoprene
                                                                                                                              for easy size fit

                      Sizes: S, M, L, XL                              Colours: Sky/Cream (NEW), Plum/Cream                                       Sizes: XXS-XXL
             Infos: www.sweetprotection.com                            Infos: www.palmequipmenteurope.com                                 Infos: www.duemstuff.com

     Kokatat > Gore-Tex ® Rogue Dry Top                           Langer > Smooth                                             Level Six > Duke

     With paddlers pushing ever-increasing boundaries and         Really comfortable semi-dry paddle jacket with special      The Duke is a 3 season whitewater paddling top that
     foregoing an “off season,” a dry top that can be used        neoprene wrists and neck. Tough, breathable 3- layer        shares the same highly reviewed fit of the 3-ply Level
     year-round and is both technical and properly fitting is      polymaid fabric. Almost as dry as latex, but much more      Six Mack Dry-Top. It gives you a completely unrestrictive
     a must. The Rogue sets the standard by combining form,       comfortable. Best choice for whitewater kayakers of oll     range of body movement, while at the same time offering
     function and Kokatat’s superior construction techniques.     levels. Check it out!                                       a fully waterproof breathable dry top with the Level Six
     For maximum breathability and a dry session in the water,    Colours: Golden Rod                                         eXhaust 2.5 ply fabric. The overlapping double-tunnel and
     a blend of three Gore-Tex® laminates, including a Gore-      Material: 100% Polyamid                                     the DCS (Dual Cinch System) waist works with your skirt
     Tex® Cordura® used in areas of high abrasion. Other                                                                      tunnel to provide a more reliably dry seal at the waist.
     features include self draining cuffs, collar, and zippered
     chest pocket. Unisex Colors: radish, black, mango -
     Women’s Colors: mango, plum

        Unisex Sizes: S-XXL - Women’s Sizes: S-L                                     Sizes: S – XXL                                           Sizes: S,M,L,XL,XXL
                  Infos: www.kokatat.com                                      Infos: www.textil-langer.de                                Infos: www.levelsixinc.com

NRS > Flux Drytop                                             Boréal Design > Dry Breathable Paddling Jacket              Peak UK > Semi Long Double

Team inspired design, bomb-proof construction. NRS’           • 3-ply breathable ripstop nylon • Latex cuffs and collar   Construction: Articulated with bent elbows. Fully taped
breathable Flux Dry Top is their slickest, most comfortable   with adjustable polyurethane coated flap • Neoprene          seams. Fabric: Breathable and durable mid weight X2.5
design ever. The Flux’s design is precision-patterned for     waist - Adjustable neoprene overskirt • Preformed elbows    ripstop nylon with 10m waterproofing. Neck: Neoprene
comfort in any season, with materials that make this top      • Reflective stripes • Side pocket stuck with damp-proof     cone with grippy inner print. Wrists: Neoprene cone outer
dry and light-weight. Durable and lightweight 3-layer         zipper - Key hook • Factory sealed seams - Waterproof,      with latex inner.
210-denier TriTon fabric is waterproof and breathable.        windproof and highly breathable • Compatible with our
                                                              Dry breathable Bibs                                                      Sizes: XS, S, M, L, XL, XXL
              Infos: www.nrsweb.com                                     Infos: www.borealdesign.com                                     Infos: www.peakuk.com

Prijon > Dry Extreme                                          Stohlquist > Freefall                                         Artistic > Arzino Dry Jacket

A top quality paddling jacket made of 4-layer material. The   The Freefall integrates an ergonomic, 3-D articulated cut     Comfortable white water and sea kayaking jacket with the
microporous PU membrane on the outside offers a water         for a performance fit that follows your every move. All        brand new Breath Control ventilation system. Two zippers
repellency effect and dirt resistance. Worth mentioning is    seams are double & triple sewn, taped for waterproof          within the chest pockets improve moisture transport
the new hip fastener that comes with flexible adjustment       integrity and tested to 3 psi. The Titanium neo-outer         to the outside and provide a pleasant inner climate.
inserts around the outer tunnel. Padded areas at the          collar comes with front zip adjustment and the roomy          Equipped with latex gaskets, adjustable neoprene collar
shoulders and elbows offer protection and facilitate          front pocket with YKK water-resistant zipper lets you         and double waist for tight spray deck closure...
carrying the kayak on the shoulder.                           store all the goods you need to keep ready to hand.
                                                                              Size: S, M, L, XL, XXL                                 Avaialable in the sizes: S – XXL
              Infos: www.prijon.com                                        Infos: www.stohlquist.com                                 Infos: www.artistic-sportswear.de

Kokatat > Tempest Pant                                        Langer > Sick Line Paddle Pants                             Level Six > Current

Kokatat’s Tempest is a waterproof pant with socks that        Cover up! Cool looking, tough and comfortable paddle        The Current is a 3-season light weight recreational or
paddlers and kayak fishing enthusiasts give a resounding       pants. Two-layer, breathable paddle pants with unique       light whitewater paddling pant. Constructed from Level
thumbs-up. A wide, secure neoprene waistband with hook        and smooth neoprene ankle seals for a comfortable barrier   Six’s eXhaust 2.5 Ply waterproof breathable nylon, you
and loop closure that can mate with a double skirted top,     to water penetration. These guys also come with a twin      can perfectly combine it with any dry top for light weight
the Tempest takes the worry out of wet days. Constructed      seal waist system. Muliple sizes available.                 breathable protection from all the elements.
of TROPOS T3 material with integrated T3socks, the gravel
guard keeps sand and debris out of your footwear...
                     Sizes: S-XXL                                                 Sizes: S-XXL                                           Sizes: S,S,M,L,XL,XXL
              Infos: www.kokatat.com                                         Infos: www.kajak.de                                      Infos: www.levelsixinc.com

     Whitewater > Outwear >> DRY SUITS, SHORT SLEEVES
              > >>

      One-piece suits offering the maximum in dry protection to keep you warm in cold weather
      and water conditions. Short-sleeve paddling and dry tops for milder weather or warm
      water paddling.

                                                         NEW!                                                          NEW!
      Level Six > Poseidon                                           Nookie > Assassin Dry Suit                                     Camaro > Drytec

      The Poseidon is a new edition to the Level Six line. Buil      The long awaited Dry Suit from Nookie Paddle Sports Eqpt       This new Camaro drysuit is made out of extra soft and
      on the knowledge gained from producing the popular             uses natural fabric technology to combine durability and       stretchy 3-layer-material. The Drytec suit can be cut 30-
      Barrier Drysuit, the Poseidon is the open boating/raft         strength with the comfort and flexibility you’d expect          40% slimmer than a comparable, traditional drysuit. This
      guide counterpart, the main differences being the lack of      from a Savile Row suit. The 3ply bamboo herringbone            means that less air is kept within the suit and that a
      the double tunnel and over the shoulder zipper.                fabric, although incredibly smooth to touch, is tough!         smaller total volume leads to more freedom of movement
                                                                     Together with the Nookie Enduro Mesh™ fabric, developed        and increasing wearing comfort. The light and thin fabric
                                                                     from motorbike protection, reinforcing the shoulders,          is extremly packable, which renders the Drytec perfect for
                                                                     wrist and ankle cuffs, knees and seat, you can rest assured    trips abraod. The wrist and ankle latex gaskets are covered
                                                                     that this is a highly breathable, warm, comfortable and        by neoprene cuffs in order to form a thermal bridge which
                                                                     tough dry suit.                                                supports heat insulation. Further features are kevlar seat
                                                                                                                                    and knee reinforcements.

                    Sizes: XS, S, M, L, XL, XXL                                                                                                        Sizes: XS - XXL
                   Infos: www.levelsixinc.com                                      Infos: www.nookie.co.uk                                         Infos: www.camaro.at

     Kokatat > Gore-Tex ® Meridian Dry Suit                          NRS > Inversion Kayak Dry Suit                                 Palm > Stikine

     Specifically designed for kayakers, Kokatat’s legendary          The NRS Inversion Kayak Dry Suit in their highly-breathable,   Natural latex gaskets at neck and wrists with adjustable
     Gore-Tex® Meridian dry suit (GMER) will keep you dry and        sturdy 210-denier TriTon fabric can stand up to even the       over cuffs • Articulated sleeve panelling with no underarm
     comfortable on the water – no matter the conditions. The        most gear-abusive paddler. The overskirt, with its wide        seams • Highest quality YKK brass coil rear entry and
     Meridian incorporates a dual adjustable overskirt that layers   neoprene band and double-pull hook-and-loop closure fits        welded-in relief zipper with protective zip flaps • Water
     with a spray skirt tunnel to prevent water from getting         snugly over your sprayskirt. They’ve included a heavy-duty     resistant zipped front pocket with removable fleece
     into the cockpit of your boat. Punch-through neoprene           YKK waterproof relief zipper so you can answer nature’s        handwarmer • Padded Kevlar® impact protection at elbows
     gasket covers protect latex gaskets from the elements and       call without having to strip out of the suit. Top quality      • Adjustable, removable elasticated inner braces • Velcro
     built-in drains flush water quickly. The GMER is available       latex wrist and neck gaskets plus latex socks seal water       adjustable neoprene waistband with asymmetric cut for
     in both a Men’s and Women’s design and comes standard           out. The heavy-duty YKK® waterproof entry zipper allows        improved fit...
     with relief zipper (men’s) or drop seat (women’s) and Gore-     easy entrance and is covered with a hook-and-loop sealed
     Tex® socks.                                                     flap for extra protection.

      Unisex Sizes: S-XXL - Women’s Sizes: S-L, XLS                                                                                 Fabric: XP250™ 4-layer fabric/Cordura® 550D ripstop
                   Infos: www.kokatat.com                                          Infos: www.nrsweb.com                                 Infos: www.palmequipmenteurope.com

Peak UK > Creek One Piece                                         Sandiline > FreeRide 4L                                           Stohlquist > B-Pod

Construction: Articulated sleeves with pre bent elbows,           Thanks to the new Toyota 4 layer fabric the FreeRide 4L will      • Ulra stretchy neoprene neck seal.
bum and knees. Fully taped seams. Fabric: Breathable and          keep you dry and warm in the most demanding conditions.           • Buil in relief zippers.
durable heavy weight X4 nylon with 30m waterproofing.              Latex wrist and neck gaskets underneath elastic Ultraspan         • Chest (men’s version) or biceps pocket (women’s)
Ripstop Cordura elbows, shoulders, spine, knees and bum.          neoprene gaskets ensure that no water enters from outside.        • Cordura® dry socks shaped for a one size fits all.
Feet: Fourway stretch X4 breathable, waterproof and               The high performance cut combined with flexible TiZip              • Knees and shins are padded with PE foam...
durable fully taped socks with flatlocked seams.                   Masterseal dry zippers let you move so freely you will forget
                                                                  that you are wearing a dry suit.

               Sizes: S, M, L, XL, XXL                                              Sizes: S, M, L, XL                                             Sizes: S, M, L, XL, XXL
              Infos: www.peakuk.com                                            Infos: www.sandiline.com                                          Infos: www.stohlquist.com

Duem Stuff > Freestyle Semidry Jacket S/S                                                          Level Six > Chochee

Duemstuffs’ first freestyle semidry short sleeve jacket is absolutely breath-taking. Tough          A short sleeve version of the legendary Mack, with updated styling and fit. Material:
nylon upper layers, double layered waist and newly shaped Ultraspan cuffs, which offer             eXhaust 3 Ply waterproof breathable nylon, Double tunnel, DCS waistband with Velcro
best fit to multiple arm and neck sizes, are just the beginning.                                    panels eliminate loose…

                                    Sizes: XS – XL                                                                                  Sizes: XS,S,M,L,XL,XXL
                             Infos: www.duemstuff.com                                                                             Infos: www.levelsixinc.com

Peak UK > Combi Short                                                                              Sandiline > FreePlay 3L S/S

Construction: Articulated with removable sleeve option. Fully taped seams. Fabric: Breathable      A comfortable and durable short sleeved paddle jacket for milder weather and water conditions.
and durable mid weight X3 ripstop nylon with 30m waterproofing. Neck: Really soft                   The combination of the Toray 3 layer breathable ripstop fabric and the soft UltraSpan neoprene
superstretch neoprene cone with AO seal. Arms: Latex inner with opening neoprene outer.            neck and wrist gaskets make the FreePlay 3L S/S a great choice for mild weather...

                             Sizes: XS. S. M. L. XL. XXL.                                                                             Sizes: S. M. L. XL.
                               Infos: www.peakuk.com                                                                              Infos: www.sandiline.comv

     Whitewater > Spray Skirts
              > >>

      Sprayskirts come in a variety of sizes and are important for keeping water out of the

                                                       NEW!                                                          NEW!                                                          NEW!
      °hf > Silverback                                               Prijon > Rock                                                 NRS > Drylander Rawhide Sprayskirt

      The °hf Silverback is the latest addition to the               Prijon recently announced the adaption of NoName              The NRS Drylander Rawhide Sprayskirt, with implosion-
      comprehensive range of °hf spraydecks. No matter if you        spraydecks into their comprehensive line of whitewater        resistant design and reinforced construction, is one
      are into recreational or touring paddling, white water or      equipment. Milan Mach’s NoName spraydecks are known           sweet piece of equipment. Pre-curved to give a good
      competition – with more than 15 years of experience the        for their high quality and pop resistance even under          fit to cockpit rims. Rubberized inner deck coating grips
      German sprayskirt specialist offers just the right neoprene    hardest conditions for a long time now.                       the kayak combing from the inside, resisting slippage.
      spraydeck for every kayaking discipline. The new high end                                                                    A 4-way stretch PowerSpan neoprene tunnel gives a
      model °hf Silverback gives the paddler extra protection        The PopStop is an extreme skirt for creek boating.            comfortable snug fit. Tough neoprene surface holds well
      where needed: with the specifically shaped Kevlar patches,      Kevlar reinforced with especially strong elastic and latex    under pressure and is abrasion resistant. The rugged shock
      a ¾ dry lip, three high reflective prints on both sides of      coating inside. Attention: This deck should not be used       cord design holds tight to cockpit combings. Tired of your
      the deck and additional abrasion protection it leads the       by beginners!                                                 skirt popping off? The Drylander is your answer.
      way for modern white water spray decks.

                                                                        Sizes: S/M: 53-56 - M/L: 56-59 - XL :59-6
                Infos: www.paddlepeople.com                                        Infos: www.prijon.com                                         Infos: www.nrsweb.com

      Duem Stuff > Extreme Spraydeck                                 Langer > Aramid                                               Level Six > Blender

      Whether it’s extreme or freestyle, this spraydeck is a piece   The Aramid is a tough, reliable skirt that will satisfy the   Fits all medium to large keyhole boats; Rotex neoprene side
      of equipment that is ready to accept any challenge. It         needs of demanding users. Aramid reinforcements of the        panels; articulated lip to increase implosion resistance;
      features the newest Full Stretch Kevlar technology and a       enhanced version wrap around the foredeck coaming and         moulded plastic quick release loop; blind stitched; glued
      double-stitched 9mm elastic cord to make it tough, while       reach around the tunnel, providing protection from paddle     and taped seams; continuous machine moulded rubber
      easy to fit. Elastomax insert in the back makes it fit more      abrasion and unexpected obstacles, the river can throw in     band. Improved fit for larger boats.
      kayaks and seat positions, while the Elastomax/Mash            your way. Like all Langer skirts, the Aramid comes with       Product Features:
      neoprene combination gives it the best grip possible.          a knee kick-out strap for emergency exits and an oval-        - 3 mm neoprene tunnel
      Inner Ultraspan 3mm comfortable neoprene waist makes           shaped tunnel for a snug fit around your waist. 3 different    - 4 mm diamond grid neoprene deck
      one size fit more belly sizes. It comes in keyhole/large        deck sizes - 5 different waist sizes XS – XL                  - Rotex neoprene side panels
      and single/double waist options.                                                                                             - Sizes: xs,s,m,l,xl

                                                                                                                                                    Colors: Grey, Black
                  Infos: www.duemstuff.com                                       Infos: www.textil-langer.de                                   Infos: www.levelsixinc.com

 Palm > Extreme Kevlar

 9.5mm prestretched shockcord • 3 dimensional cut with two-way stretch neoprene
 prevents implosion • Full Kevlar® neoprene edge protection • Small Diamond
 neoprene deck panel for durability • Latex cockpit grip • Glued and blind stitched
 seams with reinforced Melco® tape and liquid S-Seal • Super Stretch neoprene
 waist tube with mesh neoprene band for secure fit • PU printed wear section at
 rear • 40mm webbing release loop • Quick-release loop clips onto PFD to keep
 the spraydeck out of the way when scouting • 4mm Kevlar® neoprene, 4mm Small
 Diamond neoprene

                   Infos: www.palmequipmenteurope.com

 Peak UK > Freeride

 Construction: Blind stitched and latex sealed seams throughout. 10 mm shockcord
 style deck. Fabric: 4.5mm tough faced neoprene with latex reinforcing on top and
 underneath. Features: Dry Lip and no seams in the deck section.
 Deck Sizes: Riot. Keyhole. Colours: Black.

                          Body Sizes: S/M, L/XL, XXL
                            Infos: www.peakuk.com

 Seals Skirts > Pro Shocker

 A reliable seal is what you will get with this bomber whitewater sprayskirt.
 Constructed from 4mm dive quality neoprene with Aramid fiber re-enforcement
 topside edge guard. The tenacious stitched bungee attachment to the rim with
 underside grip treatment virtually inoculates this skirt from problems with blow
 out. For 2008 Seals has added their unique, form fitting anatomical tunnel that
 adds to this skirt’s top-of-the-line performance.

3 cockpit sizes to choose from - Color: black, custom colors upon request
                          Infos: www.sealsskirts.com

     Whitewater > Helmets >> CREEKING, PLAY
              > >>

      Providing extra protection to reduce the risk of injury in the event of serious impact and
      offering solid head protection for any kind of whitewater paddling

       >> creeking                                    NEW!          >> creeking                                    NEW!           >> creeking
      Artistic > Watts                                             Nil > Rhino FC                                                Predator > Six

      A multitalent: the Watts is Artistic’s new robust and        Nil pops up with new standards! For their helmets and         The Preditor Six is the ulimate in lightweight, comfortable,
      comfortable whitewater and rafting helmet, offering          paddles they offer custom made designs and elaborate          and durable head protection for the most demanding
      strong breaking resistance due to the high impact ABS-       surface finish. Having found a brand new method of             adventures. The Six’s superior impact protection is
      outer shell. The helmet is furnished with closed cell        manufacturing, Nil is able to fulfil a wide range of desires   achieved using a carbon fiber reinforced fiberglass shell
      Brock foam which assists for highest beat absorbance.        according to customers’ individual requests.                  and expanded polystyrene impact liner. The clean design
      Removable neoprene ear flaps are included.                    Since many years international top athletes rely on Nil       lines and snag-free outer surface deliver total protection
      Colors: chili, fire                                           helmets made of GFK-prepreg. Nil, that is formerly known      of all key areas while maintaining excellent visibility and
                                                                   as Riverstar, stands for high-quality products and the        reduced weight. Other Six features include a detachable
                                                                   finest austrian melon protection you can find. Weight:          visor with flow-through holes, padded chinguard, top
                                                                   400 g                                                         quality chinstrap webbing, contoured chinstrap buckle,
                                                                                                                                 stainless steel chinstrap rivets and a fit pad kit.

                     Available sizes: S – XXL                         Sizes: S/M: 53-56 - M/L: 56-59 - XL :59-6                        Sizes: one size with fit pads included
             Infos: www.artistic-sportswear.de/                                   Infos: www.nilstyle.com                                 Infos: www.predatorhelmets.com

       >> creeking                                                 >> creeking                                                    >> creeking
      Protec > Ace Wake                                            Spreu > Bumper                                                Sweet > Rocker Fullface

      A stylish watersport side-cut helmet with removable ear      Spreu’s Bumper shell is constructed from high density         The Rocker Fullface offers full coverage for the most
      flaps.                                                        polyethylene with an adjustable plastic retention system      extensive protection. All the features you’ll ever need in
      Injection moulded high density ABS shell • Dual density      that ensures a proper fit for just about all head sizes. The   a helmet. Carbon fiber reinforced composite shell, High
      water resistant EVA foam lining • 16 vents for ventilation   inside of the shell is completely padded with EVA closed      impact ABS occipital shell, EPP padding w/Coolmax®
      and drainage • Fully padded interior • Head Lock strap       cell foam which will protect against most high impact         liner, Removable ear pads with EVA frame, PP straps w/
      system • Removable moulded foam ear flaps • Soft              collisions. An adjustable side-release buckle guarantees a    PA buckles, Ventilation channels, Adjustable visor, Carbon
      webbing chinstrap with neoprene chinguard • Approved         clean, secure fit. CE-approved.                                fiber reinforced jaw protector.
      to CE watersport safety standard EN1385. High density                                                                      Weight: 750g (M/L) - Certification: CE EN 1385
      ABS shell, EVA foam lining

                     Colors: Black, Blue, Red                            Colors: blue, red, white, yellow, black                     Sizes: M/L (56-59 cm) - L/XL (59-61 cm)
                Infos: www.protechelmet.com                                   Infos: www.spreu-boats.com                                  Infos: www.sweetprotection.com

 >> creeking                                                   >> play                                                       >> play
WRSI > Face Protection System “The Pinch”                     Shred Ready > Standard HC                                      Predator > Lee

With the Pinch Facemask you simply „pinch“ the back           After two years of research and development Shred Ready        This low profile helmet has a 2 1/2 ” (6.5 cm) visor
in and it snaps right in to all „medium/large“ 2007           introduces its carbon deluxe line of helmets utilizing their   that provides total eye and sun protection. The shell is
whitewater, Fresh Roy and future WRSI helmets. WRSI           Carbon Fiber & Kevlar Unibody Construction for 2010            made of high impact Ralvek® thermoplastic for increased
is currently developing a face protection system for the      for the Standard Full Face, Standard Half Cut, Shaggy,         stiffness and protection.
„small/medium“ helmets that will be available at some         Shaggy-Tdub & Vixen Models.                                    A comfortable closed-cell waterproof foam is used to
future time.                                                                                                                 dissipate impacts. The Lee includes a closed-cell fit
                                                              With the Carbon Deluxe construction the entire shell of        pad kit for customizing, detachable thermoformed ear
‘‘The Pinch“ is available in the grey colour shown in this    the helmet is made of carbon fiber and Kevlar composite         covers, edging trim, top quality webbing and buckles and
picture. Since it is removable you can store it in your       materials yielding a stronger, lighter helmet.                 stainless steel chinstrap rivets.
boat when you don‘t need it and break it out when you‘re
lining up a big drop or technical rapid.                      Features include: Black Gold Uni-body Carbon & Kevlar          Certification: CE EN 1385 - Colors: red, white, orange,
                                                              Shell, EPP Molded Liner, Interchangable Fitting Pads,          black, carbon, white with pink stripe
                                                              HOG.2.0 Occipital Lock

                                                                                                                                               Sizes: XS-M, L/XL
            Infos: www.wrsisafety.com                                      Infos: www.shreadready.com                                  Infos: www.predatorhelmets.com

 >> play                                                       >> play                                                       >> play

Protec > Two Face                                             Sweet > Wanderer                                               WRSI > Current

A peaked watersport side-cut helmet with removable ear        Dependable all-round helmet. Direct ventilation and            The WRSI Current kayak helmet is a multi impact helmet
flaps. Swing Lock rear strap allows the helmet to be worn      drainage with superior fit thanks to Sweet’s neckhugging        designed to be compatible with a wide range of head
forwards or backwards.                                        ”Occigrip” system.                                             sizes.

• Injection moulded high density ABS shell                    Features include: Carbon fiber reinforcement, High impact       This helmet is designed in four layers. Muliple Impact Shell,
• Dual density water resistant EVA foam lining                ABS shell, EPP padding w/Coolmax® liner, Occigrip              A Liner: EVA foam, B Liner: polyurethane sub-shell, and C
• 7 vents for ventilation and drainage                        tensioning system, Removable ear pads with EVA frame,          Layer: EVA Foam. The final foam layer is provided in four
• Fully padded interior                                       PP straps w/ PA buckles, Injection molded ABS visor.           different sizes. Each piece can be interchanged using a
• Swing Lock reversible system                                Weight: 550g (M/L) - Certification: CE EN 1385                  Velcro system to provide you a custom fit.
• Removable moulded foam ear flaps
• Soft webbing chinstrap with neoprene chinguard                                                                             This WRSI helmet has been introduced to combine safety
• Approved to CE watersport safety standard EN1385                                                                           and style at an affordable price for everyone. The ‘Superior
                                                                                                                             Retention System’ and the multiple and removable shims
                                                                                                                             helps keep the helmet in place.

Colors: Matte Black, Gloss Carbon, Matte Burnt Orange        S/M (53-56 cm), M/L (56-59 cm), L/XL (59-61 cm)
           Infos: www.protechelmet.com                                   Infos: www.sweetprotection.com                                   Infos: www.wrsisafety.com

     Whitewater > Helmets >> Play
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