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Magaz ne o he R ve Canoe C ub o N S W nco po a ed                                      February 2004

                Happy New Year!
             In this month’s Splash-
             Santa Claus boofs rapid
   Cronulla surfing- we survived the trip south
           Wicked Wednesday paddles
                                                              From the Editor
    Committee Members                         Hello there from the Editor’s couch and Happy New Year
         New Member Contact                   to all. Where did 2003 go, huh?! This year is the year of
         Lynn Parker 9428 3131                the Monkey and let’s hope that with it, comes plenty of
                                              paddling trips.
   David Pearce            040 9922 436
                                              Did you all have a good Xmas break? I went on my usual
Vice President                                pilgrimage to Melbourne to visit the family and chill out.
   Keith Davison           9948 6645          Went fishing and diving at Mount Martha, which is a
Treasurer                                     coastal town on the bay about 2 hours from Melbourne.
   Mark Manly              4784 3261          We fish off the rocks there. It’s a beautiful place. But to
Assist. Treasurer
   Kate Benson             9572 9008
                                              my horror, seems that the place has been infested with
Secretary                                     starfish that are killing everything. There were no fish
   Lynn Parker             9428 3131          left, no abalone, no nothing; very sad. Where is our world
Assist. Secretary                             heading I ask?
   Richard McEvoy          9564 2423
Editor                                        I have discovered snorkelling here in Sydney and it’s
   Sabina Belli            9420 9495          absolutely wonderful (unlike Melbourne!). In fact, if                    anyone would like to join me some time, let me know.
Assist. Editor
                                              Lately, I have snorkelled around Long Reef, and believe it
   Mercy Kibbey            9567 7778
Web Master                                    or not, you can actually find tropical fish in the water of
   Tom Millett             9949 6871          all colours. Now, I bet you all think I am mad, maybe
Circulation Manager                           wasn’t getting enough air and perhaps I was hallucinating.
   Lynn Parker             9428 3131          But you are all wrong! It turns out that the tropical fish
Social Secretary
                                              get caught in the East Australian Current (remember the
   Basil Slaughter         4396 5842
House Officer                                 turtles in Looking for Nemo?) and get swept south where
   Brandon Finucane        040 2014 415       they get stuck here. And then when the waters get
Conservation and mapping                      colder…..well…you can guess what happens.
   Sue Stevens             9558 9866
Trips Convenor                                That’s all from me, and hope to see you on one of the
   Anders Norgaard         9907 3741          many trips scheduled soon.
   Stuart Scott            9971 8049
Public Officer                                Sabina
   Lynn Parker             9428 3131          Front Cover: Bob in the surf at Long Reef.
Training Assistants
   Ross Winters            9543 9568
   Mercy Kibbey            6672 6154
   Basil Slaughter         4396 5842          If you would like to receive Splash by email instead of
Local Coordinators                            snail-mail, please let me know. It looks better in colour!
   Matt Lavin              9559 5834
   Kim Reeves              9559 5834
Club Meetings- Normally the first Friday
of the month commencing at 8:00 pm
promptly, at the club-house: Richardson
                                                         Next Splash Deadline:
Crescent, Tempe- opposite Tempe Railway
Station. Check calendar as the date and
                                                          20th February 2004
venue can change.
New Members are welcome to come along
to our club meetings or beginner paddles;
contact Lynn Parker.                          This Magazine is  copyright to River Canoe Club. No part may be
Mailing Address:                              reproduced without permission. Non profit canoeing clubs may
SPLASH, Newsletter of the RCC of N.S.W.,      reproduce any article without permission, as long as the source and
c/o 13 Centennial Avenue, Lane Cove,          copyright is acknowledged. Splash is published monthly without any
N.S.W., 2066                                  spelling or grammar mistakes [they are randomly introduced

                                            February 2004 Splash                                          Page 2
                                     Presidential Platitudes
    Welcome to 2004!! 2003 may have been a bit dry, but I bet that this year, many Club members are already out
there at night, or perhaps during lunch breaks, doing the rain dance and praying to the rain gods! 2003 did have
some great Club events, in particular, the Christmas party; all people who attended had a great time. And once
again, Santa was a great hit, even with his near swim in the bottom hole on the white water course!! Editor’s note:
“and they call themselves Santa’s little helpers- yeh right!!”
    Congratulations to the Club members involved in organising the Wednesday night paddles. In particular Kim
and Matt. These paddles have been an enormous success, and they are attracting more people every week. It’s
terrific to the see that people are enjoying the Club-house, with many members and prospective members staying
for dinner after their paddle. If you have the time, why not get along to these paddles before daylight savings ends,
even if it is just for dinner. Editor’s note: “Oh Ross…can you come out and play?”
    As this dry weather continues, the committee is trying its best to arrange paddles for members. But the situation
is very simple- no water, no river flow, trip cancelled. We welcome each and every member’s feedback on potential
trips. Trips do not necessarily have to be white water trips. As we wait for the big rains, why not give another aspect
of kayaking a go. For example, regular surf events have been organised both on the northern and southern
beaches. Surfing is a great way to keep those moving-water skills from developing cobwebs. Or if you want
something a little less nail biting, come along to a flat water trip; you will see a number of excellent flat water trips
scheduled in the upcoming months. And if your only interested in getting your adrenaline fix from the white water,
keep an eye on river levels further a field, and on the yahoo group. Over the Australia Day long weekend, a group
of us made the drive up to Goolang Creek and the Nymboida River, to make the most of the floods near Tamworth.
It has been a few years since Goolang Creek flowed and I am sure that all the members that came up that
weekend would agree that it was well worth the effort. But more about that next month!
    Spring may be some time away, but it may be time to do some cleaning up of your canoeing gear. Do you have
any excess equipment?? The Club is looking for donations of old PFDs, paddles or even kayaks to be used on the
Cooks River, particularly for the Wednesday night paddles. Individual members can state the terms that their
equipment is used. We have had a few kayaks lent to the club which are already used on Wednesday night
paddles or for weekend training days. Some of these kayaks are also for sale and this seems a great way to sell
equipment as beginners get to use the gear before they have to layout the money to buy it. In the near future, we
hope to have a notice board put up in the Club-house for members to advertise gear they want to sell. Does
anyone have a large corkboard or similar they don’t want?
    So while we wait for our local rivers to rise, let’s join together to keep our Club active. The committee looks
forward to each and every member’s feedback regarding trips and activities. Not every activity has to be overly
physical, and there is no reason for not organising non-kayaking social activities. So who is up for the first annual
RCC Put-Put Golf Tournament? Or the River’s 10 Pin Bowling Cup? (Editor’s note: I’m going on Brian D.’s team!).
    See you all on the water……David

                                    Senior First Aid Course
                                    A Senior First Aid training course will be run by St John at the RCC Clubhouse,
                                    Richardson Cres, Tempe (opp. Tempe Railway Station).
                                    This is the essential first aid course. You’ll learn basic first aid treatments for
                                    resuscitation, bleeding, fractures, burns, poisons, bites and stings, and
                                    protection against communicable diseases. Designed for people 14 years and
                                    over, the Senior First Aid Certificate is accredited by WorkCover and VETAB.
                                    Course fees include bandages, textbook and morning and afternoon tea. The
                                    certificate is valid for three years. So if you’ve done it before, but it has expired,
                                    now is your chance to refresh your memory!
                                    Date:   Weekend 28 & 29 February 2004
                                    Time: Saturday 28 February: 8am – 5pm
                                            Sunday 29 February: 8am – 4pm
                                    Cost:   $100 (special Club price!)
                                    Bring: Lunch
                                    Bookings Essential: Places are limited. Call Kim Reeves on 9559 5834 to
                                    book. Payment must be made by 12 February.

                                               February 2004 Splash                                              Page 3
                                                                                              News and Gossip
     FOR SALE
              Green Dancer XT for sale ($300) and Purple Pirouette S ($600). The pirouette has two
      seats: medium and large. Telephone Sabina (9420 9495) or David Pearce (0404 9922 436)
              Kayak Pyranha Mountainbat, in excellent condition with paddle and new perception
      spraydeck- $750 or near offer. Contact Petri Puustinen (9975 5590; petri.puustinen
              Aqua Bound Fibreglass paddle, Wildwater helmet (blue), Solution spraydeck. Telephone
      David Pearce (0404 9922 436).

          Congratulations to Ross and Fi
    for the arrival of their baby daughter
    Annabelle. We wish the happy family all
    the best, and once again, hope to see
    some happy snaps at the next Club
          So where did Ross come up with
    the name Annabelle? More on that next
                     Ross says that Annabelle is now keeping
                     her mum and dad on their toes with a
                     request for a feed every 4 hours, and is
                     gaining weight and giving them both lots
                     of joy. Ross would like to put a model
                     kayak in Annabelle’s bath (to start life
                     with the right karma) but Fi has said no
                     to it due to space limitations!
                                                                                                                                                                                           He finally did it, so
                                                                                                                                                                                           they say! Yes it’s
                                                                                                                                                                                           true, and not a
                                                                                                                                                                                           rumour. In fact, Tom
                                                                                                                                                                                           was there to witness
                                                                                                                                                                                           Anders tie the knot
                                                                                                                                                                                           with Amanda.
                                                                                                                                                                                           Congratulations to the
                                                                                                                                                                                           newlyweds!!! He must
                                                                                                      QuickTime™ and a TIFF (Uncompressed ) decompressor are needed to see this picture.

                                                                                                                                                                                           have had an amazing
       QuickTime™ and a TIFF (Unco mpressed) d ecompressor are needed to see this pictu re.

                                                                                                                                                                                           Buck’s night because
                                                                                                                                                                                           he didn’t make it to
                                                                                                                                                                                           the Christmas
                                                                                                                                                                                           Jousting Competition-
                                                                                                                                                                                           now that must have
                                                                                                                                                                                           been a first!

                                                                                               February 2004 Splash                                                                                      Page 4
                                                  Calendar of Events
It is expected that all participants in River Canoe Club activities are financial members of RCC. Prospective members are given one trip’s
grace before they are expected to become members. Any person wishing to paddle on a club white water trip must prove their basic skills
ability on flat water first to the satisfaction of the trip leader. Please inform the trip contact 5 days prior to the trip to let him/her know that
you are interested. The advertised trip shall be subject to river conditions and the venue may be changed at the discretion of the club or trip
contact. No one will be allowed to paddle with the club if they don’t have the appropriate safety gear in good repair. If in doubt - ASK. If
you have any medical conditions or take medicine on the river, let the trip contact know.

Trip Etiquette.         If you would like to come on a trip, then please call the trip contact whose name appears in Splash, preferably a week
before the trip. This allows the coordinator to organise car sharing, notify you of any changes of rivers, or if no one is interested, cancel the
trip. If you want to hire a club boat, then two weeks notice is normally necessary.
Impromptu Trip. Broges Creek – Kangaroo Valley. So when it’s raining on Friday or any day for that matter, it is likely that this
special little creek will be running. If interested in a quick day trip, give John Marks a call on 02 48834399
Cancelled Trips. If whitewater trips are cancelled due to lack of water, the alternative is to head out to Penrith Whitewater Stadium on
the Sunday of that weekend. Lynn and other members are there most Sundays. Call the trip contact for that weekend or Lynn.
Subscribe to the Rivers email list to receive up-to-date information regarding impromptu river
trips. To subscribe, send an email to Lynn (
4th          Midweek Paddle. Enjoy Daylight Saving and Summer with a Wednesday evening paddle
             after work. Meet at 5:45 pm at the Clubhouse. $5 member if using Club’s kayaks and gear.
             $10 for non-members. Free for Club members with gear. Contact: Matt & Kim (9559 5834;
6th          Club meeting at Clubhouse. 7:30-8:00 pm start. First Club night of the year, so let’s start
             with a paddle. Cooks River. 6:15 pm before the Club meeting followed by a BBQ and video.
             BYO food and grog.
7th          Training at the Clubhouse. 9:30 am. Non-members welcome to try out the Club boats and
             receive some paddling tuition. For non-members, the first try is free, then $5 for subsequent
             boat use. Members free. It is essential that you telephone prior to attending. Contact: Mercy
             Kibbey (9567 7778).
7th          Surf kayaking down South. Cronulla Beaches (North Cronulla, Elouera or Wanda Beach
             depending on direction of the swell). High Tide 9:56 am. Trip Contact: Bob/Monica (9576
             5010 or 0403 800959).
 th    th
7 &8         National selection races for slalom team at Penrith. 8.30 am. Come to cheer for Club
             member Robbie Parker who hopes to make the team.
14th-15th N.S.W. Canoe Polo Development Camp. Camp Kanangra, Nord’s Wharf, on Lake
             Macquarie. $60 – Includes – venue, coaches, accommodation, all meals. For more
             information, see large ad.
   th     th
14 & 15 Olympic selection races for slalom team at Penrith. 8.30 am.
18th         Midweek Paddle. Enjoy Daylight Saving and Summer with a Wednesday evening paddle
             after work. Meet at 5:45 pm at the Club House. $5 member if using Club’s kayaks and gear.
             $10 for non-members. Free for Club members with gear. Contact: Matt & Kim (9559 5834;
21st         Riverlife Kayak Tour of the Cooks River. 9:30 am-12.30 pm, starts and ends at the
             clubhouse. Cost $15 for members and $25 for non-members, including BBQ at end - this can
             be joined by non-paddling family and friends for $5. Bookings are essential as places are
             limited - Book via Marrickville Council Citizens centre on 9335 2222.
   st  nd
21 -22       Moving trip on the beautiful Tuross River down south. Mostly grade 2/3 through
             beautiful granite country with camping on a sandy beach. Call Mike and Lani (4421 2584)
             the week before if interested. An alternative trip could be an overnighter on the Shoalhaven
             near Braidwood.
24           Committee meeting. 7 pm. Tempe Clubhouse. For RCC committee members only.
28th-29th Senior First Aids Course. Given by the St. John Ambulance Service. See large ad.

                                                         February 2004 Splash                                                          Page 5
3rd         Midweek Paddle. Enjoy Daylight Saving and Summer with a Wednesday evening paddle
            after work. Meet at 5:45 pm at the Clubhouse. $5 member if using Club’s kayaks and gear.
            $10 for non-members. Free for Club members with gear. Contact: Matt & Kim (9559 5834;
5th         NO Club meeting. Meeting transferred to Saturday March 6th.
6th         Special Club meeting and social get-together. Refer to larger ad.
6th         Mountain bike ride "The Oaks Firetrail". 28kms. Woodford station to Glenbrook
            station. Difficulty: Medium/Hard - may need to walk some uphills, especially that last climb
            from the causeway. Surface may be loose and corners rutted. Causeway may be impassable
            after heavy rain. Trip Contact: Mark Manly (4784 3261).
7th         Clean Up Australia Day- Clean up the Cooks River. Come for an hour, come for less or
            come for more. 10 am – 4 pm. Bring your families. If you would like to co-ordinate this
            event or if you would like to get involved, it’s very simple because all the work has already
            been done. Just contact Kim or Matt (9559 5834 or email See
            large ad.
13th-14th   Shoalhaven River. Jinglemoney (Braidwood). More details next month.
13th-14th   Flatwater Skills Course. Run by NSWCI at the RCC Clubhouse, Tempe. Lets make
            ourselves as safe as possible on all of our trips. This course is the first step to a full suite of
            courses ( right up to Instructor level. The training will be
            about $120/day/student. This first course will take 2 days if you are reasonably competent.
            You will need a training manual ($45) but we can probably share those. If you wish to obtain
            a full certificate for working in the industry that will cost a bit more but lets worry about that
            later. Please contact Lynn (9428 3131; for more details.
17th        Midweek Paddle. Enjoy Daylight Saving and Summer with a Wednesday evening paddle
            after work. Meet at 5:45 pm at the Clubhouse. $5 member if using Club’s kayaks and gear.
            $10 for non-members. Free for Club members with gear. Contact: Matt & Kim (9559 5834;
   As this is the last paddle before daylight savings ends, we will
            have a sausage sizzle after our paddle!
20th        Hunter Valley Canoe Club Canoe Polo competition is part of the Newcastle Maritime
            Harbour Festival. Rivers will be entering a team. Have you nominated? It will be a great
            long weekend, especially if you “sail up” on the James Craig on the Friday (approx $250 one
            way with possible discount for a group booking and return on Monday). Boats will be stored
            "below". Trip Contact: Lynn (9428 3131). Otherwise you can still have a great weekend
            when you travel up by freeway!!!!!
20th-21st   Bundeena and Royal National Park Explorer Weekend. Saturday - meet at Bonnie Vale
            Campsite, Bundeena 9-9.30 am; paddle Port Hacking, exploring South West Arm in Royal
            National Park, BYO picnic lunch and return. Camp overnight at Bonnie Vale, or return
            home. Sunday - Depart Camping Area approx 10.00 am; paddle on Port Hacking to Grays Pt
            (approx 3 hrs) or Audley Weir (approx 4 hrs); shuttle back to camp site or home - Note:
            Sunday paddle not suitable for novices. Bonnie Vale Campsite is right on the beach at
            Bundeena in the Royal National Park. There are lovely sheltered beaches, ideal for families,
            and several bush walking tracks to explore, with fantastic views and Aboriginal Carvings.
            Good snorkelling at Jibbon beach, Bundeena, and possibility of surfing off Simpson Bay, Port
            Hacking if conditions are good. Shops and restaurants available at Bundeena. Kayak Hire
            available at Bundeena Sea Kayaks National Park Entry Fees
            ($10) apply for all access to Bundeena and National park. Trip Contact: Bob/Monica (9576
            5010 or 0403 800959; Early bookings essential because
            the camp site is popular!!
23th        Committee meeting. 7 pm. Tempe Clubhouse. For RCC committee members only.
9th-12th    Easter Safari. Details to be announced.

                                          February 2004 Splash                                       Page 6
                                   What is a Wednesday Night Paddle?
                                                                Matt Lavin
      Since daylight savings started, Kim and I have introduced the Wednesday night paddle once a fortnight, starting
from the Clubhouse. The idea of this night is to give members and non-members the opportunity to get out on the
Cooks River, get a bit of activity happening and to get the Club‟s boats out on the water!
      Our first paddle consisted of only one other member
[thanks Bob], and we thought the concept might be               You just can’t keep some people off the
doomed! The following fortnight proved to be a better                                 water!
turnout, with a good number of interested club members                  One Wednesday evening, due to the build
and non members alike wanting to get out on the mighty up of a huge storm, only a few desperate
Cooks. Since then, each paddle has become more members dared to get out on the water! We had
popular.                                                       a bit of an explore up Wolli Creek with Chris &
      The last two paddles of 2003 proved to be even Brandon leading over the weir into the
bigger, with a heap of non–members interested in freshwater part and pushing upstream as far as
kayaking on the Cooks, and the same faces from within possible, with a mini game of polo along the way
the Club in attendance. We had a total of 15 people out (thanks to the discovery of a ball!). Chris was
on the river for our last 2003 paddle and 13 people for disappointed that no one took along a beer to
our first paddle of the New Year. The attendance of have mid- way.
people „off the street‟ has been overwhelming and the                   Just moments before the storm hit, we
Club is getting a lot of exposure as we all kayak down were all fortunate enough to get back to the Club
the river. Many dogs and their owners have been house for that beer or two. It was decided then
spotted, flabbergastered, on the banks as we paddle and there that for all future Wednesday night
past – one owner exclaiming, “My dog‟s going crazy – paddles we would have a BYO BBQ afterwards
he‟s never seen anything like this before!”                    as well as a drink to add to the evening.
         We have some new local members and the Club
house is being used on a more regular basis for
kayaking. We have a BYO BBQ afterwards, which is a
great way to enjoy the sunset and have a relaxing drink
or two – a nice way to end the day! Check out the calendar for the next paddle.
      As daylight savings finishes, we are contemplating a mid-week twilight fitness paddle, leaving from the
Clubhouse, for members only. Any expressions of interest would be appreciated.
         On the topic of appreciation, we would like to thank all the members who have turned up regularly and have
taken the time to make sure everyone was safe and that the inexperienced paddlers learnt a bit more along the way.
It‟s been a real group effort - thank you all.
                                        -Mid-week Paddles Starting From the Clubhouse-
 Let‟s make the most of daylight savings - come along for a fitness paddle or a recreational paddle to unwind after a hard day‟s work (and
 get exercise at the same time!)
 When: Paddles will be Wednesday evenings, fortnightly, to coincide with high tide. This schedule will also be posted on the website.
 Date (Wednesdays):
 21 Jan:              BYO drinks and food for a BBQ
 4 Feb:               BYO drinks and $6 for pizza – we‟ll get it delivered to the clubhouse!
 18 Feb:              BYO drinks and food for a BBQ
 3 Mar:               BYO drinks and $6 for pizza – we‟ll get it delivered to the clubhouse!
 17 Mar:              BYO drinks and food for a BBQ
 Time:                5.45pm to get on the water for 6pm
 Cost:                $5 for members if using kayaks and gear, $10 for non-members
                      FREE for members with their own kayaks and gear
 What to bring:
 Shoes that you don‟t mind getting wet, hat, sunscreen, sunglasses, bottle of water, towel, suitable clothing that doesn‟t matter if it gets wet
 (swimmers, shorts and t-shirt are best) and a change of clothes for afterwards just in case!
 Contact:             Bookings are essential if you wish to use the club‟s equipment;
                      Matt & Kim, (0413 467 587;

                                                       February 2004 Splash                                                         Page 7
Wednesday Night Paddle- Photos by
Mercy Kibbey

Top- The locals and not so local get

Middle- When was the last time you saw
so many kayakers (15!) outside of the Club

Bottom- New Club member Helen
celebrates with Kim

                                       February 2004 Splash   Page 8
 Celebrate good times come on!- RCC Xmas/Birthday
           Party at Penrith- December 2003
                                         Sabina Belli

         ur Club year ended spectacularly well, with a fabulous Christmas/Birthday party at the
         Penrith Whitewater stadium.
                 The weather was sensational! It was sunny and warm, just the best conditions
for our water filled fun day. We were thirty-four in all, including eight children. We even had a
surprise visit from Rick Fitzgerald and one of his daughters!
        The day started off with some Canadian Canoe racing. I would just like to say that I had
an ace racing team, and I think that we could have done amazingly well if given the chance.
Now Brian Dolan and I had our whole strategy worked out, right down to the smallest detail, but
even with all our preparation, we were still faced with some technical challenges. For example,
the fact that our craft capsized at the very start of the race might have indicated that although
we had power with both Dave P. and Bob on our team, our weight was off centre! In addition,
another aspect that played against our winning plan was the sabotage factor- Brandon! Say no
more right?
        As well as racing Canadians, we entered a Jousting competition, and again my team was
victorious, albeit at the expense of the near decaptitation of Judith and I with the battling ram!
And thanks to me, due to my brute strength and endurance, Chris’ team didn’t stand a chance!
Ha, ha!
        Then Santa arrived by raft on the lake. That was very exciting. He snuck up towards us
with his helpers and distributed gifts to all there! Then the children encouraged him to have a
go on the course, and off he went around the course, bumping around, and playing in holes.
Thank goodness Santa was there to show his helpers how it was done!
        The Club hired an inflatable funyak, as they do every year, and different members took it
around the course. Some members fell out off the first drop, while others flew off the last drop.
It was so much fun for all. It was great to see that everyone had a go, even some new
members who hadn’t tried white water before. And a special hoorah to Jane for giving it a go
after some unrelenting persuasion, right? And what about those crazy dudes who took the
Club’s TopoDuo down the course. Stuart S. wanted me to go with him- yeh right, not without
        Make sure you don’t miss out this year!

                                                 We invite you to a

                                                Saturday 6th March

     6.00   pm         Paddle and Cooks Tour with Kim, Matt and Basil
     7.00   pm         Meeting
     7.30   pm         Party with movies, stories and lots of great music
     8.00   pm         Dinner provided (BYOG)
        RSVP is essential by 3rd March:                  Lynn on 02 9428 3131

                                      February 2004 Splash                               Page 9
January 10th – Surf Kayaking Down South – Cronulla Trip Report
                                                 Monica Porteous
           At long last Bob had managed to convince
the Surf Kayak diehards of the Northern beaches to
venture into unknown and unfamiliar lands down
south, and enter „The Shire‟. A beautiful day
dawned, blue skies and sunshine, with a light
breeze. A good turnout at Wanda beach, North
Cronulla – Dave, Sabina, Brandon, Luke, Brian,
Matt and Kim, and Chris bringing his family all the
way from Silverdale. In fact, one of the best Club
turnouts for Surf kayaking in many months. All is
looking good! Until we looked at the surf – or lack of
it, that is. Flat as! Not a ripple in sight. Hmm, how
embarrassing for the Shire residents to not have half
decent waves on our famous surf beaches.
           Not to be deterred, the determined paddles              The fierce determination of Bob
unloaded kayaks and carried them over the dunes
to the beach, geared up and paddled out. I watched from the beach, and had a bit of a swim – I don‟t like surf, so for
me this was great! The paddlers looked a bit forlorn sat out there, however. One or two good waves were caught by
determined paddlers – well, if you only get one wave every 20 mins or so, you just have to make the effort, don‟t
           After a couple of stimulating hours sat bobbing around on the water, soaking up the sun, the weary paddlers
came in for lunch. That was probably the most exciting part of the day, so far, since the waves were actually
breaking right on the edge of the beach and seriously dumping – needless to say timing had to be spot on. Bob
didn‟t quite get it right, stopping short of the beach and then getting picked up by the next wave and bowled end over
end whilst still in his kayak – just proves that you
should always wear your helmet when surfing!
           Cronulla beaches get a good vote by El
Presidente for atmosphere, sun, sand and damn
good burgers from Wanda beach kiosk. Bit of a
worry that, pre lunch, could The Shire „nosh live up
to the standard of the Pies at Long Reef? Thumbs
down, however for the hard slog back up the sand
dunes to get the kayaks back to the car. Hey, guys
– gets you fit! Tell me about it!
           In the afternoon, conditions improved, but
only Chris, Bob and Brandon were game for surfing.
The rest of us just sunbaked and swam. There
were a few announcements from the Surf Lifesavers                           Dave’s race for pies
for surfies to move to the left, and swimmers to the
right. No instruction for persons in kayaks, however
Brandon decided to go with the swimmers for a while!
           Surf action got quite interesting from time to time, with Chris, Bob and Brandon competing for the same
wave; bit of cutting up here and there, and some good natured exchange of words (polite way of saying bash over
the head with paddle) between Chris and Brandon to keep the audience entertained. The afternoon finished up
around 4pm, when the 3 determined surfies called it a day.
           So, even if you don‟t fancy a surf, come down and join us for a day at the beach on one of the next surf
kayak days. Sabina will confirm that „it‟s really not that far‟ – a 40 minute trip from the Central suburbs – so
comparable with Long Reef for time taken to reach destination, and what‟s more FREE PARKING.

                                             February 2004 Splash                                           Page 10
You are invited to participate in this year’s NSW Canoe Polo Development camp to be held at
Camp Kanangra, Nord’s Wharf in February. The venue is a Scout Camp, set upon 5.5 acres of
natural bush land on the South Eastern edge of Lake Macquarie at Nord’s Wharf. It’s a 10
minute drive along the Pacific Highway from Swansea. The Camp is aimed at beginner to
intermediate level paddlers of all ages from all regions of NSW.
Where:        Camp Kanangra, Nord’s Wharf, on Lake Macquarie
When:         Saturday 14th February – Sunday 15th February 2004
Cost:         $60 – Includes – Venue, Coaches, Accommodation, All meals
Begins:       Saturday - please arrive at the venue by 9.00am (you are welcome from Friday
Finishes:     Sunday - approx. 3pm (May finish later depending on amount of people travelling
              a long way home).
Please bring:       kayak, paddle & paddling gear (or can be supplied), sleeping bag, mat &
                    pillow (sleeping on floor of Scout Hut), toiletries etc., pen and paper (may
                    come in handy for the discussion).
The Camp will consist of on and off water coaching sessions, including an evening discussion
on the Saturday night and finishing with games on the Sunday afternoon.
Coaching co-ordinator for the Camp will be Ashley Noble. Ashley along with other coaches,
including the last Australian Mens Team Captain, Brad Baker, will ensure that each training
session will be a valuable one.
For a ‘Camp Application Form’ and a ‘Single Event Membership/Declaration’ (for non-members
only), please contact Lynn (9428 3131;
Please return completed form/s with cheque to:
        Trent Baker at 32 Bronhill Ave. East Ryde, NSW 2113.
Cheque made payable to NSW Canoe Polo for $60.00. Please be prompt in your payment, and
forward by the 6th February.
If you have any questions please feel free to contact me on:
(h) 02 9887 1303
(m) 0414 099 588

Trent Baker
NSW Canoe Polo

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                    Make the Cook’s River shine!
On Sunday 7th March the River Canoe Club will be hosting a ‘Clean up Australia Day’
registered site. This is our chance to get on the water and make a difference to the Cooks
The site (the Clubhouse at Tempe on the Cooks River, opp Tempe Railway Station) will be
open from 10 am to 4 pm and members are encouraged to bring their boats and get out
onto the water to reach the rubbish that might otherwise be left behind. High tide is at
8.30 am and low tide is at 3 pm so there will be the opportunity to reach all parts of the
river that people on the banks cannot!
Members will be able to get out in a kayak and non-members and non-paddling family
members can help out on the banks of the river – everyone is welcome!
A sausage sizzle will be available between 12-2 pm - $2 per sausage in a roll and cold cans
of drink will be available for $1, or you can always bring along a picnic!
Bring along heavy-duty gloves and please make sure you wear suitable footwear as there
might be mud to contend with! And if you have one, bring along a crate! Don’t forget
sunscreen, a hat and water. Rubbish bags will be provided.
If you’d like to be involved contact Kim or Matt Ph: 9559 5834 or email Let us know if you would like to come in the morning (10am –
1pm) or the afternoon (1pm – 4pm).

                              A flexi-day out in the surf
                                      Brian Dolan
 Had a great day a Long Reef yesterday (Monday). I went surfing with a friend
 (boogy-boarder). Anyway, on arrival we were standing on the lookout platform and
 she said she had seen a fin in the water. On careful inspection, there were 5 fins, a
 pod of dolphins playing about 40 meters off the beach. The surf was small but about
 every 7 or 8 minutes a good set of 3 waves would rock in. With a slight off shore wind,
 the waves stood up nice for a good ride and easy to drop off the back when you
 wanted. We finished the day at Dottie's (another of our favourite hamburger joints
 on the Northern beaches) of course.
 So all in all a good day was had.

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