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                      SEI Focus                An newsletter for ACA Instructors, Trainers & Educators          2009 

     SEI Picture of the Month

     Something new that we are hoping will become quite popular – submit photos of your paddling journeys / classes
     and we will pick one each month to highlight. Be sure to include a caption!
     The images can be funny, serious, picturesque, but not in poor taste.

                 Dad & Andrew (2 ½ years old) after his first run of First Drop on the Rappahannock River
                                                Photo by Claudette Stec

                                    Submit your images to
                        Any image submitted can be used by the ACA in print and web-based media.

             If you are not careful, you will get monthly photos of the SEI Staff families having fun on the water.


                  SEI Focus                                                                   
                                       An newsletter for ACA Instructors, Trainers & Educators

                          PADDLESPORTS CONFERENCE OF THE YEAR!

          The ACA National Paddlesports Conference
          The ACA has been established as one of the premier standards of paddlesports safety
          and education. As part of the ACA's leadership role in the paddlesports community, we have
          initiated this conference to target all facets of the paddlesports community.
               • Paddlesport Educational Sessions
               • Instructor Updates
               • Instructor Trainer Sessions
               • National Club Rendezvous
               • Adaptive Paddling Sessions
               • Safety & Rescue Sessions
               • Wilderness First Aid & CPR Course
               • General Paddling Public Workshops
               • Safety Education & Instruction Council Meeting
               • Board of Directors Meeting
               • 2 Keynote Speakers
               • Kent Ford's Call of the River video premier!
               • Silent Auction
               • ACA Annual Banquet & Awards Presentations
               • ACA Annual Membership Meeting
                   (aka your voice in the association)
               • and the opportunity to paddle!

          When is the National Paddlesports Conference?
          October 23-25, 2009

          Where is the ACA National Paddlesports Conference?
          Fredericksburg Hospitality House & Conference Center - Fredericksburg, VA

          National Paddlesports Conference Information:
             • Registration
             • Schedule (a/o 6-19-09)
             • Pre & Post Conference Courses
             • Accomodations
             • Transportation
             • Map & Directions
             • Area Resources

          Sponsorship Opportunities:
          Whether large or small, a range of sponsorship opportunities exist. Associate your brand with the
          ACA and the premier paddlesports conference in the country.


                     SEI Focus                                                                     
                                            An newsletter for ACA Instructors, Trainers & Educators

     SEI Updates

     Paddler Snag! (or strainer)
            Due to the recent reorganization of Paddler, the current issue
            (Aug/Sept), will be mailed on September 9, 2009.

             In case you missed it, the previous issue is available in a digital

             Paddlesports Publishing is sorry for the inconvenience, and the
             delay is in no way reflective of the hard work the American Canoe
             Association provides to the paddling community.

             Paddler Magazine

     ACA Adult Waiver & Release of Liability is now available in Spanish.
          As we continue to update our information, we have not only translated four of our brochures into
          Spanish, we now have the Adult waiver and Release of Liability available for download in

             Go to to access the waiver.

     Board of Directors positions / nominations
            In preparation for the October Annual Meeting and Board of Directors elections, nominations are
            now being accepted for the 2010 slate.
            To be considered for the slate, please e-mail a letter and resume to:
                    Jim Virgin (Division Committee Chair)

     SEIC Officer Elections / Nominations
           The ACA’s Safety Education & Instruction Council (SEIC) is currently seeking nominations for
           the positions of Chair, Vice Chair, and Secretary. All positions have a two year term. To be
           nominated for one of the three SEIC Officer positions, you must be an Instructor Trainer (any
           discipline and at any level) in good standing.

             If you are interested in running for a position on the ACA’s Safety Education & Instruction
             Council, please contact Past Chair Sam Fowlkes at:

             For more information about the SEIC, including its mission statement and focus, please visit:

             Here is the information regarding the positions available and the requirements:

                      SEIC By Laws - CHAPTER V, SEIC OFFICERS


                     SEI Focus                An newsletter for ACA Instructors, Trainers & Educators          2009 

                      Officers of the SEIC shall be selected from among Instructor Trainers in even numbered years by
                      mail ballot of the SEIC Board mailed after the ACA Membership Meeting and tabulated on 1
                      December. Vacancies in SEIC offices shall be filled by mailed ballot of the SEIC. Upon election
                      to SEIC office, the officer’s prior position on the SEIC shall be vacant and open for re-selection.

                      A. CHAIR The chair, or his/her designee, will be the SEIC nominee for ACA member election as
                      the SEIC representative to the ACA Board of Directors. The Chair's duties shall be to prepare
                      agendas for, call and preside over meetings of the SEIC, to appoint special committees and
                      workgroups, and to represent and act on behalf of the Council between Executive Committee and
                      Council meetings. The Chair is responsible to achieve the council goals of advancing the ongoing
                      safety, educational and instructional programs and shall chair the Standards Committee.
                      Resignation of the SEIC Chair assumes resignation as the SEIC Representative to the ACA Board
                      of Directors.

                      B. VICE CHAIR. The Vice Chair shall coordinate and preside over meetings of the Instructional
                      Committee and be responsible for developing and delivering SEIC programs. Additional Vice
                      Chairs may be created as SEIC responsibilities require.

                      C. SECRETARY. The duties of the Secretary shall be to provide notice and a written agenda to
                      SEIC members thirty days prior to meetings, keep and distribute minutes of meetings, prepare and
                      distribute mail ballots, keep all appropriate council records, chair the Curriculum Committee and
                      oversee SEIC newsletter publication and editing.

     ACA Annual Awards
          Each year, as part of the banquet at the ACA Annual Meeting, a series of prestigious national
          awards are presented to individuals and organizations who have illustrated exemplary leadership,
          service, and dedication to various aspects of paddlesport.
                           Legends of Paddling
                           Excellence in Instruction
                           Sanctioned Event of the Year
                           Green Paddle for Waterway Conservation
                           Joe Pina Volunteer of the Year
                           Stroke of Achievement
                           J.Henry Rushton
                           President's Award
                           Dusty Rhodes Founder's Award
                   *Award Nomination Forms are now available. Please submit your nomination
                   to the ACA Executive Director no later than September 4th, 2009.

            ACA Annual Awards Nomination Form


                    SEI Focus                                                                     
                                           An newsletter for ACA Instructors, Trainers & Educators


            In cooperation with Human Kinetics and the US Coast Guard, the ACA has revised, revamped
            and retooled the 1990 book Canoeing and Kayaking for People with Physical Disabilities –
            Zeller, Weber. Sticking with the pioneer of Adaptive Paddling, the ACA worked in conjunction
            with Janet Zeller to provide an excellent resource for all instructors.

            For full book details, visit:‐products/Canoeing‐

            Water is the ultimate equalizer. Canoeing and kayaking are activities that emphasize ability. Skill 
            is determined by ability and attitude, and people at all skill levels, with and without disabilities, 
            can find enjoyment in canoeing and kayaking. All that paddlers need are the willingness to 
            accept instruction and be challenged and the ability to adapt to new situations. Canoeing and 
            Kayaking for People With Disabilities presents strategies that give people of all abilities the 
            opportunity to discover the challenge, freedom, and renewal found in paddling. 
            The book is currently available from the ACA thorough the ACA Paddleshop. To order, simply call 
            540.907.4460 x103. The cost is $29.95 (less 10% for ACA members).

     Required CPR & First Aid for Instructors, Instructor Trainers & Instructor Trainer Educators
               On June 14, the ACA Board of Directors approved a motion pertaining to requiring First Aid
               and CPR for all ACA Instructors, Instructor Trainers, and Instructor Trainer Educators.

                After review by the SEIC Discipline Chairs and the SEIC Executive Committee, changes to
                the SEIC Policy Manual were approved on 6-25-2009.

                The SEI Department has just updated the SEIC Policy Manual and placed the revised version


                     SEI Focus                An newsletter for ACA Instructors, Trainers & Educators         2009 

                 (6-25-2009) on the ACA website.

                 We have updated several ACA webpages including:


                 We have also created a new webpage to provide an overview of the process:

     ACA Social Networking
           Join the ACA on:
           - Water Blog: Make sure you follow the ACA Water Blog at:
           - Facebook: ACA Page / ACA Cause / Aca OfficialSite
           - Twitter
           - LinkedIn

     Notes from the Field
     2009 Whitewater Symposium
            The 2009 Whitewater Symposium is an event that any whitewater kayak or canoe instructor will not want
            to miss. Spend the weekend in the beautiful fall foliage of the Berkshire Mountains paddling and
            collaborating with other instructors from across the country and world. The Whitewater Symposium is an
            opportunity to learn new teaching techniques from fellow instructors and the most well known names in

             You are probably asking your self why should I go to the Whitewater Symposium?
             If you trace the definition of symposium or at least do a quick wikipedia search, you will learn that
             symposium originally meant a drinking party but over time has transitioned to an academic conference.
              Well the Whitewater Symposium is a little of both. It is a gathering of anyone who wants to see the sport
             of whitewater kayaking and canoeing flourish. Whitewater leaders from all over the world hold sessions on
             boat design, safety, and instruction. In the evening, paddlers do what they do second best have a big time -
             swap stories, watch movies, and make new friends. For an instructor, the symposium is a great time to refill
             that bag of tricks and refresh your teaching techniques.

             The Symposium is an opportunity to:
                 • Get the latest safety tips and tricks
                 • Update your ACA Instructor Certification (Level 4: Whitewater Kayaking)
                 • Learn special instruction techniques for children and women
                 • Learn new games to keep your instruction fresh
                 • Demo new paddling gear and meet the people who designed them
                 • Paddle with some of whitewater's most respected individuals
                 • Learn what you can do to protect our rivers

             This opportunity only comes along once every two years and is something that you will not want to miss.
             The presenter list is shaping up to be the who's who of whitewater, the list includes folk such as:
                 • Wayne Dickert, Director of Instruction at the Nantahala Outdoor Center
                 • David Hughes, Founder of Huge Experiences
                 • Eric Jackson, Founder of Jackson Kayak


                       SEI Focus                An newsletter for ACA Instructors, Trainers & Educators         2009 

                   •    Mark Singleton, Executive Director of American Whitewater
                   •    Anna Levesque, Girls at Play
                   •    Janet Burnett-Cowie, Director of Instruction at Zoar Outdoor

               The 2009 Whitewater Symposium is being held on the banks of the Deerfield River in the Berkshire
               Mountains of Massachusetts by Zoar Outdoor during October 2 – 4. A full schedule for the event and
               registration information is available on the symposium website at Join us for a
               weekend you will not forget. If you want to be on the email list for updates and highlights please send your
               email address to

     USCG Recreational Boating Statistics
               The USCG has published the 2008 Recreational Boating Statistics and this information is
               definitely something that you want to know and need to be aware of as an instructor.
               Below are some of the details relating specifically to paddlesports fatalities:

                       Vessels Types with the Top Casualty Numbers (table 1 in report)
         Rank           Type of Boat     Drownings       Other Deaths      Total Deaths     Total Injuries       Total
           1               Open              252              101               353             1669             2022
           2             Personal             17               28               45               920              965
           3               Cabin              27               32               59               296              355
           4              Canoe /            100               14               114              129              243
           5             Rowboat              39                4               43               48                91

                         Number of Deaths by Vessel Type – 2008 (table 26 in report)
     Boat Type               Drowning                Other than              Total Deaths              % of deaths from
                             (% of total deaths –    Drowning                                          drowning
                             all boat types)
     Canoe                   70 ( 13.7%)             10 (5.0%)               80 (11.3%)                88%
     Kayak                   30 (5.9%)               4 (2.0%)                34 (4.8%)                 88%
     Raft                    12 (2.4%)               2 (1.0%)                14 (19.7%)                86%
     Paddlesport total       112 (21.9%)             16 (8.0%)               128 (18%)                 88%
     Total Deaths all boat   510 (100%)              199 (100%)              709 (100%)                72%

               You can view / download the full 73 page report at:


               The New York State Office of Parks, Recreation & Historic Preservation has announced that
               beginning Nov. 1, “No owner or operator of a pleasure vessel less than 21 feet, including
               rowboats, canoes, and kayaks shall permit its operation, between Nov. 1 and May 1, unless each
               person on board such vessel is wearing a securely fastened United States Coast Guard approved


                        SEI Focus                An newsletter for ACA Instructors, Trainers & Educators          2009 

             wearable personal flotation device of an appropriate size when such vessel is underway.” This
             new regulation applies to all navigable waters in the state, as well as some downstate tidal areas.

             Failure to wear a lifejacket on such vessels will be considered a violation under Section 73-C of
             Navigation Law and is punishable by a fine of not less than $100 nor more than $250, applicable
             to either the operator and/or the owner of the vessel.

             This new regulation will not impact most North Country power boaters since few operate their
             vessels between Nov. 1 and May 1, but it’s something you should know about anyway. Also,
             most canoeists and kayakers wear PFDs anyway.

             For most vessels, other than those designated as “Public Vessels” (charter fishing boats etc.),
             Class II or III PFDs are adequate and will fulfill these new requirements unless and until the U.S.
             Coast Guard promulgates different regulations, in which case the state will follow suit.

             Class II and III PFDs are those most commonly sold in marine stores, department stores and other
             venues that offer boating supplies.

     The Illinois Paddler – Newsletter of the Illinois Paddling Council


             We’re inviting all Instructors and Trainers to share teaching methods. If you have a particular teaching
             tip that you would like to share with other instructors, we want to hear from you. Perhaps it’s a simple
             way to introduce a skill to a beginner or a new method of assessing advanced paddling performance,
             whatever it is, we want to hear from you. The best teaching tips will be made available on the ACA
             website. Submit your teaching methods copy and visuals to us by email (

     Paddle Safe & Paddle Often!

     Jeremy & Chris
     Jeremy Oyen         Director - Safety Education & Instruction   540.907.4460 x105
     Chris Stec          Asst. Director – Safety Education & Instruction    540.907.4460 x104


                           SEI Focus                 An newsletter for ACA Instructors, Trainers & Educators          2009 

                                                            Upcoming Events
          Sept. 5-6         Just Paddle Sea Kayak Event                          Sugar Island            Marilyn Vogel
          Sept. 5-6         National Sailing Championships - Cruising Class      Camp Sebago             Sherrie Winkworth
          Sept. 5-7         Paddlefest 09                                        Mark Twain Lake, MO     Kevin Dempsey
         Sept. 10-13        Adaptive Paddling Workshop                           Marquette, MI           Karen Schlicher
         Sept. 11- 13       Midwest Freestyle Canoe Symposium                    Peninsula, OH           Elaine Mravetz
         Sept. 18-20        Gauley Festival                                      Summersville, WV
         Sept 25-27         West Coast Sea Kayak Symposium                       Port Townsend, WA
                            National Sailing Championships - 5M and ACA
         Sept. 26-27                                                             Quakertown, PA          Marilyn Vogel
          Oct. 2-4          Whitewater Symposium                                 Charlemont, MA          Zoar
          Oct. 3-4          Dixie Division Annual Meeting & Instructor Updates   western, NC             Gordon Black
           Oct. 3           River Kayak Committee Meeting                        Charlemont, MA          Mike Aronoff
         Oct. 10-11         Great Rappahannock Whitewater Canoe Race             Fredericksburg, VA      Bill Micks
         Oct. 10-11         Collegiate Canoe & Kayak National Race               Fredericksburg, VA      SEI Dept.
         Oct. 14-16         Wilderness Risk Management Conference                Durham, NC              SEI Dept.
           Oct. 22          SEI Council Meeting                                  Fredericksburg, VA      SEI Dept.
         Oct. 23-25         ACA National Paddlesports Conference                 Fredericksburg, VA      SEI Dept.
         Oct. 23-25         ACA National Club Rendezvous                         Fredericksburg, VA      SEI Dept.
         Oct. 24-24         ACA Annual Meeting / Banquet                         Fredericksburg, VA      Katie Cosgrove

                The reports below are collected from USCG Incident Reports. As the season goes on, the list gets longer &
                longer, illustrating the need for instruction and you all doing the great job you do.
                Note: This is for your information only and is not to be re-distributed

                08-09-09 STEVENSON, WA Molalla, Ore., councilman dies in kayak accident
                <> (08-10-09) The Skamania Co. sheriff's
                office says a Molalla, Ore., city councilman has been killed in a kayaking accident on the Little
                White Salmon River east of Stevenson, Wash.

                Undersheriff Dave Cox said Mon. (08-10) that 31-y/o Ryan Morgan was reported missing late
                Sun. afternoon (08-09) after he became separated from his kayaking partner, Marcus Fant of
                Oregon City, Ore., in a stretch of river with many rapids. Searchers looked for Morgan late Su.
                and again Mon. A search team from a whitewater guide service finally located Morgan's body
                and kayak Mon. afternoon, wedged underwater in a logjam about 1/2 mi. from the Little White
                Salmon fish hatchery. The Oregonian reports that Morgan was appointed to fill a vacancy on the
                City Council in November.


                 SEI Focus                                                                    
                                       An newsletter for ACA Instructors, Trainers & Educators


         08-06-09 MOLOKAI, HI Coast Guard Rescues Kayakers
         <> (08-07-09) A USCG rescue
         helicopter crew airlifted 2 men from an overturned kayak off Molokai Thu. (08-06). CG Sector
         Honolulu watchstanders received a mayday call at noon from the kayakers, via a hand-held radio,
         about their overturned kayak, which capsized approximately 100 yds off Kalaupapa. A HH-65
         Dolphin rescue helicopter crew from Air Station Barbers Point was immediately launched to the
         scene. The helicopter crew hoisted the 2 men aboard and transported them to awaiting Emergency
         Medical Services personnel on Molokai. The 2 kayakers were wearing their life jackets. No
         injuries were reported.

         08-09-09 MINERAL COUNTY, MT Butte man dies in kayaking accident
         <> (08-10-09)

         Mineral Co. authorities say a 55-y/o Butte man died in a weekend kayaking accident on the Clark
         Fork River W.of Missoula. Sheriff Hugh Hopwood says Gary Markovich was kayaking in the
         Alberton Gorge Sun.afternoon (08-09) when he rolled his kayak. Hopwood says Markovich was
         able to grab onto another kayak, but slipped off and inhaled water as that person was trying to get
         him to shore. People on the scene were unable to resuscitate Markovich. Markovich was wearing
         a helmet and a life jacket.

         08-05-09 EDINBURGH, IN Crews Continue Search For Toddler Believed Drowned
         <> (08-09-09)
         Search crews combed the Driftwood River Sun. (08-09) in search of a 2-y/o girl believed to have
         drowned on Sat. (08-08). The girl was with her parents and a sister on a canoe trip when their
         canoe hit a logjam just before 7 p.m. and tipped over. Three family members resurfaced, but the
         girl -- Megan McNair, of Indianapolis -- was not seen. "At one point, the canoe did surface and
         was immediately sucked back into the logjam," said Bartholomew Co.sheriff's Lt. Rob Kittle.
         Volunteers brought in excavating equipment Sun. to pull apart the logjam that divers think Megan
         is under, said Indiana Conservation Officer Angela Goldman. Other crews were using sonar to
         scour the river for McNair's body. Divers spent 3 hrs searching for McNair Sat. night, before
         darkness and swift current made the search too dangerous. Goldman said the family was using its
         personal canoe and had experience with the situation. She did not know if the girl was wearing a
         life jacket.


                 SEI Focus                                                                    
                                       An newsletter for ACA Instructors, Trainers & Educators

         08-06-09 LAKE SUNAPEE, NH Kayaker escapes by the skin of his boat
         01> Concord Monitor (08-07-09) A kayaker from Mass. ducked under a boater to avoid injury
         Thur. (08-06) on Lake Sunapee, the NH Marine Patrol said. Mark Younkle, a 52-y/o resident of
         Jamaica Plain, MA., was kayaking at 8:22 a.m. when 17-y/o Benjamin Knott of Weston, MA.
         headed toward him while driving a boat and towing a skier. Younkle submerged deep into the
         lake and said he could hear and feel the boat pass over him. When Younkle surfaced, he found
         debris from his kayak spread over the water. Knott returned and took Younkle and the pieces of
         the kayak to shore, where the Newbury PD was called. Younkle was brought to New London
         Hosp. and released. The marine patrol is continuing its investigation.

         08-05-09 LAKEVILLE, MA Overturned canoe in Lakeville
         <> The Taunton Gazette (08-05-09) Authorities are
         reporting divers are in the water searching for a 25-y/o man who was one of 2 people who went
         into Long Pond after their canoe overturned Wed.afternoon (08-05). According to police reports,
         a woman swam to shore and called for assistance. Rescue units from Lakeville, Middleboro and
         Freetown have responded to the incident off Nelson Shore Road.
         Lakeville <

         08-05-09 BILLERICA, MA Search for missing boater
         <> (08-06-09) Rescuers have resumed their search Thur. (08-06) for a man who
         fell out of a canoe in Billerica's Nutting Lake on Wed. night (08-05). The search began at about
         7:45 p.m. Wed. when 2 people in a canoe reportedly told police their friend was missing. The
         Lowell fire and dive team sent a boat to assist as teams continued to search. Witnesses told police
         the man was rowing about 50 ft. from shore when he fell into the water.

         08-04-09 DANA POINT, CA Kayaker dies day after being rescued from water
         <> Orange County Register (08-06-
         09) A 61-y/o Vietnam veteran, who was pulled out of the water after his kayak capsized, died at a
         San Clemente hosp. Wed. afternoon (08-05), a day after his rescue. An avid fisherman and reader,
         John Borger Jr. had been out in Dana Point Harbor for about 3 hrs. and had already caught a Sand
         Bass for dinner when his boat capsized. Borger had been fishing with a sailing buddy on 2
         separate sit-atop kayaks when the incident occurred. The seas had been too rough recently, so the
         friends finally ventured out Tue. (08-04) They were expected back to shore at noon. Borger's wife
         Mary did not know exactly what happened but said her husband's friend - who had his back
         towards John - heard him calling for help. Michael Cross immediately aided Borger and kept his

                 SEI Focus                                                                    
                                       An newsletter for ACA Instructors, Trainers & Educators

         head out of the water and until the Orange Co. Sheriff's Harbor Patrol arrived to the rescue. John
         Borger, a good swimmer, had been wearing a life vest, but it may have been too tight and might
         have impeded his movement. The San Clemente man was pulled out of the water by deputies
         from the harbor patrol after they received a call of a man in distress at 12:18 p.m. Tue., said
         sheriff's Lt. Ted Boyne. Borger collapsed on the boat and the deputies tried to resuscitate him.
         Borger was taken to the Harbor Patrol office, where paramedics responded, said Capt. Greg
         McKeown of the Orange Co.Fire Authority. He was conscious when paramedics made contact
         with him, but he went into full cardiac arrest before being taken to the hosp. He was pronounced
         dead at 3 p.m. on Wed. at Saddleback Mem.Med.Center-San Clemente.

         08-02-09 LIMINGTON, ME Woman's Body Found In Limington River
         <> (08-02-09) A woman's body
         was pulled out of Little Ossipee River in Limington on Sun.(08-02). Maine game wardens said
         the woman was going down river in an inflatable kayak, accompanied by a man. Recent heavy
         rainfall has raised the water level and intensified rapids on the river. Wardens suspect those
         conditions may have caused the woman's kayak to capsize. Wardens said the woman was middle-
         age but have not yet released her identity.

         08-11-09 SNAKE RIVER, WY Three Boaters Rescued from Snake River
         <> (08-12-09) According to a
         news release from Jackie Skaggs with Grand Teton National Park, rangers rescued three boaters
         from the Snake River on Tue. afternoon (08-11). Skaggs writes that they flipped their canoe and
         fell into the river. Will Shafer, age 23, of Ogden, Utah and 2 of his relatives, a 16-y/o young man
         and a 5-y/o boy, were canoeing on the river just one mile downstream of the historic Bar BC
         Ranch when the accident occurred. Only the 5-y/o boy was wearing a life jacket at the time of the
         incident; Shafer and his other relative were not wearing their life preservers and lost them to the
         river's current when the canoe capsized. After his canoe upset in the river, Shafer was able to hold
         onto the vessel as it continued to float downstream. He was diverted into a debris-choked side
         channel where the canoe became pinned against a logjam. This channel lies river left of the main
         current and is not navigable. The teenager and young boy were swept downstream until, with
         some difficulty, they were eventually able to grab hold of an exposed tree root and pull
         themselves out of the river and onto the bank. The 2 parties lost sight of one another and were
         unsure about each other's welfare for several minutes. A float guide with Triangle X Dude Ranch
         came upon the stranded canoeists and called the Teton Interagency Dispatch Center at 3:10 p.m.
         to report the situation. The river guide then proceeded to help the 3 boaters until a park ranger
         could arrive by raft to rescue them from their separate locations along the riverbank. The ranger
         then floated all 3 canoeists to the Moose Landing where other family members were waiting; the
         rescued party reached the boat landing at 3:35 p.m.


                 SEI Focus                                                                    
                                       An newsletter for ACA Instructors, Trainers & Educators


         08-10-09 WEST SENECA, NY 4 kayakers rescued from Buffalo Creek in West Seneca
         <> (08-11-09) Four
         people were successfully rescued Mon. evening (08-10) after apparently attempting to kayak on a
         swollen Buffalo Creek in West Seneca. Volunteer firefighters and Rural/Metro Medical Services
         responded to Lakeside Drive just before 7:30 p.m. for the report of people trapped on the water.
         All of the kayakers were rescued without injury a short time later.

         08-18-09 ELMIRA, NY Two canoeists arrested on Chemung River
         Chemung+River> (08-19-09) Elmira police arrested 2 men after an incident with
         a canoe Tue.evening (08-18) on the Chemung River. Police said Sylas Stansfield, 20, and
         Matthew Olson, 19, both of Horseheads, were both charged with disorderly conduct and resisting
         arrest. Police, firefighters and an Erway Ambulance crew were called to the Main Street Bridge
         for a river rescue shortly before 7:30 p.m. They found that 2 boaters were losing their balance and
         falling out of their canoe repeatedly, and they directed the men to land on the bank. "We got there
         and attempted to get them to come to shore, and they kept resisting the officers' directives to do
         that," Deputy Police Chief Michael Robertson said. "They kept paddling and trying to elude the
         police." Traffic was disrupted as police and firefighters followed the boaters downstream.
         Firefighters finally launched a boat from Sullivan Street with a police officer on board, and the
         officer apprehended the men on the water at about 8:30 p.m.

         08-22-09 RICHMOND, VA Fisherman drowns when canoe capsizes
         <> Newsday (08-
         22-09) A 78-year-old Cumberland Co. man has died after the canoe he was fishing in with
         another man capsized on a Goochland Co. farm pond. Goochland Co. Sheriff James Agnew says
         Harold Sutton of Cartersville and the other man were fishing in a 17-ft. canoe on the private pond
         around 8 a.m. Sat. (08-22) when it turned over about 25 yd.from shore. Agnew says Sutton
         attempted to swim to shore but struggled and his 20-y/o companion tried but couldn't prevent him
         from going under. Emergency divers found the man's body in about 11 ft. of water. Neither man
         was wearing a lifejacket.
         1.1387479 <>

         08-20-09 DESCHUTES COUNTY, OR Water Rescue at Dillon Falls
         <> (08-20-09)

         Deschutes Co.Fire and Rescue crews are dispatched to Dillion Falls around 1:00 p.m. Thur. (08-
         20), to help rescue 30 y/o Bend resident Sterling Crasson. His family says he was kayaking ahead
         of them, when he ran into some dangerous water on the Deschutes River. "He went down and

                 SEI Focus                                                                    
                                       An newsletter for ACA Instructors, Trainers & Educators

         something happened and then the boat went away and he just floated down there," his brother
         Tommy Skarbek said. The calm waters of the Deschutes here turn to class 5 rapids very fast.
         Crasson was unable to get to shore in time before the rapids took his kayak from under him and
         sent him to the banks below. Crasson's mom and brother were kayaking behind him. They saw
         him lose his kayak and then, they lost him. As Bend Fire and Rescue arrived, they came up with a
         game plan. "He's about midway through the rapids. So, based on that, we made the determination
         that it would be safer to cross the river where it's slow," Lt. Michael Espinoza with the Deschutes
         Co.Sheriff's Office said. Crasson was told to climb some rocks, then led out to a path where
         rescue crews were waiting. They led him back to the calm waters near the boat ramp where he
         was reunited with his family.
         08-23-09 LUMBERLAND, NY Body of missing NYC man found in river
         <> newsday (08-
         26-09) State police say the body of a 36-y/ man has been recovered from the Delaware River 3
         days after his raft capsized. Troopers say Hin Hon Siu of Jamaica, Queens was in a rented rubber
         raft with 3 other people when it flipped over Sun. afternoon (08-23) in the Staircase Rapids near
         Pond Eddy in Sullivan Co., 70 mi. NW of NYC. Siu's 3 friends were rescued but he was pulled
         under by the strong current. Siu wasn't wearing a life jacket. His body was pulled out of the river
         5 mi. downstream on Wed. (08-26).
         in-river-1.1396885 <

         08-26-09 CHEROKEE COUNTY, GA Roswell woman dies after tubing accident on Allatoona
         (08-27-09) A 24-y/o Roswell woman died Wed.night (08-26) after being critically injured Tue.
         (08-25) in a tubing accident. A boat was pulling Zana Swift on an inner tube when the inner tube
         hit some rocks, according to Tim Cavender with the Cherokee Co. FD.
         "She went head-first into the rocks," Cavender said. Swift was flown by helicopter to Atlanta
         Med.Center in critical condition following the accident. She was not wearing a life jacket.
         The incident happened around 4:45 p.m. on Lake Allatoona. Rescuers reached Swift, who was
         about 1,500 yd. from shore, by boat. Swift was unresponsive when rescuers arrived and was
         transported by boat to shore and placed in an ambulance. Paramedic Brian Cowart said the victim
         had severe head trauma and severe trauma to her lower extremities. The driver of the boat has
         been identified as 53-y/o Christopher Girous. He faces charges for the reckless operation of a
         watercraft and for pulling a person not wearing a life jacket.

         08-26-09 EAGAN, MN Crews Search Lake After Man's Canoe Overturns
         <> (08-27-09) Search crews
         returned to a pond in Eagan Thur.morning (08-27) to look for the body of a man who tipped in his
         canoe the night before. Police said the 23-y/o man from Iowa was visiting family in Minnesota.
         Around 10:30 p.m.Wed. (08-26), neighbors heard cries for help at Bur Oak Lake. Nghbors could
         tell something was wrong in this quiet lakeside area. First they heard a man screaming and then a
         woman yell for help. Police believed the man was alone when his canoe capsized, and it's
         possible the woman was yelling to get help for him from a house by the water where family was
         staying. "He was by himself. Last we heard he was yelling for help," said Sgt. Brian McGinn. "He
         is a good swimmer, but he might have gotten tangled up in the weeds."

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                                       An newsletter for ACA Instructors, Trainers & Educators

         During the afternoon a Minn.State Patrol chopper hovered above the lake to try to help pinpoint a
         spot. Side-scan sonar also helped searchers zero in on an area to drag. Searchers pulled up
         bundles of grass in the process. The water is pretty clear, but the weeds are too thick to send
         divers in to search. The lake is about 9 feet deep.

         08-24-09 WEXFORD COUNTY, MI Canoeists treated for hypothermia after night lost in
         Wexford County woods
         rapids/index.ssf/2009/08/canoeists_treated_for_hypother.html> (08-26-09) Two
         canoeists who became lost on the Pine River spent a night in the woods before they reached a
         campground Tue. (08-25) and sought help. They were taken to West Shore Hosp. in Manistee for
         treatment of hypothermia. Police had launched a search effort for Gary Abdella, 62, of Fenton,
         and Joanne Montgomery, 60, of Clarkston, who rented a canoe on the Pine River on Mon. (08-
         24). State police, along with officers from the DNR and the U.S. Forest Service, took part in the
         search for the missing pair.

         08-28-08 TWIN LAKES, MN Canoeist drowns on lake north of Stillwater
         yc:aU7DYaGEP7vDEh7P:DiUs> (08-29-09) A 51-y/o man drowned while
         canoeing on a Washington Co. lake Fri. (08-28). Sgt. Tom Stafford of the Washington Co.
         Sheriff's Office said officials received the 911 call of the overturned canoe in Twin Lakes, N. of
         Stillwater, at 7:32 p.m., and arrived to find that the man had been pulled from the water by local
         residents. He could not be resuscitated by paramedics and his name has not yet been released
         pending notification of family.

         08-28-09 PRESTON, CT Groton man rescued from overturned canoe in Preston
         overturned-canoe-in-Preston> Norwich bulletin (08-09-09) A Groton man was rescued by police
         and fire dept. workers Fri. (08-08) after his canoe tipped over near the Avery Pond boat launch in
         Preston. State Dept. of Environmental Protection officers were patrolling the boat launch at 1:47
         p.m. when they spotted Jean Frechette, 69, of 771 Poquonnock Rd, in the water struggling to hold
         on to the overturned canoe. Preston resident state troopers, state police from the Troop E in
         Montville, as well as fire and emergency medical service personnel helped get Frechette out of
         the water. He was examined at the scene, but refused medical treatment.
         canoe-in-Preston <



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