Aerobic exercise

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					      Energy production
The human body needs a constant supply
 of energy. When you take part in sport
your body needs lots of energy. You can
 produce energy in two main ways. The
 first way involves oxygen and second
        way involves no oxygen.
Aerobic exercise
•Long distance running
    •Team games
 What is aerobic exercise?

Aerobic exercise is when you use
   oxygen to produce energy.
  Oxygen is essential in the production
   of energy. Your body needs oxygen
  to work and exercise for long periods
   of time. Without oxygen your body
    would be working anaerobically.
     Respiration equation

• Oxygen +glucose =
  ENERGY+CO2 + water.
         Anaerobic exercise
• Anaerobic exercise is when you exercise
  without the presence of oxygen.
• Events such as throws, jumps and sprints
  are all anaerobic exercises. These activities
  don’t allow the body to take in oxygen
  quick enough to work aerobically.
• Normally in team games you use a mixture
  of aerobic and anaerobic energy.
        Aerobic or anaerobic?
•   Swimming 20 lengths in 50m pool?
•   Sprinting after a centre forward in hockey?
•   A 50m sprint?
•   The 1500m race?
•   Playing badminton?
•   In team games do you use both energy
    systems? WHY?
              Things to do
• If I exercise slowly, for long periods of
  time, I will use the __________ energy
  system. A centre midfield player will use
  the ____________ and ___________
  energy systems. When making a fast run
  forwards the centre midfield player will use
  the ____________ energy system. The key
  element in the energy systems is the
  availability of _____________.
           Things to do(2)
• During energy production the body also
  uses __________ to make energy. The body
  needs a combination of _________ and
  ____________ to make all energy. Glucose
  is stored inside the muscles for immediate
  use during ______________ exercise.
  During aerobic exercise, glucose is also
  used from the blood and liver.
• Whilst the body needs oxygen and glucose
  during energy production, we also need to
  understand what we produce as a result of
  this activity.
• Carbon dioxide, water and lactic acid can be
  produced by the production of energy. Of
  these lactic acid can have a dramatic effect
  on your performance.
• Lactic acid is produced by the body, when
  oxygen is NOT available. During athletic
  events your body needs more oxygen to
  keep working, but if this is not provided
  quickly enough, you begin to work
  anaerobically and you produce lactic acid.
  Lactic acid can cause muscle soreness,
  fatigue and poor performance.
            Summary so far
Aerobic energy – needs oxygen and glucose
               - slow and prolonged exercise
               - produces CO2, water + energy

Anaerobic energy – needs muscle glucose
                  - fast and explosive energy
                  - produces energy + lactic acid