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NAVTEC Expeditions 2010 by fjhuangjun


									   NAVTEC Expeditions 2010
                                Class V Whitewater in Cataract Canyon

Backcountry 4 wheel drive trips in
Canyonlands National Park              Winter Sea Kayaking in Baja

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   About NAVTEC Expeditions
   Headquartered in Moab, Utah, the heart of Southeastern Utah’s Canyonlands, NAVTEC
   Expeditions offers a wide variety of adventure expeditions. Our summers are spent touring the
   lands and rivers throughout the Colorado Plateau including Canyonlands and Arches National
   Park. Winter takes us to Baja, Mexico, the headquarters for our sea kayaking expeditions.

   SUMMER: For thirty-five years we’ve been showing outdoor enthusiast the Colorado River
   and its backcountry canyons by raft and 4-wheel-drive vehicle. Offering a wide variety of trips
   and travel options, we have something to fit your taste and budget. From informative jeep
   trips through Canyonlands National Park to the Colorado River’s thrilling class V whitewater,
   NAVTEC is your adventure travel company. A trip down the Colorado River promises
   adventure and personal rewards. Whether on land or river, our trips allow plenty of time to
   hike, explore and take pictures. We will visit natural stone arches, beautiful canyons, ancient
   Anasazi dwellings and mysterious pre historic rock art sites.

Colorado River, Canyonlands National Park, Utah
                                                  WINTER: We offer sea kayaking and whale
                                                  watching expeditions in Baja, Mexico. We have 36
                                                  years’ experience showing people Baja’s unique
                                                                   deserts, marine environment and
                                                                          rich Mexican culture. Sea
                                                                              kayak trips are a healthy
                                                                                vacation and provide
                                                                                 a unique perspective
                                                                                  into Baja’s Sea of
                                                                                   Cortez. Sightings
                                                                                   of whales, dolphins
                                                                                   and other marine
                                                                                  species are a
                                                                                 daily occurrence.
 Commemorative Medallion featuring                                              No previous exper-
 Doc J.W. Williams celebrating the 100th
 Anniversary of the National Park Service.                                   ience required.

                                                                      Sea kayak camp, Baja, Mexico

                     w w w. n a v t e c . c o m • To l l F r e e 1 - 8 0 0 - 8 3 3 - 1 2 7 8
John Williams, owner of NAVTEC
Expeditions, is a third generation
Canyonlands explorer and guide.
His family has been introducing
visitors to Utah’s canyon country
for over 100 years. John is very
proud of the family’s heritage
and continues its long tradition of
canyon exploration.

John’s Grandfather, Doctor J. W.
Williams, arrived in Moab in 1896,
becoming the town’s first doctor.
As a frontier physician, “Doc” rode
horseback throughout the canyons
and mesas of remote southeastern
Utah. He had special interest
in the area north of Moab now
known as Arches National Park.
Doctor Williams, who lived to the
age of 103, took a leading role in
the effort to establish Arches National
Park, earning him the title of “Father of
the Arches.”

John’s parents, were among the first
tour operators in Canyonlands and
Arches. They were taking visitors into
the backcountry of Canyonlands and
running the Colorado River before
Canyonlands National Park was
established in 1964. In 1963 they
guided their first of many 30 day long 4-wheel-drive trips that traversed the length of the
primitive Baja peninsula.

NAVTEC Expeditions has the background and the know how to make your
river, jeep (4WD) or sea kayak vacation a safe and memorable experience. Join
John and his staff of first class guides for the trip of a life time. Good food, good
times and a first class adventure are waiting for you.
                                  Dolphins passing one of our trips in Baja


                                                                                      wow, this is neat
   CANYONLANDS NATIONAL PARK, UTAH: The mighty Colorado River has
   eroded an intricate system of great canyons and towering mesas. Covering a
   vast geographic area, Canyonlands has been either visited or inhabited by man for
   10,000 years. The Ancient inhabitants built dwellings and granaries, used stone
   tools and left spectacular rock art. Numerous desert plant and animal communities
                                          thrive throughout the park. Sightings of
Relaxing after
lunch on a
                                          bighorn sheep, deer, beaver and golden eagles are common.
two day Cata-
ractCanyon                             Our trips are structured to be flexible enough to safely accommodate
                                       nature’s moods and suprises. Each trip takes us into the heart of
                                       Canyonlands National Park, a true wilderness rich in natural wonder.
                                       The first part is calm water, allowing ample time for hikes to explore
                                       spectacular side canyons, visit archeological sites, swim, and float
                                       peacefully. After passing the Confluence, where the Green and
                                       Colorado rivers merge, we encounter the first of Cataract Canyon’s
                                       rapids. During the spring season, Cataract can have the biggest
                                       whitewater in the country. Summer offers smaller but still thrilling
                                       rapids. The three Big Drop rapids are the most famous on this trip.

                                       At night we camp on beautiful river beaches beneath towering canyon
                                       walls. Camp is a time to absorb the canyon’s evening glow and relax
                                       after a great day on the river. In camp your guides get busy in the
                                       kitchen preparing another great meal. On our trips you’ll slow down
                                       and have time to experience the natural world. Let yourself acquire
                                       a new perspective into the spirit of Canyonlands National Park on a
                                       trip with NAVTEC Expeditions.
                                                                            NAVTEC Expeditions is
  “Your guides were friendly and knew their natu-                          an official concessionaire
  ral history. I can’t say enough about the quality                        of Canyonlands & Arches
  of your equipment and the professionalism of                            National Parks for both land
                                                                            & river wilderness tours
  your guides. Thanks for a great vacation.”

  Bill Wilson, MI

   Indian Creek

                                 Big Drop
                                 rapid No 2 in Catatact
                                 Canyon. Spring run-off

  4                       •
2 DAYS / 1 NIGHT CATARACT CANYON BY R.H.I.B.: Spend the night deep within the
wilderness of Canyonlands National Park. Our specially designed Rigid Hull Inflatable
Boats (R.H.I.B.s) easily travel the 100 miles of Cataract Canyon in two days. These boats cover the
flat water sections of the river much faster, allowing plenty of time to visit Indian ruins and beautiful side
canyons. The smaller boats used on this trip are great fun in the rapids. We carry no more than five
people per boat. This trip is the perfect balance between time and adventure.
Departures: Every Tues & Friday     Cost: Adult $595/Youth $545 + Hite
Mar thru Oct at 8:00 AM from Moab   return transportation *                     DEPARTS: Trips leave from the
Rentals: Sleeping bags & tents. Wet suites maybe required                       NAVTEC office in Moab, UT.
                                                                                RETURNS: See Hite Transpor-
                                                                                tation Options below.
is the classic Cataract Canyon river trip. Five days traveling through
the majestic canyons of the Colorado River in Canyonlands National Park. Your boatman handles the
oars, navigating the river skillfully. Casual river days include hiking, swimming and relaxed down-river
floating. The smaller row rafts are a great ride in the rapids. A true wilderness river journey that is sure
to renew your appreciation for the natural world.
Departures: Every Sunday, Mar         Cost: Adult $1045/Youth $935 &           Rentals: Sleeping bags and Tents
thru Oct at 8:00 AM from Moab         Hite return transportation*              available for rent. Wet suits maybe
                                      (Youth 16 & under)                       required

3 DAYS / 2 NIGHT CATARACT CANYON BY ROW RAFT: We’ll travel by row raft, through the heart
of Canyonlands. We’ll explore ancients Anasazi ruins, petrified wood and exquisite rock art. You’ll have
time to take it easy, swim in the river, absorb the beauty of your canyon camp and feast on expertly
prepared meals. Relax as your guides show you the sights of Canyonlands National Park.
Departures: Every Tuesday Mar         Cost: Adult $795/Youth $695 & Hite       Rentals: Sleeping bag & Tent rentals
thru Oct at 8:00 AM from Moab         return transportation*.                  available. Wet Suites maybe required
          This trip can combine with our 4 wheel drive Needles camp trip. See page 6 & 7 (Youth 16 & under)

1 DAY CATARACT CANYON BY R.H.I.B.: This NAVTEC exclusive offers a chance to experience
Cataract Canyon in just one day. This trip is perfect for those with little time but who have a desire for a
true backcountry adventure. In the morning we travel the calm water deep within Canyonlands. After a
delicious buffet lunch, we hit Cataract’s legendary rapids for the thrill of a lifetime. The whitewater R.H.I.B.
makes this trip possible in one day. Undoubtedly the best one day river trip in the U.S.
                                                 Departures: Every Wed & Cost: Adult $375/Youth $325 & *Hite
                                                 Saturday Mar thru Oct at 7:00 return transportation (Prices listed
 * HITE TRANSPORTATION OPTIONS                   AM from Moab                  to left)

Transportation from Hite Marina at the
                                                      Evening cools camp before dinner.
end of the trip is not included in the
cost of your trip. Pick an option and
add to the price of your trip.

1. Return to Moab by charter flight
   $120.00 pp plus tax
2. Return to Grand Junction by
   charter flight. $260.00 pp + tax
3. Shuttle your vehicle to Hite to
   meet you. $250.00 per vehicle
4. Return to Moab via ground trans
   portation.     $35.00 per person

                                                                 1-800-833-1278                                      5

                                                                         Entering Westwater Canyon

  Westwater Canyon on the Colorado River
  WESTWATER CANYON, UTAH: A trip through Westwater Canyon is a trip through Earth’s history.
  The most ancient rock on our planet is displayed deep within this canyon. The constricted canyon
  walls create a narrow channel with excellent rapids. Westwater’s revealing geologic history is
                                        complemented by its first-class whitewater and beautiful

                                       Evidence of prehistoric man’s life is etched in the canyon walls
                                       and modern man has left behind his outlaw hideouts and gold
                                       panning camps. Wildlife is abundant along the river, so have
                                       your camera ready. Westwater has good rapids with names
                                       like Funnel Falls, Bowling Alley and the infamous Skull. Trips
                                       travel by row raft, and paddle raft (see pg 15.), providing a
                                       sensational ride through the rapids. Meals are included. Our
                                       seasoned guides provide an informative and safe journey that
                                       you’ll never forget.

                                          We are so glad we chose NAVTEC
                                          Expeditions. Garry was wonderful and
Short hikes with your guides will         we’ll remember our river trip forever.
enhance your understanding of             Thanks again
the canyon and its ecology
                                                                         Dale E., N.J.

  1-800-833-1278 • •

                                                                             Chris Williams aces
                                                                             the challenging rapids
  6                                                                          of Westwater Canyon
Westwater Canyon

                                                               River runners are happy, healthy and hungry.

 2 DAYS / 1 NIGHT WESTWATER CANYON BY ROW & PADDLE RAFT: This is an outstanding trip
 with superb rapids, beautiful canyons and the magic that the Colorado river is legendary for. We’ll
 camp on a pristine beach where your guides will prepare a tantalizing western meal. The perfect mix
 of rapids and canyons, you’ll fall asleep to the soothing sound of the rive.
 Departures 2010:                      July 1, 8, 15, 26.                Cost: $350.00 Adult & $310.00 Youth
 March 19, 20, 27, 24, 31.             August 2, 4, 9, 11, 19, 25, 30.   (16 & under) plus BLM use fee.
 April 3, 9, 13, 15, 17, 20, 22, 29.   September 9, 13, 23, 24, 30.      Rentals:Sleeping bags $13.00 +
 May 10, 12, 17, 24, 27.               October 2, 6, 9, 13, 16, 23.      tax; Two person tent $20.00 + tax
 June 3, 7, 10, 17, 26, 28.
 March, April & October charter trips available on request

 1 DAY WESTWATER CANYON BY ROW & PADDLE RAFT: Remote river canyons, stunning scenery
 and exciting rapids combine to make this a super trip. One of the best one day trips on the Colorado
 River. We stop just above the rapids for a buffet picnic lunch. After a safety orientation, it’s on to
 Westwater’s exciting whitewater. Book early because space is limited on these popular trips.
 Departures 2010:                      July 1, 8, 15, 26.                Cost: $160.00 per person plus BLM
 March 19, 20, 27, 24, 31.             August 2, 4, 9, 11, 19, 25, 30.   use fee. Refer to page 15 for boat
 April 3, 9, 13, 15, 17, 20, 22, 29.   September 9, 13, 23, 24, 30.      type information.
 May 10, 12, 17, 24, 27.               October 2, 6, 9, 13, 16, 23.
 June 3, 7, 10, 17, 26, 28
 March, April & October charter trips available on request

 Westwater Canyon rapids

  Canyonlands National Park Wilderness Trips
  by Raft & 4WD Vehicle

  This is one of the finest wilderness trips on the Colorado Plateau. We’ll first travel by 4 wheel drive
  vehicles into the isolated backcountry of the Maze. Here, extreme topography has kept the area wild.
  We’ll see ancient rock art painted by an archaic culture which inhabited the canyons thousands of years
  ago. First we’ll visit “The Great Gallery” and later hike to the “Harvest Scene” deep in the remote canyons
  of the Maze. After traversing the difficult jeep trail to the “Doll House” for our last nights jeep camp,
  we’ll hike to Spanish Bottom and meet with a raft (We use the R.H.I.B., see page 14). We’ll continue
  our journey down the Colorado River through legendary Cataract Canyon. After camping our last night
                                      on the river we’ll end our trip at Hite Marina on Lake Powell.

                                     Departures Every Sunday, March thru October at
                                     8:00 AM from Moab, UT

                                     Cost $1295.00 plus tax and return transportation
                                     from Hite (see transportation inset on page 3)
                The Great Gallery    Rentals Sleeping bags $32.00 + tax • Two person

                                                                                         Hiking The Joint Trail en route to Chesler Park
                    in Horseshoe     tent $23.00 + tax

                                                                                         in the Needles country
  This expedition is designed for those seeking a complete Canyonlands experience.
  We’ll travel by both land and river, providing you with a comprehensive trip through
  the park. We begin with a trip down the Colorado River through Cataract Canyon.
  The river trip includes all of the same features as described on the three-day
  Cataract Canyon trip found on pages two and three. After two nights we arrive at
  Hite Marina and take a special scenic flight over the park to the remote Needles
  District of Canyonlands. Here, you’ll meet your jeep guides and begin your
  backcountry safari. We’ll travel deep into the Needles country following rugged
  jeep trails. You’ll be amazed at the beauty of this unlikely landscape. We’ll hike through the narrows of
  the Joint Trail in route to spectacular Chesler Park. You’ll visit the Confluence Overlook, a high vantage
  point which you’ll remember from your raft trip just days before. We’ll visit numerous archeological sites
                                                                               along with other short hikes.
Chesler Park in the Needles                                                    Our 4-wheel-drive tours travel
                                                                               fully self-contained and use the
                                                                               latest minimum impact camping

                                                                              Departures Every Tuesday, March
                                                                              thru Oct at 8:00 AM from Moab, UT
                                                                              Cost      Adult $1295/Youth $1195

                                                                              Rentals Sleeping bags $32.00 +
                                                                              tax • Two person tent $23.00 + tax
Canyonlands Backcountry Jeep Trips
Canyonlands Wilderness 4WD Camp Trips
3 Day / 2 night 4wD trip • neeDles District                                                   Needles Country

Canyonlands National Park is the jewel of the Desert
Southwest. Riddled with narrow canyons and surreal
rock formations, the Needles is part of a much larger
canyon wilderness. We follow 4-wheel-drive jeep trails
over Elephant Hill deep into the backcountry. Our trip
includes a hike to stately Chesler Park by way of the
narrow Joint Trail. We’ll see the confluence of the Green
and Colorado rivers and visit numerous archeological
sites. Here you will be immersed in a remote and beautiful part of our planet. It’s comforting to know
that such places still exist. Each evening brings us to a remote camp where your guides get busy
cooking creative, palate-pleasing meals. You will sleep under one of the richest, star-filled skies visible
anywhere in the U.S.
Departures Every Thursday, March thru     Cost $650 Adult/ $610 Youth   Rentals Sleeping Bag & Tent rent-
October at 8:00 AM from the NAVTEC        plus tax. Park Entrance Fee   als available.
office in Moab, UT                        not included.


   Hedgehog cactus in bloom                       The Harvest Scene, Maze, 1962

4 Day / 3 night 4wD trip • Maze District • canyonlanDs national park

The Maze district of Canyonlands National Park holds a special significance in the hearts of the few people
who have been there. Even today, it is a remote and difficult place to get to. Deep within the canyons,
Archaic man has left many beautiful and mysterious life-size pictographs. These masterpieces of ancient
North American rock art are a testament to a human presence in the canyons thousands of years ago.
We begin this interesting trip with a visit to Horseshoe Canyon and the Great Gallery archeological site,
one of the most celebrated of all pictograph panels. Later, our trip takes us down the switch-backs of
the Flint Trail and into the Land of Standing Rocks. A hike into the bottom of the Maze will lead us to
the Harvest Scene, another famous pictograph panel. On our last night we’ll camp at the Doll House,
a fantasyland of sandstone pinnacles and spires. The next morning after a short hike we’ll begin out
journey home. Today our route will take us past Waterhole Flat, Sunset Pass and the Sewing Machine. It’s
a big, wild and beautiful country
with much to see. A person could       The Chocolate Drops in the Maze enroute to the “Harvest Scene”
easily spend weeks exploring its
hidden passages and mysterious

Departures Every Sunday, March
thru October at 8:00 AM from Moab
Cost $965.00 plus tax. Park Intrance
Fee not included
Rentals Sleeping Bag & Tent Rent-
als available.

                               •                                    9
       raft trip • full or half Day                               coloraDo river tour • half Day

Bring the whole family on a Fisher Towers in the           As the Colorado River flows south out of the Moab
fun-filled rafting trip on the background                  valley it enters a vast sandstone wilderness. Here
famous Colorado River.                                     the river has no rapids but runs slow and easy, deep
From tranquil backwaters                                   within majestic canyons. We’ll make stops to visit
to exciting rapids, the                                    logs of petrified wood, a natural amphitheater and
river is a celebration                                     Anasazi rock art.
of nature at her best.
Each trip features row-                                    Departs    Morning (#2-A) From 8:00AM to 1:00PM
rafts operated by your                                                Afternoon (#2-P) From 1:00PM to 6:00PM

guide. Paddle boats                                        Cost       Adult $78 + tax • Youth (under 17) $68 +
and inflatable kayaks                                                 tax • Includes snacks
are available on most
trips. Between rapids there is time for picture
taking and relaxation as you drift beneath soaring
canyon walls.

Departures & Cost
Full Day (#3-F) From 9:00AM to 4:00PM • Includes
Lunch • Adult $63+ tax • Youth (16 & younger) $53 + tax

AM Half Day (#3-A) From 9:00AM to 1:15PM • Includes
Snacks • Adult $47 + tax • Youth (16 & younger) $37+ tax                              Meander Canyon
PM Half Day (#3-P) From 11:45AM to 4:00PM • Includes
Lunch • Adult $50 + tax • Youth (16 & younger) $40 + tax
                                                              HALF DAY ISLAND in the SKY 4WD TOUR
Sunset Raft (#3-S) From 5:00PM to 7:30PM • Includes              CANYONLANDS NATIONAL PARK
Snacks • Adult $47+ tax • Youth (16) $37 + tax

 FULL DAY WHITE RIM 4WD & HIKING TOUR                      This trip travels into the Island In The Sky district
     CANYONLANDS NATIONAL PARK                             of Canyonlands National Park and includes Shafer
                                                           Trail, Fossil Point and the White Rim. A brief but
Let our guides show you the real Canyonlands. On exciting trip you’ll remember for a life time.
this trip we get there by 4WD and then we’ll continue
our exploration by foot. A number of short moderate Departs Morning (#4 A) From 8:00AM to 12:00PM
                                                                       Afternoon (#4 P) From 1:00PM to 5:00PM
hikes reveal hidden passages, secret canyons and                       Sunset       (#4-S) From 4:00PM to 8:00PM
a sense of exploration. Our guides will show you
the Canyonlands that many miss. In route we’ll visit Cost              Adults $75 + tax • Youth (16 & younger) $65 +
                                                                       tax • Price does not include Park entrance
park treasures such as the Goose Neck, Fossil                          fees. • snack included
Point, Musselman Arch and the infamous Shafer
                                                              CHESLER PARK in the NEEDLES by 4WD
Trail. Hikes beneath the White Rim layer afford
                                                                   CANYONLANDS NATIONAL PARK
views of the mighty Colorado River and its corridor
that are unforgettable.                                    A full-day adventure to Canyonlands National Park.
Departs (#5) From 8:00AM to about 5:00PM                   On this trip we explore Elephant Hill & Devils Lane
                                                           as we travel difficult trails into the Needles. After
Cost        Adults $120 + tax, Youth (16 & younger) $100
            + tax, includes lunch • Price does not include
                                                           lunch we’ll hike the famous Joint Trail to spectacular
            Park entrance fees.                            Chesler Park, one of the gems of the park.
                                                           Departs    (#9) From 8:00AM to about 6:00PM

                                                           Cost       Adults $160 + tax • Youth (16) $140 + tax
                                                                      Includes lunch • Price does not include
                                                                      Park entrance fees.

10                              One Day Cataract Trip •
       Horse Canyon in the Needles                                     FULL DAY CANYONLANDS 4WD
                                                                    AND CALM WATER SCENIC RIVER TOUR

                                                         Experience Canyonlands on a tour that takes you
                                                         from mesa top to river bottom. In the morning,
                                                         we’ll travel in comfortable four-wheel-drive vehicles
                                                         through the Island in the Sky District of Canyonlands
                                                         National Park. Our professional guides will show
                                                         you the sights that many miss. After a filling buffet
                                                         lunch, we’ll board boats for a scenic calm water river
                                                         tourof Meander Canyon on the Colorado River.
                                                         Departs                                          (#6-RIB) From 8:00AM to 5:00PM
                                                         Cost                                             Adults $120 + tax • Youth (16 & younger)
A 4WD trip into The Needles district of Canyonlands               $100 + tax • Includes lunch • Price does not
National Park is an unforgettable experience. This                include Park entrance fee.
journey takes you up Salt Creek to Horse Canyon.
Along the way we will take short side hikes to                 ONE DAY WESTWATER CANYON
explore spectacular arches and ancient Anasazi See Page 7: Enjoy one of the best one day river trips
dwelling and rock art. Our guides have a deep on the Colorado River. Details on page 6 & 7.
respect and knowledge of the Needles District. You
will leave with a well-rounded appreciation of the              ONE DAY CATARACT CANYON
area’s natural and human history.
Departs (#8) From 8:00 AM to 5:30 PM                    See Page 5: One day and 100 miles of the
                                                        Colorado River from Moab to Lake Powell through
Cost       Adults $120 + tax • Youth (16 & younger)
                                                        Canyonlands National Park and Cataract Canyon.
           $100 + tax • Includes lunch • Price does not
           include Park entrance fee.                   Refer to page four & five for complete details.
Island in the Sky              Quality lunches                                                                                                                                                        To                     WW Put-In

                                                                                     CANYONLANDS, UTAH                                                                                                Grand
                                                                                                                                                                                                      Junction   �


                                                                  To Salt                                                                                                                               WW
                                                                  Lake City                                                                                                                                          e




                                                                                                                                                                                                         R ive

                                                                                                                                                                                                                 Dolores River

                                                                                                                                                                                          ti o n
                                                                                                                                                                                      S ec

                                                                                                                                                     ARCHES                                                 Towers
                                                                                                                                                                                    e rs

                                                                                          Labyrinth                                                                                                         Put-In
                                                                                          Canyon                                                                                      w
                                                                                                                                                                      F i s h er

                                                                                                                                                                                                                 Fisher Towers

                                                                            Ri                                                                                                            r
                                                                                     v                                                                                               lo

                                                                                                                                                      PARK                   Co

                                                                     in t h C a

                                                                                                    Bownot                                                                     Take-Out


                                                          Canyon                                Mineral
                                                         Take-Out                               Canyon
                                                                                                                                        Point         Cataract

For a bit more excitement, this tour combines the                                                                                        �            Canyon
                                                                                                      ISLAND IN               �                        Put-In

                                                                                                      THE SKY                 Shafer

half-day Canyonlands 4-wheel-drive tour with a

whitewater raft trip through stunning Professor



Valley. A good lunch and river rafting make for a fun
                                                                                                                  m Tr



filled afternoon. Bring plenty of film. This is one of                                               THE
                                                                                                                                        CANYONLANDS                                       �
                                                                                                                                        NATIONAL PARK
our best values and a most popular tour.                                                             MAZE
                                                                    Flint                                     House

Departs    (#7-RAFT) From 8:00AM to 4:00PM

                                                                                                an                              THE

                                                                                                                       i ve


                                                                                                                      l Dr


                                                                              ta r



Cost       Adults $120 + tax • Youth (16 & younger)

           $100 + tax Includes lunch • Price does not                    o                                    RUIN
                                                                                                                                                       Indian Creek
                                                                   ad                                         PARK
           include Park entrance fee.
                                                                                                                                                        State Park

                                                             ol                                                                                                                                       Monticello


                          1-800-833-1278 • fax 1-453-259-5823                                                                                                                                                                11
   Baja Sea Kayaking Adventures
                                                                               During the winter months
                                                                        NAVTEC operates tours in Mexico.
                                                                        Baja’s gulf coast on the Sea of
                                                                        Cortez is home to 30 percent of the
                                                                        world’s marine mammals, over 700
                                       Along the Sierra Giganta Coast
                                                                        species of fish (some of which will be
                                                                        on the menu) and innumerable spe-
    cies of birds. Playful dolphins, sea lions and the enormous Fin & Blue Whales inhabit her waters. Here
    you can snorkel and observe a host of brightly colored tropical fish, hike desert canyons and enjoy the
    winter warmth. If fishing is your thing, you should know that the Sea of Cortez is a world-class fishery.
    On the Pacific side our base camp expeditions focus on the annual California Gray Whale migration.
    Hunted to the brink of extinction, the resilient Gray Whale has enjoyed a impressive comeback.

    Our guides instruct all participants in the safe and proper operation of the sea kayak. No previous experi-
    ence is needed. Our meals consist of fresh, top quality regional ingredients, cooked to perfection with
    generous portions. We are the only outfitter that can proudly claim 36 years experience guiding trips
    to the “Forgotten peninsula.” The knowledge we’ve gained over                BAJA, MEXICO
    these years leaves our customers knowing that they chose the
    right outfitter. You owe it to yourself to choose NAVTEC as your


    personal guide to the amazing wilderness that is Baja, Mexico.                      Mulege

    Our sister company in Baja is Calafia, member Asociacion de

    Ecoturismo y Kayakismo

                                                                                                       Loreto   Isla

                                                                                                                El Carmen


   7 DAY / 6 NIGHT GREY WHALE & SEA KAYAK                                                                           Santa Catalina


   Combine whale watching and sea kayaking on Baja’s Pacific coast.
                                                                                                                       San Jose

   From our island base camp we will paddle to mangrove estuaries,

   hike the pristine beaches of the Pacific coast and observe at close                           C                          La
                                                                                                     EA                     Paz

   range the life of the Gray Whale. Our whale watching will be done                                      N
   from the safety of “pangas” (outboard motorized skiff) with skilled           UNITED STATES

   local guides at the helm. We’ll see dolphins, sea lions and explore


   estuaries teaming with bird life. Our camp is sheltered from the
   Pacific Ocean by a barrier island of sand. Each year the Gray
   Whales migrate from the Bering Sea to the warm lagoons of Mexico
                                                                                                     Sunrise on the Sea of
   to bear their young, mate and enjoy the winter warmth.                                            Cortez
   Departures 2010 Jan 18, 25.               Cost      $1395.00 per person.
   Feb 1, 8, 15, 22.
   Rentals Sleeping Bags $49.00              From      Loreto, Baja California
                                                       Sur, Mexico
Sea kayaks are stable and easy to paddle

California Gray Whale
                                    The snorkeling is great

   12                                1-800-833-1278                      Exploring a beach near camp
Winter Adventure
This classic trip follows the coast south from Loreto where the dramatic
Sierra Giganta mountains plunge abruptly to the sea and the numerous
islands of the Sea of Cortez join to create a breathtaking panorama. Lo-
cated within Parque Nacional Bahia Loreto, the area is world renowned
for its beauty and vibrant marine environment. Here you can feel as John
Stienbeck felt when he encountered a sea teaming with life, where the
presence of nature overwhelmed the presence of man. We’ll camp along
the coast or on pristine islands as we travel south.
Departures 2009           2010 Jan 3, 10, 17,      Cost $1295.00 per person
Oct 11, 18, 25.           24, 31.                  From Loreto, Baja California
Nov 1, 8, 15, 22, 29.     Feb 7, 14, 21, 28.       Sur, Mexico
Dec 6, 13, 20, 27.        Mar 7, 14, 21, 28.       Rentals Sleeping Bags
                                                                                  Sunrise on the Sierra Giganta
                          April 4, 11, 18.         $49.00/trip

Isla Monserrate is one of the rugged yet beautiful islands in Baja’s Sea of Cortez. It’s an ideal base for
exploring a rich marine environment and island terrain dotted with cactus and unusual native plants. We
begin our trip with a 20 mile boat ride to Isla Monserrate in NAVTEC’s seaworthy Rigid Hull Inflatable
Boats (R.H.I.B.) Our base camp is at a beautiful bay on the island located within Parque Nacional
Bahia Loreto. That’s where our guides show you how to kayak safely and enjoy the sea. You’ll soon be
slicing across the glassy ocean surface with ease. We do most of our kayaking in the morning. Each
day we have time for great snorkeling, world-class fishing, island hiking and just relaxing in camp where
your guides prepare delicious dutch oven meals. The wildlife is one of the highlights of this trip. While
paddling we encounter sea birds, giant pods of dolphin and even Fin whales. Our itinerary includes a
visit to a nearby sea lion rookery where you can swim with these acrobats of the sea. Our customers
enjoy not having to break camp each day and we are well removed from normal sea traffic. This is one
of our best trips. Groups get quality time together along with great adventure.
Departures 2009 Oct 11, 18, 25.      2010 Jan 3, 10, 17, 24, 31.            Cost $1395.00 per person
Nov 1, 8, 15, 22, 29.                Feb 7, 14, 21, 28.
Dec 6, 13, 20, 27.                   Mar 7, 14, 21, 28. April 4, 11, 18.
                                                                             A family affair
Rentals Sleeping Bags $49.00/trip    From Loreto, Baja California Sur,

                Exploring a mangrove estuaries

   Camp on the Sierra Giganta trip                                                                        13
EQUIPMENT, CAMPS, FOOD & GUIDES                                  THE TYPES OF BOATS WE USE
EQUIPMENT Those who choose a Navtec trip can rest                RIGID HULL INFLATABLE BOAT: The R.H.I.B. is a small,
assured that our equipment is top quality and state-of-          motorized inflatable. They travel the flatwater sections
the-art. NAVTEC Expeditions even designed and built              of the river faster than other
the R.H.I.B.’s (rigid hull inflatable boat) used on our trips.   boats and are exciting in the
This dynamic craft is the most maneuverable boat on              rapids. They carry only four to
the river and a great ride in the rapids. It’s true, we’re       six people per boat. R.H.I.B.’s
equipment nuts and it shows on our trips. Our camping            provide a thrilling ride on our
gear is modern, clean and user friendly.                         1- and 2-day Cataract Canyon
                                                                 trips. NAVTEC also uses these
FOOD All meals on our trips are prepared by guides who           boats on our Colorado River
possess first-rate culinary skills. All ingredients are fresh    Scenic Calmwater Tour (#2) and
and wholesome, consisting of the best vegetables, fruits         to carry equipment on our Baja sea kayak trips.
and meats. Our portions are more than plentiful. Complete
portable kitchens are carried on all multi-day trips. All        J-RIG: This 22 ft. boat is larger
guides have a Utah State Food Handlers Permit.                   than other boats, keeping you
                                                                 higher and drier through the
GUIDES A good guide makes a trip. All Navtec guides are          rapids. These motorized boats
professionally trained and licensed by the State of Utah .       are operated by your boatman
They posses comprehensive river, backcountry and sea             and are used on the 4-day
kayak skills and are certified in emergency first aid and        Cataract Canyon trip. The J-Rig
CPR. Navtec’s guide training policy is more stringent than       is comfortable to travel on and
regulations require, ensuring that you will be in the most       is the most stable boat in the rapids.
capable hands in the business. Our guides are natural
leaders who are sensitive and attentive to your needs. You       PADDLE RAFT: You’re an
will be treated with courtesy and respect. These top-notch       active participant on NAVTEC
professionals take your personal safety seriously and are        paddle raft trips. Following the
great fun to travel with.                                        directions of your guide, you
                                                                 and the rest of the passengers
CAMP Camping with NAVTEC is a comfortable                        paddle as a team. We use
experience and is sure to be one of the highlights of your       this boat on the Fisher Towers
trip. Being in the wilderness does not mean sacrificing          section and on some Westwater
creature comforts.. This is camping at its finest. Each          and Cataract Canyon trips. We carry six to eight people in
night finds us on sandy, pristine beaches surrounded by          boats that range in length from 15 to 17 ft.
the most spectacular scenery in the world. Camping is
conducted using modern low-impact techniques. Private,           ROWING RAFT: Your NAVTEC guide rows the raft,
comfortable toilet facilities are set up at each camp.           expertly choosing the best route
                                                                 through rapids. You enjoy the
       IMPORTANT INFORMATION                                     scenery and the excitement
                                                                 while your guide does all the
NAVTEC Expeditions, Inc. and cooperating agents act
                                                                 work. Boats range in length
only in the capacity of agents for the participants when
                                                                 from 16 to 18 ft. and carry five
making arrangements for air and surface transportation,
                                                                 people on multi-day trips and
lodging and other related travel services and assume
                                                                 eight to ten on one-day trips.
no responsibility however caused for injury, delay, loss,
injury or accident due to any act, negligence or default on
                                                                 INFLATABLE KAYAK: You do all your own paddling in
the part of any company or person engaged in providing
                                                                 NAVTEC’s inflatable kayaks.
such services. NAVTEC Expeditions assumes no
                                                                 These craft are available by
responsibility for any injury, loss, damage or additional
                                                                 advance reservation and let you
expenses due to delay or changes in transportation or
                                                                 navigate the river yourself in the
other services, sickness, weather, strike, war, acts of God,
                                                                 company of family and friends
civil disturbances or any other cause. We reserve the
                                                                 who are enjoying a raft trip.
right to make any itinerary changes as may be required
or advisable and to cancel any trip due to river level
                                                                 SEA KAYAK: NAVTEC uses swift, stable sea kayaks
fluctuations, high winds, heavy seas, dangerous 4WD
                                                                 in Baja on the Green River. You can paddle alone in a
trails, insufficient bookings and other factors. NAVTEC
                                                                 single kayak or team up with
Expeditions reserves the right to change any trip price or
                                                                 a partner in a double kayak.
tariff without notice. NAVTEC Expeditions, Inc. cannot
                                                                 NAVTEC guides provide helpful
accept responsibility for evacuations due to injury or other
                                                                 instruction and assistance.
cause, which can be prolonged, difficult and expensive.
NAVTEC Expeditions, Inc. accepts no responsibility for
lost, stolen or damaged property. Participants carry
                     personal property at their own risk.

                     Let us put together a special trip for your family, friends
                       or company. call our office for information and rates

14           •
         one Day trips • MoaB, ut                                Multi-Day trips • MoaB • loreto
BOOKING: A $15 per person deposit is required to            BOOKING (multi-day trips including one-day Cataract
confirm space. Most major credit cards accepted. If         Canyon): A deposit is required to confirm space.
you wish to pay by check, call to make your reservation.      Utah Rafting & Land Tours          $100.00 per person
We’ll hold your reservation for 10 days, until your check     Baja Sea Kayaking                  $200.00 per person
arrives. An invoice and information packet will be mailed   Most major credit cards accepted. If you wish to pay by
once deposits are received. Final payment due no less       check, call and make your reservation and we’ll hold your
than 3 days prior to departure. Cancellations are subject   reservation for 10 days. An invoice, information packet
to a $10 per person cancellation fee. Sorry, no refunds     and packing list will be mailed once deposit is made.
within 72 hrs. of departure.                                Final payment is due 30 days prior to trip departure.
                                                            Your deposit is refundable less a $50.00 per person
INCLUDED: U.S. Coast Guard approved life jackets,           service charge if you cancel 30 days or more prior to
licensed guides, meals or snacks where noted,               departure. Sorry, no refunds will be given within 30 days
transportation to and from the river (except on Cataract    of trip departure date.
trips where return transportation is not included), 99%
waterproof camera boxes, ice water and lemonade.            INCLUDED: Expedition duffle for clothing & gear, Coast
                                                            Guard approved life jackets, government use fees,
NOT INCLUDED: Park entrance fee on 4WD tours,               (4WD trips require a personal entrance fee) all meals
Tennis shoes, sandals, or water socks (footwear is          while on the trip, ground transportation from Loreto,
required), sunglasses, sunscreen, visor or hat for sun      Mexico or Moab, UT to the embarkation point, ground
protection, shorts or swimsuit. Camcorders, cameras,        transportation at the end of the trip back to Loreto,
and personal beverages are carried at your own risk.        Mexico or Moab, UT (except on Cataract Canyon trips,
                                                            see inset page 7.) Baja trips also include tent, sea
ONE DAY MEETING PLACE: All trips begin and end at           kayak, paddle, life jacket & spray skirt.
the NAVTEC office in Moab, UT. Our office is located at
321 North Main Street. Ample parking is available. We       NOT INCLUDED: Sleeping bag, ground cloth, foam
are happy to pick you up at your hotel or camp ground if    pad, tent (tents included on Baja trips, other wise rentals
needed. Please notify our office the day before.            available), soft drinks or alcoholic beverages, airfare to
                                                            or from Moab or Loreto, park entrance fees on jeep trips
LIABILITY RELEASE ALL TOURS: Everyone is                    in Utah, gratuities to guides.
required to sign a liability release before the trip,
acknowledging your understanding and acceptance             GUIDE GRATUITIES: Your guides work hard to insure
that some risk are involved in our trips.                   that you have a safe and enjoyable trip. Gratuities are
                                                            not required but if you feel that your guides have done
INSURANCE: Please consider the purchase of                  a good job for you, tips are appreciated.
supplemental vacation insurance.

By Authority of the Department of the Interior, National Park Service, Bureau of Land Management

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