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					                          UPLOADING DOCUMENTS IN FPMIS (DRAFT)

In FPMIS, users can browse and access a variety of documents relating to:

       a. Countries and donor institutions - country strategy papers, donor agreements (including
          internet links covering a variety of sources for each country, etc.);
       b. Projects - project documents, budget revisions, QPIRs, progress and technical reports,
          mission reports, recommendations from the PPRC, relevant WEB sites/pages, etc.

Throughout the system, each uploaded document is displayed in a standardized manner which
immediately presents the user with the following details/information:

          An icon – showing the file type;
          A document link showing:
           o The document category - (e.g. Project Agreement) this is the type of document. Each
               module within FPMIS has its associated document types. A complete list of the types of
               documents in FPMIS and their associated modules is shown in Annex I.
           o The document description – This is a brief description provided by the user who is
               uploading the document. Document descriptions, while provided by the user, are
               nonetheless standardized and should follow the terminology and outline provided in
               Annex I, and
           o The document size,

           By clicking on the document link, the user can either open or save the document locally;

          An Info link – clicking on it an info page showing document technical details is opened;

          A Summary link – clicking on it an info page showing the first few lines of the documents
           (usually up to 500 characters). This feature is available for the majority of documents with
           extension .doc, .txt, .xls, .pdf, but not for image documents such as .jpeg, .tiff etc.

   Each uploaded document has an associated info page consisting of three sections which enables
   the user to see some technical document details before opening it. Namely:

       1. File information
              Original Name:              The full document path from where the document has
                                           been originally uploaded
              Document Inserted by:       Name and Organizational Code of the user who has
                                           performed the action
              Document Inserted on:       Date when the action has been performed
              Document Path:              The URL address further to its insertion in FPMIS
              File Size:                  Size of the uploaded document in bytes
              Office Created Date:        Date when the document was created
              Office Modified Date:       Date when the document was last modified
              Access Level:               Indicates who has access to the document - by default All
                                           FAO users can view a document. However document
                                           access can be further limited or increased...

       2. Security - This section shows who – within FPMIS - has:
              Administrative rights:      can modify and/or remove the document from the system
              Browse rights:              see and download the specific document

TCOM – January 2006                               1
         3. E-mail – When the user clicks on this link, the system sends the document by e-mail to the
            user based on the email address recorded under "MyFPMIS".

All the documents are uploaded in FPMIS through the relevant dedicated modules and can be linked
to projects or country/donor institutions or both.

Each module has its associated document types predefined within FPMIS and each document has its
own security rights to control who has access (administrative or browse) to it, see Annex I for
detailed list.

Only authorized users  can upload documents in FPMIS.

All the documents, from all the modules, are uploaded using the same standardized upload facility.
BTORs and Mission Reports have an additional section within this facility.

How to Upload a Document:

    1.   Locate the relevant FPMIS page, module or section
    2.   Click on the Admin link
    3.   You can either (a) link an already existing document; or (b) upload a new document:

         (a)    If the document is already stored in FPMIS and the user wishes to link it to a specific
                FPMIS page:
                  Type all or part of its description in the description field;
                  Click on the Add Document button;
                  Browse the Doc List obtained to find the desired document (clicking on label ‘title’ it
                     is possible to sort the documents either in ascending or descending alphabetical
                  Click on the info link associated to the document to check if this is really the desired
                     document to be linked to the specific page;
                  Click on the add icon to link it; (Please note that, since each module has an
                     associated document category pick list, the results of the search will be restricted to
                     those documents falling within the module category pick-list, for ex.: only Progress
                     Reports and Six-Month Progress Reports already existing in FPMIS, if the search is
                     made from the Reports module). The info link appearing at the end of the
                     Description line enables the user to double check all the details of the document
                     being linked to the specific page;
                  Click on Submit Data to save the link to the specific document on that page;

          (b) If the user wishes to upload a new document in FPMIS
                Click on the Add Document button (the system still offers you the possibility to
                   ‘search between FPMIS documents’ and use one of them (as per point (a) above);
                   or to add a new document. To insert a new document:
                Select the correct category of document from the available pick list (ex. Prodoc,
                   Mission Report, etc.)
                Click on the New button
                You can either add up a link (the link checkbox should be selected and enter the
                   correct URL address under this field) or upload a saved document (the upload
                   checkbox should be selected)

  Users wishing (or required) to upload documents in any FPMIS page, should address a specific e-mail request - signed by
their supervisor – to to obtain the necessary level of authorization.

TCOM – January 2006                                          2
                       To upload a document, the user should fill in all the mandatory fields: File;
                        Description; Date Sequence; Restrict Access Level which have been marked with a
                        red asterisk:
                       o File - Click on the "browse document" to select the document to be uploaded;
                       o Description - This is a standardized field and should follow the terminology and
                           outline provided in Annex I - For example, a ProDoc description should include:
                           the project symbol and in brackets the date when it was last revised or signed if
                           it is the case)
                       o Date Sequence - This enables a user to determine the order of documents
                           within the same document type. It is ideally the date of the last revision of the
                           document (or when it has been submitted to the donor or has been
                           approved/signed, etc.)
                       o Restrict Access Level - Each document type has its access level already set up
                           in FPMIS. Authorized users can restrict this further for the document being
                       o Document Authorization (NOT A MANDATORY FIELD) – Authorization levels
                           are assigned by default by the system as follows:
                                    Browse rights: All Users will be able to see the document;
                                    Admin Rights: those authorized within the Service of the user
                                      uploading the document will be able to modify/delete the document.
                                      Authorized users can extend administrative rights to a
                                      Divisions/Services or individual staff.

                      When satisfied with the uploading, click on the Upload button. (An error message
                       will be displayed if one or more of the mandatory fields have not been filled in.

                      If all the conditions are fulfilled, the document is saved in the system and a pop-up
                       window will appear showing that a new document has been uploaded in FPMIS and
                       linked to the specific page. Click on close this window to exit this pop-up window.

Once the document has been linked to a specific project/country page, it is possible to
      (i) modify the description (EXCLUSIVELY the description associated to the document on that
          specific page); or
      (j) remove the reference to the document from that specific page.

Please note that these two actions do not affect the document which will remain stored in FPMIS.
The document will be kept in system with the original description unless it is modified (by authorized
users) through the ‘Edit document details’. (See section below for further details).

     4.     If you want to modify the description of a document or remove a document from a specific

          (a)   The          icon enables you to modify the description should you realize that what you
                have typed/inserted is not correct;

          (b)   The            icon is to be used if you wish to remove the link to a document from a
                specific page.

5.          Click on Add Document button if you have another document for the same project otherwise
            use the back button to exit from the screen.

How to Upload BTORs and Mission Reports

TCOM – January 2006                                     3
1. To upload a BTOR or a Mission Report follow the steps indicated above (apart the Date Sequence
   field). Two more mandatory fields exist, the To and From dates (starting and ending dates of the
   mission marked with the red asterisk). These two dates will determine the chronological order of
   the document within the relevant FPMIS page.

2. When uploading a BTORs or a Mission Report, the user will notice an additional section. Filling in
   of these extra fields (which are not mandatory but important all the same) will enhance the
   Division’s capacity to monitor duty travel related to projects and countries. It will also improve
   the retrieval of corresponding BTORs. Furthermore, thanks to the linking of BTORs in FPMIS to
   their FAO Intranet Page, the Division will be able to retrieve the list of BTORs/Mission Reports
   produced. The same can be reproduced by every FAO Division/Unit at FAO HQ and in the
   Decentralized Offices.

    The additional data that should be added is:

         Traveller’s surname
         Traveller’s name
         The unit (Available from the drop-down list)
         From and To dates (in both cases by clicking on the calendar sign the user can enter the
          dates. To and From fields are mandatory for all users uploading BTORs and Mission Reports in
          FPMIS and determine the chronological order to the document uploaded).
         Location (the town visited by the staff member)
         Authorization (the TA number, e.g. AHQ0011111)
         Notes (purpose of travel, organizations visited, officials met, other remarks)

    Click on Upload button to save the information or on the "Close this window" button to restart
    from the beginning;

How to Upload BTORs and Mission Reports under the Mission Report Page

BTORs and Mission Reports related to a project are ALSO uploaded in the mission report page of the
country(ies) or donor institutions visited by the reporting officer. If the mission was not intended for
a specific project but, for example, to attend a course/seminar, the BTOR is ONLY uploaded in the
Mission Report page of the country(ies) or donor institutions visited.

       To find the right country, go to                       click once on the        icon and choose
        the desired country from the list (type the first letters of the name of the country until it

        appears in full, then click on the   button to the right).

       Here you are on the main page of the selected country.

         Click once on Mission Report to see the BTORs already uploaded and follow the steps indicated
         above (Section ..., page X). Remember that you can browse the system and link a BTOR or
         Mission Report already stored in FPMIS to the Mission Report page.

         Click on Insert New Button to start up the linking/uploading process and then follow points 1-3
         pages 3/4.

TCOM – January 2006                                  4
      In case the same document is relevant for more than one country or donor institutions visited,
      the same should appear on the Mission Reports page of all the countries or institutions. The
      system enables the user to link the relevant document either before or after having uploading
      it in FPMIS through the following section available immediately after clicking on the Insert New

       The section consists of three checkboxes allowing the user to select all, more than one, or a
      single country from the pick up list available below.

      Click on the Submit Data Button to link the document and save the information.

      How to Edit Document Details and/or Delete a Document from the FPMIS System

      Only users with administrative rights to the specific document (see "Document Authorization
      on page 4) can edit the document's details or delete the document from FPMIS.

      The specific document should be located using the document search (for details on how to use
      the ‘Document Search’ feasibility see Module 2, pp. 8-10).

      Once you have found the desired document;
          Click on the info link; and
          Click on ‘Edit document details’ from the pop-up icon.
          Document detail fields (Description; Date Sequence; Authorization Level; Document
            Authorization) will become visible and editable.
          The Save button enable to store any amendments as introduced at the level of the
          The Delete button should be used only to completely remove a document from FPMIS.
            Please note that a document can only be deleted if it is not linked to any project or
            country/donor institution.

      N.B.:    Special attention should be paid to the size of documents as:

      Documents > 256 KB will be difficult to read for staff working in the decentralized offices
      Documents > 500 KB will be hard to upload/read

      In case you have a very big report to upload (a PowerPoint presentation, a report with photos,
      etc.) it is possible/advisable to break the document in several files, for example main text and

      The problem of unreliable/slow internet connection preventing the user from opening large-size
      documents can be partially addressed using the e-mail link available under the document info
      page to forward the desired document to the user’s e-mail address as stored in FPMIS (users
      are therefore strongly recommended to check the validity of the e-mail address associated to
      their name in FPMIS).

TCOM – January 2006                               5
         Annex I

FPMIS document types, maintenance responsibilities and access information

At Country Level:

  Name of Module/                  Type of Documents                    Uploaded/                Accessible to:
     FPMIS Page                                                     Administered by:
Strategy & Policy       - Development strategies, policies and    Maintained by TCAR         Restricted to FAO Users
Papers                    Programmes prepared with FAO
                        - Sector and Sub-Sector Reviews
                        - Other (Non FAO) Strategies and
                          agricultural sector reviews
                        - Other FAO Documents
Mission Reports         - BTORs                                   Relevant ROBs              Restricted to FAO Users
                        - Mission Reports                         TCOM
                                                                  Focal Users in Tech Div.
                                                                  (ex.: ESC; FII....)
Delivery Reports        Field Report                              TCOM                       All FPMIS Users
Internet Links          - FAO Links                                                          All FPMIS Users
                        - External Links
Emergencies             Donor and Recipient Reports on relevant   TCOM                       All FPMIS Users
                        Emergencies Clusters

At Project Level:

  Name of Module/                  Type of Documents                   Uploaded/                 Accessible to:
    FPMIS Page                                                       Administered by:
Documentation Section   -   Project Outline
                        -   TCP Agreement
                        -   Project agreement
                        -   TSS
                        -   ProDoc
                        -   Baby project
                        -   PPRC REQUEST
                        -   PPRC Members Comments
                        -   PPRC Members Comments close
                        -   PPRC Final Document
                        -   Designation Memo
                        -   Work Plan
                        -   ICA Document
                        -   Project Appraisal
                        -   PRS
                        -   Hand-over Brief
                        -   BTOR
                        -   Mission Report
                        -   QPIR
                        -   Technical Report
                        -   Interim Report
                        -   Annual Report
                        -   Web
                        -   PBE Evaluation
                        -   AdvAllocation
                        -   Conversion (Docs)
                        -   OC Form
                        -   FinClosure Form
                        -   Other
General Information     -   Project Outline
                        -   ICA
                        -   Project Document
                        -   Appraisal Report
                        -   PRS Sheet
Budget                  -   Budget Revision                       ROBs                       All FPMIS Users
                        -   Other BR document                     TCOM
                        -   No formal BR

TCOM – January 2006                                        6
Reports               -   Progress Report                         TCOM/TCAP   All FPMIS User
                      -   Six-month Progress Report
                      -   Concluding Letter (TCP)                 TCOM
                      -   Terminal Statement (TCP)
                      -   Final Report (Emergency Projects)
                      -   Terminal Report
                      -   Telefood Terminal Report
Financial Closure     -   Financial Closure Documentation         TCOM

TCOM – January 2006                                           7

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