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									STI- GRADES
Step -by-step

Grade Book

   1. Login to STI

   2. Select class you want to work with by highlighting it in blue. (Left click)

   3. Select teacher grade book 4th icon box (Brown box)

   4. From the drop down menu select quarter (Class roster will appear)

   5. From Top Bar Menu select “Gradebook”

   6. Select Class Defaults

   7. Select which method of grading you will use. (you can either use a point system or categories)

   8. Select the “average method” according to your grading system

   9. Select the following from the menu: Auto Display Current Grading Period, Display Total

       Points, Display Letter Grade for Average

   10. Select: OK , which will return you to the class roster screen.

   11. Select Define Categories (Red box)

   12. Define categories. For example: Homework, Daily participation, tests, etc. If you do not

       have categories just create a single category that will allow you to enter all of your grades.

   13. Select “Insert Category”

   14. Name and assign a value to the category

   15. Leave weight multiplier at 1 and weight add at 0.

   16. If you are using categories and want to weight your categories, enter the number under

       percentage (30% = 30.00)

   17. Select “OK” to save

Adapted for Taos High School by Carla Chavez from work done by Jamie Lucero.
   18. Repeat steps for all categories.

   19. Review you categories to determine if they are correct. Changes must be made before grades

      are entered or they will not be allowed. Exit category list using door icon.

   20. Select “ Define activities for grading period” 1st Icon (Blue Icon Box)

   21. Select Insert

   22. Assign date for graded activity

   23. Select category for grading

   24. Description: Title for the activity

   25. Value: Point value the assignment is worth, Weight multiplier, Weight Add are entered

      automatically when the category is selected. (If you would like to change this enter you

      values manually through this screen)

   26. Note: Allows you to offer further explanation about the assignment

   27. Select move to Lesson Plan (optional)

   28. When complete select OK

      a.      If a lesson plan does not exist you will be prompted to assign activity to a unit.

      b.      If a lesson plan exists for date assigned you will be prompted to select OK to add

      activity to lesson plan or cancel to delete activity

   29. Exit using the door icon at the bottom of the screen.

   30. Activity will now appear in lesson planner. Only activities entered through grade book will

      allow for a grade to be posted.

   31. To enter grades select the class period you are wishing to work with by highlighting it (blue).

Adapted for Taos High School by Carla Chavez from work done by Jamie Lucero.
   32. You will see a class roster with columns to the right. Each column represents a different

      assignment. Select which assignment you want to enter grades for by highlighting any box

      within the column.

   33. Single student: double click on space below activity column to enter a grade for an individual


   34. Type score.

   35. Select OK.

   36. Entire class: right click on space below activity and select “enter scores down column”

   37. Enter grades down column as select save when you are finished.

   38. To assign the same grade for all students enter grade for first student.

   39. Select fill. You will be prompted to overwrite scores below select OK.

   40. To change any scores select student score and change.

   41. Select SAVE to save grades.

   42. Selecting clear will clear all grades entered on current screen.

   43. Drop will allow you to enter scores that will not be counted in grade average.

   44. Un-Drop will reverse previous step.

   45. Repeat the process for all assignments within each class.

   46. To print your grade book grades select the 8th icon box (yellow outline with black slashes).

      You will be shown a preview of your grades. To print all pages of the grade book select the

      printer icon that is next to the exit door icon. The other printer icon with a number above it

      will only print the first page of the grade book.

   47. Grade book will automatically calculate your class average for each assignment, and

      continually calculate the current letter grade.

Adapted for Taos High School by Carla Chavez from work done by Jamie Lucero.
   48. If you wish to offer extra credit for a student/class, create an assignment that has a point value

         of “0”. You will be notified that the score exceeds the assigned value for the assignment.

         Select ok and the score will count as “extra credit”.


        Keep in mind that the STI grade book has capacity for only 250 activities or grades. This

         applies to the entire year.

        When a student moves from class period to class period with the same teacher you may

         transfer the grades from class period to class period. If the course is the same the grades will

         move to the new location.

                                Select student in grade book.

                                Select grade book from the tool bar

                                Highlight get scores from other class

        If a student changes teachers the office will print their grades for you.

        You have the ability to enter comments about student progress which is necessary if a student

         is failing. The 5th Icon (white box) will allow you to enter a comment about the student which

         should be viewable on progress reports.

Adapted for Taos High School by Carla Chavez from work done by Jamie Lucero.

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