Down And Out And Only #200 to Invest by jsolochek


									Review of Down & Out & Only $200 to invest

Perry Marshall answered a comment by one of his subscribers about the fact that the gentleman only
had about $200 to invest . The man says he would like to spend that on a product of Perry Marshall's
but there is so much information out there for free these days that the $200 could be better spent on a
service like Adwords or some other form of marketing.

Perry Marshall suggests that this person might sign up for a paid membership site Renaissance Club but
why not just save the money and join a site like The Warrior Forum? If you are truly Down & Out &
only $200 to invest then you need to find a free source of information and use your money for

Now I do agree with Perry Marshall that this gentleman should not resort to selling p remade site
templates on his site for a measly 20% commission. I have seen many other marketers who offer up to
100% commission for some products. If you are considering a service like that of Adwords then you
need to make sure that your profit margin is relatively high otherwise you will be losing money with
Google Adwords. Just think about it, out of 100 clicks the averages say that maybe you will get 4 sales.

Instead of telling a down & out subscriber what product they should buy I like the opinion of Frank
Kern who basically has stated that you gain customers by first giving the subscriber some good
information at no charge. Tell this person where to spend his $200 where he will make some good
money so that later on when times are good that this subscriber will then have the extra money to spend
on one of your products.

For his first few years as a marketer Willie Crawford gave out a lot of stuff for free to all of his
subscribers. Now as of lately Willie Crawford sends out newsletters with recommendations to products
he is an affiliate of. He is the perfect example of what needs to be done in order to eventually sell a lot
of products to subscribers.

If you don't have a great profit margin on a product instead of using Google Adwords you should look
at some of the alternatives like that of Bidvertisier. Yes, most people use Google when doing a search
on the Internet, probably 80% but the other 20% is still a large number of people and there are a lot of
other search engines out there.

Don't spend your limited savings on a product that only may or may not work instead look at the
marketing ideas that have the highest chance of succeeding. Money is tight no matter which way we
look so these days we need to only spend our money on things that will help us get a higher return. I,
myself, will be joining in one of those Internet marketing giveaway events and putting together a
package of pretty much everything that a person will ever need to market and make money on the net.

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