FAMILY AND CONSUMER SCIENCES PROGRAMS
                      Oklahoma Department of Career and Technology Education

Teaching Certificate: B.S. degree from a university offering careertech family and consumer sciences.
These include University of Central Oklahoma, Langston University, East Central University, and
Northeastern State University. The University of Central Oklahoma is the only university in Oklahoma that
offers an Occupational FACS teaching certificate.

Term of Employment: Ten months (usually beginning August 1 and continuing through May 31).

Teaching Schedule: A full-time program must include a minimum of four family and consumer sciences
classes incorporating three or more levels and including a planning period. All course offerings must be
from the state-approved list of FACS courses. Any variation of above guidelines need prior approval from
the state program administrator.

Student Enrollment: The minimum number of students for a new start program is 30. Maximum number
for ongoing programs is determined by course offerings and their specific enrollment recommendations,
classroom space, and equipment and laboratory sites.

State Funding: Up to $2,000 reimbursement is sent to the school system, biannually (January and June), by
ODCTE to be added to the teacher's salary. An additional funding of $6500 (program assistance) is paid to
the school system by ODCTE in quarterly payments (September, December, March, and May/June) for every
full-time funded careertech family and consumer sciences program in the school system.

Teaching Materials: Curriculum guides are developed by the Curriculum and Instructional Materials
Center (CIMC) for careertech programs. When a new guide is developed, each school is provided a
complimentary teacher's copy. Family and consumer sciences teachers and related business and industry
representatives, considered to have expertise in the content area of the curriculum guide, are involved in the
task analysis and validation meetings.

Equipment Space: Adequate space and up-to-date equipment are required to meet minimum standards set
by the ODCTE.

Student Organizations: Program is required to have a Family, Career and Community Leaders of America
(FCCLA) chapter. The family and consumer sciences teacher is the adviser. Chapters and advisers are
expected to participate at local, district, regional, and state levels, as well as attend the annual FCCLA State

Advisory Committee: Teacher is required to have community adults, including family and consumer
sciences-related representatives from business and industry, to serve on the program advisory committee. It
    G:\FACSED\EDNA\FACTORS.ERM April 6, 2010
is required that the committee formally meet at least once a year and that a membership list and minutes be
on file with the state office.

CareerTech Education Conferences: Teacher is expected to attend all ODCTE/FACSED-sponsored
conferences. Teachers receive updated information from the division and have opportunity to receive
professional development in the numerous family and consumer sciences areas through speakers, workshops,
etc. Reimbursement is usually provided for participants.

Professional Improvement Meetings/Staff Development Meetings: These meetings are held at various
times during the year in each district. The program specialist coordinates the meetings. The teacher is
expected to attend both types of meetings.

Reports (Due Sept., Oct., & May): Teacher is required to complete state reports, student enrollment, and
follow-up forms. These contain information such as enrollment figures, teaching schedule, annual teaching
outline, and student organization and community activities.

    G:\FACSED\EDNA\FACTORS.ERM April 6, 2010

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