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									IEA 2009 Program, 9-14 August 2009, Jiuhua Exhibition & Convention Centre, Beijin

Pre-Congress Events

                      Saturday, 8 August 2009

                      16区107#                        79#
                                                      Workshops( Pending)

               9:00                                     Human-centered
                          IEA Council Meeting        Systems Engineering by
                                                         George Samaras

                          IEA Council Dinner

                      Sunday, 9 August 2009

               8.00                 Registration - Workshop and Congress (all day)

        16区107#                              80#

                                              New Directions for Usability
                                             Evaluations – How does ICT
 9.00            IEA Council Meeting            user satisfaction effect
                                               productivity and customer
                                             satisfaction? by Ake Walldius

17.30                                Congress Welcome Reception

19.30   End of Pre-Congress Event

        Monday, 10 August

 8:00                Registration

 9:00   Official Opening (show)

 9:15   Sheng Wang, Congress Chair

 9:25   David Caple, IEA President

 9:40   Rep, Chinese Government

 9:50   Toru Itani, ILO

10:00   Kazutaka Kogi, ICOH

10:10   Evelyn Kortum, WHO

10:15   Tom Stewart, ISO

10:30 Tea/coffee break
10:30 Tea/coffee break                               Development Committee (DC)
                                                              : Jan Dul

11:00             Keynote Session

        Co-Chairs: Andy Imada, USA ; Sheng Wang,

        The Transition of Ergonomics from
        Research into Practice
             David Caple, International Ergonomics

        Workplace Ergonomics and Occupational
        Safety and Health - an ILO Perspective
                                    Shengli Niu,
        International Labour Organization

        Psychological Rehabilitation and
        Management after Wenchuan Earthquake

             Kan Zhang, Chinese Ergonomics

12:30 Lunch

        118#                                         75#

13:30             Meet-the-Editors                               Aging

        Session 1: IEA Endorsed Journals.            Session 1: Work Ability. Chair:
                                            Co-      Ines Monteiro, Brazil
        Chairs: Pierre Falzon, France ; Pascale
        Carayon, USA
        Ergonomics                               Work ability and healthy and
                                                 unhealthy group in SMEs
                                                 workers‘in Brazil by Ines
                                 Roger           Monteiro

        Human Factors                            Aging and work ability of
                                                 Vietnamese workers by Ngoc
                                                 Nga Nguyen
                  William Marras

        Applied Ergonomics                       Fatigue and work ability
                                                 among rural workers in
              Pascale Carayon (TBC)              flower plantations in
                                                 Holambra - Brazil by Ines

        Theoretical Issues in Ergonomics         Taxing work and age:
        Science                                  combined effects of
                                                 physically and
                                                 psychologically demanding
        Karwowski                                work on ASEM teacher‘s
                                                 assistants in French
                                                 preschools by Catherine
                                                 Development of a tool for an
                                                 integrative age-differentiated
                                                 workload analysis by Holger


        75#                                      79#
      Launch of Worldwide
15:20 Anthropometric WEAR database                       HCI 99 Seconds

                                                       Session: Human Factors &
                                                       Digital Natives.
                                                       Facilitator: Kenneth Boff, USA

                                                       Open discussion of issues on
                                                       digital natives. Participants
                                                       given 99 seconds to share their

      IEA Student Award session, Chair :Thomas
         J. Smith?; 1.Effects of table height and
          handholds on accessibility of medical
        examination tables for ambulatory elder
        patients with mobility disabilities by Molly
       Story;2. Cross-modal alerts for orienting of
        attention in attention impaired drivers by
                        Monica Lees

                                                    Anthropometry: Johan

        108#                                     110#
              Joint PSE & DC Session:                 Aerospace HF

                                                 Session 1. Human Error and
        Future of Ergonomics in Education.       Accident Analysis. Chair:
                                                 Deborah Boehm-Davis, USA
            Co-Chairs: Thomas Smith, USA ; Jan
        Dul, Netherlands

        Future of Ergonomics in Education - An   Introduction
        Thomas J. Smith                          Guy Boy, USA
Ergonomics in Education - Where did we        Resilience safety culture by
go wrong?                                     Roland Akselsson, Asa Ek,
Robert Bridger                                Floor Koornneef, Simon
                                              Stewart, Marie Ward

Integrating Ergonomic knowledge into        Decision making, situation
design planning for school building         awareness and cognitive
construction.                               control modes in complex
            Knut Inge Fostervold            systems: an experiment with
                                            aviation pilots in flight
                                            simulators by Eder Henriqson,
                                            Tarcisio Abreu Saurin, Guido
                                            Cesar Carim Jr, Lia Buarque de
Enlisting support of policy makers to       Impact factors on teamwork
achieve integration of ergonomic            performance in glass cockpit
principles and practices into the design    aircraft from the cognitive
and operation of the educational            systems engineering
community and educational systems.          perspective by Eder
                                            Henriqson, Tarcisio Abreu
                 Karen Jacobs               Saurin, Lia Buarque de Macedo
The future of ergonomics in education is The role of nontechnical
bleak.                         Leon Straker skills on unsafe acts of
                                            pilots: Analysis of 84 civil
                                            aviation incidents from the
                                            People's Republic of China
                                            by Jiazhong Yang

Ergonomics for children is now
considered a legitimate part of the
discipline of Ergonomics/Human Factors
(E/HF), but considerable barriers remain
to effective application of E/HF principles
and practices to benefit children.
             Rani Lueder

                                     IEA Standing Committee Meeting

        108#                                      109#
            STP & IEA Technical Committees:
                                                  EQUID: Ralph Bruder (Chair)
                Halimahtun Khalid (Chair)

21:00              End of Day 1

        Tuesday, 11 August

 8:00                Registration

 8:30             Keynote Session

        Co-Chairs: Pierre Falzon, France ; Eric
        Wang, Taiwan

        Ergonomic Issues Related to Children,
        Computers, and Schools
                   Susumu Saito, Japan

        Aging and Mobile Devices: Challenges
        and Requirements for Age-Sensitive
        Electronic Information Designs

                  Martina Ziefle, Germany
        Challenges for the Aging Workforce using
        Ergonomics Strategies
               Masaharu Kumashiro, Japan


10:00 Tea/coffee break
                                                       Aging: Clas-Hakan Nygard

        105#                                         108#

                       PSE Session                        Aerospace HF

        Session: Societal Outreach Applications of   Session 3. Technology
        Ergonomics Education Programs.               evolution, Automation and
            Chair: Thomas Smith, USA                 Training. Chair: Philippe Cabon,

        Impact of an Ergonomics Good Practices       Authority in increasingly
        Database as a Public Relations Tool          complex human and machine
                                                     collaborative systems:
                       Takeshi Ebara                 application to the future air
                                                     traffic management
                                                     construction by Guy Boy,
                                                     Gudela Grote

        Integration of Academic Service Learning     Training for automated
        in Ergonomics at Adamson University          systems by Deborah Boehm-
        Enriquez Noe
        Ergonomics Practice in Nigeria Today       The influence of automation
                                                   support on air traffic
        Samson Sunday Adaramola                    controller performance with a
                                                   speed and route advisory
                                                   function by Koen Van der
                                                   Merwe, Esther Oprins, Fredrik
        Learning Ergonomics – Challenges           Eriksson, Akos Van der Plaat
                                                   Human Factors competency
        Resulting from the Multidisciplinary and   development: instructional
        Applied Nature of the Subject              use of error in simulation-
                                                   based training by Matthew J
        Swantje Zschernack                         W Thomas

                                                   HILAS: Human Interaction in
                                                   the Lifecycle of Aviation
                                                   Systems – collaboration,
                                                   innovation and learning by
                                                   David Jacobson

12:00 Lunch

        111#                                       78#

        Future of Ergonomics Session
     Session: The Future of
     Collaboration between Ergonomics
     and Engineering and Business.

                   Co-Chairs: Jan Dul;
     Patrick Neumann
     A systematic review of how ergonomics
     benefits both HR & engineering.
                 W. Patrick Neumann

                                                   ISO TC 159/SC4
                                              Meeting: Ergonomics of
     Ergonomics, Engineering, and Business:          Human-System
     Repairing a tricky divorce.              Interaction.
                Ole Broberg                                Co-Chairs:
                                              Tomas Berns, WWCS; Tom
                                              Stewart, ISO.(For more
     Sustainable development for ergonomics          sability-and-
     improvement projects.
               Jorgen Eklund

14:30 Break
        111#                                           78#

14:50                  PSE Session

        Session on Certification of Professional
        Ergonomists – Who, Why and How
          Chair: Thomas Smith,USA

        Kazuo Aoki
        Chair, Japan Ergonomics Society Committee on
        Certification of Professional Ergonomists

        Peter Budnick                    Past
        President, Board of Certification in
        Professional Ergonomics, USA

                                                          ISO TC 159/SC4
                                                       Meeting: Ergonomics of
        Ernst Koningsveld                                     Interaction
        President, Centre for Registration of
        European Ergonomists

        Marcelo Soares
                             Chair, International
        Ergonomics Association International
        Development Standing Committee
16:10                                                                              IEA

        Tea/coffee break
                                                       Affective Design: Martin

        111#                                        75#
                Communication &
16:30                                                   Gender & Work
                Collaboration Panel

        Panel 1: Organizational Restructuing.       Session 2: Paid and Domestic
                        Chair: Thomas Kieselbach,   Work - part 1. Cumulative
        Germany                                     Effects. Chair: Rima Habib,

        Re-prioritizing health in restructuring:    The relation between total
        Innovative approaches and policy            work load in paid and
        recommendations.                            domestic work and health
                                      Thomas        among high and low
        Kieselbach                                  educated men and women - a
                                                    study from a gender equality
                                                    perspective by Christina
        Lessons from restructuring on a company Questions that arise when
        level: The HR protocol of ERICSSON.     considering cumulative
               Elisabeth Armgarth               effects and interactions of
                                                domestic and paid workload
                                                among women and men:
                                                Perspectives from Quebec
                                                and Sweden by Karen Messing

        Participative restructuring toward a        Work week duration, work-
        cascade-based network.                      family balance and
        Sebastiano Bagnara                          difficulties encountered by
                                                    female and male physicians
                                                    and pharmacists – Results
                                                    from the French SESMAT
                                                    study by Madeleine Estryn-
        Enhancing preparedness for career           Women‘s work in a
        management in changing organizations:       disadvantaged community in
        A Finnish intervention study.               Lebanon: A double-burden by
                               Jukka Vuori          Rima Habib, Fadi Fathallah

        The ILO _SSER (Socially Sensitive         Work schedules of home
        Enterprise Restructuring) concept and the carers for the elderly in
        dimension of health in restructuring.     France: fragmented work,
                                                  low quality, health effects by
        Nikolai Rogovsky                          Ghislaine Doniol-Shaw

18:00                                                           IEA Technical Committee

        80#                                         81#
        Affective Design & Ergonomics in Product
           Design: Martin Helander & Pierre-Henri    ECEE: Karen Jacobs (Chair)
                    Dejean (Joint Chairs)
                                                   Anthropometry: Johan
         Aerospace & Transport: Guy Boy (Chair)
                                                     Molenbroek (Chair)

                   End of Day 2

        Wednesday, 12 August

 8:00               Registration

        105#                                      78#
 8:30            Keynote Session

        Co-Chairs: Ralph Bruder, Germany ; Pei-
        Luen Patrick Rau, China

        Designing for a Multicultural World:
        Conversing with Users Around the World

                 Apala Chavan, India

        Methods for Identifying and Evaluating
        Affective Product Design
                               Martin Helander,

        Digital Ergonomics: Its Applications in
        Product and Workplace Design Mao-Jiun
        Wang, Taiwan

10:00 Tea/coffee break
10:00 Tea/coffee break

10:30            Meet-the-Editors

                                                     ISO TC 159/SC4
        Session 2: IEA Endorsed Journals.
                    Co-Chairs: Pascale Carayon,   Ergonomics of Human-
        USA; Pierre Falzon, France                  System Interaction

        Human Factors in Manufacturing

        Waldemar Karwowski


        Karen Jacobs

        Safety Science
        Patrick Rau
        Françoise Detienne

12:00 Lunch

        75#                                    78#
13:00                IDC Session

        99 Seconds on Issues in Industrially
        Developing Countries (IDC).
                        David Caple;
        Marcelo Soares

                                                  ISO TC 159/SC4
                                               Ergonomics of Human-
                                                 System Interaction
                                                       ISO TC 159/SC4
                                                    Ergonomics of Human-
                                                      System Interaction

     Open discussion of IDC collaboration.
     Participants given 99 seconds to share their

14:30 Break

     75#                                            78#
14:50      Future of Ergonomics Session

        The Future of Ergonomics Public Awareness
        and the Ergonomics Month.
        Co-Chairs: David O'Neill, UK ; Jan Dul,

        The Future of Ergonomics Public
        Awareness and the Ergonomics Month.

        The European Ergonomics Month

              David O'Neill
                                                       ISO TC 159/SC4
                                                    Meeting: Ergonomics of
        The USA Ergonomics Month

        Michelle Robertson

        Ergonomics awards
                  Pieter Rookmaaker
16:10                                                                                 IEA

        Tea/coffee break
                                                        Work with Computing
                                                       Systems (WWCS): Tomas

        75#                                          111#

16:30       Product Demonstrations                        Aerospace HF

        Session 1: Healthcare and Environmental      Session 4. Safety and
        Friendly Products.       Chair: Richard      performance. Chair: Xianghong
        Goossens, Netherlands                        Sun, China

        Design of products for healthcare. Richard   Managing fatigue in airlines:
        Goossens                                     towards a fatigue risk
                                                     management system by
                                                     Philippe Cabon, Régis Mollard,
                                                     Ion Berechet, Jean-Yves Grau,
                                                     Jean-Christophe Sarrazin

        Video assisted training as a tool for        Proactive identification of
        prevention: the nurse‟s case.                work- and situational factors
          Abada Mhamdi                               that can affect safety in air
                                                     traffic control by Asa Ek,
                                                     Marcus Arvidsson

        Product Demanstration-POUSSETAZIK            Study of safety performance
        Anne Guenand                                 indicators and contributory
                                                     factors as part of an airline
                                                     strategic safety risk data
                                                     model by Johan Rignér, Kay
                                                     Alison, Pernilla Ulfvengren,
                                                     Michael Cooke, Stephen Hough
        Natural fiber as sustainable technology      Research on measure model
        and ecologic and economically right          of flight comprehensive
        alternative in making supporting device of   quality for Chinese pilot by
        ramble: an experimental research             Ruishan Sun and Ling Zhang

        A wallet in school natural fiber as          Pilot-Air Traffic Controller
        alternative ecological and correct           Miscommunication: More
        ergonomics: an experimental research         Communication than Language
        interdisciplinary                            Problems by Wen-ling Tsai

18:00                                                                          IEA Technical C

        79#                                          80#
          WWCS & Online Communities: Tomas             HSVE: Thomas Alexander
          Berns & Andrew Thatcher (Joint Chairs)               (Chair)

                           DINNER Room

      IEACongress Dinner & Awards Presentation
19:00                                        Sponsor:
                    Liberty Mutual, USA

        Welcome Address - Sheng Wang

        Cultural show
        IEA Awards - Pierre Falzon

        Cultural show
        Other Awards


21:30              End of Day 3

        Thursday, 13
 8:00                   Registration
 8:30            Keynote Session

        Co-Chairs: Pascale Carayon, USA ;
        Xianghong Sun, China

        Are Ergonomic Interventions Effective
        and Worth the Cost in Preventing or
        Reducing MSDs?                Paulien
        Bongers, Netherlands

        Agricultural Ergonomics: Historical and
        Future Perspectives
             Fadi Fathallah, USA

        Tackling the Banana Skin – An
        Ergonomics Approach to Slip, Trip and
        Fall Prevention
            Roger Haslam, UK


10:00 Tea/coffee break
10:00 Tea/coffee break
                                           Safety & Health: Kwan Suk Lee

         S                                 76#


         Launch of Ergonomic Checkpoints
          and Ergonomics in Agriculture
                     IEA & ILO


                                           ISO TC 159 Activities in
                                            Ergonomics Meeting.
                                             Chair: Georg Kramer
12:00 Lunch

        79#                                  76#

                                              ISO TC 159 Advisory
        MSD Toolkit Initiatives.
                                                Group Accessible
         Co-Chairs: Enrico Occhipinti, IEA
                                             Design (AGAD) Meeting.
              TC; David Caple, IEA
                                                  Chair: Ken Sagawa
                                              ISO TC 159 Advisory
        MSD Toolkit Initiatives.
                                                Group Accessible
         Co-Chairs: Enrico Occhipinti, IEA
                                             Design (AGAD) Meeting.
              TC; David Caple, IEA
                                                  Chair: Ken Sagawa

14:30 break

        79#                                  81#

14:50              Healthcare                      Agriculture
     Session 6: Patient Safety III. Chair: Tanja   Session 7: Agriculture
     Manser, Switzerland                           Machinery and Primary
                                                   Industry. Chair: Fadi Fathallah,

     Assessment of mental and physical load        Physical and visual
     interaction for health care workers using     limitations of youth tractor
     NASA-TLX method by Zenija Roja                operators by Fadi Fathallah

     Comparative study on three-directional        Evaluation of the ergonomic
     changes in shift length of a two-             factors in operations forest
     dimensional gauze mask for preventing         extration in mountainous
     hay fever with different mouth                lands in the region of
     movements by Morishima Mika                   Guanhtildes - MG by Luciano
                                                   José Minette
     Stressforum - an effective cooperation        Ergonomics and sustainable
     model between primary health care and         development in mussels
     the social insurance company in Sweden        cultivation by Maricel Karina
     by Gunvor Gard                                López Torres

     Breast screening: a vision supported
     healthcare training approach by Yan Chen

     Assessing the quality and safety of
     patient handover in different clinical
     settings by Tanja Manser

16:10 Tea/coffee break

      79#                                          77#
                                                 Activity & Work
        Joint Partners Symposium

                                             Session 9: Defining and
                                             Designing Organization from
            Opportunities for Ergonomics     Activity Analysis. Chair: Laerte
           Integration in Partners' Domain   Sznelwar, Brazilian

                                             Designing collective activity:
                                             a way to workers‘ health

        David Caple, IEA                     Sandrine Caroly

                                             Representing changes in
                                             work in and for
                                             developmental interventions
        Toru Itani, ILO                      by Laura Seppanen

                                             The challenge of integrating
                                             a new tool for organization-
                                             wide and shared risk
                                             management by Paivi
        Kazutaka Kogi, ICOH                  Piispanen

                                             Organizational design of a
                                             Center for Psychosocial Care
                                             (CAPS) by Claudio Marcelo
        Tom Grumbles, IOHA                   Brunoro

                                             The redesign of a tram
                                             drivers work-post: An activity
                                             approach by Dimitris Nathanael
        Evelyn Kortum, WHO
                                                  Ergonomic work analysis in
                                                  the Nutrition Department of
                                                  the University of Sao Paulo
        Stephen Kennedy, ISO                      (USP) Hospital by Andréa
                                                  Geiger Neiva

18:00                                                                        IEA Technical C

        79#                                       80#

        Joint Auditory & Psychophysiology: Rep.   Agriculture Ergonomics: Fadi
                           TBD                           Fathallah (Chair)

19:00             End of Day 4

        Friday, 14 August

 8:00              Registration

        105#                                      108#
                                                         Building &

                                                  Session 4: Safety &
                                                  psychosocial aspects. Chair:
                                                  Chia-Fen Chi, Taiwan
                                             Current knowledge on
                                             effectiveness of interventions
                                             for preventing injuries in the
                                             construction industry by
                                             Henk F Van der Molen

                                             Women, construction,
           ISO TC 159 Advisory Group         ergonomics, and health and
            Accessible Design (AGAD)         safety by John Smallwood
                Chair: Ken Sagawa
                                             Accident Scenarios of Fatal
                                             Occupational Fall in the
                                             Construction Industry by Chia-
                                             Fen Chi

                                             The operationalisation of
                                             safety culture for the
                                             Malaysian construction
                                             companies by Faridah Ismail

                                             Stress among construction
                                             site managers: a longitudinal
                                             study by Cor Van

10:00           Keynote Session

         Co-Chairs: Marcelo Soares, Brazil

        Human Factors Contributions to
            Colin Drury, USA
10:30 Tea/coffee break

11:00 Closing Address

        IEA 2012 - Brazil

12:00   CLOSE
ention Centre, Beijing, China

           80#                    82#

                                       Physical exposure
                                  assessment of hand activities
            The OCRA method             by Stephen Bao
            for assessing and
           managing the risk of
           UL WMSDs by Enrico      Ergonomics Applications in
                 Occhipinti          Lean Manufacturing by
                                         Stephen Bao

gress (all day)
         81#                        82#                           79#
                                       Ergonomic Exposure         Analysis of Force Patterns for
         (Queuing Network) Human
                                      Assement Methods for           Preventing Fatigue an
          Performance Modeling by
                                    Manual Material Handling by   Musculoskeletal Disorders by
                  Yili Liu
                                         Thomas Waters                 Thomas Armstrong

           Aesthetic and Cultural
           Ergonomics by Yili Liu


                                                 IEA Outreach Session
  Ergonomics Quality in                                   Professional Standards &
  Design (EQUID): Ralph   International Development       Education (PSE): Thomas
          Bruder           Committee (IDC): Marcelo                 Smith

79#                       77#                            80#
                           Children & School                    Healthcare

Session: Human            Session 1: School Furniture.   Session 1: Patient Safety I.
Informatino Processing.                        Chair:                    Chair: Marijke
      Chair: Penelope     Bouhafs Mebarki,Algerian       Melles, Netherlands
Sanderson, Australia
An exploratory study on     Effects of two different sets A national effort to improve
Cognitive Gap Model         of furniture on the physical teamwork in health care by
based on extension of       workload of students – an     Heidi King
TAM applied in              experimental study by Mika
conceptual design among     Nyberg
designers, purchasers
and users by Tsao Yung-
Compatibility studies       Adjustable ranges of VDT      How nurses overcome
between classroom lights    workstation for Thai          interruptions: An analysis of
and the switch interface    children to improve their     distributed support by
by Hung-Cheng Tsai          seated posture during         Tobias Grundgeiger
                            computer use by Suebsak

The regulation‘s concept:   The ergonomics research of    Safety management at the
from common sense to        classroom desks and chairs    sharp end: risky trade-offs
work analysis by Beatriz    design in Wuxi primary and    by radiographers in
Marcondes de Azevedo        middle schools by Jianxiong   radiotherapy by Adelaide
                            Lu                            Nascimento

Information                 The relationship between     Unforeseen events in
representation and          sedentary activity and       paediatric anaesthesiology
mechanism in the            neck/shoulder pain in        by Lucie Cuvelier
integration of sequential   adolescents by Leon Straker,
arrays: evidences from      A. Briggs, A. Smith, N. Bear
eye movements by Yanju
Effect of mental abacus     Children Ergonomics by        Coping with stress and
training on short-term      Mohamed MOKDAD                emotions in intensive care
memory for children by                                    nursing: improved
Min-Sheng Chen                                            functionality for nursing
                                                          informatics applications by
                                                          Marijke Melles

80#                         81#                           111#
  Product Design                 Forensics &
         Panel                  Investigations

Panel 1: Ergonomics in      Session: Issues in Forensic    Session: Issues related to
Design - New Elements.      Investigations.                Maritime.            Chair:
Chair: Marcelo Soares,      Chair: Andrew McIntosh,        Tom Stewart, UK
Brazil                      Australia; Co-Chair: Michael
                            Wogalter, USA

Culture and Aesthetics      Lessons in forensics           Biomechanical demands
                             Andrew McIntosh               attributed to motion
                                                           platform induced
Pierre-Henri Dejean                                        interruptions of manual
                                                           materials handling tasks

Virtual reality             The collaborative role of      The effect of floor insulation
Francisco Rebelo            warnings research and          and clothing wetness on
                            forensic investigations        thermal response of life raft
                                 Michael Wogalter          occupants Kerri Ann Evely

Healthcare products         Evaluation of workstation      Prevalence of chronic and
   Richard Gossens          with the Finnish               acute psychological strain
                            questionnaire         Ha       in naval personnel
                            Yousefi                             Robert Bridger

Certification                                              Is error propensity related to
             Ralph Bruder                                  psychological strain dose?

                                                              Robert Bridger
Risk management and
pleasure    Mustapha

Michel Le Chapellier

            IEA Outreach Session

                                Human Factors &
Transport: Thomas Smith
                             Sustainable Environment      Slips, Trips, Fall: Wen Chang
 (Rep. Anabela Simoes)
                                (HFSE): Klaus Zink

75#                         118#                          81#

         Aging                    Agriculture                     Footwear

Session 2: Aging and        Session 2: Ergonomics in      Session 1: Comfort, Fit and
Quality of Life.            Dairy and Animal Farms.       Safety.            Chair:
                                             Chair:       Ravindra Goonetilleke, Hong
        Chair: Clas-Hakan   Lawrence Schulze. Co-Chair:   Kong, Co-chair: Zhaoxia Jin,
Nygard, Finland             Abhay Kumar Mehta             China

Modelling and simulation    Body posture variation        Effects of a scientific
of human performance        during machine milking        explanation on purchasing
changes due to aging in     regarding different           behavior by Masako Dohi,
assembly systems by Gert    ergonomic settings by         Masaaki Mochimaru, Makiko
Zuelch                      Martina Jakob                 Kouchi, Itsumi Kakefuda
Approach to retirement       Ergonomic load in           Design personal protective
among kindergarten           automatic milking systems   equipment for productivity,
teachers by Dominique        by Qiuqing Geng             comfort and fit: challenges
Cau-Bareille                                             and opportunities by Emily
                                                         Yim Lee, Au, Zhao Xia Jin,
                                                         Michel Landry

Effects of occupationally    Changes in                  A biomechanical study of
oriented medical             musculoskeletal disorders   the effects of backpack load
rehabilitation on the work   among Swedish dairy         placement on
place ergonomics by          farmers by Stefan Pinzke    schoolchildren‘s spine by
Johanna Turja                                            Debbie ZY Ou, Daniel HK
                                                         Chow, Chris XG Wang, Alon

To work or not to work in                              Fit assessment of head
an extended working life   Does a weight support sling sizing methods for helmet
by Kerstin Nilsson                                     design by Wu Jiang, Li
                           may help to reduce lower
                           back strain of sheep
                           shearers? by Swantje
                           Zschernack & Matthias
Requirements of            Drudgery reduction of       Influence of shoe midsole
transport information      Indian farm women through material hardness on
service and route          technology interventions in perceived comfort, rearfoot
guidance service for older animal husbandry by Suman motion, and plantar
adults by Jia Zhou         SIngh                       pressure by Youlian Hong

Application of ear           Aquaculture and
protectors for reducing      ergonomics.
noise impact on auto
rickshaw drivers by          Ricardo José Matos de
Sarbjeet Singh               Carvalho


          IDC: Marcelo Soares (Chair)
             IEA Outreach Session
Ergonomics for Children
                                                              Activity Theories for Work
    & Educational                 Gender & Work: Karen
                                                             Analysis & Design (ATWAD):
 Environments (ECEE):                   Messing
                                                                    Laura Seppanen
      Karen Jacobs

109#                           78#                           77#

      Agriculture                        WWCS                  Children & School

Session 3: Ergonomic Job       Session 1: Health Problems    Session 2: Safety in Learning
Analysis in Agriculture.       at Work.             Chair:   Environment. Chair: Takashi
      Chair: Martina           Allan Toomingas, Sweden       Toriizuka,Japan
Jakob. Co-Chair: Uiara
Bandineli Montedo

The human-horse work           Proactive ergonomic          An examination of the safety
environment by Eva             measures to prevent work     management for children by
Charlotta Lofqvist             related injuries in computer Takashi Toriizuka
                               users of a software industry
                               by Bharati Jajoo & Chaitanya
                               B. R.

Assessment of                  Does intensity of computer    Industrial design as an
physiological workload of      use affect future long-term   effective approach on kid‘s
farm women in relation to      sickness absence? by Johan    safety (case study: Risk
their nutritional profile by   Hviid Andersen                assessment of playing
Suman Singh                                                  dough) by Yasamin Roknifard
Ergonomic studies on an     "It‘s a bunch of shapes        Developing a safety
agricultural foot sprayer   connected by lines":           education program for
by Hemant Shrimali          Evaluating the graphical       injury prevention in
                            notation system of             elementary school
                            business process modeling      environment by Koji Nomori
                            languages by Katrin Arning &
Analysis of ergonomic       Martina Ziefle health and
                            Work related                   The application of the
factors in eucalyptus       safety in work computing       hexagon spindle model of
timber cutting with         systems by Viorica Petreanu    educational ergonomics to
chainsaw in mountainous                                    the design of learning
region by Cleverson de                                     environments for
Mello Sant'Anna                                            adolescents by Andree

                            Computer systems in the        Education challenges in
                            operating theater by Tomas     information society and new
                            Stüdeli                        possibilities advancing
                                                           education efficiency by
                                                           Oleksandr Burov

73#                         109#                           75#

                                                                 Building &
 Affective Design                 Agriculture
Session 2: Kansei           Session 4: Ergonomic               Session 1: Risk & Health
Ergonomics.                 Interventions in Agriculture- I.   Analysis.
Chair: Mitsuo Nagamachi,                             Chair:        Chair: Henk van der
Japan                       Stefan Pinzke.                     Molen, Netherlands

Kansei Engineering and      The efficacy of pulled-            How to evaluate the quality
its application to a new    plough for land preparation        of risk analysis in
mattress preventing         compared with the                  construction industry by
bedsore by Mitsuo           traditional hoe in rice            Abel Pinto
Nagamachi                   cultivation in Bali Indonesia
                            by Adiputra Nyoman

Zen-cushion for better      Ergonomic evaluation of            Investigation of Common
sitting posture by Keiko    hand chaff cutter for dry          Construction Materials
Ishihara                    maize fodder by Abhay              Weight and Related Manual
                            Kumar Mehta                        Lifting Task Observations by
                                                               Sang Choi

Car seat covers concept     Workload and                       Evaluating musculoskeletal
study using Kansei          musculoskeletal disorder           disorder (MSD) risk to Irish
Ergonomics: a case study    on seaweed farmers in              plasterers using the Quick
 by Michele Santos          Nusa Penida by I Wayan             Exposure Check (QEC)
                            Surata                             Rachel Nugent

Kansei analysis and         Ergonomics orange                  Quick assessment and
design car floor mat        collection bag:                    fatigue-based measurement
based on rough set model    restructuring and testing          methods in determining
by Nishino Tatsuo           the prototype using the            high risk jobs in overhead
                            egonomic work analysis             construction work by
                            (EWA) for improving the            Yassierli
                            harvest process by Aline
                            Constantino Rodrigues
Kansei ergonomic            Research on ergonomics             The convergent validity
product development of      and productivity of the            between self reported work
washer-dryer and electric   chute system used during           ability and Functional
shaver by Shigekazu         extracting of small size           Capacity Evaluation lifting
Ishihara                    wood material.                     tests in construction
                                           H. Hulusi Acar      workers by Paul Kuijer
73#                           118#                          75#
 Affective Design
                                  Aerospace HF              Online Communities

Panel 1: Aesthetics and       Session 2. Culture and        Session 1: Tools for Online
Culture. Chair: Yili Liu, USA Organizational Change. Chair: Sharing. Chair: Andrew
                              Matthew Thomas, Australia     Thatcher, South Africa

Aesthetic preferences for     Integrating safety and        Online communites and
interfaces: The effects of    innovation in aviation by     HF/E: a research agenda
reading habits and icon       Pernilla Ulfvengren, Johan    going forward by Francoise
characteristics on appeal     Rigner, Lena Märtensson       Detienne; Andrew Thatcher

Using image saliency map      New practices on risk         Participation in an open
for computing visual          management: an analysis of source software community
balance of text-overlaid      the crew activities in a real by Flore Barcellini
images by Chien-Yin Lai       flight by Mario Poy, Diego
                              Turjanski, Michelle Aslanides

Navigating a car in a         Chinese culture influences    A web-site as a lever to
foreign country: effects of   on implementation of HILAS    reduce strain injuries
street language formats,      system by Wang Lei,           among cleaners by Lisa
map orientation               Ruishan Sun                   Schmidt
consistency, and gender
on driver performance,
workload and
multitasking strategy
Effects of symmetry and       Aviation accident causing-
number of compositional       analysis and prevention
elements on chinese           strategy on organizational
users‘ aesthetic ratings of   level by Wang Lei, Ruishan
interfaces by Luzheng Bi      Sun
Cultural Ergonomics and
humanity factors: stories
and questions
Yili Liu

             IEA Outreach Session

                                    Ergonomics in
 Ergonomics in Product
                                 Manufacturing: Hwang             Aerospace: Guy Boy
Design: Pierre-Henri Dejean

118#                          77#                             80#

   Anthropometry                     Healthcare                   Slips, Trip, Fall

Session 4: 3D                 Session 3: Patient Safety II.   Session 4: Footwear related to
Anthropometry.                Chair: James Battles, USA       Slips, Trips and Falls. Chair:
             Chair: Bruce                                     Steve Thorpe, UK
Bradtmiller, USA

Mitigating anthropometric     An investigation of health      The role of safety footwear
measurement variation:        professionals` attitudes        in slipping accidents by
applied tolerances for        towards patient-held            Kevin Hallas
static anthropometric         records by Jackie Binnersley
landmark digitizations in
three-dimensional space
by David Feathers
       Errors in landmarking and   Ambulatory care patient       The implications of slips
       its effects on the          safety proactive risk         trips and falls on safety
       accuracy in 3D              assessment, a necessary       footwear designs
       anthropometry by Makiko     fist step by James Battles          Lloyd Preston

       Landmarks and               Design bugs out:              The assessment of the slip
       measurement methods         redesigning hospital          resistance of the four safety
       for automatic 3D body       bedside chairs and            shoes which have specific
       scan measurement by         commodes to reduce            feature            Kyounghun
       YunJa Nam                   healthcare associated         Han
                                   infections by Hua Dong

       Standardization of          Patient falls: an empirical   Development of anti-skid
       automated measurements      exploration of the role of    shoe sole on lubricated
       from 3-dimensional          environmental hazards         smooth surface by use of
       human scanning systems      based on accident             hybrid tread pattern by
       by Claire C. Gordon         scenarios reconstruction by   Takeshi Yamaguchi
                                   Matteo Fiorani

       Quality control protocols   In search of the perfect
       of 3-D scanners for         perambulator. Usability
       abdominal circumference     aspects of perambulators,
       measurement by Masaaki      and how to improve them
       Mochimaru                   by Elke Baggen

Technical Committee Meeting

        108#                       109#                          111#

         Gender & Work: Karen       Aging: Clas-Hakan Nygard        Slip, Trips & Fall: Wen
            Messing (Chair)                   (Chair)                     Chang (Chair)
                           Ergonomics in           HF & Sustainable
ATWAD: Laura Seppanen
                        Manufacturing: Hwang    Environment: Klaus Zink
                          Sheue-Ling (Chair)            (Chair)

                                               IEA Outreach Session
   Visual Ergonomics:        Process Control: Teemu           Online Communities:
      Magne Helland         Reiman (Rep. Erik Hollnagel)        Andrew Thatcher

77#                         108#                           109#

                                                             Biomechanics and
 Affective Design              Gender & Work

Session 4: Citarasa        Session 3: Risks for Women      Session: Human Performance
Engineering - CATER for    Workers. Chair: Jatinder        and Work Environment.
Mass Customization. Chair: Kishtwaria
                                                           Chair: Hardianto
Martin Helander, Singapore
                                                           Iridiastadi, Indonesia

Analytical customer        Gender sensitive protective     Oxygen consumption
citarasa optimization of   technologies for women tea      prediction model for
reconfigurable design by   pluckers by Jatinder            Indonesian male workers by
Qianli Xu                  Kishtwaria                      Hardianto Iridiastadi

Uncovering customer       Heavy work in offices: A         An ergonomic look over the
affective needs with web- case in a Venezuelan             work environment by Vilma
based Citarasa System by University by Victor Castillo     Villarouco
Halimahtun Khalid

Affective impressions in   The effects of gender, age      The possibilities for
an objective world by      and walking speed on            interventions in
Anders Opperud             plantar pressure                improvements in working
                           parameters by Meng-Jung         conditions for industrial
                           Chung                           welders by Eduardo Santos
Citarasa System for         Work values among male and      Ergonomics in technical
elicitation and analysis of female students Katarina Wijk   details of the project for
affective needs by Jenthi                                   construction of a center at
Krishna Radha, Halimahtun                                   oil refinery Carlos Maurício
Khalid                                                      Duque Santos

Demonstration of            Relationship between            A case study: HFE
affective based-CATER       menstrual and climacteric       evaluation and redesign of
System for mass             symptoms and work               small loop interface module
customization by Martin     performance by Mi Kyong         in nuclear power plants
Helander, Halimahtun        Park                            Xiaodong Yu
Khalid, Anders Opperud,
Qianli Xu

76#                          79#                            80#
  Activity & Work
                                 Biomechanics                      Healthcare

Session 5: Understanding    Session 4:   Chair: Peter       Session 4: Patient Handling.
and Defining Work. Chair:   Johnson, USA                    Chair: Sue Hignett, UK
Berthel Sutter

How can ergonomic           The relationship between   Manual handling: exploring
practitioners learn to      back muscle endurance and the risks to patient safety by
practice a                  physical activity in       Sue Hignett
macroergonomic              Japanese office workers by
framework developed in      Jemma Coleman
academia? by Ole Broberg
Well-being in extension       Are fixed computer input       The evaluation of a
work among private            device activation forces       prototype patient handling
landowners: A forest          suitale for all users? by      device to assist in a
planning case by Raili        Peter Johnson                  horizontal lateral transfer by
Hokajarvi                                                    Mike Fray

Is simultaneous               Musculoskeletal disorders      Measuring the success of
improvement of work,          in caregivers of children      patient handling
work process knowledge        with cerebral palsy            interventions in healthcare
and productivity in           following multilevel surgery   across the EU by Mike Fray
organizations possible        by Deepak Sharan
and desirable? by Anneli

The tacit relation between    Determination of the           Knowledge-based OR table
ergonomic work analysis       maximum acceptable             positioning assistant – an
and the theory of             weights in non-standard        approach to improve
complexity by Uiara           positions at a frequency of    working postures during
Bandineli Montedo             one lifting per minute and     orthopedic interventions by
                              per work-day by Enrique        Wolfgang Lauer
                              Javier de la Vega Bustillos

Ergonomics Intervention       Quantification of funcional
Decreased the Health          capacity of patients by the
Impairment, Saving Energy     Veronesi method for legal
and Increased the             expert examination by
Productivity of The Student   Rodrigo Pereira
at Woodworking Workshop
Civil Engineering
Department Bali State
Polytechnic by Lilik

73#                           76#                            79#
 Safety & Health
                                        HCI               Displays & Warnings

Panel 1:                   Session 3: User interfaces.    Session 2: Displays in
Resolved Ergonomic Proble Chair: Roberta Carabalona,      Complex Systems. Chair:
ms in Safety and Health.   Italy                          Catherine Burns, Canada ; Co-
Chair: Kwan Suk Lee, Korea                                Chair: Ming Hou, Canada

Intervention of            A comparison of interfaces     Effect of background color
musculoskeletal            for text reading support       on visual search in a
disorders in Korean        system Hajime Mochizuki        process control
manufacturing plants                                      environment by Catherine
              Kwan Suk Lee                                Burns; Jackie Tappan

Human error evaluation      How does it feel to use a     Look alike labels may
for the pharmacist during   brain-computer interface?     increase medication
prescription                          Roberta             identification errors by
          Chih-Wei Lu       Carabalona                    Catherine Burns;
                                                          Jennifer Jeon

Professional integration    Designing a multi-modal In-   Perceived urgency of voice
of people with              vehicle internet-based        alarms in emergency
disabilities: a             information system for        evacuations by Huiyang Li;
methodology                 good user experience and      Sun Xianghong; Zhang Kan;
Elisangela Pessoa Vilar     safe driving                  Nadine Sarter
                             Minjuan Wang
KAIZEN Activities as the    FLICK: A new human-           Development of a prototype
most powerful               machine interface concept     interface for the control of
ergonomics tool at the      for car infotainment          micro-aerial vehicles by Ming
work place by Masaharu      systems based on user         Hou; Tom Haylock; Frank
Kumashiro                   study and Human Factors       Wong
                                        Sam Zheng

                                                          Design of pictograms: a
                               Typical Scenarios and      comparison between
                               Influencing Factors on     iterative and non-iterative
                              Speech-handwriting Text     design methodologies by
                              Entry by Xianghong Sun      Emilia Duarte, Carlos Rosa
            IEA Outreach Session

 Organizational Design &
                                   Healthcare: Richard         Musculoskeletal Disorders
  Management (ODAM):
                                        Goossens                (MSD): Enrico Occhipinti
    Michelle Robertson

79#                            76#                            81#

   Biomechanics                           HCI                           Mining

Session 5: Potpourri Issues    Session 4: Games, Domotic & Session 2: Issues in Mining
in Biomechanics. Chair:        Creativity. Chair: Xiaowen  and Forestry. Chair: Barbara
Mark Boocock, British          Fang                        McPhee, Australia

Biomechanical                  Effects of screen resolution Promoting occupational
comparison between the         and viewing distance for     ergonomics in mining in
air stretcher and the          VDT tasks on searching       Australia by Barbara McPhee
carpet knee-kicker by          performance and visual
Xiaolu Jing                    fatigue for workers of
                               different age groups
                                    An-Hsiang Wang
Sagittal plane trunk           Personality, culture, and      Digging Deeper: The
posture and its effects on     enjoyment: an international    markers of high
trunk rotational range of      study of computer game         performance in mining
motion by Mark Boocock         play                 Xiaowen   occupational health and safety
                               Fang                           by Andrea Shaw and
                                                              Professor Verna Blewett

A biomechanical model          User research on digital       Ergonomics in the South
on vertical ground             archives for memories and      African mining industry by
reaction force for a carrier   narratives of Taiwan           Schu Schutte
walking with a suspended-      mainlanders
load backpack by Xu Xu         Hsien-Kuang Cho
  Biomechanical study of     Principles supporting         The occupational health of
  driver comfort and         users‘ creativity in HCI: a   machine operators in the
  discomfort using body      Taiwanese perspective         fields of forestry and
  pressure distribution by          Jen-Yi Chao            excavation by Minna
  Xiaoping Jin                                             Savinainen

                             Research on the users'        Changing Truck Tires
                             metacognitive strategy and    Extraction of high-Tonnage:
                             wayfinding facilitator        Engineer Hazard Prevention
                             design in the interactive     and Environment by Ines
                             virtual environment by        Rosa Vasquez Rivera
                             Chien-Hsiung Chen             .Antofagasta -Chile

IEA Technical Committee Meeting

  81#                        108#                          109#
                               Process Control: Teemu
    Visual Ergonomics:                                         Healthcare: Richard
                               Reiman (Chair Rep. Erik
    Magne Helland (Chair)                                       Goossens (Chair)


                                                           PPCOE Meeting
IEA Outreach Session
                               Building & Construction:
Agriculture: Fadi Fathallah                                     Mining: Schu Schutte
                                  Henk van der Molen

108#                          109#                          77#

      Building&                HF & Sustainable
    Construction                   Development

Session 2: Intervention &     Session 2: Conceptual         Session 3: Driver Behaviour.
implementation I. Chair:      Perspectives on Human          Chair:Toshihisa Sato, Japan
Anneli Kaukiainen, Finland    Factors and Sustainable
                              Development II. Chair: Jörgen
                              Eklund, Sweden

Evaluation of three           Sustainable development       Using the theory of planned
ergonomic measures            for ergonomics                behavior to examine
among gypsum masons           improvement projects by       pedestrians‘ road-crossing
by Henk F Van der Molen       Jörgen Eklund                 intentions in China by
                                                            William Horrey

Does a paver‘s trolley        Display design and energy     Alcohol, simulated driving
enlighten the work of         conservation performance:     and deteriorated behavior by
pavers without reducing       a microworld study by Scott   Catherine Berthelon
productivity? by Paul         C. Flemming, Greg A.
Kuijer                        Jamieson

Optimising the reduction      Sustainable ergonomics        Does French early driving
of the onset of               and hedonomics:               training improve behaviours
musculoskeletal               incompatible or mutually      of novice drivers confronted
disorders through             compatible? by Andrew         to simulated unexpected
designing for health and      Thatcher                      events by Catherine Berthelon
safety by Oluwole Ajayi
Continuing the careers of        Mediating links between       Comparison of car-following
construction workers by          sustainable development       behavior between four
promoting work ability           and occupational              countries from the
and broadening knowhow           wellbeing: A systematic       viewpoint of static and
 by Anneli Kaukiainen            literature review by Marja    dynamic aspects by
                                 Pitkanen, Veikko Louhevaara   Toshihisa Sato

Ergonomics, workload             The integration of            Driver attitudes and
and ubiquitous: a case           occupational risk in health   behaviours: a global
study by Humberto Malard         and safety with operational   segmentation by Patrick W.
Monteiro                         risks: an overview on cells   Jordan
                                 manufacturing by
                                 Barthélemy Ateme-Nguema,
                                 Sylvie Nadeau

73#                              108#                          81#
 Affective Design                       Auditory                      Building &
     and Displays                      Ergonomics                   Construction

Session 5: Affective Design      Session: Auditory             Session 3: Intervention and
of Displays and Products.        Ergonomics. Chair: Fred       implementation II. Chair: John
Chair: Tal-Oron, Israel          Aghazadeh, USA ; Co-Chair:    Smallwood, South Africa
                                 Helmut Strasser, Germany

Color and graphic style of       Cognitive impairment in       Presenting scientific
in-vehicle navigation map        administrative workers due    research results for
displays: aesthetics and         to noise exposure by Pedro    commercial purposes by
usability by Talia Lavie, Tal-   Arezes                        Ernst A.P. Koningsveld

The relations between      Noise level in forest logging       The influence of
subjects‘ affects and      industry and hearing loss of        architectural technologists
judgment of aesthetics for loggers by Fred Aghazadeh           on construction ergonomics
icon-background colour                                         by John Smallwood
combinations Shih-Miao
Design Factors of LED       Physiological costs and        Influence of wall mass and
Display for Improving       hearing risk associated with   maneuvering tasks on
Message Comprehension       Chinese classical music        physical demands in
Chung Yin So                and energy-equivalent          residential construction
                            sound exposures with           using panelized
                            differing frequency            (prefabricated) walls:
                            composition by Helmut          muscle activity and trunk
                            Strasser                       kinematics by Bochen Jia
Development of Products     Further examination of         Evaluating concrete casting
to Sport Teams – the        ON/OFF temporal patterns       tasks through ergonomic
emotional perception of     of auditory signals            risk assessment methods
the product influencing     recommended in JIS S 0013      by Romuald Rwamamara
the design project Carlos   by Kenji Kurakata
Alberto Silva de Miranda

Eye movement of           Development of the walk          The invest in quality
advertising psychological navigation system for blind      improvement programs and
effectiveness by Mei Yang people by using 3D sound         its relation with the
                          user interface -                 promotion of occupational
                          constructing a testbed by        health and safety conditions
                          Katayama Ryosuke                 on building sites by Luiz
                                                           Priori Junior
The mapping of the
characteristics of the
sweet of milk and
focussing on the
consumers affectivity and
perception of quality:
possibilities to
performance design by
Ravi Bellardi Tavares dos

109#                        78#                            108#

                              Safety & Health                 ODAM and MSD
                                      Panel                          Panel
Session 5: Performance in     Panel 3: Safety, health and    Panel 2: Macorergonomics
HCI. Chair: Marcus            ergonomics in small            Design Concepts and
Toennis, Germany              enterprises in China. Chair:   Methodologies
                              Tsuyoshi Kawakami, Tailand     Co-Chairs: Matthias Goebel,
                                                             South Africa; Bouhafs Mebarki
Using human                                                  Potentials and limitations of
performance modeling                                         a system theory of macro-
tool to predict fluid                                        ergonomics
                           Zhu Changyou
powered rescue robot                                         Matthias Goebel; Swantje
operator performance                                         Zschernack
            Xiaochun Jiang
Towards optimizing P300                                      Interaction of awkward
Speller matrix design                                        working posture and
while decreasing human                                       manipulation tasks on
                              Chen Xiaotong
error by Yueqing Li                                          physical strain Matthias
                                                             Goebel & Sarah Skelton

Study of manual control                                      Evolutions in models of
on controlling the lag                                       risk; towards a model of
system based on MRCP                                         contradictions of action in
      Takuya Ichikawa         Zhang Min                      sociotechnical systems
                                                             Benchekroun and J. Nelson
A collaborative table-top                                    The European assembly
platform for discussion                                      worksheet (EAWS)- Results
and development of                                           from field tests and cross
                              Tsuyoshi Kawakami
traffic scenarios with                                       calculations with other
human behavior                                               methods
          Marcus Toennis                                        Karlheinz Schuab
Causality analysis on
daily life activity by life
log data and bayesian
network by Kosei Shiraishi

111#                          81#                            118#
    Aerospace HF                       Agriculture                     Anthropometry

Session 4:    Chair:            Session 6: Ergonomic               Session 6: Anthropometry and
Philippe Cabon, French          Interventions in Agriculture II.   Apparel Applications.
                                Chair: A. Mrunalini. Co-Chair:     Chair: Masaaki Mochimaru,
                                Qiuqing Geng                       Japan

Research on measure             Ergonomically designed             Practical application of 3D
model of flight                 technology interventions           data for apparel industry
comprehensive quality for       and its implications on            use by Daisy Veitch & Barbara
Chinese pilot by Ruishan        gender in the labor                Davis
Sun                             intensive agriculture
                                operations by A. Mrunalini

Proactive identification of     Ergonomic interventions            Revealing the internal
work- and situational           through technology kit for         structure of human
factors that can affect         drudgery reduction of rural        variability for design
safety in air traffic control   women of India by Jatinder         purposes by Pierre Meunier
by Asa Ek                       Kishtwaria

Study of safety                 Cardiac strain and energy          Anthropometry of the
performance indicators          expenditure in inland              Singaporean and
and contributory factors        fishing by Rajib Biswas            Indonesian population by
as part of an airline                                              Markus Hartono
strategic safety risk data
model by Johan Rignér

Managing fatigue in             The role of religious              Effects of perposal
airlines: towards a fatigue     ceremony in the Balinese           protective clothing on
risk management system          sustained agriculture by           functional anthropometry by
by Philippe Cabon               Purnamawati S.P.                   Gene Lee

The use of experiential         The contribution of the            Application of 3D
stories in emergency            agricultural ergonomics: a         anthropometry data in
situation management by         review of the last 30 years        headwear product design by
Anne-Lise Marchand-Sibra        by Angela Regina Poletto           Bing Zhang
                                                        Complexity of fit, with
                                                        application to space suits by
                                                        Sudhakar Rajulu

IEA Technical Committee Meeting

  81#                      108#                         109#

    Mining: Schu Schutte    Safety & Health: Kwan Suk    Building & Construction:
           (Chair)                  Lee (Chair)          Henk van der Molen (Chair)

  109#                     111#                         76#
  Human Simulation
                            Safety and Health               Manufacturing
           & VE

  Session 4:  Chair:       Session 8: Human             Session 2: Industrial Design.
  Thomas Alexander,        Performance. Chair: Veikko   Chair: Daisy Veitch
  Germany                  Louhevaara
Assessment of human-         Is sleep-time recovery of       Inflatable mannequin for
robot-cooperation in         autonomic nervous system        testing thermal properties of
virtual environments by      affected by occupational        clothing     Budimir Mijovic
Jan Andries Neuhoefer        health and ergonomics
                             related factors in ageing
                             workers? Veikko

A comparison of haptic       The use of low cost             A pattern language for the
devices for computer-        simulators as a predictor of    design of pictorial assembly
based assessment of          human performance Lewis         instructions by Peter
motor-control disabilities   Catton                          Schumacher
by Yingjie Li

Comparative study to        Ergonomics in healthcare         Artificial Landmarks for
evaluate two conditions     development: the use of          Tackling Disorientation
of step-in-place            physical mock-ups by Jun Lu      Problems in Using Video
locomotion in immersive                                      Magnifier by Fion C.H. Lee
virtual reality environment
by Luís Boucinha

Investigating surgical       Association of muscular         The investigation of the
simulator fidelity and the   performance with self-          impact of psychological
effects of system lag on     reported quality of life and    perceptions of technology
human performance by         work ability by Lars Sorenson   acceptance on the
David Kaber                                                  relationship between
                                                             ergonomic inputs and
Effect of foreground         Winning telebet design          outputs by Jester Sealetsa
images on self motion        centre: applying
induced by immersive         participatory ergonomics to
display by Tetsuri Inoue     promote work health &
                             safety, employee wellness
                             and operational efficiency
                             by Peter, S G, NG &
                             Stephen, T C, TAI
Ergonomics for school
curricula Stephen Legg
  Science Technology &
Practice (STP): Halimahtun        Award: Pierre Falzon


Poster Session

78#                          81#                           108#

         WWCS                    Anthropometry                Slips, Trips, Fall

Session 2: The Aging of      Session 2: Global             Session 1: Biomechanics of
ICT Worker. Chair:           Anthropometric Information.   Slips, Trips and Falls. Chair:
Christopher Schlick,               Chair: Regis Mollard,   Roger Haslam, UK
Germany                      France
Do we need an                Anthropometric changes            Identification of the
optimisation of              among U.S. truck drivers:         optimum gait pattern for
ergonomic characteristics    implications for design by        descending stairs in a
of products considering      Jinhua Guan                       flooded condition: An
older employees? by                                            electromyographic study
Andre Klussmann                                                by Kentaro Kotani

Autopilot versus hearing     Anthropometry and physical        Development of a foot grip
aid – domain- and            restrictions of motility of the   strength measurement tool
technology type-specific     spinal column and hand            for prevention of fall
parameters of older          forces in 50 to 84 year old       accident of elderly persons
people‘s technology          persons by Andrea Voigt           by Kazuo Aoki
acceptance by Simone
Age-specific usability       A case selection for lifelike     Fall risk assessment based
issues of software           apparel mannequins using          on posturo-locomotor-
interfaces by Simone Wirtz   computer aided                    manual test utilizing
                             anthropometry (3-D human          miniature accelerometers
                             data) from WEAR by Daisy          by Xiaoyue Zhang
                             Veitch & Kathleen Robinette

Investigation of the age     Anthropometric data               A mathematical model
related coherence            differences between adult         analysis for safe stair
between acuity of vision     and elderly Taiwanese by          dimension based on
and human performance        Yung-Hui Terrence Lee             features of the heel
in a project management                                        trajectory by Akihiro Ohnishi
task by Sebastian Vetter

An ergonomic study of        The development of BoSS
different visualization      XXI and its application in
variants of net plans for    Canadian forces by Shi Yin
the age-differentiated
design of the human-
computer interaction by
Nicole Schneider
(移入)Older adults‘            Sizing up Australia: What use
navigation performance       have designers made of
when using small screen      anthropometric data? by

78#                          108#                              118#
Communication &
                                  Slips, Trip, Fall                 Agriculture

Session: Communication       Session 2: Tribology of slips,   Session 1: Epidemiological
and Networks.                trips and falls.                 and Participatory Ergonomics
            Chair:                                            Studies in Agriculture.
Sebastiano Bagnara, Italy    Chair: Sylvie Leclercq, France      Chair: Peter Lundqvist

An evaluation method of      The slip resistance of           A national program on
team cooperative             profiled surfaces & their        injury prevention in
communication based on       interaction with footwear by     Swedish agriculture by
task analysis by Kohei       Steve Thorpe                     Peter Lundqvist

One-door-in: a               An objective determination of Manual tasks and
collaboration model for      a slip with the PIAST by Wen- Queensland vegetable
common entry point for       Ruey Chang                    packing industry by
job seekers by Karl W                                      Bernard Ziebarth

Latent semantic analysis     Development of a slip-           Physical and psychosocial
for studying design team     resistance meter for             work environment and
communication in             evaluating fall risk on          health of farm workers by
different design stages by   slippery floors covered with     Peter Lundqvist
Xi Yang                      soapsuds by Hisao Nagata

Owner managers of SMEs       Fall risks and validities of     Agricultural accidents
locus of control and         various methods to measure       scenario in Rajasthan State
business networks in         frictional properties of         of India by Abhay Kumar
Northern Sweden by Karl      slippery floors covered with     Mehta
W Sandberg                   soapsuds by Hisao Nagata
Replay Activity for                                       Prevalence of upper
Distributed Team by Han                                   extremity musculoskeletal
Lin                                                       symptoms among Swedish
                                                          pig farmers: A gender
                                                          problem by Stefan Pinzke

80#                         112#                          77#

   Biomechanics                         HCI                  Anthropometry

Session 1: Hand             Session 1: Touch UI and Novel Session 1: Database Design.
Biomechanics 1.             Interaction
                                                          Chair: Johan Molenbroek,
Chair: Thomas Armstrong,    Chair: Terrence Lee, Taiwan   Netherlands

A biomechanical model of    Fast Tap-N-Drag (FTND):       ERGODATA : Principles of
active and passive forces   enhancing panning for web     the on-line database
in hand-work by Justin      browsing on small screen      system and applications by
Young                       devices considering panning   Régis Mollard
                            ratio and direction
                            Jung Choi
Finger motions in reach     Numeric input elements for      Structured XML schema
and grasp work elements     industrial touch user           and digital descriptor for
by Sungchan Bae             interfaces                      anthropometry
                                 Janina Bierkandt           measurement Definition by
                                                            Kathleen Robinette

Musculoskeletal dynamic     Hot-Zone - a gaze interface     Quality control of
modeling of multi-                  Xuezhong Wang           anthropometric databases
fingered hand                                               by Makiko Kouchi
movements by Xudong

Applying a biodynamic       Implications for touch-based    Statistics of 3-D body
tool operator model to      devices: the impact of          shapes using PCA or MDS
quantify operator           display size on pointing        and their applications by
response to industrial      performance                     Masaaki Mochimaru
power nutrunner forces in   Michael Oehl
manufacturing by Robert
Radwininstrument for
A new                       A remote, bare-hand, 3-         Anthropometric changes
estimating internal hand    dimensional finger trajectory   among U.S. truck drivers:
loading from external       tracking system and its         Implications for design by
measurements by Curtis      application                     Hongwei Hsiao
Irwin                                    Yung-Hui
                            Terrence Lee

Development of an         DIMIAN - direct manipulation
algorithm for determining and pen based mindmapping
human hand link lengths                   Thorsten
based on surface          Mahler
measurement by Xiaopeng

                            Natural Behavioral Patterns
                            of Speech Recognition Error
                            Recovery: Laboratory and
                            Field studies by Xianghong
116#                         76#                               110#

          MSD                        MSD Panel                    Product Design

Session 3: Prevention of     Panel 2: ISO standards on         Session 1: Design Concepts
WMSDs: clinical aspects      manual handling and repetitive    and Testing.
and miscellaneous.           movements: actuality, updates           Chair: Gaur Ray, India
             Chair: Deepak   on main reference methods
Sharan , India               and perspectives.
                             Enrico Occhipinti, Italy

Risk factors, clinical       ISO standards 11228 part 1 –      Ergo-Design: an integrated
features and outcome of      3 on manual                       user centered approach by
treatment of work related    handling/repetitive               Gaur Ray
musculoskeletal              movements and relative
disorders in on-site         application documents
clinics in Indian IT
companies                                     Enrico
Deepak Sharan                Occhipinti
The modification of           Niosh lifting equation:          Inclusive design methods:
women traditional cloth      Updates with special focus        from product to
(payas agung wanita) of      on multitask and variable         architectural design by
Badung Regency               tasks analysis                    Cherie Lebbon
decreasing the
musculoskeletal                   Tom Waters
complaining fatigue and
workload associated by
an increasing of clothing
comfortability by
Improving the                Ocra Index: Updates with     Investigating user
ergonomics of diluting       special focus on multitask   knowledge transfer and its
cytostatics by Jarmo         analysis         Daniela     implication on product
Sillanpaa                    Colombini                    design by Yunchen Huang

Screening of upper body      Strain Index: the latest     Development of a
musculoskeletal              updates                      comprehensive usability
disorders among                Arun Garg                  testing and analysis
sedentary office workers                                  protocol for ergonomic
– utilizing the Concise                                   product design by Wonsup
Upper Body Screening                                      Lee
Instrument (CUBSI) by
Bernard Van Vuuren
Combining figures of the     HAL-ACGIH TLV for            Usability and 'soft
occupational health and      handwork: updates            problems': a conceptual
Ergonomics for an            Tom Armstrong                framework tested in
anticipative action on the                                practice by CJ Kim
appearance of the
musculo skeletal
disorders by Willy


Poster Session

79#                          80#                          81#

     Displays &                                            HF & Sustainable
       Warnings                                               Development
Session 1: Automobile            Session 2: Ergonomics in the  Ergonomics in Ancient China
Displays.                        Operating Room. Chair:        Chair: Pei-Luen Patrick Rau,
    Chair: Marina Plavsic,       Richard Goossens, Netherlands China
Germany & Co-Chair:
Vassilis Papakostopoulos,

Concept for visualizing          Safety in the operating room - Some Anthropometry
concealed objects to              a multi-levelled ergonomic    Standards for Soldiers in
improve the driver‘s             approach by Richard Goossens Ancient China by Pei-Luen
anticipation by Simon                                           Patrick Rau
Nestler, Darya Popiv,
Mariana Rakic, Gudrun

Warnings and placement           A study of neck-shoulder        A Review of abacus: from
positions in automobiles         muscle activity when            reckoning to computation by
by Phillip Tretten, Carl-        surgeons perform open,          Pei-Luen Patrick Rau
Jorgen Normark, Anita            laparoscopic and
Gärling                          endovascular surgery by
                                 Grace Pui Yuk Szeto

Drawing car dashboards           Vibration frequency             F-cun Was Introduced into
from memory: does                modulation for force-           Anthropometry from
driving experience               feedback delivery in            Traditional Acupuncture
matters? by Vassilis             laparoscopic surgery by         Point-location Methods by
Papakostopoulos, Nicolas         Audrey Bell                     Eric Min-yang Wang
Marmaras, Dimitris
Ergonomic Design and             Application of vibrotactile     Introduce the Concept of
Evaluation of Augmented          stimulation to augment          Acupuncture Point-location
Reality Based Cautionary         haptic perception in            Methods into Estimating
Warnings for Driving             minimally invasive surgery by   Body Dimensions by Eric Min-
Assistance in Urban              Mi Zhou                         yang Wang
Environments by Marina
Plavsic, Markus Duschl

Are in-vehicle warnings          A framework for researching     A Comment On The Ming
effective detected? by           and designing products for      Dynasty Chair From Modern
Carl Jorgen Normark,             the operating room by Linda     Ergonomics Thinking by Eric
Phillip Tretten, Anita Garling   Susanna Gerarda Leontina        Min-yang Wang
76#                           79#                              77#

Children & School               Visual Ergonomics                Safety & Health

Session 3: Computer Use.      Session 2: Lighting and Visual   Session 3:   Chair:Jamshid Shahrabi Farahani
                              Conditions. Chair: Magne
                Chair:        Helland, Norway ; Co-Chair:
Karen Jacobs, USA             Hans Richter, Sweden

Notebook computer use         Lighting recommendations in Effect of 2-week ascorbic
by middle school age          surgery rooms by Hillevi    acid supplementation on
students by Karen Jacobs      Hemphälä et al              blood lead levels of lead
                                                          exposure workers by
                                                          Jamshid Shahrabi Farahani

Computer use among            Retrofitting lighting            The effect of cigarette
children: health and          installations - consequences     smoking on car industeries
social impacts by Sasitorn    for enviroment, health and       welders blood lead,
Taptagaporn                   human factors by Knut Inge       hemoglobin and ascorbic
                              Fostervold                       acid levels by Jamshid
                                                               Shahrabi Farahani

Promoting wise use of         Public lighting and              Change of human body‘s
computers by children: a      Ergonomics: The impact of        heart rate and sweating
road map for the future by    intrusive light on the           rate when marching with
Leon Straker, Clare Pollock   biological night by Ladjane      heavy load under normal
                              Vanderlei                        temperature conditions by
                                                               Yuhong Shen

Young people's home,          Effects of viewing distance
school and neighborhood       and local illumination on        Relation between comfort
can influence their           visual performances with a       and the temperature of
computer use by               large projection screen by       the palm rest of a Laptop
Courtenay Harris              Hsin-Chieh Wu                    PC by Fusanobu
Effect of school furniture   The influence of indoor air
design and traditional       humidity on ocular
sitting habits, on sitting   symptoms and eye blinking
postures of middle           for young adults when
school pupils in Touet       performing visually
region, Algeria by Bouhafs   demanding tasks on a laptop
Mebarki                      computer by Magne Helland

73#                          81#                             108#
                             Human Simulation &
 Affective Design                                                      Aging

Session 3: Emotional         Session 1: Simulation Models.   Session 3: Design of Work
Design and the Elderly.                             Chair:   Environment for Aging.
Chair: Mohd Fauzi Yahya,     Thomas Alexander, Germany                       Chair: Gert
Malaysia                                                     Zülch, Germany

Emotional Design:            Rule based simulation of        Improving ergonomics for
Assigning attractive         simple object grasping on a     aging workers in the U.S.
values in low technology     graphical manikin by Jean-      construction industry by
casting products by          Pierre Verriest                 Sang Choi
Carlos Alberto Silva de
iCat is my play pal! - A    MeMoMan - model based           Assembly line balancing in
field study with elderly by markerless capturing of         automotive industry
Peter Bingley               human motion by Florian         referring to staff age-
                            Engstler                        related performance
                                                            changes by Gert Zülch

SERVICE robot              Haptics based interactive        Chemnitz Age Model – an
anthropomorphism and       evaluation of workspaces of      interdisciplinary research
interface design for       stochastic DHMs by Dibakar       basic approach to
emotion in human-robot     Sen                              characterize age critical
interaction by Tao Zhang                                    performance factors by
                                                            Mathias Keil

An Ergonomics approach     Development of a                 The effect of companion
in design and              quantitative ergonomic           animals on elderly with
development of a mobile    assessment method for            dementia in nursing homes
internet device for the    helicopter cockpit design in a   by Fumihiro Toyama
Malaysian elderly by       digital environment by Kihyo
Mohamad Fauzi Yahya        Jung

                            Taking into account of          Influence of aging in
                            population variability in       safe work- from aspect
A Study on the Relationship simulating in-vehicle reach
                                                            of industrial
 between Users' Personal capacity using a digital
   Traits and Emotional                            Akatsu
                            human model by Xuguang          Junichi
 Reponse to Webpages by Wang
        Tzu-wei tsai
h Session
  Human Simulation &
  Virtual Environment         Joint Auditory &
(HSVE): Thomas Alexander Psychophysiology: Rep. TBD

76#                          116#                             110#

  Activity & Work
                                         MSD                     Product Design

Session 4: Designing          Session 5: Physiological and    Session 4: Consumer
Artifacts. Chair: Ole Broberg EMG issues for the Prevention   Products. Chair: Hung-
                              of WMSDs I. Chair: Tom          Cheng Tsai,Taiwan(China)
                              Armstrong, U.S.A.

The four offices in shop                                 Computer desk by ship
                             Evaluation of risk factors for
floor work by Hans           cervical spine disorders dueapproach design reducing
Kyhlbäck                     to manual material handling fatigue and MSD,
                             tasks     Ashish Nimbarte   enhancing work
                                                         productivity of student
                                                         department of FSRD ISI
                                                         Denpasar by I Gusti Ngurah
Change and                   Symptomatic computer users Drink cartons, how user-
transformation of human      show higher muscle activity friendly are they? by Afra
agency in individual         amplitudes in low, median   Shamshiri
professional and work        and high measures during
place development by         typing and mousing tasks :
Tuula Syrjala                Evidence for altered motor
                             control contributing to
                             musculoskeletal disorders
Evaluation of tasks and      Muscle activity during           Optimal combination of
postures on a sailing        repetitive work     Roeland      auxiliary size and its
yacht by Giuseppe Di         Motmans                          location on chopsticks for
Bucchianico                                                   food-serving performance
                                                              by Lee Yu-Chi
Improving the collection     Risk assessment and the         Practice of universal
of recyclable materials:     effects of overhead work in     design for a trash can by
an ergonomic approach        the automotive industry         Hung-Cheng Tsai
of the equipments used                Andrew Brent Elliott &
by Jairo José Drummond       Matthias Goebel
Ergonomic aspects of         Technical measurements of      Thumb and index finger
users activity in a          physical workload on wrist     operated interface for
learninv virtual             and forearm in various types   personal mobile devices: A
environment by Fausto        of work Gert Hansson           case of mobile phone user
Mascia                                                      interface design by Stone
                                                            Shao-yung Shih


Poster Session

81#                          73#                             109#
                                                              HF & Sustainable
         Mining                  Safety & Health

Session 1:       Chair:      Session 4: Model and           Session 1: Conceptual
Schu Schutte, South Africa   Methods. Chair: Guillaume      Perspectives on Human
                             Hernandez, French              Factors and Sustainable
                                                            Development I. Chair: Colin
                                                            G. Drury, USA

Tracking project         The LOFH method: a new             Sustainability and Human
ergonomics and safety    subjective work analysis by        Factors - chances and
performance in the South Guillaume Hernandez                risks by Klaus J. Zink
African mining industry
Jon James
Fatigue evaluation on 12-   PROTEGER: Model for            Emphasizing the role of
hour shift work of coal     implementation of work         Ergonomics in sustainable
mining activities by        safety management systems      development of Bali by
Yassierli                   (WSHMS) based on OSHAS         Adnyana Manuaba
                            and SSM: A study in favor of
                            worker safety in Brazil and
                            Portugal by Walter Correia

Evaluation of cold          An investigation of the        From an ergonomics
exposure in miners          structure of the background    standpoint, what is a
working at 4600 meters      factors of human errors by     sustainable work
over sea level by Felipe    Takashi Toriizuka              environment ? by Pierre
Meyer                                                      Falzon

Relationship between        A feasible design of air       Model-based systems
physical work load and      ventilator to reduce room      engineering approach to
obesity in Chilean          temperature for a foundry      sustainable development
foundry workers by Elias    section of a heavy equipment   and human-centered
Apud                        producing plant by Iftikar     sustainability by Waldemar
                            Zahedi Sutalaksana             Karwowski, Tareq Ahram

Physiological strain        Occupational accidents and     The architecture of
experienced by              work-related diseases          business excellence for the
mineworkers during          modeling at global level by    corporate sustainability by
routine underground         Paivi Hamalainen               Gopal K Kanji
work in deep level gold
mines by Schu Schutte

109#                        81#                            118#
 Affective Design               Communication &
                                                                Children & School
         Panel                 Collaboration Panel

Panel 2: Kansei/Affective     Panel 2: Integration and         Session 5: Children well-
Engineering. Chair:           perception of „ergonomics‟ in    being. Chair: Uwe Reischl,
                              the intercultural product        USA
Mitsuo Nagamachi,
                                 Chair: Thomas Hofmann,
Perspectives of               Intercultural accessibility in   Asthma slide rule for
Kansei/Affective              capital equipment.               school children by Uwe
Engineering: powerful         Thomas Hofmann, Peter            Reischl
technology for a product      Holzkämper
     Mitsuo Nagamachi

Statistical visualization     Emotional Ergonomics -           The classroom as a
on methods for tubular        Cognitive interdependency        facilitator of the teaching-
data in Kansei Egineering     between ergonomics and           learning process for the
         Kazushige Ishihara   marketing                        deaf student: a
                                                               contribution of the
                                                 Bjoern        ergonomics of the built
                              Welzel                           environment by Denise

Rough set model and its       Ergonomics – connotation         Computer workstation for
application to Kansei         and implementation in the        student with cerebral palsy
design by Toshio              automotive industry              empheses on adjustable
Tsuchiya                      Stefanie Wermbter                table and split keyboard by
                                                               Kamaruddin Yahaya

Kansei data analysis by     Intercultural user testing and     Human modeling of
self-organizing maps and user experience.           Yiner      infant‘s behavior on daily
its application to regional Ya                                 life for injury prevention -
brand Analysis                                                 constructing a model of
                     Toshio                                    causal relationship of
Tsuchiya                                                       object‘s attributes and
                                                               infant‘s climbing behavior
                                                               by Koji Nomori
73#                          109#                             77#
                                 Service HF and
  Safety & Health                                                    Transport
                             Cultural Ergonomics

Session 5: Fall Arrest and   Session: Hospitality Services.   Session 2: Driver Situation.
Slip Behavior. Chair: Yang   Co-Chairs: Sadao Horino,         Chair: Shengguang Lei, China
Miang Goh, Singapore         Japan; Ram Bishu, USA

A review of the technical    Framework of service failure     Detecting driver
requirements for fall        analysis for ergonomic           drowsiness by studying
arrest energy absorbers      interventions: a preliminary     driver‘s vehicle control
by Yang Miang Goh            investigation in convenience     performance by Bo Cheng
                             store by An-Che Chen

Slip behaviour of various    Participatory universal          The effects of aging and
surface materials by         design practice at the           cognitive stress
Wolfgang Kunz                historic tourist city of         disposition on driver
                             Kamakura. Development of         situation awareness and
                             barrier-free road maps for       performance in hazardous
                             wheelchair visitors by Sadao     conditions by Yu Zhang

The relation between the     Web usability and effect of      Driver cognitive abilities
vorlage and the center of    culture on web usability by      and distraction in situation
gravity by Makoto Kubota     Ram Bishu                        awareness and
                                                              performance under hazard
                                                              conditions by Sangeun Jin
Integrating Human            Regional differences in       Driver distraction: What is
Capabilities into            cognitive/behavioral/physical it? by Michael Regan
Biosurveillance Systems: A   characteristics: Korean,
Study of Biosurveillance     American and German
and Situation Awareness by   drivers by Cho Youngseok
Cheryl Bolstad

                             Perceived discomforts in        EEG band power for driver
                             daily activities of Korean      mental workload
                             aged, handicapped, and          monitoring by Shengguang
                             pregnant users to identify      Lei
                             universal design factors by
                             Heejin Kim

                             Ergonomics Cultural Among
                             Cultural Ceremony Activity in
                             Bali by I DEW PUTU SUTJANA

  MSD: Enrico Occhipinti
111#                        116#                           110#

  Safety & Health                       MSD                         ODAM

Session 6: Safety           Session 11: Aspects of         Session 7: Macroergonomics
Management I. Chair:        WMSDs Prevention in the        Interventions and
Dordi Høivik, Norwegian     Healthcare Sector. Co-chair:   Organizational Learning.
                            Andrew Scuffham, New           Chair: Martina Berglund,
                            Zealand & Jung-Keun            Sweden

Emerging risks in oil and   The effect of flooring on      Interventions in human
gas industry. ergonomics    musculoskeletal symptoms       service work in order to
hazards and control in      in the lower extremities and   improve psycho-social
offshore environment in     low back among nursing         working environment by
Nigeria by Shamusideen      assistants - an intervention   Hans Jorgen Limborg
Kadiri                      study by Jens Wahlstrom

Investigation and           Prevalence of                  Macroergonomics
evaluation of health        musculoskeletal disorders of   intervention in a medium
hazards being connected     the neck and upper extremity   sized company by
with wood sanding           in dentists   Yuling Wang      Houshang Shahnavaz
processes in handyman
area by Ze Li

Does the location on      Musculoskeletal discomfort   Learning in mail sorting by
offshore installations    in New Zealand veterinarians Martina Berglund
have higher impact on     by Andrew Scuffham
safety climate among
offshore workers than the
company by which they
are employed? by Dordi
Psychosocial risks at        Effect of factors on low back   Can we really opt in terms
work in Brazil by Izabel     musculoskeletal disorder        of ergonomic
Carolina Martins Campos      symptoms in Korean hospital     methodologies and/or
                             workers.                        approaches? by Mario
                                Jung-Keun Park               Cesar Vidal

Ergonomics and
organization methods for
false alarm management
in safety systems by Milan


Poster Session

111#                         80#                             78#
                                 Product Design                Safety & Health
  Simulation & VE

Session 2: Virtual Design of Session 7: Potpourri Design     Session 7: Safety
Environments. Chair:         Issues. Chair: Mercedes         Management II. Chair: Juha
Thomas Alexander,            Sáenz,Colombian                 Vasara, Finland

Contributions of the         (改名)Expected versus             The methodological
ergonomics in the use of     experienced usability: what     framework for research
digital mockups for          you see is not always what      and development of expert
conception of petroleum      you get by Jasper Van Kuijk     systems for ergo-
refining industry new                                        ecological risk assessment
installations by Michel                                      of accident in electric
Silvério                                                     power industry of Serbia by
                                                             Miroljub Grozdanovic
Human factors in virtual     Ergonomics and design,          Survey of accident
design of vehicular          analysis and application of     frequency rate changes
working machines by          work footwear by Luz            current in Pars khodro co.
Susanna Aromaa               Mercedes Sáenz                  in 2006 with using chart
                                                             control method by Ghasem
Research on visual         Machine related fatalities by   Safety management in
simulation system in       Jouni Kivistö-Rahnasto          amusement parks by Juha
CTCS3 simulation and                                       Vasara
test platform by Ye Deng

Comparison of ship         Automatic posture               Problems in safety
bridge designs using the   recognition during sleep by     management at shared
Situation Awareness        Vincent Verhaert                workplaces in industry –
Global Assessment                                          the viewpoint of service
Technique (SAGAT) by                                       providers' challenges by
Florian Motz                                               Sanna Nenonen

3D animation, 3D           (移入)Design of                  Occurrence of work related
visualization, prototype   ergonomical efficient rose-    musculoskeletal disorders -
by Yusi Liu                pruning tool by Javier Fajardo WRMD in bank tellers: a
                                                          case study by Maria
                                                          Christine Werba Saldanha

77#                        118#                            111#

 Activity & Work
                             Psycho-physiology                      WWCS
Session 8: Unit of Analysis                                  Session 5: User Centred
                                     Chair:Mieko Ohsuga & Hidenori Togami,Japan
for large-scale analysis and                                 Design of ICT Systems.
design. Chair: Laura                                         Chair: Ahmet Cakir, Germany

Setting of usage for the       Associations between heart      Shared vision - state of the
design process by              rate variability, perceived     art and future application
Francisco Duarte               strain and sleep among          by Bo Hoege
                               young and old employees by
                               Reetta Heinonen

Development process of         Effect of altitude difference   iCOMMIC: multimodal
physical postal tasks and      on human physiologic            interaction in computing
work environment by Pirjo      indexes in visual work by       systems by Jeronimo Dzaack
Hakkarainen                    Hidenori Togami

Ergonomics of design: a        Evaluation of mental fatigue Typing proficiency on a
new challenge for              induced by mental arithmetic qwerty keyboard affects
projects in practice by        tasks by Shimpei YAMADA      the learning of using a
Cynthia Mossé Alhadeff                                      Dvorak keyboard by
                                                            Zongliang Jiang

                               An investigation of mental      Convenient and secure
                               workload on ongoing brain       authentication system for
                               process using                   mobile phones by Hiroyuki
                               Electroencephalogram (EEG)      Miyamoto
                               by Kamaruddin Yahaya

                               Bifurcations of cognitive
                               work‘s rhythm as indicator of
                               functional state changes at
                               monotone activity by
                               Oleksandr Burov

75#                            116#                            110#
                                         MSD                       MSD Panel
  Simulation & VE

Session 3:  Chair:           Session 14: Prevention of    Demanstration session,
Thomas Alexander,            WMSDs in Office Work. Chair: Chair: Enrico Occhipinti,Italy
Germany                      Michelle Robertson, U.S.A.

Cognitive human              Efficacy of ergonomic           Software and tools for
behavior model validation    intervention in reduction of    applying the Niosh
and visualization in 3D      work related musculoskeletal    Lifting equation for
simulated virtual            disorder symptoms of the        multiple and variable
environment by Limin         upper extremity among office    tasks (VLI) and the
Zhang                        workers by Noa Raphaely Beer
                                                             Ocra Checklist for
                                                             multiple repetitive
Motion generation from    Laptop use and                     tasks with “long-
semantics by Chien-Fu Kuo muscuolskeletal discomfort
                                                             period rotations”.
                          in college students by Judith
                                                             NOTE:OFTWARES WILL BE
                                                             FREELY DISTRIBUTED TO
                                                             THOSE WHO WILL ATTEND
                                                             THE SESSION.
Modelling the fighter        Effects of office ergonomic
pilot's intuition in         training intervention and
decision making on the       workstation design on the
basis of Damasio's           musculoskeletal and visual
"somatic marker              symptoms of office workers:
hypothesis" by Robbert-      A longitudinal controlled
Jan Merk                     laboratory experiment by
                             Michelle Robertson
Simulation of human          Examination of remote
cognition in self-           (online) ergonomics
optimizing assembly          assessment in office
systems by Marcel Philipp    environment by Eyal Levy

Simulating the               Self-reported computer use
productivity effects of an   duration biased the exposure-
ageing workforce by Gert     response relationship of
Zülch                        musculoskeletal symptoms
                             by Che-hsu Chang
                            Musculoskeletal disorders in
                            demanding computer work -
                            a 20 month follow-up after
                            introduction of a mouse-
                            based system Inger Arvidsson


ODAM: Michelle Robertson

116#                        77#                              110#

          MSD                       MSD Panel                         ODAM

Session 15: Physiological   Panel 8: Prevention of WMSDs:    Session 10: Quality of
and EMG issues for the       Exposure Assessment             worklife, Job Design and
Prevention of WMSDs II.     Strategies.             Chair:   Workload Analysis. Chair:
Chair: Maaike Huysmans,     Jens Wahlström and Svend         Adnyana Manuaba, Indonisia
Dutch                       Erik Mathiassen, Sweden
Increased pen pressure      Can the mouse be used as an     It is timely now to use
and muscle activity with    exposure assessment             Total Ergonomics
high precision demands      device?                         approach in development
in 2D tracking                Peter Johnson                 processes to enhance the
Maaike Huysmans                                             Quality of Life of the
                                                            people by Adnyana Manuaba

Gender differences in       Systematic and random           A qualitative study on
upper limb and lower        errors in posture percentiles   contributing factors for
back muscle activity        assessed from limited           workload of local train
during prolonged sitting    exposure samples                drivers by Qiu Jing

The effect of hand-held            Svend Erik Mathiassen
                            Between- and within-            Bicycle storage ergonomic
vibrating tools on muscle   observer variability in two     study: a case study of a
using bench drill           methods for posture             Brazilian assembler facility
             Mirta Widia    observation                     by Cristiane Villela
                            Per Liv

A study of EMG              Direct measurements of        What do you mean,
amplitudes and              upper arm elevation among     ―fatigue?‖ by Brenda Lobb
physiological responses     female hairdressers with
comparing different types   special reference to exposure
of mental stress tasks      variability

A comparison of low back       Jens Wahlstrom
                            A comparison of postural
pain in line and non-line   measurements of the spine
workers in an automobile    between a motion capture
assembly plant              system and a new data-
                            logging inclinometer

                            Robin Van Driel
Richard Wells
110#                          112#                             116#

  Affective Design                       ODAM                           MSD

Session 1: Theory & Methods   Session 1: Work System           Session 1: Prevention of
in Affective Design.          Analysis: Improving the work     WMSDs in Agriculture
                     Chair:   processes, products, and         and Building.
Rosemary Seva, Philippines    manager‟s roles. Chair: Rinzou   Chair: Daniela Colombini,
                              Ebukuro, Japan                   Italy
A validation of affect and    When enterprise resource          Work related drudgery
apparent usability            planning needs software           and occupational
relationship using            ergonomics – some typical         hazards experienced by
Structural Equation           scenarios by Joern Hurtienne      women in agriculture by
Modeling by Rosemary Seva                                       Suma Hasalkar

Research on the               Management ergonomics on          Comparison of
technology of product         popularizationof                  exposure methods in
creative generative design    sophisticated products by         home building
based on Style Evolution      Rinzou Ebukuro                    carpenters by Ann Marie
Model by Jiang Xu                                               Dale

A proposed framework of       Social interaction in             Risk of the development
Kansei Engineering            development of systems            of musculoskeletal
application in dealing with   conception works projects:        system disorders in
customer emotional needs      the review they-practice about    agricultural workers by
in services by Markus         the subject by Giles Balbinotti   Maryna Sterenbogen

Scenario-based affective      Strategic decision making:        Study on work
design for vehicle            analysis of work company          environment of rural
ecosystems by Qianli Xu       manager by Raouf Ghram            enterprises and its
                                                                effect on health by
                                                                Geeta Chitagubbi

Build the user emotional      Ergonomics in Brazilian         Knee disorders among
genetic model to generate     judiciary: the case of labor    union carpenters by Lu
new form in automobile        justice court of Rio de Janeiro Yuan
concept design by Hao Tan     State by Karoline Bragatto

112#                          116#                              110#
     ODAM Panel                             MSD                 Product Design

Panel 1: Participatory         Session 2: Biomechanical       Session 3: Tool Design.
Ergonomics. Co-Chair:          Issues for the Prevention of   Chair: Jennifer Gutierez,
Kazutaka Kogi, Japan;          WMSDs.                         Philippines
Ignatius TS Yu,HongKong        Chair: Chair: Leonardo
                               Quintana, Columbia and

Participatory support for      Isometric forces exerted by    An evaluation of a novel
informal sector workers in     workers in Venezuela for       design of welding torch
                               pushing and pulling tasks by   handle by Risto Toivonen
improving safety and
                               Leonardo Quintana
health at work by
Tsuyoshi Kawakami

Participatory methods for      Comparisons of the             The design of improved
promoting healthy work         accuracies of two methods      respirators of painters
                               for assessing trunk posture    in the automotive
life at SMEs by Sudthida
                               associated with low back       industry by Alma Maria
Krungkraiwong                  disorders by Ming-Lun Lu       Jennifer Gutierrez

Application of             A model for establishing a         The prevalence of hand
Participatory Ergonomics safe weight of lift by Salami        disorders amongst hand
                           Olasunkanmi Ismaila                held device users and
in small & medium-sized
                                                              their relationship to
enterprises, Korea by Kuck                                    patterns of usage by
Hyeun Woo                                                     Richard Wella

Participatory training for     Evaluation of the erector
improving working              spinae muscle oxygenation in
                               awkward posture using near
conditions in enterprises in
                               infrared spectroscopy
China by Sabrina HM Wan            Mehrnoosh Movahed
The role of volunteer         Text entering on mobile
trainers in participatory     phones – are there
                              differences in physical load
programmes for reducing
                              and productivity between
ergonomics-related risks at   gender and between young
work by Kazutaka Kogi         adults with and without
                              musculoskeletal symptoms?
                              by Ewa Gustafsson

116#                          76#                             78#
                                                               Activity & Work
      MSD Panel                        Transport

Panel 1: NIOSH Consortium     Session 1: Transport. Chair:    Session 1: Activity
Studies of DUE                Arja Ala-Laurinaho,Finland      Analysis for Prevention:
Musculoskeletal Disorder.                                     The Ergotoxicological
                   Chair:                                     Approach.
Arun Garg                                                              Chair: Nicolas
                                                              Marmaras, Greece
Carpal tunnel syndrome at     Work domain analysis for        An ergotoxicological
3 worksites.                  driver information by Staffan   approach of the
Burt, S.                      Davidsson                       shipbuilding workers
                                                              exposition to solvents
                                                              by Alain Garrigou
The predictors of carpal        Analysis of changing rail      Ergotoxicology: A
tunnel syndrome study in        traffic control work:          working model for
Saint Louis.                    disturbance handling as a      chemical risk
 Evanoff, B.                    shared task of a network by    prevention in work
                                Arja Ala-Laurinaho             environment by Brahim

Consortium pooled data job Effects of design feature and       Ergonomics and risks of
physical exposure          training on traffic sign            intoxication:
assessment.    Arun Garg   comprehension between               ―Ergotoxicology‖ - an
                           different user groups by Yang-      approach to worker‘s
                           Kun Ou                              activities by Laerte

Upper extremity                 Ergonomics study on        From the
musculoskeletal disorders       visibility requirements at ineffectiveness of
among manufacturing             urban uncontrolled         protective clothing to
workers: A prospective                                     phytosanitary risk to
                                intersections for preventive
epidemiological study.          safety against crossing    technical and
                                collisions by Midori Mori  organisational
        Gerr F                                             prevention failures by
Prospective cohort study of Systems safety analysis of the Alain Garrigou and
upper extremity MSDs        real world ambulance           infection prevention
among 17 diverse            transport environment          practices among
employers.           Kurt   adverse events by Nadine       hospital staff : a fertile
T. Hegmann                  Levick                         combination by Ana
                                                           María Seifert

Initial findings from the San                                  Quali-Site, a safety
Francisco prospective                                          improvement of the the
study of hand/wrist                                            seed stations workers
disorders among                                                by Isabelle Delpuech
manufacturing workers.

      D Rempel

Development and
application of composite
strain index for multiple
task jobs.              Bao,


Chair: Lihua He

Analysis of
Environmental Effect
in Simulated
Spacecraft on Human
Neuroergonomics By
Liang Hong

Post-accident Human
Reliability Analysis
and Improvement of
Operator Performance in
a Chinese Nuclear Power
Plant By Dai Licao
Patterns of
occupational injuries
in two areas of
southern China By Li

Quantitative evaluation
study to human’s
behavior management
system By Le Youbang

Research on the
Cognitive Differences
between Novice and
Expert By Jiang Zuhua

108#                      118#             77#

   Biomechanics            Anthropometry   Safety & Health
Session 2: Hand                 Session 3: Body Anthropometry. Session 2:   Chair: Lihua He, China
Biomechanics.                                        Chair:
           Chair: David         Kathleen Robinette, USA

Biomechanical analysis on       Quantifying human body         A method for machine
the pinch grip during dental    shape variation for harness    contractor companies to
hygiene scaling by David        sizing development by          fulfil European
Rempel                          Hongwei Hsiao                  directive‘s requirements
                                                               concerning whole-body
                                                               vibration by Toni Hyytinen

Measurement of grip             Body shape analysis using 3D Ergonomics, quality,
strength applied on             scanning data by Jun-Ming Lu costs and radiological
cylindrical handles and                                      protection applied
effect of gloves on the grip                                 integrated approach in a
strength by Ren G. Dong                                      radiological service of a
                                                             public hospital by
                                                             Carlaine Batistia de

Hand and thumb pinch grip Regional differences in self-        Investigation in safety
strength of firefighters and reported body dimensions by       features, accidents,
meat processing by James     Hein Daanen                       standards in tractors
Spahr                                                          and machinery in India
                                                               by Virendra Kumar Tewari

Effects of torque exposure, Brazilian oil and gas industry     Push and pull strengths
pace, and work:rest ratio on 3D anthropometric survey by       at full-range exertion
repetitive powered hand       Flávia Pastura                   heights for the
tool operation by Jia-Hua Lin                                  Taiwanese by Yi-Lang

Evaluation of the angle
effect of cylindrical handle
on static lifting strength by
Hsiu-Chen Chung
80#                             108#                            116#

    Slips, Trip, Fall                Biomechanics                        MSD

Session 3: Slips, trips and     Session 3:    Chair: Jurij      Session 4: Epidemiologic
falls. Chair: Hisao Nagata,     Wakula, Germany                 Issues in WMSDs
Japan                                                           Prevention. Chair: Marcio
                                                                Alves Marcal, Brazil

Slips, trips and falls in the   Isometric maximum forces of     Investigation of
UK Electricity Networks         the whole-body and hand-        musculoskeletal
Sector: analysis of 5 years     finger-system for the           symptoms in a poutry
data by Peter Coyle             assembly-specific force atlas   processing plant by
                                by Jurij Wakula                 Marcio Alves Marcal

Accidents on the level:         A multimedia approach for       Register-based follow-
what are they? by Sylvie        selecting a risk assessment     up study of incidence of
Leclercq                        method regarding manual         total hip replacement
                                materials handling by Arezes    due to primary
                                Pedro                           osteoarthritis among
                                                                males in Denmark by
                                                                Tine Steen Rubak
                                Refining exposure               Females in
                                measurements in VDU             repetitive/constrained
                                workers; comparison of          work - risk assessment
                                assessment methods by Ivan      by questionnaire or
Reducing the slip risk at       Andreas Steenstra               physical examination?
entrances, the role of                                          by Inger Arvidsson
matting by Kevin Hallas

                                The model of center of          Knee osteoarthritis and
                                pressure progression for        the influence of
                                adults by Min-Chi Chiu          occupational and non-
                                                                occupational factors –
                                                                Results of a case
                                                                control study in
                                                                Germany by Andre
                               Modeling the appropriate
                               sleep system and the spine of
                               the patients who suffer from    Predictors of permanent
                               ankylosing-spondilitis,         work disability after
                               designing and excluding the     surgery for rotator cuff
                               mattress stiffness              disease by Susanne
                               cartography according to        Wulff Svendsen
                               their sex and body shape by

79#                            76#                             116#

 Visual Ergonomics               Children & School                  MSD Panel

Session 3: Potpourri Issues in Session 4: School Ergonomics.   Panel 4: Supervision
Visual Ergonomics. Chair:      Chair: Marina Ciccarelli,       within the field of
Arne Aaras, Norway ; Co-       Australian
                                                               Ergonomics – Legislation
Chair: Magne Helland,
Norway                                                         and inspections tools
                                                               regarding manual
                                                               handling. Chair: Christina
Visual fatigue evaluation of   Schoolbags weight in the        EU Directive on manual
PDP, LCD and CRT TV by         context of the Algerian         handling of loads and
Bin-Wei Hsu                    educational reform by           the implementation in
                               Mohamed Meziane                 the Nordic countries
                                                                 Viveca Wiberg
Analysis of visual            Assessment of                    Danish Survey to
performance and useful        musculoskeletal pain in          Authorities in 32
field of view among           school children: Development     countries about
experienced, inexperienced    and validation of a locally      regulation and
and older drivers by Manuel   applicable pain tool by Kapila   supervision
Meza                          Jayaratne                        Sisse Seerup Varming

Effect of background and      ITKids: How does children‘s      Inspection methods,
object color combination      postural variation differ from   tools and results from
on visual inspection          that of adults, when using       a Manual Handling of
performance by Mohammad       different ICT? by Marina         loads Campaign in
Khasawneh                     Ciccarelli                       Norway Bjorg Hegdal

Span of color similarity of   Pupil participation in school    Presentation of the KIM
low vision by Ken Sagawa      design in the UK by Andree       – tool Ruth Carlsson

Effects of illumination color Dysphonia among                  Introduction to
on color discrimination by    elementary school                practical training
Yen-Hui Lin & Chih-yong Chen teachers and its                    Camilla A. Madsen
                              relationship with working
                              conditions, fatigue and
                              occupational stress by
                              Evelin Escalona

Vision drives posture by
Tim Hutchings


Chair: Zhao Zhanxi

Human Engineering of
Daily Life By Zhao

Analysis of Airplane
System Effectiveness on
the Base of Human
Factors Engineering By
Yang Junchao

Measurement and Study
on the Reachable Area
of Upper Limb and Human
Eye Position at
Different Seat Back
Angles By Wang Lijing
Usability Research on Multi
modal Interactive
System of Portable Devices
By Zhu linna

Study on the
Influences upon
Performance of Man-
machine Work Posed by
environment Factors

118#                           111#                             108#
   Anthropometry                          WWCS                           MSD

Session 5: Standardization for Session 3: Comfort at ICT        Session 6: Physiological
Global Design.                 Work.                Chair:      studies for WMSDs
Chair: Claire Gordon, USA      John Hvid Andersen, Denmark      prevention from Malaysia
                                                                & Indonesia. Chair:
                                                                Rosnah Mohd. Yusuf,

Comparability of 3D scan       A diary study of psychosocial    A study of prolonged
extracted measurements         work factors, work stress and    static sitting postures
and traditional                musculoskeletal discomfort       on lumbar muscles
measurements – A practical     among computer workers in        using EMG
application of the ISO 20685   Malaysian service                       Siti Zawiah Md
standard by Hans-Joachim       organization by Seyed Abolfazl   Dawal
Wirsching                      Zakerian
SizeGERMANY – the new        The effect of inclines on       Effect of upper limb
German sizing survey –       upper extremity postures        muscle activity on
conceptual design,           during notebook computer        different horizontal
implementation and results   use by Krishna Asundi           reach envelopes
by Hans-Joachim Wirsching                                                Siti Zawiah

SizeChina: a comparison of Upper extremity postures          Effect of upper limb and
Chinese and European       during notebook computer          lower back during
headshapes by Marc Rioux   use in common portable            prolong
                           computing scenarios by            sitting:emphasis on
                           Krishna Asundi                    work muscles envelop

Standardization of school    Variation in gross body         Effect of EMG and
furniture in Europe by Johan postures during call centre     perceived discomfort on
Molenbroek                   work by Allan Toomingas         prolonged standing with
                                                             limited movements
                                                             Sari Julia Sartika

                             Cultural differences in the use The effect of cycle time
                             of mobile devices by Paul       reduction on upper
                             Leiber                          trapezius muscles in
                                                             light assembly task

                                                             disorders among
                                                             aircraft inspectors by
                                                             Rosnah Mohd.Yusuff

80#                          111#                            110#
        Footwear                           WWCS                     Product Design

Session 2: Feet, High-heels     Session 4: The Design Process     Session 6: Vehicle and
and Sportswear. Chair:          and Evaluation of ICT Systems.    Industrial Design. Chair:
Ravindra Goonetilleke, Hong     Chair: Tomas Berns, Sweden        Pisate Virangkabutra
Kong;; Co-chair: Zhaoxia Jin,

Female Foot Morphology          Ergonomic design of control       The design of a
by Inga Krauss, Marlene         centres of the future by Toni     portaging tool for
Mauch, Stefan Grau              Ivergard                          transporting bicycles by
                                                                  Pisate Virangkabutra

Pressure thresholds on the      Acceptance of future              Study
foot of young healthy           workplace systems: how the        Electromyography of
adults: Measuring reliability   social situation influences the   measurements to look
and foot sensitivity by         usage intention of ambient        for comfort in
Shuping Xiong and Ravindra      intelligence technologies in      experimental vehicle
S. Goonetilleke                 work environments by Carsten      seat by Gilson Pereira
                                Roecker                           Junior

3D dynamic analysis of          Spamming, spoofing and            Design and evaluation
breast with sports bra by       phishing: e-mail security - a     of a device to carry
Jie Zhou, Winnie Yu and Sun-    survey among end-users by         laundered industrial
pui Ng                          Hoonakker Peter                   clothing by Lawrence

Think high-heels are            Design and evaluation of a        Electronic device
uncomfortable? by Channa        synthetic vision system for       design for brackets
P. Witana, and Ravindra S.      assembly error detection in       positioning by direct
Goonetilleke                    self-optimizing assembly cells    method by Gabriel Garcia
                                by Barbara Odenthal               Acosta

High Heels, High Fashion        Defining the role of the
and the challenges for fit      Ergonomist in the
and comfort of fashion          development of medical
shoes by Claudia Kieserling     mixed reality systems by
                                Thomas Stüdeli
118#                           80#                                78#
                                                                   Activity & Work
 Children & School                     Healthcare

Session 6: Ergonomics          Session 5: Medical Devices.        Session 6: Work Analysis.
among Children and Youth in    Chair: Alexandra Rosewall          Chair: Karl Sandberg,
IDC. Chair: Karen Jacobs,      Lang, British                      Sweden

Ergonomics for children:       An automatic indentation           Job entry and on-the-
An intervention program for    apparatus for foot tissue          job skills acquisition in
elementary schools by          characterization by Shuping        the construction sector
Ephrat Heyman                  Xiong                              by Catherine Delgoulet

The investigation of the       Human emotional state              Evolution of the
notebook computer              classification based on            ergonomist‘s profession
experience among               wavelet analysis and               in France, analysis of
university students by         statistical feature selection by   work in strategic
Karen Jacobs                   Manida Swangnetr                   consulting, differences
                                                                  in practices among
                                                                  ergonomists by Arnaud
                                                                  Tran Van
School ergonomics:             Mechanical exposure among          Stage of change among
inventory of conditions in     general practice dentists in       leaders: An intervention
basic teaching in Tunisia by   Sweden and possible                study by Karl W Sandberg
Mohamed Akrout                 implications of rationalisation
                               by Dirk Jonker
Incorporation of              How adolescents can         (移走)Forgotten users:
Ergonomics in school          successfully participate in the
                                                          the inadequacy of the
health promotion: Sri         design and improvement of   workplace to workers
Lankan experience by Kapila   medical devices by Alexandraactivity in the buildings
Jayaratne                     Rosewall Lang               of the Federal University
                                                          of Minas Gerais by
                                                          Humberto Malard Monteiro
Opening school gates for   Experimental study on          Harmonising legal
ergonomics: Exploration of vascular anastomosis using     decision making in EU
entry points in the        histoacryl glue, sealment, and trademarks and designs
developing countries by    an intravascular soluble       by Marc Richter
Kapila Jayaratne           hollow stent by Henghua Fan
118#                         75#                             77#
  Biomechanics &                      Product                 Activity & Work
           MSD                   Demonstrations                     Analysis

Joint Session on MSD and     Session 2: Multimedia Products. Session 7: Activity and
Biomechanics. Chair: Mark    Chair: Mohd Akhmal Abd Manaf Space in Design. Chair:
Boocock, British                                             Anneli Leppänen

Tailor's chair and          ERGO DESIGN FORUM Lyon           The real space:
musculoskeletal disorder in Come back                        common dimension of
Nigeria by Olusegun         Pierre-Henri Dejean              Ergonomics and
Akanbi                                                       Architecture by Claudia

Reducing the risk of Hand-   A mobile Internet device to     Model (person x activity
Arm Vibration Syndrome       bridge the digital divide.      x design): the case of
(HAVS): A systematic                                         design for pedestrian by
                             Mohd Akhmal Abd Manaf
review of interventions by                                   Arthur Baptista
Mark Boocock
Compensatory strategies       Computer systems in the   Why analyze the
and prevention of             operation theater         continuity of an
musculoskeletal disorders        Thomas Studeli         architectural design
in music conductors                                     process during the
Gongbing Shan                                           moving phasis? by Lara
                                                        Sousa Castro

Handle-type evaluations for                             (移入)Forgotten users:
young and old age groups                                the inadequacy of the
by Multi-Finger Force                                   workplace to workers
Measurement (MFFM)                                      activity in the buildings
system Yong-Ku Kong                                     of the Federal University
                                                        of Minas Gerais by
                                                        Humberto Malard Monteiro
                                                        (移入)Suggesting an
                                                        approach for doing
                                                        ergonomic interventions
                                                        evaluations by Aurelie

80#                           73#                       75#

       Future of                                         Product Design
                               Online Communities
     Ergonomics                                                 Panel
Session: Future of             Session 2:   Chair: Byron       Ergonomics in Design:
ergonomics: lessons from the   Huntley                         New Ways in
past.                                                          Fundamental Elements
                                                               Chair:Jairo Drumond
        Co-Chairs: Toni
Ivergard, Thailand ; Jan
                               Perceptions of cybersecurity:   Johan Molenbroek
Dul, Netherlands .             An exploratory analysis by
                               Patrick Nyeste

                               Media richness, social          Luz Mercedes Saenz
                               presence, group cohesion
                               and content of computer-
                               mediated and face-to-face
                               communication by Byron
                               Social cognitive theory in a    Thomas Hofmann
                               cross-nation study of
                               software piracy by Mary

                                                               Jairo Drumond Camara

80#                            108#                            76#
    Manufacturing                Office Ergonomics                  Transport

Session: HFE in                Session: Furniture and Office   Session 4: Driver Needs
Manufacturing. Chair: Hwang    Design. Chair: Samson           and Information Design.
Sheue-ling, Taiwan             Adaramola, Nigeria              Chair: Monica Lees

Application of                 Analysis of ergonomic factors   Helmet stability and fit
biomechanics in a small        in furniture industries in      in Australian pedal and
manufacturing facility: a      Brazil by Amaury Paulo de       motor cyclist
case study by Jay Kapellusch   Souza                           populations by Kim Thai

The application of Human      A randomized controlled trial    A user test study on an
Factors Engineering in        of the effectiveness of office   advanced driver
Shell projects by Alfred Seet ergonomic training               assistance system in
                              approaches for seated            China by Junliang Chen
                              environments by Ivan Andreas
The effective of              Study of effect of underlying    Psychosocial factors in
manufacturing advanced        factors of sitting comfort and   road crashes among
techniques for world-class discomfort on comfort and           Kuala Lumpur taxi
flexibility organization by   discomfort perception by         drivers by Alan G.
Farsijani Hassan              Weining Fang                     Downe

Human factors in efficiency Measuring the effects of           Transporation accidents
measurement of              workspace design on office         in Indonesia : an
manufacturing production    use by Merle Blok                  indication of man-
processes by Gabriella                                         technology and society-
Caterina                                                       technology problems by
                                                               Iftikar Sutalaksana
Human reliability and un-      Reducing stress through
safety behavior factors        good job design in office       Dialog between operator
analysis in a chemical         work by Samson Sunday           and computer system
factory by Wu Chien-Yu         Adaramola                       for management of
                                                               transportation system in
                                                               coal mines by Dobrivoje
Creative Office, from
workplace to worktask to
excel by Rene Woezik, van
109#                        111#                        76#

Visual Ergonomics             Safety & Health               Transport

Session 1: Some             Session 1: Education, Skills Session: Human
Scandinavian Experiences.   and Injury Prevention.        Performance Modeling
                                                          and Driver Interface
                   Chair:   Adam Górny,Polish
Hans Richter, Sweden; Co-                              Research.
Chair: Magne Helland,
Repeatability and stability   The knowledge and the        Cultural
of normalized                 skills of the OHS staff in   considerations for
electromyografic (EMG) of     process of occupational      the design of
orbicularis oculi by Gunnar   risk assessment by Adam      automotive speech
Horgen                        Górny                        applications
                                                           Omer Tsimhoni

Repeatability and stability   Ergonomic health             Modeling driver
of photoplethysmography       management for               speed control with
measurements of muscle        preventing work-related      the Queuing Network-
blood flow in orbicularis     injury by Mei-Hsiang Chen    Model Human
oculi by Hanne-Mari Schiøtz                                Processor (QN-MHP)
                                                           Luzheng Bi
Low-level experimental        PRAT project : from          Extra delay time is
accommodative/vergence        Injury Prevention to         always
load and trapezius muscle     Innovation Pierre-Henri      worse?—determine
activity by Hans O Richter    Dejean                       optimal interval of in-
                                                           vehicle messages in
                                                           adaptive workload
                                                           management system
                                                           using mathematical
Does visual discomfort        Estimation of economic       modeling approaches
                                                           Research on on-
influence on muscle pain      role of Gaddi tribal         board driver
for visual display unit       women through market         drowsiness
workers? by Arne Aarås        and non market work vis-     detection:based on
                              à-vis health status of       driver‘s steering
                              family. Nalini Ogle          performance
                                                                      Xibo Zhang
Does eyelid squinting       Investigation on               Content analysis of
increase shoulder muscle Utilization of Hearing            literature on mobile
activity? by Mikael Forsman Protection Devices in An       phone design
                            Aircraft by Lihua He           features
                                                           Dan Nathan-Roberts

109#                          77#                          76#
                                   Healthcare                   Transport

Chair:Laura Strater           Patient health chair: James Transport Ergnomics
                              B. Battles                  Chair: Bernhard Kausch

Understanding of              Results from the AHRQ         Efficacy of Active
Automation Functioning        hospital survey on            versus Passive
Promotes Appropriate          patient safety culture by     Warnings at
Automation Usage by Laura     James B. Battles              Uncontrolled
Strater                                                     Pedestrian Crosswalks
                                                            by Thomas J. Smith

The emergence of a            Feasibility of a telehealth   The effect of form,
catastrophe: an analysis of   initiative: Cancer survival   surface and diameter
the 2006 Brazil mid-air       stakeholder information       on usability of
collision by Paulo Carvalho   NWDs by George Samaras        concentric climate
                                                            control devices in
                                                            vehicles by Bernhard

Team Communications           Mobile pods: technology       Test of a device for a
Related to SA and             to support the delivery of    supported
Performance in Human          community-based urgent        ingress/egress by Olaf
Robot Interactions by         care by Anna Jones            Sabah
Cheryl Bolstad

Development and               Risk assessment of the        A harmonized
Evaluation of a Model-        organ and tissue              European driver's desk
based Usability               donation process in a         for cross-border traffic
Assessment Tool for           regional transplant           by Manfred Rentzsch
Interactive CAS-Systems       organization by
by Armin Janß                 Tommaso Bellandi
The security of                 Design framework for       Activity, actors and
information: Management         healthcare systems by A.   their intentionality in the
of activity in the control      Albayrak                   design of transport-
room of a bank by Julia                                    related working
Issy Abrahão & Carlos M.                                   systems by Liliana
Bruno                                                      Cunha

                                                           accident analysis
                                                           of taxi for
                                                           preventive safety
                                                           making use of an

109#                            111#                       79#

   Gender & Work                  Process Control

Session 1: Paid and             Session 2: Teams in
domestic work part 1.           Process Control.
Interactive effects – gender,
scheduling and time use.         Chair: Teemu Reiman,
                 Chair:                                    EQUID Session:
Sandrine Caroly, France
Atypical work schedules         Framework for evaluating
and gender: new                 safety critical
questions for                   organizations by Teemu
ergonomics?                     Reiman                            Chair: Ralph
Béatrice Barthe                                               Bruder, Germany
                                                                 Chair: Ralph
                                                             Bruder, Germany

Devising work schedules        Facilitating adequate
for a collective :             prioritization of safety
Favouring                      goals in distributed
intergenerational              teams at the Norwegian
collaboration among            Continental Shelf by Ann
counsellors in a shelter for   Britt Skjerve
women victims of
conjugal violence by Céline
Go to bed after midnight       Interaction and
or get up before 5 a.m.:       interaction skills in an
bus drivers‘ gendered          integrated operation
options for managing           setting by Magnhild
atypical schedules             Kaarstad
     Lacomblez, Liliana

How police officers and        Lessons learned from the
nurses regulate their          extended teamwork study
combined domestic and          on interface design and
paid workloads to manage       work organization in
their schedules: a gender      future operational
analysis                       settings of nuclear power
Sandrine Caroly                plants by Ann Britt Skjerve
In search of innovative     Metacognition in nuclear
strategies to reconcile     process control by Nathan
work and family life? The Lau
case of industrial cleaning
            Marianne De

An ergotoxicological study     Resilience in operators‘
of the factors influencing     activities during shift
exposure to household          changeovers in nuclear
detergents by Rima Habib       power plants by Paulo
76#               112#      116#

Activity & Work
                     ODAM    MSD Panel
Session 2: Ergonomics           Session 2: Quality of         Panel 3: Prevention of
Training I.                     Worklife and Healthcare: A    MSD in Agriculture.
                                                              Chair: Daniela
            Chair: Corinne      Perspective.
Gaudart, France                 Chair: Patrick Waterson,      Colombini, Italy

At the heart of training, the   Crossing the macro-       Repetitive
recognition of                  micro divide in systems   movements of upper
professional competence :       ergonomics by Patrick     limbs in agriculture:
The situation of                Waterson                  set up of annual
dispathers in public                                      exposure level
security communication                                    assessment models
centres by Georges                                        starting from OCRA
Toulouse                                                  checklist via simple
Impacting working               How to evaluate a         Three approaches to
conditions through trade        working activity that has reducing
union training by Corinne       no limits case study with musculoskeletal
Gaudart                         community health agents symptoms in hand
                                (ACSs) by Laerte Sznelwar harvest of treefruit
                                                             Fadi A. Fathallah

Training in full flight         Multiplier effect of          Repetitive
simulator to improve the        employee‘s absent on          movements of upper
competences on flight           hospital profit - an          limbs in viticulture:
safety management by            economic analysis by          set up of annual
Ricardo José Matos de           Adiatmika I Putu Gede         exposure level
Carvalho                                                      assessment models
                                                              with OCRA checklist
What is not assessed in         Macroergonomics               Spinal kinematicthe
                                                              comparing with and
continuous training in          analysis of disaster relief   muscular response
companies? Two case             chains in non-profit          during stooped
studies in Portugal by          organizations by Han          agricultural work
Marta Santos                    Zhang                                      Brandon
                                                              M. Miller

                         Purchasing procedure as              An exploratory study
                         an integration                       on occupational
Ergonomics program in an
                         mechanism for a                      health and
oil company: a strategic
                         healthcare institution by            musculoskeletal
axis of permanent        Karen Lange                          hazards among
development of working
                                                              agricultural workers
systems by Rosana
                                                              of India
Fernandes da Silva
112#                           109#                        110#

          ODAM                   Process Control              MSD Panel

Session 3:                     Session 1: Process Control Panel 5: Development
Macroergonomics and            System.                     of New tools for
working globally: Cross                                    assessing Manual
culture perspectives. Chair:         Chair: Toni Ivergard, Handling and
Bouhafs Mebarki,Algerian       Thailand                    Repetitive Movements
Ergonomics in Algeria:         Ergonomic design of         The variable lifting
research priorities and        processes: technology,      index: a tool for
implementation strategy        people and learning at      assessing manual
by Bouhafs Mebarki             work by Toni Ivergard       lifting tasks with
                                                           highly variable task

The Systemic, Holistic,        Ergonomic challenges in     Procedures for
Interdisciplinery and          control centres and how     collecting and
Participatory (Ship)           to improve by a Human       organize data useful
Approach for sustainable       Factors based design        for analyzing Variable
agriculture in Bali by         process by Thor Inge        Lifting tasks and for
Adiputra Nyoman                Throndsen                   computing the VLI

The ergonomic maturity of      High risk process control   Ocra method (index
a company enhancing the        system assessment           and checklist) : a new
effectiveness of               methodology by Venétia      procedure for
ergonomic process by           Santos                      analysing multiple
Mario Cesar Vidal                                          repetitive tasks

Emergent country               Introduction of computer- MAPO index for risk
industrialization: elements    based systems in near     assessment of
for a lasting development      future Nuclear Power      patient manual lifting
of work systems by Raouf       Plant Control Rooms –
Ghram                          experiences from
                               empirical tests by
                               Magnhild Kaarstad
                               Design and evaluation of
                               an intelligent water
                               monitoring interface by
                               Beth Alexandra Vary

109#                           78#                          112#
                                 Activity & Work
      Agriculture                                                  ODAM

Session 5: Application of      Session 3: Ergonomics         Session 4: Healthcare,
Ergonomic Tools and            Training II. Chair: Christine work systems design
Approaches in Agriculture.     Vidal-Gomel, France           and Participatory
Chair: Suman Singh. Co-                                      Ergonomics. Chair:
Chair:Peter Lundqvist                                        Scott Netson
                                                             MacKinnon, Canada

Use of ergonomic               When drivers training-       The importance of
principles in agricultural     courses are shared by        preparing
information dissemination      different trainers by        management for
by the web by Danilo Pereira   Christine Vidal-Gomel        participation in a
                                                            ergonomics program
                                                            by Scott Netson
Agricultural Ergonomic       Transmission of skills     Participative
Risk Assessment Tool         between senior and new     Ergonomics - A
(AERAT) by Lawrence          hospital workers by        model focused on
Schulze                      Jeanne Thébault            creativity for
                                                        inovation in
                                                        processes by Carlos
                                                        Maurício Duque Santos
Analysis of agricultural     Early retirement among     Using variance
households′ consumption      teachers: what work-       analysis to detect
behavior under the           related malaise, stress    mismatches in role
condition of self-           and hardship are driving   expectations in
sufficiency by Kilin Wang    the trend? by Dominique    patient physician
                             Cau-Bareille               interactions in
                                                        obstetric work
                                                        systems by Enid
A method for analyis of      Training while training:   ‗The future factory‘ –
the work of family farmers   the challenge of           a concept designed
to improve their role as     vocational training        by women and young
pilots of of development     teachers by Céline         people by Ylva
projects at their units by   Chatigny                   Faltholm
Uiara Bandineli Montedo

A field study of hindsight                              Ergonomic analysis
bias and the fundamental                                of central
attribution error in                                    management‘s work
Malaysian Palm Oil                                      in a small producer of
harvesters:                                             handcrafted goods by
Methodological                                          Claudio Marcelo
considerations by Alan G.                               Brunoro
biomechanical model for
estimating strength of
youth and adolescents for
manual material handling
tasks by Thomas Waters
116#                          77#                        110#
           MSD                         ODAM              Product Design

Session 7: Prevention of      Session 5: Socio-technical Session 5: Children
WMSDs: Field studies in       systems, Occupational      and Elderly Products.
peculiar sectors. Chair:      safety and health, and          Chair: Bor-Shong
Allard Van der Beek,          Safety Management. Chair: Liu, Taiwan(China)
Netherlands                   Minna Elina Paivinen,

Difference in the work load   Sectoral Safety           The design of school
of waiters serving with       Associations:             furniture for primary
two types of plates by        Discussions on            school children by
Anneli Kaukiainen             development and           Simon Dennehy
                              sustainability by Julie
                              Dawn Matthews
Evaluation and redesign of   Promotion of safety         Observation of eating
manual material handling     management and              behavior and spoon
tasks in storage workplace   ergonomics in small and     design for 3-10 years
at vaccine production        medium sized enterprises    old children by Bor-
centre by Yaniel Torres      by Minna Elina Paivinen     Shong Liu

Work postures and risks      Uses of the management      Evaluation of jar-
of musculoskeletal           indicators : what impacts   opening techniques
problems among               on occupational health      among elderly
Malaysian rubber tappers     and safety? The             women by Tali Ritz
by Rosnah Mohd. Yusuff       ergonomics point of view
                             by Catherine Fournier

Ergonomic assessment of      Accountability and          Ergonomics wheel-
handicrafts' tasks among     employees‘ sense of         chair design for the
the university students by   personal responsibility     aging people by
NMQ and RULA methods         for safety in complex       Sritomo
by Pardis Gharehbeglou       sociotechnical systems      Wignjosoebroto
                             by Pia Oedewald

Ergonomic analysis of        Socio-organizational
working positions and the    impacts on workers and
musculoskeletal disorders    working communities in
in female shoe-workers in    the context of the
Hanoi by Khanh Van Duong     implementation of EDF‘s
                             new Power Plant Outage
                             Management System by
                             Philippe Haik

116#                         77#                         108#
           MSD                          ODAM                    MSD Panel

Session 8: Prevention of       Session 6: Production        Panel 6: Contribution
WMSDs: Field studies in        systems and products and     for an ISO draft
productive sectors. Chair:     organizational ergonomics.   standard (ISO/CD
Lihua He                       Chair: Ole Broberg, Danish   12296“Ergonomics –
                                                            Manual handling of
                                                            patients in the
Ergonomic evaluation of        Ergonomics,                  Natale Battevi, Italy
glob curing oven               Engineering, and
workstation by Hasrine         Business: Repairing a
Abdullah                       tricky divorce by Ole

A survey of ergonomic          The methodology              Mike Fray, UK
evaluation for cart tasks in   unfolding of the
an electric factory by Bor-    guidelines for the
Shong Liu                      ergonomic subject: a
                               case study by Giles

Musculoskeletal problems A vision of work                   Elly Waaijer,
in welding area workers by organization in work-            Netherlands
Juan Alberto Castillo      groups on production
                           environments by Fausto

Mental workload and                                         Sue Hignett, UK
musculoskeletal disorders
in the cutting machine
operators in a furniture
industry by Andrea Cristina

                                                            Leena Tamminen-
                                                            Peter, Finland
108#                         116#                       110#
  ODAM and MSD
                                       MSD                      MSD

Panel 1: Organization        Session 9: Prevention of   Session 10: Prevention
Design and Management,       WMSDs: Risk assessment     of WMSDs: Strategic
MSD.                         tools. Chair: Esa-Pekka    issues I. Chair:
          Co-Chairs:         Takala, Finland            Sudthida
Michelle Robertson, USA ;                               Krungkraiwong,
Wendy MacDonald, Australia                              Thailand

A macro-ergonomics           Presentation of the KIM    Ergonomics
approach to work-related     tool Ruth Carlsson         solutions of
musculoskeletal disorder                                musculoskeletal
risk assessment                                         disorders in oil & gas
                                                        industry. Total
 Owen Evans, Wendy                                      Nigeria experience
Macdonald                                               Samson Sunday
Macroergonomics issues       A tool for work inspectors Design and
and fatigue                  to detect ergonomic risk development of
    Brenda Lobb              factors in industrial      workstation
                             settings                   ergonomic audit
                              Dorit Efrat               system (WEAS)
                                                           Majid Motamedzade

MacroErgonomics as           Systematic evaluation of   Prevention of
value-added: moving          observational methods      musculoskeletal
from a focus on primary      assessing biomechanical    disorders: examples
prevention to a combined     exposures at work Esa-     from Thailand
focus on primary and         Pekka Takala
secondary prevention                                    Sudthida
Benjamin C. Amick III
Systems approach to safe    Hand Arm Risk             Suggesting for an
patient handling            Assessment Method         operating model of
                            (HARM), a new practical   intervention‘s
    William S. Marras       tool                      prevention of WMSD
                            Marjolein Douwes
                                                           Willy Buchmann

Macroergonomic efforts to
reducing MSDs in
research laboratories
  Andrew S. Imada
110#                            116#                         109#
                                                                    HF &
          ODAM                            MSD                  Sustainable
Session 8: Job Design,          Session 12: Prevention of    Session 3: Ergonomics
Workload and                    WMSDs: Rehabilitation and    and Sustainable
Macroergonomics Analysis.       training issues. Chair:      Development in IDCs.
Chair: Tuija Virtanen,Finland   Hilary McDermott, British    Chair: Krishan Lall
                                                             Kumar, Botswana
Two approaches to               Manual handling training:    Ergonomics and
conceptualising workload        an investigation of          sustainable
in airport baggage              current practice by Hilary   development in
handling by Tuija Virtanen      McDermott                    mussels cultivation

                                                          Maricel Karina López
                                                          Torres, Clarissa
                                                          Stefani Teixeira,
Effects of work posture         Effectiveness of          EugenioFactors Díaz
                                                          Human Andrés and
combination in the light        biofeedback, active       sustainable
repetitive task by Tetsuya      exercise and passive      development in
Hasegawa                        treatment on work-related global value creation
                                musculoskeletal                            Klaus
                                disorders: preliminary    Fischer, Christine
                                results of a randomized   Hobelsberger, Klaus J.
                                clinical trial by Chao Ma Zink
The interaction between   The changes in              Implementation of
awkward working           hemodynamics of the low     Ergonomics through
postures and precision    back muscles and the        Total Ergonomics
performance as an         effect of exercise before   Approach Model on
example for the           work in the prevention of   Small scale
relationship between      low back pain Tsuyoshi      industries - from
ergonomics and            Yamashita                   theory to practice
production quality by
Applicability of
Nokubonga (Sma) Ngcamu,   Work and health related     Architectural
Ergonomic Risk            predictors of permanent     conception and
Management to Measure     disability among first      Evaluation of the
the                       time hospitalized low       Environment:
Results of Performance    back patients – a two       Relations between
                          year follow up study        human factors, and
and Quality of Life at
                          Paul Frost                  environmental
Work by Adonis Kaizer     Physical flexibility        Handling cane and
                          training program,           reed products
                          proposal for a group of
                          workers in a public         Krishan Lall Kumar,
                          services company in         Henri Christiaans,
                          Colombia Emilio Cadavid     Paulson Letsholo

116#                      110#                        76#

         MSD                      ODAM                Product Design
Session 13: Prevention of     Session 9: Situation         Chair: Shen Liming
WMSDs: Strategic issues II.   Awareness, Organizational
Chair: Allard Van der Beek,   Maturity and Innovation in
Dutch                         Organizations. Chair: Mica
The effectiveness of          Productivity performance     The Influence of
ergonomic workplace           in selected different work   the Flexible
interventions on low back     environments: the case       Material of Seat
pain and neck pain; a         of private and public        Framework on
systematic review             hospitals in Nigeria by      Sitting Comfort By
                              Christopher, Osita
                                                           Shen Liming
What ergonomics               Anyaeche
                              Situation awareness in       Effect of the
programs and practices        organizations by Mica        Physical
work in preventing upper      Endsley                      Properties of
extremity MSDs: a                                          Sponge Sofa
systematic review                                          Cushion on Sitting
                                                           Comfort By Chen
A critical analysis of a  How to build a climate for
musculoskeletal disorders creativity to foster       Statistics and
prevention program        innovation by Jan Dul      Analysis of Human
                                                           Factor Events in
              Lizandra da                                  WANO Reports By
Silva Silveira                                             Zhao Ming
An analysis of                Organizational maturity
                                                         The design of
characteristics of            indicators: the purpose of
musculoskeletal disorders     a model by Andrea Cristina
                                                         products for
in Korea                      Trierweiller               babies or children
              Hyun-ho Kim                                  by ergonomics By
                                                           Deng Mingming
                              Anthropological project
                              for experiments of life by
                              Giorgio Sacco

109#                          73#                          78#
                                                              Safety &
Sports Ergonomics                HCI and WWCS
                                                            Health Panel

Session: Sport, Training and Session: Design of Displays Panel 2: Safety and
Technology. Chair: Neil      and Software. Chair: Alan   Health Laws related to
Mansfield                    Chan, Hong Kong             MSD, Aging, and
                                                         Ergonomics in Asia
                                                         and Europe. Chair:
Effectiveness of shock-      Design Factors of LED       Kwan Suk Lee, Korea
                                                         A study on the safety
absorbing saddle pads in     Display for Improving and health law in
equestrian sport by Neil J   Message Comprehension Korea by Yong Ku
Mansfield                    by Joey CY So         Kong

The study of taekwondo       Quality control protocols Chinese safety and he
training model; pressure     of 3-D scanners for       alth Laws by
and velocity measurement     abdominal circumference Lei Young
by Surawate Tocharoen        measurement by Masaaki

Adapted sport, assistive     Game over or play it         Present work
technology and               again and again (gaming      condition in Japan by
ergonomics: a case study     and fun as a tool within     Shyuji Hisamune
by Gilberto Martins Freire   elderly care) by Helena

Dietary composition and      Integrating an artefact      Safety and health
hydration status of the      into teacher activity: the   Laws in Taiwan by An-
athlete by Kasturi Sen Ray   example of numeracy          Hsing Wang
                             competency diagnostic
                             software by Sandra Bruno

The effects of luminosity    The influence of a           Successful
and working memory on        financial recession to the   occupational health
visual codes for fencing     medical device market        and safety work in
sport.           Chih-Lin    from the usability           Finland by Paivi
Chang                        perspective by T.            Hamalainen
Study on perception of
accuracy of voice
recognition algorithm by
Xin Wang

 Product Design
n 2: Ergonomics in Product
Design. Chair: Wayne
Fisher, Canada

The behaviour of creative
innovators: A
phenomenological study
by Gerth Ohman

The role of Human Factors
and Ergonomics in
technology adoption by
Wayne Fisher

Education in ergonomics
between independence
and interdisciplinary
character of didactics at
one of the Italian Faculties
of Architecture by Giuseppe
Di Bucchianico
Design Ergonomics input
leading to ideation and
functionality in India:IIT by
Guwahati experiences by
Debkumar Chakrabarti

Prospective Ergonomics:
A new perspective on the
future of ergonomics by
Jean-Marc Robert


Intelligent Transport
Systems and Traffic
Safety chair:Christian
Activity, actors and their
intentionality in the design
of transport-related
working systems by Liliana

Automated analysis of eye-
tracking data for the
evaluation of driver
information systems
according to ISO/TS 15007-
2:2001 by Christian Lange

Timing concept for
assistance of anticipatory
driving by Darya Popiv

Reducing secondary-task
workload while driving
through interactive interfaces
by Fang Chen


Session 2: Usability issues.
Chair: Michael Wogalter,

A study of usability
evaluation on
synchronous learning
interaction system
  Jen-Yi Chao
Usability problems in word
processing applications
    Michael Wogalter

Usability of website
questionnaires for
measuring work well-
Reetta Orsila

Comparison of design
features of mobile phones
critical to affective
satisfaction Wonkyu Park

Web-based evaluation of
the affective satisfaction
toward mobile phone
designs Jaehyun Park
 HCI and Affective

Chair: Keiko Ishihara

Assessing Interactions in
Enduring Product
Experiences: The EXITool
by Beatriz Russo
Usability evaluations in the
development process of
portable navigation
devices by Keiko Ishihara

Application of Usability
Analysis Techniques to the
Design of Rehabilitation
Equipment by Meghan

A Cross-Cultural Study of
How Usability
Professionals Experience
the Usability of Everyday
Systems by Yun Jiang

Usability, assistive
technology and
emotion:favoring the
functional diversity by
Sandra Sueli Vieira Mallin

(new)Could you be a little
nicer? Pushing the right
buttons with automation
etiquette by Ewart De


Session: Methods. Chair:
Marcus Toennis,Germany

(换报告者)A general
model that accounts for
Fitts' law and Drury's
model by Colin Drury

On quantification method
of visibility of steps -
composing sensory scales
of visibility by Yonghak

Survey and classification
of head-up display
presentation principles by
Marcus Toennis
          Poster NO. P01                P02                  P03

                    Activity &          Activity &           Activity &
          Theme     Work                Work                 Work
                    Analysis            Analysis             Analysis

12:00,                                   An investigative    Ergonomic
                                         study of workload   design
Aug.10                                   for aged workers    contributions to a
                    Content of
~12:00,             handovers during     by application of   new monitoring
          Title     shift changeovers in some support        post in the
Aug.12              discontinuous        systems in the      control room of
                    schedules            non-ferrous metal   motor
                                         casting             performance test
                                         manufacture.        laboratory

                                                             Cynthia Mossé
          Author    Valérie Le Bris     Nobuyuki MOTEGI

          Poster NO. P01                P02                  P03

                           Human              Human              Human
          Theme     Simulation & Simulation &                 Simulation
                            VE                 VE                  & VE

                    Human Error
12:00,              Analysis among      Application of       Proposal for
Aug.12              Petrochemical       digital human        Evaluation of
~12:00,             Plant Control       modeling to          Augmented
          Title     Room Operators      predict hydraulic    Reality
Aug.14              with Human Error    excavator            Visualization as a
                    assessment and      operator             Participatory
                    Reduction           performance          Design Tool

                    Mehran                                   Peter
          Author                        Xiaochun Jiang
                    Ghalehnovi                               Schumacher
            Approximately 160 papers for IEA2009 will be presented in a poster format. The posters can be found on the third floor

            Monday, Aug.10, 12:00 ~ 13:00                    Posters Assembled
            Monday, Aug.10, 13:00 ~ Wednesday, Aug.12, 10:00       Posters Available for Viewing
            Wednesday, Aug.12, 10:00~11:00

            Wednesday, Aug.12, 11:00 ~ 12:00                   Posters Assembled
            Wednesday, Aug.12, 12:00 ~ Friday, Aug.14, 11:00      Posters Available for Viewing
            Friday, Aug.14, 11:00 ~ 12:00                    Dismantle Posters
P04              P05                 P06                  P07                 P08

Activity &       Activity &          Activity &           Activity &
                                                                              Activity &
Work             Work                Work                 Work
                                                                              Work Analysis
Analysis         Analysis            Analysis             Analysis

                 Movement of         characteristics of                       Comparative study
                                                          Finger motion of
Motion area of   upper extremity     hand movement                            of eye movement
                                                          wrapping process
the “Temae” in   and kitchen knife   influence                                between expert
                                                          during “Kyogashi”
the Way of Tea   during              mechanical                               and beginner in
                 “Katsuramuki”       properties of                            the Way of Tea
                                     “Nawa” rope.

Toru OTA         Toru HAYAKAWA Takayuki SAKAI             Akemi HAMADA        Minako IUE

P04              P05                 P06                  P07                 P08

      Human            Human            Human
 Simulation       Simulation          Simulation                 HCI                HCI
      & VE             & VE                & VE

The effect of
Malaysian Body
                                                          Utilizing Hand
Weigth ang                           Upper Body
                                                          Gesture             How do people
Height to        Face to Facial      Reach Posture
                                                          Interaction in      position
Suceptibility to Communication       and Trajectory
                                                          Standard PC         keyboards?
Cybersickness in                     Prediction
                                                          Based Interfaces
Environment Use

Zahari Taha      Fan Li              Lu Guo               Jenny Grinberg      Thomas Levine
 poster format. The posters can be found on the third floor of the congress centre. The author of the paper will be available during congress breaks to tell you mo

osters Available for Viewing

osters Available for Viewing
P09               P10                 P11                   P12
Activity &        Activity &
                                      Activity &                     y
Work              Work
                                      Work Analysis
Analysis          Analysis

Manufacturing                         ORANGE                The application of
process of        Investigative       COLLECTION            EN ISO 14738 as
Japanese          Study of Skill      BAG:                  a method to
“Hatakanagu”      Education in the    RESTRUCTURING         investigate the
flag ornament     Non-Ferrous         AND TESTING           reachability of
based on human    Metal Casting       THE PROTOTYPE         checkout
movement          Manufacture         USING THE             workstation
analysis                              ERGONOMIC             devices
                                      WORK ANALYSIS
Masaharu                              Aline Constantino     Simona Del
                  Yuki Mizuno
NISHINA                               Rodrigues             Ferraro

P09               P10                 P11                   P12

      HCI                HCI                 HCI

Human Centered
                  Exploring the       Effect of Computer    The examination
Design of the
                  Design Principles   Monitor Distance on   of evaluation
Interfaces of a
                  Necessary for       Visual Symptoms       method using
                  Building Blog       and Binocular         accelerometers for
                  Website Interface   Vision Changes        physical work load

Paulo Victor R.                                             MANABU
                  Chun Cheng Hsu      Peiyi Ko
de Carvalho                                                 KADOYA
vailable during congress breaks to tell you more about his/her work and discuss results. Half of the posters will be presented from Monday until Wednesday morn
P13                    P14                   P15                 P16
Anthropometr Anthropometr Anthropometr Anthropometry
          y                     y                      y

Mathematic model                          Principal
                                                                 3D Anthropometry
for curvature                             Component
                       The Ergonomics                            for Apparel Design:
distribution on                           Analyses of
                       Design Of Tennis -                        A Comparison of
lower leg cross-                          Anthropometric
                       Keeping Machine                           Mexican and US
section at top part                       Data: A revisit of a
of men‟s socks                            different approach

                       Nanthawan Am-                             Lilia Roselia Prado
Qiang Wang                                   Ram Bishu
                       Eam                                       León

                                                                 The SOBANE strategy: Application in A Tunisian manufac

P13                    P14                   P15                 P16

Biomechanics Biomechanics Biomechanics                            Biomechanics

A biomechanical
                       The Upper-            The Effect of
study concerning
                       Extremity Muscular    Military Load       Prediction of
work activities of a
                       Activity Evaluation   Carriage on 3D      Thermal Protective
checkout operator
                       of Automatic          Lower Limb          Performance of
by using a
                       Inspection Process    Kinematics and      Flame-Resistant
                       in TFT-LCD Panel      Spatiotemporal      Fabrics during Fire
                       Factory               Parameters

Vincenzo Molinaro      PEI HSUN LIN          Stewart Birrell     Xiujuan Wang
the posters will be presented from Monday until Wednesday morning. The second half of the posters can be visited starting Wednesday after lunchtime.
                 P17                  P18                 P19                 P20
                  Anthropometr Anthropometr Anthropometr Anthropometry
                          y                    y                  y

                                      Processing and
                 survey of Spanish
                                      Statistical Shape   Motion Generation   anthropometrics for
                 female population
                                      Analysis of 3D      from Semantics      inclusive design
                 aim at the apparel

                 Sandra Alemany       Chang Shu           Mao-Jiun Wang       Hua Dong

SOBANE strategy: Application in A Tunisian manufactures

                 P17                  P18                 P19                 P20

                  Biomechanic                                                       Office
                                      Biomechanics Biomechanics
                          s                                                     Ergonomics

                                                                                AN EVALUATION
                 The                                                            OF INFORMATION
                                      Muscle Strengths
                 Biomechanical                                                  TECHNOLOGY
                                      of Various        The Effect of
                 Stresses on the                                                FURNITURE AND
                                      Movements for the Orthotic Shoe
                 Lumbar Spine                                                   ANTHROPOMETRIC
                                      Korean Young-     Inserts in the flatfoot
                 during Lifting and                                             DIMENSIONS OF
                 Lowering                                                       SOME COMPUTER
                                                                                USERS IN NIGERIA

                                                                              Ayodeji Emmanuel
                 Cheng-Lung Lee       Hoon Yong Yoon      Yu-Chi Chen
s can be visited starting Wednesday after lunchtime.
P21                 P22                 P23               P24
Anthropometr Anthropometr Anthropometr Anthropometry
         y                  y                    y

A study on the 3D
                    Comparison of the
body shape and                          Relationship
                    Editing method of
the body size for                       between Direct and
                    Missing Area in                        Human Dimensions
pattern making -                        3D Measurements
                    3D body scan                           Of Chinese Minors
With the Focus on                       of Hand
                    data of women's
Korean males in                         Dimensions
                    pate and crotch
their 20`s-

Sung-ji Lee         Kim Kyoungsun       Sunghye Yoon      Xin Zhang

P21                 P22                 P23               P24

                    Activity &
      Office                            Activity &        Activity &
  Ergonomics                            Work Analysis Work Analysis

Design and
Evaluation of an
Ergonomic Chair
                    A 2-D Intervention                    Quality of working
Capable of
                    Model for the                         life, sickness
Providing Support                      Job design &
                    Assimilation of                       absences and early
to Reduce Risk of                      training
                    Participatory                         retirement in the
                    Ergonomics                            Finnish food industry
among Malaysian
VDUs User

Nurhayati Mohd Nur Roni Sela            Viorel Lefter     Jonna Puisto
P25                    P26                    P27                      P28              P29
Anthropometry Anthropometry                    Anthropometry
                                                                        Safety &

                       Using Data Mining
Proposed Design for                           Measurement of           Patient Safety   Risk Policy
                       Framework to
workstation using                             Workload During Exit-    Approach:        as Part of
                       Extract Sizing
Anthropometric                                Seeking Behavior in      Human Error      Safety
                       Knowledge for
Data gather from                              an Underground           Evaluation in    Manageme
Malaysian                                     Space using Heart        a Hospital       nt in
                       Advanced Apparel
Polytechnic students                          Rate Variability         Pharmacy         Elderly
                                                                                        Health Care

Mohd Hanapi Jusoh Chih-Hung Hsu               Kaoru Honda              Chih-Wei Lu      Tamminen-

P25                    P26                    P27                      P28              P29

Activity &             Activity &                                       Product         Product
                                              Product Design
Work Analysis          Work Analysis                                     Design          Design

                                                                       Recruitment      THE
                                                                       and manager      NATURAL
                       The Research on        Exploring design         satisfaction     LIGHT
Research on
                       Work-related Social    innovation and           with the job     INTERFER
Subway Drivers‟
                       Support and Work-      performance: the         performance      ENCE IN
                       Life Balance in the    roles of issue related   of newly         LIGHTING
Aptitude Structure
                       Nursing Organization   to design strategy       recruited        PROJECT
                                                                       industrial       DEVELOP
                                                                       designers        MENT

Jie Wang               Yuki Mizuno            Yen Hsu                  Yen Hsu
                                                                                        da Silva
P30            P31             P32            P33          P34         P35         P36

                                Safety                     Safety      Safety
 Safety        Safety &                        Safety                              Safety &
                                     &                           &           &
& Health         Health                       & Health                               Health
                                Health                      Health      Health

The                                                                    Study of
relationship                                               Risk
               An              Analysis of                             Ozone       TAKING
between                                       Exploring    Informed
               investigation   pressure                                Gas         ACTION
muscle                                        the Impact Design of
               of public       distribution                            Quantity    BELOW
hardness in                                   of           Patient
               attitudes       and                                     Adjusting   THE
the                                           Prescription Safety
               towards         comfort at                              of          SURFACE
trapezius                                     Medication Practice in
               patient-held    bottom of                               Ozonizer    OF THE
and                                           Sharing      Ambulator
               records         brassiere                               for Smell   ICEBERG
subjective                                                 y Care
Mika           Jackie          Lizhuo         Christopher            Siseerot      Jocelyn
KUROIWA        Binnersley      Wang           Mayhorn                Ketkaew       Villeneuve

P30            P31             P32            P33          P34         P35         P36

Product        Product         Product Product             Product Product         Product
 Design          Design         Design         Design       Design      Design       Design

                         Exploring                                   The effects
                         Consumers            A                      of the
                         ‟ Emotional          Consumer               keypad‟s
           Effects of                                      Consumer
                         Perception           demand                 layout on     A Study on
Ergonomics glove                                           demand
                         and                  oriented               the ease of   the Design
Evaluation thickness,                                      oriented
                         Preference           Study on               pressing      Factors of
of Bottle  friction, and                                   Study on
                         with                 Mobile                 the buttons   Mobile
and Can    pliability on                                   videophon
                         Cultural             Phones‟                in small      Phones for
Openers    grip and key                                    es‟ image
                         and                  Form                   cell          Children in
Design     pinch                                           model
                         Creative             Perception             phones        Korea
           strength                                        optimum
                         Merchandis           Design                 with the
                         e by Using           Method                 thumbs of
                         a Visual                                    the young
                         Evaluation                                  and the
Hsien-Yu   Peng-Cheng WAN-LI                                         Satoshi
                                              Fu Guo       Fu Guo                  YONG
Tseng      Sung          WEI                                         Muraki
P37          P38         P39         P40            P41          P42            P43

Safety        Safety     Safety                                                  Safety
                                      Safety        Safety & Safety &
   &               &           &                                                      &
                                     & Health         Health       Health
Health        Health      Health                                                 Health

The                                                 PHYSICAL
Actual       Redesign    Health                     FITNESS                     Group of
Conditions   of an       and                        RELATED      A Study on     Preventive
 of VDT      Insect      Wellbeing                  TO HEALTH    Motivation     Action:
Operation    Venom       Psycholog                  AND          Process        Strategies
and          Sucker to   y: A                       CARDIAC      Based on       of Health
Fatigue      improve     People-                    RISK OF      Inferiority    Promotion
by           force       Centred                    WORKERS      Complex        in the
Progress     exertion    Approach                   WHO                         Workplace
of ICT                               Linda          PERFORM
                                                    Fabricio                    Andréa
Hiroshi      Brecht J.   Patrick     Susanna                     Masayuki
                                                    Augusto                     Luiza da
Ichikawa     Daams       Jordan      Gerarda                     Yamada
                                                    Menegon                     Silveira

P37          P38         P39         P40            P41          P42            P43

Psycho- Psycho- Psycho- Psycho-                      Psycho-      Psycho-       Psycho-
physiol physiolo physiol physiolo physiolog physiolo physiolo
   ogy             gy       ogy            gy             y            gy             gy

The                     Managing
Effects of              risk of
                                     Impact of
Physiologi              musculosk                                Time-of-day
             Evaluation              music
cal Stress              eletal                                   and time-of-
             of                      listening on   A Study of                  A Study on
to                      symptoms                                 duty effects
             Ergonomics              self-          Color span                  Perceptual
Decision                within                                   on human-
             under                   reported       for liquid                  Image
Making                  changing                                 operator
             Extreme                 symptoms       crystal                     Quality
Ability of              office                                   cognitive
             Hypoxic                 and heart      display of                  with LCD-
Metropolit              environme                                performance
             Environme               rate during    pilot                       TV
an Manila               nt: A                                     under time
             nt                      continuous
Developm                study of                                 pressure
ent                     behavioura
Authority               l and
Traffic                 psychophy
Maida                   Karin
                                     Huey-Wen       Wang Yan-    Natalia        Cheng-Min
Dela         Dingyu Hu Lindgren
                                     Liang          yan          Bobko          Tsai
Cueva                   Griffiths
P44             P45            P46             P47              P48           P49
                                   MSD               MSD          MSD               MSD
Safety &        Safety &
  Health          Health

Comparison                     Ergonomic                      Physical risk
of numerical                   risk                           factors and     The
and non         The            assessment                     equipment       Ergonomic
numerical       SOBANE         of              Ergonomics at handling         Evalustion of
risk                           firefighters-   “assembling    risks for       Mini-Invasive
                Application in rescuers
assessment                                     work stations” musculoskel     and
tools for       A Tunisian     based on                       etal            Microscope
Health Care     manufactures heart rate                       complaints      Surgery.
Manual                         monitoring                     among
Material                       and                            cleaners
Alessio         Khaoula Hadj Valdis            Heiko                          Ruey-Fen
                                                              Ozcan E.
Silvetti        Mabrouk        Kalkis          Kusserow                       Hsu

P44             P45            P46             P47              P48           P49

 Psycho-         Psycho-
                                 Safety         Safety &        Safety &      Safety &
physiolog physiolog
                               & Health           Health         Health         Health
      y               y

                                                                        QUALITY OF
                                                                        LIFE AT
                                                            Evaluation  WORK
                                               Evaluation of
Measuremen      Research on    Work                         and         (QLW) IN A
t and           taste          related                      prevention  LAUNDRY
Analysis of     synesthesia    health and                   approach of OF THE
the Variant     induced by     safety in                    chemical    SLAUGHTER
                                               process in the
Time with       the shape of   work                         hazard in a ING AND
                                               Thin Film
the Assistive   food package   computing                    textile     MEAT
Device          bottles        systems                      company in PROCESSIN
                                               Liquid Crystal
                                                            Tunisia     G
                                                                        FOR THE
MASASHI         Mu-Chien       Viorica                      MOHAMED Vania
                                               Tzu-cheng Wu
UCHIKUNE        Chou           Petreanu                     AKROUT      Eugênia Silva
P50              P51         P52              P53          P54         P55
      MSD          MSD           MSD             MSD          MSD         MSD

VDTlog           USABILITY   Development      OCULAR,    Prevalence    An analysis
Monitoring       RESEARCH     of a motion     MUSCULO-   of            of
System and       OF THE      recording        SKELETAL   musculoskel   musculoskel
sEMG in the      ERGONOMI    system using     AND        etal          etal
Assessment of    CS TOOLS    a                ERGONOMI   symptoms      disorders of
Musculoskelet    OF          combination      C          in            upper
al Complaints    PHYSICAL    of head          MANIFESTA  manufacturi   extremity in
Resulting from   ASSESSME    direction and    TIONS      ng of         bowling
Continuous       NT, NIOSH   thigh            AMONG      hygienic      players
Use of           EQUATION    direction for    COMPUTER   products
Yaw-Huei         Clarissa    Hiroyuki                                  Wei-Hsien
                                              VIPUL SHAH Ghasemkha
Hwang            Teixeira    Izumi                                     Hong

P50              P51         P52              P53          P54         P55

 Safety &        Safety &     Safety &        Safety & Safety & Safety &
   Health         Health        Health          Health      Health       Health

                              SURVEY OF                                Improvement
                              PREVELANT                                of the
                                              Measuremen               nursing work
                               RATE                        Dust
                                              t of safety              by the
Postural                      POST                         Treatment
                Well-Being                    distances in
analysis in the               TRAUMATIC                    Machine for introduction
                and                           reaching                 of the
Mexican                       STRESS                       Personal
                Resilience in                 upward and               electronic
industry: an                  DISORDERS                    Room
                Emergency                     over                     medical
application of                 IN                          Using
                Rescue                        protective               record
OWAS                          EMERGENC                     Electric    system
                Workers                       structures
method.                       Y PEOPLE                     Field
                                              defined in
                              IN ONE                       Technique
                                              ISO 13857
                              IN TEHRAN-
                              IRAN IN 1386
Rosalio Avila- Massimiliano                   TAKASHI      Siseerot
                              Ensiye Davari
Chaurand        Spano                         YOKOI        Ketkaew
                                                                       Masayo Yamamura
P56              P57                P58                 P59                  P60
      MSD              MSD                MSD                 MSD                  MSD

                 SELF REPORT        WORK IN
                 ASSESSMENT         SUPERMARKET                              Comparison
                 OF                 S: RELATIONS                             Between Direct
discomfort and
                 MUSCULOSKEL        BETWEEN THE         A model for an       Measurement
                 ETAL               FUNCTION,           "acceptable"         and Observation
l risk in
                 DISCOMFORT         THE WORK            frequency of         Methods for
                 OF A               TIME AND            repetitive tasks     Hand Activity
cultivation: a
                 CORRUGATED         COMPLAINTS                               Assessment at
case study
                 SHEET AND          MUSCULOSKEL                              Workplace
                 CARTON             ETAL
Maricel K.       José Mateus                            Emmanuelle
                                    Clarissa Teixeira                   Yen-Ting Chen
López Torres     Junior                                 Turpin-Legendre

P56              P57                P58                 P59                  P60

 Safety &          Safety &           Safety &            Safety &             Safety &
   Health              Health             Health              Health               Health

                                    behaviour and
Ergonomic        Ergonomic risk                         Comparison of        Interface
                                    of different age
research of      factors on lifting                     physiological        Analysis in
                                    groups with
early wear in    tasks among                            responses to         Personal
power field      Mexican                                different types of   Protective
                                    products by the
activities       industrial workers                     mental stress        Equipment
                                    example of hand
                                    machines and

Viorica                             Hansjuergen
                 Lilia Prado-León                       Xinxin Liu           Vinícius Carvalho
Petreanu                            Gebhardt
P61               P62               P63             P64                  P65
      MSD               MSD               MSD             MSD                  MSD

                                  THE               Health problems      THE BENEFITS
                                  OCCURRENCE        involving health     OF
Interphalangeal                   OF WORK-          professionals:       AURICLEACUPU
                  Musculoskeletal RELATED                                NTURE IN
Osteoarthritis                                      determinants of
                  disorders among MUSCULOSKEL
and Deformity                                       the students‟        MUSCULOSKEL
                  Lebanese office ETAL                                   ETAL
induced Hand                                        body posture at
                  workers         DISEASES IN                            DISORDERS IN
Tool Overuse                                        the dental
                                  ARTISANS IN       school-clinic at a   LETTER
                                  THE               University           SORTING
                                  MARIA                                  OPERATORS
                                    CHISTINE        Maria do
Kyoo Sang Kim     Rima Habib                                             Elaine Junckes
                                    WERBA           Socorro Martins

P61               P62               P63             P64                  P65

  Safety &          Safety &          Safety &        Safety &             Safety &
      Health            Health            Health          Health               Health

                  N OF POSSIBLE
                  RISKS THAT
Evaluation of
                  THE                               A Study on
Ergonomics on                       Adoption and                         Accident Around-
                  ENVIRONMENT                       developing of
Normoxia-                           Diffusion of                         table Discussion
                  IN THE                            WIB (Work
hypercapnia                         Safety Improved                      for Sharing Risk
                  LAUNDRY                           Improvements
Environment                         Nail Guns                            Information
                  AREA OF AN                        on Board)
Basing on Rats
                  INDUSTRY OF
                  CAN OFFER TO
Lihua Yang        Graziele Santos   Brian Lowe      Hisamune
P66                  P67                 P68               P69                P70
      MSD                  MSD                  MSD               MSD          Children &

                                                           Results of a
                                                           survey on the      Relationship
                                         between WMSD
Maximal force in                                           prevalence of      between Speed
                                         and awkward
static upper     Ergonomics in                             musculoskeletal    and Accuracy in
                                         posture among
extremity at the the ice cream                             disorders and      a Drawing
direction of     industry                                  risk factors       Operation for
                                         assembly line
adduction                                                  among              School-Age
                                         workers in
                                                           electronic         Children
                                                           industry workers

Ren-Liu Jang         Zuccolo Soledad Amin Yazdani          Lihua He           Fukuyo Honda

P66                  P67                 P68               P69                P70
Slips, Trips, Slips, Trips,
      Fall                  Fall               Sports            Sports             Sports
                                         Ergonomics        Ergonomics         Ergonomics

Analysis of
                     The nonfatal                          Innovative
between Target
                     occupational                          Materials in High Motion analysis
Zero Moment                              Wireless logger
                     injuries of falls                     Tech              for elliptical
Point and Base                           for biosignals
                     and slips in                          Applications to   exercise
of Support for
                     Korea                                 Promote Health
Evaluation of the
                                                           and Wellbeing
potential of Slip-
related Falls

Takeshi                                  Hsieh-Ching       Päivi
                     Eunsik Kim                                               Shu-Zon Lou
Yamaguchi                                Chen              Talvenmaa
P71                 P72               P73             P74                P75
 Children &         Children &        Communica Communica
      School           School            tion &          tion &
                                      Collaborati Collaborati
                                            on               on
                    A Case Study      Kom-Net and
                    on Noise Level    Reach-Net –
Student Body        and Effects to    Examples of     Efficient Replay   Human factors
Dimensions in       the Teaching      successful      Formats in         related to the
Malaysian           Environment in    consulting      Chat-Based         productivity of
Secondary           a Selected        services        CSCL for Re-       the chainsaw
Schools:            Malaysian         concerning      Learning           operator
                    School            occupational
                    Classroom         safety and
Raja Ariffin Raja Karmegam                                               Cleverson de
                                      Karl Heinz Lang Michael Oehl
Ghazilla          Karuppiah                                              Mello Sant'Anna

P71                 P72               P73             P74                P75

      Sports           Sports            Sports          Sports
Ergonomics Ergonomics Ergonomics Ergonomics

Success in
sports among                                                             Effect of
                    A Study on        Human           A study on
Japanese high                                                            McRuer Pilot
                    Features of       Ergological     consciousness
competitive                                                              Model
                    Athlete Burnout   Approach to     of career
university track                                                         Parameters
                    from the          Career          planning
and field                                                                Change on
                    Perspective of    Transition of   among
athletes:                                                                Performance
                    Sports Team       Professional    professional
Application for a                                                        and Quality of
                    Organization in   Athletes in     football players
qualitative date                                                         Man-Machine
                    Japan             Japan           in Japan
analysis                                                                 System

YUJIRO              Yasuyuki
                                      Motoki Mizuno   Mami Inoue         Bao-guo Wang
KAWATA              Yamada
P76                 P77              P78                P79                P80

Potpourri           Potpourri        Potpourri          Potpourri          Potpourri

                                     Ergonomics         The Effects of     MODEL
Mathematic                           study on guide                        ACTIVITY OF
model for           The role of      sign system at                        ERGONOMICS
                                                        housing on the
curvature           temporal and     large-scale                           - BASED FIELD
                                                        physical fitness
distribution on     spatial          railway station                       WORK
                                                        and incidents of
lower leg cross-    information in   complex from                          (APeLErg),
                                                        fall in healthy
section at top      intercepting     user's point of                       COMPARED
part of men‟s       moving targets   view - User test                      WITH THE
                                                        and elderly
socks                                and                                   CONVENTIONA
                                     ergonomics-                           L ONE (APeL),
Qiang Wang          Rixin Tang       Midori Mori        Tomoaki Mori       Rolles Palilinga

P76                 P77              P78                P79                P80

 Transport           Transport        Transport          Transport          Transport

Effect of Traffic   Effects of e-    Interaction        Analysis of bus
Information on      map format and   between            standing           Drivers
Changeable          sub-window on    motorized two-     passengers         Cognitive
Graphical Signs     navigation       wheelers and       discomfort         regulation of
for Motorist        performance      motorists and      feeling : the      space distance
Optimal Route       and glance       their risk         ANGO comfort       at dusk
Choice              behavior         perception         experiment

Chien Jung Lai      Hsin-Chieh Wu Isabelle RAGOT                           Haoxue Liu
P81                P82              P83               P84                P85                   P86

Potpourri          Potpourri        Potpourri         Potpourri          Potpourri             Potpourri

                                   Cooperative        PROMOTING                                Influence
Public                             craft production   HUMAN                                    s of the
Illumination and   Ergonomics      as an              RESOURCE           Study of Industrial   driving
Ergonomics:The     and sustainable alternative of     DEVELOPMEN         Fatigue of
 impact of the     development in sustainable         T BY               Workers in the
Intrusive Light    mussels         development of     PHYSICAL           Machinery
on the             cultivation     a community: a     ERGONOMICS         Manufacturer          on the
biological night                   case study of      RISK
                                   the sisal hemp     ASSESSMENT                               hysiologi
                                   thread             AND
Ladjane            Maricel Karina Marianna Cruz
                                                      Henrijs Kalkis     He Huang
Carvalho           López Torres    Campos
                                                                                               Wang Jinwu

P81                P82              P83               P84                P85                   P86
   Visual             Visual
Ergonomics Ergonomics
                                    Anthropometry     Communiti Potpourri

                                                      Online tools for                         (改poste
                                                      the assessment                           r)Applic
The Vision                                            of occupational                          ation of
                   The Impact of
Fatigue                                               stress and risks                         dynamo
                   Threat Type
variation                                                                                      metry as
                   and Image        Anthropometry
between two                                                              Cab Simulation        tool-
                   Color on         and feature
kinds of chairs                                                          Optimization          kinetic
                   Baggage          analysis of
of Visual                                                                Based on              analysis
                   Screening        Asian female
inspection                                                               Ergonomics            of the
                   Performance: A   pilots                                                     functiona
Tasks in the
                   Preliminary                                                                 l
Light Emitting
                   Investigation                                                               capacity
Diode Industry
                                                                                               in the

Huang Chih-        Mohammad
                                    Xingwei Wang                         Liu Yijun
Ling               Khasawneh
                                                      Karl Heinz Lang
P87               P88               P89

Potpourri         Potpourri         Potpourri

                  Methods of
                  Thermal Comfort
                                    Model for
Matching Office   in Human-
                                    Curvature Radius
Equipment Based   Environment
                                    Distribution on
on Ergonomics     System during
                                    Lower Leg Cross-
                  No Clothing and
                                    section at Top

Shen Yanhua       Wang Baoguo       Wang Qiang

P87               P88

Potpourri         Potpourri

人因工程在汽车产 振动环境下直升机
品中的应用调查与 座舱显示器周边键
分析       的工效学实验研究

Cao Lingzhi       He Rongguang
                          10                      11
                       13:00   14:50   16:30   10:30   13:00   14:50
ZZTotal                   13      12      12       8      15      16
   Activity & Work
          Analysis                        1                1
    Aerospace HF                          1       1               1
  Affective Design        1                                1      1
  Affective Design
     and Displays
  Affective Design
           Aging          1               1
      Agriculture         1               1       1        1
   Anthropometry          1               1                1

Auditory Ergonomics

    Biomechanics                          1                1      1
  Biomechanics &
   Biomechanics and
      Building &
     Construction                                          1
  Children & School       1                       1               1
   Engineering            1
 Communication &
    Collaboration                 1
 Communication &
 Collaboration Panel
Displays & Warnings                                        1
          Footwear        1
     Forensics &
    Investigations                1
          Future of
Ergonomics Session                                         1
   Gender & Work                  1
General Ergonomics
            HCI                           1
  HCI 99seconds                             1
    HCI and WWCS
     Healthcare                    1                                        1
  HF & Sustainable
     Development                                                            1
Human Simulation &
IDC session
ISO TC 159/SC4                                                              1   1
Joint Partners
Joint PSE & DC Session:                                 1
Launch of Ergonomic Checkpoints and Ergonomics in Agriculture Checkpoints
Launch of Worldwide
Anthropometric WEAR
database/ EQUID                             1
       Maritime                             1
  Meet-the-Editors                 1
          MSD                      1        1                     1             1
      MSD Panel                                        1          1         1   2
MSD Toolkit Initiatives
         ODAM                               1                               1   1
   ODAM and MSD
     ODAM Panel                             1
 Office Ergonomics
Online Communities                                                              1
   Process Control                                                              1
   Product Design                                      1          1         1
   Product Design
         Panel                              1
     PSE Session                                                  1             1
   Safety & Health                                     1                    1   1
  Safety & Health
   Service HF and
Cultural Ergonomics
   Slips, Trips, Fall           1         1                                     1
 Sports Ergonomics
         Transport                                     1                        1
  Transport invited                       1
 Visual Ergonomics              1                                               1
          WWCS                  1                                 1

                                    Big       Middle(50p)Small(30p) Table
Aug.8                   Morning                                    4
                        Afternoon                                  4
Aug.9                   Morning                                    8
                        Afternoon                                  2
Aug.10                  Morning           1                                 6
                        Afternoon                      3         10         4
                        Evening                                   3
Aug.11                  Morning           1            3          4         4
                        Afternoon                      4         11         4
                        Evening                                   5
Aug.12                  Morning           1            3          5         5
                        Afternoon                      4         10         4
                        Evening                                   6
Aug.13                  Morning           1            3          4         4
                        Afternoon                      4         10
                        Evening                                   6
Aug.14                  Morning           1            3          4
         12                          13                           14
16:30 10:30   13:00 14:50   16:30 10:30   13:00 14:50   16:30   8:30
   15     8      14    14      14     8      14    14      14      8   0

   1      1      1             1             1      1      1
                               1                           1


   1                    1
   1                                                1      1
   1             1                                         1

                 1             1


                                      1      1                    1
   1                    1      1

   1                    1

                        1                           1
   1      1
   1                    1      1                    1
1       1       1           1

        1           1   1

1                       1       1   1
    1   1   1       1   1           1



                                1   1

        1       1
    1   2   1   1   1   1   1   2   1
                1                   1
1       1   1       1   1   1       1

                1           1


                1       1
    1   1   1               1


        1       1   1   1           1
        1           1   1

1       1
            1   1       1

    1   1           1




















第一天第一时段footware和第三时段healthcare互换,healthcare chair说她怀孕了那个时段不能支持。

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