The Disadvantages of a Beach Wedding

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                                           The Disadvantages of a Beach Wedding
                                                                By TM Lung

   There is no doubt that beach weddings become more popular these days. One of the reasons is that
planning for such an event usually requires the couple to spend less money than planning for a
traditional one. This of course make beach wedding a very attractive option. Besides, the event can be
less formal. People always say that the guests, as well as the couple, can run on the beach without
wearing shoes. Of course there are some guests who would prefer a less formal event and this will be
a perfect choice.

 From the above, you will probably know that there are a lot of advantages associated with a beach
wedding. Without any surprise, there will also be some disadvantages, and we will try to discuss all
these advantages in this article.

 The first problem associated with a beach wedding is the weather. In fact, the weather will affect all
kinds of outdoor weddings. You have to consider it carefully. Of course there will not be problem if it is
a sunny day. However, no one can guarantee this. It may rain heavily on your wedding day. And this
will certainly affect your plan adversely.

 As a result, couples will need to consider what they should do in case it rains. One of the ways is to
find a venue which can provide an indoor space as well. In this case the wedding can be held in the
indoor space. If it is not raining heavily, some kind of shelters will do the job very well. They can help to
protect the guests from the extreme weather.

 The rain is not the only thing you need to worry about. The wind can also affect your wedding
planning. It can be very windy on the beach. It can blow the sand on the beach. If things such as your
food are not covered well, they will eventually covered by sand. This can also affect your photographer
because sand can be an enemy of the cameras.

 You will need to cover the food well in order to protect them before being served to the guests. This is
very important. A wedding without food will never be a good one. You will also need to advise your
photographer about the issues of sand so that the photographer can take the precautions. This will
help to make sure that there will not be any problem about your wedding photos.

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 In fact, you will cover the food not only because of the sand. You can also protect the food from bugs.
There can be some bugs on the beach. You will need to prepare some king of insect repellents so that
you can use them to help to protect your guests from bugs.

 The safety issue can also be a disadvantage. You will tend to think that the beach will not be
something dangerous. However, it may still be dangerous for the elderly to walk on the beach. You will
need to take extra care about that in order to ensure that there will not be any danger.

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                                                Romantic Beach Weddings
                                                       By James Nardel

 Beach weddings are not only romantic, but it's also close to nature. The natural beauty of the
surroundings will always complement your vows of love to one another. If you want to follow your
beach wedding idea, you have to carefully prepare each detail to make them all perfect for the

You can have a romantic beach theme wedding while making it affordable if you have all the plans in
place. The extra hurdle that you will need to make sure this is going to go well is the weather, so make
sure you hold your wedding in the summer.

The Florida beach wedding, Myrtle beach wedding, and Miami beach wedding are some of the best
places in the country where you can get married. To get your visitors in the mood for the celebration
before they even reach the place, your beach wedding invitation should have the proper beach theme
wedding invitations. You have to inform them of whether they would see you in a casual beach
wedding dress or an informal beach wedding dress so that they could match the correct beach
wedding attire and beach wedding wear.

Most of the beach wedding dress styles are simple and would not require a very long back since you'll
be in the sand during the ceremony. Beach wedding decoration could be quite a challenge since it's
probably going to be windy, but use those that are in season and have a stand for the flowers.

Your beach theme wedding cake should not melt in the sun quickly, so don't have any ice cream cakes
for your beach wedding cake. Your beach theme wedding favor should also speak of nature. A special
shell or anything you prefer would be good for reminding them of the occasion as a simple but elegant
beach wedding.

Another important memory that you would like to have is the photos of your wedding, so be sure to
have a professional beach wedding photographer. They are already familiar with the sun and all the
proper adjustments that they will need to get that perfect shot. You can also have your friends take
some pictures to have the memory of the celebration, but it's always best to have a professional create
some memories for you.

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