Promotional Program by bxl27997


									                                               Promotional program.

    1. In order that dealers may be assured the benefits of comprehensive advertising of manufacturer's products,
without provisions for dealer contributions, manufacturer agrees to establish, pay for, and maintain a manufacturer
advertising and promotional program and to administer such program on substantially the same national and local basis
as previously provided in this selling agreement, to promote the sale of manufacturer products for the mutual benefit of
manufacturer and dealers.

   2. Manufacturer undertakes to make provision for an advertising and promotional program reserve account in an
aggregate amount on the basis of the amount per motor vehicle and chassis set forth in the dealer price list under the
heading "advertising and promotional program" for all new motor vehicles and chassis sold and delivered by
manufacturer to dealers. This account will provide for the cost of the manufacturer advertising and promotional

    3. During the term of this agreement the provisions of the advertising and promotional program may be modified
from time to time to limit or to broaden the application and coverage of such program. Moreover, the amount per motor
vehicle and chassis referred to in paragraph 2 above may be increased and decreased from time to time with the
announcement of new yearly model vehicles to compensate for increases or decreases in advertising and other costs and
for modifications in the program.

                                                                                                          electronic form 2005
                                                                                                          Law Publishers

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