Waterloo-Haifa Exchange Program

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Exchange Program

Anne Banks Pidduck
School of Computer Science
 Expenses
 Languages
 Accommodation
 Travel Options
 Travel Warnings and Palestinian Issues
 Students – Jim and Ela
             Haifa, Israel
 Waterloo-Haifa exchange program
 Experience historic Israeli culture
 Fully funded for undergraduate students at
  $100,000 per year for five years
 All expenses are paid!
 Travel to and from Israel, accommodation,
  tuition, work terms and cultural visits are
  fully funded
 Heather Reisman (Chapters/Indigo) and
  Gerry Schwartz (Onex Corporation)
  donation to UW
 English or Hebrew languages
 English for elective courses
 Hebrew for CS and Math courses
 July and August language classes
 International School, U Haifa
 On-campus residences
 Apartments nearby
 Live with other exchange students or not
 Handled by the University of Haifa
            Travel Options
1. 4-week cultural visit – language course
   or study tour
2. CS/Math exchange (4 to 12 months)
3. CS/Math exchange - English electives
4. Work term or research opportunities
Student Visa – not required
Work Visa – arranged by Israeli employer
        Summer Hebrew Ulpan
   Intensive Hebrew Summer Ulpan (course):
    Session I: July 6 to 29, 2009
    Session II: August 3 to 27, 2009
 International School of U Haifa
 Hebrew classes for 5 hours a day and a
  rich social activities program
            Other Options
 Intensive Arabic Language Program:
  August 3 to 27, 2009
 Study Tour: September 1 to 23, 2009
 Intensive Hebrew Winter Ulpan (course):
  January 24 to February 18, 2010
 Technion University or others?
                     Travel Warnings
   Travel Warning from Foreign Affairs
    periodically check: http://www.voyage.gc.ca/dest/report-en.asp?country=135000

 Gaza Strip and West Bank warnings –
  avoid all travel
 Haifa – far from Gaza and West Bank
 Jerusalem - caution
 Tel Aviv - caution
        Travel Warnings ..2
 Registration with the Canadian consulate
 Old City of Jerusalem
 Israeli military status and passport (even
  just with Israeli parents)
 Students from Lebanon, Jordan, Palestine,
  Egypt, Syria, Iran (even Canadian citizens)
  will need extra caution
Map of Israel
          Palestinian Issues
 Israeli and Palestinian civilian casualties
 Separation wall between Israel and
  Palestine so no access to jobs, friends,
  family, food, water and loss of land
 Military checkpoints; curfews
 Palestinian Authority Travel document
 Israeli settlements
Students for Palestinian Rights
 Non-violent dialogue
 Understanding
 Peace
 http://sfpr.uwaterloo.ca/
        Waterloo Students
 Jim
 Ela

        Additional Support
 Wendy Zehr
 Dan Berry