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									                              Region 8/District 14
          The Edward Bush Magnet School
         Government, History and Leadership
                     P.S. 18

     Parent Handbook

Karen Ford                                                              Blanca Ramirez
 Principal                                                             Parent Coordinator

                             P.S. 18 PARENT HANDBOOK                                    1
             Region 8/District 14 - City of New York Department of Education
                                   TABLE OF CONTENTS

1. Philosophy/Vision and Mission Statements
2. School Behavioral Policies
3. School Policies and Procedures
        School Uniform
        Arrival and Dismissal Schedules
        Attendance and Punctuality
        Report Cards & Parent Conferences
        Homework
4. School-based Organizations and Committees
        School Leadership Team
        Volunteers
5. THE DISCIPLINE CODE Policy Statement" - Dept. of Ed. City of NY
    Citywide Standards of Conduct and Uniform Disciplinary Measures
6. "What Every Student Should Know...And Be Able To Do!"
    K-5 LANGUAGE. ARTS & MATH ~ Bd. of Ed. Guidelines.
7. Additional Programs at P.S. 18

This handbook was developed (2005) by Karen Ford, Principal, P.S. 18, in consultation with
Blanca Ramirez, Parent Coordinator, and other school constituencies. All contents are in
alignment with New York State Department of Education, The Department of Education of the
City of New York and Region 8 policies and curriculum mandates and guidelines. "What Every
Student Should Know...And Be Able To Do!: K-5 in LANGUAGE ARTS & MATHEMATICS" and
"Citywide Standards of Conduct and Uniform Disciplinary Measures: THE DISCIPLINE CODE
Policy Statement" are excerpts taken directly from Board of Education documents.

                                 P.S. 18 PARENT HANDBOOK                                 2
                 Region 8/District 14 - City of New York Department of Education
This Handbook contains specific information about school routines, policies,
regulations, special features and programs that we feel make our school special.

We hope you find it helpful and that it encourages you to join us in working to
make our school a place where all our children receive a quality education in a safe
and nurturing environment.
                                  Philosophy ~ Vision
   At P.S. 18, The Edward Bush Magnet School for Leadership, we envision our school as an a
   community of learners where all its members: students, teachers, staff and parents are
   partners, and are actively involved in the educational process. A community where all
   members accept accountability for creating a positive and supportive educational
   environment that result in positive student outcomes. Therefore, we strive to create the
   school of our dreams, where staff and parents work as partners to empower all our
   students to perform independently in reading, writing and math, as they apply learned skills
   through civic and social experiences that will enable them to further their educational goals
   and become active, responsible, and positively contributing members of society. We have
   high expectations for our students. Therefore, we support their development of critical
   thinking, decision-making, communication and technological skills. These skills will help them
   meet their full potential, navigate the 21st century, and feel success in their life choices.

   At P.S. 18, we want for our students the same that parents want for their children: the
   best instruction possible, understanding, compassion, respect, and to reach their full
   potential. Therefore, at P.S. 18, we provide an environment where parents and children can
   expect understanding, compassion, respect, and rigorous and well-planned instruction that
   meet the needs of all students. They are our children until we return them to their parents
   at the end of the day.

     P.S. 18, is located in the Williamsburg section of Brooklyn, a community that
 historically has welcomed and embraced voyager from all over the world, has built
 a tradition of excellence in education since it was built in 1908. Experienced and
dedicated teachers and staff, partnered with parents, continuously collaborate to
    provide a small, yet strong nurturing environment within a community that is
    rapidly changing. Although our students have made substantial gains in their
  performance on city and state assessments, we strive to continue to provide the
  best academic and extracurricular programs, in accordance with State, City and
Regional initiatives, that will develop high performing, well-rounded students and to
         help ensure that every child will perform to her/his full potential.

                                  P.S. 18 PARENT HANDBOOK                                      3
                  Region 8/District 14 - City of New York Department of Education
    Title                                     Name                      Room                Days/Hours
    Principal                             Karen Ford                  Main Office
    Parent Coordinator                    Blanca Ramirez              Room 351              8:30-4:15
    Guidance Counselor                                                Room 351
    School Based Support Team                                         Room 552
             Social Worker                Alicia DeJesus Clavell                            8:00-3:20
             School Psychologist          John Cullen                                       8:00-3:20
    Secretary                             Jane Sabatino              Main Office            8:00-1:30

    School Safety Agent                   Charise Nelson             Main Entrance          7:30-3:30

    Custodian                             William Magsamen           Room 102
    Custodial Staff                       William Perez
                                          Florencio Rivera
    Regional Contract Person              Roseann Palamaro              Local Instructional Superintendent
                                                                        131 Livingston Street
    School Contact Person:                Karen Ford, Principal

    SCHOOL ORGANIZATION: Our school has classes for grades PreK – 5, servicing 260 students.
    PUPIL PERSONNEL TEAM: The team includes our School Based Support Team, Guidance Counselor
    and Principal. The Pupil Personnel Team reviews and makes recommendations for services for
    students designated at-risk. The main goal of the support team is to identify successful
    interventions to help students remain in the least restrictive environment.

                                   AVAILABLE STUDENT SERVICES
    ESL: Grades K-5: English Language Learners (ELL) - Students whose home language is other than
         English, and have not tested out via Spanish Lab and NYSESLAT
              Mr. Pancholi –   Gr. K-2
              Ms. Biederman – Gr. 3-5
    RESOURCE ROOM: Grades 1-5:
                    1. Mandated academic intervention per Individual Education Plan (IEP)
                    2. Students designated at risk per availability of space in the schedule of provider
    COUNSELING: Grades K-5
                    1. Mandated per Individual Educational Plan (IEP)
                    2. At Risk Counseling
    SPEECH: Grades PK-5
                    Mandated per Individual Educational Plan (IEP)
               Note: If a speech service provider is not available to be assigned to P.S. 18 during
               regular school hours, the Region will mail an RSA to parents for outside speech services
    Students in Grade K-5 designated at risk, performing on Level I (During the school day)
    Grade K:    Ms. Carbone        Ms. O’Hare (Tuesdays and Thursdays)
    Grade 1:    Ms. O’Hare (Tuesdays and Thursdays)
    Grade 2/3: Ms. Vaughan and Ms. Tomback
    Grade 4/5: Ms. Grub and Ms. Michalakos (Tuesdays/Thursdays)

Please Note: Those students with Promotion-in-Doubt (academically performing on Level 1),
  Parent Notification Letters by sent via students’ book bags and mailed as of January 31st.

                                          P.S. 18 PARENT HANDBOOK                                            4
                          Region 8/District 14 - City of New York Department of Education
EXTENDED-TIME 2:50-3:25 pm Monday through Thursday:

Gr. 1-5: Students performing on Level I and designated at risk of not meeting promotional criteria
          Two cycles: September through January 29, 2007 and Jan
Grade K: Ms. Hemmer, Ms. Gasparek and Ms. Carbone
Grade 1: Ms. Mann, Ms. Tumibay and Ms. O’Hare (Tuesday/Thursday)
Grade 2: Ms. Kasimow, Ms. Verga, Ms. Antkiewicz
Grade 3: Ms. Pinto, Ms. Wolosoff, Ms. Ms. Vaughan, Ms. Biederman, ___________ (Art Cluster)
Grade 4: Ms. Tedeschi, Mr. Werner, Ms. Michalakos, Mr. Casal
Grade 5: Ms. Lynn, Ms. Sabbagh, Ms. Grub, Ms. Walter
At Risk Counseling: Mr. Cullen – Tuesday/Wednesday
                    Ms. Dejesus-Clavell – Tuesday/Wednesday

                                 2006-2007 School Calendar
Note: Dates for Parent-Teacher Conferences and June Half-days are note yet available
       This calendar will also be sent home via the students bookbag.
DATE             DAY              REASON
September 5      Tuesday             First day of school for all students – Full day Grades 1-5
                                     Half-day for Pre-K/Kindergarten –PK-K students dismissed 11:50
September 6      Wednesday           Half-day for Pre-K/Kindergarten –PK-K students dismissed 11:50
September 7      Thursday            Half-day for Pre-K ONLY – PK-K students dismissed 11:50
September 26- Thursday &             OPEN HOUSE – CURRICULUM DAY
September 28     Friday              Meet your child’s teacher – Visit your child’s class
October 6        Monday              Yom Kippur – SCHOOL CLOSED
October 9        Monday              Columbus Day Observed – SCHOOL CLOSED
November 7       Tuesday             Election Day – NO CLASSES FOR STUDENTS
November 23 Thursday
                                     Thanksgiving Recess – SCHOOL CLOSED
November 24 Friday
December 25- Monday through the      Winter Recess (Including Christmas and New Year’s Day)
                 next Monday
January 1                            SCHOOL CLOSED Monday, 12/25/06 through Monday, 1/01/07
                                     Students return Tuesday, 2/2/07
January 15       Monday              Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Day – SCHOOL CLOSED
February 19-     Monday through      Mid-Winter Recess (Including Washington’s Birthday)
February 23      Friday              SCHOOL CLOSED Monday 2/19/07 through Friday, 2/23/07 –
                                     Students return Monday, 2/26/07
April 2-         Monday through      Spring Recess (Including Good Friday, Easter and Passover)
April 10         the next Tuesday    SCHOOL CLOSED Monday, 4/2/07 through Tuesday, 4/10/07
                                     Students return Wednesday, 4/11/07
May 28           Monday              Memorial Day – SCHOOL CLOSED
June 7           Thursday            Chancellor’s Conference day for all staff in the five boroughs
                                     NO CLASSES FOR STUDENTS
June 27          Wednesday           LAST DAY OF CLASSES FOR ALL STUDENTS
July 5                               FIRST DAY OF SUMMER SCHOOL FOR STUDENTS
                                   P.S. 18 PARENT HANDBOOK                                           5
                   Region 8/District 14 - City of New York Department of Education
We are trying to create a school culture and an environment in which students are focused on their
academic studies, and not the labels on or style of their clothes. (A name brand pair of jeans will
not help anyone succeed in the job market or business world.) Therefore, we have become a uniform
school (BLUE & WHITE). We encourage the children to wear their uniform by:
     Teachers giving daily motivations and weekly incentives.
     Administration giving monthly awards to the class that has the most students wearing their
        uniforms on a daily basis.
Please assist us in keeping this in focus. Students should wear their uniforms daily.
 Girls PK-4: Navy Blue jumpers (bibbed) or slacks (no demin)

   Girls 5: Navy blue Skirt, or slack (no demin/jeans)

   Boys PK-5: Navy blue pants (no jeans)

   All students PK-5: White shirts, blouse or polo shirts with collar and no pictures, words or logos
    or emblems

      Please note that during winter months the uniforms can be Navy Blue Corduroy

                                ARRIVALS AND DISMISSALS
For safety reasons, children must be picked up promptly.
BREAKFAST PROGRAM - (7:50-8:15 AM) - In Cafeteria for students in Gr. K-5 who wish to have
breakfast. Students who are disruptive, or not following directions, will not be allowed to
remain in the cafeteria, and parents will be notified. (NOTE: Breakfast is served to the Pre-K
students in their classrooms at 8:35 AM. Pre-K students are not to be just left in the cafeteria in
the morning.)
Pre-K is in room 201. Children arrive at 8:30 AM and picked up promptly at 2:50 PM
K-5 ARRIVAL - School begins at 8:30 AM for all students. If a child has a doctor’s
appointment, then the child MUST have a doctor’s note. All students arriving after classes have
gone upstairs is late, and school safety and the classroom teacher documents the lateness on the
ATS Attendance Form, School Safety notes it in the LATE BOOK, and it is entered into the
NYCDOE ATS computer.
                                    P.S. 18 PARENT HANDBOOK                                         6
                    Region 8/District 14 - City of New York Department of Education
   September-December and April-June: All students K-5 will report to the school yard unless it
    is raining, snowing or below 40 degrees. At the whistle, ALL students will line up on their class
    line, in the appropriate assigned spot given by the teacher.
   December-March :
    All students will line up in the GYM area – Student wishing to have breakfast will eat between
    7:50-8:15 am. After 8:15 am the breakfast program is closed.

K-5 DISMISSAL: All students dismissed promptly at 2:50 PM, unless student has been:
 Registered and accepted in any P.S. 18 after school academic or enrichment programs (To Be

                              ATTENDANCE & PUNCTUALITY
Parents should assist their children in developing the habit of arriving at school on time so that they
will not miss important work. If a child arrives after 8:30 AM, the child must get a late pass
from at the Main Entrance. Parents may not accompany children to the classrooms. Please
develop a routine to say goodbye at the door.
NOTE: Five (5) lateness in any one term will equal one (1) absence. Any student with five (5)
or more lateness IN ANY of the three terms (1. September-November; 2. December-March;
April-June) will not be entitled to a PERFECT ATTENDANCE AWARD.

                    P.S. 18 BEHAVIORAL POLICIES & PROCEDURES
                               KINDERGARTEN THROUGH GRADE 5


Infraction of any of the NYCDOE BEHAVIORAL GUIDELINES, depending on the level of
severity, will result in interventions, ie. parent conference, in-school action and/or demotion,
Regional Suspension, and/or agency interventions.

High Level Infractions = immediate suspension **
Reoccurring infractions = will be viewed as High Level

1. Bringing anything that may be considered or resemble a weapon to school **
2. Bringing anything that may result in a flame or smoke (matches, lighter, cigarettes, caps, stink
   bombs, etc.) **
3. Bringing cell phones, radios, Walkmans, CD or players, portable TVs, DVD hand-held computer
4. Leaving class, being in the halls or visiting other classrooms, without the teacher's written
   permission *
5. Visiting or trespassing any areas designated as inappropriate including the empty classrooms **
6. Leaving the school building/school yard during the school day unaccompanied by a designated
   adult **
7. Fighting, hitting, slapping or kicking any staff member, volunteer, or parent in the building or on
   school property including streets bordering school. **
8. Fighting, hitting, slapping or kicking other students **

                                    P.S. 18 PARENT HANDBOOK                                              7
                    Region 8/District 14 - City of New York Department of Education
9. Bullying other students in words or actions **
10. Taking without permission anything of a staff member, another student, or school property
11. Using inappropriate language (cursing, of a sexual nature, or ethnic insult) or being disrespectful
    to any staff member, student, consultant, volunteer or parent in the school or on its grounds **
12. Behaving in ways that are disruptive to the instruction being delivered in the classroom **
13. Throwing anything out of any windows in the building **
14. Bringing glass bottles to school under any circumstances *
15. Chewing gum or eating candy, potato chips, etc. in class unless it is a designated celebration or
    snack time *
16. Wearing of "du-rags" or bandannas (scarves) that resemble gang bandannas **
17. Any student with a history of not follow instruction, wandering off, or disruptive behaviors must
    be accompanied by a family member over 21 years of age on all future trips
18. Students accompanying their class on a trip must follow the directions given by the teacher and
    behave in safe ways. Students not following the directions of the teacher in-charge, or
    behaving in unsafe ways must be accompanied by a family member over 21 years of age on all
    future trips **
19. Refusal to do classwork**

                          (THE DISCIPLINE CODE)

 Note: By October, each student will receive a copy of the CITYWIDE STANDARDS OF CONDUCT AND
 Parents and students should sign the attached Behavior Contract and return it to the classroom teacher the
 next day, or as soon as possible.

TRANSPORTATION – If you have questions regarding student Metro Cards, please contact Ms.
Sabatino in the Main Office.

THE LUNCH PROGRAM - A professional dietician manages the FOOD SERVICES PROGRAM.
The hot lunches provide one third of a child’s daily food requirement. The menu is prepared a month
in advance and posted in the Cafeteria, Main Entrance and outside the Main Office. At the
beginning of each month, a lunch menu for the month is sent home with each child. Please review it.
If your child has any dietary restrictions, as prescribed by a DOCTOR, you must submit a doctor's
note to the Main Office, to be included in the child’s records. FREE LUNCH is provided for
approximately 90% of our students. A Department of Education Survey Form is sent home at the
beginning of each school year, which determines who is eligible for free or reduced price meals.
of this survey affects the school’s FUNDING status for several programs. Even if you are ineligible,
please sign & return the form. Both the numbers of forms returned, as well as the information on
the form determines the school’s funding status.

FOOD SERVICES PROGRAM SCHEDULE – (Pre-K breakfast is served in the classroom 8:35-8:50
AM. Lunch: Pre-K Lunch is also served in the Pre-K classroom)
Breakfast: 7:50-8:15 AM
To ease the overcrowding in the lunchroom, the lunch schedule will be as follows:
Lunch: Gr. K, 1          – 11:15 - 12:05
      Gr. PK, 2, 3       – 11:50 - 12:40
      Gr. 4, 5           – 12:25 – 1:15

                                     P.S. 18 PARENT HANDBOOK                                                  8
                     Region 8/District 14 - City of New York Department of Education
Lunch and Snacks: We are trying to promote healthy eating and choices. Please do not send
candy, gum, soda or junk food for lunch or snacks

HEALTH & FITNESS – The school checks each child’s weight, height, eyes and hearing. If there is
any problem, the parent is required to follow-up with a doctor’s checkup. A note from a dentist, as
evidence of a dental checkup, is required once a year. (Proof of vaccination, rubella immunization, TB
testing and polio inoculation is required when a child is first registered, and designated updating of
shots is also mandated.). You will be informed if the school doesn’t have an updated medical form for
your child.

Please do not send your child to school with a fever or if your child does not feel well. If your child
becomes ill at school, the nurse will contact the parent/guardian to come and take your child home.
It is important that parents/guardians supply the school with a current and working telephone
number and two emergency telephone numbers, and/or cellphone, where someone can be
reached in your absence. It is the parent’s responsibility to update this information on a regular

REPORT CARDS & CONFERENCES – Report Cards are issued three times a year:
Grade 1-5:      Fall: November; Spring: March;                      End of Term: June
Kindergarten: In November, parents will receive a narrative progress report.
               In March and June, Kindergarten will receive regular report cards.
Parent must pick up Report Cards at Parent/Teacher Conferences in the Fall and Spring.

In addition, in 2006-2007 P.S. 18 will establish MONTHLY PROGRESS REPORTS beginning in Mid-

SCHOOL PROPERTY THAT IS LOST OR DESTROYED – Textbooks, trade books, library
books/Tapes: VHS/DVD and Math manipulatives are costly to replace. Children who lose or
destroyed any of these items must replace them. In June, Report Cards may not be issued to any
student who did not return school property unless the outstanding debt is satisfied.

PARENT/TEACHER CONFERENCES – Citywide conferences are held for pupils in all grades,
However, parent-teacher conferences may be arranged at other times. Please call the school office
and leave a message for your child’s teacher, or send a note to the teacher.
    1. Please schedule appointments during the teacher's prep or at another agreed upon time that
        does not interfere with instruction.
    2. Please do not stop teachers when classes are transitioning from line-up to discuss lengthy
        issues. If there is a concern or issue, please contact, or leave a message, for the teacher
        to return your call at a time that does not interrupt instruction. If situation persists or you
        are not satisfied with the outcome, please contact the following:
        o Guidance Counselors
        o Please contact the Principal if satisfaction has not been achieved through the above

                                    P.S. 18 PARENT HANDBOOK                                               9
                    Region 8/District 14 - City of New York Department of Education
CURRICULUM DAY - The school schedules curriculum conferences early in the school year. These
conferences provide an opportunity for parents to receive information about what teachers will be
doing during the school year and what will be expected of your child.

OPEN HOUSE – P.S. 18 is a Magnet School. Therefore, parents will be notified of OPEN HOUSE

STUDENT RECORDS – Parents (legal guardian on record) can have access to all of their child’s
cumulative records. If you wish to see your child’s record, request an appointment with the Guidance
Counselor. A member of the staff will assist you in interpreting the records. Ask for a translator if
you feel you need one. However, cumulative records may not leave the building.

SAFETY – For the safety and security of our children, all visitors to the school must sign in at the
main entrance/Security Desk, and show a valid picture ID. Please cooperate with the School Safety
Officer/s posted at the door. They are there for the safety of our children. Please use only the
main entrance to enter and leave the building.

HOMEWORK – Homework is given Monday through Thursday. However, reading assignments
are given daily, including Friday. The purpose of homework is to extend and reinforce learning
and to develop self-discipline, personal responsibility and independent thinking. Our teachers try to
make homework assignments purposeful and related to class activities, as well as tailoring
assignments to individual children’s interests, needs and abilities. (Note: Reading assigned text or
self-selected text to a parent/family member is also a homework assignment): In addition, there is a

      GRADE                     HOMEWORK TIME
    Kindergarten One assignment between 15-30 minutes daily
    Grades 1-2       Two assignments up to 40 minutes daily*
    Grades 3-4       Three assignments up to 60 minutes daily*
    Grades 5         Three-four assignments up to 75 minutes daily*
    *Daily homework should not exceed a total of 75 minutes
    * Including an assigned independent reading time.

Parents can offer help in the following way:
-- Check homework daily -- see that all assignments are completed, accurate and neat.
-- Answer questions, but please allow your child to do the assignment himself/herself.
-- Listen to your child.
-- If you feel overwhelmed, call Dial-A-Teacher at (212) 777-3380.

                          ORGANIZATIONS AND COMMITTEES
   THE PARENTS/TEACHERS ASSOCIATION (PTA) - is one way parents and teachers can
    participate in the life of the school. Parents and teachers join at the beginning of the year, and
    your child will bring home an envelope containing an application form. Parents will be informed of
    the yearly PTA dues per family. The P.S. 18 Parents/Teachers Association is very active in
    providing support for all the students, teachers and parents, i.e. additional books for classroom,
    additional art supplies, student trips and activities, parent workshops and trips through PTA
    dues and annual fundraising activities. In addition, the PTA asks you to be generous in supporting
    the activities of the P.T.A., which directly benefit ALL the children in the school. We also urge
    parents to volunteer and share their time, energy, skills and experience with all the children.
                                    P.S. 18 PARENT HANDBOOK                                         10
                    Region 8/District 14 - City of New York Department of Education
            The PTA is located in the area near the Main Entrance. However, because of the smallness of
            our school, we ask that parents remember that voices and loud noises carry throughout the first
            and second floor and disrupts instruction. Please be mindful of this when visiting the school.

            Parents should feel free to contact Blanca Ramirez, Parent Coordinator, or any
            Parent/Teachers Association officer with problems or suggestions. There is mailbox for Ms.
            Ramirez and one for the PTA in the Main Office.

           SCHOOL VOLUNTEERS -- Learning Leaders of NYC and Parent Volunteers are a welcome and
            integral part of our learning community, and help throughout the school including in the Library,
            Art Studio, Reading Programs, Classrooms and at lunchtime (yard). All of our parent volunteers
            must be trained through the Learning Leaders Volunteer Program. See Ms. Ramirez, Parent
            Coordinator, for details and applications.

           LEADERSHIP TEAM (COMMITTEE) –The team includes parents, teachers, administrators,
            other school personnel, community-based organizations (CBOs) and community representatives.
            The team meets on a regular basis.
             The team focuses on the issues that affect children’s learning such as curriculum, professional
            development, organizational structure, school-wide events, use of resources, and community
            involvement. The role of the team is to provide overall direction, guidance and suggestions to
            the principal about:
            a) the education of students,
            b) the use of resources to support the improvement of teaching and learning (development of
                the school budget in schools operating with performance-based budgeting),
            c) the impact of educational choices on student results
            d) the development of the school’s COMPREHENSIVE EDUCATIONAL PLAN (CEP).

            The School Leadership Team is the central team coordinating the work of other teams, sub-
            committees, and task forces in the school. The team must keep the school community involved
            and informed of team discussions and decisions.

            The School Leadership Team is open to suggestions. A mailbox is available in the main office or
            you may contact any member.

                                       P.S. 18 PROGRAMS
                           ALL PROGRAM START DATES TO BE ANNOUNCED

1.   PROJECT READ/PROJECT MATH PROGRAM - Designed to improve literacy and math skills of
     students. Program consists of two components:
         1) after-school programs 3:45-4:45 pm
         2) Saturday Scholars (Test Prep) 9:00-11:30 am.
     Both program structures focus on differentiated instruction to meet the needs of our students.
                                            CYCLE I
        September through January (NYS ELA Test) the program will focus on students in Grades 3-5:
        Criteria for Student Participation:
                                            P.S. 18 PARENT HANDBOOK                                           11
                            Region 8/District 14 - City of New York Department of Education
       a) Students in grades 3-5 scoring in Level 1 or low 2 on previous year’s citywide testing
       b) Students in grades 3-5 scoring high in Level 2 or 3 – Enrichment
       c) Teacher recommendation
                                                 CYCLE II
       January – NYS Math Test: the program will focus on students in Level 1 and 2 students in
       grades 3-5
       After the NYS Math Test – Saturday Scholars
      A) EARLY LEAPS – ELL students in grades 2 - After school program two or three days a week.
         Program limited to 15 students. Program will focus on oral language development through
         activities involving poetry, songs, and rhymes.
      B) CITYLIGHTS – ELL students in grades 2-5 – After school Enrichment Program in oral language
         development and the performance arts.

3. PROJECT ARTS – This program has been created to re-focus and support activities in all areas of the
   arts by rebuilding our comprehensive arts education programs. Project ARTS provides funding to the
   schools district to support instruction services to students in art, music, dance and theater;
   professional development for participating staff; curriculum development and allocations for resource
   materials, supplies and arts and cultural services. i.e. Arts Horizons: storytelling and songwriting;
   recorder, drama and performance arts; African dance,

4. CARNEGIE HALL ‘LINK UP’ – Grade 5 -

5. CHESS-IN-THE-SCHOOLS (CIS) – Grade 2 and 4 (ENRICHMENT) - Chess should not be viewed as
   an idle game of entertainment. It has several valuable qualities of the mind, useful in the course of
   human life, that may be acquired (learned) and strengthened by it. CHESS-IN-THE-SCHOOLS uses
   chess as an educational tool to enhance higher-order thinking skills, self-confidence and, in turn,
   academic performance.

6. OPEN AIRWAYS - Grade Three - Open Airways is an educational curriculum for those children
   diagnosed with asthma. The curriculum of six 40 minute lessons, offered free of charge during the
   school day, teaches children basic information about asthma that will help them control their own
   asthma more effectively, to reduce visits to the hospital and reduce absences and thereby help children
   achieve their full educational potential. Pre and post analysis of the attendance of those students
   diagnosed with asthma indicates that absences were reduced by 13% for Open Airways Program
7. LEGAL LIVES - This program will be implemented in one fifth grade class. It brings the criminal
   justice system to elementary school classrooms. Assistant district attorneys, office staff and teachers
   collaborate on bi-weekly interactive classroom lessons which include: take-home lessons, a radio show
   and a mock trial. Through this program, children are helped to make educated and responsible choices
    in accordance with the law to avoid violence, drugs and bias.
9. ANTI-BULLYING PROGRAM – Life can be a misery when you're being bullied at school and if you feel
    you don't have any friends. This schoolwide program will focus on identifying and putting a stop to this
    type of behavior in accordance with Department of Education of the City of New York Discipline Code #
10. STUDENT GOVERNMENT – Grade 4 and 5 – Each grade 5 class will set up a structure for class
    government. i.e. class president, secretary, etc.
                                           P.S. 18 PARENT HANDBOOK                                        12
                           Region 8/District 14 - City of New York Department of Education
11. STUDENT ADVISORY COUNCIL – The student advisory council will consist of the class presidents
    from grades 4 and 5. This council will be instrumental in having input into structures and activities that
    affects the student population of the school. In addition, one member of the council will have limited
    participation in the School Leadership Team.

    RCCP, a program developed by the Educators for Social Responsibility (ESR), is a research-based K-12
    school program in social and emotional learning. It is the nation's largest and longest-running school
    program focusing on conflict resolution and inter-group relations. RCCP is characterized by a
    comprehensive strategy for preventing violence and creating caring and peaceable communities of
    learning, which is implemented over several years. The primary goal of RCCP is to ensure that young
    people develop the social and emotional skills needed to reduce violence and prejudice, form caring
    relationships, and build healthy lives. RCCP works to change school cultures so that these skills are both
    modeled and taught as part of the "basics" in education.

Additional Before and Afterschool Enrichment Programs: Days and Dates to be announced
Regular attendance MANDATORY
     Botany Club – Grades 4 and 5 (Limited to 15 students) Spring 2007
     Computer Club - Gr. 2-4 (Limited to 25 students)
     Chess Team – Grades 2-5 (Limited to 20 students) Spring 2007
     Community Service Group – Gr. 4-5 (Limited to 15) Preference given to Student Advisory Members
     Tap Class – Grades 2-5 (Limited to 25 students)
     Drama, Playwriting and the Spoken Word – Gr. 2-5 (Limited to 30 Students)
     Early Leaps – Gr. 2 ELLs (Limited to 8 students)
     Math Club – Grades 2-5
     Mad Science Discovery Club – Gr. K-3 (Limited to 20 students)
     Saturday Scholars – Gr. 3-5 Test Prep
    Beginning in January 2007
     Arts & Crafts Club - Gr. 1 ONLY (Limited to 20 students)
    Grade 5 Only
     DellTechKnow – Gr. 5 ONLY (Limited to 15 students)
     Photography Club – Grade 5 (Limited to 10 students) - 7:45-8:30
     Senior Year Book – Grade 5 (Limited to 8 Students) – 7:45-8:30
FREE-STYLE RAP OUTREACH GROUP – Grades 4/5 – After school, small groups (10-15 students) focusing
on group and individual discussions of issues and concerns of students in grades 4 and 5.

For additional information concerning any of the programs, please contact Karen Ford, Principal.

                                             P.S. 18 PARENT HANDBOOK                                        13
                             Region 8/District 14 - City of New York Department of Education

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