CREATE AND IMPLEMENT HIGH-IMPACT
                            STRATEGIC PLANS

  Queen’s Strategy Program is an intensive 5-day immersion in strategic planning
  tools and techniques that will change the way you think about your business.

                                                                Setting the right strategy and making it happen are vital to the
                                                                success of any organization. While it is true that most organizations
                                                                create strategic plans, it is also true that many of these plans fail.
                                                                Why? There are many reasons – a bad process, lack of involvement
                                                                of key stakeholders, the wrong focus, or simply a failure to
                                                                implement effectively.
                                                                Our uniquely structured and disciplined approach, which has been
                                                                widely adopted in both the private and public sectors, will help
                                                                you shape the future of your business, and create strategic plans
                                                                that are flexible and responsive to changing market conditions.

                                                                    The Program will enable you to:

                                                                    • Create an effective strategic planning process and
                                                                      assess a variety of strategic planning frameworks

                                                                    • Change  the way you think about your business and
                                                                      challenge conventional wisdom

                                                                    • Draft a strategic plan that addresses your organization’s
                                                                      competitive challenges and capitalizes on opportunities

                                                                    • Focus organizational resources on the rapid deployment
                                                                      of the plan, and lead deep organizational change

                                                                POST-PROGRAM SUPPORT
                                                                   After the Program, Queen’s offers several ways to continue your
                                                                   learning, including Program updates and access to Queen’s faculty
                                                                   through our exclusive alumni website. You will also have the
                                                                   opportunity to attend alumni educational and networking events.

Session leaders have extensive academic and industry experience in      Queen’s School of Business is consistently ranked among the
strategic planning and have worked with organizations around the world, best in the world by Financial Times and BusinessWeek and the
helping them improve their strategic planning process and business      best in Canada in the Environics Report on Executive Education.
performance. Practical and relevant content delivered by exceptional
speakers, and a commitment to unrivaled customer service, have made
Queen’s Strategy Program Canada’s most popular
strategy program for managers and executives.               FINANCIAL TIMES ENVIRONICS
 Managers and executives who are involved in
 their organization’s strategic planning process.

 Apply on-line at or call toll-free 1.888.EXEC DEV (1.888.393.2338)
 The information you provide us will help ensure that the Program meets your personal objectives.

 BENEFITS                                                                 PROGRAM DETAILS
The Queen’s Strategy Program will provide a broad                             DATES The Program begins Sunday afternoon and
                                                                                    ends Friday morning.
range of benefits for you and your organization.
                                                                                       2009 Session
BENEFITS FOR YOU                                                                         November 8 to 13
   Develop a strategic mindset and change the way you think about                      2010 Sessions
   your business                                                                         February 7 to 12
   Learn the latest strategic tools and techniques, and strengthen your                  May 9 to 14
   ability to lead the strategic planning process in your organization                   November 7 to 12

   Improve your ability to manage change and build commitment
   to new strategic directions                                            All-Inclusive 2009 session:           $8,700 Cdn (plus GST)
                                                                                 FEE 2010 sessions:             $8,900 Cdn (plus GST)
   Understand the leadership requirements to successfully implement
   your strategic plan                                                                 This all-inclusive fee covers: a private guest
   Learn to challenge conventional wisdom with confidence                              room with bath; full use of a broad range of
                                                                                       amenities and parking; meals and snacks;
                                                                                       Program materials; and post-Program support.
   Improve the strategic planning process in your organization
                                                                          LOCATION Donald Gordon Conference Centre
   Introduce proven strategy development tools into the                            421 Union Street
   management practices of your organization                                       Kingston, Ontario, Canada
   Manage strategic planning as an ongoing process to drive
   change and growth
   Develop and implement strategic plans that are flexible and
   responsive to changing market conditions
   Integrate short- and long-term operating objectives
   Improve operational performance

                                                                                        Information in this brochure is accurate at time of publication.

Queen’s Strategy Program uses a variety of    1 CREATING AN EFFECTIVE
                                                  STRATEGIC PLANNING
teaching techniques including:
 • Class   discussions and seminars
                                             Create strategic plans that are
 • Case    studies                           focused, effective and flexible.
                                             • Develop a strategic mindset, and
 • One-on-one     coaching                     understand the difference between
                                               strategic and operational plans
 • Group    interactions and exercises       • Evaluate your organization’s strategy
                                               development process

 THE PROGRAM IS BUILT AROUND FOUR THEMES:    • Design a structured and disciplined
                                               framework for planning and
                                               encourage creativity
                                             • Use the strategic planning process to
                                               challenge conventional wisdom
                                             • Utilize a rapid, focused, and action-
                                               oriented planning process
                                             • Evaluate the strategic landscape
                                               by identifying and examining market,
                                               regulatory, technological, and political
                                               forces that will shape your organization’s
                                             • Select and manage a cross-functional
                                               planning team
                                             • Understand the role of core
                                               competencies in building a strategic
 2 STRATEGIC                                  3 LEADING                                   4 IMPLEMENTING THE
      PLANNING TOOLS                              ORGANIZATIONAL                               STRATEGIC PLAN
      AND FRAMEWORKS                              CHANGE
                                                                                          Focus the organization’s resources
Assess a variety of frameworks                Implement significant change                on the implementation of the
and evaluate the strategic platform           quickly and effectively.                    strategic plan and generate
that is right for your organization.          • Create champions and coalitions to        sustained momentum.
• Understand how a strategic plan is           drive change
                                                                                          • Understand how the organization’s
  the game-plan for change and growth         • Build an organization that                  culture affects strategy implementation
• Create a vision statement, mission,           understands the leadership requirements
                                                                                          • Ensure the organization’s infrastructure
  and objectives that are meaningful to         of deep organizational change
                                                                                            and culture support the change effort
  your organization                           • Understand the role of leaders in
                                                                                          • Build in accountabilities and the
• Use competitive intelligence to               driving change
                                                                                            appropriate measurement scorecards
  anticipate competitors’ plans and           • Manage resistance to change and
                                                                                          • Understand the importance of the
  identify strategically important business     build a sustained commitment to
                                                                                            “critical few” strategic initiatives
  trends                                        positive change
                                                                                          • Make correct partnering and
• Identify the challenges and                 • Build a flexible organization
                                                                                            outsourcing decisions
  opportunities that are make-or-break          capable of rapid and successful change
  for your organization                                                                   • Leverage the strategic plan through
                                              • Create ways to align the organization
                                                                                            alliances and partnerships
• Understand the profit drivers and             behind the strategic plan
  financial implications of alternative                                                   • Identify strategic enablers and
                                              • Emphasize teamwork, innovation,
  strategic platforms                                                                       outcomes
                                                and commitment to continuous
• Locate and capitalize on synergy              improvement                               • Develop sales professionals into
                                                                                            business managers
• Identify, evaluate, and select profitable   • Build agreement among
  business opportunities                        organizational stakeholders
• Prepare for changes in competitive          • Create a climate for high performance
  conditions and market dynamics
• Integrate cross-functional
  considerations into the plan

                                                                                           “The strategic planning process need not
                                                                                            be an overly complicated, protracted
                                                                                            process. This Program will show you how
                                                                                            to create a focused, flexible strategic
                                                                                            plan and ensure its rapid and successful

                                                                                           Dr. Elspeth Murray
                                                                                           Queen’s School of Business
Session leaders include senior professors from Queen’s School of Business and
knowledgeable experts from industry. These outstanding teachers are constantly in
touch with today’s business world through real-world business experience, Board
memberships and their own consulting practices.

 MR. SALMAN MUFTI Associate Professor of Management Information Systems | Queen’s School of Business, Kingston, Ontario
                     Salman Mufti has extensive teaching experience in both degree and non-degree executive education at Queen’s School of Business, and with
                     other national and international institutes. He is a former Director of Queen’s National Executive MBA and of Queen’s Full-time MBA.
                     In addition to his teaching and management roles at Queen’s School of Business, he regularly advises senior managers in corporations
                     and the public sector, and is frequently featured in the press on matters relating to information technology strategy and management.
                     He is the recipient of the Queen’s MBA 2004, Queen’s MBA 2005, and Queen’s Executive MBA 2005 Teaching Excellence Awards.
                     Clients: Bell Canada, Sunlife Insurance, Canadian National Railway, Accenture, Environics Communications, and Business Development
                     Bank of Canada.

 DR. ELSPETH MURRAY Associate Professor of Strategy and Management Information Systems | Queen’s School of Business, Kingston, Ontario
                     Elspeth Murray is the Associate Dean of MBA Programs at Queen’s School of Business. As well, she leads the School’s new venture-related
                     activities, including the Dare to Dream Internship Program, designed to kick-start graduates’ entrepreneurial ventures, and the TriColour
                     Venture Fund, a student-led, early-stage investment fund. The New Venture Management course that she developed has been recognized
                     by BusinessWeek as one of the world’s top 10 Executive MBA courses. In 2002, she co-authored Fast Forward: Organizational Change
                     in 100 Days with Dr. Peter Richardson. She is also a Director of Parteq, the commercialization organization for Queen’s University.
                     Clients: Auditor General of Canada, BMW Canada, GlaxoSmithKline, Winnipeg Commodity Exchange, Ontario Realty Corporation,
                     Bank of Canada, and The Co-operators.

 DR. SHAWNA O’GRADY          Associate Professor of Human Resources | Queen’s School of Business, Kingston, Ontario

                     Shawna O’Grady is an authority on team building, human resource management, and the cross-cultural aspects of international business.
                     She is an experienced team facilitator who is in high demand for her original approach to team building. She is also the author of
                     Border Crossings – Doing Business in the U.S., an award-winning book on international business.
                     Clients: Microsoft, MDS, Mattel, Shoppers Drug Mart, Enbridge Consumers Gas, Industry Canada, BMW, Novo Nordisk, Oracle, Xerox,
                     Bell Canada, GlaxoSmithKline, Ministry of Finance, Canada Post Corporation, and TD Canada Trust.

 DR. PETER RICHARDSON          Professor of Strategic Management | Queen’s School of Business, Kingston, Ontario

                     Peter Richardson teaches strategy courses in the Executive MBA programs and in a number of the School’s executive development
                     programs. During his years at Queen’s, Peter has authored over 75 papers and case studies on strategic management. With Elspeth
                     Murray, he has written Fast Forward: Organizational Change in 100 Days, along with an accompanying practitioner guide. A previous
                     book, Cost Containment: The Ultimate Strategic Advantage, remains one of the few books to be written on cost improvement.
                     Clients: BHP Billiton, Alcoa, CIBC Mellon, the Supreme Court of Canada, the Auditor General of Canada,
                     and Natural Resources Canada.

MR. KEN WONG        Associate Professor of Marketing Strategy | Queen’s School of Business, Kingston, Ontario
                     Ken Wong is one of Canada’s most frequently quoted business professors. He has worked with the Strategic Planning Institute at
                     Harvard University and the Conference Board of Canada, and writes a monthly column for Strategy and periodically for Marketing
                     and the National Post. He is a 2006 inductee into the Canadian Marketing Hall of Legends and past winner of the National Post ’s
                     Leaders In Management Education award. He regularly judges “Canada’s Best Managed Companies” and other competitions,
                     addresses and consults with corporations around the world, and sits on a number of advisory/directorship boards.
                     Clients: Microsoft, Equifax, Manulife, Hoffman-La Roche, Bell, TD Canada Trust, Tim Hortons, and federal/provincial governments.

                                                                                                                          Session Leaders are subject to change.
     As one of the world’s largest and most respected providers of executive education,
    Queen’s Executive Development Centre has been providing exceptional experiences
                                     for almost 30 years.

PERSONALIZED FOR YOU                                                  NETWORKING OPPORTUNITIES
Queen’s creates a personalized experience for each participant        Executive education programs at Queen’s include numerous formal
through Program features such as:                                     and informal opportunities to network with fellow executives and
                                                                      managers, as well as faculty and senior administrators from
  • Your objectives are solicited prior to the start of the Program
                                                                      Queen’s School of Business. As Canada’s largest provider of
    and reviewed by the session leaders. Content is then customized
                                                                      executive education, participants benefit from being part of a
    to ensure everyone’s objectives are met.
                                                                      diverse peer group that reflects the global nature of today’s
  • Optional lunch-time sessions and one-on-one meetings with         business landscape.
    session leaders are available to review concepts for which
    you require further discussion or clarification.

                                                                      LIFESTYLE COMPONENT
PRACTICAL AND RELEVANT                                                Queen’s believes that a healthy and balanced lifestyle is critical to
We are committed to deepening your understanding of current           the success of today’s manager or executive. The Program’s optional
issues and concepts. Participants apply these concepts and test       Lifestyle Component will introduce you to an array of recreation,
their new-found skills and knowledge in an action-learning            fitness, and leisure activities that can be incorporated into your
environment.                                                          daily life.
                                                 1.888.EXEC DEV (1.888.393.2338)

                                                           WORLD-CLASS FACILITY
                    During the Program you will stay at the Donald Gordon Conference Centre, near the Queen’s campus
                          – well-known for its comfortable guest rooms, excellent food, and numerous amenities.

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