MAKE YOUR ORGANIZATION MORE EFFECTIVE
                             THROUGH BETTER GOVERNANCE

  Organizations today face increasing pressure to be open and transparent,
  and provide information that is comprehensive and reliable. Failure to provide
  this accountability puts individual Board members and their organizations at risk.
  Conversely, the opportunity for Boards to contribute to the success of their
  organization has never been greater.

                                                                       This intensive, 4-day program will provide you with
                                                                       concepts, frameworks and techniques that will enable
                                                                       your Board to be more effective and increase the value
                                                                       of your personal contribution.

                                                                          This Program will enable you to:
                                                                          •   Define the proper roles of Board members
                                                                          •   Decipher and understand key financial statements
                                                                          • Identify and manage risks, and implement
                                                                              more effective control systems
                                                                          • Clarify   the relationship between Boards and
                                                                              staff and focus on results rather than
                                                                              operational details
                                                                          • Develop the confidence to ask the right questions

                                                                       POST-PROGRAM SUPPORT
                                                                         After the Program, Queen’s offers several ways to continue
                                                                         your learning, including Program updates and access to
                                                                         Queen’s faculty through our exclusive alumni website. You
                                                                         will also have the opportunity to attend alumni educational
                                                                         and networking events.

Practical and relevant content delivered by exceptional speakers,   Queen’s School of Business is consistently ranked among the
and a commitment to unrivaled customer service, make Queen’s        best in the world by Financial Times and BusinessWeek and the
Governance Program an outstanding learning opportunity.             best in Canada in the Environics Report on Executive Education.

                                                        FINANCIAL TIMES                  ENVIRONICS

“Queen’s Governance Program has proven invaluable to me over the years in contributing
 in a concrete way to the development and implementation of more effective                           Robert C. Fahlman
                                                                                                         Director General,
 governance models within my particular field.”                            National Program Support & Development (NPSD)
                                                                                  Office of the Chief Criminal Intelligence Executive (OCCIE)
                                                                                                             Royal Canadian Mounted Police
 Board members of every organization with a statutory or public interest mandate, and senior executives who
 report to those Boards. Participants come from municipal, provincial and federal agencies, Not-for-Profits,
 Crown Corporations, government departments and oversight bodies. This Program is a particularly powerful
 experience when Board members and senior managers attend together.

 Apply on-line at or call toll-free 1.888.EXEC DEV (1.888.393.2338)
 The information you provide us will help ensure that the Program meets your personal objectives.

 BENEFITS                                                               PROGRAM DETAILS
Queen’s Governance Program will provide a broad                              DATES Participants should arrive in Kingston by
range of benefits for you and your organization.                                   4pm on the first day of the Program.

                                                                                          April 6 to 9, 2010
                                                                                          November 22 to 25, 2010
   Enhance your understanding of issues and responsibilities relating
   to governance
   Expand your financial acumen and understanding of risk management
                                                                                        $4,100 Cdn (plus GST)
   Learn valuable governance concepts and frameworks                            FEE
                                                                                        This all-inclusive fee covers: a private
   Increase your personal contribution to the Board and the
                                                                                        guest room with bath; full use of a
   broader organization
                                                                                        broad range of amenities and parking;
   Develop the confidence and ability to ask the right questions                        meals and snacks; Program materials;
   Network with a group of experienced peers from a variety of                          and post-Program support.

BENEFITS FOR YOUR ORGANIZATION                                          LOCATION Donald Gordon Conference Centre
                                                                                 421 Union Street
   Reduce risk through better governance within the organization                 Kingston, Ontario, Canada
   Make more informed decisions with a clear understanding of
   the associated risks
    Improve long-term planning and evaluate processes and
    results against the planned objectives
   Create a more productive working relationship between the
   Board and senior management
   Enhance the Board’s involvement in critical decision making

                                                                                        Information in this brochure is accurate at time of publication.

Queen’s Governance Program uses a variety of teaching       1 GOVERNANCE AND THE
techniques including:                                            ROLE OF THE BOARD

 • Class   discussions and seminars                        Understand current expectations of
                                                           Boards and how the role of the
 • Case    studies                                         Board has evolved over time.
                                                           • The major roles of the Board
 • One-on-one    coaching
                                                           • The hallmarks of an effective Board Chair

 • Group    interactions and exercises                     • Barriers to effective governance,
                                                             governance models and Board member

 THE PROGRAM IS BUILT AROUND FOUR THEMES:                  • The impact of governance scandals and
                                                             how Boards and individual directors
                                                             can influence organizations
                                                           • The ways management can support
                                                             the Board

                                                        “Queen’s Governance Program gives you
                                                         the tools you need as a Board member
                                                         in these turbulent times. By developing
                                                         an increased understanding of the role
                                                         of the Board, financial reporting, risk
                                                         management, and strategic planning,
                                                         you will enhance your contribution to
                                                         the Board and lower the risk
                                                         of unpleasant surprises.”

                                                        Dr. David Detomasi
                                                        Queen’s School of Business
 2 BOARD ACCOUNTABILITY                      3 RISK MANAGEMENT                             4 THE BOARD’S
     FOR FINANCIAL                                AND BOARDS                                    RESPONSIBILITY FOR
     REPORTING AND AUDIT                                                                        CONTROL
                                             Clarify the role of the Board
Understand key financial statements          of Directors, key Board committees            Understand control models and
and the role of the auditor and the          and top managers in risk                      the tools needed to apply them in
audit committee.                             management.                                   your organization.
• How better governance and                  • Define risk and how to measure and          • Discuss the two leading models
  accountability benefits organizations        manage it                                     of control:
• The basics of accrual accounting and       • Examine environmental, political and          • The COSO model – a model for
  using Generally Accepted Accounting          strategic risks                                  control evaluation
  Principles to make and justify financial   • Identify and assess the four alternatives     • The COCO model – a model for
  reporting decisions                          for effective risk management                    control improvement
• Read financial statements and interpret                                                  • The pitfalls of performance measurement
                                             • Assign responsibility for risk
  financial patterns and trends                management                                    systems when used as control systems
• Develop financial reporting strategies                                                   • The audit committee and control
                                             • Ensure that management is providing
• The roles and responsibilities of the        the information needed by the Board         • Vision, mission, boundaries, diagnostic
  audit committee and how audits add           to oversee the management of risk             and interactive controls
  value to the organization
                                                                                           • Performance measurement and
• Ensure every member of the Board                                                           reward – the role of the compensation
  understands financial statements and                                                       committee
  their implications
Session leaders include senior professors from Queen’s School of Business and
knowledgeable experts from industry. These outstanding teachers are constantly in
touch with today’s business world through real-world business experience, Board
memberships and their own consulting practices.

 DR. SCOTT CARSON | Director, Queen’s MBA | Queen’s School of Business, Kingston, Ontario
                      Scott Carson is the Director of Queen’s MBA, and is past Dean of the School of Business at Wilfrid Laurier University. In business,
                      he was Vice-President and Head of Corporate Finance for CIBC in Toronto and also worked as an executive at Chemical Bank of
                      Canada (J.P. Morgan Chase) and the Mercantile Bank (National Bank). While on leave from Wilfrid Laurier, he was Chief Executive
                      Officer of the Ontario Government’s Privatization Secretariat. He has also been a member of numerous boards of directors in both
                      the corporate and not-for-profit sectors.

 DR. DAVID DETOMASI| Assistant Professor of International Business | Queen’s School of Business, Kingston, Ontario

                      David Detomasi has taught international business and country analysis at Queen’s University and a variety of courses at the Royal
                      Military College of Canada, focusing on international relations and strategic planning. He is also active in case writing, having
                      produced cases currently in use at Queen’s University and the Royal Military College. In the private sector, he has consulted with
                      Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu and The World Economic Forum in examining the strategic and governance practices of the world’s
                      most influential companies.

 DR. TONY DIMNIK         Assistant Professor of Management Accounting and Control | Queen’s School of Business, Kingston, Ontario

                      Tony Dimnik is an authority on strategic control systems and the relationship between capital budgeting and strategy. He has
                      contributed to the understanding and practice of Activity-Based Costing and the Balanced Scorecard and his current research is on
                      Open Book Management. He was recently named one of the best university lecturers in Ontario and has served as the chair of the audit
                      committee of several companies. One of his interests is cinema and he often writes and speaks on how accountants are portrayed
                      in the movies.
                      Clients: Microsoft, Financial Executives International, Alcan, VIA Rail, Canada Post, Atomic Energy of Canada Ltd., Royal Bank, and Cirque du Soleil.

 DR. SHAWNA O’GRADY          Associate Professor of Human Resources | Queen’s School of Business, Kingston, Ontario
                      Shawna O’Grady is an authority on team building, human resource management, and the cross-cultural aspects of international
                      business. She is an experienced team facilitator who is in high demand for her original approach to team building. She is also the
                      author of Border Crossings – Doing Business in the U.S., an award-winning book on international business.
                      Clients: Microsoft, MDS, Mattel, Shoppers Drug Mart, Enbridge Consumers Gas, Industry Canada, BMW, Novo Nordisk, Oracle,
                      Xerox, Bell Canada, GlaxoSmithKline, Ministry of Finance, Canada Post Corporation, and TD Canada Trust.

                                                                                                                                   Session Leaders are subject to change.
     As one of the world’s largest and most respected providers of executive education,
    Queen’s Executive Development Centre has been providing exceptional experiences
                                     for almost 30 years.

PERSONALIZED FOR YOU                                                  NETWORKING OPPORTUNITIES
Queen’s creates a personalized experience for each participant        Executive education programs at Queen’s include numerous formal
through Program features such as:                                     and informal opportunities to network with fellow executives and
                                                                      managers, as well as faculty and senior administrators from
  • Your objectives are solicited prior to the start of the Program
                                                                      Queen’s School of Business. As Canada’s largest provider of
    and reviewed by the session leaders. Content is then customized
                                                                      executive education, participants benefit from being part of a
    to ensure everyone’s objectives are met.
                                                                      diverse peer group that reflects the global nature of today’s
  • Optional lunch-time sessions and one-on-one meetings with         business landscape.
    session leaders are available to review concepts for which
    you require further discussion or clarification.

                                                                      LIFESTYLE COMPONENT
PRACTICAL AND RELEVANT                                                Queen’s believes that a healthy and balanced lifestyle is critical to
We are committed to deepening your understanding of current           the success of today’s manager or executive. The Program’s optional
issues and concepts. Participants apply these concepts and test       Lifestyle Component will introduce you to an array of recreation,
their new-found skills and knowledge in an action-learning            fitness, and leisure activities that can be incorporated into your
environment.                                                          daily life.
                                                 1.888.EXEC DEV (1.888.393.2338)

                                                           WORLD-CLASS FACILITY
                    During the Program you will stay at the Donald Gordon Conference Centre, near the Queen’s campus
                          – well-known for its comfortable guest rooms, excellent food, and numerous amenities.

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The Queen’s Executive Program is one of the world’s most popular general management programs. This intensive Program provides the opportunity to immerse
yourself in an executive learning environment. Upon completion of the Program, you will receive a Queen’s Executive Program Certificate of Achievement –
a widely-recognized symbol of excellence in executive education.

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                                                                                  Queen’s Executive Development Programs

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