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									          Company Name                             Website                                    Product

NURYTEC INC.                      www.nurytec.co.kr               Total Health Promotion Plan

Dongmun Co., Ltd.                 www.dong-mun.co.kr              Portable X-ray Unit

Buheung Medical Co.,Ltd           www.buheungmedical.com          Multifunctional belt slimming machine

Sollae System Co., Ltd.           www.sollae.co.kr                Embedded Internet Module

Woongbee TS                       www.wbts.co.kr                  clean air booth, clean work table, air shower

Won ST Co., Ltd.                  www.wonst.co.kr                 LM SHAFT, SUPER BALL BUSHING, T.R GUIDE, POSITIONS STAGE, LM GUIDE

ES Industrial Systems Co., Ltd.   www.es-is.co.kr                 Electric Power Tools

Il Kwang Metal Forming            www.steelformer.com             Roll forming

Cheong San Chemical co., ltd.     www.cs-chem.co.kr               Defoamer, Laundry Detergent

Caretek co., ltd.                 http://in-vision.koreasme.com   videoscope(endoscope)

Hagisonic Co., Ltd.               www.hagisonic.com               Ultrasonic sensor & Module, localization sensor & Module for intelligent robot/ASIC chip for ultrasonic sensors and rev

Korea Techno Co., Ltd.            www.k-t.co.kr                   Dehumidifier(industrial/shipbuilding)

HoRyong Co., Ltd.                 www.horyong.co.kr               Aerial Lift Truck, Ladder Lift Truck

Ponaflex Corporation              www.ponaflex.co.kr              Of Polymers of vinyl chrolide

C.A Pharm Co., Ltd.               www.capharm.co.kr               PLAGENTRA, ATO-PLAGENTRA

E-TECH Co., Ltd.                  www.etech2004.co.kr             Land Mobile Radio (Portable radio & Mobile radio)

Kum Ah Ind. Co., Ltd              www.hurom.co.kr                 Juicer(Sqeezer)

Daeyang Medical                   www.daeyangmed.com              Low Frequency Stimulator, Ultrasound Therapy, Ultra Cavitation, Radio Frequency Stimulator

Autowel Co., Ltd.                 www.autowel.co.kr               Welding machines

Gasung Pak Co., Ltd.              www.gasungpak.com               Vacuum Sealer & Impulse Sealer

SAMJOUNG INTERNATIONAL            www.samjoung.com                Nasal Insertion Mask - NOSK

Chungho C.A. Co., Ltd.            www.chca.co.kr                  Dust Collectors

METRONIX                          www.mecapion.com                AC SERVO MOTOR
Daeyoung ONE Co., Ltd.             www.daeyoungi.biz                   LCD, LED LCD Display, Plastic parts for Electric Devices

DAESUNG MAREF CO.,LTD              www.dsmaref.com                     COMPRESSIBLE LIMB SLEEVE THERAPY SYSTEM

Jinyoung I&C Co.,Ltd               www.meganet.co.kr                   LED Sign

Samjung Industries Co., Ltd.       www.carryworld.com                  WOW BOARD, Wheel Disc, Board Cleaner, Steel Loading Pallet

Doo Hee Co., Ltd.                  www.doohee.com                      Automotive Halogen Bulbs

Jalman Precision Co., Ltd.         www.jalman.com                      Track Roller Bearing, Rod Ends, Spherical Plains, Ball Joints, LM Stroke

Chungho Nais Co., Ltd.             www.chungho.co.kr                   Water Purifier, Air Purifier, Bidet, Softener

Woosung I.B. Co., Ltd.             www.zebec.co.kr                     Inflatable boat, river raft, kayak, air tent, Flyfish, banana boat

AMI INDUSTRY COMPANY               www.dr-med.co.kr                    Air-bag TLSO

JINSUNG REFRIGERATOR               www.jinsungref.com                  EUTECTIC COLD TOP FOR REFRIGERATED TRUCK

Auto Clover Co., Ltd.              www.autoclover.com                  CAR ACCESSORY

Plascom                            www.plascom.co.kr                   Master Batch

AceKorea Incorporation Co., Ltd.   www.ELODE.co.kr, www. Acenano.com Electro Osmosis Dehydrator "Elode", Acenano Calcium Essential

Dong Nam Machinery CO., LTD.       www.dongnammc.com                   Part of an automobile

Insung Enpla Co., Ltd.             www.insungenpla.co.kr               LED Interior Lamp

RAONSYSTEM                         www.yesraon.com                     Floor Heating Cable, Snow Melting Cable

SAEHAN POLYMER CO., LTD.           www.saehanpolymer.co.kr             Automotive/Construction Rubber parts

Daewha Alloytech Co., Ltd.         www.millroll.com                    Mill Roll, Guide Roller, Hammer & Bit

HESSEDCLUB INC.                    www.hessedclub.com                  Ice Scarf, Organic products.

Soosan Heavy Industries Co., Ltd. www.soosan.co.kr                     Hydraulic Breaker

Saturn I&C Co., Ltd.               www.saturninfo.co.kr                Auto-Recovery ECLB(Earth Leakage Circuit Breaker)

DAERIMENG CORP                     www.daerimeng.com                   LED Lights

Meta Biomed Co., Ltd.              www.meta-biomed.com                 Dental Endodontic Materials and Equipments, Bone Graft(Synthetic), Suture Materials(Synthetic)

Millenium Youngwoo Co., Ltd.       www.oberoy.com                      Imitation Jewellry-earring, pendant, necklace, brooch, ring, silver

BAMETALS CO., LTD.                 www.bametal.com                     Investment Casting
Prewell Corp.                 www.prewell.com           MMIC/RFIC

ILJIN COSMETICS CO., LTD.     www.iljincosmetics.com    Hair care product

Dongwon Corporation           www.sealtite.co.kr        Engine Gasket & Sealing parts for vehicle

KUMHO FIBER INDUSTRIES CO.,   www.kumhofiber.com        Regenerated Polyester Staple Fiber, Plastic scrap of Polyester

ADM21 Co., Ltd.               www.airowiper.com         Windshield wiper system

apet Co., Ltd.                www.playsoap.co.kr        Bluetooth, MP3

MWSTORY Co., Ltd.             www.mwstory.com           CONPSOT CDN (Contents Delivery Network), CONSPOT IBS (Internet Broadcast System), CONSPOT DAM (Digital A

S&S METAL CO., LTD.           www.snsmetal.co.kr        Automotive, Ship Components

Orientaldream Co., Ltd.       www.orientaldream.co.kr   Far Infrared Ray Cotton Mesh Heating Materials

Keosan Co., Ltd.              www.keosan.com            Alkali water purifier(ORP water purifier)

Energy Korea Inc.             www.sunjoy.co.kr          Far Infrared radiation heating panel on mounted

SHINWOO FRONTIER CO., LTD.    www.shinwoonet.com        Stair Lift, Platform Lift, Wheelchair Lift for Electric Scooter Elevator

Daesung Hi-Tech Co., Ltd.     www.anylock.co.kr         Plastic sealing rod - Anylock

Bescon Co., Ltd.              www.bescon.com            contact lenses

SR-I TECH CO., LTD.           www.s-r.co.kr             Digital Photo Frame, Digital Photo Album, DID Monitor

Uneeds Commerce Co., Ltd.     www.u-needs.co.kr         Bluetooth Mono Headset, Bluetooth Stereo Headset

Fostec Inc.                   www.fostec.co.kr          Optical fiber Patch cord, Optical fiber Connectors, Optical fiber Adapter, Optical fiber Attenuator, PLC splitte, Optical fib

NTL. CO., Ltd                 www.telecervico.com       Remote Cervical Cancer Screening System
Osstem Implant Co., Ltd.      www.osstem.co.kr          Orthopaedic appliances, including crutches, surgical belts and trusses splints and other fracture appliances artificial pa

Daesang Corporation           www.daesang.co.kr         Mono-sodium glutamate, Nucleic acid, L-Phenylalanine, L-Glutamine, L-Aginine

K.I.C.A., Inc                 www.kica21.com            1. A multi-functional aesthetic massager     2. Ultrasonic moisturizing spray

PUNGKUK EDM WIRE MFG          www.pungkuk.com           BRASS & ZINC COATED WIRE FOR EDM

Inkel Corporation             www.inkel.co.kr           Receiver, Bluray Disc Player

DAEYOUN CO., LTD              www.daeyoun.kr            P.E FITTINGS, PE BALL VALVE
SUNGJIN MACHINERY CO.KR            www.sungjininjection.co.kr   Injection Molding Machine for rubber

Uniplatek Co., Ltd.                www.thermoq.com              Film Heater

Log Corp.                          www.http.ot.kt               The Connection Marketing Prograk

CHAMMED                            www.chammed.co.kr            ENT treatment equipment

KYONG DUCK IN                      www.kdvalve.com              Metal Seated Ball Valve

FAWOO Technology Co., Ltd.         www.fawoo.com                LED Lighting Sheet, LED Lighting Lamps/bulbs

Entec Electric & Electronic Co., Ltd www.entecene.co.kr         Solid Auto Recloser, LED Package, LED Light Lamp

HAKSAN LIMITED                     www.vitro.co.kr              BADMINTON SHOES, TENNIS SHOESM, SPORTS CLOTHINGS

FSKOREA INDUSTRIES. INC            www.fskorea.com              Cosmetic Accesssories and Packaging

AISON CO., Ltd                     www.aison.co.kr              Diet Shoes, Comfortable Walking Shoes, Digital Calory checking shoes

Daelim Corporation                 www.daelimcorp.co.kr         PlAVIS Super Engineering Plastic Polyimide

Three Seven Corporation            www.threesevencorp.com       Nail Clipper, Manicure set

LOCK&LOCK CO., LTD                 www.locknlock.com            Airtight container, Heat-resistant glass

Meridian Co., Ltd                  www.meridian.co.kr           DPA(Digital Arterial Pulsewave Analyzer)

ROLL PACK Co., Ltd.                www.rollpack.co.kr           Home Vacuum Packaging system

Dong-Yang Electronics Co., Ltd.    www.dyetco.co.kr             Thermal Link = Thermal cutoff = Thermal fuse

Caravan Engineered Structures, Inc www.caravanesi.com           Prefabricated Structures, Expandable Container(3x, 5x)

Deerfos co. Ltd                    www.deerfos.com              Sandpaper, Coated Abrasives

INNOFURNI CO., LTD                 www.innochair.com            Furniture, Chair

KOREA GINSENG CORP.                www.kgc.or.kr                Korean Red Ginseng Root and Red Ginseng Product

GOOD FEEL CO., LTD                 www.alom7.com                HIGH FREQUENCY INDUCTION SOLDERING IRON

SAMSUNG TECHWIN                    www.samsungtechwin.co.kr     Turbo Compressor

TBC-ROAD., LTD.                    www.tbcroad.co.kr            Assembly style Flexible Guide Post

Hyosung Corporation                www.hyosung.com              Polypropylene

ICE Co.,Ltd.                       www.iceco.co.kr              Car painting infrared wave heating dry equipment(Heat Spreader Wave Guide type)
Signtelecom                  www.signtelecom.com      LED Display & Application Product

HANKOOK COATING              www.hankookcoating.com   Coated samples, Feed screw

Coenbio Co., Ltd.            www.coenbio.com          Microbial agent for remediation of oil and toxic chemical contaminated soil

BETHEL ENGINEERING CO., LTD. www.bteng.net            Magic grating

IDEALSYSTEM. CO., LTD.       www.idealsys.co.kr       Tea color sorter

AD POWER Co.,Ltd             www.adpower21.com        Standby Power Meter
verse detector for automobile, platforms etc.
Asset Management), CONSPOT GOD (Game On Demand), CONSPOT SOD (Software On Demand), RLS (Remote Visual Lecture System), FES (Flash multimedia E-BOOK System), Gamefos,

iber Coupler, Optical Fiber Distribution, FDF, MOFD, CWDM, Converter, Trays, Sleeve, Patch Panel

arts of the body hearing aids and other appliances which are worn or carried, or implanted in the body, to compensate for a defect or disability.
, Garakdong, Boleyo, Edutent

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