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                                                                                                                      Summer 2009

   Executive Director
      Mary Wright
                            Salmon River Adventure Wows Teen Cancer Survivors
   Board of Directors
                            The 2009 Teen Adventure               cock, pediatric oncologist from       the water.
 Katsey Long, President     proved to be an incredible jour-      Rexburg provided medical sup-
                            ney! On July 23, six teens and        port, played guitar at the camp-      The group met their guides,
    Licensed Clinical                                                                                   Jessie Thiel and Matt Westfall,
                            program staff met at the Univer-      fire and provided many laughs.
     Social Worker          sity of Idaho Nancy Cummings          Brian Lewis, 2008 alumni, was         at the takeout for the Middle
                            Research, Extension and Educa-        official camp photographer. Con-      Fork where they were turning
      Gary Power, VP        tion Center, a ranch                                                                 the corner on back-
Retired Idaho Fish & Game   eight miles north of                                                                 to-back trips. After
                            Salmon. The University                                                               lunch and a gear
   Regional Supervisor
                            offered Camp Discov-                                                                 s w ap    th e    t ri p
                            ery the use of their                                                                 launched for six days
Fran Tonsmeire, Treasurer                                                                                        on     the     mighty
                            housing units free of
   Outfitter & Rancher                                                                                           Salmon River.
                            charge for the night.
                            Located in the shadow                                                                Each child had many
     Dan Tonsmeire          of the Continental Di-                                                               opportunities to try
Appalachicola Riverkeeper   vide, it was a great                                                                 new things like kay-
          Staff             spot for everyone to                                                                 aking and rappelling,
                            get to know each other                                                               and enjoy the sense
    Cheryl Bidstrup         before launching on                                                                  of accomplishment
                            the river. The evening                                                               that comes from
    BLM Information
                            was spent eating, play-                                                              challenging yourself.
   Technology System        ing cards, packing bags and                 Group shot at Buckskin Bill’s
                                                                                                        They pitched in and helped
     Administrator          making friends.                                                             with camp chores and really
                                                                  nor Long paddled a hard-shell         learned what it was like to run
       Mary Bower           An all volunteer staff led by         kayak the entire trip and pro-
                            Katsey Long ensured smooth                                                  a river. What a life-changing
        Rancher                                                   vided support to the duckies on       experience!
                            sailing on the river. Dr. Jeff Han-

                                                                                                                “Camp Discovery
   Adventurous river        Teens Fly High with Angel Flight West                                                          was an
    experiences that
                                                                                                                      journey that
  enable HEALING            Five teens and two volunteers         states who donate their time,
                            were flown to Salmon and back         skills, plane and gas to fly fami-             allowed me to let
          and               home by an incredible non-            lies with health challenges                     go of myself and
                            profit called Angel Flight West,      throughout a 1,000 mile ra-
     strengthen the         a volunteer-driven organization       dius. They also fly counselors                the outside world.
                            that arranges free, non-              and volunteers to programs like
         MIND,              emergency air travel for chil-        ours. Thank you Angel Flight                       I pushed and
                            dren and adults with serious          West and the generous pilots                  dared myself to do
         BODY               medical conditions and other          who made it easy for the teens
                            compelling needs.                     and volunteers to come to                     more and be more
          and                                                     Camp Discovery!
                            They have a network of 1,900                                                                which is a
        SPIRIT...           private pilots in 13 western
                                                                                                                        Emily, 15
Page 2                                                                                                                                Currents

                                        Kayak Raffle Winner Picked at BBQ
                                        Summer arrived just in time to     “It made us feel good to support    the drawing for the AIRE two-
                                        heat up the Camp Discovery         kids with cancer who may not        man inflatable kayak won by
                                        Idaho barbecue and raffle draw-    otherwise get out of the city and   Elisa Chambers of Jackson,
                                        ing on Saturday, June 27. A        enjoy the outdoors like we do,”     Wyoming. AIRE, a raft manufac-
                                        crowd of about 150 attended        commented Ronda Cluff who           turer based in Caldwell, Idaho,
                                        the event at Town Square Park      brought her family of five to the   donated the boat for the raffle.
                                        across from City Hall in Salmon.   park.
                                                                                                               Second prize, a one day steel-
                                        They were treated to pulled        Local singer and songwriter,        head fishing trip donated by
                                        pork dinners, music, games and     Dave Self, entertained the          Idaho Adventures and Gary
 Volunteer Debbie Nicholson and Board   a silent auction. Before the       crowd with an instrumental set      Power, was won by Ella Deutch-
 member Cheryl Bidstrup serve at BBQ    party wrapped up, the kayak        on his guitar. His plans to sing    man of Salmon.
                                        raffle winners were drawn. All     changed after a respiratory
                                        proceeds from the event fi-        infection left his voice too        The BBQ could not have taken
                                        nance this year’s Salmon River     hoarse to perform. “I was happy     place without the help of many
                                        adventure programs for teen        to help out. It’s a great cause,”   wonderful volunteers who made
                                        and young adult cancer survi-                                          the dinner, worked the event
                                                                           said Self.
                                        vors.                                                                  and provided the auction items.
                                                                           The highlight of the night was

   “The best cancer                     Lemhi Art Guild Paints Watercolors for Journal
       camp ever…                       In April, the Lemhi Art Guild      Diana Weiss and Barbara Miller      ham from A Fine Line at the
 made me feel great!”                   offered to create watercolors      depicted wildlife, human his-       Purple Easel Gallery donated
                                        and line drawings to illustrate    tory, river landscapes, and flora   the matting and mounting of six
          Caleb, 13                     journals for the young atten-      and fauna in the pieces they        of the watercolors for the auc-
                                        dees at this summer’s pro-         produced.                           tion. The finished pieces at-
                                        grams. Members were asked to                                           tracted many competitive bids
                                        choose scenes found along the      The artwork illustrates the cover   and contributed to the financial
                                        river and near Salmon, Idaho       and beginning of each section
                                                                                                               success of the event.
                                        for their artwork.                 in the journals.
                                                                                                               Thank you Lemhi Art Guild and
                                        The 11 piece collection was as     After the finished work was
                                                                                                               A Fine Line!
                                        unique as the artists who          scanned for publication, the
                                        painted them. Carol Bullock,       artists offered to donate each
                                        Mary O’Brien, Mary Carroll,        piece to the silent auction at
                                        Nancy Russell, Kay Smith,          the June 27 BBQ. Celeste Gra-

                                        Allegra Printing Awards Journal Grant
                                        The FootPRINT Fund of Allegra      and adults who attend our pro-      them something they can return
                                        Printing in Hamilton, Montana      grams.                              to time after time and relive
                                        awarded $500 worth of design                                           their week on the river.
                                        and printing services to Camp      The journal follows the river
                                        Discovery for the second year in   with different sections for each    Katsey Long, licensed clinical
                                                                           day and includes fun facts          social worker and Board Presi-
                                        a row.
                                                                           about the river, its human his-     dent, was instrumental in devel-
              Journal cover             Last year they created a one-      tory, the environment and wild-     oping the journal and its
                                        page color flyer that has been     life.                               themes.
                                        an immeasurable help with
                                        recruiting, marketing and PR.      Not only does it offer opportu-     It truly took a community to
                                        This year’s grant was used to      nity to record what each young      create this piece!
                                        produce a journal for the teens    person experiences, it gives
Volume 1, Issue 2                                                                                                                            Page 3

Adult River Adventure Program Launches September 1
Summer is speeding by and            the Salmon River to Mackay Bar       food. Each will receive a journal
                                                                                                                        “Oh wow, I could go
September 1 will be here before      ranch where, they will fly to        at the orientation so they can                on and on. Life here
you know it! The Adult River         Boise on the last morning.           write about their experiences on
Adventure will kick off at the U                                          the river.                                     is amazing…it feels
of I Nancy Cummings Center           The goals of the program in-
where the participants will          clude networking with peers,         Angel Flight West will again help                  like you could be
                                     building self-esteem and confi-      out by flying the adults to
spend their first night getting to
                                     dence, promoting physical activ-     Salmon and home from Boise
                                                                                                                          normal. The people
know one another and the staff,
and packing for the trip. Once       ity and sharing the serenity and     as needed. Look for a post pro-                     were amazing; I
again, University of Idaho is        recuperative benefits of nature      gram article in the next issue of
donating the use of the housing      and the wilderness.                  Currents.                                          couldn’t help but
units on the ranch.                  The days on the river will be full                                                 feel safe. I love this.”
                                     of opportunities. Of course,
The next morning the group will
                                     participants will raft and kayak
                                                                                                                                   Destiny, 14
board the bus and make their
way downriver to Corn Creek to       daily. They will also have oppor-
launch the six-day river trip. The   tunities to hike, rappel, soak in
journey will cover 60 miles on       a hot spring, share experiences,
                                     enjoy campfires and eat great

Quilters Donate Pillowcases for Mementos
Owner Linda Buster of Sophie’s       a donation from Sophie’s to          of the teens chose their own, it
Quilts wanted to do something        cover the material cost for the      was fun to see which one they
special for the teens and adults     pillowcases.                         chose and why. They were so
who attend Camp Discovery.                                                pleased with their choices.
She came up with the idea to         She enlisted Stacy Rife, owner
make a memento pillowcase for        of the Motherlode to embroider       The finished Quilt for a Cause is
                                     Camp Discovery Idaho’s logo on       on display at Sophie’s where
each participant in the program.
                                     the finished pillowcases. Stacy      raffle tickets are being sold.
To offset some of the costs,         donated half the costs of the        Proceeds will benefit two or-
Sophie’s sold donated quilt          embroidery work and Sophie’s         ganizations, Camp Discovery                      Pillowcases
block materials for $5 to any-       covered the remaining amount.        Idaho and the Lemhi County
one interested in completing a                                            Humane Society.
square for a ‘Quilt for a Cause.’    Each pillowcase is unique; half
Linda combined the money             were designed for girls and the      Thank you Sophie’s Quilts and
collected from the squares with      other half for boys. When each       the Motherlode!

Local Organizations Support Camp Discovery Idaho
Local community support for          ture programs and we would           erous support from the IOGA
Camp Discovery has been              like to say thank you to them        Salmon Chapter and Steele
strong since our inception and       here:                                Memorial Medical Center.
continues to grow. We have
received over $60,000 in in-         $1,000 - Fraternal Order of          Thank you to all of our volun-
kind contributions of goods and      Eagles #2316                         teers and supporters. We could
services since 2007 and many                                              not do it without you!
                                     $500 - IOGA Salmon Chapter
thousands more are committed
for the Adult Adventure Program      $500 - Kiwanis Club
in September.                        $500 - Steele Memorial Medi-                                             Destiny, 14; Brittany, 17; Steven, 13;
                                     cal Center                                                                          Christopher, 15
Several organizations in Salmon
made donations to the adven-         This is the second year of gen-
                                                        River Adventure Programs for Cancer Survivors

P.O. Box 712
Salmon, ID 83467

Return Service Requested

Phone: 208-303-0040

Visit us online:

Volunteer Spotlight: 18 Man Gate at Festival
The morning of June 6th dawned   charities. It is a huge operation   Thank you volunteers for your
wet and cold. It was raining     and is organized completely by      time and efforts!
when a group of volunteers       volunteers.
hopped on the Idaho Adven-
tures’ bus and traveled from     Mark Troy from Idaho Adven-
                                 tures donated his time to
Salmon to Idaho Falls.
                                 drive the bus making the al-
We were on our way to the 15th   most three hour trip each way
annual Mountain Brewer’s Beer    an easy logistic to manage for
Fest where we spent the day      the group.
working the front gate.
                                 Sixteen volunteers came from
The only way the weather could   Salmon: Chery Bidstrup,
have been worse was if it        DeWayne Deaver, Rob Jag-
snowed and hailed.               gers, Gayle McCampbell, Jerry
                                 and Terry Myers, Gary and
Mother Nature didn’t seem to     Tamara Power, Jerrilee and
stop many from attending; we     Paul Sever, Denise Shirmer,
put wristbands on 5,000 festi-   Chris Swersey, Fran
val goers! Numbers were down     Tonsmeire and Michelle
from previous years but the
turnout was still impressive.
                                 Katsey Long drove from Jack-
The North American Brewer’s                                            Rain didn’t dampen volunteers’ spirits at the Fest
                                 son, Wyoming and met the
Association sponsors the fest
                                 group at the fest.
and all proceeds go to various

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