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Inflatable and foldable kayaks provide paddlers with an ease of transport that few other boats can offer.
Inflatables and foldables can be packed into compact cars, carried on pack trips, and carried on airplanes
without extra charge. They come in all shapes and sizes and are built for a wide variety of uses.
Inflatable boats are found on many beginner and intermediate stretches of river, allowing paddlers with
little or no experience to enjoy the fun and excitement of whitewater. They are durable, maneuverable,
and incredibly stable. Specialized inflatables are light enough and pack small enough to be carried
on backpacking trips, enabling enthusiasts to alternately hike and float through wilderness areas.
Inflatables are often made from Hypalon or Denier nylon with a urethane coating. They come in solo
and tandem models, with speed and agility varying greatly by design.
Foldable kayaks generally consist of an aluminum or plastic frame with a synthetic skin stretched over
it. They can be used in a wide variety of situations and stand up to tough conditions. They are used by
recreational paddlers, expedition kayakers, and the military. Constructed well, they are very seaworthy
and because of their transportability they can be carried just about anywhere.

             Boats            RAFT, K1 DUCKY, K2 DUCKY, HYBRIDS, FOLDABLE K1, FOLDABLE K2

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       A large inflatable boat allowing 6 to 10 people to go down the river.

        Grabner > Invader

        Grabner’s Invader is similar to the other Grabner rafts, but with
        considerably bigger diameter and dimension of the side-tubes.
        Due to this fact, passenger seating is much more comfortable.
        Twist- and flex resistance is one of the rafts’ distinct properties,
        like the extent of buoyancy, which offers high loading capacity.
        Ideal for commercial rafting companies, the Invader is available
        in a Small, Medium and Large version for 7, 9 or 11 people
        respectively. Grabner’s Invader rafts are in use all over the world.
        Regulations appertaining to commercial rafting substantially
        vary from country to country.

        Overall lenght/width: 440 x 212 cm - Weight: 60 kg - Working load: 1830 kg - Assembly time (min): 25

        Gumotex > Pulsar 420 N

        Pulsar rafts are used by rafting operators, sports centres, water
        sports clubs and for races. A fast and rigid hull in combination
        with the way of attaching the bottom to the side tubes, which
        provides exceptional stability and extremely quick draining in
        case of being flooded, makes this raft a popular choice for all
        kinds of activities. The Pulsar has been chosen as official racing
        boat for the European Rafting Championships several times and
        even for the World Championships in 2003 that took place in
        the Czech Republic on the Vlava river.
        Length (cm) 420 - Width (cm) 190 - Weight (kg) – Nitrilon 50 - Weight (kg) – Hypalon 60 - Max. load (kg) 800 - Max. number of persons 8 - Side tube
        diameter (cm) 53 - Air chambers 5 + 2 - Packed dimensions (cm) 85 x 65 x 40

        Incept > Raft

        Incept rafts are designed to provide optimum waterline
        shape. The raft tube and self-bailing floor have been uniquely
        constructed to give the user exceptional handling and stability
        with extremely good carry-through in holes and stoppers.
        Symmetrical rafts of 3.3m, 3.9m, 4.3m, 5.0m and 5.5m sizes
        are traditional for many users and work well in challenging
        river conditions. Square Back rafts get the crew weight back,
        give a longer waterline for better tracking and are perfect for
        exceptionally steep and technical rivers where extra technique is
        required from the guide and a bit more stability is appreciated.
        Available in 3.8m, 4.4m and 4.6m lengths.
        Length (selection only): 4.30 m - Width: 1.95 m - Tube: 0.50 m - 0.52 m - Air Chambers: 5+3 - 5+3 - Weight: 52 kg - 65 kg - Number of persons: 8 - 8
        - Loading capacity: 650 kg - 750 kg

        Spreu > Hippo 10SB

        The boats are now manufactured with Pennel Orca® CSM
        material (also know as Hypalon) resuling in a stiffer and faster
        performing craft. Each Hippo model comes outfitted with
        Stainless Steel 2” D-Rings on a hypalon patch, reinforcing
        rubber material on the lower part of the outer tubes, anti-slick
        material on the upper outer tubes, Halkey Roberts Valves, and a
        Leafield overpressure valve in the floor.
        Hippo 10SB - The perfect Hippo for big volume rivers.
        Colours upon availability: grey, red, blue

        Length: 440 cm - Width: 210 cm - Tube dia.: 52 cm - Chambers: 4 + 2 + 1 - Persons: 10 - Weight: 68

Offering more stability than plastic kayaks and making river running accessible to a wide
variety of paddlers

 Aqua Design > Dumper

 The Dumper is one of Aqua Design’s newest products:
 an inflatable canoe particularly designed for fishing. For
 passionate anglers, this boat is a great device for the next big
 catch. A number of features make it comfortable, functional
 and effective at the same time.

 All benches are removable, the fabric of the tubes and bottom
 is high-quality PVC which ensures that the Damper will be a
 reliable partner for your fishing adventures over many years.

 Length: 4,00 m - Width : 1,06 m - Max. load: 260 kg - Weight 18 kg

 Incept > K40 Tasman

 Incept sea kayaks bring a totally new dimension to the
 world of touring kayaks for your ocean, lake and Class 2 river
 adventures. They offer the convenience and portability of an
 inflatable without compromising the performance expected
 from a hard-shell. Tasman has been back-packed over a
 mountain pass, paddled down a Gr.3 river to the sea then back
 to civilization after 3 days of coastal kayaking.

 Incept inflatable sea kayaks pack into light, compact airline
 baggage including kayak spray-skirts (not included), seats,
 pedals, rudder and pump.

 Length: 4.35 m - 5.35 m - Width: 0.67 m - Tube: 0.13 x 0.25 m - Cockpit dims: 71 x 44 cm - Air Chambers: 3+3 - 3+6 - Weight: 17 kg - 22 kg - Loading
 capacity: 160 kg - 240 kg

 Grabner > Explorer 1

 For the solo canoeist looking for a great boat, offering a wide
 range of activities and pleasure for travelling. Although an
 inflatable kayak, the Explorer is sleek and fast like a hard-shell
 touring boat, but much more stable.

 Intensive research and development has succeeded in combining
 the advantages of convenience of an inflatable boat with the
 paddling performance of a hard-shell boat.

 Overall lenght/width: 395 x 75 cm - 12’ 12’’ x 30’’ - Cockpit opening: 80 x 43 cm - 31’’ x 17’’ - Boat side wall: 31 x 12 cm - 12’’ x 5’’ - Weight: 19,5 kg - 43
 lbs - Minimal packing size: 70 x 35 x 30 cm - 28’’ x 14’’ x 12’’ - Air chambers: 6 - Assembly time (min): 10

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         K2 DUCKY
         Inflatable tandem kayaks offering fun time on the water for two

          Aqua Design > Seawaver 2

          Aqua Design is launching a new inflatable kayak, the Seawaver.
          Made out of high quality PVC, this is boat ideal for family

          Length: 3,96 m - Width: 0,90 m - Weight: 15 kg - Maximum load: 200 kg - Folded: 85 x 65 x 25 cm
          Infi nity> Odyssey 385

          Stable tri-tube hull • Fully enclosed air bladders for durability
          and strength • Strong Nylon shell fabric • Spray visors fore and
          aft keep water out of the cockpit • Under deck storage at rear
          with cargo net • Ergonomic, adjustable seats with adjustable
          backrest and child seats included • Grab handles at front, back
          and sides • Neoprene knuckle protector strips • Paddle parks •
          Rubbing strake at front hull and skeg at rear for tracking • Drain
          bung • Packs into duffel bag (included) • Also included are:
          Foot pump, take-apart paddles and instruction manual

          Length: 3.85 m - Width: 0.9 m - Weight: 22 kg - Max Capacity: 250 kg

          Grabner > Discovery 2

          The Discovery 2 is a boat for those who are looking for a slim
          and easy to paddle kayak, but who at the same time do not
          want to miss the benefits of a collapsible boat. The Discovery
          offers the qualities of a multi-purpose boat for all kinds of
          waters like lakes, coastal lines and rivers containing flat and
          even easy whitewater sections.
          Grabner decided to develop a boat that offers the performance
          of hard-shell kayaks but avoids their disadvantages of storage
          and transport. This was the hour of birth of the Discovery.

          Overall lenght/width: 560 x 62 cm - 18’ 4” x 24” - Cockpit opening: 225 x 41 cm - 7’ 5” x 16” - Boat side wall: 30 x 10 cm - 12” x 4” - Weight: 29 kg - 64
          lbs - Minimal packing size - 95 x 50 x 30 cm - 37” x 20” x 12” - Working load: 250 kg - 551 lbs - Air chambers: 2

          Gumotex > Scout

          The Scout is an inflatable canoe of typical shape but with a fully
          modernized concept. The main advantages are the comfortable
          equipment, ample space inside, high loading capacity, well-
          balanced riding characteristics and excellent speed both on flat
          and whitewater (up to WW III). This will all be appreciated
          by adventurers during their long trips with larger baggage,
          by adrenaline junkies cruising down pushy rapids and even by
          families with children on relaxed week-end trips. The Scout
          brings a unique and innovative system of T-Bone
          reinforcements that assure excellent stability of the boat and
          make its riding characteristics comparable to a solid canoe.

          Length (cm) 445 - Width (cm) 95 - Weight (kg) 25 - Max. load (kg) 450 - Side tube diameter (cm) 35 x 19 - Air chambers 3 - Packed dimensions (cm)
          70 x 45 x 30

Incept > C44 Trapper

The C44 Trapper is Incept’s Indian-style canoe. Its wide beam
and high ends gives lots of room and a dry ride for two adults
and all the gear you might want on day and multi-day river
floats. The Trapper is loved by adventurers for its rigid hull,
durability and its huge cargo capacity.
C44 Trapper is a super stable craft that can be paddled
confidently by less experienced paddlers and can be used as a
family river boat for 2 adults and 2 children.
Trapper’s huge weight capacity means you can carry out that
elk or moose as well!

Length: 4.25 m - Width: 1.05 m - Tube: 0.22 x 0.35 m - Air Chambers 3 - Weight: 26 kg - Number of persons: 2+2 - Loading capacity 350 kg

Spreu > Otter

The Otter has many standard innovations to improve its safety on
the water. The extra wide dimensions of its outer tubes ensures
that the boat will not easily tip over from any unexpected big
waves. The floor construction guarantees that the Otter lies
on its outer tubes preventing a rocking effect from a rounded
floor design. The variable seating positions allows the boat
to be optimally trimmed according to the passengers‘ weight.
The seats are fastened with quick release belt in case of an
emergency where quick exiting from the boat is essential.

Length: 430 cm - Width: 114 cm - Tube dia: 38 - Chambers: 2 + 1 - Persons: 3

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                                                            NEW! > Superbug

The revolutionary new Riverbug is packed full of features that
make it fun to paddle and an extremely capable craft. Riverbugs
are paddled with surf-fins (flippers) and webbed gloves and
maneuvered using ’reverse ferry-glide’ techniques. Your feet
provide most of the propulsion and the hands stabilization and
turning. Riverbugging is great fun and super easy to learn.
The Superbug is a high performance craft that is extremely
versatile and excels in the hands of experts. Low volume
elliptical shaped tubes make it extremely responsive and easy
to hand-roll, and releasable thigh straps keep you secure when
rolling and performing freestyle moves. The 2010 model will be
available in 3 different sizes next spring.


NRS > GigBob Personal Fishing Cataraft

GigBob… inflatable, frameless, ingenious. A personal fishing
boat that can be rowed and is rigid without a frame. The
patented frameless design means you can fold it up and pack it
on your back without having to break down a frame. The drop-
stitch construction lets you put 4-6 pounds per square inch of
air pressure into the multiple air chambers, for a stiff, ‘rock-
solid’ rigidity. The 15 square feet deck gives plenty of space for
all your tackle, cooler, extra rods, heck even the family dog.
The pontoons are wide and flat, for excellent stability. And the
flat bottoms give you a very shallow waterline. Easily detach
the pontoons with NRS’s batten attachment system for an even
lighter weight kickboat. The comfortable seat and built-in foot
pegs give you full support for an all day fishing expedition.
Have you GigBob-ed?


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       Foldable K1
       Providing maximum ease of transport for adventure on the water anywhere you want to go.

        Nautiraid > Greenlander I 500

        Single seat folding kayak with a small volume. Good course
        maintenance, speedy and manoeuvrable due to its perfectly
        trimmed underwater lines. Stable due to its “stabilairs”.
        Totally unsinkable. Can be used with a sail or small motor. The
        low deck and tight cockpit facilitate Eakimo rolling techniques.
        Ideal for Excursions on sea, lakes or rivers. Can be made with a
        wooden or an aluminium frame. Can be made with a Expedition
        skin (Hypalon, very high resistance) or with a Touring skin
        (PVC, lower weight).

        Recommended maximum load: 130 kg - Length: 500 cm - Width: 59 cm (67 cm “Stabilairs” inflated) - Cockpit: Length: 92 cm Width: 40 cm

        Pakboats > XT 17

        The XT 17 is the newest of the Pakboats XT-Family. It is very
        fast, and over-all paddling performance is exceptional. The stiff
        frame structure allows for longer efficient hulls with consistent
        rocker, and a multi-chine cross section further enhances
        performance. The moderate hull depth minimizes wind effects
        and gets the gunwales out of the way of your hands for
        comfortable paddling. The XT 17 can be packed into a small
        bag (85 x 40 x 60 cm).

        Length: 520 cm - Beam: 60 cm - Depth: 25 cm - Packing Size: 85 x 40 x 50 cm - Weight: 20,5 kg - Loading capacity: 150 kg

        Triton > Ladoga 1 advanced

        One of Triton’s bestsellers in the folding kayak market. The very
        stiff, stable and good tracking Ladoga 1 advanced is a perfect
        allrounder that can be carried with you due to the weight of
        only 18.5 kg. The price-performance ratio is yet another reason
        making the Ladoga 1 advanced a popular single folding kayak.
        It comes with installed keel strips, foot rudder, packing bag
        and removable deck.

        Length: 490 cm - Beam: 65 cm - Depth: 39 cm - Packing Size: 110 x 40 x 25 cm - Weight: 18,5 kg - Loading capacity: 150 kg

Easy to transport and perfect for paddling trips for two

 Nautiraid > Grand Raid II 500

 Tandem folding kayak of medium volume with flooring (wood
 models) and central keel. Very good tracking and manoeuvrability
 because of its perfectly trimmed underwater lines. Extremely
 stable due to its “Stabilairs”. Totally unsinkable. Can be easely
 converted to a single seater and used with a sail or small
 motor. Can seat two adults with two children. Recommended for
 persons with a height of over 1.75metres. Ideal for excursions
 on sea, lakes or rivers capable of long distance expeditions.

 Length: 500 cm - Width: 80 cm (90cm “Stabilairs” inflated) - Cockpit: Length: 212 cm Width: 43 cm - Recommended maximum load: 300 kg

 Pakboats > Puffi n II Saranac

 The most versatile folding kayak of the recreational Puffin Series.
 With a weight of only 13 kg and a packing size of 75x30x40 cm,
 the Saranac can be used as a one-seater as well as two seater. A
 foldable boat you really always can carry with you.

 Length: 460 cm - Beam: 74 cm - Depth: 28 cm - Packing Size: 75 x 30 x 40 cm - Weight: 13 kg - Loading capacity: 185 kg

 Triton > Vuoksa 2 advanced

 The Triton Vuoksa 2 advanced comes with a complete new seat
 construction and the possibility to use it as well as a Double-
 Seater and a Single-Seater. Perfect for people who paddle
 sometimes together and sometimes alone. This very stiff boat
 comes with installed keel strips, rudder system and deck. It fits
 in one single packing bag.

 Length: 482 cm - Beam: 85 cm - Depth: 40 cm - Packing Size: 110 x 40 x 25 cm - Weight: 24 kg - Payload: 230 kg - Price: Euro 1.650


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