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                 Table of Contents:

     Contact Information ……….…... Page 2

     Safety and Regulations ………... Page 3

     Care and Maintenance ………..… Page 4

     Storage and Transportation ….. Page 5

     Anatomy of a Kayak ………..…… Page 6

     Features ………………………..…… Page 7—8

     Kayaking Check List …………….. Page 9

     Warranty Information ……..…… Page 10—11

     Information Record ……….……. Page 12

     Caution Label …..…………….…… Page 12

Please read this manual thoroughly to familiarize yourself
with your new kayak before use.

 If you have any questions regarding Kayak safety or the
operation of your new Coleman Kayak, contact us or your
Coleman Kayaks Dealer.

                Emotion Kayaks, Inc.
                     PO Box 5887
                  Wyomissing, PA 19610
                   (610) 478—0818

       Safety and Regulations
    Safety is our top priority
Kayaking, like any water sport activity, can be hazardous and
result in serious risk of injury or death. We strongly
recommend that any person using a Coleman Kayak obtain
proper kayak training including paddling techniques and river
reading. As well as learn safety techniques, rescue methods
and CPR from a qualified instructor and carry first aid and
rescue/safety gear. Any person using a Coleman kayak or
accessory assumes the risks inherent with the use of
these products and assumes all responsibility for
damages, injury or death which results from the use of
any Coleman Kayak or product. It is your responsibility
to understand you are personally responsible for your
own safety and the safety of those you invite to paddle
with you.

These risks can never be eliminated, but they can be greatly
reduced by following a few simple rules before taking your
Coleman Kayak on the water. Always wear a PFD (Personal
Floatation Device, aka Life Vest) that is properly sized and
U.S. Coast Guard approved when paddling a kayak – and
insist that your passengers do the same. Even if you are an
experienced paddler and excellent swimmer, wearing a PFD
when out on the water is the first rule in paddling safety. Do
not exceed your paddling capabilities. Know your limits
and do not paddle alone. Wear the proper paddling
clothing. Dress appropriately for the water temperature not
the weather conditions! If paddling in rocky conditions, large
waves or whitewater rapids, wear a helmet specifically
designed for paddling.

    Rules and Regulations
Rules and regulations regarding registering your kayak and
required safety equipment vary greatly by state, and even
park. Contact your state’s boating authority or the local
Coleman Kayak Dealer in the area to make sure you comply
with the regulations in the area you are paddling.
U.S. Coast Guard regulations apply to all waterways patrolled
by them.                          3
        Care and Maintenance
        Designed for years of carefree use
Every Coleman Kayak is made from the highest quality
materials available. Chosen for durability, reliability and
performance. All of our kayaks are molded using rugged
High Density Polyethylene and are engineered for stiffness,
impact and abrasion resistance and are UV resistant. All
Coleman Kayaks are designed and/or equipped with sufficient
flotation to insure they will not sink if capsized or fill with

        Repairing your kayak
Coleman Kayaks are tough, but not indestructible. If
somehow you damage your kayak, in most cases it is
repairable. Call our Customer Service department at toll free
1-866-EKAYAKS for advice on repair procedures or to order
replacement parts.
Your local dealer is also an excellent resource for plastic
repair, and should be your first choice for helping you get
back out on the water!
Replacement parts and hardware are available through
Emotion Kayaks.

        Cleaning your kayak
Rinsing your kayak and any moving parts with fresh water is
usually all that is necessary to keep it clean and everything
working properly. This is highly recommended after paddling
in salt water. Mild soap and water can be used for a thorough
Keep all moving parts, adjustable foot brace and hatches
clean and free of sand and dirt to ensure they work properly.
We recommend using 303 Protectant to lubricate any moving
parts and hatch rims. 303 is available from many of our
paddle sport dealers, some home improvement retailers, or

         Transporting and Storage
        Transporting your kayak
We strongly recommend that you make the investment and
purchase one of the specially designed, rigid crossbar roof
rack systems for your vehicle to transport your kayak(s)
safely and conveniently. These cross bar systems can be
found at your dealer and come with a variety of attachments,
from kayak saddles to stackers. Saddles cradle the boat,
while stackers allow multiple boats to be transported next to
one another on their sides.
Soft racks, a second alternative, are less expensive and
consist of pads that rest between your boat and the car roof.
Regardless of the type of system you choose, here are a few
tips to follow when securing your boat to your car:
♦ Place padding between the boat and rack bars
♦ Position kayak cockpit side down when securing to hard or soft
    rack system
♦   Run 2 straps across boat bottom and secure to bars (hard rack)
♦   Run 2 straps across boat bottom and through car doors (soft
♦   Avoid over tightening soft rack system straps -- This may cause
    dents in the car roof
♦   For added security, always use end lines from both ends of the
    kayak to the bumper area
♦   Be sure your kayak is SECURELY FASTENED prior to traveling
    out on the highway!
♦   Be cognizant of carport and garage heights and underpass
    clearances, and low hanging tree limbs!

        Storing your kayak
Your Coleman Kayak should be stored out of direct sunlight
and in a location that does not get extremely hot. The best
way to store your kayak is upside down on a padded rack so
the kayak is resting on its rails. If that is not an option, stand
it on end or on its side. Never store kayaks stacked on top of
each other or hanging from the carrying handles.
Polyethylene will soften a little if exposed to extremely hot
conditions. If your kayak is strapped tightly to a roof rack or
sitting on a storage rack on hot days, it may develop a dent.
You can get the dent out of the kayak by setting it in the
sunlight on a warm day and the plastic will return to its
original shape.                              5
                              Sit-In                                                     Sit-On-Top

                                       Bow (Front)                        Bow (Front)

                                       Hull (Bottom)                    Hull (Bottom)

                                       Foot Braces (Inside)               Foot Braces

                                       Dash Board – To mount             Scupper Hole

                                       Cockpit                    Paddle Keeper Ledge

                                                                     Side Carry Handle
                                       Paddle Keeper

                                       Adjustable Sea Back
                                                                  Adjustable Seat Back
                                       Inflatable Flotation Bag
                                                                                                      Kayak Anatomy

                                       Deck Rigging                          Tankwell
                                       Stern (Rear)                       Stern (Rear)

                                       Toggle Handle                    Toggle Handle
       Paddle keeper
Coleman Kayaks have a Paddle Keeper Ledge located beside
the seat area. The paddle Keeper is designed to securely hold
your paddle when not in use, allowing you to relax, fish or
swim. Never use the Paddle Keeper to secure your
paddle while transporting the kayak on your car.

All Coleman Kayaks are designed and/or equipped with
sufficient flotation to insure they will not sink if capsized or fill
with water.
If your model is outfitted with an inflatable Flotation
bag, properly inflate it before using the kayak.
Flotation Bag Directions:
♦ Open the twist valve by twisting it ½ turn counter
♦ Inflate the Flotation Bag by blowing into the twist valve.
   When properly inflated, the bag should be full, but still
   soft enough to easily press a dimple in it.
♦ IMPORTANT: Do not over inflate the flotation Bag. When
   the Flotation Bag heats up from the sun and rising
   temperatures, the air inside will expand and the bag can
   burst. Regularly check the Flotation Bag, and add or
   release air as needed.
♦ Close the twist valve by twisting it clockwise.

All Coleman kayaks are equipped with built in seats. All of
these seats have an adjustment strap to adjust the position of
the seat back. To incline or decline the seat back, simply
tighten or loosen the strap.

       Carrying Handles
Every Coleman Kayak is outfitted with handles at each end for
easy and comfortable 2 person carrying. Our sit-on-top
kayaks also have side carrying handles for convenient one
person carrying.
The end handles can be used as attachment points for the
end lines (in addition to straps) while transporting the kayak
on your car.                                7
       Drain Plug
Every Coleman Kayak is outfitted with a drain plug to easily
remove any water that gets into the kayak. If there is water
inside your kayak, open the drain plug and stand the kayak
on end to allow the water to flow out. Always make sure
the drain plug is closed before using the kayak.

       Scupper Holes
Coleman Sit-On-Top models are self bailing. Any water that
enters the cockpit area or tankwell drains out through the
scupper holes – these are the “tubes” that run through the
kayak to the bottom of the hull. Scupper Plug Kits are
available through Emotion Kayaks to seal the scupper
holes and give you a drier ride in colder conditions.

      Deck Rigging
Bungee cord deck rigging is standard on most Coleman
Kayaks. Deck rigging is installed to hold items you want to
keep easily within reach while you’re paddling. Only use the
deck rigging to secure light weight items. Heavy items
will make the kayak top heavy and unstable.

The tankwell on Coleman sit-on-top kayaks are equipped with
bungee rigging to hold and secure additional gear, and can be
accessed while paddling. If you are using your kayak to fish
from, the tankwell is designed to hold a standard milk crate .

        Foot Braces
Every Coleman Kayak is equipped with foot bracing. Our sit-
on-top kayaks have foot well style foot braces molded into
the kayak. These foot braces are easy to use, just place your
feet in a position that is comfortable.
Our sit-inside kayaks are equipped with adjustable foot
braces. These heavy duty and comfortable foot braces are
easy to adjust without having to get out of the kayak. Turn
the adjustment lever up, slide the foot peg to a comfortable
position with your toe, and lock it in position by turning the
adjustment lever back down.

             Kayaking Check list

Day trip:                         Overnight Trip (Add to
   PFD (Personal Flotation        Day Trip Gear):
   Devise)                           Dry footwear
   Paddle                            Dry change of cloths
   Proper paddling clothing          Tent
   (For the weather conditions)
                                     Sleeping bag & pad
   Drinking water
                                     Additional drybags
   Dry change of cloths
                                     Waterproof flashlight or
   Sunglasses                        headlamp w/ batteries
   Cell Phone (in waterproof         Food
                                     Eating utensils
   Foul weather gear
                                     Cook kit
   First aid kit
                                     Backpacking stove & fuel
   Eyewear retainer (strap)
                                     Can opener
   Hat with brim for sun
   protection                        Water (minimum 1 gal. per
                                     person per day)
   Waterproof Sunscreen
                                     Dishwashing supplies
   Insect repellent                  (biodegradable soap)
   Trash bag                         Personal toiletries
                                     (biodegradable soap)
   Prescription Medications
   Whistle and signaling             Toilet paper
   devise                            Waterproof matches & fire
Day Trip, Optional:
                                     Rope (for clothesline, tarps,)
   Spray Skirt
                                     Repair kit (with duct tape)
   Dry bags / Dry box
   Fishing gear and license
                                  Overnight Trip, Optional:

   Camera                            Pillows

   Compass or GPS                    Lantern & fuel

   Knife                             Camp chairs                                  9
      Limited 3-Year Warranty
TO ACTIVATE YOUR WARRANTY –              Fill out the on-line
warranty registration form at

         Powered By Emotion Kayaks. Inc
Our goal is 100% customer satisfaction! We stand
behind the quality, materials and workmanship of all
our kayaks. In the unlikely event a problem develops
with your kayak, we will do everything we can to
resolve the issue as easily and quickly as possible.

This warranty does not include damage to the products
resulting from abuse, misuse, accidental or normal
wear and tear.

In case of a warranty issue, please consult the Emotion
Kayaks Limited Warranty detailed below and contact Emotion
Kayaks directly at:
                    Emotion Kayaks Inc.
                        PO Box 5887
                    Wyomissing, PA 19610
                    Phone: (610)478-0818

The hull of all Coleman kayaks are warranted against
defective materials or workmanship to the original retail
owner for a period of three (3) years following the original
purchase date in accordance with the Warranty Agreement.
In the event of faulty workmanship in the kayak's hardware
or components, the warranty also covers the repair or
replacement of the defective parts for a period of one (1)
year following the date of purchase of the kayak.

All kayaks for commercial use such as: pro-deals,
rentals, camps, educational, store demos or those
kayaks identified as demo, seconds, blems or
institutional, are covered for one (1) year under

The warranty is void if the kayak is not registered within 30
days of purchase and/or the conditions of the warranty have
not been fulfilled by the original retail owner. This warranty is

     Limited 3-Year Warranty Agreement
1.    The warranty agreement is applicable to the original retail consumer only, it is not trans-
ferable, nor does it cover any commercial use such as: pro-deals, rentals, educational, train-
ing, or those kayaks identified as demo, seconds or blems. The warranty does not cover kay-
aks damaged during transport. The determination of exclusion of warranty coverage is at the
discretion of the manufacturer.

2. The warranty agreement requires that the manufacturer receives the On-Line Warranty
Registration Form within 30 days from the original date of purchase. For a claim to be proc-
essed it MUST be accompanied by the original proof-of-purchase including the model and
serial number of the kayak and relevant photos of the problem area.

3. The warranty agreement excludes products which have been damaged by negligence,
misuse or accident, or wear due to owner’s failure to provide reasonable and necessary main-
tenance. Products which have been modified or repaired by unauthorized persons, structurally
altered in any way (not withstanding sanding, cutting walls and outfit components, drilling holes
and altering original hull shape or modifying seat attachment to the hull) or have been sub-
jected to stress beyond the physical limit of the material are also excluded from the warranty
agreement. The following are not covered at any time by this warranty: scratches and perfora-
tion due to rocks or hard surfaces such as concrete and asphalt; warping (deformation of the
hull) caused by extended exposure to the sun or heat, or by having tied the kayak too tightly or
storing it in an improper position; change in appearance of the kayak due to wear, over-
exposure to sun, heat, or any other environmental condition.

4. The warranty agreement excludes all shipping costs to and from the appointed place of
repair/replacement. The manufacturer will not accept merchandise without the manufacturer’s
authorization and proof of pre-paid freight in and out of the factory. The manufacturer reserves
the right to return merchandise to its owner, at the owner’s expense (COD) if the above condi-
tions have not been met. The manufacturer is not responsible for any damages incurred in
transport, storing fees, or inconvenience or loss of time/money while the claim is being proc-
essed and repairs or restoration are being effected.

5. The warranty agreement obliges the manufacturer only during the period of coverage
(begins on the date of the original warranty activation and expires at the end of the original
warranty period) to repair or replace, at its discretion, the defective parts at either its manufac-
turing plant or through a designated, authorized dealer’s store. The manufacturer reserves the
right to change the product or design without incurring any obligation to incorporate such
changes in previously available products.

This warranty applies only in the United States and Canada. In all other countries, the ap-
pointed distributor is solely responsible to administer the warranty according to governing by-
laws and corporate policies. The Emotion Kayaks On-Line Warranty Registration Form and the
present document are the sole and exclusive warranty recognized by the manufacturer in
connection with the purchase and use of one of its products. Emotion Kayaks Inc. makes no
warranties or representations expressed or implied (including warranties of merchantability and
of fitness for a particular purpose) in such connection except as specifically set forth in this
warranty. The company is not liable for any injury or damage to persons or property sustained
as a result of the use of kayaks manufactured by Emotion Kayaks, Inc. The user of any kayak
manufactured by Emotion Kayaks, Inc. acknowledges and assumes any and all risks associ-
ated with the use of kayaks and waives any and all claims against Emotion Kayaks, Inc., its
agents and assignees. By filling out and submitting the warranty registration form, the owner of
the product acknowledges that he has read and understood the warranty agreement, and that
he recognizes that due to the nature of the activity the product is intended for, Emotion Kay-
aks, Inc., its owner’s, employees, and associates can not be held liable for any injuries or
mishaps sustained in the use of a kayak manufactured by Emotion Kayaks, Inc. All incidental
and/or consequential damages are excluded from this warranty agreement. Implied warranties
are limited to the life of the warranty. Some states do not allow the exclusion or limitation of
incidental or consequential damages, so the above limitations or exclusions may not apply to
you. This warranty gives you specific legal rights which may vary from state to state.

          Kayak Information

 This Information is necessary, along with a
copy of the original sales receipt, for warranty
      claims and customer service calls.
        Record & Keep The Following:

Kayak Model:

Serial Number:

Dealer Purchased From:

Date of Purchase:

Registration Number:


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