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          Profiles International Announces PrimeLending as a 2009 Outstanding Client Winner

Waco, TX, January 16, 2010 – Profiles International recognizes PrimeLending as a 2009 Outstanding Client.
During their three years as a client, PrimeLending has been engaged with Profiles’ assessment program from
the executive tier to the supervisor level.

Jim Sirbasku, CEO of Profiles International, said, “Armed with our workforce management solutions,
PrimeLending is able to identify the ideal candidates at the onset, ensuring that each team member possesses the
highest level of qualifications to provide excellent service to their clients on a daily basis.”

Profiles International’s strategic account managers have helped PrimeLending’s executive team develop a
highly effective on-boarding process to ensure maximum results. Continual ROI reports show a reduction in
turnover and increased productivity throughout the PrimeLending organization.

“It requires an enormous, coordinated effort on everyone’s part to successfully onboard new branches and
employees within a tight window of opportunity” said Todd Salmans, President and COO. “When considering
new growth opportunities it is extremely important to us that there appears to be a good culture fit - this is a
critical ingredient in our recipe for success. Shared values, integrity, and a desire to reach out and help others
are all things we look for when meeting potential candidates. It is what makes us who we are and Profiles’
solutions are an integral part of our operation. They work with us every step of the way and are as invested in
our success as our own employees.”

About Profiles International, Inc.
Profiles International is the world's leader and innovator in selecting and developing high-performance
workforces. Profiles International does this through innovative human resource management solutions and a
comprehensive suite of employment assessments that help companies worldwide gain a competitive advantage
by selecting, hiring, retaining, and developing great talent. Profiles International is the preferred choice of many
of the largest companies because of the quality of its products and services, and its consistent revalidation of its
diverse collection of employment assessments. For more information about Profiles International's suite of
human resource management solutions, visit

About PrimeLending
Headquartered in Dallas, Texas, PrimeLending is a leading residential mortgage lender that provides
homebuyers with mortgages without obstacles. Founded in 1986 by CEO Roseanna McGill, PrimeLending has
grown from one office of 20 people to 180 offices with over 1,600 employees. In 2002, PrimeLending reached
over $1 billion in production and in 2009 they exceeded their own record for dollar amount of loans in a single
quarter. In 2008, PrimeLending ranked #1 FHA lender in Texas and continues to thrive in an industry that has
seen its share of challenges in recent years.

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