Surprise Your Groomsmen With Personalized Gift Sets

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                                   Surprise Your Groomsmen With Personalized Gift Sets
                                                               By Marc Mascrenhas

    A wedding is simply one of the most precious events that could happen in your life. You put in a lot
of time, effort and money just to make it perfect. Of course, knowing that there are plenty of things that
you need to take care of, you should remember to include presents for your groomsmen in your to-do
list. After all, these are your male friends whom you have spent the most memorable times of your life
with. Honor these special guys by giving them a personalized groomsmen
gift[] set that will express your gratitude for having them on your

 What you need to keep in mind when shopping for presents for your groomsmen is their individual
personalities. Make sure that you are giving them something that would suit their taste because if not,
you would surely never see your gift ever again.

 When my cousin tied the knot, he gave his groomsmen some personalized gift sets that he based on
his friends’ characters. My cousin is a very lucky guy for all of his groomsmen love the outdoors. So in
the end, what he decided to get for each of his friends was a personalized sportsman's gift set. This
particular set had a flashlight, a stainless steel pocket knife, plus a stylish compass. My cousin also
had the knives engraved with his groomsmen’s names for a special touch.

 Another personalized groomsmen gift
set[] that all the guys will
adore is a personalized multi-game set. This comes in a handsome leather case and includes classic
games such as poker, chess, domino, as well as checkers. It makes for an ideal gift because it is very
handy and can be brought anywhere they go. Just make sure to have your friends’ names or initials
engraved in this gift set for added elegance.

 If one of your groomsmen loves to cook, why not give him a personalized branding iron set? He would
surely like to show off his initials whenever he grills a piece of meat. Or if you want, you can even get
him a Rare, Medium and Well groomsmen gift set. This set is composed of three branding irons that
can clue in your groomsman as to how his companions would like their meats to be cooked. The R
branding iron stands for rare, the M signifies medium, while the W represents well done. You can
personalize this groomsmen gift set by having their initials engraved in the wooden box that encases
the branding irons.

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                                               Presented by Daniel Toriola

 If you are really short on funds and would still like to give a personalize groomsmen gift set, you can
go with a personalized stainless steel bar set for the guys. This set is also useful, particularly for the
groomsmen who love hosting parties. What you can do here is to have their initials emblazoned on the
ice bucket or on the cocktail shakers. A set of pocket knife with
light[] would also make a good pick.
Whatever present that you have chosen to give your groomsmen, make sure that it is something
tasteful and that the giving really comes from your heart.

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                                             Handing Over the Right Groomsmen Gift
                                                             By Natasha Paul

Before your wedding takes place, it is better to give yourself a break even for one day and enjoy your
time with your best man and groomsmen and hand them their personalized groomsmen gift set. You
can invite them over for dinner and even play poker or watch your favorite sports game on TV, then
hand them their groomsmen gifts. Giving your groomsmen their appropriate gift is just a way for you to
show your gratitude and appreciation towards their support for you and your chosen bride.

 Since your groomsmen are different individuals with different tastes, you might find yourself not
knowing what type of gifts you would want to present them. This task should not be that difficult and
should let yourself enjoy this momentous occasion since you are only given a one time opportunity to
thank them and hand them personalized groomsmen gifts they can use and enjoy.

 Better look for a gift base on what they love and spend their time with. Although, you might find
yourself lost in thought while considering each individual but you can also consider on how the two of
you enjoy each time spent and that could help you with selecting the proper gift item. You can also
choose groomsmen gift sets that are personalized to make your gift giving a much thrilling time. There
are a lot of gift sets meant for groomsmen that you can also personalized to add more life to your gift.
Glass coasters in a set of 4, sportsmen’s gift set, pen and key chain gift set, hip flask and funnel set,
foosball game set, rocks class set or mug set, wine accessory gift set, poker set, executive putter set,
hip flask and Zippo lighter set, pub signs and coaster sets and even a manicure set can all be your
selection for those groomsmen gifts.

 Not only can you give them a set of gifts but you can also personalize those gifts by adding a bit of
character of the groomsmen you would give the gifts to. Let’s say you want to give a black accessory
case, you can personalize the cover. You can engrave the gifts and have their initials written, or
choose from a sports team they go crazy about. You can also personalize the item by putting their
college insignia. However you choose in personalizing the item is your discretion. But do remember
that although the celebration of giving groomsmen gifts is because of your upcoming wedding, still, it
should not mean that the gifts you are about to give should be focused on you.

 It is much better to give your personalized groomsmen gift sets in true honor of your groomsmen. The
gift should truly reflect your groomsmen and what they prefer and not what you prefer on having. Since
your groomsmen gifts will be used by them, it won’t be that good if they will use it but you personalize it
with your name and not his. Give your groomsmen the proper acknowledgment by personalizing your
gift the right way and you might be amazed on how they will make your gift a part of their everyday

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