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									                                                                             APPENDIX 2

    Objector              Summary of objection(s)                         Officer response
  (resident of)
1 (Camrose Way)    The proposals will affect residents and    The proposed parking controls are
                   visitors of the flats who in the absence   intended to deter parking in positions
                   of any alternative parking may then        where it would present a hazard (i.e. at
                   resort to parking on the adjoining         junctions, bends and crossing points)
                   grassed area. Suggests creating            and ease access/egress to/from side
                   adequate alternative parking spaces in     roads; thereby ensuring access for
                   this area.                                 emergency vehicles is maintained.
2 (Camrose Way)    The proposals will affect residents and    Surveys show that a total of up to eight
                   visitors of the flats who in the absence   vehicles would be displaced by the
                   of alternative parking will then park      original proposal. Omitting the
                   outside the private houses in the          advertised controls on the eastern side of
                   adjoining closes. Asks whether plans       Camrose Way would allow parking for
                   will be made for alternative parking       residents and visitors of the area;
                   facilities on the grassed area.            thereby minimising any displacement of
                                                              vehicles. On and off road parking
3 (Camberry        The proposals will lead to the displaced
                                                              facilities are available in nearby areas
Close)             vehicles parking outside properties on
                                                              and it is considered that the level of
                   both Camberry Close and Camfield
                                                              inconvenience is acceptable in relation
                   Close, resulting in obstruction and
                                                              to the safety benefits
                   inconveniences on these narrower roads
                                                              The omission of the proposed parking
4 (Camberry        Currently, the occupants of the flats
                                                              controls on the eastern side of Camrose
Close)             park on a section of Camrose Way that
                                                              Way would minimise any displacement
                   is not fronting any properties and
                                                              of vehicles; thereby avoiding the need
                   although the parking reduces the road to
                                                              for the creation of additional parking
                   a single lane, it does slow the traffic.
                   The proposals would only displace the
                   parked vehicles to both Camberry Close     Furthermore, it is common practice to
                   and Camfield Close causing the             review new parking controls 3-6 months
                   residents themselves to drive on the       after implementation; and make
                   wrong side of the carriageway to pass.     amendments as necessary. Any
                   Emergency vehicle access to the two        requirement to introduce additional
                   closes may also be compromised             parking controls and/or other
                                                              complementary measures would become
5 (Camberry        Concerned that the displaced vehicles,     evident following this post
Close)             some being large vans, will park in        implementation assessment.
                   Camberry Close. Seeks assurance that
                   sufficient alternative parking will be     RECOMMENDED ACTION:
                   made available to meet local needs         1. Delete the proposed parking controls
                                                                 on the eastern side of Camrose Way.
                                                                                APPENDIX 2
                           EXISTING ON-STREET PARKING CONTROLS

6 (Camrose Way)       The proposals will affect residents and     Response as above.
                      visitors of the flats who will experience
                      difficulty in finding parking space.
7 (Camrose Way)       Questions where all of the displaced
                      residents’ vehicles are going to be
8 (Camfield Close)    The only people who will be                 Response as above.
                      disadvantaged by the proposals will be      Typically, residents parking schemes are
                      the residents who park on Camrose Way       introduced in residential areas adjacent
                      overnight. Parking at the T junction        to town centres where visitors to such
                      induces a cautious attitude to motorists    areas (including commuters and
                      entering and leaving the area. Suggests     shoppers) seek to park for long periods
                      the introduction of residents’ permits      of time free of charge and, subsequently
                      and the provision of a parking area on      come into conflict with residents. The
                      the grassed area.                           operation of residents parking schemes
                                                                  in the Basingstoke area is currently
                                                                  being reviewed.
                                                                  RECOMMENDED ACTION:
                                                                  2. No further action

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