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					              Adventure                                          919-831-6855. Class Fee: $55                       variety of climbs and expansive views of the
                                                                 #72965 Sep 20        Sa    9:00am-5:00pm           surrounding area. Our experienced staff will
                                                                 #72966 Oct 11        Sa    9:00am-5:00pm           set up climbs that are suited for a novice
            Skill Level Key:                                                                                        group of climbers, so be prepared for a full

            This rating system is designed to inform you         Uwharrie National Forest Trip
                                                                 Level 2                                            day of muscle burn and fun! Equipment,
            of the skill and fitness level, which is required                                                       instruction, and transportation are provided.
            to enjoy yourself while participating in Raleigh’s   Location: Wade Ave. Administrative Office Bldg.
                                                                 Age: 14yrs and up. Life is about variety.          For more information, please call 919-831-
            Adventure Programs.                                                                                     6855. Class Fee: $75
            Level 1 – No prior knowledge or experience           Come ride with us and try something new.
                                                                                                                    #72996 Sep 6             Sa     6:00am-9:00pm
            is necessary, with basic fitness level. A basic      This one day destination trip is a great
                                                                                                                    #72997 Oct 4             Sa     6:00am-9:00pm
            fitness level is half an hour of aerobic activity    way to experience a whole new system of
            three times a week.                                  Mountain Biking Trails. Just a short drive         Top Rope Anchors Clinic
            Level 2 – Some previous experience is                away Uwharrie National Forest offers trails        Level 2 and 3
            recommended, with moderate fitness level.            to challenge intermediate riders. This trips       Location: Wade Ave. Administrative Office Bldg.
            A moderate fitness level is an hour of aerobic       outside the triangle is less about instruction     Age: 14yrs and up. Whether you want
            activity three times a week.                         and more about applying the skills you             to start setting up your own climbs or
            Level 3 – Familiar with the activity, with           learned in previous courses to enjoy the           are just interested in learning more about
            moderate to good fitness level. A good fitness       trails. Our trip leaders will act as guides        the climbing system that keeps you off
            level is anything over an hour of aerobic activity   tailoring the ride to the group’s energy and       the ground, the Top Rope Anchors clinic
            three times a week.                                  skill level. As always we strive to provide        is for you. This course will cover toics
                                                                 appropriate challenges, positive feedback          such as cliff site management, selecting
                                                                 and a sense of team as we ride. Class Fee:         natural anchors as wellas constructing and
                                                                 $25                                                evaluating anchor systems. Ge hands on
                                                                 #75098 Oct 25              Sa      8:00am-5:00pm   expeirnce building anchors with feedback
            Bike Maintenance
            Level 1                                                                                                 and guidance from professionals at Raleigh
            Location: Wade Ave. Administrative Office Bldg.      Rock Climbing                                      Parks and Recreation. This program is a
            Age: 14yrs and up. Stop paying for costly                                                               must for anyone who longs to become an
            bike repairs that can be done on your own!           Introduction to Rock Climbing                      independent climber. Class Fee: $75
                                                                 Level 1                                            #75109 Oct 18              Sa    8:00am-6:00pm
            Learn how to wrench on your bike for less
                                                                 Location: Wade Ave. Administrative Office Bldg.
            than the cost of having flats changed for
            you! Participants of this course will learn to
                                                                 Age: 14yrs and up. Designed for beginners,         Paddling
                                                                 this class will provide a basic foundation
            change flat tires, adjust gears and brakes,
                                                                 for getting started in climbing. This course       Kayak Pool Sessions
            and look after the well being of your beloved
                                                                 will introduce participants to the use and         Level 1, 2 and 3
            bicycle. Road bikes, mountain bikes,
                                                                 care of climbing equipment, how to tie             Location: Pullen Aquatic Center
            comforts and cruisers it doesn’t matter
                                                                 climbing knots as well as teach you how            Age: 12yrs and up. Kayak pool sessions
            we will have you back on your ride lickity
                                                                 to manage the most basic rope system               occur Friday nights at Pullen Aquatic
            split. Spend more time riding and less time
                                                                 known as belaying. Join the Adventure Staff        Center from November through March.
            waiting on repairs! Bring your bike and wear
                                                                 for a challenging evening of indoor rock           These sessions are for seasoned paddlers,
            clothes that can get dirty. This course is adult
                                                                 climbing at one of the Triangle’s modern           those working on aspects of their roll, or
            oriented. Participants ages 14-15 must be
                                                                 rock gyms, The Vertical Edge. Adventure staff      people who would like to try out the sport.
            accompanied by an adult participating in the
                                                                 will focus on teaching concepts associated         Roll instruction is not provided, but basic
            program. Contact the Adventure Program at
                                                                 with belaying and will provide adequate            boat orientation for beginners is offered.
            919-831-6855. Class Fee: $15
            #72994 Sep 24             W        6:00-9:00pm       practice to hone it into an acquired skill.        Admission is $5 for residents and $6 for
            #72995 Oct 15             W        6:00-9:00pm       By the end of the class participants will be       non-residents. There is a $2 additional
                                                                 ready to take any climbing center belay            charge to rent a kayak. Roll sessions are
            Introduction to Mountain Biking                      test, which is a requirement to utilize indoor     adult oriented, although youth paddlers
            Level 1                                              climbing facilities. Equipment, instruction,       ages 12-15 years old are welcome when
            Location: Wade Ave. Administrative Office Bldg.      transportation, and plenty of climbing             accompanied by adults. Minimum age is
            Age: 14yrs and up. There is more to life             opportunities will be provided. Participants       12 years. Participants younger than 12
            than the Greenway—and it’s called single             ages 14-15 must be accompanied by an               may attend with the appropriate equipment,
            track. Your bike has knobby tires, right?            adult. Class Fee: $30                              parental supervision, and with pre-approval
            Put them were they belong and join us for            #72990 Oct 29              W       6:00-10:00pm    by the Adventure program managers. Due to
            a crash course, no pun intended, into the                                                               holidays some sessions may be cancelled;
            world of mountain biking. This one-day               Intermediate Rock Climbing
                                                                                                                    call ahead to confirm. For more information,
            course focuses on building a solid base of           Level 1 and 2
                                                                                                                    please call 831-6855. Class Fee: $5
            skills needed to ride solo or with a group.          Location: Wade Ave. Administrative Office Bldg.
                                                                                                                    #72977 Nov 7               F       6:00-8:00pm
            Participants will learn bike fit adjustments,        Age: 14yrs and up. Build off the basics            #72976 Nov 21              F       6:00-8:00pm
            shifting, braking, falling strategies and            and further your knowledge of climbing             #72979 Dec 19              F       6:00-8:00pm
            how to overcome obstacles with ease. The             techniques, route finding, and various types
                                                                 of climbing. Just as there are several types       Kayak Roll Instruction
            highlight of the day will be a trail ride to
                                                                 of rock there are several different types of       Level 1, 2 and 3
            put newly learned skills into practice. Come
                                                                 climbs you may face. Find out what they            Location: Pullen Aquatic Center
            out and discover the thrill of ridin’ dirty!
                                                                 are and how to handle each in our new              Age: 12yrs and up. Roll or Swim. If you are
            Bikes are not provided, so bring a mountain
                                                                 intermediate class at Pilot Mountain. Pilot’s      tired of option 2 try out Roll Instruction. For
            bike and helmet. Don’t have your own rig?
                                                                 name comes from Native Americans who               the boater wanting to take that next step in
            No problem, we can point you towards
                                                                 used it as the ‘Great Guide’ or Pilot when         the kayaking progression we are proud to
            rentals in the area. This course is adult
                                                                 traveling. In more recent times Pilot has be       offer personalized roll instruction. Call to
            oriented. Participants ages 14-15 must be
                                                                 come one of the premier climbing areas             set up a time to work with professionally
            accompanied by an adult participating in the
                                                                 in North Carolina due to it’s accessibility,       certified instructors on roll development.
            program. Contact the Adventure Program at

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While everyone becomes proficient with            Neuse Kayak Sampler                                 active due to the lack of human contact.
these skills at different times, on average,      Level 1                                             A naturalist will accompany this exploration
it takes about four separate, hour-long,          Location: Wade Ave. Administrative Office Bldg.     to help identify the sights and sounds on
lessons to develop a fledgling pool roll.         Age: 12yrs and up. This one-day trip is             the peaceful journey. This proves to be a

Roll instruction is designed to provide one       designed as a sampler, giving students              wonderful nature experience for everyone,
step in the learning process. Students must       an introduction to the sport of kayaking,           so bring a friend. Equipment, transportation,
have basic swimming ability and comfort           on the Neuse River. The course is suitable          and paddling instruction are provided.
under water. Participants ages 12-15 must         for beginners or those with some previous           Students must have basic swimming ability
be accompanied by an adult. One-hour              river experience. While not a complete              and comfort in water. Ages 8-15 must be
personalized roll instruction is scheduled        ‘how-to’ kayak course, this trip is designed        accompanied by an adult participating in
during our regular roll sessions on Friday        to instill boating fundamentals and give            the program. For more information call
night. Pre-registration is required. For more     students a taste of the incredible sport            831-6855. Class Fee: Ages 16 and up
information, please call 831-6855. Class          of kayaking. The Neuse River is a great             $40, ages 8-15 $30
Fee: $40 for 1 or 2 people                        instructional area because of its close             Wetlands Trip
Personalized Kayak Roll Instruction               proximity and beginner rapids (class I              #72988 Sep 6               Sa   9:00am-5:00pm
#72981 Nov 7-7              F       6:00-7:00pm   and II) which allow the learning of river
#72982 Nov 21-21            F       6:00-7:00pm                                                       Introduction to Whitewater Kayaking
                                                  techniques such as eddy hopping and                 Level 1 and 2
#72984 Dec 19-19            F       6:00-7:00pm   ferrying. Equipment, transportation and ACA         Location: Wade Ave. Administrative Office Bldg.
Kayak Basics                                      instruction are provided. Students must have        Age: 14yrs and up. Welcome to the world
Level 1                                           basic swimming ability and comfort under            of Whitewater, we’ve been expecting you.
Location: Pullen Aquatic Center                   water. There is a pre-trip meeting the Friday       This is the first course in our series of
Age: 12yrs and up. This course is offered for     before the course. This program is adult-           instructional programs designed to get you
those wishing to learn more about the sport       oriented, participants age 12-15 must be            out there paddling Whitewater. Our course
of kayaking, now that the warmer weather          accompanied by an adult participating in the        starts from the ground up and builds a
has arrived. This 6 hour course provides a        program. For more information, call 919-            foundation of skills you will take with you
comfortable and pleasant lake environment         831-6855. Class Fee: $75                            through the rest of your paddling career.
in which to learn. The water is warm and          #72987 Sep 13             Sa     9:00am-5:00pm      Our instructors work with you one on
the instructors are calm and friendly. This                                                           one to develop your techniques in paddle
                                                  Wetlands Trip
course will help lay a strong foundation          Level 2                                             strokes, boat control, reading water and
of skills so you will be ready for moving         Location: Wade Ave. Administrative Office Bldg.     assisted rescues. We do this by combining
water instruction on local rivers. Participants   Age: 8yrs and up. Come along for an up-             classroom and hands on instruction so
should have basic swimming ability and            close and personal tour of a local wetland in       that you not only understand but can
comfort under water, but kayak experience         an inflatable kayak. This trip will explore the     apply the principles of quality paddling.
is not required. Equipment and instruction        area and its inhabitants as well as teach the       This supportive environment and teaching
are provided. This program is adult oriented      vital role that wetlands play in ecosystems.        progression begins with work on dry
with minimum age of 12. Ages 12-15 must           The morning time of this event will enhance         land then moves to flat-water preparing
be accompanied by an adult. For more              opportunities to see, hear, touch, and smell        students for paddling trips on local Class I-II
information, please call 831-6855. Class          wetlands at their peak! Participants will           whitewater. Equipment, transportation, and
Fee: $60                                          be paddling in a seldom-seen area of the
#72971 Nov 22-23           Sa-Su   2:30-5:30pm                                                               Whitewater Kayaking continued next page —
                                                  triangle. The wildlife in this area is especially

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            Intro to Whitewater Kayaking continued —            instruction, kayaks, transprotation and                  Aquatics
            instruction are provided. There will also be        necessary equipment included (if program
                                                                is overnight, camping equipment and some
            a pre-trip meeting the Friday before the trip,                                                             Preschool Aquatics
                                                                meals also provided). There is a manditory

            please plan to attend. Students must have
                                                                pre-trip meeting Tuesday night before the
            basic swimming ability and comfort under                                                                   Parent and Child Swim Lesson Level A
            water. Class Fee: $155                              course. For more information, call 919-831-
                                                                                                                       Age 6-18mths. For children who have
            #72969 Sep 27-28          Sa-Su 9:00am-5:00pm       6855. Class Fee: $150
                                                                                                                       little or no previous water experiences. The
                                                                #72964 Oct 4-5            Sa-Su 9:00am-5:00pm
                                                                                                                       purpose of this course is to help develop
            Intermediate Whitewater Kayaking
            Level 2 and 3                                       Wilderness Survival Course                             swimming readiness. Parents and their
            Location: Wade Ave. Administrative Office Bldg.     Level 1, 2 and 3                                       children will be led in water exploration
            Age: 14yrs and up. Take the next step in a          Location: Durant Nature Park                           activities with the objective of having fun
            paddling career! This program is designed           Age: 16yrs and up. Learn the importance                and becoming comfortable with the water.
            for paddlers who have been on the river             of always being prepared in the wilderness,            Children with two or more previous sessions
            before, but would like some additional              how to cope with wilderness emergencies,               in the water who submerge only reluctantly
            formal instruction before going out and             how to lost-proof, and how to focus on safety          (or not at all) or require flotation support at
            investing in equipment. Strokes, maneuvers,         during outdoor adventures. Professional                all times should enroll in Parent and Child
            river-running and rescue techniques will            hands-on instruction conducted by former US            Level B. $47
                                                                Air Force Survival Instructors. Instruction will       Millbrook Pool
            be covered in greater detail and practiced
                                                                include the seven survival priorities: attitude,       #72537 Oct 6-29            M,W11:30am-12:00pm
            thoroughly, with instructors offering feedback                                                             #72539 Oct 6-29            M,W       5:30-6:00pm
            to increase efficiency. Basic kayak rolling         wilderness first aid, shelter, firecraft, signaling,
                                                                                                                       #72540 Oct 7-30            T,Th 10:00am-10:30am
            techniques may be taught if participants are        water and food. This unique two-day course,
                                                                                                                       #72541 Oct 11-Nov 1 Sa 9:00am- 9:45am
            interested. Because of the unreliable water         with an overnight using tents, will provide            #72542 Nov 3-Dec 3         M,W11:30am-12:00pm
            levels around the triangle, this program may        participants with the knowledge and skills             #72543 Nov 3-Dec 3         M,W       5:30-6:00pm
            travel to the Balcony Falls section of the          necessary to better cope in a wilderness               #72544 Nov 4-Dec 4         T,Th 10:00am-10:30am
            James River. There is also a possiblity of an       environment, as well as build confidence               Pulen Aquatic Center
            overnight trip depending on the water levels        to manage wilderness survival situation.               #72608 Oct 7-30            T,Th 10:00am-10:30am
                                                                This course is adult-oriented with 16 as the           #72609 Oct 7-30            T,Th      5:45-6:15pm
            and needs of the participants. Participants
                                                                minimum age. Participants ages 16-17                   #72610 Oct 11-Nov 1 Sa 8:30am- 9:15am
            must have attended one of our beginner                                                                     #72611 Nov 4-Dec 4         T,Th 10:00am-10:30am
            kayak classes or have experience of equal           must be accompanied by an adult. For more
                                                                                                                       #72612 Nov 4-Dec 4         T,Th      5:45-6:15pm
            value. Students must also have basic                information please contact the Adventure
            swimming ability and comfort under water.           program at 919-831-6855. Class Fee: $210               Parent and Child Swim Lesson Level B
                                                                #76043 Oct 11-12         Sa-Su 9:00am-10:00pm          Age 18mths-5yrs. For children who have
            This course is adult-oriented, participants
            ages 14-15 must be accompanied by an                                                                       little or no previous water experiences.
            adult participating in the program. ACA                                                                    Purpose of this course is to help develop

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