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									                     NORTH EAST COUNCIL ON ADDICTIONS
                                  JOB DESCRIPTION

Job Title        Senior Worker - Criminal Justice Intervention Team

Location         Based at Bensham Hospital but working on an outreach basis at other
                 venues within Gateshead as and when required.

Responsible To   DIP Service Manager

Accountable To   Area Manager Gateshead

                 Probation Service, Police, Courts, Prisons, DAT, Health Professionals,
Other Key
                 Local Authority, PCT’s, Tier 3 drug Services
Relationships    Services for women, Community Projects, Health Projects, Services for
                 BME groups

                 Housing Services, Other Social Inclusion Services
                 Be part of a multi agency team providing tier 3 treatments to service
Purpose of Job
                 users as part of the Drug Intervention Programme.

                 Supervisory lead in DIP service and supervision of staff

                 To take the lead on CJIT key initiatives (as directed)

August 2008                                 1
DANOS - National Workforce Competences

AA1: Recognise indications of substance misuse and refer individuals to specialists

AB2: Support individuals who are substance users

AB3: Contribute to the prevention and management of abusive and aggressive behaviour

AB5: Assess and act upon immediate risk of danger to substance users

AD1: Raise awareness about substances, their use and effects

AF3: Carry out comprehensive substance misuse assessment

AG1: Develop, implement and review care plans for individuals

AG2: Contribute to care planning and review

AG3: Assist with the transfer of individuals between agencies and services

AJ1: Help individuals address their offending behaviour

AJ2: Enable individuals to change their offending behaviour

AK3: Enable individuals to access housing and accommodation

BC4: Assure your organisation delivers quality services

BE1: Establish information management and communication systems

BE6: Preparing reports and returns

BF5: Lead teams to provide a quality provision

GEN35: Provide supervision to other individuals

GEN36: Make use of supervision

HSC22: Support the health and safety of yourself and individuals

HSC33: Reflect on and develop your practice

HSC233: Relate to and interact with individuals

HSC330: Support individuals to access and use services and facilities

HSC335: Contribute to the protection of individuals from harm and abuse

HSC347: Help individuals to access employment

HSC348: Help individuals to access learning, training and development opportunities

HSC356: Support individuals to deal with relationship problems

HSC433: Develop joint working agreements and practices and review their effectiveness

HSC3111: Promote the equality, diversity, rights and responsibilities of individuals

HSC3115: Receive, analyse, process, use and store information

August 2008                                    2
LLUK L10: Enable learning through presentations

LLUK L13: Enable group learning

M&L A3: Develop your personal networks

M&L C4: Lead change

M&L C5: Plan change

M&L C6: Implement change

M&L D1: Develop productive working relationships with colleagues

M&L D3: Recruit, select and keep colleagues

M&L D6: Allocate and monitor the progress and quality of work in your area of responsibility

M&L D7: Providing learning opportunities for colleagues

M&L E6: Ensure health and safety requirements are met in your area of responsibility

M&L F10: Develop a customer focused organisation

M&L F11: Manage the achievement of customer satisfaction

Details of each competence can be viewed at the Skills for Health website:
    Competences

     Completed competences

     Competences Tools

     Framework Suite

     Scroll down to Drugs and Alcohol

     Search

August 2008                                   3
Principle Responsibilities
Deliver and continue to develop the CJIT Service inline with the Partnership
Co-ordinate the clients packages of care and ensure that relevant agencies are regularly
updated on the individual’s progress.
As directed by the Service Manager take the lead role on co-ordination and provision of
activities for clients. Interventions will include one-one and activity based group sessions.
Undertake comprehensive assessments of client needs in relation to the CJIT service.
Identify appropriate services, groups, opportunities and activities.
Quality Assurance-Monitoring & Evaluation
To be familiar with and work to quality assurance standards including QuADS. DANOS,
Models of Care and any other standards relevant to the Service.
To continually monitor and review the Service in line with NECA policy & procedures.
To provide written monthly, quarterly, annual statistics and reports.
To evaluate the Service assimilating feedback from service users, services partners and
team members.
Ensure that all client files are regularly updated and maintained to a satisfactory standard.
Staff & Supervision
To seek and accept line management supervision on a regular basis from the DIP Service
Manager, and to attend training courses as required, following annual appraisal of
professional development needs.
To seek and receive clinical supervision/case management for all client work from the
designated Clinical Supervisor/Case Manager.
To manage an agreed caseload of clients.
Attend and contribute to team meetings and any other relevant groups or forums related to
the duties and responsibilities of the post.
Ensure staff supervision.
Ensure yearly appraisals for all staff are completed
Facilitate case management
Ensure all staff attend and participate in case management meetings
Ensure staff access clinical supervision when appropriate
To offer professional support to all colleagues
To undertake any other task which may be deemed appropriate to the post
Limits on Authority
Issues relating to NECA business may only be communicated to external bodies with the
permission of the Line Manager.

August 2008                                       4
Person Specification
Essential                           Measured         Desirable                      Measured
                                       By                                              By
Equality and Diversity Practices   Application       Attendance at Equal           Application
                                                     Opportunities Courses

Understanding of issues            Application       Attendance at courses         Application
relating to drug use                                 relating to drugs use
Understanding of social            Application       Experience of working with    Application
exclusion effects                                    socially excluded groups

Knowledge of the criminal          Application       Experience of working with    Application
justice system and how it                            criminal justice clients
                                   Interview                                       Interview
effects this client group
Awareness of the current           Application
Health and Social provisions to
engage people with substance
misuse problems
Knowledge of appropriate           Application
assessment methods for this
client group
Networking Skills                  Application       Proven ability to network     Application
                                                     and build professional
Ability to engage with Service     Interview
Ability to produce written         Application
reports & statistics
Experience of working with drug    Application       Working with drug users and   Application
users ambivalent to change                           their supporters

Experience of managing             Application
organisational change

Knowledge / experience of the      Application       Knowledge of current          Interview
preparation of care plans                            treatments including,
                                                     complimentary therapies.
                                                     EST, acupuncture used with
                                                     people misusing substances
Experience of staff supervision    Application


August 2008                                      5
Diploma in Health and Social   Application                                  Application
Care, Youth / Community
Probation Qualification        Application                                  Application

                                                 Diploma in Complementary   Application
                                                 Therapies including:
                                                 Indian Head Massage
                                                 Assessor/Teaching          Application
                                                 Social/Healthcare          Application
                                                 ECDL/CLAIT Certification   Application

August 2008                                  6
Terms of Employment

Salary                       £23136 per annum.

Hours of work                35 hours per week including some out of office hours.

Annual Leave                 The postholder will be entitled to 4.8 weeks annual leave in
                             the first year of employment and 6 weeks days thereafter,
                             plus all bank and statutory holidays.

Sick Pay (OSP)               The postholder will after six months service receive an
                             allowance of four weeks full pay and four weeks half pay; after
                             one years service six weeks full pay and six weeks half pay;
                             (less statutory sick pay); within each period of 12 months
                             commencing on the first day of sickness absence.

Allowances                   Expenses for travel whilst on NECA business are claimable, in
                             the case of car mileage according to the prevailing rate set by
                             the Inland Revenue, and in the case of public transport, at
                             cost. Staff who agree to use their car must have insurance
                             cover which includes business use.

Stakeholder Pension          You have the option to join a Stakeholder Pension Scheme
                             with Scottish Widows. In addition to your contribution, NECA
                             will contribute 3% of your salary.

NECA is an organisation which is exempt from the spent convictions clauses of the
Rehabilitation Of Offenders Act

NECA aims to be an equality and diversity employer

NECA reserves the right to amend or add to Job Descriptions


Health Care Benefit          You have the option to join BUPA. There is no direct cost,
                             although this benefit incurs a taxable payment. In addition the
                             provision exists to include dependents, the cost to the
                             employee varies according to individual circumstances of the
                             persons covered.

Death In Service Benefit     Lump sum payment of two times salary.
                             (Eligibility age 18 to 65. Post 65 subject to Deferred
                             Retirement Declaration)
Childcare Voucher            You have the option to participate by salary sacrifice.

August 2008                                  7

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