As a part of the Continuing Studies classes, students are invited to sign up for 3 workshops. We will
gather everyone’s top 4 choices , in order of preference, in the first week of classes, to make certain
everyone gets into a top choice workshop.
These workshops have a class limit, listed with description, and will be a demo / lecture with a limited
time for students to try any techniques presented. On these Saturdays, the Adult and Kids’ studios are
reserved for the workshops from 10 am to 1 pm, without the typical Open Studio, morning hours. (With
exception of the History Tour, which will use the adult studio until 11 am and then move off-site)

Saturdays, listed below, 10 am – 1 pm. (Raku Day exception)

SEPTEMBER 13.         MOLD MAKING with DAVE MCGEE                               class limit 15
                          Dave will demonstrate the many applications of one-part molds, including
                          texture slabs, tile, hump & slump, and sprigging pots.
                          Students will have the opportunity to make a mold during this workshop.
                          - simple found object or clay model to make mold ( check in advance
                              with your instructor, Jane or Abbie to be certain it will be appropriate
                              form for a one part mold)
                          - texture making tools and objects
                          - throwing ribs
                          - sure form
                          - knife
                          - loop tools
                          - hair dryer or heat gun

SEPTEMBER 20          IMAGE TRANSFER with YUI KEUNG LEE                            class limit 20
                           Lee will demonstrate a method of transferring graphic images with use of
                           copies from printers, utilizing slip and washes.
                           - rolling pin ( if you have one)
                           - shallow container for slip ( ideal = 12’x12’x 1” high, key = shallow)
                           - needle and knife tools
                           - hair dryer or heat gun
                           - images that are black and white, without gray tones. Large printed
                                (letters, numbers, characters) material or textures work well and photo
                                images may have more difficulty translating (but we should try them).
SEPTEMBER 27          POST-BISQUE SURFACE with ALEX THULLEN                        class limit 20
                           Alex will demonstrate decoration application techniques, utilizing resists,
                           stenciling, and various other tools. If you struggle with glaze application,
                           this is the workshop to attend. The following week, there will be a glaze
                           firing, so you will not wait long for your results.
                           - Bisque
                           - Scissors
                           - Exacto or matte knife
                           - Variety of brushes
OCTOBER 18    LARGE OR COMPLEX FORM with RICK PRUCKLER                       class limit 15
                  Rick will demonstrate the flexible, adaptable coil method with use of
                  potter’s or banding wheel as a way of achieving larger or more complex
                  - throwing ribs
                  - hair dryer or heat gun

NOVEMBER 8    THE PEWABIC LEGACY with HANNE NIELSEN                      class limit 20
                   Hanne will show us some of the items in the Pewabic archives and then lead
                   us through historic installations in Detroit.
                   - if you are willing to transport other students to the off-site locations,
                        please let us know as you register. We will attempt to car-pool and
                        minimize any parking difficulty.
NOVEMBER 29   RAKU DAY with JANE WHITE (bad weather date = December 6)
                   Jane will show examples, explain raku variables, and lead a hands-on raku
                   firing, in a morning and an afternoon session. Each session will begin with
                   a lecture and follow with students glazing their own bisque ware, that will
                   be placed into kiln within the next 2 hours. While we are firing the raku
                   kiln, you will have time to glaze your other bisque ware for the cone 10 or
                   cone 6 firings.

                     SESSION 1 - 10 am- 2:30               class limit 15
                     SESSION 2 - 1:30 pm – 5:30            class limit 15

                     Have both days available, in case we have bad weather on the 29th.

                     Raku results in ware that is decorative. The clay does not vitrify and water
                     will eventually seep from the interior if filled with water (you can use
                     inserts to avoid that). It is low-fire and less durable than cone 6 or 10, not
                     appropriate for food service.

                     - stoneware bisque. Pieces should be even-walled, no taller than twelve
                     inches and no wider than 10 inches. Each participant can process
                     approximately 50 square inches of stacking space.

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