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   ISSUE NO. 561                                   www.pilbaraclassies.com.au                            TUESDAY 5TH JUNE 2006

 FOR SALE - 54 Seat Merc
                                                                               FORKLIFT HIRE
                                                                               FORKLIFT HIRE
                                                                               SENNA SERVICES PTY LTD
                                                        DL 17356

 Ideal for company or camper. $19,000 ono. Phone 0407 996 562          02636
                                                                                        See our ad on page 11

                                                          Upgrade your cooking
                                                       appliances for under $1000
                                                       Chef 600mm Rangehood
                                                       • Three speed single centrifugal fan • Twin 40 watt incandescent lamps
                                                       • Washable multi-layer filters
                                                       Chef Electrolux Oven
                                       Own It
                                                       • Conventional Oven • 1 hour timer
                                       Now!            • SIZE: Height 595mm, Width 595mm, Depth 570mm
                                        7    57
                                        Per week
                                                       Chef Gas Cooktop
                                                       • Durable enamel surface • Removalbe knobs • 2 piece enamel trivet set
                                                       • Battery ignition                                                          02615

                                                             BIG BRANDS • LOW PRICES
                                                                 • EXPERT ADVICE

        998                                             PHONE: 9144 1323 CENTRO KARRATHA
                                                                                        OPPOSITE COLES

                                        TRAWLERS      NIGHT CLUB
                                           OPEN THURSDAY, FRIDAY & SATURDAY
                                                   CASINO NIGHT
                                                   EVERY THURSDAY FROM 9PM
                                          Play Texas Hold’Em, Crown ‘n’ Anchor & Beat the Bank
                                                                                                    Tuesday 5th June 2006                           Issue No. 561

    Ph 9159 6860
    box office 9.30am - 4pm

Geordie comedian Ross Noble has                                                                                                                 Lifeline
announced a 95 date tour of Australia and
New Zealand with his new stand-up show
FIZZY LOGIC. Noble has already toured with
                                                                                                          1800 552 002 RURALINK AFTER HOURS MENTAL HEALTH SERVICE
the show back home in the UK (August                                                                      9143 2333 NICKOL BAY HOSPITAL
– November 2006), where he picked up
nominations for best live stand-up show in                                                                1300 789 978 MENSLINE AUSTRALIA
both the Manchester Evening News Theatre
Awards, and The British Comedy Awards
                                                                                                          9144 2233 POLICE STATION
WEDNESDAY 6 JUNE 8PM                                                                                      Call 24 Hours
ADULTS $ 34.90, CONC $31.90,
                                                                                                                                                   An initiative of the
                                                                                                                                          Suicide Prevention Network
COMEDY LIVE:                                                                                                                                            (West Pilbara)
COMEDY FESTIVAL                                                                                                Proudly
Starring - Mickey D’s boundless
energy and infectious smile is                                                                                   by
sure to rub off on any audience. Al Pitcher performance is unique.
He eclipses his peers with his breathtaking interactive abilities and                                 02494

his seamless shifting from topic to tangent, while making hysterical
observations with a large dose of the surreal.                                                                                                                        01532
Harley Breen leaves the audience begging for more.
Dave Thornton is an absolute natural, he owns the stage not because
he tries to - he just does                                                                                                       KARRATHA
ADULT $38; FOTT MEMBER 33; CONC $25; GROUP BOOKING $35                                                                 PHONE: 9143 1222
                                                                                                                           POOLS & SPAS
COMEDY LIVE WITH JIMBO                                                                                                 Clearly Better Pool Care
Jimbo is one of Australia’s most all round
comedians. With over 4000 gigs and more
than ten years experience, Jimbo has excelled
at just about every live gig possible. From                                                                    Discover Paradise at Poolmart Karratha
kids stage shows at Sega World, to making
Western Australian coal miners laugh and
everything in between.                                                                                                                      Where we can make your
                                                                                                                                            Where we can make your
TUES 12 JUN 7.30PM, ALL TICKETS $25;                                                                                                        dream come true
                                                                                                                                            dream come true
                                                                                                                                            Choose your Dream
                                                                                                                                            Choose your Dream
COFFEE & CAKE MOVIE THE                                                                                                                     Design Pool or Spa
                                                                                                                                            Design Pool or Spa
ILLUSIONIST (M)                                                                                                                             for Pure Pleasure and
                                                                                                                                            for Pure Pleasure and
STARRING EDWARD NORTON, PAUL GIAMATTI, RUFUS SEWELL                                                                                         Relaxation or a
                                                                                                                                            Relaxation or a
& JESSICA BIEL                                                                                                                              Childhood Adventure.
                                                                                                                                            Childhood Adventure.
 Set in the early 20th century in Vienna, a stage
magician uses his magic to win back the great                                                                                               You Deserve the Best
                                                                                                                                            You Deserve the Best
love of his life from a brutal enemy, her fiancé,
                                                                                                                                            Thats why we Offer Only
                                                                                                                                            Thats why we Offer Only
who is also the powerful crowned prince of
Austria.                                                                                                                                    The Best
                                                                                                                                            The Best
ADULT $ 6.60, FOTT MEM/CONC/ STUD $5.50 - SPONSORED BY PARRY’S                                         Open:           Professional Accredited Technicians
                                                                                                       Mon to Friday
COMEDY MONTH IN JUNE – ROSS NOBLE, MELBOURNE COMEDY FESTIVAL, AND NEW UPCOMING COMEDIAN - JIMBO        9am - 5                                           Balmoral Rd
 TO ALL PATRONS PLEASE NOTE THAT FOR ALL LIVE & COMMUNITY PERFORMANCES - NO SOFT DRINKS                Saturday                                          Balmoral Square
                 OR FOOD IS ALLOWED INTO THE VENUE AT ANYTIME - WATER ONLY                             9am-1pm                                           (near Bodytech)

      Page 2                                                                                                              Pilbara Classies
Issue No. 561                                           Tuesday 5th June 2006

                                 The Shire is continuing with the mosquito fogging program in
                                 response to high mosquito activity in certain town sites and
                                 areas. Mosquito fogging is an integral part of the Shire’s mosquito

                                                                                                                         ACE COURSES
                                 management plan with an objective to reduce mosquito nuisance
                                 and the incidence of disease transmission in our community.
                                 The fogging programme is well underway and the communities of
                                 Point Samson, Roebourne, Wickham and locations in and around the
                                 suburb of Pegs Creek being targeted.                                                    (ADULT COMMUNITY EDUCATION)
 Although the main emphasis of the mosquito management plan is a pro active approach with
 strategies to minimise the emergence of mosquito larvae before they become biting adults, it is not               •   Foils & Highlights
 always possible to achieve this and mosquito fogging is necessary.
 Mosquito fogging will continue for adult mosquitoes during the mornings and evenings, weather                     •   Make Up to Live By
 permitting until the levels of activity are reduced to sub nuisance levels.
                                                                                                                   •   Intro Painting Workshop
 In areas with high activity, residents are also urged to take the following precautions to prevent
 mosquito bites ;                                                                                                  •   Drawing
 • avoiding outdoor exposure around dusk and at night in areas where mosquitoes are active.
 • wearing insect repellent containing diethyl toluamide (DEET) or picaridin, as                                   •   Women’s Self Defence
    well as protective clothing when outdoors. The most effective and long lasting formulations
    are lotions or gels. Most natural or organic repellents are not effective as DEET or picaridin; and            •   Scrapbooking for beginners
 • ensuring infants and children are adequately protected against mosquito bits,
    preferably with suitable clothing, bed nets or other forms of insect screening                                 •   Introduction to Home Video Camera
 Should anyone have any questions regarding the mosquito control programme, please contact the                     •   Multi Media
 Shire of Roebourne’s Environmental Health Department on 9186 8555.
 Additional information can be located on the Shire’s web page at the following URL. http://www.                                  Dates to be advised
 A R Moles                                                                                                                              For further information
 CHIEF EXECUTIVE OFFICER                                                                           02597                                    please contact

                                                                                                                                        Phone 9159 6841


              Would you like to understand
                 Your partner better?                                                                                  JUNE/JULY DATES
              Discover the potential of your
                                                                                                                        ENQUIRE NOW!
        By attending the coming series of
        eight seminars you be in charge of                                                                   Cert IV in TAA - Delivery 2 Cluster ........ 18-20 June
              your future happiness.
        COMMENCING THURSDAY, JUNE 7, at 7.00 pm                                                              Oil Spill Training .......................................... 26 July
            Cost: $5.00 per seminar session
    Bookings : Phone Mark – 9143 1342 or 0400 550116
                                                                                                                                        For further information
       Program presented by Paul Vaughn (B.A., Ad.                                                                                          please contact
    Dip. Emergency Care, Ad. Dip. Counselling & Family                                                                                 pts@pilbaratafe.wa.edu.au
     Therapy) & Mark Ellmoos (B.A., M.A. Counselling).
                                                                                                                                        Phone 9159 6841

        Pilbara Classies                                                                                                                                             Page 3
                                                        Tuesday 5th June 2006                              Issue No. 561

                                                                         Mine Health
                                                                           (Spirometry and Hearing Test)
                                                                            (Spirometry and Hearing Test)
                                                                            Bookings available every week
                                                                            Bookings available every week
                                                                               “On time” Appointments
                                                                               “On time” Appointments
                                                              Karratha Hearing & Speech Pathology Clinic
                                                              Karratha Hearing & Speech Pathology Clinic
                                                                     Unit 2/26 De Grey Place, Karratha

                                                                                9144 2439
                                                                           Unit 2/26 De Grey Place, Karratha

                                                                                9144 2439
                                                                               Phone for Appointments
                                                                            Phone for Appointments

                                                                                                    Phone 9144 2813
                                                                                               Cnr Sherlock Cres/Warambie Rd,
 For all your brewing needs & advice

 MORGAN’S AUSTRALIA BEER’S                                        Remedial Massage ∞ Relaxation Massage
                                                             Lymphatic Drainage Massage ∞ Chinese Acupuncture
     NOW ONLY $13.50                                                       Bowen Therapy ∞ Reiki
                                                                 Business Hours: 9-7 Monday to Thursday
00857                                           00857

 9144 1041 or 0429 991 620                                                       9-5.30 Friday & 9-1 Saturday

                                                                  Are your loan repayments too high?
                                                              Want to get into the property market but not
                                                                    sure how much you can borrow?
                                                           Are you looking for finance to expand your wealth?

                                                                  Imagine having your own mortgage professional to
                                                                  help and guide you!
                                                                  Someone who specialises in finding a suitable loan
                                                                  and a suitable lender for your individual needs.
                                                                  Then imagine that they did all the legwork and took
                                                                  care of all the paperwork. Well, you don’t have to
                                                                  imagine anymore.
                                                                         At WMP Finance your Licensed Finance
                                                                              Broker can help you with:

                                                                  •         Residential or Investment Property Loans
                                                                  •         Refinancing
   Container Sales & Hire - 20ft & 40ft available
                                                                  •         Vacant Land or Construction Loans
                                Geoff Carr                        •         Debt consolidation
                                                                  •         First Home Owner Grant
                               0418 923 847
                               Fax: 9582 2737                 Phone NOW for an obligation free Home Loan Health Check!

                              1800 093 402                                           Donna Gayton
                                                          WMP Finance
                                                                           (Licensed Finance Broker No. 3678)
                                                                      Ph: 9185 5020               Mob: 0417 090 068
        justcontainers@arach.net.au                                   Freecall: 1300 760 766      Fax: 9185 2779         02389

        Page 4                                                                   Pilbara Classies
Issue No. 561                            Tuesday 5th June 2006

                 DOWN SALE
          We are off on our travels around Australia so with great
            sadness we are closing the doors and clearing out
                               ALL our stock
                  Everything discounted to cost or below
             Cash sales only, no EFTPOS, no personal cheques

                         Kids long sleeve rashies were $35 ..........now $1750         Toddler life jackets were $9750.......................... now $70
                         Kids short sleeve rashies were $30 .........now $15           Inflatable kayak were $229 .............................. now $160
                         Adults long sleeve rashies were $55.......now $2750           Exercise bicycle were from $399....................... now $220
                         Adults short sleeve rashies were $45......now $2250           Crosstrainer were from $599 ............................ now $399
                         Wetsuit shorty were $85 ........................now $45       Picasso fins were $250 ..................................... now $169
                         Wetsuit steamer were $95 .....................now $50         Sea Hornet Speargun were $175 ...................... now $125
                         Booties were $3750 .................................now $20   Spring stainless spears were $95 ..................... now $65
                         Mares X Vision Masks were $135 ............now $95
                                                                                       Seadog sunglasses were $30............................ now $20
                         Quartz Masks were $110 ........................now $77
                         Snorkelling kits were $115 .....................now $80       Ski ropes were $45 ........................................... now $30
                         Kevlar cray gloves were $65 ...................now $2995      Ski biscuits were $110...................................... now $89
                         Catch bag were $35 ...............................now $20     Kids ski shorts were $49 ................................... now $20
                         Snorkel were $30 ...................................now $20   Weight belt were $25....................................... now $15
                         Mares BCD (lge/Xlge) were $650 ............now $455           Spearfishing DVD were $55.............................. now $39
                         Quality PFD 1 life jackets were $115.......now $80            SS winch were from $145................................. now $115

                          Prices and stock are valid at time of print. We cannot guarantee that they will remain in stock.
             Heaps of shop fittings, Bauer dive compressor and fill panel, 13HP Honda motor, computers, fridge, steel, shop counter,
        airconditioners, power tools and more Hurry in: stocked items only. This is your final chance for big discounts from a local shop.
                        Open 7 days including Sat 10 - 4, Sun 10 - 2 while stocks last

                                  KARRATHA OUTDOORS                                                                           Centro

                                              Warambie Rd
                                                                                                                              Centre                       Sherlock Cres
                                                                                                                                          Sharpe Avenue

                                                                                                                                                          Bob Janes

                                           Ph 9185 2299

                                                                                                                                                          Warambie Road


        Pilbara Classies                                                                                                                                                   Page 5
                                                   Tuesday 5th June 2006                   Issue No. 561

Opening Hours - Mon-Fri 8.30am - 5pm, Sat 9.00am till Mid-Day, Closed Sundays    Karratha Road, Karratha


  Think of a reason. That’s not hard to do… “Escapade” is a 12 Meter luxury sailing catamaran
  providing a variety of trips through the Dampier Archipelago. The Escapade Eco Tours return to
  Dampier on the 5th June 2007. You can be assured that the stability of a catermaran will add sailing
  comfort to your experience.
  The comfortable relaxing tours include day trips for up to 12 people and overnight for 8 people,
  taking in the white sandy beaches, kilometers of pristine coral reefs and the possible sighting of
                                   various sea life such as whales, dolphins and dugongs. The luxury
                                   catamaran is beautifully fi ed throughout from the DVD flatscreen
                                   to timber fi ings. There are three separate cabins and this vessel
                                   is the perfect way to spend quality time with your partner, just get
                                   away by yourself or meet new people.
                                   All trips are BYO alcohol with a minimum number of four persons
                                   and a maximum of 12 on the day. The boat is also available for
                                   private charter. Bookings can be made through the Karratha Visitor
                                   Centre or direct by phoning 0428 111 027.
                                   Prices start from $70 per person for a 2 hour day or popular sunset
                                   cruise. Tour prices are varied and range from individual costs for
                                   a day trip which includes lunch, group tours or private hire of the
                                   vessel. Departure is from Dampier. You could really put the spark
                                   back with a big 2 day cruise including all meals.
                                   Tours will be operating from the 5th June to the 20th September
                                                                      Call Tom or Steve on Ph 9144 4222
                                                          or call in and see us at Crane Circle, Karratha

For bookings, information and local brochures call the Karratha Visitor Centre on 9144 4600.
   Page 6                                                            Pilbara Classies
Issue No. 561                                Tuesday 5th June 2006

Help with Reading
                                                                                                WILL’S BOBCATS
                                                                                                local dealer-installer of Riverina Pools
                                                                                                    Come and see our display pool
    Do you have difficulty with reading and writing,
                                                                                                         “On time on budget”
    spelling or basic maths?

    •               You can learn on a one-to-one basis
                    with a tutor.

    •               All tutors are trained volunteers.

    •               Confidentiality is assured.

    •               This is a free service for adults.

    Free tutoring will be offered in Karratha if there
    is enough interest. To find out more about this
    program, ring freecall 1800 018 802.


                                                                                                 Phone Will 0419 916 113
        Funded by the Western Australian Department of Education and Training                        www.riverinapools.com.au

 BLUE CARD                                                                                                             519 STACER BOWRIDER
 Construction Induction                                                                                                this as new boat is only 6 months
                                                                                                                       old,90 mariner,all electronics,2 1/2 years
                                                                                                                       new boat warranty to go
                                                                                                                       suit new buyer looking to save $$$
                Courses                                                                                                at only
              guaranteed to                                                                                            $
                                                                                                                       5.4 CORALINE PLATE
         • 4 hour course                                                                                               ALI
                                                                                                                       very tidy boat with 70 hp
         • Karratha based provider                                                                                     yamaha,radio,colour sounder,GPS,targa
                                                                                                                       ,bimini,120 l fuel
         • Courses run weekly                                                                                          great value at
         • Pay by credit card or purchase order                                                                        $
         • You may be eligible for up to 80%
           BCITF funding                                                                                               6.0 SEAFARER
         • Quali cation and Card issued                                                                                VICTORY
                                                                                                                       the very best in f/glass boats with
                    Ask about our                                                                                      cabin,plenty of deck area,good
                                                                                                                       electronics,115 johnson
                Safety Reps Course                                                                                     top value at only
         • 5 days, Worksafe accredited                                                                                 $
         AVELING                         (08) 9379 9999                                 Bunbury                        www.sportsmarine.com.au
         Inductions • Safety • Leadership                                                                              greg@sportsmarine.com.au
         www.aveling.com.au                                                                              BOAT CENTRE   Phone (08) 97214390

        Pilbara Classies                                                                                                                       Page 7
TV Guide - Tuesday, June 5                                                                                                                                        Issue No. 561

6.00 Adrenalini Brothers. (R) 6.10 Creepie.       6.00    Sunrise. (S)                             6.00 Today. (S)                             6.00    Hong Kong News.
(R) (S) 6.30 Extraordinary Friends. (R) (S)       9.00    Raggs: Colours. (R) (S)                  9.00 Mornings With Kerri-Anne. (PG) (S)     6.20    Chinese News.
7.00 The Secret Show. (S) 7.10 Atomic             9.30    Home Shopping.                           11.00TTN. (S)                               6.50    Filipino News.
Betty. (R) 7.35 Arthur. (R) 8.00 Wubbzy. (S)      10.30   News. (S)                                11.30Guthy-Renker Australia. (PG) (R)       7.25    Italian News.
8.10 Lunar Jim. (R) 8.20 Fluffy Gardens. (S)      11.00   According To Jim. (R)                    12.00The Oprah Winfrey Show. (PG) (S)       8.00    German News.
8.30 Elmo’s World. (R) (S) 8.45 Postman           11.30   Food 4 Life. (S)                         1.00 Huey’s Cooking Adventures.             8.30    Spanish News.
Pat. (R) 9.00 Fifi. (R) (S) 9.10 Gordon. (R)      12.00   Movie: Anne Of Green Gables:             1.30 The Bold And The Beautiful. (S)        9.20    French News.
(S) 9.20 Global Grover. (R) 9.30 Play School.             The Sequel. (1987) Megan Follows,        2.00 Days Of Our Lives. (PG)                9.55    Russian News.
(R) (S) 9.55 Bananas. (R) 10.00 Behind The                Colleen Dewhurst. Part 2 of 2. Anne      3.00 Entertainment Tonight. (S)             10.30   Greek News.
News. (S) 10.25 Science Clips. (R) (S) 10.35              battles prevailing attitudes to win      3.30 New MacDonald’s Farm. (S)              11.30   Arabic News.
Arrows Of Desire. (R) (S) 11.00 Naked                     over the locals near the school she is   4.00 The Shak. (S)                          12.05   Indonesian News.
Science. (S) 12.00 Midday Report. (S) 12.30               teaching at. (R)                         4.30 Neighbours. (S)                        12.30   Business Report.
The Einstein Factor. (R) (S) 1.00 The New         2.35    Reba. (R)                                5.00 Ten News. (S)                          1.00    Movie: Magic Kitchen. (2004)
Inventors. (R) (S) 1.30 Catalyst. (R) (S) 2.00    3.00    The Simple Life: ’Til Death Do Us        6.00 WIN News. (S)                                  Sammi Cheng. (PG) (R)
The Bill. (PG) (R) (S) 3.00 Bananas. (R) 3.05             Part. (PG)                               6.30 A Current Affair. (S)                  3.00    Animated Tales Of The World. (R)
Wiggles! (R) 3.15 Louie. (R) 3.25 Thomas.         3.30    My Wife And Kids. (PG) (R) (S)           7.00 Big Brother. (PG) (S)                  3.30    Football Stars Of Tomorrow.
(R) 3.30 Play School. (R) (S) 4.00 Peppa Pig.     4.00    It’s Academic. (R) (S)                   7.30 The Simpsons. (PG) (S)                 4.00    A Fork In The Road. (R)
(R) 4.05 The Koala Brothers. 4.15 Harry And       4.30    News At 4.30. (S)                        8.00 The Simpsons. (PG) (R) (S)             4.30    The Journal.
His Bucket. (R) (S) 4.30 Chalk Zone. (R) 4.55     5.00    Deal Or No Deal.                         8.30 House. After recovering from his       5.00    Newshour With Jim Lehrer.
RollerCoaster. 5.55 Behind The News. (S)          5.30    GWN News.                                     gunshot wounds, House works            6.00    Global Village: Excentriiiks. See
6.10 Time Team: Waltham Villa. (S)                6.00    News. (S)                                     feverishly on two cases at the same            an elephant and its rider jump into
7.00 News. (S)                                    6.30    Today Tonight. (S)                            time: a paralysed man who drove his            the English Channel, a painter who is
7.30 The 7.30 Report. (S)                         7.00    Home And Away. Jack is                        wheelchair into a swimming pool                described as a living god in Japan,
8.00 Choir Of Hard Knocks. Part 4 of 5.                   determined to make Naomi see that             and a woman who became paralysed               the world’s first museum dedicated
        The choir attempts to sell the 4000               her actions are tearing his family            after a yoga session. (M) (S)                  to the sardine, and Slavia Patjic, a
        copies of their Christmas CD, while               apart. Kim is left reeling when          9.30 NCIS. When Ziva witnesses a                    man who claims to be immune to
        the positive effects of the choir                 Rachel announces that she wants to            political assassination, she must              electrocution. (S)
        become evident as members                         start a family. (PG) (S)                      surrender to the FBI and deal with     6.30    World News Australia. (S)
        struggle to stay clean and sober in                                    Home and Away            the consequences without Gibbs’s       7.30    Insight. (S)
        the lead-up to the event. (PG) (S)                                       GWN 7.00pm             help because he has retired. (M) (S)   8.30    Cutting Edge: Jihad. Part 1 of 2.
8.30 The Bill. DC Mickey Webb faces a                                                                                                                  Explores the ideas and beliefs that
        rape charge after a one-night stand.                                                                                                           inspire radical Islamic groups, along
        Station lawyer Matt Hinckley makes                                                                                                             with the challenges they pose for
        a mistake in an effort to scare PC Will                                                                                                        governments in the Middle East and
        Fletcher off his fiancée. (PG) (S)                                                                                      WIN 9.30pm             the Western world. (S)
9.20 Foreign Correspondent. (S)                                                                                                                9.30    World News Australia. (S)
10.00 First Tuesday Book Club. (S)                                                                 10.30 The Nation. (M) (S)                   10.00   Cutting Edge: Jihad. Part 2 of 2.
10.30 Lateline. (S)                                                                                11.30 WIN News. (R) (S)                             The inside story of Al Qaeda’s main
11.05 Lateline Business. (S)                      7.30 It Takes Two. (S)                           12.00 The Late Show With David                      leadership. (S)
11.35 Absolute Power. (M) (R) (S)                 9.00 All Saints. A challenging medical                 Letterman. (PG)                       11.00   Hot Docs: Damages. Follows a law
12.05 Nighty Night. (M) (R) (S)                         case forges new alliances. Bart            1.00 Movie: Blood From The Mummy’s                  firm who specialise in helping clients
12.35 Movie: The Day Will Dawn. (1942)                  breaks all the rules to help Von                 Tomb. (1972) Andrew Keir, Valerie             achieve better compensation payouts
        Ralph Richardson, Deborah Kerr,                 through an emotional day. (M) (S)                Leon, James Villiers. The people              by advising them on how to act and
        Hugh Williams. (B&W) (R)                  10.00 Crossing Jordan. (M) (S)                         involved with an archaeological               what to wear in court. (M)
2.15 Movie: The Secret Place. (1957)              11.00 The Inside. (M)                                  expedition which resulted in          12.00   Movie: Little Otik. (2000) When a
        Belinda Lee, Ronald Lewis, Michael        12.00 Scrubs. (PG) (R)                                 unearthing an Egyptian Queen, are             childless couple shape a tree root
        Brooke. (B&W) (PG) (R)                    12.30 GWN News. (R)                                    killed off by the Queen’s crawling,           into a baby-like form and give it life,
3.55 Second Opinion: Infertility And              1.00 Home Shopping. (R)                                severed hand. (M) (R)                         it has tragic consequences for the
        Muscle Injuries. (R) (S)                  1.30 Expo.                                       3.00 Carson’s Law. (PG) (R)                         local community. (MA15+)
4.30 Parkinson. (PG) (R) (S)                      5.00 Creflo A. Dollar.                           4.00 Entertainment Tonight. (S)             2.15    WeatherWatch Overnight.
5.30 Head 2 Head. (R) (S)                         5.30 Home Shopping. (R)                          4.30 Good Morning America. (S)              5.25    Japanese News. News from Tokyo.

                                                          NOTE: TV Times correct at time of printing and may be subject to change

          tuesday 12PM                                                                                                                                               12:
          Booking deadline for the Pilbara Classies is now 12 noon on Tuesdays
                    due to new distribution day. Don’t miss out on your place!

        Page 8                                                                                                               Pilbara Classies
Issue No. 561                                                                                                             TV Guide - Wednesday, June 6

6.00 Freaky. (R) (S) 6.10 Monster Warriors.          6.00    Sunrise. (S)                            6.00 Today. (S)                              6.00    Hong Kong News.
(R) (S) 6.30 Yellow Jacket. (R) 6.35 The Fairly      9.00    Raggs. (R) (S)                          9.00 Mornings With Kerri-Anne.               6.20    Chinese News.
OddParents. (R) 7.00 The Secret Show. (S)            9.30    Home Shopping.                                (PG) (S)                               6.50    Filipino News.
7.10 Atomic Betty. (R) 7.35 Arthur. (R) 8.00         10.30   News. (S)                               11.00 News. (S)                              7.25    Italian News.
Wubbzy. (S) 8.10 Lunar Jim. (R) 8.20 Fluffy          11.00   According To Jim. (PG) (R)              11.30 Time Life. (PG) (R)                    8.00    German News.
Gardens. (S) 8.30 Elmo’s World. (R) (S) 8.45         11.30   Food 4 Life. (S)                        12.00 The Oprah Winfrey Show. (PG) (S)       8.30    Spanish News.
Postman Pat. (R) 9.00 Fifi. (R) (S) 9.10             12.00   Movie: Body And Soul. (1998) Ray        1.00 Huey’s Cooking Adventures.              9.20    French News.
Gordon. (R) (S) 9.20 Global Grover. (R) 9.30                 “Boom Boom” Mancini. (M)                1.30 The Bold And The Beautiful. (S)         9.55    Russian News.
Play School. (R) (S) 10.00 Count Us In. (R)          2.00    All Saints. (M) (R) (S)                 2.00 Days Of Our Lives. (PG)                 10.30   Greek News.
10.15 We Are From. (R) (S) 10.30 Behind The          3.00    The Simple Life: ’Til Death Do Us       3.00 Entertainment Tonight. (S)              11.30   Arabic News.
News. (R) (S) 10.55 Australians. (R) 11.00                   Part. (PG)                              3.30 New MacDonald’s Farm. (S)               12.05   Indonesian News.
Auschwitz: The Nazis And The Final Solution.         3.30    My Wife And Kids. (PG) (R) (S)          4.00 The Shak. (S)                           12.30   Business Report.
(PG) (R) (S) 12.00 Midday Report. (S) 12.30          4.00    It’s Academic. (R) (S)                  4.30 Neighbours. (S)                         1.00    Movie: The Circle. (2000) (PG) (R)
National Press Club Address. (S) 1.30 Talking        4.30    News At 4.30. (S)                       5.00 Ten News. (S)                           3.00    Indonesia – Art, Activism And
Heads. (R) (S) 2.00 The Bill. (PG) (R) (S) 3.00      5.00    Deal Or No Deal.                        6.00 WIN News. (S)                                   Rock ‘N’ Roll. (PG) (R)
Bananas. (R) 3.05 Wiggles! (R) 3.15 Louie.           5.30    GWN News.                               6.30 A Current Affair. (S)                   3.30    She’ll Be Right, Boss. (R) (S)
(R) 3.25 Thomas And Friends. (R) 3.30 Play           6.00    News. (S)                               7.00 Big Brother. (PG) (S)                   4.00    A Fork In The Road. (R) (S)
School. (R) (S) 4.00 Peppa Pig. (R) 4.05 The         6.30    Today Tonight. With Monika Kos.         7.30 McLeod’s Daughters. Old wounds          4.30    The Journal.
Koala Brothers. 4.15 Harry And His Bucket.                   (Includes Lotto draw.). (S)                   are opened when Stevie’s estranged     5.00    Newshour With Jim Lehrer.
(R) (S) 4.30 Chalk Zone. (R) 4.55                    7.00    Home And Away. (S)                            mother visits. Passions are aroused    6.00    Global Village: Delicious
RollerCoaster. 5.55 Behind The News. (S)             7.30    Last Chance Learners. (PG) (S)                when Stevie and Alex organise a                Orient: Bursa – Home Of
6.00 Great Artists: Rubens. (S)                      8.00    Police Files – Unlocked. (PG) (S)             laser skirmish for a combined bucks            Ottoman Cuisine. Bursa is a town
6.30 The Cook And The Chef. (S)                      8.30    Heroes. After “helping” Suresh                and hen party. Kate returns from               of many cultures in Turkey, and when
7.00 News. (S)                                               search for more people with special           Africa after her failed relationship           nomads settled there they found a
7.30 The 7.30 Report. (S)                                    abilities, Sylar’s rampage continues.         with Dave. (PG) (S)                            variety of dishes left behind by the
8.00 The New Inventors. (S)                                  Nathan must factor what he’s                                                                 Hittites, Romans, Byzantines, Arabs,
                                                                                                     McLeod’s Daughters
8.30 Spicks And Specks. (S)                                  learned from Linderman into difficult   WIN 7.30pm                                           Mongols and Crusaders. The döner
9.00 The Chaser’s War On                                     decisions that will shape the future.                                                        kebab is the best-known. Presented
         Everything. (S)                                     (M) (S)                                                                                      by Silvio Rivier. (S)
9.30 The Robinsons. (M) (S)                          9.30    Prison Break – On The Run. An                                                        6.30    World News Australia. (S)
                                                             unlikely alliance forms between                                                      7.30    Vasili’s Garden. (S)
                                                             Bellick and Sucre while Michael is                                                   8.00    Bluelist Australia. Part 1 of 4. Actor
                                                             determined to face the president.                                                            Samuel Johnson highlights some of
                                                             (M) (S)                                                                                      Australia’s most unique travel
                                                     10.30   24. Jack must pull out all the stops                                                         experiences, road-tested by
                                                             to retrieve his nephew, while the       8.30 Cold Case. The team re-opens the                Australian celebrities, and introduces
                                                             White House tries a desperate tactic          1996 case of a wealthy woman who               travel videos submitted by the public
 The Robinsons                                               to retrieve the component from the            was afraid of the dark and died                to Lonely Planet’s Bluelist website. (S)
 ABC 9.30pm                                                  Chinese. (Includes the Prime                  during a city-wide electricity         8.30    Dateline. (S)
                                                             Minister’s Fortnightly Address.). (M)         blackout. (M) (S)                      9.30    World News Australia. (S)
10.00At The Movies. (S)                                      (S)                                     9.30 Without A Trace. (M) (S)                10.00   Movie: Don’t Move. (2004) As his
10.30Lateline. (S)                                   11.30   Night Stalker. A newspaper              10.30 Big Brother – The Works. Behind                daughter undergoes surgery, a
11.05Lateline Business. (S)                                  reporter investigates when a                  the scenes of Big Brother. (S)                 doctor remembers an affair he had
11.35Four Corners. (R) (S)                                   pregnant woman is murdered and          11.30 WIN News. (R) (S)                              when he was younger with a woman
12.20Media Watch. (R) (S)                                    her husband is accused of the crime.    12.00 The Late Show With David                       who also bore him a child. (MA15+)
12.35P.O.W.(M) (R) (S)                                       (M) (S)                                       Letterman. (PG)                        12.05   Goalissimo.
1.30 Movie: Windom’s Way. (1957)                     12.30   GWN News. (R)                           1.00 The 4400. (M)                           1.00    The Doctor, The Depleted
     Peter Finch. (PG) (R)                           1.00    Home Shopping. (R)                      2.00 Da Vinci’s Inquest. (M)                         Uranium And The Dying
3.25 National Press Club Address. (S)                1.30    Expo.                                   3.00 Skyways. (M) (R)                                Children. (M) (R) (S)
4.30 Parkinson. (R) (S)                              5.00    Creflo A. Dollar.                       4.00 Entertainment Tonight. (R) (S)          2.00    WeatherWatch Overnight.
5.30 Head 2 Head. (R) (S)                            5.30    Home Shopping. (R)                      4.30 Good Morning America. (S)               5.25    Japanese News. News from Tokyo.

                                                             NOTE: TV Times correct at time of printing and may be subject to change

                                                             Commanding Nelson

                                              He is very self reliant, 10 years old and to spend his retirement years with
                                              desexed. He keeps a low profile but someone else who is at home a lot
                                              at the same time is very affectionate - preferring adult company to small
                                              and loves a smooch!He would love children.Are you the retiring type too?
                                                          If you are interested in Nelson please contact SAFE
  PET OF                                                        Proudly Sponsored by The Pilbara Classies

 THE WEEK                                                             Please call SAFE on 9185 4634 or safektha@bigpond.net.au
                                                  For more pets in need of homes please check out our NEW and UPDATED website: www.safe.asn.au

     Pilbara Classies                                                                                                                                                        Page 9
TV Guide - Thursday, June 7                                                                                                                                          Issue No. 561

6.00 Bernard. (R) 6.05 Being Ian. (R) (S)          6.00    Sunrise. (S)                          6.00    Today. (S)                               6.00     Hong Kong News.
6.25 Princess Natasha. (R) 6.35 Yak. (R) (S)       9.00    Raggs. (R) (S)                        9.00    Kerri-Anne. (PG) (S)                     6.20     Chinese News.
7.00 The Secret Show. (S) 7.10 Atomic              9.30    Home Shopping.                        11.00   News. (S)                                6.50     Filipino News.
Betty. (R) 7.35 Arthur. (R) 8.00 Wubbzy. (S)       10.30   News. (S)                             11.30   Guthy-Renker Australia. (PG) (R)         7.25     Italian News.
8.10 Lunar Jim. (R) 8.20 Fluffy Gardens. (S)       11.00   According To Jim. (R)                 12.00   The Oprah Winfrey Show. (PG) (S)         8.00     German News.
8.30 Elmo’s World. (R) (S) 8.45 Postman            11.30   Food 4 Life. (S)                      1.00    Huey’s Cooking Adventures.               8.30     Spanish News.
Pat. (R) 9.00 Fifi. (R) (S) 9.10 Gordon. (R)       12.00   Movie: Judgement Day: The Ellie       1.30    The Bold And The Beautiful. (S)          9.20     French News.
(S) 9.20 Global Grover. (R) 9.30 Play School.              Nesler Story. (1998) (M) (R)          2.00    Days Of Our Lives. (PG)                  9.55     Russian News.
(R) (S) 10.00 For The Juniors. (R) 10.15 Just      2.00    All Saints. (M) (R) (S)               3.00    Entertainment Tonight. (S)               10.30    Greek News.
Write. (R) (S) 10.30 Inside Out. (R) (S)           3.00    The Simple Life: ’Til Death Do Us     3.30    New MacDonald’s Farm. (S)                11.30    Arabic News.
10.45 Food For Thought. (R) (S) 11.00                      Part. (PG)                            4.00    The Shak. (S)                            12.05    Indonesian News.
Outback House. (PG) (R) (S) 12.00 Midday           3.30    My Wife And Kids. (PG) (R) (S)        4.30    Neighbours. (S)                          12.30    Business Report.
Report. (S) 12.30 Monarch Of The Glen. (R)         4.00    It’s Academic. (R) (S)                5.00    Ten News. (S)                            1.00     The Great Communist Bank
(S) 1.30 Strictly Dancing. (R) (S) 2.00 The        4.30    News At 4.30. (S)                     6.00    WIN News. (S)                                     Robbery. (M) (R) (S)
Bill. (PG) (R) (S) 3.00 Bananas. (R) 3.05          5.00    Deal Or No Deal.                      6.30    A Current Affair. (S)                    2.30     Dateline. (R) (S)
Wiggles! (R) 3.15 Louie. (R) 3.25 Thomas           5.30    GWN News.                             7.00    Big Brother. (PG) (S)                    3.30     Nest. (R)
And Friends. (R) 3.30 Play School. (R) (S)         6.00    News. (S)                             7.30    Getaway: 15th Birthday Special.          4.00     Food Lovers’ Guide To Australia.
3.55 Peppa Pig. (R) 4.00 The Koala                 6.30    Today Tonight. (S)                            Highlights of Getaway’s 15 years on               (R) (S)
Brothers. 4.10 Harry And His Bucket Full. (R)      7.00    Home And Away. (S)                            air, including some of the most          4.30     The Journal.
(S) 4.25 Chalk Zone. (R) 4.50 RollerCoaster.       7.30    How I Met Your Mother. Marshall               amazing scenery, funniest characters     5.00     Newshour With Jim Lehrer.
5.50 Behind The News. (S)                                  is all set to celebrate his beloved           and moving moments, as well as a         6.00     Global Village: Pepe Nuñez/A
6.05 Grand Designs: Hereford. (S)                          Fiero hitting the 320,000 kilometre           reunion of 14 of the show’s past and              Royal Wedding. (R) (S)
7.00 News. (S)                                             mark until it suddenly stops. While           present reporters. (PG) (S)              6.30     World News Australia. (S)
7.30 The 7.30 Report. (S)                                  the gang sits in the mechanic’s       8.30    Medium. (Final) Allison dreams of        7.30     Hotline. (S)
8.00 Catalyst. Part 1 of 6. Dr Alice                       garage and wait to hear what will             the life she could have had if she’d     7.35     Inspector Rex. (PG) (R) (S)
         Roberts examines the kidneys and                  happen to the vehicle, they think             become the attorney she originally       8.30     The Eagle: A Crime Odyssey.
         the role they play as the body’s                  about times gone by that they have            wanted to be. (M) (S)                             Hallgrim learns about some
         filtration system. (S)                            spent together in the car. (PG) (S)   9.30    The Footy Show. AFL. Join co-hosts                incriminating photos after Le Mabé is
8.25 News. (S)                                                                                           Garry Lyon and James Brayshaw,                    poisoned by Fabio. Frandsen overhears
8.35 Air Australia: Australia’s Own. Part                                                                along with Sam Newman and Trevor                  Aagaard make contact with an arms
         2 of 3. The creation of the Australian                                                          Marmalade, for the latest news and                dealer in Norway in order to continue
         aviation industry, from pioneers to the                                                         match previews. (M) (S)                           his deals with Congo in exchange for
         boardroom battles. (S)                                                                  11.30   WIN News. (R) (S)                                 tantalum. (M) (S)
9.35 The Kidnapping Of Elizabeth                                                                 12.00   The Late Show With David
         Smart. Follows the investigation of       How I Met Your Mother                                 Letterman. Join David Letterman
         the kidnapping of a teenage girl who      GWN 7.30pm                                            and special guests for his Top 10 and
         was taken from her Salt Lake City                                                               more. (PG)
         home and held for nine months. (M)        8.00 My Name Is Earl. Earl tries to take      1.00    The Footy Show. NRL. Paul Vautin
         (S)                                             on number 101 on his list “stole a              and Paul Harragon are joined by a
10.25 Lateline. News analysis. (S)                       girl’s identity” by helping Liberty,            panel of experts to discuss the latest                                      The Eagle
11.00 Lateline Business. (S)                             Joy’s half-sister that she never knew           happenings in rugby league.                                               SBS 8.30pm
11.30 Live At The Basement: The                          about. (PG) (S)                                 Includes a preview of the upcoming
         Angels Band. (R)                          8.30 Lost. (M) (S)                                    round of matches, regular variety        9.35  World News Australia. (S)
12.25 Red Cap. (Final) Part 6 of 6.                9.30 The Amazing Race: All Stars. (PG) (S)            segments and celebrity and musical       10.05 The Movie Show.
         (M) (R) (S)                               10.30 Family Guy. (M) (S)                             guests. (M) (S)                          10.15 Wilfred. . (M) (R) (S)
1.20 Movie: The Demi-Paradise. (1943)              11.30 Stargate: Atlantis. (M)                 2.30    Blue Collar TV. A series of comedy       10.45 Movie: Noi The Albino. (2003)
         Laurence Olivier. (B&W) (R)               12.30 GWN News. (R)                                   skits making fun of the ordinary               Tómas Lemarquis, Elín Hansdóttir,
3.20 Movie: San Quentin. (1946)                    1.00 Home Shopping. (R)                               working-class individual. (M)                  Pröstur Leó Gunnarsson. (M)
         (B&W) (PG) (R)                            1.30 Expo.                                    3.00    Division 4. (B&W) (M) (R)                12.25 Imagining Ulysses. (PG)
4.30 Parkinson. (PG) (R) (S)                       5.00 Creflo A. Dollar.                        4.00    Entertainment Tonight. (S)               3.00 WeatherWatch Overnight.
5.30 Head 2 Head. (R) (S)                          5.30 Home Shopping. (R)                       4.30    Good Morning America. (S)                5.25 Japanese News. News from Tokyo.

                                                           NOTE: TV Times correct at time of printing and may be subject to change

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      Page 10                                                                                                                  Pilbara Classies
Issue No. 561                                                                                                                     TV Guide - Friday, June 8

6.00 Grossology. (R) (S) 6.25 Dragon             6.00    Sunrise. (S)                              6.00 Today. (S)                             6.00    Hong Kong News.
Booster. (R) 6.45 The Secret Show. (R) (S)       9.00    Raggs. (R) (S)                            9.00 Mornings With Kerri-Anne.              6.20    Chinese News.
7.10 Atomic Betty. (R) 7.35 Arthur. (R) 8.00     9.30    Home Shopping.                                  (PG) (S)                              6.50    Filipino News.
Wubbzy. (S) 8.10 Lunar Jim. (R) 8.20 Fluffy      10.30   News. (S)                                 11.00 News. (S)                             7.25    Italian News.
Gardens. (S) 8.30 Elmo’s World. (R) (S) 8.45     11.00   According To Jim. (PG) (R)                11.30 Time Life. (PG) (R)                   8.00    German News.
Postman Pat. (R) 9.00 Fifi. (R) (S) 9.10         11.30   Food 4 Life. (S)                          12.00 The Oprah Winfrey Show. (PG) (S)      8.30    Spanish News.
Gordon. (R) (S) 9.20 Global Grover. (R) 9.30     12.00   Movie: Red Corner. (1997) Richard         1.00 Huey’s Cooking Adventures.             9.20    French News.
Play School. (R) (S) 10.00 Take On                       Gere, Bai Ling, Bradley Whitford. While   1.30 The Bold And The Beautiful. (S)        9.55    Russian News.
Technology. (R) 10.15 Behind The News. (R)               trying to set up a television satellite   2.00 Days Of Our Lives. (PG)                10.30   Greek News.
(S) 10.30 Engineering At The Cutting Edge.               deal in China, an American lawyer is      3.00 Entertainment Tonight. (S)             11.30   Arabic News.
(R) (S) 10.55 Australians. (R) 11.00 Wild                framed for murder. (M) (R) (S)            3.30 New MacDonald’s Farm. (Final) (S)      12.05   Indonesian News.
Australasia. (R) (S) 12.00 Midday Report.        3.00    The Simple Life: ’Til Death Do Us         4.00 The Shak. (S)                          12.30   Business Report.
(S) 12.30 Fireflies. (PG) (R) (S) 1.15 Words.            Part. (PG)                                4.30 Neighbours. (S)                        1.00    Food Lovers’ Guide To Australia.
(R) 1.30 Parkinson. (PG) (R) (S) 2.30 Spicks     3.30    My Wife And Kids. (PG) (R) (S)            5.00 Ten News. (S)                                  (R) (S)
And Specks. (PG) (R) (S) 3.00 Bananas. (R)       4.00    It’s Academic. (R) (S)                    6.00 WIN News. (S)                          1.30    Insight. (R) (S)
3.05 Wiggles! (R) 3.15 Louie. (R) 3.25           4.30    News At 4.30. (S)                         6.30 A Current Affair. (S)                  2.30    Germany’s War. (PG) (S)
Thomas. (R) 3.30 Play School. (R) (S) 4.00       5.00    Deal Or No Deal.                          7.00 Big Brother. Find out what the         3.30    Worldly Possessions. (S)
Peppa Pig. (R) 4.05 The Koala Brothers.          5.30    GWN News.                                       housemates have been up to. (PG)      4.00    Wine Lovers’ Guide To Australia.
4.15 Harry And His Bucket. (R) (S) 4.30          6.00    News. (S)                                       (S)                                           (R) (S)
Chalk Zone. (R) 4.55 RollerCoaster. 5.55         6.30    Today Tonight. (S)                        7.30 Thank God You’re Here. Do you          4.30    The Journal.
Behind The News. (S)                             7.00    Home And Away. Cassie has a new                 enjoy watching performers pushed      5.00    Newshour With Jim Lehrer.
6.00 No Job For A Lady. (R) (S)                          love interest. Jules is gutted by               out of their comfort zone? Well-      6.00    Global Village: Flavours Of Italy:
6.30 Can We Help? Pete Rowsthorn and                     Drew’s betrayal. Brad’s future is in            known guests are thrust into                  Vineyards Of Tuscany. (S)
        the team find out if swearing in text            doubt when he’s suspended from his              improvised scenarios they know        6.30    World News Australia. (S)
        messages can land you in hot water.              job. (S)                                        nothing about. Hosted by Shane        7.30    Versailles Stories: Putting On A
        Former Test cricketer Justin Langer is   7.30    Football. AFL. Round 11. Essendon               Bourne. (PG) (R) (S)                          Show. (S)
        put through his paces. We find out if,           v West Coast. From Telstra Dome.          8.30 Movie: Charlie’s Angels: Full          8.00    Help. Part 1 of 6. (PG) (R) (S)
        with the aid of a computer, anyone               Hosted by Bruce McAvaney.                       Throttle. (2003) Cameron Diaz,        8.30    As It Happened: Umbrella
        can become a popstar. (S)                        Commentary from Dennis Cometti,                 Drew Barrymore, Lucy Liu. A trio of           Assassin. Follows the efforts of
7.00 News. (S)                                           David Schwarz, Tim Watson and Rick              sexy secret agents investigate the            British and American scientists to
7.30 Stateline. (S)                                      Olarenshaw. (S)                                 murders of people in witness                  solve the forensic puzzle surrounding
8.00 Collectors. (S)                                                                                     protection. (M) (S)                           the death of Georgi Markov, a
8.30 Taggart. Burke is shot in the neck as                                     AFL Round 11        10.45 Numb3rs. Don and his team must                Bulgarian dissident working for the
        he takes a well-earned fishing break.                          West Coast vs Essendon            stop a sniper who goes on a killing           BBC. (PG) (S)
                                                                                GWN 7.30pm
        As he fights for his life and another                                                            spree in Los Angeles. (M) (S)         9.30    World News Australia. (S)
        cop is shot dead, stashes of cash are                                                      11.40 WIN News. (R) (S)                     10.00   Big Love: Complete And Uncut. A
        found at both men’s homes. (M) (S)                                                         12.10 Big Brother: Friday Night. Can the            polygamist struggles to deal with
                                     Taggart                                                             housemates work together as a team            the expectations of his three wives
                                 ABC 8.30pm                                                              to conquer the task set by Big                while coping with the stress of
                                                                                                         Brother? Mike Goldman, Ryan                   opening a new store and dealing
                                                                                                         Fitzgerald and Bree Amer call the             with the news that his mother
                                                                                                         action. (PG) (S)                              maybe poisoning his father.
                                                                                                   2.10 Rugby League. NRL. Round 13.                   (MA15+) (R) (S)
                                                 10.30 Jake In Progress. (PG)                            South Sydney Rabbitohs v Penrith      11.00   Movie: Carmen. (2003) Paz Vega,
                                                 11.00 Movie: Lucky Numbers. (2000)                      Panthers. From Telstra Stadium. (S)           Leonardo Sbaraglia, Jay Benedict,
9.35 The Ghost Squad. Part 3 of 7. (M) (S)             John Travolta, Lisa Kudrow, Ed              4.20 WIN Presents.                                  Antonio Dechent, Joan Crosas.
10.30 Lateline. (S)                                    O’Neill, Tim Roth, Michael Moore. A         4.30 Good Morning America. News and                 (MA15+) (R)
11.10 The Chaser’s War On Everything.                  weatherman enlists the help of a                  talk show. Hosted by Diane Sawyer     1.05    Movie: Three Suns.
      (R) (S)                                          few friends in order to rig the state’s           and Charlie Gibson. (S)                       (2004) (MA15+) (R)
11.40 jtv.                                             lottery draw. (M) (R)                                                                   2.50    WeatherWatch Overnight.
12.10 Rage. Music videos. (M)                    1.00 Expo.                                                                                    5.25    Japanese News. News from Tokyo.

                                                         NOTE: TV Times correct at time of printing and may be subject to change


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     Pilbara Classies                                                                                                                                                    Page 11
     TV Guide - Saturday, June 9                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      Issue No. 561

            6.00 Rage. 9.00 jtv Saturday. 11.10 Falcon                                                       6.00               Mickey Mouse Clubhouse.                                             6.00    Thunderbirds. (R) (S)                  6.00    Hong Kong News.
            Beach. (PG) 12.00 Stateline. (R) (S) 12.30                                                       6.30               Jetix.                                                              6.30    Barney & Friends. (R)                  6.20    Chinese News.
            Australian Story. (R) (S) 1.00 Netball.                                                          7.00               Saturday Disney.                                                    7.00    Dora The Explorer. (R)                 6.50    Filipino News.
            Commonwealth Bank Trophy. Melbourne                                                              9.00               The Saturday Club.                                                  7.30    Kids’ WB.                              7.25    Italian News.
            Phoenix v Queensland Firebirds. Highlights.                                                      10.00              Staines Down Drains. (S)                                            7.35    Kangaroo Creek Gang.                   8.00    German News.
            2.00 Football. WAFL. Round 11. South                                                             10.30              Dive Olly Dive!(S)                                                          (Final) (R) (S)                        8.30    Spanish News.
            Fremantle v Subiaco. From Fremantle Oval.                                                        11.00              It’s Academic. (R) (S)                                              8.05    The Batman.                            9.20    French News.
            5.00 Bowls. World Cup. Men’s singles semi-                                                       11.30              That’s So Raven. (R)                                                8.10    Don’t Blame Me. (R) (S)                9.55    Russian News.
            final.                                                                                           12.00              Eclipse. (PG) (S)                                                   8.40    The Batman.                            10.30   Greek News.
            6.00 Goodnight Sweetheart. George                                                                1.00               Movie: Barbie Fairytopia: Magic                                     8.50    Ben 10.                                11.30   Arabic News.
                    Formby pays a visit to the Royal Oak                                                                        Of The Rainbow. (2007)                                              9.20    The Batman.                            12.05   Indonesian News.
                    and shows an interest in one of                                                          2.30               My Wife And Kids. (PG) (R) (S)                                      9.30    Streetsmartz. (R) (S)                  12.30   Business Report.
                    Gary’s “compositions”. (R) (S)                                                           3.00               Destination New Zealand.                                            10.00   Brandpower Australia. (PG) (R)         1.00    Tosca. (PG)
            6.30 Gardening Australia. Pete looks at                                                          3.30               Home In WA. (S)                                                     10.30   Guthy-Renker Australia. (PG) (R)       3.05    Rembrandt.
                    the green manure crops growing in                                                        4.00               Motor Racing. V8 Supercar                                           11.00   Motorcycle Racing. Australian          3.25    The Tale Of The Magic Flute.
                    the vegie patch. Sophie Thomson                                                                             Championship Series. Round 5. From                                          Superbikes Championship. Round 5.      4.30    Newshour With Jim Lehrer.
                    explores an extensively treed garden.                                                                       Eastern Creek International Raceway.                                        From Tasmania.                         5.30    Europe From Above.
                    John Patrick explains formative                                                          5.30               Deal Or No Deal. (R)                                                11.30   The Car Show.                          6.00    Nerds FC. (Final) Part 8 of 8. (R) (S)
                    pruning. (S)                                                                             6.00               News. (S)                                                           12.00   Movie: The Green Berets. (1968)        6.30    World News Australia. (S)
            7.00 News. (S)                                                                                   6.30               The Great Outdoors. Shelley                                                 John Wayne, Jim Hutton, David          7.30    Nerds FC. Part 1 of 9. What happens
            7.30 The Sideshow With Paul                                                                                         reports on the one thousand dollar                                          Janssen. A crack green beret unit is           when you give 14 nerds three
                    McDermott. Paul McDermott, along                                                                            holiday challenge as four                                                   sent on a dangerous mission in                 months of intensive training and
                    with the Umbilical Brothers, Tripod                                                                         honeymoon couples road test a                                               South Vietnam. (PG) (R)                        then have them play against an
                    and Claire Hooper, presents an hour                                                                         Queensland island resort. Jennifer                                  3.00    Discover Downunder. (PG)                       international All-Stars team? Follow
                    of offbeat performances. (S)                                                                                Hawkins sees the real Vietnam top-                                  3.30    The Garden Gurus.                              the nerds as they transform into
                                                                                                                                to-bottom by bicycle, and soon                                      4.00    The Western Front.                             soccer jocks with a little help from
                                                                                           The Sideshow                         discovers there are no road rules.                                  4.30    Fishing Australia.                             elite coach Craig Foster, perform and
                                                                                            ABC 7.30pm
                                                                                                                                Ernie visits a hinterland town that’s                               5.00    News. (S)                                      record their own team song and
                                                                                                                                gone from hippy to hip. (S)                                         5.30    The Simpsons. (PG) (R) (S)                     music video with Chris Murphy, and
                                                                                                                                                                                                    6.30    Australia’s Funniest Home                      get a David Beckham makeover. (S)
                                                                                                                                                                                                            Videos. (S)                            8.00    Kick. When performer Miki Mavros
                                                                                                                                                                                                    7.30    Football. AFL. Round 11. Brisbane              finds herself broke and unemployed,
                                                                                                                                                                                                            Lions v Western Bulldogs. From the             she takes refuge with her parents in
                                                                                                                                                                                                            Gabba.                                         their home and discovers that she
                                                                                                                                                                                                    10.30   Survivor: Fiji. Although the Moto              may have to search for a new way to
                                                                                                                                                                                                            tribe is thriving at their camp, one           make a living. (PG) (S)
                                                                                                                                                                               The Great Outdoors           member begins to experience serious    8.30    The Movie Show. (PG)
                                                                                                                                                                                     GWN 6.30pm             health problems. The Ravu tribe        8.40    Iron Chef. (S)
            8.25  News. (S)                                                                                                                                                                                 attempts to make fire with a pair of   9.30    Movie: The Illustrated Family
            8.30  The Bill. (S)                                                                              7.30 Better Homes And Gardens. (S)                                                             eyeglasses. (PG)                               Doctor. (2005) Samuel Johnson,
            9.20  News. (S)                                                                                  8.30 The Inspector Lynley Mysteries.                                                   11.30   Movie: The Specialist. (1994)                  Colin Friels, Sacha Horler, Jessica
            9.25  New Tricks. (M) (R) (S)                                                                          When the body of a child who was                                                         Sylvester Stallone, Sharon Stone,              Napier. An editor for an illustrated
            10.15 Parkinson. British acting legend Sir                                                             abducted 15 years ago is discovered                                                      James Woods. (MA15+) (R) (S)                   medical journal becomes convinced
                  Michael Caine discusses his days an                                                              in the grounds of an Italian country                                             1.30    Movie: The Sea Wolves. (1980)                  that he is suffering from the rare
                  an infantryman and what drives him                                                               villa, it seems for the English parents                                                  Gregory Peck, Roger Moore, David               diseases included in the book he’s
                  to make films. American crooner                                                                  that the past has finally been laid to                                                   Niven, Trevor Howard. (M) (R) (S)              working on. (M) (S)
                  Tony Bennett talks about his latest                                                              rest. (M) (S)                                                                    4.00    20/20. (R) (S)                         11.15   Shameless. (MA15+) (R) (S)
                  album which features star-studded                                                          10.30 Rugby Union. Australia v Fiji. From                                              5.00    Do It. Home makeover show.             12.10   Shorts On Screen. (M)
                  duets. (S)                                                                                       Subiaco Oval. Commentary from Tim                                                        Presented by Luke Van Dyke.            1.10    Movie: Birth Of The Wizard.
            11.10 Rage. Music videos from around the                                                               Horan and Dan Crowley. (S)                                                       5.30    Fishing Australia:                             (1996) Kimika Yoshino. (MA15+)
                  world. (M)                                                                                 1.00 Expo.                                                                                     Best Of 2006. (R)                      2.40    WeatherWatch Overnight.

                                                                                                                                   NOTE: TV Times correct at time of printing and may be subject to change


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                                Page 12                                                                                                                                                                                         Pilbara Classies
Issue No. 561                                                                                                                TV Guide - Sunday, June 10

6.00 Rage. 6.30 Planet Cook. (R) 6.50            6.00 Riverview Live.                           6.00    Make Way For Noddy. (R) (S)             6.00    WeatherWatch & Music.
Experimentals. 6.55 Li’l Elvis Jones And The     6.30 Creflo A. Dollar.                         6.20    Little Red Tractor. (R) (S)             7.00    Hungarian News.
Truckstoppers. (R) 7.20 The Saddle Club. (R)     7.00 Blinky Bill’s Around The World            6.30    Barney & Friends. (R)                   7.30    Italian News Weekly.
(S) 7.45 Yakkity Yak. (R) (S) 8.10 Noah And            Adventures. (R)                          7.00    Dora The Explorer. (R)                  8.00    Korean News.
Saskia. (R) (S) 8.35 Blue Water High. (R) (S)    7.30 Fairy Tale Police. (R)                    7.30    Snobs. (R) (S)                          8.30    Latin American News.
9.00 Insiders. (S) 10.00 Inside Business. (S)    8.00 Weekend Sunrise. (S)                      8.00    The Shak. (R) (S)                       9.00    Maltese News.
10.30 Offsiders. Provides humorous debate        10.00 Up Close Music. (PG) (S)                 8.30    Business Success.                       9.30    Polish News.
about the topic that dominates weekends –        10.30 That ’70s Show. (PG)                     9.00    Sunday. (S)                             10.00   Ukrainian News.
sport. Hosted by Barrie Cassidy. (S) 11.00       11.00 Movie: The Gods Must Be Crazy            11.00   The Sunday Footy Show. AFL.             10.30   A Hat Trick Of Haydn. (R)
Asia Pacific Focus. (S) 11.30 Songs Of Praise.         II. (1989) N!xau, Lena Farugia, Hans     12.00   Postcards WA.                           11.00   Cycling. UCI Mountain Bike World
(R) (S) 12.00 Landline. (S) 1.00 Gardening             Strydom. An African bushman tries        12.30   Movie: Hey Arnold! The Movie.                   Cup. Highlights.
Australia. (R) (S) 1.30 Message Stick. (R) (S)         to rescue his children after they stow           (2002) A young boy and his best         12.00   Speedweek.
2.00 Carthage: The Roman Holocaust. (PG)               away on a poacher’s truck. (PG) (R)              friend set out to save their town       1.00    Motor Racing. FIA World Rally
(R) (S) 3.00 Vincent: The Full Story. (R) (S)    1.00 Motor Racing. V8 Supercars. Round                 from industrialists. (PG)                       Championship. Greece. Highlights.
3.50 Margaret Barr: Hebridean Suite. (R)               5. Day 2. From Eastern Creek             2.00    Golf. 2006 US Open. Highlights.         2.00    World Of Athletics.
4.05 Art Museums Of The World. (S) 4.30                International Raceway.                           From Winged Foot Golf Club, New         2.30    FIFA Futbol Mundial.
First Tuesday Book Club. (R) (S) 5.00 Sunday     3.00 Football. AFL. Round 11. Fremantle                York.                                   3.00    Soccer. 2008 Women’s Olympic
Arts. (S)                                              v Richmond. From AAMI Stadium.           3.00    Movie: Evolution. (2001) David                  Qualifier. Australia v DPR Korea. From
6.00 At The Movies. (R) (S)                      6.00 News. (S)                                         Duchovny, Julianne Moore, Orlando               BCU International Stadium, Coffs
6.30 The Einstein Factor. Offbeat quiz           6.30 Where Are They Now. Catch up with                 Jones. (PG) (R) (S)                             Harbour.
        show hosted by Peter Berner. The               Mark Hamill of Star Wars fame, one-      5.00    Ten News. (S)                           5.00    The World Game.
        “Brains Trust” panel includes Mark             time teen pop star Debbie Gibson and     5.30    Sports Tonight. (S)                     6.00    Thalassa: Sassoon Dock. (R) (S)
        Woods, Dr Sue Turnbull and Tony                gymnast Nadia Comaneci. Some             6.00    The Simpsons. (R) (S)                   6.30    World News Australia. (S)
        Moclair. (S)                                   famous Australian athletes who           6.30    60 Minutes. (S)                         7.30    Lost Worlds: Dangerous Liaisons:
7.00 News. (S)                                         stripped for charity pay a visit, and    7.30    Big Brother: Double Eviction.                   Famous Mistresses – Mistress Of
7.30 Robin Hood. Robin tries to rescue                 three survivors of Cyclone Tracy share           (PG) (S)                                        The Sultan. Part 2 of 3. Looks at the
        an alchemist who has concocted a               their tales. Hosted by Melissa Doyle     9.00    Movie: Tsunami – The Aftermath.                 history of the harem and corrects
        powerful explosive powder and is               and David Koch. (PG) (S)                         (2006) Tim Roth, Toni Collette,                 many of the cliches surrounding
        being tortured by the Sheriff for the    7.30 Ugly Betty. The masked woman’s                    Chiwetel Ejiofor, Sophie Okonedo,. A            these institutions. (PG) (R) (S)
        formula. (PG) (S)                              announcement leaves Mode in chaos                tale of personal loss, survival and     8.30    Big Love. When Barb and Nicki
8.15 Creature Comforts. (R) (S)                        and the Meades at each other’s                   hope that affects the lives of those            become concerned with Margene’s
8.25 News. (S)                                         throats. Henry asks Betty out while              caught in the aftermath of the tragic           scant attire and lovemaking, Nicki’s
8.30 Life On Mars. Sam’s resolve not to                Walter tells her he has a big surprise           Boxing Day tsunami and are                      argument with Bill over the issue
        fall in with corrupt police is                 in store. (PG) (S)                               irrevocably transformed by one of               leads them to a passionate tryst of
        confirmed when he finds a local                                                                 history’s most heart-rending natural            their own. (M) (S)
        crime boss has been terrorising his                                                             disasters. (M) (S)                      9.30    RAN: Remote Area Nurse. Part 3
        mother. To nab the gangster, Sam                                                                                                                of 6. The return of Russ’s first-born
        knows he has to get Gene onside.                                                                                                                child Eddie sees the island divided
        (M) (S)                                                                                                                                         for the first time in years, presenting
9.30 Compass: Judah And                                                                                                                                 a golden opportunity for Helen. (M)
        Mohammad. (S)                                                                                                                                   (R) (S)
                                                                                 Ugly Betty
10.25 D-Day. (Final) (S)                                                       GWN 7.30pm                                                       10.30   Movie: Mullet. (2000) Ben
11.20 Rita. (R) (S)                                                                                                                                     Mendelsohn, Susie Porter. A young
                                                                                                                    Tsunami - The Aftermath
12.20 Grass Roots. (PG) (R) (S)                  8.30 Grey’s Anatomy. (M) (S)                                                   WIN 9.00pm              man returns to the small country
1.15 Movie: The Red Shoes. (1948)                9.30 What About Brian. (PG) (S)                                                                        town of his birth to try to unravel the
        Moira Shearer, Anton Walbrook,           10.30Sexiest Bad Girls. (M)                    11.30 Rove. (M) (S)                                     mistakes of his past. (MA15+) (R) (S)
        Marius Goring. (R) (S)                   11.30Football. AFL. Round 11. St Kilda v       12.40 Motorcycle Racing. MotoGP. Round          12.05   John Safran Vs God. (M) (R) (S)
3.30 Message Stick. (R) (S)                           Kangaroos. From Telstra Dome.                   7. Spanish Grand Prix. From Catalunya.    12.35   Life Support. (M) (R)
3.55 Dead Ringers. (PG) (R) (S)                  2.30 Expo.                                     3.40 Motor Racing. Formula One World            1.05    The Storm Rages Twice. (R)
4.30 Parkinson. (PG) (R) (S)                     5.00 Creflo A. Dollar.                               Championship. Round 6. Canadian           2.00    WeatherWatch Overnight.
5.30 Head 2 Head. (R) (S)                        5.30 Home Shopping. (R)                              Grand Prix. From Montreal.                5.25    Japanese News. News from Tokyo.

                                                         NOTE: TV Times correct at time of printing and may be subject to change

                                                                                                                                      Wed, Thurs, Fri 1.30pm - 6pm
                                                                                                                                           Sat 10am - 2.30pm
                                                                                                                                       9A Crane Circle, Karratha
                                                                                                                                          Phone: 9144 4411

     Pilbara Classies                                                                                                                                                      Page 13
TV Guide - Monday, June 11                                                                                                                                         Issue No. 561

6.00 Grizzly Tales. (R) 6.10 Black Hole High.    6.00    Sunrise. (S)                            6.00 Today. (S)                               6.00    WeatherWatch & Music.
(R) (S) 6.35 Kenny The Shark. (R) (S) 6.55       9.00    Raggs. (R) (S)                          9.00 Mornings With Kerri-Anne. (PG)           6.20    Chinese News.
Those Scurvy Rascals. (R) 7.00 The Secret        9.30    Home Shopping.                                (S)                                     6.50    Dutch News.
Show. (S) 7.10 Atomic Betty. (R) 7.35            10.30   News. (S)                               11.00 News. (S)                               7.25    Italian News.
Arthur. (R) 8.00 Wow Wow Wubbzy. (S)             11.00   According To Jim. (R)                   11.30 Guthy-Renker Australia. (PG) (R)        8.00    German News.
8.10 Lunar Jim. (R) 8.20 Fluffy Gardens. (S)     11.30   Food 4 Life. (S)                        12.00 Football. AFL. Round 11. Melbourne      8.30    Spanish News.
8.30 Elmo’s World. (R) (S) 8.45 Postman          1.00    Motor Racing. V8 Supercars. Round             v Collingwood. From the MCG.            9.20    French News.
Pat. (R) 9.00 Fifi And The Flowertots. (R) (S)           5. Day 3. From Eastern Creek            3.00 Entertainment Tonight. (S)               9.55    Russian News.
9.10 Gordon The Garden Gnome. (R) (S)                    International Raceway.                  3.30 Hi-5. (S)                                10.30   Greek News.
9.20 Global Grover. (R) 9.30 Play School. (R)    5.30    Deal Or No Deal.                        4.00 The Shak. (S)                            11.30   Arabic News.
(S) 10.00 Five Minutes More. (R) 10.05           6.00    News. (S)                               4.30 Neighbours. (S)                          12.05   Indonesian News.
Bambaloo. (R) 10.30 Cyberchase. (R) 10.55        6.30    Today Tonight. With Monika Kos.         5.00 Ten News. (S)                            12.30   Polish News.
The Amazing Adrenalini Brothers. (R) 11.00               (Includes Lotto draw.). (S)             6.00 WIN News. (S)                            1.00    Food Lovers’ Guide To Australia.
Landline. (R) (S) 12.00 Midday Report. (S)       7.00    Home And Away. (PG) (S)                 6.30 A Current Affair. Hosted by Tracy                (R) (S)
12.30 A Place In Spain. (R) (S) 12.55 A          7.30    The Rich List. How many                       Grimshaw. (S)                           1.30    Cutting Edge. (M) (R) (S)
Place In Slovakia. (R) (S) 1.20 Celebrating              Melbourne Cup winners can you list?     7.00 Big Brother. Find out what the           2.30    Insight. (R) (S)
50 Years Of ABC TV. (R) (S) 1.30 The Cook                Test your skills against the                  housemates have been up to. (PG)        3.30    Dateline. (R) (S)
And The Chef. (R) (S) 2.00 The Bill. (PG) (R)            contestants in this list game. Hosted         (S)                                     4.30    The Journal.
(S) 3.00 Bananas In Pyjamas. (R) 3.05                    by Andrew O’Keefe. (S)                  7.30 Big Brother: Nominations. Who            5.00    The Crew.
Brum. (R) 3.15 Roobarb & Custard Too. (R)        8.30    Desperate Housewives. Tom feels               has stirred the pot, rocked the boat    5.30    Australia By Numbers. (R) (S)
3.25 Dorothy The Dinosaur. (S) 3.30 Play                 threatened by the interest a new              and made others cringe enough to        6.00    Global Village: Flavours Of
School. (R) (S) 4.00 Peppa Pig. (R) 4.05 The             Scavo’s Pizzeria employee shows in            warrant the nomination for eviction?            France: Savoie. (S)
Koala Brothers. 4.15 Harry And His Bucket                Lynette. Susan considers leaving              Truths will be told, housemates         6.30    World News Australia. (S)
Full Of Dinosaurs. (R) (S) 4.25 Creature                 Wisteria Lane for good. Victor is             shocked and friendships rocked. (PG)    7.30    MythBusters: Ming Dynasty
Features. (S) 4.55 RollerCoaster. 5.55                   confused by Gabrielle’s odd choices.          (S)                                             Astronaut. Adam Savage and Jamie
Behind The News. (S)                                     A neighbour’s darkest secret is         8.35 1 Vs 100. One contestant faces “the              Hyneman test the myth of a 15th
6.00 Message Stick. (S)                                  revealed. (M) (S)                             mob” in a battle of brains for a                century Chinese astronomer who
6.30 Talking Heads. Peter Thompson               Desperate Housewives                                  chance to win up to $1 million.                 launched himself into space. (PG) (R) (S)
        chats with radio broadcaster and         GWN 8.30pm                                            Hosted by Eddie McGuire. (PG) (S)       8.30    South Park. A Mormon kid moves
        writer Phillip Adams. (S)                                                                9.35 CSI: NY. The detectives investigate              to South Park and Stan feels the
7.00 News. (S)                                                                                         the murder of a father at his                   need to beat him up. (M) (R) (S)
7.30 The 7.30 Report. (S)                                                                              daughter’s birthday party and the
8.00 Australian Story. (S)                                                                             untimely demise of a pigeon fancier.
8.30 Four Corners.(S)                                                                                  (M) (S)
9.20 Media Watch. (S)                                                                            10.35 Footy Classified. Wayne Carey joins
9.35 More Than Enough Rope:                                                                            football writer Caroline Wilson, with
        Catching Mercury – Cate                                                                        commentators Garry Lyon and Craig
        Blanchett. Part 3 of 5. (S)              9.30 Brothers & Sisters. Sarah                        Hutchison, to tackle the AFL’s          South Park
10.35 Lateline. (S)                                    accompanies Kitty to Senator                    burning issues. (M) (S)                 SBS 8.30pm
11.10 Shacks: No. 1 Doctor’s Rocks. (R)                McAllister’s home town. Rebecca           11.35 WIN News. (R) (S)
        (S)                                            asks Justin to attend a house party       12.05 The Late Show With David                9.00 Drawn Together. The gang help
11.40 Cracker. (M) (R) (S)                             with her. Chad makes a surprising               Letterman. Join David Letterman               Xandir practise admitting he is gay
12.30 Movie: Great Expectations.                       decision to come out. (M) (S)                   and special guests for his Top 10 and         to his parents, but things get out of
        (1946) John Mills, Finlay Currie, Jean   10.30 Boston Legal. (M) (S)                           more. (PG)                                    hand. (MA15+) (S)
        Simmons, Alec Guinness. (B&W) (R)        11.30 Scrubs. (PG) (S)                          1.00 Movie: Storm Catcher. (1999)             9.30 World News Australia. (S)
2.25 Movie: The Big Chance. (1957)               12.00 Last Comic Standing. (M)                        Dolph Lundgren, Mystro Clark,           10.00 If The Dead Could Speak. (M) (S)
        Adrienne Corri. (B&W) (PG) (R)           1.00 GWN News. (R)                                    Robert Miano. (AV15+)                   10.55 Oz. (MA15+) (R)
3.25 Bowls. World Cup. Men’s singles             1.30 Home Shopping. (R)                         3.00 Matlock Police. (B&W) (M) (R)            11.55 Movie: El Bonaerense. (2002)
        semi-final. (R)                          2.00 Expo.                                      4.00 Entertainment Tonight. (S)                     Jorge Román, Darío Levy. (MA15+)
4.30 Parkinson. (PG) (R) (S)                     5.00 Creflo A. Dollar.                          4.30 Good Morning America. News and           1.40 WeatherWatch Overnight.
5.30 Head 2 Head. (R) (S)                        5.30 Home Shopping. (R)                               talk show. (S)                          5.25 Japanese News. News from Tokyo.

                                                         NOTE: TV Times correct at time of printing and may be subject to change

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     Page 14                                                                                                                Pilbara Classies
Issue No. 561                                                                                                              TV Guide - Tuesday, June 12

6.00 Adrenalini Brothers. (R) 6.10 Growing      6.00    Sunrise. (S)                            6.00 Today. (S)                                 6.00    Hong Kong News.
Up Creepie. (R) (S) 6.30 The Amazing            9.00    Raggs. (R) (S)                          9.00 Kerri-Anne. (PG) (S)                       6.20    Chinese News.
Extraordinary Friends. (R) (S) 7.00 The         9.30    Home Shopping.                          11.00TTN. (S)                                   6.50    Filipino News.
Secret Show. (S) 7.10 Atomic Betty. (R)         10.30   News. (S)                               11.30Time Life. (PG) (R)                        7.25    Italian News.
7.35 Arthur. (R) 8.00 Wubbzy. (S) 8.10          11.00   According To Jim. (R)                   12.00The Oprah Winfrey Show. (PG) (S)           8.00    German News.
Lunar Jim. (R) 8.20 Fluffy Gardens. (S) 8.30    11.30   Food 4 Life. (S)                        1.00 Huey’s Cooking Adventures.                 8.30    Spanish News.
Elmo’s World. (R) (S) 8.45 Postman Pat.         12.00   Movie: Anne Frank. (2001)               1.30 The Bold And The Beautiful. (S)            9.20    French News.
(Final) (R) 9.00 Fifi And The Flowertots.               Hannah Taylor-Gordon, Ben Kingsley,     2.00 Days Of Our Lives. (PG)                    9.55    Russian News.
(Final) (R) (S) 9.10 Gordon The Garden                  Brenda Blethyn, Tatjana Blacher. Part   3.00 Entertainment Tonight. (S)                 10.30   Greek News.
Gnome. (R) (S) 9.20 Global Grover. (R) 9.30             1 of 2. Based on Melissa Muller’s       3.30 Hi-5. (S)                                  11.30   Arabic News.
Play School. (R) (S) 10.00 Behind The News.             biography. (M) (R)                      4.00 The Shak. (S)                              12.05   Indonesian News.
(S) 10.25 Science Clips. (R) (S) 10.35          2.00    All Saints. (M) (R) (S)                 4.30 Neighbours. (S)                            12.30   Business Report.
Arrows Of Desire. (R) (S) 11.00 Naked           3.00    The Simple Life: ’Til Death Do Us       5.00 Ten News. (S)                              1.00    Movie: The Clay Bird. (2002) In
Science. (S) 12.00 Midday Report. (S) 12.30             Part. (PG)                              6.00 WIN News. (S)                                      rural Pakistan, a homeopathic doctor
National Press Club Address. (S) 1.30           3.30    My Wife And Kids. (PG) (R) (S)          6.30 A Current Affair. (S)                              lives with his long-suffering wife,
Catalyst. (R) (S) 2.00 Parliament Question      4.00    It’s Academic. (R) (S)                  7.00 Big Brother. Find out what the                     two children and his brother. (PG)
Time. (S) 3.05 Brum. (R) 3.15 Roobarb &         4.30    News At 4.30. (S)                            housemates have been up to. (PG) (S)       3.00    Viva. (R)
Custard Too. (R) 3.25 Dorothy The Dinosaur.     5.00    Deal Or No Deal.                        7.30 The Simpsons. Marge invites a              3.30    Football Stars Of Tomorrow.
(S) 3.30 Play School. (R) (S) 4.00 Peppa Pig.   6.00    News. (S)                                    homeless man to live with the              4.00    A Fork In The Road. (R)
(R) 4.05 The Koala Brothers. 4.15 Harry And     6.30    Today Tonight. (S)                           family, but problems arise when he         4.30    The Journal.
His Bucket Full Of Dinosaurs. (R) (S) 4.30      7.00    Home And Away. Alex’s drug stash             outstays his welcome. (PG) (S)             5.00    Newshour With Jim Lehrer.
Chalk Zone. (R) 4.55 RollerCoaster. 5.55                puts Leah and the boys in serious                                                       6.00    Global Village: Excentriiiks. (S)
Behind The News. (S)                                    danger. Rachel and Kim take steps to                                                    6.30    World News Australia. (S)
6.10 Time Team: Blennavon. (S)                          starting their family. (PG) (S)                                                         7.30    Divorce Stories: Breaking Up.
7.00 News. (S)                                  7.30    It Takes Two. Celebrities compete in                                                            Part 1 of 3. Explores the reasons why
7.30 The 7.30 Report. (S)                               a singing-duet showdown. Hosted                                                                 people marry, their needs and
8.00 Choir Of Hard Knocks. (Final) The                  by Grant Denyer and Kate Ritchie. (S)                                                           expectations, and what goes wrong
        choir is squabbling and Jonathon is                                                                                    The Simpsons             with the dream. (PG) (R) (S)
        stressed, but in a few weeks they                                                                                       WIN 7.30pm      8.30    Cutting Edge: Saved By The Sun.
        need to take to the stage of                                                                                                                    As worldwide demand for electricity
        Melbourne Town Hall and give the                                                        8.00 The Simpsons. Snowball II rescues                  increases, so too does the burning of
        performance of their lives. (PG) (S)                                                          Homer from a burning house, while                 fossil fuels. Solar power is being
8.30 The Bill. Undercover operative DC                                                                a banished Santa’s Little Helper                  looked at as a possible clean energy
        Zain Nadir has a drug mule released                                                           inadvertently becomes the Duff beer               source that could revolutionise
        to impress the gang he is trying to                                     It Takes Two          mascot. (PG) (R) (S)                              power production. (PG) (S)
                                                                               GWN 7.30pm
        infiltrate, but when she is found                                                       8.30 House. House and the team treat a          9.30    World News Australia. (S)
        badly beaten the team realise they      9.00 All Saints. A father goes to                     boy who claims there is a tracking        10.00   Hot Docs: 51 Birch Street.
        have to move fast. (M) (S)                    extraordinary lengths to protect his            device in his neck, and believes he has           Filmmaker Doug Block explores the
9.20 Foreign Correspondent. (S)                       daughter. Tempers flare as                      been the subject of alien                         concept of love and commitment
10.00 The Art Of Life: Out There. (S)                 relationships are torn apart and                experimentation. Cameron is outraged              through the medium of his deceased
10.30 Lateline. (S)                                   accusations are made when drugs go              when she learns Cuddy and Wilson                  mother’s diaries. (PG) (S)
11.05 Lateline Business. (S)                          missing. Jack’s day in court does not           have been lying to House. (M) (S)         11.35   Movie: Lost Embrace. (2004) A
11.35 Absolute Power. (M) (R) (S)                     go as planned. (M) (S)                    9.30 NCIS. (M) (S)                                      young man desires to leave his family
12.05 Nighty Night. (M) (R) (S)                 10.00 Crossing Jordan. (M) (S)                  10.30 The Nation. (M) (S)                               shop in Argentina and travel to Poland
12.35 Parliament Question Time. (S)             11.00 The Inside. (M)                           11.30 WIN News. (R) (S)                                 so he can find work and gain a greater
1.35 Movie: Tiger Bay. (1959) Hayley            12.00 Scrubs. (PG) (R)                          12.00 The Late Show. (PG)                               understanding of his father who
        Mills, John Mills. (B&W) (PG) (R)       12.30 GWN News. (R)                             1.00 Movie: Outside Providence.                         abandoned his family. (M)
3.20 Movie: Friends And Lovers. (1931)          1.00 Home Shopping. (R)                               (1999) Shawn Hatosy. (MA15+)              1.20    Ghost Of Roger Casement. (PG)
        Adolphe Menjou. (B&W) (PG) (R)          1.30 Expo.                                      3.00 Carson’s Law. (PG) (R)                             (R)
4.30 Parkinson. (PG) (R) (S)                    5.00 Creflo A. Dollar.                          4.00 Entertainment Tonight. (S)                 2.20    WeatherWatch Overnight.
5.30 Head 2 Head. (R) (S)                       5.30 Home Shopping. (R)                         4.30 Good Morning America. (S)                  5.25    Japanese News. News from Tokyo.

                                                        NOTE: TV Times correct at time of printing and may be subject to change

                                    For all your real estate needs in Geraldton

                                    call Geoff Lee                                     9956 6402               Mobile 0427 649 419

     Pilbara Classies                                                                                                                                                     Page 15
Employment                                                                                      Tuesday 5th June 2006                         Issue No. 561

        SENIOR HAIR STYLIST                                                                          We know you have a vacancy -
   Company Background & Job Purpose
         •   Karratha Based
         •   Aveda Concept Day Spa
         •   Shop Floor very spacious
         •   Reporting to the Principal Hair Stylist and Supervising Apprentices
   Duties & Responsibilities
         •   Work as Part of Team and set an example
         •   Assist the Principal Hair Stylist with the training and supervising of the staff
         •   Fantastic Customer Service Skills
         •   Following the Aveda Guidlelines
         •   Performing all duties outlined in the position description
   Education & Qualifications
         • Must have completed 4th Year Apprenticeship Certificate
         • Must have at least 2 years experience out of Apprenticeship
                                                                                                        we’d like to help you fill it
         • Must have experience with hair ups

   Attractive Salary Package Offered including travel assistance for the right applicant.             You can now book online in 3 easy steps
               Also a close training and personal development plan offered.
                                       Please apply to:                                                      Go to: www.pilbaraclassies.com.au
                                       Toiya Staley
                          Nirvana Hair & Body Sanctum                                                 to book your display or classified ad, it’s that easy!
                                       PO Box 123

                                DAMPIER WA 6713
                               or toiyafd@bigpond.net.au
              For any enquiries please call me on (08) 9185 5599                                          Phone: 9144 4929
        Page 16                                                                                                    Pilbara Classies
Issue No. 561                                    Tuesday 5th June 2006

                            Motors, Boats & Caravans

SAVE $                                                                         YOU WONT BE DISAPPOINTED! - FORD XR6 Turbo Ute
ON FUEL                                     UPGRADE TO A HONDA 4              Late 2005 Model,                                    02583

 & OIL
                                                                              14,000kms, 6sp Manual,
                                              STROKE OUTBOARD                 New Car Warranty, Full
                                                                              Service History, MOMO
                                           FOR QUIETNESS, ECONOMY             Steering Wheel, Premium
                                                                              Sound,Full Electrics,
                                           & LEGENDARY RELIABILITY            6mths Rego, Regretful
                                                                              Sale - Leaving Town.
                                                                                34,000 ono
                                                                              PH: 0427 088 071

                                                                                 Thank You
                    1524 LAMBERT ROAD KIE

02547         9144 4404                                             DL17785

                                                                                 I would like to thank all the people who
                                                                                 stopped to help me 50km from Nanutarra
                               WHITTLEY 660 CRUISER                              Road house on Sat 26th May. The two guys in
220hp Mercruiser, 165 Hours, Garmin                                              the truck, Jason & Karen, the other 7 people
GPS, DVD, TV, CD, Internal and External
Shower, Toilet, Hot/Cold Water, Full Safety
                                                                                 who stopped & Alan. you guys saved my butt!
Gear, 205 ltr Fuel Tank, 180 ltr Water Tank,                                     Thanks heaps! It’s so good to see people are
Fridge/Freezer, Stove, Sink and Microwave,
Boat Cover, Full Storm Covers and Fly                                            still willing to help someone out. From Lisa
Screens, Zodiac with new 5hp motor.
                                                                                 with the white Excel
Price: P.O.A.
Ph: 0401 988 115                                                     02599      02637

                                                                                            PROUDLY SPONSORED BY
                                                                  NORTHWEST HONDA
  TIDE TIMES                                                                                 CALL 9144 4404
                                                                  FOR HONDA OUTBOARD MOTORS, MOTORCYCLES AND POWER EQUIPMENT

   TUE 5 JUNE                        WED 6 JUNE     THUR 7 JUNE     FRI 8 JUNE               SAT 9 JUNE   SUN 10 JUNE MON 11 JUNE
    0059 3.93                         0134 3.86      0214 3.78      0300 3.69                0400 3.64     0514 3.66   0629 3.78
    0651 1.72                         0729 1.81      0814 1.93      0911 2.04                1024 2.10     1151 2.03   1313 1.82
    1255 4.33                         1335 4.20      1420 4.02      1514 3.81                1620 3.59     1743 3.43   1911 3.41
    1939 1.14                         2016 1.29      2058 1.48      2145 1.69                2241 1.89     2355 2.03

        Pilbara Classies                                                                                                Page 17
                                                                           Tuesday 5th June 2006                                    Issue No. 561

                                                                              Ph 9144 4929
                                                                              Fax 9923 9991 Email bookings@pilbaraclassies.com.au
                                                                                                            DEADLINE TUESDAY 12PM
            AIR CONDITIONING                                          CHILDCARE                                           FOR SALE
Air conditioner installs. Wall splits & RACs.         Archipelago Family Day Care Ph: 9185 5727          Toyota LC rims & tyres 5 good $350, Jarrah
Ph Rob 0407 026 466 or 0429 426 814                                                                      Qu Futon with Qu Foam Matress $250, Baby
                                                             CLOTHING ALTERATIONS                        Rocker $50, all ono. Ph:9185 2127
                AUTO PARTS
                                                      Alterations & Mending, phone Val after             Twin childcare sxs stroller. Compact
Need Parts? See Jack at A1 Autos 1493                                                                    lightweight multi position lie flat. Suit 0-15kg
                                                      2pm. Except Saturdays on 9185 1760 or
Lambert Rd KIE or phone 9185 1390                                                                        each seat. Exccon.$150 Ph 9185 3342
                                                      0427 851 760.
         BABY EQUIPMENT HIRE                                                                                           GARAGE SALES
Karratha Baby & Toddler Equip Hire. Car                                                                  Sat 9th June 8am - 3pm. 18 Edney Way.
Seats, Portacots, Highchairs, Prams, Walkers &        For all your computer setup & repairs, home
                                                                                                         Massive Sale, all h/hold goods. Everything
much more. 9185 4792 / 0438 197 990                   visited, free quotes - TK Computer Solutions
                                                                                                         must go, leaving town. Ph 9185 4079
                                                      0437 153 764
                  BATTERIES                                                                                             GARDENING
Century-Optima Best Prices. Best batteries                                                               Double G Mowing. Lawn mowing and yard
stocked by A1 Autos. 1493 Lambert Road KIE.           Please note that the opinions and views            clean ups, quotes available, reasonable rates.
Ph Jack on 9185 1390                                  of our advertisers are not necessarily those       Ph/fax Graham 9185 3615, 0408 598 070. Email
                                                      of Market Creations Pty Ltd. Although every        remlap@appr.net.au
                    BOATS                             effort is made to ensure the accuracy of all
Galeforce 4.8m f/glass 60hp merc,
                                                      information we are unable to guarantee this.                  MASSAGE THERAPY
86hrs, heaps of features. $25,000 ono                                                                    Back & Beyond. Sports & Remedial Massage,
Ph 0409 926 870
                                                                                                         Trigerpoint Therapy, Bowen Therapy. Health
                                                      DJ Libby now available for private functions,      Fund Provider No#’s Mobile. Call Kate on
             BOWEN THERAPY                                                                               0417 962 079
                                                      weddings, parties, etc. Ph 0404 842 902.
Gentle, safe non-invasive bodywork                                                                       Massage Therapist. Relaxation/Trigger Point.
technique for everyone. Suitable for muscular                       EMPLOYMENT
                                                                                                         Ph 0402 416 949
back & neck pain, sporting injuries, migraines,
stress and more. Ph Pilbara Remedial Massage          Are you a stay at home mum and want to             Migun      Thermal      Massage.     Therapy
on 9144 2813.                                         earn some extra cash? call me to find out how.      treatments include acupuncture, acupressure,
                                                      9183 8587 or 0437 268 845                          moxibustion, chiropractic, light transmission
       BUSINESS OPPORTUNITIES                                                                            (deep infrared and helium rays), Thermo
                                                      For Professional Resumes, Application
                                                                                                         Therapy & Theraputic Massage. All non-evasive.
Ability to work Part-time or Full-time                Letters and Selection Criteria Phone
                                                                                                         For bookings call Tara 0439 399 492
from home. For a FREE report visit www.               0418 920 573
dreamingdollars.com                                                                                      Neuro muscular therapy, deep tissue therapy,
                                                                 FISHING CHARTERS                        sports & pressure points. 25 years experience.
Are you interested in improving your health
                                                                                                         Gift vouchers. Ph Bev Chamberlain 0412 421
and financial position, while helping others           Oceanus Sport Fishing Charters. Deepsea            580. 9am-6pm Mon-Fri.
and the protecting the environment? If you            fishing charters, Regional Tourism Award
are, contact 0428 941 148 for details on how          winner. Ph 9144 4322, 0416 228 679.                Remedial massage therapy, deep tissue
you can achieve this.                                                                                    massage, sports injury massage and relaxation.
                                                                       FOR SALE                          Ph Pilbara Remedial Massage on 9144 2813.
Birthday, wedding & special occasion cakes.
                                                      Kelvinator pigeon pair fridge 210L/freezer                     MOTOR VEHICLES
                                                      250L. Excellent condition. Ph Lisa 9187 1664
View photos @ www.karrathacakes.has.it.                                                                  FORD LASER, 5 Door Hatch, 5 spd manual,
Cake tin hire, many characters avail. Ph Linda        Sng Bed $80, rnd dinetable + 4chrs $350, 2x        Rego Sept.07, Immobilser, Aircon, serviced.
9144 1241 or 0407 470 577.                            matching disp cab $300. Urgent Sale. Must Sell.    $2200.00 Ph 0437 517 481, 9159 2593.
                                                      All ono. Ph 9185 4196
                 CARAVANS                                                                                           MOTOR WRECKING
Geist AK560 2006 (Caravan of the Year), 24ft          Sofabed like new condition $700 ONO
                                                      Electric Arc Welder $50 Contact 0428941148         Wrecks or car bodies removed. Cheap rates.
5 berth, toilet, shower, a/c, antenna, awning, full                                                      Phone 9185 1003.
kitchen, A1 cond $55,000 ph 0432 951 285
                                                      S Sony trinitron 80cm flat sc tv exc cond
                                                      reason for selling updating. $500.00 ono karr                    MOTORCYCLES
                                                      pave stone 100sqm +, $150 ton. Red conc            In stock now 07 Moto X bikes & accessories. Call
Leaving town in a hurry? Take the stress              block pav 390x150x30mm, 20sqm $200 ph              into North West Honda. See main ad Page 21
out of moving. Carry On Cleaning specialises          9185 1836/0418 918 068
in Real Estate/Vacate Clean, Carpet Cleaning &                                                           Toyota Hilux 2003 V6 Trayback AC Cruise
Vinyl Strip & Seal. Work guaranteed. Phone for        SPA - 82 jets, 8 seater, stereo, w/fall, lights    Control Mags New Tyres 81000Km $23000 ono
a free quote 0428 218 660 / 0417 911 225.             $12 500, ph 0432 951 285                           Ph 041 995 2629

    Page 18                                                                                             Pilbara Classies
Issue No. 561                         Tuesday 5th June 2006

                                                                             Ph 9144 4929
                                                                             Fax 9923 9991 Email bookings@pilbaraclassies.com.au
                                                                                                           DEADLINE TUESDAY 12PM
                PARTY PLAN                                   SITUATIONS VACANT                                         WEIGHT LOSS
 UnderCoverWear Book a Party & Receive             Carpenter/Labourer needed for ongoing                Lose up to 15kg fast. Act now, call 9487 4793
 Great Hostess Benefits, Check out our Range of     housing construction in Karratha. Must have          (24hrs) or visit www.feelgreat.net.au
 Lingerie, Sports Wear, Casual Wear, We Also do    ABN, transport & be willing to work. Ph Trav
 Bridal Showers, To View a Catalogue Feel Free     0438 928 729                                                   WINDOW CLEANING
 to Contact me for more details Amanda Wills
                                                   Casual/Relief staff required for Dampier/            Karratha Window Cleaning - domestic &
 0439 806 350
                                                   Karratha Children’s Services. National police        commercial. Ph 0439 908 226.
              PARTY SUPPLIES                       clearance, medical and the ability to relate to
                                                   children is essential. Flexible to full time hours
 Party In A Bag..for all your themed party
 needs, including: Mexican, Pirate, Soccer,
 Fairy,Poker, Hawaiian, Hippy, Monsters,
 Butterflies, 21st, 18th,Hen’s night & more. A
 variety of helium balloons and pinatas also
 available. Ph: Janine or Deb on 9185 2041 or
 9185 2269.
                                                   available. Please contact Melissa Cramer on
                                                   9185 1614 for more information.
                                                   McDonalds Karratha positions avail. For
                                                   juniors & seniors, w/days, nights & w/ends. Flex.
                                                   Hrs. PH: 0428 157 600.
                                                   Wanted Cleaner 6.30pm to midnight on
          PET MEAT/ BOARDING                       shift roster. Includes 2 weekends. Cleaner
                                                   for Monday to Friday 2-3hrs from 9am.
 Factory direct sales of 1kg roo meat, bones       Ph 0429 990 305
 for dogs, crabbing bait and roo tails. Also dog
 & cat boarding. Shallow Well Rd KIE. Phone                 SPORTS MEMORABILIA
 9185 2572.
                                                   Now available at Dunnart Picture Framing,
                     PETS                          WWE Framed Photos including John Cena
                                                   Batista, The Undertaker & more. West Coast
                                                                                                                9.50 (100
 Mobile dog wash Karratha, Samson,Wickham          Eagles Limited Edition Prints and white wash
 and Dampier. Call Sandy 0432 699 820.             Ashes 2007, Peter Brock, Shane Warne, Ricky
                                                   Ponting & golf legend Tiger Woods. Ph 9185
 Wet & Wooly Dog Wash. Phone Arran                 1623 or 0407 221 551. Package deals available
 0408 938 851                                      for corporate or social club orders. Great idea
                                                   for fundraising.
                                                                                                           2 per 20 characters
 Canteen assistant required for High School
 Canteen. Paid Position. Approx. 24 hours per
                                                                  WEIGHT LOSS
                                                   Find a weight m/ment program to suit
 week. Call Kathy on 9185 2229 during school       your needs. For more info visit http://shop.                    (price includes GST).
 hours for further details                         dreamingdollars.com

  Advertising in the Pilbara Classies
       has never been easier!
                       in 3 easy steps
            Go to: www.pilbaraclassies.com.au
      to book your display or classified ad, it’s that easy!
         With 6,500 copies home delivered each week in Karratha, Dampier, Wickham, Roebourne and
     Point Samson, your message will impact on residents and business owners in the Shire of Roebourne.

    Pilbara Classies                                                                                                                  Page 19
                                Tuesday 5th June 2006    Issue No. 561

                              Sunday 17 June
                              4pm till Sunset
Bring your picnic rug, sit back under the
Dampier palms and enjoy local music
while overlooking the Hampton Harbour
sunset… all for free!
 Refreshments will be on sale.
 All proceeds go to the Dampier Community to
 support local initiatives.

A Shire of Roebourne community event supported
by the Dampier Community Association

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