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									      The Rye Free Reading Room Newsletter                                                         January/February 2010

  Two Winter Afternoons,                                                                       Annual Meeting
                                                                                               of e Rye Free
  Two Bestselling Authors
                                                                                               Reading Room 
                             Sunday, January 24, at 2 pm
                                                                                               The Board of Trustees of the
                             James Bradley, author of The Imperial                             Rye Free Reading Room
                             Cruise: A Secret History Of Empire and War                        invites members to the Annual
                                                                                               Meeting at the library at 3 pm
                              J      oin acclaimed writer and Rye resident James
                                     Bradley, author of the bestsellers Flags of Our Fathers
                                  and Flyboys, for a revealing discussion about his latest
                                                                                               on Sunday, January 31, 2010.
                                                                                               The meeting is open to the
                                   book, which takes an eye-opening look at the historic       public and all are welcome
                                   event that set the stage for World War II, the Chinese      to attend.
                                    Communist Revolution, and the Korean War.
                                                                                               At that time elections will be
                                       In 1905 President Teddy Roosevelt dispatched
                                                                                               KHOG IRU 2IÀFHUV DQG 7UXVWHHV
                                    Secretary of War William Howard Taft on the largest
                                                                                               for the Class of 2013 as shown
             dley’s                 U.S. diplomatic mission in history to Hawaii, Japan,
James Bra                ..         the Philippines, China, and Korea. During the trip,
                                                                                               below. Trustees are elected
               new book.
incendiary                           Taft concluded secret agreements that bully-con dent
                                                                                               for a three year period. Only
               nough to
 is startling e           l          Roosevelt thought would secure America’s westward
                                                                                               members of the Rye Free
              o nventiona
  reshape c                 ore) push into the Paci c. Instead, they lit the long fuse
                                                                                               Reading Room may vote.
                out (Theod
  wisdom ab                 y....     on the Asian recrackers that would singe America’s
               s presidenc                                                                                           OFFICERS
                    York     Tim  es hands for decades to come.                                                      President
          — The New
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                                                                                                        Debra E. Julian (2012)
                                                                                                               Vice President
  Sunday, January 31, at 4 pm                                                                              Julia Dailey (2011)
  David Grann, author of The Lost City of Z:                                                                       Treasurer
  A Tale of Deadly Obsession in the Amazon                                                              John Eckerson (2012)
  S  tumbling upon a hidden trove of diaries, New Yorker
     writer David Grann set out to solve “the greatest
  mystery of the twentieth century.” What happened to
                                                                                                     Barbara Ormerod-Glynn
  the vanished Percy Fawcett and his doomed quest for                                                          Class of 2013
  the Lost City of Z?                                                                                 Bernard Althoff* (2013)
     Hear Grann, the library’s featured guest speaker at this                                        Susan K. Jansen* (2013)
  year’s Annual Meeting, recount the story of the British       At once a                              Fran Rodilosso* (2013)
  explorer’s 1925 venture to nd the glittering Amazonian a dete                                     Jennifer Swanson* (2013)
                                                                      ctive story
  kingdom of El Dorado. Fawcett’s fate – and the               a wonderf            and
                                                                                                        Werner Tietjen (2013)
  tantalizing clues he left behind– made headlines around piece o ully vivid
                                                                       f travel writ
  the world and became an obsession for hundreds              suspensefu             ing….                 *New Board Member
  who followed him into uncharted wilderness. Many            fascinating              g….
  perished, were captured by tribesmen, or went mad.                                                  Expanded Hours for 2010!
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                                                                                 York Times
     Live Jazz at the Library                                                                DIRECTOR
                                                                                             Kurt Hadeler

                                                                                             BOARD OF TRUSTEES
     Sunday, February 21, at 2 pm
                                                                                             Debra E. Julian, President
                                                                                             David Greenhouse, Vice-President

    R    ye’s own Jerry Roche presents the Ralph Lalama Quartet in a concert of
         “bop/swing” standards made famous by Charlie Par
     Wayne Shorter and other jazz greats.
                                                    harlie Parker, Sonny Rollins,
                                                                                             Barbara Ormerod-Glynn, Secretary
                                                                                             Mark Moore,Treasurer
                                                                                             James R. Billingsley, Jr.
     His introductory remarks will feature                                                   Karen Bresolin
     photography by Francis Wol , a partner in                                               Gretchen Kaye Crowley
     Blue Note Records, who chronicled many                                                  Jul
                                                                                             Julia Dailey
                                                                                             Doug Donohue
     of the most historic sessions in jazz history.                                          Joh
                                                                                             John Eckerson
        Members of the quartet include tenor                                                 Ken Foege
     saxophonist Ralph Lalama, guitarist John                                                Rob
                                                                                             Robert N. Kaplan
                                                                                             Oran G. Kirkpatrick
     Hart, bassist Rick Petrone and drummer                                                  Law
                                                                                             Lawrence H. Lehman
     Joe Corsello. Over the years these talented                                             Ant
                                                                                             Anthony Mason
     musicians have played with such legendary                                               Ann Sullivan
     artists as Woody Herman, Buddy Rich,                                                    Wer
                                                                                             Werner Tietjen
                                                       This type o                           Mar
                                                                                             Mark R. Zwerger
     Jimmy Smith, Maynard Ferguson, Sonny                         f contemp
                                                       approach                orary         Auxiliary Board Co-Presidents
     Rollins and Benny Goodman.                                    to tradition
                                                      in my opin               al jazz is,   Carolina Johnson
            e Quartet’s latest CD, “ e                           ion, just wh                Elisabeth Thorington
                                                     jazz world               at the
     Audience,” was released in the fall. Z                      needs.
                                                                                             AUXILIARY BOARD
     Sponsored by the Auxiliary Board                                      — Dave M
                                                                                     iele,   Carolina Johnson, Co-president
     of the Rye Free Reading Room                                         Jazz Impro
                                                                                    v NY     Leigh Geller, Co-president
                                                                                             Lisa Allen
                                                                                             Maria Bach

     Love the Library Annual                                                                 Nan Beyer
                                                                                             Julia Billingsley
                                                                                             Lizzie Bommer
                                                                                             Karri Bowen-Poole

     Campaign a Success                                                                      Rachel Breinin
                                                                                             Susanne Carroll
                                                                                             Diane Citron

            W                      ith our 2009 Annual Campaign behind us, we                Kate Conn
                                                                                             Kristina Dorfman
                                   thank all the donors who gave to this important           Laura Frase
                            library fundraiser.  Especially in these di cult economic        Mary George
                            times, the library relies on private support as we continue      -HQ *ULIÀWKV
                            to o er exceptional services to the community. rough             Caroline Haselden
                                                                                             Jennifer Hausmann
                            your generosity we were able to add many new books,              Michele Hedges
                            DVDs and music CDs to our growing collections, o er              Katie Henderson
Lynn Callagy and grandson, dynamic programs for adults and children, and begin to
   n Callagy
     Callagy   dg     dson,
                  grandso                                                                    Jenny Hogan
    Matthew McCloskey       improve our historic facilities. We couldn’t have done it        Tara Kaplan
                                                                                             Lori Kost
                            without your help. ank you!                                      Jennifer Leahy
                               Special thanks are due to Lynn Callagy, and Kate and          Marci Lyons
                            Bob Niehaus who served as honorary co-chairs of the              Debra Langer
                            2009 Love the Library appeal. As dedicated supporters            Margaret Mead
                                                                                             Elizabeth Moyer
                            and long-time friends of the Rye Free Reading Room,              Beth Moyles
                            they understood and communicated the value the                   Luana Murno
                            li                                        reading
                            library brings to the community. By spreading                    Gayle Regan
                            the word, they were instrumental to the                          Kim Regan
                                                                                             Demi Rivers
  Robert and Kate Niehaus
  Robert          Niehaus
               te Niehau    An
                            Annual Campaign’s success.                                       Caroline Scully
                                  e Annual Campaign needed to                                Sharla Seton
     raise $180,000, or about 16% of the library’s budget for 2009.                          Andrea Sullivan
     Hopefully, by the time you read this, we’ll have accomplished                           Jennifer Swanson
                                                                                             Elisabeth Thorington
     this important goal and will be on to improving library services                        Anita Waddell
     for the year ahead. Z                                                                   Julie Ane Webb
  Gaming                                   Teen Knitting/
  Friday                                   Project Linus
  February 5,                              Saturday, February 13, 2-4 pm
  3-4:30 pm
  Come by and try your
  skills at a variety of Wii and
                                           K   nit for hurting kids with Project Linus
                                               coordinator Adele Shapiro. Beginning and
                                           skilled teen knitters are invited to bring yarn and needles and
  Playstation 2 games on the               learn simple techniques and stitches for making a security blanket for a child in
  big screen in the Community              need of solace. Registration is required for this event. Please sign up in person
  Meeting Room. We’ve got a                or by phone at 231-3161. Limited knitting supplies will be available if needed.
  new batch, including Sonic                   Project Linus is a national all-volunteer organization named after the
  and the Secret Rings, Mario              Peanuts character who carries his blanket everywhere. Inspired in 1995 by a
  Party 8, Lego Indiana Jones:             hospitalized child who was comforted by a handmade afghan, its members
      The Original Adventures,                                                                       create and collect
            Lego SStar Wars: The                                                                     cozy blankets for ill,
                Complete Saga,
                Co                                                                                   traumatized or grieving
                  Mario Super
                  Ma                                                                                 children.
                  Sluggers, and
                  Sl                                                                                    Many Project Linus
                  Mario & Sonic
                  Ma                       blankets have also been made by the Rye Free Reading Room’s Spin-a-Yarn
                 Olympic Winter
                 Ol                        knitters who meet at the library from 4 to 5 on Tuesday afternoons to work on
                  Ga                       their own and charity projects. All interested handcrafters are welcome to join
                                           them weekly for knitting and crocheting tips, camaraderie and conversation. Z

                                                                                        TEEN MOVIE
ACT vs. SAT: Free Kaplan
Workshop for Teens                                                                      Whip It (PG-13)
                                                                                        Friday, February 19,
Saturday, January 30, at 2 pm                                                           at 2 pm

W     hat are the di erences between the SAT and ACT tests? A Kaplan Test
      Prep instructor discusses the two college admission testing programs and
describes the format and content of each. Examples of various question types
                                                                                       D     rew Barrymore makes her
                                                                                             directorial debut with this
                                                                                        rollicking tale of
will be explained.                                                                      an indie-rock-k-
    Registration is required for this event. Please sign up in person or by phone       loving teen
at (914) 231-3161. Z                                                                    mis t who
                                                                                          nds a way out
                                                                                        of her small-
James Bradley                            David Grann                                    town misery
CONTINUED FROM PAGE 1                    CONTINUED FROM PAGE 1                          when she
    One hundred years later, the            And, as the author himself learned          joins a roller
author traveled in the wake of           as he delved ever deeper into the              derby team.
Roosevelt’s mission and discovered       mystery, it was all too easy to become         Juno’s Ellen
what had transpired in Honolulu,         drawn into the jungle’s “green hell.”          Page stars
Tokyo, Manila, Beijing and Seoul.        Grann’s quest for the truth and his            alongside
Now, he tells what he learned            stunning discoveries about Fawcett’s           Marcia
about this fateful mission and how       fate and “Z” form the heart of an              Gay Harden and
it impacted United States foreign        enthralling narrative. Z                       Daniel Stern.
relations for most of the century.Z
                                                                  Visit o
                                                                         ur web

                                                                                 site at
 Friday Fun Club                                                  www.r
                                                                for de
                                                                       tails a
                                                                              bout th

 Stories, Crafts & Movies For kids ages 5 & up                  young
                                                                     ’s story
                                                                        er chil
                                                                                     for   To Read!
 Every other Friday, 3:30-4:30 pm
                                                                                           Sundays, January 17 and
  Let It Snow                               Let the Games Begin                            February 21, 2-4 pm
  January 15                                February 12
  about snowmen and other winter
                                            Get ready for the Winter Olympics
                                            with stories about winter sports and
                                                                                           C   hildren of all ages are invited to read
                                                                                               with Charley and Nettie, Bernese
                                                                                           Mountain dogs who are certi ed TDI
  friends.                                  make an Olympic mascot craft.
                                                                                             erapy Dogs.
  Full Wolf Moon                            Happy Birthday, Buffalo Bill                     Animals are ideal reading com-
                                                                                           panions because they create a relaxed,
  January 29                                February 26                                    comfortable, and safe environment.
  Learn about the Native American           Listen to stories about cowboys                           is program is designed to
  names for the year’s full moons           and cowgirls and make a                                give kids the chance to practice
  and listen to stories about January’s                                                            their reading skills to a non-
                                            Wild West craft.
  wolves. Make a moon craft.                                                                       judgmental listener. Z

Annual Chess Tournament                                                                     WINTER VACATION ACTIVITIES
                                                                                            Just-Released Films
Saturday, January 23                                                                        H Tuesday, February 16, at 3 pm
                                                                                              Tinkerbell and the Lost Treasure (G)
Registration at 10:15 am; Play begins at 10:30 am
                                                                                            G Wednesday, February 17, at 2 pm
                                                                                              G-Force (PG)
C    hess champion Tom Levine, who has conducted the library’s popular
     January tournaments for more than twenty- ve years, will once again referee
           round-robin play and award prizes to the top three players. Participants
                                                                                            More Fun for Kids
                                                                                            I Thursday, February 18
                  should bring a chess set and snack and expect to play four                 ‡ %RDUG *DPHV DW  QRRQ
                   rounds.                                                                   ‡ %RRN 6ZDS DW  SP
                       Players of all skill levels are welcome to enjoy this fun            H Friday, February 19
                     event. e tournament is open to kids ages 6–14. Z                        ‡ 'URS,Q &UDIWV DW  QRRQ
                Sponsored by the Auxiliary Board of the Rye Free Reading Room

                                                                                             Valentine Cupcake
Homework Help                                                                                Decorating
For Elementary Students                                                                      Challenge
Teacher in the Library                                                                       Saturday, February 13,
Monday – Thursday afternoons, 3:30-5 pm, in the Children’s Room                              10 am-12 noon

R  ye teachers assist children attending local public and private schools with
   assignments and study skills. Program sponsored by the Auxiliary Board of
the Rye Free Reading Room, Woman’s Club of Rye/Children’s Philanthropy
                                                                                             Kids ages 4 and up are invited
                                                                                             to decorate cupcakes to eat
                                                                                             or give away.
Section, and the Rye Schools’ PTOs.
                                                                                             Enjoy listening to Valentine
Online Assistance                                                                            stories, and then show us your
                                                                                             skills at decorating a scrumptious
C    lick on “Homework Help” in the Online Services menu on the library’s
     website to access educational resources for elementary and middle school
students. ey include LearningExpress Library - an interactive learning system
                                                                                             cupcake. Vote on your favorites.
                                                                                             Prizes awarded. Register in person
                                                                                             or by phone at 231-3162.
of practice tests and tutorials, Searchasaurus - a dictionary, encyclopedia and
image database, and NoveList K-8 - a reader’s advisory database designed to help             Sponsored by the Auxiliary Board
readers in kindergarten through eighth grade nd books they may enjoy.Z                       of the Rye Free Reading Room
                                            Author! Author!
Isabel Becker
Fabric Play Arts
                                            Two writers discuss and sign
                                            their recently-published books.
                                            Norb Vonnegut,
                                            author of Top Producer
                                            Thursday, February 11, at 7 pm

                                            P   enned before tumultuous revelations and scandals
                                                rocked the nancial world in late 2008, this thriller
                                            draws on an insider’s solid knowledge of the tricks that
                                            the industry’s real top producers pull on each other in their frenzied pursuit
January 5 THROUGH February 12               of billions. e author is from a military family and spent his formative
Artist’s Reception                          years in Charleston, SC, before heading to Harvard College and Business
Sunday, January 10, 1-3 pm                  School. Before becoming a full-time writer, he worked at Silvercrest Asset
Originally inspired by fabric collage       Management as a Managing Director responsible for equity and xed income
illustrations in a children’s book, the     portfolios. He has also worked for Morgan Stanley, Paine Webber, Kidder
artist draws upon nature, the built         Peabody, and Chase Manhattan. Z
environment, literature and personal   al
hobbies and interests to create one-  e-
of-a-kind fabric appliqué pictures                           Dana Brand, author of The
she exhibits in juried shows and sells
at craft fairs and other venues. She
                                                             Last Days of Shea: Delight and
credits her mother for surrounding                           Despair in the Life of a Mets Fan
her with art, encouraging her to try
anything and teaching her to sew.                            Tuesday, February 23, at 7 pm

Joseph Bostany                                                LSh
                                                                 ong-time celebrating and su ering Mets fan Dana
                                                                 Brand shares his memories of and a ection for the old
                                                               Shea Stadium in an account that Mets broadcaster Ron
Abstract Expressionism                                         Da
                                                               Darling says “chronicles the ending of a ballpark but, even
                         February 17                           mo
                                                               more importantly, reveals the spirit and resoluteness of
                         THROUGH                                Me
                                                                Mets fans as they bring their gotta believe attitude to their
                         March 31                               ne
                                                                new home.”  e author is a professor of English and
                                                                American literature at Hofstra University. He received
                         Reception                              hi
                                                                his Ph.D. from Yale, where he often talked baseball with
                         Sunday,                                 A. Bartlett Giamatti, the Yale president who would go
                         March 7,                                on to become the Commissioner of Baseball. Z
                         1–3 pm
Describing the process by which
he translates pure emotion into
explosive art, the artist says “Painting
                                               Rye Storytellers’ Guild
for me is a hypnotic state that                Tuesdays, January 5 & February 2, at 6:30 pm
guides the colors and forms that I
eventually place on the canvas.
My aim is to give pleasure to the
beholder.” He is a national award-
                                              E   njoy a good story? e Rye Storytellers’
                                                  Guild o ers adult storytellers the
                                               opportunity to meet with other tale-
winning textile design stylist as well         spinners and listeners to share traditional
DV D ÀQH DUWLVW DQG KDV H[KLELWHG KLV          tales and personal stories. Evenings often
work in many solo and group shows
                                               focus on a pre-announced theme. Z
in New York, Connecticut and
         to learn more.
     Watch your email or visit
 and registration will be online.
Invitations will be sent via email

                                                                        other specialties are all included with admission.
                                                                        Live music, open bar, and buffet of Cajun and

                                                                down-home restaurant, The Rye Roadhouse.
                                                                IXQÀOOHG QLJKW RI PXVLF DQG PLQJOLQJ DW 5\H·V IDYRULWH
                                                                Chase the winter blues away during an informal,

                                                                                        Saturday, March 6, 8pm – Midnight

                                                        the Rye Roadhouse
                                                Rye Free Reading Room

Rye Free Reading Room                                                                                       NON PROFIT ORG
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