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                                      Some Considerations For Your Wedding Dress
                                                                By TM Lung

   Every bride would like to be the most beautiful bride in the world when she is walking down the aisle.
To this end, you will need to search for the best make up artist. You will also try to find the best hair
stylist. It is also very important for you to get a perfect pair of bridal shoes.

 In fact, the wedding dress may probably be the most important when the look of the bride is
considered. However, it is not really easy to find the most suitable wedding gown. This is why most
brides will spend a lot of time on the gown. Yet you have to consider a lot of factors when you are
searching for your wedding dress.

 You may wonder what you have to consider when you are searching for your perfect gown. The first
thing you need to consider is probably your budget. Of course there are also cases that you may not
really need to think about the budget. For example, if you are going to take the gown of your mother,
you may not need to consider the budget since the cost of alteration will not be a big deal when
compared with the cost of purchasing a new gown. However, if you are planning to buy a wedding
dress, you should consider your budget. It is not wise to choose a gown which is so expensive that it is
totally out of your budget.

 When you are searching for your wedding dress, you should always bear your budget in mind. In fact,
you may not want to visit a bridal shop which only sells dresses which are out of your budget. You may
only feel disappointed if you visit such shops.

 Considering the style of your gown, you have virtually unlimited number of choices. Before you visit
the bridal shops, you may read some bridal magazines to see if there are any styles that you
particularly like. If you can find something you love, you may visit the shops according to the
information from the bridal magazines first. You may also keep the photos of the gowns in a folder so
that you can take reference from time to time. As a matter of fact, it is very important for a bride to keep
all the important information in a folder so that you can plan your wedding efficiently.

 Remember, you should try to put on the gown when you find a dress you love. This is very important
since you need to know if the style of gown really matches your body. Sometimes a gown will look
good when a fitting model put it on but it may not look as good when you put it on.

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 It is also very important for you to find a gown which matches your wedding theme. If you are having a
Halloween theme wedding, you may not get a gown which fits the idea of beach weddings. Of course
you will need a formal gown if you are going to have a formal wedding!

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                                         Wedding Dresses And Their Importance
                                                         By Richard Dornell

 A wedding is a solemn occasion. It is also a special event by which two willing hearts and minds unite
by an eternal bond of everlasting love. Hence, the apparel of the bride and the groom should be
thoughtfully chosen to reflect the significance of the grand occasion. The wedding dress of the bride
comes in bright, auspicious colors styled uniquely in conformance with the ceremonial importance as
determined by the culture and religion, which sanctifies the marriage.

Features of a wedding dress

Wedding dresses come in various colors, forms and styles corresponding to the many cultures and
fashions from which they hail. Wedding dresses are characterized by their exquisite grace and charm.
Though the term wedding dress usually refers to the bridal gown worn by Western/European brides, all
the various kinds of dresses worn by brides worldwide come within the ambit of wedding dress.

Wedding dresses vary with regions, customs, cultures and religions. The Oriental, the Indian, the
Middle East, the African, the Mediterranean, and the American - all have their respective typical
wedding dress codes. Whatever may be the type of wedding dress of the bride - a bridal gown, a sari,
a kimono, a Salwar Kamiz with wedding veil, it is created to spell elegance and hold the audience and
especially the bridegroom spellbound. Wedding dresses are secured from the highly skilled artisans
who use the best fabrics and the most intricate embellishments - elaborate patterns and designs to
create the choicest dresses of the respective culture. The exquisite wedding dresses thus made serve
as a reflection of the culture concerned too.

Considerations in selecting the appropriate wedding dress

In marriages the appearance of the bride and the groom is of prime importance. The wedding dress or
the bridal attire requires special mention in this regard since the bride is the cynosure of all eyes at the
wedding and therefore her attire commands utmost attention. The wedding dress should be selected
with due care with respect to the following considerations:

1. Checking bridal magazines to get a better idea of what fashions are in vogue.

2. Seeking opinions from select friends on the dress selection and trying to view choices made from
their perspective.

3. Thinking over the kind of party to be hosted and the prevailing mood- formal or casual.

4. Budgetary constraints set up regarding purchase of dress.

Richard Dornell for

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