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                                     Should You Hire a Live Band Or a Wedding DJ?
                                                                By TM Lung

   One of the details you need to consider for your reception is the entertainment. To this end, most
couples will think about the wedding music they will be using during the reception. Yet, it is not easy for
brides and grooms to make the decision on it.

 As a matter of fact, you can hire wedding DJ to help you to play the music or songs in the reception.
Of course this is only one option. Another option will be working with a live musician or a live band.
Some brides and grooms may go for a third option. They will try to create a music CD of their own and
play it in the reception hall. Yet, it is more popular for couples to go for the first two options. However,
you may want to go for the third one if you are on a tight budget. In this article, we will mainly focus on
the first two options. We will try to discuss whether you should hire a DJ or a live musician.

 Let us talk about the case of DJ. The advantage here is that the costs will be lower when compared
with hiring a full live band. This is certainly one of the things you need to consider. You need to think
about your budget. If you do not have enough for a full live band, you may probably want to go for the
idea of hiring a wedding DJ.

 Besides, a wedding DJ will not play the musics himself / herself using the instruments. Of course live
musicians will play using the instruments. However, the point here is that a DJ can also do something
that musicians may not do. For example, the DJ can help for the stage lighting effects. This will
certainly help to heat up the atmosphere if you would like every one to stand up and dance. They can
also put a lot of special effects on the songs or music you are going to play.

 When considering the range of music styles, a DJ will probably be a better choice. However, what is
good about live musicians is that they can play according to your different needs. They can adjust the
speed of playing easily. They can play slower when you require. In most cases, it will be more flexible
to hire live musicians.

 Remember, you have to make the right choice of person no matter you are hiring live musicians or a
DJ. You should first of all consider their experiences. This is probably the most important point you
need to consider. It is important to mention here that some DJs or musicians may have a lot of
experiences in performing in an event. Yet they may not have experiences in performing in a wedding
reception. To this end, you may still want to hire one who has experience in wedding entertainment.

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 You should always bear in mind that you are hiring the DJ or musicians in order to give the best
entertainments to the guests. This is why you must spend some time to do your research and find the
best service provider!

TM Lung is a wedding invitation designer. His works can be found from
and he runs a blog on weddings. You can find some other wedding tips
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                                       Planning For Your Wedding Entertainment?
                                                               By TM Lung

The entertainment in your wedding is extremely important. In fact, people may just forget what they
have eaten after your wedding. However, they will certainly remember the entertainment. As a result,
you should plan the entertainment carefully.

 However, you may find that it is not easy to plan for your wedding entertainment. It is very true that the
entertainment will affect the atmosphere of your reception. If you can plan it well, you can nearly be
sure that your guests will not feel bored in your wedding.

 As a matter of fact, you will have quite a number of options when you are planning for the
entertainment. Some people will just hire a wedding DJ and think that they have done with the
entertainment. In fact, this is not true. You can prepare some games so that your guests can play
together. There are couples who will prepare a lucky draw so that everyone can have a chance to win
some prizes. It will really heat up the atmosphere if you can prepare cash as the prizes for the lucky

 Since it is quite common for couples to hire a wedding DJ or a live band for their wedding, it will be
worth talking about how you should hire them. One thing you have to admit is that you will never know
if a wedding DJ or a band will be performing well in your wedding. Consequently, it is very important for
you to know the reputation of them. You will need to put some effort to this end.

 You may be able to have a rough idea about the reputation of a wedding DJ or a live band by asking
in some online forums. You can ask if some other couples have hired them. You may even ask if there
are people who have just married and hired the DJ or band you are planning to hire. They will tell you
their experiences and you will know if the DJ or the band is good or not.

 You will also want to know if the DJ or band charges you reasonably. Again, you can try to get some
clue from the internet. Of course you can ask on the online wedding forums. On the other hand, you
may also try to search on the web to see the average price so that you can compare the prices with the
average price you get. In fact, some live bands may even put some demos on the web and you will be
able to know if they can perform well from the demos.

 Of course music is not your only entertainment. You can even try to hire a magician to perform in your
wedding. It will be a good kind of entertainment at the end of the day. If you can sing yourself, you may
even sing in your wedding so that you can entertain your guests. Your guests will certainly enjoy it
since it is the bride / groom who is singing in the wedding.

TM Lung is a wedding invitation designer. His works can be found from
He runs a blog on weddings and you can find some other wedding tips

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