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                                           Selecting A Suite Of Wedding Stationary
                                                             By Bridget Mora

   Your wedding invitation is like your ambassador. It does much more than simply convey a set of
facts; it makes the first impression and sets the tone for your wedding. And you know what they say:
you never get a second chance to make a first impression. It is likely that many brides have never
before realized the significance of a piece of paper until they start shopping for wedding invitations.

 A full suite of wedding stationary contains some or all of these: save-the-date cards, wedding
invitations (with inner and outer envelopes), assorted maps and directions, bridesmaid luncheon
invitations, rehearsal dinner invitations, pew cards, at-home cards, cards with table numbers and place
cards for the reception, announcements (sent after the wedding to distant friends and family not invited
to the service), and of course thank you cards. You will actually want two batches of thank you cards:
one with your maiden name or monogram, and a second set with your married name for use after the
wedding. You may notice something not listed: response cards. They are widely used, but are not
technically correct etiquette, because they are based on the presumption that your guests do not have
the good manners to respond to a formal invitation. Even without response cards, though, the list is
extensive, which is why it is wise to start shopping early. Another detail to consider is finding a
calligrapher if you plan to use one.

 There is very specific etiquette and protocol pertaining to wedding invitations and stationary. Don't be
daunted, though, because there are many resources that clearly spell out the answers to everything
from what to do with the tissue that comes with the invitations (throw it out) or the difference between
“the honour of your presence” and “the pleasure of your company” (the first is for a religious ceremony,
the second for a civil ceremony). As for whether to use “R.s.v.p. or “The favour of a reply is requested”
- both are correct, so just pick your favorite.

 The design of your invitation should match the style of your wedding. An easy way to think of it is to
base the look of the stationary on the look of the bride. For instance, if you are wearing a very classic
gown with pearl wedding jewelry, then your invitations should be something very traditional, like black
engraving on a heavy ivory cotton paper. Let's say that your style is more earthy. In that case, you
might select paper handmade with leaves or flowers in it. You can also choose a motif to use to
personalize your wedding. Perhaps you will be wearing a very special tiara as part of your wedding
jewelry ensemble – you could have custom letterpress invitations created with a tiara emblem on the
top. The idea is that the wedding stationary should be as expressive of your personal style as your

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gown is.

 Your wedding stationary says so much more than the who, why, what, where, and when of your event.
It should really reflect who you are (thus the popularity of monograms). Wedding invitations give your
guests the first taste of what your wedding will be like.

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                                                  Grooms And Weddings
                                                    By George Meszaros

 Historically, men were not especially involved in the wedding planning process. Aside from selecting
his groomsmen, planning the honeymoon, and showing up, he is usually excluded from most decisions
involving the wedding. Today, grooms are taking on a much more active role. Grooms should be
involved with the planning of the wedding planning for several reasons. The most important reason is
that the wedding day is their day too, and they should be involved with planning such an important
event. Most of married life should be a team effort, and planning the wedding should be no different.

According to the Conde Nast Bridal Infobank, over 40 percent of couples plan their wedding together.
One of the primary reasons for such an increase in groom involvement is that about two-thirds of
couples are paying for some or all of their weddings. Grooms are more invested in their own weddings,
and as a result, they are more involved. Many brides hold full-time jobs going into the wedding, and
they would be overwhelmed without the groom’s help. Working together, planning the wedding, may
not only be more effective, but may also prove to be more enjoyable.

Help is welcome because there is so much planning involved in organizing a wedding. Grooms are
exceedingly involved with selecting, transportation companies, wedding bands, reception venues, and
caterers. A gourmet groom that enjoys cooking should enjoy selecting the menu for the big day, and he
may offer some good insights. Other grooms may become more involved with personalizing the
marriage vows.

Grooms may find that planning a wedding can be an enjoyable experience that gives them an
opportunity to share ideas with their fiancé. Due to the close involvement with the planning, grooms
may become fonder of the entire wedding experience. If you and your fiancé come up with the budget
together, it may be easier to adhere to it. If the decisions are made together, you too may be able to
enjoy the wedding so much better. As active participant in the planning and organizing of your
wedding, you know that each of you has a say in what is and isn’t going to be part of your wedding

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