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									     PA R K L A N D C O L L E G E
                College for Kids • Summer 2009
                                   Session 1: June 15–25
                                     Session 2: July 6–16


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    Summer 2009
Session 1 — June 15–25
 Session 2 — July 6–16

            nts:                         t Park   land Co ildren:
D ear Pare                 e fo r Kids a dule for your ch g a
      elcome   to Colleg s a full sche                and atte
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     Sum    mertime ying, biking, rea
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       sw imming ids class or two                         citin g classes
        Colleg  e for K                   y ne w and ex ferent online
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             L ook thro or a wonderfu                 ns and d
                        two f                  ur so
             class or          or sh aring yo
              Tha  nk you f !
              Colle   ge for K

               B est Wish or Kids Staff
                       lege f
               The Col                             Questions?
                                          Call 217/353-2055 or email
                                                                               All children are expected to
                                                                               maintain proper behavior
                                                                               while attending CFK. If a child
                                                                               displays disruptive, disrespectful,
                                                                               or inappropriate behavior, and
                                                                               repeated warnings by CFK staff
                                                                               fail to yield results, parents will
Mission statement                                                              be contacted. If the behavior
                                                                               continues, the student will be
Summer College for Kids (CFK)
                                                                               dismissed from class and no
provides the opportunity for
                                                                               refunds will be given.
students who are entering
grades three through seven                                                     Cancellation of classes
to explore areas of study and                                                  CFK reserves the right to cancel
interest in a nongraded, fun-filled                                            any class that does not have
environment through quality,                                                   a minimum enrollment (in most
hands-on experiences.                                                          cases 10 students). Cancellations
                                      Selecting classes
Program goals                                                                  will be made the day after the
                                      Class selection should include
                                                                               registration deadline for each
Summer CFK programs are               consideration of the child’s abilities
                                                                               session. In the event of a cancel-
designed to attain the following      and motivation. Parents/students
                                                                               lation, students will be given an
goals:                                should also consider broadening
                                                                               alternate class if one has been
• Provide hands-on exploration        areas of current interest as well as
                                                                               selected and is available.
  in specialized fields such as       exploring new fields.
  science, math, language arts,       Registration process                     Refunds
  computer science, visual/                                                    Requests for refunds will be
                                      Registrations for qualified students
  performing arts, humanities,                                                 granted only until the registration
                                      will be accepted beginning May 4.
  and fine arts.                                                               deadline for each session.
                                      You may register online, by mail,
• Provide challenging experi-         or in person. No phone or fax            Refunds will be given if a class
  ences and intellectual stimula-     registrations will be accepted.          is cancelled by CFK and no
  tion for students to develop                                                 alternate class is available.
  their special interests.            First-come, first-served
                                      Registrations are processed on
                                                                               Safety and security
• Expose students to a learning
  atmosphere that will motivate       a first-come, first-served basis,        In an effort to maintain its high
  them to achieve their highest       so register early to get your            standards of safety, CFK requires
  potential.                          first choice of classes. It is also      all students to have a Parkland
                                      extremely important to indicate          College photo ID issued the first
Eligibility                           alternate choices for all classes        day of class and to be worn for
CFK is open to all students           selected. If the first choice is         the entire session.
ENTERING grades three through         full or canceled, the student            CFK staff will provide supervision
seven who would enjoy and ben-        will automatically be placed in          during regular class times for all
efit from unique and challenging      an alternate class, providing            CFK students. If your child has any
learning experiences. Each course     space is still available. Letters        special needs to make the CFK
has a grade-level requirement in      of confirmation will be sent             program safe and enjoyable,
order to ensure maximum instruc-      approximately one week before            please be sure to indicate these
tional benefit to the students.       the start of class.                      on the registration form.

Beginning Graphic Design                                                         Video Game-making Class
Come and explore different
elements of graphic design!
Learn how to use art,
                                                  Online                         Learn how to design and
                                                                                 modify your own arcade-style
                                                                                 video games. You will learn
photography, and technology to                                                   how to control characters,
communicate ideas. Create your                                                   objects, and outcomes in
own restaurant menu, CD cover,                                                   your game, then increase the
and notepad. Bring a T-shirt               Elementary Engineering                difficulty level and add more
from home to add your unique               Using LEGOs                           features. Learn how to design
artwork.                                                                         your own version of PacMan
                                           Once registered for this course,
Haylie Dixon                                                                     and several others. This 7 week
                                           you will be sent a LEGO kit with
                                                                                 course IS instructor facilitated.
Session 1 12:15-2:15pm   Grades 5-6-7      over 1,000 advanced LEGO
                                           pieces. When you receive the          Grades 5-6-7
Session 1 2:30-4:30pm    Grades 3-4-5
                                           kit in the mail, you are ready        Minimum System Requirements:
Claymation                                 to start this 7 week class. You       • High Speed Internet (128K
Interested in animation? Always            even get to keep the pieces             minimum connection speed)
wonder how movies like “Wallace            when the class is over! The           • Intel Pentium ll 450MHz or faster
and Gromit” or “Tim Burton’s               class consists of engineering           processor (or equivalent)
Corpse Bride” are created?                 theory and instruction plus           • Windows Platform (No Mac)
Come join us in this course where          6 very complex building               • Windows 98, SE, Me, 2000, XP
you will develop your own clay             exercises—a class for the               (and later)
characters and create short                serious builder!
                                                                                 • Direct X8 or higher, compatible
videos with your classmates, all           Grades 3-7                              graphics card with at least 16MB
while learning the different skills                                                of video memory (preferably
                                           Minimum System Requirements:
needed to make stop-motion                                                         32MB or more). Also, a Direct X8
                                           • High Speed Internet (128K
animation videos.                                                                  or higher sound card is required.
                                             minimum connection speed)
Carmen Egolf                                                                       Direct X can be downloaded
                                           • Intel Pentium ll 450MHz or faster     for free.
Session 1 12:15-2:15pm   Grades 5-6-7        processor (or equivalent)
                                                                                 • 128 MB of RAM
Session 2 12:15-2:15pm   Grades 5-6-7      • Windows 98, Me, 2000, XP
                                                                                 • Flash player 7 and above
Session 2 2:30-4:30pm    Grades 3-4-5        (and later)
                                           • 128MB of RAM
Introduction to Computer                   • Flash Player 7 and above
Learn the basics of computer
programming with the object-
oriented programming language           Photoshop
Etoys. You will create fun projects     Learn how to use this powerful
including making mazes,                 computer application to create
animation, and puzzles. This            your own graphic art! Use the
powerful programming language           computer to design, alter, and
is easy to begin and hard to            enhance your photos and art.
outgrow.                                Barry Mink
Kathleen Harness                        Session 2 12:15-2:15pm   Grades 5-6-7
Session 1 12:15-2:15pm   Grades 5-6-7   Session 2 2:30-4:30pm    Grades 3-4-5
Session 2 12:15-2:15pm   Grades 3-4-5
The Art of Beadwork
                                             Create                              Origami Large and Small:
Learn to create necklaces,                                                       Polyhedrons, Boxes, and Rings
bracelets, earrings, handmade                                                    Create beautiful lidded boxes
beads, and more using a variety                                                  from a variety of paper sizes
of techniques and materials. You                                                 ranging from 1 inch to 4 foot
will learn how to use crimping           I ❤ Art!                                squares of paper as well as
beads and “tigertail,” use basic         If you enjoy learning different         other materials such as copper
wire work, crochet with beads            art techniques and how to use           screening and fabric. You will
and wire, and use jewelry-making         different materials, then this is the   make modular wreaths and rings
tools. You will bring home many          class for you! Explore all different    that fly like Frisbees. No birds or
unique projects.                         types of media, including               animals in this geometric class.
Tammy Soper                              drawing, painting, printmaking,         Kathleen Harness
Session 2 12:15-2:15pm   Grades 3-7      and sculpture. Explore your             Session 2 2:30-4:30pm    Grades 3-7
                                         choice of media and subject
Ceramics and Sculpture                   matter during “open studio time”        Art and Stories
This fun, hands-on class surveys         at the end of each class. This is       Do you like to tell stories with
the creative possibilities of            the class for students who are          pictures and words? You
ceramics and sculpture. For the          creative and just plain love art        will be guided through the
first week, you will try out a variety   class!                                  process of sequencing, writing,
of clay hand-building techniques.        Jill Lagerstam                          illustrating and binding your
During the second week, you will         Session 1 12:15-2:15pm   Grades 3-4-5   story to produce a one-of-a-kind
sculpt! The class will cover several                                             handmade book. Join us for this
                                         Session 1 2:30-4:30pm    Grades 5-6-7
different methods of small-scale                                                 hands-on art class, and you will
sculpture production. You will           Learn to Paint from the Masters         experiment with paint, collages,
take your creations home at the                                                  and drawing.
                                         Learn about how artists have
end of the session.                                                              Carmen Egolf
                                         painted throughout history and
Laura O’Donnell                          around the world. You will make         Session 1 2:30-4:30pm    Grades 3-4-5
Session 1 12:15-2:15pm   Grades 3-4-5    a painting in each artist’s method
                                         or style. For example, make a           Create Your Own Comics
Session 1 2:30-4:30pm    Grades 5-6-7
                                         fresco like Giotto, a diptych like      Did you know that comics are
                                         Kay Walkingstick, an Impressionist      not just about funny animals or
                                         landscape like Monet – just to          superheroes? In fact, some artists
                                         name a few.                             are the star of their own comic
                                         Grant Thomas                            book! If you would like to learn
                                                                                 how to tell stories by combining
                                         Session 2 2:30-4:30pm    Grades 4-5-6
                                                                                 pictures and words, then this is
                                                                                 the class for you! You will learn
                                                                                 how to design a character, write
                                                                                 a story, and put it all together to
                                                                                 make your very own comic book.
                                                                                 Grant Thomas
                                                                                 Session 1 2:30-4:30pm    Grades 5-6-7
                                                                                 Session 2 12:15-2:15pm   Grades 5-6-7
                                                                                Strategy Survival
                                                                                Will your colony survive on the
                                                                                newly discovered continent? Will
                                                                                you be able to claim kingship
                                                                                before the other nobles? Do

                                                Explore                         you enjoy strategy games? Put
                                                                                your geographic and economic
                                                                                skills to the test with two exciting
                                                                                competitions. Help create two
                                                                                strategy games and have input
                                                                                on how they look and how they
                                                                                are played. The fun never stops
                                        All About Medieval Times                as we create new twists and turns

     Compose                            Do you like stories of knights
                                        fighting dragons? Are you
                                                                                and challenge each other.
                                                                                Joseph Pickell
                                        interested in medieval castles or       Session 1 12:15-2:15pm   Grades 5-6-7
                                        mythical creatures? What about          Session 1 2:30-4:30pm    Grades 5-6-7
                                        powerful princesses and queens?
                                        Learn all about these and more
                                        by exploring medieval stories,
Dark and Stormy Night: An               art, and architecture. Discover
Advanced Writer’s Workshop              games from the Middle Ages and
You will find and use your              even write your own medieval
unique voice in your writing,           tale.
enhance your word choices, and          Donica Miller

incorporate poetic language into
                                        Session 1 2:30-4:30pm    Grades 3-7
your stories. Writing is a process,
resulting in an awesome final           Games, Puzzles, and Logic
piece to share. Learn the many          Come and explore the logic
unique ways to publish your             and strategic thinking involved
stories.                                in playing games and solving
Donica Miller                           puzzles. This will be a fun way
Session 2 2:30-4:30pm    Grades 3-7     to enhance the skills that are
                                        needed to understand higher             Junk Box Wars
Science Fiction and Fantasy             levels of mathematics!                  “To invent, you need a good
Writing                                 Sue Anderson                            imagination and a pile of junk”
Do you enjoy characters like                                                    – Thomas Edison. Designed after
                                        Session 1 12:15-2:15pm   Grades 3-4-5
Harry Potter or Luke Skywalker?                                                 the popular TLC show Junkyard
Now is your chance to write your        Mythology                               Wars, you will be challenged
own science fiction or fantasy          Explore the amazing world of the        to created devices that will
masterpiece. This class will explore    Greek gods and goddesses and            accomplish a specific task using
numerous science fiction elements       ancient Greek theater. Discover         the “junk” provided. Possible
(such as space and time travel,         their exciting stories referenced       wars include: Bridge challenge,
aliens and robots) as well as           by everyone from Shakespeare            Magnificent Marble Maze,
fantasy themes (such as mythical        to modern authors. We will              Rocket Rally, Zoom Machines,
creatures and magic). We will           choose an ancient Greek play to         Super Structures, Drop Zone,
put together a collection of our        perform. Masks, costumes, sets,         Bottle Blaster, Battle of the Boats,
written and illustrated stories.        performance; you’ll do it all. Bring    and the Weakest Link.
Donica Miller                           your creativity and join the fun!       Sarah Beem
Session 1 12:15-2:15pm   Grades 5-6-7   Joseph Pickell                          Session 2 12:15-2:15pm   Grades 5-6-7
Session 2 12:15-2:15pm Grades 3-4-5     Session 2 2:30-4:30pm    Grades 5-6-7   Session 2 2:30-4:30pm    Grades 3-4-5
Lego Brainstorm                                                                 Electricity and Magnets
Build and control Lego projects                                                 You will be drawn to the topics

that culminate with motorized                                                   of electricity and magnets
Lego kits. You will work in                                                     with a hands-on approach,
collaborative learning groups to                                                experimenting with and seeing
plan and build Lego motorized                                                   exactly how and why they work.
machines. Lego brainstorming                                                    Join us as we travel through the
engages students in a host of                                                   world of positives and negatives,
activities designed to spark the                                                building circuits, making
imagination.                                                                    compasses and electromagnets,
                                        Bats, Bugs, and More
Mary Anne Ross                                                                  and even studying alternate
                                        Come learn about bats and               energy sources. This class will
Ken Ross                                other local wildlife. Learn             make a science log tracking
Session 1 12:15-2:15pm   Grades 3-4-5   about the crucial role these            our numerous experiments and
Session 1 2:30-4:30pm    Grades 3-4-5   night creatures play in your            projects.
                                        environment by writing stories,
Session 2 12:15-2:15pm   Grades 3-4-5                                           Bonnie Bratt
                                        creating artwork, and building
Session 2 2:30-4:30pm    Grades 3-4-5   bat houses for Parkland. Learn          Session 2 12:15-2:15pm   Grades 3-4-5

Lego Mindstorm                          about the importance of insects         Garden Detective
                                        in our environment. Make
Create the smartest, strongest          water scopes and insect nets            Summer is the perfect time
and most advanced Lego                  to see which insects (and other         to learn about gardening in
robot ever! The new NXT                 creatures) are living in the pond       Parkland’s beautiful greenhouse.
Intelligent Brick, your robot’s         and on the prairie. Test your           Join us as we learn the little
“brain,” features a powerful            creativity by building your own         details needed to grow healthy
32-bit microprocessor. A highly         bug. Join us for some batty,            plants that stay healthy and grow
versatile palette of Lego Technic       buggy fun!                              large. You will investigate the
elements combine with state-                                                    creatures that feed on our plants
of-the-art ultrasonic sound,            Pam Evans                               and control the nutrients to make
light and touch sensors in the          Session 1 2:30-4:30pm    Grades 3-4-5   your take-home plants as healthy
next generation of intuitive                                                    as can be.
                                        CSI: Can YOU solve the crime?
robotics. Using software and                                                    Theresa Meers
step-by-step building instructions,     Investigate a simulated
                                        “crime scene” and collect               Session 1 12:15-2:15pm   Grades 3-4-5
beginners and experts alike can
create humanoid, vehicle, and           evidence to analyze and                 Session 1 2:30-4:30pm    Grades 5-6-7
animal robots that obey every           determine who committed
                                        the crime. Use handwriting              Parkland Treasure Hunt
                                        analysis, fingerprinting, paper         Welcome to the world of codes,
Various instructors                                                             ciphers, and cryptograms. This
                                        chromatography, DNA profiling,
Session 1 12:15-2:15pm   Grades 5-6-7   and blood typing (using                 class will teach you all there is to
Session 1 2:30-4:30pm    Grades 5-6-7   simulated blood!) to evaluate the       know about secret codes and
                                        “facts” of the case. Learn about        how to break them. You will face
Session 2 12:15-2:15pm   Grades 5-6-7
                                        the science and detective work          a new treasure hunt each day
Session 2 2:30-4:30pm    Grades 5-6-7                                           to test your skill and build your
                                        behind crime solving.
                                        Sarah Beem                              knowledge of map reading,
                                                                                decoding and deciphering.
                                        Session 1 12:15-2:15pm   Grades 3-4-5   Learn the history of treasure
                                        Session 1 2:30-4:30pm    Grades 5-6-7   hunting while exploring the many
                                                                                treasures of Parkland College.
                                                                                Lisa Mosley
                                                                                Session 1 12:15-2:15pm Grades 3-4-5
                                                                                Session 2 12:15-2:15pm Grades 3-4-5

Beginning Chinese
                                            Perform                              Lights, Camera, Action
Immerse yourself in Chinese                                                      Make a real TV show! Learn the
language and culture. Come                                                       fundamentals of TV production
and learn basic Mandarin                                                         with hands-on training in camera
Chinese conversation skills, some                                                operation, switching, lighting,
vocabulary, and grammar while             Drama on the Move!                     titling, and audio. Work with
dabbling in Chinese dumplings.            If you love acting and want            other students to create and
This is a class for those students        to learn more, this is the class       appear in a TV program, which
with little or no Chinese-speaking        for you! Gain confidence               may be broadcast on Parkland's
experience                                and experience with active,            television channel, PCTV!
Yan (Kate) Buchanan                       hands-on fun as we cover the           Chris Foster
Session 2 12:15-2:15pm   Grades 4-5-6-7   fundamentals of drama through          Session 1 2:30-4:30pm    Grades 3-7
                                          a variety of activities and games.
Beginner Spanish Storytelling                                                    Session 2 2:30-4:30pm    Grades 3-7
                                          A performance will be held on
Come play your favorite games             the final day!                         Music and Moves
like Simon Says to learn basic            Leah Farrar-White                      Show choir, swing choir –
Spanish vocabulary. Then,                                                        whatever you call it – it’s the
                                          Session 1 2:30-4:30pm   Grades 3-7
release your imagination and                                                     same. Yes, singing and dancing
bring a story to life using your          Fractured Fairy Tales                  at the same time. Learn
internalized knowledge. You               Magic beans? Straw turned              choreography/lyrics – and have
will be amazed at all you can             into gold? Familiar tales will         a blast movin’ and groovin’. A
act, mime, draw, tell, and read           be brought to the stage – with         dessert concert will be held on
in Spanish! Experience Spanish            a twist! You will create skits,        the final day
culture with Salsa dancing and            pantomimes, and songs in this          Leah Farrar-White
tortilla making.                          hands-on class. A performance
                                                                                 Session 2 12:15-2:15pm   Grades 3-7
Erin Flynn                                will be held on the final day of
Session 2 2:30-4:30pm    Grades 3-7       class.                                 Radio Broadcasting
                                          Leah Farrar-White                      Do you want to learn how to be
                                          Session 2 2:30-4:30pm   Grades 3-4-5   an entertaining on-air personality,
                                                                                 as well as the ins and outs of
                                                                                 radio? Interested in new music
                                                                                 and the music industry? “88.7 the
                                                                                 Wave” is offering you a chance
                                                                                 to be on-air! Work with us to
                                                                                 create promos and program new
                                                                                 Eleni Kametas
                                                                                 Session 2 2:30-4:30pm Grades 5-6-7
                                                                     Summer 2009 Mail-In Registration
                                                Student’s name

                                                (last)                                          (first)

                                                Preferred name on name tag

                                                Student’s address
                                                (street)                                        (city/state/zip)

                                                Height      Weight      Hair            Eyes    Current school
    1. Please indicate your class
       selections on the back of
       this form.                               Student’s Social Security number                Student’s grade level      Birth date
    2. Parent’s Authorization:                                                                  (entering)                 (mo/day/yr)
      I understand that there may be            Gender                  T-shirt                 Is the student eligible for free or
      certain risks of physical injury,                                 (youth sizes)           reduced lunch at school?
      damage, or loss as a result of             Male
                                                                         S     L               No       Yes
      participating in one of these              Female
                                                                         M          XL
      classes. In acceptance of my
      child’s registration, I relinquish        Special Needs                                   Student's ethnicity/race (voluntary)
      all claims I may have against                                                              Asian or Pacific Islander
      Parkland College, the staff,                                                               American Indian or Alaskan Native
      organizers, or teachers as a
                                                Parent’s name                                    Black, Non-Hispanic
      result of participation in this           (last)                  (first)
                                                                                                 Hispanic
      program. Furthermore, I hereby
                                                Mr.                                              White, Non-Hispanic
      grant Parkland College, its
      College for Kids program, and             Ms.                                              Nonresident Alien

      PCTV permission to videotape              Mrs.                                             Other/Unknown
      or photograph my child                    Parent’s home telephone number                  Parent’s work telephone number
      for future College for Kids
                                                Parent’s cell phone number                      Parent’s e-mail address

    (required):                                 Person other than parent listed above           Emergency contact’s phone number
                                                to contact in case of emergency

                                                Amount of check enclosed                        Amount charged to
                                                (payable to Parkland College)                   credit card
                                                $                                               $                             Exp. date

                                                                                                                                3-digit code on
                                                Card Number:         Visa         Discover    MasterCard                   back of credit card

                                                  
                                                    K.I.D. IDENTIFICATION PROGRAM
        The Kid Identification (KID) program was designed with the safety of the children in mind. Participants are required to
        wear a special identification card while they attend College for Kids. Information collected on this form is kept in a
        database, which is only accessible by the Police Department and CFK — ALL INFORMATION IS CONFIDENTIAL. When
        your child reaches the age that he or she can no longer attend College for Kids, all information regarding your child
        will be removed from our database.
        If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Officer Corray at the Parkland College Department of Public
        Safety, 351-2369.
                                                    1. Please enroll your child in the section for the
                                                       grade level he or she will be entering.
                                                    2. You may choose only one first-choice class
                                                       per time slot within each session. Mark first
                                                       choices with a (1).
                                                    3. Mark alternate choices with a (2) and (3).
                                                       Placement in alternate-choice classes may
Student’s name _______________________________         be necessary if classes are full or cancelled.
Grade level student will be entering ____________   4. Send $125 fee for EACH first-choice class.

                       SESSION 1 — June 15-25                            SESSION 2 — July 6-16
                               12:15-2:15 P.M.                                    12:15-2:15 P.M.
     Beginning Graphic Design (5-6-7)                     Art of Beadwork (3-7)
     Ceramics and Sculpture (3-4-5)                       Beginning Chinese (4-5-6-7)
     Claymation (5-6-7)                                   Claymation (5-6-7)
     CSI: Can You Solve the Crime? (3-4-5)                Create Your Own Comics (5-6-7)
     Games, Puzzles and Logic (3-4-5)                     Electricity and Magnets (3-4-5)
     Garden Detective (3-4-5)                             Introduction to Computer Programming (3-4-5)
     I ❤ Art (3-4-5)                                      Junk Box Wars (5-6-7)
     Introduction to Computer Programming (5-6-7)         Lego Brainstorm (3-4-5)
     Lego Brainstorm (3-4-5)                              Lego Mindstorm (5-6-7)
     Lego Mindstorm (5-6-7)                               Music and Moves (3-7)
     Parkland Treasure Hunt (3-4-5)                       Parkland Treasure Hunt (3-4-5)
     Science Fiction and Fantasy Writing (5-6-7)          Photoshop (5-6-7)
     Strategy Survival (5-6-7)                            Science Fiction and Fantasy Writing (3-4-5)
                               2:30-4:30 P.M.                                     2:30-4:30 P.M.
     All About Medieval Times (3-7)                       Beginner Spanish Storytelling (3-7)
     Art and Stories (3-4-5)                              Claymation (3-4-5)
     Bats, Bugs, and More (3-4-5)                         Dark and Stormy Night (3-7)
     Beginning Graphic Design (3-4-5)                     Fractured Fairy Tales (3-4-5)
     Ceramics and Sculpture (5-6-7)                       Junk Box Wars (3-4-5)
     Create Your Own Comics (5-6-7)                       Learn to Paint from the Masters (4-5-6)
     CSI: Can You Solve the Crime? (5-6-7)                Lego Brainstorm (3-4-5)
     Drama on the Move (3-7)                              Lego Mindstorm (5-6-7)
     Garden Detective (5-6-7)                             Lights, Camera, Action (3-7)
     I ❤ Art (5-6-7)                                      Mythology (5-6-7)
     Lego Brainstorm (3-4-5)                              Origami Large and Small (3-7)
     Lego Mindstorm (5-6-7)                               Photoshop (3-4-5)
     Lights, Camera, Action (3-7)                         Radio Broadcasting (5-6-7)
     Strategy Survival (5-6-7)                                                    ONLINE
                               ONLINE                     Elementary Engineering (3-7)
     Elementary Engineering (3-7)                         Video Game-making (5-6-7)
     Video Game-making (5-6-7)
                                                                                                                DROP OFF — M1 parking lot
                                                                                                                PICK UP — Park in M1 parking lot
                                                                                                                and walk to building.

                     Find                                                                                       Detailed instructions will be
                                                                                                                included in the confirmation
                                                                                                                PLEASE KEEP THIS MAP
                                                                                                                FOR REFERENCE.
                                                F RO

                                                                                                                    Athletic Fields
                                                                                                               Baseball, Softball, Soccer,
                                                                                                                 Tennis Courts, Track
                                                         PARKING LOT

                                                                                                SE   VI

                         W                                                 M                              L                                      To Parkland
              West                                                                                                              op               College on Mattis
              Entrance                                          Planetarium                                               s                        ➜

                                                                Theatre             X           A


                                                                                                               East                                      Parkland H


                                                                                                                                                         College ➜


                                                                                                                                                         on Mattis
                   N                                 C



                                                                                                                                                                           MATTIS AVENUE

                                                                                    G   E                  B
                                                                                                      PARKING LOT

                                                        W IL
                                                            LIAM W. FROOM WAY



                                                       BRADLEY AVENUE                                                                                        ➜ To Mattis
     2400 West Bradley Ave., Champaign IL 61821-1899
     w w w. p a r k l a n d . e d u • 2 1 7 / 3 5 1 - 2 2 0 0

                                                                PMS 2995
PMS 2995

                                                                PMS 2995
PMS 319C                                                        41%

                                                                BLACK 76%
BLACK 100%

           College for Kids Summer 2009 Registration Information
                                                                BLACK 27%

           How to Register:                                                                                                                  Refund Policy:
           • Register online: www.parkland.                                                                                                  • Requests for refunds will be
             edu/communityed/cfk.                                                                                                              accepted until the registration
           • Fill out both sides of one                                                                                                        deadline for each session.
                                                                               S     M       T     W       T     F      S
             registration form per child,                                                                                                    Reduced Tuition:
             including signature.                                                     1      2      3     4      5      6
                                                                                                                                             • Reduced tuition is available for
           • Indicate a first choice and                                       7      8      9     10 11 12 13                                 students who receive free or
             alternate choices for each class                                                                                                  reduced lunch at school
             desired. If there is no alternate                                14 15 16 17 18 19 20
                                                                                                                                             • For those who qualify for reduced
             choice when a first-choice class                                 21 22 23 24 25 26 27                                             tuition, the cost is $95 per class.
             is unavailable, all fees will be
             refunded.                                                        28 29 30
           • Please enroll your child in the                                                     July                                        • Confirmation will be sent to the
             section for the grade level he or                                 S     M       T     W       T     F      S                      student’s address the week prior
             she will be entering.                                                                                                             to the first class for each session.
                                                                                                    1     2      3      4
           • The cost is $125 per class, and                                                                                                 • Instructions for drop-off and pick-
             each student gets one T-shirt.                                    5      6      7      8     9     10 11                          up will be included
           • To register by mail, send the                                    12 13 14 15 16 17 18
             completed and signed form
             along with payment to:                                           19 20 21 22 23 24 25                                           • A few scholarships are available
                                                                              26 27 28 29 30 31                                                for lower income students.
             College for Kids
                                                                                                                                             • Please email us at
             Parkland College on Mattis
                                                                                                                                               collegeforkids@parkland.edu for
             1315 N. Mattis Avenue                                                                                                             details and the application.
             Champaign, IL 61821-1818
           • Walk-in registrations are also
             accepted. Sorry, no fax or phone                                      Registrations are taken on a first-come, first-served basis.
             registrations will be accepted.                                       Class sizes are limited, so please register early.
           Registration/Payment Deadline:                                          Classes with low enrollment will be cancelled.
           Session 1 — Monday, June 1
                                                                            Parkland College ensures equal educational opportunities are offered to all students regardless of race,
           Session 2 — Monday, June 22                                      color, national origin, gender, gender expression, disability, sexual orientation, veteran/Vietnam veteran
           Registration begins May 4.                                       era, age, or religion, and is Section 504/ADA compliant. For additional information or accommodations,
                                                                            call 217/351-2551.

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