Eyes on the Prize (DOC) by nussy88


									                   Eyes on the Prize: America’s Civil Rights Years

When did the “modern” civil rights movement occur according to Eyes on Prize(what years)?

Emmett Till
Who was he?

What happened to him?

When did it happen?

How did the public react?

What happened to the defendants in the case?

Montgomery Bus Boycott
When was it?

What sparked the boycott?

Who was appointed the leader of the boycott?

What was the goal of the boycott?

What did they do to reach this goal?

What was the outcome?

Little Rock
When did the town of Little Rock enter the news?

Why? What was happening there?

Why did Governor Orval Faubus change his stance on segregation?
(Why did he start opposing integration?)

How did the Governor keep Central High School from being integrated? (What did he do?)

What was the President’s reaction to the Governor’s order?

What did the Governor do then?

What happened when the Little Rock Nine entered the school?

What was Eisenhower’s reaction?

Why was Minnie Gene kicked out of school?

Who was the first of the Little Rock Nine to graduate?

What did the Governor do then to try to stop integration?
The Sit-Ins
When did the sit-ins occur?

Where did they start?

How did they prepare for the sit-ins?

How did restaurant owners in Nashville respond to the sit-ins?

How did whites respond?

How did the police respond?

What did demonstrators do in reaction to the arrests?

What did black parents do to fight the jailing of their children?

What event sparked the march down Jefferson Street?

What was the outcome of the march?

What was the Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee (SNCC)?

Who Shall Lead?
What did SNCC do when a federal agency ordered the de-segregation of all facilities involved in
interstate travel?

How did local authorities react?

What provided the driving force for the movement?

Who was sent to help with the Albany Movement?

How was Dr. King’s presence both good and bad?

How did the local police chief react to the Albany demonstrations?

Who was the symbol of southern resistance?

Explain the significance of Eugene “Bull” Connor.

What did Dr. King do to try to help lead the movement?

How did the SCLC get people’s attention in Birmingham?

How did Bull Connor react to these demonstrators?

What was the outcome of these demonstrations?

How did the KKK react to the outcome?

How did President Kennedy respond to the race riots?
What happened on August 28, 1963?

What was Birmingham’s reaction to the March on Washington?

What was SCLC’s reaction to the church bombing?

Power and the Vote
What did Malcom X and the Nation of Islam teach?

What did Medgar Evers (NAACP) do to target racism in Mississippi?

What happened to Medgar Evers?

Why were whites so resistant to the idea of letting blacks vote?

What was Freedom Summer?

What happened to three of the Freedom Summer students?

What was the purpose of the Freedom Schools?

Who finally signed the Civil Rights Act into law?

What did the Civil Rights Act of 1964 do?

Explain the significance of the Mississippi Freedom Democratic Party.

Explain the conflict between the SCLC and SNCC in Selma.

Why was Sheriff Jim Clark important to the movement?

What was the movement’s response to Jimmy Lee Jackson’s death?

What did Governor Wallace do to try to prevent the march?

What was the outcome of the confrontation on the Edmund Pettus Bridge?

How did President Johnson react to the confrontation?

What was “the prize?”

Post “Voting Prize”: Now what?

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