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									The Watchman™ is a hoist and crane inspection tool that revolutionizes the crane inspection
process. It is designed to provide benefits that extend to all parties that interact with cranes and
hoists – manufactures, owners, rental companies, third party inspectors, and regulating agencies.

The following are some of the benefits of implementing and using our crane inspection tool in
your organization:

Ensure compliance with regulations

   •   Streamline and improve inspections of equipment
   •   Accountability by knowing the who, when and where
   •   Track all critical parts digitally using RFID technology
   •   Reference regulations instantly and create citations
   •   Generate professional-looking crane inspection reports automatically

Increase overall crane safety

   •   Ensure equipment is inspected according to all OSHA crane inspection regulations
   •   Document and track equipment activity through its life
   •   Create visual records of problems and resolutions
   •   Maintain equipment in accordance with manufacturer standards

Streamline your business operations

   •   Enhance operations with increased visibility of all equipment
   •   Shorten billing cycles – invoice customers as soon as work is complete
   •   Improve personnel efficiency and confidence
   •   Increase accuracy of records and minimize data-entry errors

Strengthen your business relationships

   •   Demonstrate your commitment to crane safety by complying with regulations
   •   Increase confidence within your organization through accountability
   •   Avoid third party disputes with more accurate and detailed crane inspection records

This software and hardware package is a revolutionary solution for the heavy construction
industry. Its core focus is on ensuring accountability in the crane inspection and maintenance of
equipment. Our crane inspection tool streamlines business operations and improves customer
relationships, while facilitating compliance with regulations – it’s a total industry solution, all in
one tool.

Regulatory trends and more stringent standards are making effective compliance increasingly
more difficult. The Watchman™ crane inspection tool enables you to demonstrate your efforts to
ensure your equipment is safe and compliant to regulatory agencies and customers. This solution
allows you to pay more attention to safety and compliance without diminishing your business
The Watchman™ is a complete business solution that combines:

   •   Accountability: GPS coordinates, time and date stamps
   •   Reports: crane inspections, work orders, maintenance, assets
   •   Reference Documents: regulatory and industry standards, manufacturer-specific manuals
       and other documents
   •   Productivity Tools: construction calculator, scheduling, maps
   •   Multimedia: color photographs, RFID reading

The Watchman™ Crane Inspection Hardware

When you purchase The Watchman™ crane inspection package, you will receive a Motorola
MC75 hand held unit that is configured with our proprietary software. The MC75 has passed
Motorola’s Comprehensive Testing Procedures for extreme conditions and durability. Also
included are the Ultra High Frequency RFID reader, RFID tags and a charging cradle.

The Watchman™ Crane Inspection Software

This user friendly software will guide you through a complete inspection of a crane or hoist and
give you all the necessary tools to record your observations and ensure compliance. In the end,
your crane inspection forms will have a clean, neat report of what you have done and the assets
that you have scanned will be recorded for tracking purposes. With internet connectivity* on the
Motorola MC75 hand held device, you will be able to send this report to your client right away.

The Watchman™ Crane Inspection Management System

Along with the hardware and software components, you will have access to the desktop
Management System. From this secure portal you will be able to access, search, edit, analyze,
print and archive reports. You will also be able to see the location of your hardware devices,
hence tracking personnel and efficiently planning their schedules and routes.

* wireless internet connectivity, installation, warranties and third party services are optional and
further information is available upon request.

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