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									How Web Pages Work
              By Roger Nevin
    Teacher-Librarian Adam Scott C.V.I.

              C O N F E R E N C E 2006

Internet Paradigm
How the Internet Works (Quick Version)
 Learn how to post Documents on a
web page using a word processor.
   Internet Paradigm
Students are required to be “Net Savvy”
at college and university
  Most  research is done on-line through
  paid services such as EBSCO host
  Course material is on-line
  Assignments are emailed
Internet Paradigm
How the Internet Works
      (Quick & Simple Version)

Servers > Hold Web Pages
Computers > Can access the server
and Web Pages
How the Internet Works
      (Quick & Simple Version)

Web Pages on a server are made up of
HTML files.
Every word processor can save
documents as HTML files
   How the Internet Works
             (Quick & Simple Version)

    2 Main Steps To Create a Web Page

1. Create a document and save it as a web
   page (HTML) on your hard drive (usually
   Drive C).
2. Send a copy of the file to the Server
   using a File Transfer Program (FTP)
 Putting an Assignment
       on the Web
Here is an assignment typed in MS Word

                    File name should have name
                   Do not put spaces in file NO spaces
How the Internet Works
           (Understanding FTP)

FTP = Files Transfer Program (technically
protocol) - Is a program that allows you to
transfer files between your computer to Web
          Setting Up FTP
1. Go to Adam Scott Web Site
2. Click On DEC 6th PD. Look For This
   Graphic .

3.   Click on the FTP program you want to down
     load (either Windows 95/98, ME , 2000, or
        Setting Up FTP
4. Save the file into a directory of your
5. Run the file by choosing Run (click
   START at bottom left) & browsing and
   clicking on the file
         FTP Screen
Do not be scared of the next image
      FTP Screen

              Hit Cancel to To See LOCAL
              and REMOTE files

Do NOT Worry About These Buttons
                FTP Screen

These are files on    Once logged in to
YOUR computer         Server this will show
                      files on the Server
               FTP Screen

Click on Connect to
Log onto server
                          FTP Screen
Click on Profile Name
To see all Servers that
You can log on to.
FTP Screen
                     FTP Screen
           To access the Adam Scott Server click on “adam

Leave as automatic

 Need to Get Login and
 Password from George
 Coulis at the Board Office

                          This is the web address. It should be the same
                             for every school in kpr. (
                     FTP Screen

Enter Login and Password
& click OK
                      FTP Screen

Now logged into server & can
see files used for the Adam
Scott Web Page

                    We will now transfer the
                    “nevin.htm” file to the
                    adam scott sever.
                   FTP Screen

Click on UP Arrow to Browse
Up a Directory.
FTP Screen

  Click on example_web_page
FTP Screen

  Click on “nevin.htm” file
FTP Screen

  Click on right arrow to send
FTP Screen

  “nevin.htm is now on server”
Mission Complete

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