Crescent Elementary Summer Bash by fjhuangjun


     Summer Bash
     Basket Raffle

  Join the Students, Staff, and
Families    for an ARGHH of a
         good time!

          May 29, 2009
     4:30 p.m. - 7:00p.m.
 Primary Campus Playground
                                   Thank you for supporting our
   Hello there matey, in this                school!
booklet you will see the various
 baskets made and donated by
   the families of Crescent
  Primary and Intermediate
 Schools. All contents of the
 baskets are purely donations
from the families of Crescent
     and the surrounding
 community. The whole pirate
 crew looks forward to seeing
    you and your families!
Mrs. Hess & Mrs. Simonson’s Classes #14          Mrs. Willet-Swanson’s Class #9
         “Pretty as a Princess”                          “Car Care Basket”
    $100 Mary Kay Gift Certificate                  Sterlite 60 qt. Storage Bin
      Mary Kay Satin Hands Set                     Mr. Clean Flat Back Bucket
 $25 Bath and Body Works Gift Card            Mr. Clean Auto Dry Car Wash System
     Paris Hilton Perfume Gift Set                    $25.00 Target Gift Card
                                              Armor-All Carpet & Upholstery cleaner
        Arbonne Skincare Set                                 Fix-A-Flat
      Body Source Skincare set                  1 Dozen Little Tree Air Fresheners
Variety of Other Body Wash, Sprays &              Armor-All Auto Glass Cleaner
                Lotions                        2-Pack Armor-All Original Protectant
      Set of Hair Ties and Bands                   1 Blossom Oil Air Freshener
                                               Invisible Glass Reach & Clean Tool
             Photo Frame                             Turtle Wax Ice Car Wash
   Decorative Jewelry/Trinket Box         4-Packe Micro fiber Chenille Wash Mitt & towels
                                                 36-pack Micro fiber Auto clothes
                                                        Meguiars Tire Foam
                                                   3 Micro fiber Wash Sponges
                                                Winrite Reinforced Car Wash Hose
    Mrs. Papac/Allen’s Classes #8                 Ms. De Palma’s Class #15
         “Games R Us”                                  “Summer Break Fun”
                 20 Q                     Summer tunes: iPod shuffle, iTunes gift card
                                        Beach fun: boogie board, cooler with wheels, 2
           Deck Of Cards
                                                    beach towels, Frisbee, kite
             Dominoes                  Back yard/pool fun: 3 pack Speedo kids goggles
                Jenga                                          dive toys
    Family Board Game Center                               horse shoe set
   Hannah Montana DVD Game                                ball/paddle game
Monopoly Here & Now : World Edition      Summer fun food and entertainment: David &
   My Sim Aquarium PC Game                               Busters power card
  Net Jet Online Gaming System            $20 gift certificate to Swirl courtesy of Swirl
                Racko                    $20 gift certificate to Yogurt Mania courtesy of
              Toss Up                                       Yogurt Mania
               Trouble                                 4 movie tickets/candy
            Uno Deluxe                                 $10 Carl’s Jr gift card
          Yahtzee To Go                              2 Carl's Jr coupon books
                                                     DVD-School House Rock
 $25 Gift Certificate to Toys “R” Us
                                       2 certificates for 8 ice skating lessons courtesy of
                                                 Ice Palace (valued at over $200)
                                             Total gift basket valued at over $500!!
   Mrs. Ward & Mrs. Belletto’s Classes #16      Mr. Cretney & Mrs. Sinclair’s Classes #7
        ”Anaheim Angels Basket”                               “Pamper your Chef”
                                                     $200 Pampered Chef Gift Certificate
4 – Diamond Club tickets and parking                        $20 Cinnabon Gift Card
   pass to an Angels game date and                          $25 Starbucks Gift Card
                                                              $25 Target Gift Card
 time to be announced at a later date        Pedestal Cake Stand with matching creamer/sugar set
                                                                  Mixing bowl
                                                             Ultimate 3 in 1 caddy
     3 - $25.00 Gift Cards to use              2 square baking pans, 2 loaf pans, 2 fluted pans
     anywhere inside the stadium                                   toothpicks
                                                 Kitchen Aid 4 pc. Tool set & measuring cups
                                                             Measuring spoon set
         1 – Angles coffee cup                               Spatula bowl scrapper
                                                           Farberware 15 pc tool set
                                                               Household shears
        1 – Angels bat and ball set                            Wooden rolling pin
                                                  2 Rainbow Chocolate Candy Cookie Mixes
                                                       Blueberry Oat Scone Muffin Mix
      1 – Red micro plush blanket                                Cornbread Set
                                                             Banana Cupcake mix
                                                        1 oven mitt and 2 potholder set
                                                        Kid’s Birthday Cake Cookbook
                                                   500 Cookies, Biscuits & Bakes Cookbook
               Mr. Sumners Class #6                           Mrs. Raney’s Class #17
           “A Child’s Toy Chest”                            “Night at the Movies”
      Super Miracle Bubbles Double Bubble Maker                    Scooby-Doo
              Curious George 49” Delta Kite                        Harry Potter
             Power Stream Rocket Launcher                   Adventures in Babysitting
           Bratz Babyz The Movie Twins doll set                       Flubber
            Design and Decorate Doodle Bear                Teen Wolf & Teen Wolf Too
       Circular Soduko Handheld Electronic Game                       Candy
     Monopoly Board Game – Chile Heads Edition                 Cookie Dough Bites
               Cars “Ramone” Die Cast Car                           Sweet tarts
    Sponge Bob Square Pants stuffed toy and dvd               Junior Mints(2 boxes)
             Hannah Montana Girl Talk Game                             Nerds
       Lite Brite FX Flash Art Neon Paint Spinner             Hot Tamales (2 boxes)
             Zero G Hover Wand and ball set                             Dots
Are You Smarter Than a 5th Grader Handheld Electronic               Sour Patch
                          Game                                  3 bags of popcorn
                 SwitchBlade Boomerang                          1 bag of Red Vines
       Air Crafts Hover Launcher Foam Flying Set                    Gift cards
                Neopets Faerieland Playset                    T.G.I. Friday’s $ 25.00
                 Wham-O Trac Ball Game                  Regal Entertainment Group $ 30.00
   All of the above are packed into a real red wagon!          Blockbuster $ 15.00
                                                        4 admission passes to Cinema City
                                                             4 free popcorn coupons
                                                            Century Theatres $ 10.50
           Ms. Buckett’s Class # 1                            Mrs. Jones’ Class #11
           “DISNEY Basket”                                       “For Boys Only”
                                                              Ripstick Castor Board ($80.00)
            $225 Disney Dollars                4 Angels Baseball Field Level Seats + Parking Pass 6/23
     Mickey Mouse Camera and Watch           3 Token Cards courtesy of “Up Your Average Batting Cages”
                                                        for up to 6 hours of free batting ($384.00)
        Minnie Mouse Beach Towel             Gift Certificate courtesy of “Up Your Average Batting Cages”
              Enchanted DVD                         for 4 half hour pitching lessons ($140.00 value)
       (2) Two Disney Luggage Tags            2 Free Day Passes courtesy of Rock City Rock Climbing in
                                                               Anaheim Hills ($20.00 value)
    50th Anniversary Small China Plate       2 Boys Designer T-Shirts (sizes M and L) courtesy Java Jean
Large Stuffed Mickey Mouse & Minnie Mouse                               Bar ($62.00)
                                                                $25.00 Gift Card to Target
                                                         4 Complimentary Dinners at TGI Fridays
       For little kids (0-5 years old):               4 Complimentary Kid’s Meals at TGI Fridays
 0-3 Month Mickey Mouse Outfit (unisex --       4 Complimentary Appetizers or Desserts at TGI Fridays
                jeans & onesie)                               MP3 Player with FM Radio 7+
                                                                       Shower Radio
   Handy Manny 2-in-1 Power Tool, Pat &                           Indiana Jones Lego Set
       Rusty Toy, Dusty & Stretch Toy                      Lego Bionicles Deep Sea Patrol 7-12
                                                        Bakugan Starter Kit and Booster Pack 8+
   Pirates of the Caribbean Captain Jack                  XS Red Soccer T-shirt from Gap Kids
               Sparrow Figurine                                  Brain Quest 2nd Grade 7+
 Pirates of the Caribbean Bounty Bag (Bath                           Tamagotchi V3 6+
                                                            Fantastic 4 vs Dr Doom Game 7+
                      Set)                                   Superman Wallet 4+, TMNT Kite
        Princess Figurines (Set of 4)                 Pool balls, Floam, Toy Story Pencil Pack 4+
                Princess Purse               Star Wars Jedi Book and Laser Pen 8+, Matchbox Helicopter
         Princess Magnet Activities
        Cinderella Paddle Ball Game
  Coloring Book (Play-Doh) and (4) Disney
          Jungle Book Stuffed Tiger
             Mrs. Venckus’ Class #10                                 For kids (6-teen):
              “Coffee Lovers II”                       Pirates of the Caribbean Flashlight & Tattoos
                                                                Princess Porcelain Tea Set
    Mr. Coffee 12 cup Programmable Coffee Maker         Princess Backpack, Water Bottle, 5 Piece
Black & Decker Home Café “The one cup coffee house”            Stationary Set, Photo Album
    Oggi Pump Master 8 hour heat retention carafe
                 Java Gourmet Coffee
                                                                  Princess 6”x6” Notebook
            Starbucks Whole Bean Coffee                              Little Mermaid Pen
               Starbucks Ground Coffee                         Cinderella T-Shirt (Size 7/8)
              Starbucks Hazelnut Biscotti                 Beauty and the Beast T-Shirt (Size 7/8)
        La Patisserie Café Mocha Wafer Rolls
 Royal Dansk 3 pk. 2-Chocolate 1-Vanilla Wafer Rolls
                                                                Tinkerbell T-Shirt (Size 7/8)
               Glass Coffee Storage Jar                                 Tinkerbell Pen
          2-World Market Black Coffee Mugs                   Tinkerbell Mini Stapler w/ Staples
           6 cup Cappuccino Stackable Set                 CARS 4 Pack Pen w/ Rope, Dry Erase
         World Market Dulce de Leche Coffee
           World Market Mexicocoa Coffee
                                                                       Board, Tattoos
           World Market Dark Chocolate Mix
     Book “Revolutionary Road” by Richard Yates                       For adults:
                                                                 (2) Two Large T-Shirts
                                                               Mickey Mouse 1000 Piece Puzzle
            Mrs. Judkins’ Class #22                         Mrs. Cecchi's Class #1
     “Let’s Go Camping”                                           “iPod”
             4- Person Dome Tent
       Small Refrigerator (DC adapter)
             Tailgate Portable Grill
                                                              IPod Nano
              20# Bag of Charcoal
     Box of Coconut (flavored) Charcoal            $90 worth of i-tunes (value $250)
        3-Pack “Sterno” Cooking Fuel
                  Lighter Fluid
             2 Gallon “Igloo” Cooler
              Lantern w/Compass
            Plastic Dinnerware for 4
                Small First Aid Kit
             Water-Proof Utility Bag
        Mosquito Repellent/Sun Block
         “Neat Sheet” Ground Cover
               (4) Camo Beanies
            (4) Army Green T-Shirts
(Adult – L, Adult – M, Child’s – M, Child’s – S)
           Large Storage Container
              $25.00 REI Gift Card
Mrs. Shields’ Class # 2                  Miss Randall's Class #21
      “Nintendo”                             “Sports Fanatics”
                                                        Wii fit
                              Shaun White Snowboarding "road trip" Wii game
 Nintendo DS Lite                             (compatible with Wii fit)
                            2 Ducks tickets great seats Plaza Center $200 value
                          Manny Ramirez Trinity Series pro model T-MR99 Wood
Nintendo DS games              Bat (this item was donated by Trinity Bat Co. in
                          Fullerton. It is black and dark stain with gold lettering: the
   (value $190).          bat is customized to Manny Ramirez' specs and chosen
                                     color sand has a retail value of $150)
                             Rawlings 2008 All-Star Game Official ball in a case
                                               Trinity Bat Co. T-shirt
                                            Signed Lakers Girl Picture
                                                 Large beach towel
                                               Igloo 32 gallon cooler
                                                       Blue ice
                                               2 cans of tennis balls
  Mr. Saldivar’s Class #20                          Mrs. Ohman’s Class #3
“Gardening Basket”                                     “Pet Lovers Basket”
   $ 45.00 Home Depot gift card            1 Puppy donated by “My Pocket Puppies in
$ 30.00 Armstrong Nursery Gift card                            Placentia”
       Children’s garden tools        Gift Certificate for Free dog food, 2 sample bags all
  3 pairs of adult gardening gloves          donated by Natures Select in Placentia
            4 pot hangers             Gift Certificate for full service dog grooming donated
      Variety of seed packets                      by Groomingtales in Placentia
        2 lg outdoor candles               Pink Velour dog bed donated by Pet Supply
          6 garden gnomes                           Warehouse in Anaheim Hills
      Miracle grow plant food                 Book “How to care for your new dog”
             Butterfly net                       16 oz bag of Purina Carves treats
             Watering can                      2 Foldable travel bowls by Olly dog
        Outdoor thermometer             2 Stainless steel bowls with crown imprint in the
            Garden stake                                         bottom
      Stain glass plant hanger                     Double sides brush and comb
           Gardening tools                         1 “Doggy News” squeaky toy
      Decorative pot hangers           2 sets of hair bows donated by Bows in Anaheim
             Water globe                                          Hills.
                                       Dog bone shaped potty bag holder with 1 refill roll
                                                   Seahorse and turtle plush toy
           Mrs. Irwin’s Class #18               Mr. O’Connor’s & Mrs. Nelson’s Classes #5
          “Knott’s Summer Fun”                        “Let’s Eat Out!”
Family pack of passes to Knott’s Berry Farm     $ 25.00 Gift certificate to
          (2 adult and 2 children)              $ 25.00 Orange County Mining Company
          $ 26.00 Target gift card                     $ 20.00 Sweet Factory dollars
                Igloo cooler
                                                      $ 25.00 Gift certificate to Chili’s
           Rubbermaid ice chest
              Bubble machine                        $ 15.00 Gift certificate to Coldstone
                Poof football                     $ 20.00 Gift certificate to Jamba Juice
           Throw and stick game                     $ 20.00 Gift certificate to Starbucks
                  Frisbee                           $ 20.00 Gift certificate to Pizza Hut
        Sport zone catch ball game                   $ 30.00 Gift Certificate to Subway
                Beach towel                         $ 20.00 Gift Certificate to Cinnabon
          Slip N’ Slide wave rider
                                                  $ 25.00 Gift certificate to Olive Garden
 Sand N Sun color splash inflatable lounge
               Badminton Set                       $ 20.00 Gift Certificate to Papa Johns
                  Umbrella                       $ 15.00 Gift certificate to Corner Bakery
              Umbrella Stand                  4 – free desserts – with a meal purchase from
                                                              Cornery Bakery
 Ms. Odle & Mrs. Zuckers Classes #12                        Certificates
   “Goodies Galore Basket”                           $ 10.00 See’s Candy
                                             2 - Free 1lb boxes of See’s Candy
                                                      $ 15.00 Cold Stone
          Goodies in this basket
                                                       $ 20.00 Cinnabon
         1 Chocolate set of lips
                                           2- free dozens of donuts at D’s donuts
         2 tubs of gummy bears
                                                       $ 30.00 Starbucks
       4 Hershey chocolate bars
                                                    $ 25.00 T.G.I. Friday’s
 1 lb box of See’s Candy (soft chews)
                                        5 free appetizer or dessert at T.G.I. Friday’s
     8 boxes of Girl Scout cookies
                                                   $ 10.00 Corner Bakery
      2 bags of cookie dough mix
                                                      $ 10.00 Campitelli’s
            4 tubs of popcorn
                                                          $ 10.00 Swirl
     1 M&M note pads (1 sm, 1 lg)
                                                      $ 10.00 Mrs. Fields
     1 package of travel Wet Ones
                                                    $ 15.00 Auntie Anne’s
          1 box of M&M candy
                                             $ 20.00 Hoppin Poppin Kettle Corn
         1 bag of Bing Cherries
                                                     $ 20.00 Dippin Dots
        1 Bag of Milk Chocolate
                                                   $ 10.00 Baskin Robbins
            Starbucks Candy
                                            Approximately $ 280.00 in certificates
        Marshmallow Memories
                                                 Approx. total value $ 470.00
      Chocolate Hazelnut Biscotti
   Chocolate & Tea tasting squares
             1 bag of Kisses
       1 Trudeau Fondue Pot Set
1 Fondue Cook Book “The Melting Pot”

  Approximately $ 190.00 in goodies
          Mrs. Moore’s Class #4                        Ms. Feeney’s Class #19
               “Pamper Me”                           “Kid’s in the Kitchen”

        Book on Full Body Massage                                 Party Tub
                                                            Platinum pizza tray
        Splash Proof Body Exfoliator                             Pizza cutter
   Olive Oil Exfoliating Massage bar soap              Pizza paper plates & napkins
           Green Tea Bubble Bath                     5 piece heart shaped silicone set
                                                       Betty Crocker kids cookbook
          Bar of English Pear Soap                               Kids apron
            Green Tea Bath salts                              2 dessert plates
            Purifying Facial Mask                             2 dessert bowls
  2 $ 5.00 gift cards to Bath & Body Works             Straw dispenser with straws
                                              Mickey Mouse whisk, spatula, and cookie cutter
Tube of Coconut Lime Verbena Body Cream                        Mini colander
Package of Palmers Skin Success Anti-Aging                  Set of 5 prep bowls
                       Kit                                   Mini cake pan set
    Women’s Health and Wellness Book                          Measuring cups
                                                           Sandwich crust cutter
 Travel size Ms. Pedicure 6 piece foot care                  Silicone oven mitt
                   essentials                                 Party sprinkles
   Mary Kay Highlighting Bronzing Beads                     Pillsbury cake mix
                                                          Nestle chocolate chips
   Many, many more pampering items, to                     75 paper baking cups
                numerous to list                       $20 Cinnabon Gift Certificate
            Total value: $ 258.00

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