World Aids Day 2008

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        1st DECEMBER 2008

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   Day of action on HIV & AIDS
   Getting the facts on HIV & AIDS
   Day to show support for people living with HIV
    & AIDS
   Getting Involved
What do HIV and AIDS stand for?

Human                  Only affects humans

Immuno – deficiency    attacks and weakens the immune system

Virus                  viral type of infection
Acquired     must have acquired HIV before developing AIDS

Deficiency   continues to attack and weaken the immune system

Syndrome     a collection of illnesses
How do you become infected with HIV?

   •   Unprotected Sex

   •   Sharing needles for injecting drugs

   •   From Mother to Baby

   You cannot become infected with HIV by
   •   Kissing, hugging or shaking hands

   •   Sharing cups, glasses or knifes and forks

   •   Using the same toilet
•   One of the biggest social economic and health
    challenges in the world

•   It is a global emergency

•   11,000 new HIV infections daily

•   5 people die of AIDS every minute
How many people are affected by HIV & AIDS?

   By the end of 2007 – over 33 million people were living with

   Since the beginning of the epidemic more than 25 million
   people have died from AIDS

   15 million children under 18 have been made orphans

                               2006 Report on the global AIDS epidemic (UNAIDS)
        40 million people living with HIV/AIDS
   25.8 million   = Sub-Saharan Africa
   2.5 Million    = Children under 15 years
   4.1 Million    = New HIV infections (in past year)
   Deaths         = 2 Million
  “History will surely judge us harshly if we do not
   respond with all the energy and resources that we
      can bring to bear in the fight against AIDS.”

“Ask yourselves what you can do as a global citizen in
             the fight against HIV & AIDS.”

  “We must never forget our own responsibilities.”
                                      Nelson Mandela
         What can you do:
   Wear the red ribbon to show support for those
    living with HIV/AIDS

   Be aware and educated about HIV/AIDS

   Find out what’s going on and get involved

   Challenge prejudice and stigma