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									Work Trials

Jobcentre Plus

Brandon Walder + Chris Foran
Employer Engagement Manager,
Surrey & Sussex
Work Trials

Sector Routeways ‘work trial’ =
Jobcentre Plus Work Trial

>Providers to market Jobcentre Plus Work
Trial to employers and trainees.
>Where employers are interested, make
referrals to Jobcentre Plus to follow up.
Work Trials

Employer questions:
>Does an interview always give me the
right person?
>I’ve got a possible candidate, but can
they do the work?
>Do I need to see more before I can
>Will they fit in with the team?
Work Trials

Purpose + ethos:

>Overcome any remaining suitability
doubts – ‘try before you buy’
>Relates to a specific vacancy
Work Trials

Key selling points for employers:

>Costs nothing
>No obligation to employ the person
>Don’t have to rely on an interview
>Chance to test aptitude
>Chance to see how person fits
>Saves time and hassle
Work Trials

How long? Which employers? What jobs?
>Work Trial can last up to 30 working days
>Open to employers of all sizes and from
all sectors
>Suitable for most jobs of at least 16 hours
per week
>Jobs must be expected to last at least 13
Work Trials

Who qualifies?
>Out of work 6 months+
>On a New Deal
>Lone Parents
>People with health conditions
>Some other harder to help customers
Aged 18 or over where a LEP
Work Trials

Chris Foran

Real life examples of Work Trials
Work Trials

How do you arrange a Work Trial?

>Ring or email the Labour Market Recruitment
Adviser (LMRA) at the closest Jobcentre to the
>Need: employer name, address, phone
number, contact name, which vacancy, which
customer(s) if known.

LMRA will do the rest.
Work Trials

Marketing materials

‘Work Trials – give you time to decide’

Order replacement stock through:
Marion Henry 01273 647618
Work Trials

Brandon Walder

Jobcentre Plus

Employer Engagement Manager,
Surrey & Sussex

Phone: 07887 823628

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