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                                              Say ‘I Do’ in Sardinia
                                              By Althea Marie Tan

   Not long ago, when couples chose to get wed outside of their hometowns, it was because they
wanted to run away from family issues. Now, it has become a trend for couples who yearn to make
their wedding day unique, more memorable and one for the storybooks. With such high expectations,
many couples find their hearts in Sardinia, Italy.

Why Sardinia

 In general, Italy attracts thousands of couples interested in getting married abroad. The country’s rich
and delightful culture, together with unmatched Italian cuisine and hospitality, make Italy the perfect
romantic destination. Sardinia, a Mediterranean island in South Italy, is no exception.

 Sardinia is a summer heaven. It is sunny and dry from May through October, when it can get very hot
with almost zero chance of rainfall. That means you don’t have to worry about a sudden thunderstorm
spoiling your big day.

 The coastline is blanketed with North Sardinia’s world-famous beaches near Porto Cervo and San
Pantaleo. Miles of white sandy shore merge flawlessly with crystal clear waters, thought to be the
cleanest in Italy. If you want your wedding to be both elegant and exotic, the Sardinian beaches will not
disappoint. You only have to find your perfect spot, which is hard to do because every spot looks
perfect however you look at it.

Planning your wedding

 To ease the task of planning a wedding in a foreign land, Sardinia offers a host of wedding planning
experts. They have the experience and the passion to make sure everything falls into place, to make
your wedding day as beautiful as you would want it to be. Most of them provide multi-lingual wedding
organizers that will give you complete assistance from cake selections and flower arrangements to
legal and religious paperwork.

Where you stay

The hotel where you stay in Nord Sardinia before and after your wedding is crucial to the success of

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the event. It is important that accommodations be part of your initial planning and that you carefully
study your options. Choose a hotel that offers amenities that would best suit your needs. Resorts and
spas are desirable to keep you relaxed all throughout.

 Think of your wedding reception. Do you intend to have it in the same hotel where you and your
guests will stay? Chances are yes, to make it easier for everybody. More so, your hotel will most likely
be willing to take care of the reception details.

 Also consider the location of the wedding ceremony before you choose your hotel and reception
venue. You would not want to be travel far, just to get to the reception.

Feast of love

 Food is as important as the venue. Sardinia’s cuisine is abundant in seafood. The island is said to
have the finest lobsters in the world. With tantalizing treats, traditional delicacies are often forgotten:
wood-roast suckling pig, wild boar and traditional Sardinian sausage. Whichever your prefer, you and
your guests will be regaled with a gastronomic feast.

 Your love story is your fairy-tale and your wedding is your dream come true. Say I do in Sardinia, and
for once, feel like King and Queen of the world.

For an unforgettable Sardinian style wedding, say “I Do” at Petra Segreta Resort and Wellness Center.
For more information, visit

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                         Outstanding Holidays: Sardinia Doesn’t Disappoint
                                             By Moe Tamani

Are you in need of one of those terrific holidays? Sardinia may just be your answer. This island is one
of the most popular destination sites found in the Mediterranean and you can be certain it will quickly
become yours as well.

 No matter what you are looking for, you are sure to find it on the isle of Sardinia. Beautiful white
beaches, perfect holiday villas, wonderful activities all await you here. Take a few minutes to think
about this paradise and book your holidays to Sardinia today.

Enjoy Diving Holidays in Sardinia

 Diving is undoubtedly among the most popular activities in Sardinia. There are over twenty caverns
and caves that draw thousands of divers to this island every year. The famous Neptun cave, which is
located here is a huge magnet for divers from across the world.

Choice of Accommodation during your Holidays in Sardinia

 For accommodations on your holidays, Sardinia has a lot to offer. For those that want the utmost in
comfort and pampering on their holidays, Sardinia doesn’t disappoint. Five star accommodations, as
well as bed and breakfast, holiday houses, and great seaside villas are all available for holidays.
Sardinia has some of the best beaches in the world, and as one of Europe’s most popular vacation
destinations, you’re sure to enjoy fun in the sun.

 Depending upon whether you want an ocean view, you will find that many hotels offer discounts for
extended holidays. Sardinia also has a ton of private villas for rent and sale. If you plan to have
several holidays, Sardinia may be just the place for you to purchase one of these villas. There are
several of these properties that are close to the beaches, but you will also find many that sit in the
foothills of the mountains. Depending upon how you wish to spend you holidays, Sardinia has
properties to suit just about anyone’s wants and needs.

Relaxing on your Holidays in Sardinia

 If you are looking to spend a relaxing time on one of your holidays, Sardinia has just the ticket. The
cultures and traditions of this island are somewhat different from other hot vacation spots. Everything
moves at a somewhat slower pace, with one of the favorite pastimes being the evening meal. There
are a number of fine dining establishments here and the Sardinians love nothing more than to linger
over dinner with friends for hours. While it is a great place for relaxing, if you are looking for a wild
exciting time on one of your holidays, Sardinia may not be your best bet.

 For nightlife, Sardinia is probably not what you would expect. While there are a few clubs around the
island, most of the locals are rather “laid back.” They appreciate a good meal, with great conversation,
and a terrific bottle of wine. The cuisine here is hearty and somewhat rustic, with a definite Italian flair.
For most people, dinner is the most important meal of the day, meant to be lingered over and enjoyed.

There are other attractions for vacation holidays. Sardinia has many archaeological sites, including

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Roman ruins. You will find shopping too, is one of the favored pastimes. While it might not compare to
Milan, you are sure to find something to tickle your fancy.

 When you get to Sardinia, you will be pleasantly surprised at how easy it is to fall in love with this
island destination. Sardinia is not your run-of-the-mill holiday. This island caters to many of Europe’s
elite but will also fit perfectly into a family’s holiday plans. If you want a beautiful, tropical vacation, get
started with making plans for holidays in Sardinia.

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